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  1. diaperedandspanked

    wearing in your backyard

    There going to be much to busy watching all the people outdoors having sex than to worry about me roaming around my yard in a diaper. It will be more like a global porn station.
  2. diaperedandspanked

    wearing around my wife

    My wife knows I wear 24/7, doesn't mind at all. If she catches me bent over doing something, like getting ice out of the freezer, (our freezer is on the bottom of the fridge) she will start spanking my padded tushie. Love it..
  3. diaperedandspanked


    Never done it myself, but if your going to engage in this type of sex, the only logical ending is for you to swallow it like a good boy.
  4. diaperedandspanked

    Wearing diapers during the day 24/7

    chances of becoming incontinent from wearing diapers.....................0%
  5. diaperedandspanked

    This is a true story.

    Glad you shared, it was an interesting read. Must have been an exciting time getting diapered with your friend.
  6. diaperedandspanked

    This is a true story.

    great story
  7. diaperedandspanked

    middle age diaper love from Grand rapids mi

    Hi, hope you enjoy yourself here. I have relatives in Rockford, MI. Not to far from you.
  8. diaperedandspanked

    Hmm.. what to get mommy for mother's day?

    may 13th
  9. diaperedandspanked

    Diapered? Yes/No

    no, not seeing it.
  10. diaperedandspanked

    Diapers at the Doctor's because of diaper-training

    I've been seen in a diaper by 2 different dr's during routine appointments. Neither one said a word about it. I wasn't expecting quite the thorough exam each time it happened so it was a bit embarrassing to me but what can you do. if they tell you to drop your pants and your in a diaper...your busted.
  11. diaperedandspanked

    Adult Baby Quiz (Not What You Think)

  12. diaperedandspanked

    wearing in your backyard

    Agreed, you cant go anywhere without a camera looking at you. Privacy is long gone. Now, give em something to talk about and show that diaper.
  13. diaperedandspanked

    What Diapers do you wear?

    Different ones, but favorite is Tranquility ATN's
  14. diaperedandspanked

    wearing in your backyard

    Hope they enjoy the view of me in my diaper.
  15. diaperedandspanked

    I got called the N-Word

    There's a lot of stupid people roaming the earth. Just try to ignore and know that you are the better person.