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  1. I'm assuming your wife has good arousal with manipulating her breasts.
  2. Well the other thing about that spanking through a nappy or training pants is not quite as painful than one on the bare bottom. And if she did it on a moist bottom, it is even worse. Although any of these would not be a happy event.
  3. baby vinnie My wife started to use a paddle because one daughter must have had a butt of iron. And my wife said she couldn't take the pain. She said to her that girls' bottom felt like you were spanking a desk top. It wasn't a bad for me but I switched also. But in our case the daughter wasn't a bed wetter. But it paralleled your story so well.
  4. Sounds like your mother needed help. Inconsistency is worse than being overly strict. You end up not knowing what you should do. My wife's mother sounds a little like yours. it took her a long time to get it worked out. I hope you are doing well.
  5. If you have the desire to be spanked it shouldn't be easy to find a spanker to solve the problem. MY criteria is the condition of the bottom. Although I can't remember anyone who didn't cry during one.
  6. I know a lot of people used a slipper or a Pimsole. But your're the first to say a ballet shoe. But having seen them,I certainly could see why it would be effective.
  7. I'm afraid with anesthesia is the people who administer it believe that "Oh I can'y hear it" crap. Perhaps only one out of a hundred can and it wreaks them out. I woke from after bypass and I was still paralyzed. Terrified I was forever that way. Then the nursing staff tried to say you are just imagining that. I lost a lot of respect for nurses (and my wife was one) that day. I could repeat what was said and what was happening. It was no imagination but they kept denying it. I'm glad I never saw the anesthesiologist after I'd would probably punched him. he scared the shit out of me and it would terrify me if I needed anesthesia again.
  8. You're old if you can remember seeing kids being spanked in public places. The ladies rest room usually had a outer room with a chair or two. I saw (and maybe was seen) more than a few kids getting it there. And a fair number getting it on the bare bottom. Oh as someone else mentioned, my garage has a Western Electric rotary phone. And they are right far better sound.
  9. I'm older than Hot Wheels. But had younger cousins. My aunt loved using the track. I was there a few times when whipped them. Judging from the howls and the nasty marks they must have been something to fear. For me, I definitely didn't enjoy the paddle but the strap was worse.
  10. For those of you who were childhood bed wetters. If you were punished, was spanking? If so how was it administered? Where there other punishments? And what can you tell about that?
  11. Did you ever finish the potty training story? If I missed it, what was the title to find it here on DD.
  12. I guess I have a question for her. Did her parents use a wooden paddle? And displaying it is good so the naughty persons can see it as a warning.
  13. Do you use the same implements as your parents used on you. I say that because i wonder about the "carry over" from childhood. While I use a variety of implements, I usually use a paddle. I was paddled as a kid, so I think that makes in my kind of go-to implement. Although it is Lexan rather than wood.
  14. The one thing that doesn't seem to be considered in regard to spanking and psych damage. Being in my seventies, spanking was an extremely common event. I was spanked as were all my neighbor kids, all my relatives etc. Being an expected event had to do something with the child's adjustment to being spanked. Even a couple of centuries ago people used to take their children to public executions. Which was what was done. Today the kid would be a wreck, in part because they learn that is not a common experience for other children. I'm not saying this is a total answer (group experience creating acceptance) but I have this nagging feeling it had a lot to do. Which in part explains "I was spanked and turned out all right" for we older people.
  15. 1950potty


    This was triggered by a discussion on another forum. Was anyone spanked with a flyswatter? How would you rate compared to other implements? Was it plastic, leather,screen wire or something else?