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  1. Maybe look for some sort of terrycloth cover.
  2. 2
  3. Considering I cant draw a straight line, they look great.
  4. pack a punch, Ruger GP100 357 Magnum.
  5. Just call him daddy and see how he responds.
  6. Baby food more often than not, even if its home made in a blender. All drinks come in a bottle, pacifiers. No touching or changing of diapers without permission, corner time in a diaper for naughty behavior. Ribbons in the hair.
  7. Must be, she don't really like calling them diapers. I on the other hand, diaper, diaper, diaper. you wear them, you pee in them, they are diapers.
  8. My diaper delivery from amazon arrived Saturday, My wife yells out to me "Your Pampers are on the porch, or whatever you call them" I was laughing inside.
  9. standing up works for me, hold the open diaper with your butt against a wall, pull the front up between your legs and then tape it. I tape the bottom tapes first then the top. takes a little practice.
  10. On my way to work at 5:30am, sitting at a red light, got the surprise of a lifetime. Elderly lady crossed the street right in front of my vehicle wearing a blue blouse....and down below...clearly a pull up diaper. No pants, no shoes, must have gotten out of the house without anyone knowing. Strange. Didn't think of it at the time from my shock, probably should have notified police.
  11. You should wear your diapers for whatever reason YOU desire, if its for relaxation, totally your business. Don't give a thought to anything anyone else tells you. Just enjoy.
  12. nope, never had a problem, contact tranquility, they will replace defective diapers. Customer service number is on package.
  13. Plastic pants over the diaper.
  14. Welcome, hope you enjoy your time here. Always something new to learn around here.
  15. my neighbor had a raccoon in his chimney and it had babies.