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  1. diaperedandspanked

    what do you wear to bed over your diaper

    first, disposable tranquility, then my pull up leakmaster diaper, then my plastic pants over that, and pj's on top. Well protected.
  2. diaperedandspanked

    What’s in the box?

    My wife tells me whats in the box, I walk in the door and she announces, "your pampers came today" Not sure why she calls all diapers " pampers" It's funny hearing it though.
  3. diaperedandspanked

    halloween diapers

    Simple answer, off the internet, where everything else comes from.
  4. diaperedandspanked

    Strict El Paso,Texas Mother

    Got exactly what he deserved.
  5. diaperedandspanked


    You agreed to be in a diaper and dress, even in front of your mommies friends, then you have to submit to whatever mommy allows. She's the boss, if one of her friends wants to check your diaper, you have no say in the matter.
  6. diaperedandspanked

    A question for those with vanilla partners...

    Wife cloth diapered me once, didn't like doing it, hasn't done it since. Things may be changing though now that she knows i'm wearing 24/7.
  7. diaperedandspanked

    Why cant some parents properly dispose of diapers?

    And lazy.
  8. diaperedandspanked

    Body mods

    Why does one do this? Just curious. What happens when your 60 years old?? Won't your ear be mangled?
  9. diaperedandspanked

    Has anyone seen this

    Haven't seen that since I was about 5 years old. Bugs Bunny was one of the best cartoons ever.
  10. diaperedandspanked

    Northshorecare MegaMax

    May have to give these a tryout. They sound pretty awesome.
  11. diaperedandspanked

    Potty training

    So, did you get a good spanking for using your diaper?
  12. Buy my long desired log cabin on 20 acres of land with a lake.
  13. diaperedandspanked

    Does this happen with you?

    Certainly seems to be the case, go once, 15 minutes later, got to go again.
  14. diaperedandspanked

    Star Chart

    Cute idea, hope you get lots of stars on it.
  15. diaperedandspanked

    Let’s face it the REAL reason our fetish is controversial

    I keep my diaper wearing to myself, other than my wife. But I do enjoy knowing if the "social justice warriors" live long enough. They may very well one day find themselves in a wet diaper, possibly being changed by a total stranger in a nursing home.