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  1. Naps?

    usually have time for a nap almost every afternoon. Love em.
  2. Underwear over diapers

    I used to wear underwear over my diaper, until I purchased several leakmaster diaper covers. I wear them under my clothes during the day but at bed time just the diaper and leakmaster, no pj"s. Wife has no problem with it and its very comfortable.
  3. Dominent Men getting Their Diaper Changed

    My wife could change my diaper anytime she wants. Just wish she would do it.
  4. What Other Fetishes Are You Into?

    a good hard bare bottom spanking, anal play, bondage.
  5. I'm gonna end up losing my family over wearing diapers in public

    I think I smell a troll
  6. Yeah, but no one is going to really notice. Been wearing in public for years, never had an odd look or comment from anyone. Just wear clothes that are a bit on the loose side to cover the diaper.
  7. Curious About Foreplay

    Dont forget the fun attachments for the wand.
  8. I am going to ask the people

    Totally agree with her.
  9. Wearing in public

  10. have you told others you wet

    My wife knows I wear and wet. She's cool about it.
  11. What is Worse, Diaper or Nude?

    I would rather be seen in a diaper
  12. A good pull up

    Tranquility ATN's. Decent pullup diaper
  13. Hello from Northern Michigan

    I would love to move to Michigan. Such a beautiful state.
  14. Which is how YOU get raped at the register. They buy it for 5, sell it to you for 10. Simple.