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  1. New2DL

    Anybody have an AB side?

    That's too bad that had to happen. But it's good that he knows about it and accepts it. I understand how it can be hard for others to accept, let alone actually seeing their loved ones wearing them. It sucks that you still need to hide it, but it's good that you can still have a relationship with your brother. It's a bitter sweet thing I guess. Letting a loved one know can be a rough situation to deal with.
  2. New2DL

    Question for abdl girls

    I've wondered this same thing. I've even seen abdl porn where the woman does this, and claims she hasn't had to deal with infections. If that's true, im assuming she does a thorough job at cleaning afterwards. Or her body just became used to it. The human body and brain are very interesting things and can adapt to all sorts of changes. I've been curious to try this method because I have heard of other woman doing this too. And given the chemical composition of messes, I'd be willing to bet it probably does feel interesting in there. I just haven't worked up the nerve to try it yet.
  3. New2DL

    Howdy let me introduce myself

    No problem, I'm glad I could help. To my knowledge, having a membership to this site - at least some of the more expensive memberships - will reward you with unlimited photo and message storage on your account. I believe each membership comes with a "badge" that will appear on your profile, and some of the more expensive memberships will actually send a token diaper pin to your home (unless of course you'd ask them not to for the sake of anonymity, then you can purchase the membership and go without the pin sent to your home.) I know some websites tend to offer more in the way of incentive to purchase a membership, such as more tempting special privileges and bonuses to the site in order for those site owners to make more of a profit. But that's not the purpose for this site. The purpose of purchasing a membership here is to help the site owners afford the domain to the site, the forum/chat license, as well as any upkeep and maintenance to keep the site secure and efficient, and probably some other things that I'm forgetting as well. If you're interested in looking into it, here's the link to purchase memberships. https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/store/category/2-memberships/ I hope this helps.
  4. New2DL

    What am I doing wrong?

    Sorry in advance for the lengthy post. I've always said that the sex life reflects the relationship. If sex is one sided, often so is the relationship. If sex is giving on both ends, then so is the relationship. If the sex life lacks passion, I'm sorry to say, but the relationship probably does as well. Watching porn is normal for most. Watching porn and other women in diapers isn't necessarily the cause for concern. But when someone prefers that over being with their significant other, then something may be very wrong. And given the state of your willingness to satisfy him, I doubt it's your capabilities in bed. It is very possible that there is something more serious going on in the relationship. Something that has come between you. A lot of people - men especially - won't always voice their concerns in the relationship, and usually for one main reason. Either from growing up, or from previous relationships, they might feel like communicating their concerns will only start a fight. If they don't feel safe having an open discussion, they'll avoid it for the sake of avoiding an argument. As others have said already, communication communication communication is the key. Being that he is showing what I would interpret as a fear of communicating, you may want to take those steps delicately. Make him feel comfortable prior to the talk. A backrub is always a good place to start, or anything else that you might think of. When you do talk with him, try to keep your emotions out of it as best you can. Try not to cry or get angry or upset, because it may dissuade him from continuing the conversation. Be gentle, and listen. The problem might not even have anything to do with you. It might be an insecurity of his that he's afraid of sharing. It could be anything. So try not to make assumptions. And, try not to get discouraged. It might take a few tries to get him to open up. Put a little time in between each talk, as well as some good old fashioned quality time. Go out together, do things that you enjoy doing one on one. Get involved in each other's lives again. He'll need to feel close and safe with you in order to open up. About your weight gain, if it really is only 10 pounds, I'd be surprised if that's really the source of the problem. But it might be as simple as the way YOU view yourself now that you gained a little weight. Lack of confidence in oneself can be a turn off. 10 pounds or not, if you own it, it's sexy. As I said though, the cause could be anything. Or it may not be anything at all. In most relationships, the sex life calms down after some time. It's the settling stage, and it's normal. But it's also a very critical stage, which I will explain in a moment. In the beginning, everything is new and exciting, emotions and desires run high. But over time that calms down as you get comfortable with one another. Men are usually the first to get comfortable, and that leaves a lot of women panicking, thinking that they've lost their man's interest. And in some cases, that is possible that the man has grown bored, but more often than not he's just comfortable. What makes that so critical is sometimes people might get TOO comfortable with each other. The perusing stage is over, and sometimes they might think "well, now I don't have to try so hard to get him/her because now I have him/her". When in reality, both parties should be trying just as hard to keep each other as they did to get each other. This is a fact that is lost on many couples. And it always happens during the settling stage. Again, communicate your needs to him. If he really doesn't have any problems in your relationship, then that's what it boils down to. Also, one final thing. Age and lifestyle can play a massive role in a couple's sex life. The older a man gets, the more difficult and exhausting sex can be. It doesn't mean he's not in the mood. It's just easier for him to masterbate than it is to have sex. Especially if he smokes or drinks or has a poor diet, even if he's not overweight. He may still desire you. He just might not have it in him to follow through with it as often as you'd like. Really, there are a ton of possibilities, and many of them have nothing to do with you or his feelings and desires towards you. A little suggestion before I wrap this up. This may be too difficult for you to do, and that's okay. But if you can bring yourself to do it, and ONLY if he's okay with it, look through his porn stash. You can find a lot out about someone by looking through their porn. Basically what you're looking for is a fixation on a particular girl or girls that look a certain way. For example, if you're a 140 lb brunette and he's looking only at videos of 115 lb blondes, then he may be getting bored. Of course there will probably be some videos like that. It's in a male's nature to persue, so you'll have to try to forgive him for that. But, if you find videos with women who resemble you (or the way you looked three years ago at least) or if the couple in the videos are doing similar things that you two do together, then that's a very good sign that he's still into you. But you may find other things that you didnt expect. Men and internet porn can be a terrible and insatiable rabbit hole. Curiosity and taboo can eventually alter what turns a man on, and it can become addicting. So tread on with care. Many men don't fall into this trap, and those who do are particularly between specific ages and is typically short lived. But there are many who do fall victim to this trap, and it does have the potential to ruin relationships because it fogs their idea of reality and human interaction. If you're going to do this, I would highly suggest asking him to look through his porn stash together instead of behind his back. Honesty is the best policy. But only do it if you're fully prepared for what you might find. Keep in mind though that this does not have to be the solution. The solution is in communication. If communication fails, then this can be a good plan B if you both are prepared for it. Good luck and stay strong. I hope you can get through this together.
  5. New2DL

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome! It's awesome you built up your courage to join. You'll feel right at home here. Lots of good caring people, great conversations, and interesting things to learn. Go have fun, and enjoy the forum!
  6. New2DL

    Howdy let me introduce myself

    Hi there and welcome to the forum! To answer one of your questions, I'm assuming what you want for the avatar is just posting a profile picture. Just click the square-like icon in the upper right corner of your screen (I hope... I'm using a mobile device so hopefully it's no different for a pc). In the drop down menu, click Account, then Profile. When it loads your profile, an icon on the left near your user name should appear that looks kind of like a picture. Click that, and you can choose your profile picture from your device or the internet. There's also an option for "Gravatars", but I'm not sure what that is. Your profile picture will appear next to all your posts throughout the forum as avatars do. As for tech support, I'm not sure why you wouldn't be able to use it, unless you weren't signed on at the time that you tried and you didn't know. Here's the link to the tech support. Hope this helps. https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/forum/10-dailydiapers-tech-support/ Good luck and enjoy the forum!
  7. New2DL

    "Mike Pence must be an adult baby"

    Haha! Right on! What a disgusting piece of sh*t.
  8. New2DL

    Anybody have an AB side?

    It's different for everybody. Everyone has their own reasons for getting into diapers in the first place. Bedwetting as a kid can go two different ways, I think. One is, lots of people learn to masterbate when they're children, and many of those who were bed-wetters learned how to do it in diapers. Since there's nothing else in the world that feels the same, it carries over into adolescence and eventually adulthood and sexual fantasies as they mature. On the other hand, others will simply remember the feeling of security and being able to safely release control, and again, there's no feeling like it. There are others who experienced some form of abuse from an adult or sibling or peer that involved diapers, so they continue wearing them either as a form of self-punishment or as a way to try and make the experience positive to replace the abuse they endured. There are also those who are incontinent and have to wear diapers, and they learned to love them. The list goes on. Sometimes it depends on the reasons why you're into diapers in the first place, and sometimes what you like about diapers can evolve over time. It's different for everyone. Also, I agree with rusty pins that just because you like watching cartoons doesn't mean you necessarily have an AB side. Even if it's not from the era where there was still a lot of adult humor in cartoons. It just means you have a sense of humor and nostalgia. A lot of people are the same un this regard. Unless you're watching Barney or the Telly Tubbies or something, then I might say you may have an AB side. That's kind of funny, because that's sort of the direction that I'm headed towards. I never really thought that onsies or pacifiers would do anything for me, but over time it's started to look more and more appealing. Mostly, diapers are sexual for me, but with a little bit of emotional comfort as well. But I did start to enjoy the cute ones with the designs as well. Throwing in a onsie kind of takes me back to being like 5 years old (although I was out of diapers by then) and sitting in front of the tv on Saturday mornings or something. Pacifiers don't do anything for age play for me. I think it is just because I have an oral fixation, and maybe for that reason it'll help me quit smoking. Plus I've read that some of them are good for lining up your teeth. So, why not? Sucking is just a natural reaction that we've had since birth. It just sort of feels right having a pacifier, I guess. Anyway, I'm glad you commented, because I was wondering if there were any others who evolved their style of ABDLism over time.
  9. New2DL

    Anybody have an AB side?

    I know that some of us get a little excited about cute print on our diapers, but does anyone have a little more of an AB side than that? Maybe a pacifier once in a while, or a comfy pair of onsies? Just wondering.
  10. Welcome to the forum - stay dry dear

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    2. Dartplayerinwvc


      MS issues but yea... ok

    3. New2DL


      Oh no that's terrible. I'm sorry to hear that. :( I don't understand MS first hand, clearly. But I do understand chronic pain. I was born with a defect in my hips, and long story short it's yanking my body in a few different directions. I hope you're able to get some comfort anyway. It's horrible to live in that pain 24/7. 

    4. Dartplayerinwvc


      Charlie horse cramps - bubbly feeling all over the body at times and pin poke sensations... Not being able to walk as long as I used to... I did 5 conventions a year and now barely through the grocery store

  11. New2DL

    Any Recommendations?

    I'm looking for one of those big bulky kind of adult diapers, preferably the kind that wrap snugly around the waste. My waste is generally my problem area with getting diapers to fit. A lot of the time they just kind of fold over and hang off my waste. So I'm looking for something like I described but I've never tried these kind before. Any recommendations on some good brands for this kind of style? Also the bulkier the better. Thanks in advance!
  12. New2DL

    Story Time!

    I'd like to share a story. It isn't really pertaining to ABDLism, but the person I'll be telling you about today is an ABDL. I feel like it's something that deserves some recognition. The other night, real early in the morning several hours before the sun came up, my boyfriend, let's call him Tom (his name isn't Tom but he doesn't want any attention so, you know...) is going for a nice peaceful walk in the middle of the night. He starts to notice a strange orange hazy light in the night sky, then hears a woman scream. He runs toward the screams, and finds a house on fire. He learns from the frantic woman that there's still an old man trapped in the house. This house was built in the 40s or 50s, which in this era houses were extremely flammable. In the short amount of time it takes for him to learn there is a man in there, and roughly figure out his location, the fire is already beginning to spread from the bottom floor to the attic. The house is literally disintegrating right before his eyes. Then he hears the old man screaming, and starts to rush into the burning home, staying as close to the ground as he can. But the smoke is so strong, he's already wrenching and the fire is literally all over and even inside the now melting walls... and the man is just on the other side of the wall that Tom is near. The fire and smoke are so bad he can't make it around that wall. He runs back outside to the window of the room the man is trapped in, trying to decide if he should risk breaking it to get to the man, when suddenly the screaming stops. Tom knows that breaking the window could worsen the fire, but now he feels as if there is no other choice. The man is now silent, unconscious or potentially dead. There is no more time. Tom is readying himself to break the window now, when the police and fire department arrive. He starts shouting to them "HE'S RIGHT THERE! HE'S RIGHT THERE!" But the firefighters can't get any closer to the old man than Tom could. They have no choice but to fight the fire first. A half hour goes by before they are able to enter. They find the man unconscious, collapsed against the wall just a few feet from the window that Tom was about to break. Miraculously he is still breathing on his own. They fly the man to a hospital, and the police and firemen thank Tom for finding the man. They tell him that if he lives, it may very well be because Tom was able to locate him and spare the crew the time it would take to search for him. After answering a few questions for the police and comforting an upset neighbor who is friends with the old man, Tom heads home, of course avoiding the news crew that is just arriving. (As I said, he doesn't like attention.) Meanwhile, I'm at work listening to my police scanner. (No, im not one of those people. I turned it on because the police and fire station is just down the road, and I saw every state and county police and fire vehicle within two or three counties head toward my house, so I was worried.) Then Tom calls me, frantically explaining what had happened. I tell him I'll be home as soon as I can, and hang up to call in my relief early so I can hurry home to be with him. He's still upset and scared that the man might not make it. As I'm waiting for my relief, an ambulance driver stops in my store, reaking of smoke and melted plastic or something awful. We already know each other - small town - and begin talking about what happened. Finally I ask him if he knows the condition of the old man, and upsettingly he tells me he died on the air lift to the hospital. And I have no idea how I'm going to tell Tom. Well, I get home and convince him to go for a walk with me to calm his nerves. Once we are outside I break the news to him. You can imagine how he feels, angry and responsible for not being able to do more. We stay up all morning trying to calm our nerves, and finally head to bed at 10:00 in the morning. I wake up at 5:00 in the afternoon, make some coffee and decide to check the news. I discover that the man was resuscitated, and his condition is continuing to improve, dispite the near hour he was trapped breathing in severely heavy smoke. I yell into the next room "Oh my God, he's alive!" Tom sits straight up and yells back "What?!" And I run back into the bedroom and jump on him repeatedly and kiss him repeatedly. Of course, no one will know, aside from the old man's family, because Tom isn't the kind of person to boast. And it's not like I'm bragging... okay hell yeah I'm bragging. I mean for God's sake, rushing into a burning home to try and save a total stranger?? I think that deserves a little recognition, even if it is anonymous. But as I was checking this forum just a little while ago, I was thinking of all the horrible stories we've all had or heard about. How many people think of ABDLs as confused, sick, or creepy people who need help, or even as far as rapists who need to be locked up and kept away from society. Well, "Tom" has been an ABDL since before he can remember. And hes one of the best people I've ever known. Of course I've said that way before this incident, but this just proves my opinion. I don't know many people who would do what he did. It's pretty remarkable, and I couldn't really help but share it.
  13. New2DL

    Stopping the Flow

    Several years ago I would hear and read that interrupting your flow can cause UTIs, so if you wanted to strengthen that muscle (say during sex if you're a woman) it's better to do it when you're not peeing. Is this true? Because I have noticed that I'm getting UTIs more often lately, and I usually do this method when wetting. I don't stay in them long when theyre wet, and typically not much longer than a half hour. Is there any truth to this? Or is this probably something else?
  14. Man that sucks! I feel your pain with the constant constipation, though mine has only been for a handful of years. So that really sucks! So far, most things like Mc Donalds and Taco Bell have been pretty consistent with temporarily curing my constipation. Now I just have to make sure I have things planned around having to poop within 15 minutes after eating whenever I want to eat fast food. Though, I'm not sure I should use this method regularly. I mean, I'll probably grow a tumor or something for all I know with all the junk they put in fast food now.
  15. New2DL

    Has anyone else noticed...?

    This may be true. I've spoken to a lot of people who are strictly DL, and even they get excited when there are cars and bears and the like on the print, or fun colors or patterns. (My boyfriend and me included.) You can definitely see the inner child pop out then.