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  1. diaperedandspanked

    Plastic pants or diaper covers

    Babypants.com Good plastic pants. Thats where I get mine.
  2. diaperedandspanked

    Can you pee your diaper and walk as the same time?

    yep, standing, walking, sitting. No problem.
  3. diaperedandspanked

    divorce and moving

    Probably not at the moment, their all fleeing the hurricane. Sorry to hear of the divorce though. Thats always tough.
  4. diaperedandspanked

    I'm Doing a Brave Thing

    Yes, please update, did you let yourself get busted?
  5. diaperedandspanked

    A DL that is new to needing them

    Wives seem much more accepting when a health issue comes along and you actually need diapers, as opposed to just wanting to wear them for fun. I know mine does. She even thinks my very babyish plastic pants with teddy bears on one pair, and little dinosaurs on the others are actually cute to her. She got a kick out of seeing them hanging in the basement to dry after washing.
  6. diaperedandspanked

    Strange question from wife

    I would go with "hell yeah" as long as she don't mind.
  7. diaperedandspanked

    Naughty little girl (open)

    you would be in corner time to think about your naughty deeds, but your diaper would be pulled down to display your bright red well spanked tushie.
  8. diaperedandspanked

    wet bottom

    Yes, wet skin seems to sting a lot more for some reason, don't know why. Maybe the moisture has softened the skin in some way.
  9. diaperedandspanked

    So I wet the bed last night....

    I've been waking up at night right during the middle of wetting myself. Not wanting to have a leak, I manage to get to the bathroom to finish.
  10. diaperedandspanked

    Nap Time

    I do almost daily, always diapered. Love my afternoon nap time.
  11. diaperedandspanked

    Who was spanked as an adult for being verbally naughty

    I was spanked for bad language as a kid, but not as an adult.
  12. diaperedandspanked

    Crazy Hair Colors

    They may take you less seriously if you just dye your hair white.
  13. diaperedandspanked


    Call the customer service number, they will usually send you replacements. I had trouble with the welded seams on their pull ups, sent me a new package. Very friendly to deal with.
  14. diaperedandspanked

    Diaper Masterbation

    Thumbs up to this, crazy amazing.
  15. diaperedandspanked

    Why do people go so far?

    No one can mind their own business. They think their opinion on something is the only one that matters.