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  1. diaperedandspanked


    Welcome, to bad your not in Cleveland, ohio
  2. diaperedandspanked

    Do you regularly wear diapers out of the house?

    Diapered everyday, all day. Home, work, anywhere I go. Love it.
  3. diaperedandspanked

    Double diapered

    Always, 2 diapers and plastic pants over them.
  4. diaperedandspanked

    Any body use sounding to lose total bladder control???

    A metal rod goes in your willy. ouch.
  5. diaperedandspanked


    Received my blue dinosaur print plastic pants I ordered a couple days ago, super quick shipping. Plastic pants themselves....in a word.....AWESOME. Love the way they fit and feel, nice crinkle to them while wearing. The wife even thought they were adorable. Very reasonable price so will definitely be ordering more of these.
  6. diaperedandspanked

    Would saying this get you a spanking?

    probably not, unfortunately
  7. diaperedandspanked

    Hello from Columbus!

    Welcome from Cleveland, Ohio. Enjoy your time here, good people.
  8. diaperedandspanked

    Came across this company

    Gee, I googled them and found a 4.7 rating out of 5 stars.
  9. diaperedandspanked

    Came across this company

    A huge choice of diapers. Reasonable prices. BettyMills.com
  10. diaperedandspanked

    Looking for friends

    Close to you in Garfield, would like to meet a diaper friend.
  11. diaperedandspanked


    Yes they are, and don't forget to buy the attachments.
  12. diaperedandspanked

    Rectal thermometer

    Love it, I remember the nurses doing it when I was around 2 years old in the hospital with a broken arm.
  13. diaperedandspanked

    Preparation for a newbie?

    Expect to have a sore, red butt, and if its a spanking you want, you probably deserve it. Enjoy.
  14. diaperedandspanked

    Well that was weird xD

    Then you have the idiots at the bank trying to use an ATM machine. They sit there for 10 minutes staring at the screen like their watching TV.
  15. diaperedandspanked

    Preferred spanking method

    bare bottom, over the knees, with a paddle, hairbrush, wooden spoon.