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  1. Spanked with your diaper on or bare bottom?

    bare bottomed
  2. Do you get to wear as often as you would like?

    I wear 24/7 now and love every minute of having my diaper on.
  3. Poll For testing

    Tranquility Premium All through the Night. Good pull up.
  4. Order from Amazon....

    My Tranquility Diapers arrive in an unmarked box.
  5. Visiting doctor office in a diaper anyone?

    My Dr. seen my pull up last week for the very first time. He didn't even mention it.
  6. Your Childhood Christmas Time memories

    Sounds familiar, alcohol, arguing and a not so merry Christmas.
  7. ooops, a little embarassing

    Yeah, Luckily no AB prints on the pull up, just white. Just glad I wasn't wearing my Leakmaster all in one diaper. And this was the first time ANY DR. has seen a diaper on me.
  8. ooops, a little embarassing

    Had a Dr. appointment last Tuesday, due to some vascular problems, Dr. always checks the pulse in my feet, this time he sprung a surprise on me and wanted to check the pulse in my groin area. So, down come the pants to expose a pull up diaper under my underwear. He didn't question anything but I sure wasn't expecting this exam and was certainly a bit embarrassed by the whole situation. I did mention I was in the middle of being treated for a kidney stone also.
  9. Diaper at Night?

    tranquility premium all through the night diaper
  10. A Question for Freddy Krueger

    no, the other person dies.
  11. Which color do you like your diapers to be?

    white for me.
  12. minor, but enough to be diapered.
  13. New Here

    Good morning and welcome, enjoy your time here. Lots of good people
  14. Diapered at drive through

    You should have asked her what she had in mind?
  15. Boy/girl friends in Cleveland

    Garfield Hts