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  1. I was spanked for wetting the bed as a kid, the spanking was given over the wet the nappy in the morning.
  2. If the intent was to make us cry, the fact that it was less painful being spanked through our nappies didn't make a difference. It was still enough to leave us in tears.
  3. In my household, once you turned 2 doing a poo in a nappy got you spanked and it was always done on the nappy. I guess my parents didn't care about making the mess worse. Then again, if you think about all the things we might have done after doing a poo like sitting down, it probably didn't make it that much worse.
  4. A variant of this I heard today, said to a little girl, was "I wish you would tell me when you've done a poo."
  5. I can remember doing a poo in my nappy when I was a real baby/toddler and that memory of how good it felt always stayed with me. When I was older I would deliberately poo in my pants to try and recreate the feeling. This was in private. As far as I know, my parents never knew.
  6. Sorry for straying off topic, but that really grabbed my attention because I was exactly the same. I was put back into nappies at night a couple of times and stayed dry during that time. Once taken out of nappies, I started wetting the bed again. And back on topic, yes my mum used to tell me that if I didn't stop wetting the bed she would put me back in nappies.
  7. I always thought it was a regional thing. Where I live the word potty doesn't get used much, if at all, so toilet training is the term used.
  8. In my case it was my mum asking "did you wet your nappy?" or "is your nappy wet?" The word wetting reminds me of that and I kind of like it.
  9. I did that too and would pretend I was a baby doing it in a nappy. But even that young I wanted to be doing it in a nappy and the bridge was a substitute until I could get the real thing.
  10. I wet the bed until I was about 10. My younger siblings all the wet the bed to varying ages between 7 and 10.
  11. Filling my nappy at the dinner table when I was about 2 and my mum asking "did you do a poo?"
  12. ...what combination would you choose? My choice would be a 2 year old girl.
  13. I only like doing it in a nappy like a baby.