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  1. How much do you wear diapers in front of significant others?

    All the time, wear 24/7 and she knows it.
  2. DL's of the world, unite, increase and multiply!

    agreed, way to many people on the planet already.
  3. Who'S Been Spanked At School

    1st grade, horsing around with another kid. Got several whacks on the bottom with a steel ruler. That teacher was crazy. Also got the paddle a few times over the years, always hurt like hell.
  4. Reason To Be Happy

    work tomorrow, then a 5 day vacation.
  5. Stained absorbing pad

    Clorox 2 is good at removing stains. Pour some on stained area, let soak then wash.
  6. The Price of Nostalgia..Worth It?

    Not a chance.
  7. How comfortable are you going out diapers?

    Totally comfortable, wear diapers to work, the store, pretty much everywhere, and love it.
  8. Any computer geniuses out there

    Thanks for the help. ended up reinstalling outlook. Thank god I still had the disk.
  9. Medical Bills be crazy!

    132 thousand for aortic valve replacement and one bypass. 11 days in hospital.
  10. A Poll For Married D Ls

    My wife is aware and totally ok, just doesn't get involved. I'm sure if something happened to me and I needed help getting diapered, she would do it. Only been married once, for 33 years now.
  11. Any computer geniuses out there

    My outlook express email stopped working, try to send or receive mail and I just get the message "the operation failed" I use this email for work so any help appreciated. tried rebooting computer, no help.
  12. Imma Mess

    I would see a dr. quick. Dizziness and almost passing out could be an indication of not enough oxygen going to the brain. Could be a blockage in an artery, or low blood pressure. Get better.
  13. Spanked with your diaper on or bare bottom?

    bare bottomed
  14. Do you get to wear as often as you would like?

    I wear 24/7 now and love every minute of having my diaper on.