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  1. Diapers and girlfriend

    Hey sweetie. I've been a little caught up in things lately so I haven't been in touch for the past few weeks. But I was just thinking about you and wanted to check in and say hello. I hope you're doing alright. As far as how to tell a girl, I would suggest dating her for a while first, just to make sure that you're right for each other. In my opinion, it's much better to establish a foundation to the relationship before breaking news like this to somebody. My boyfriend waited six months before telling me, although he planned on waiting a year. Some people wait longer, some people do it sooner. It just depends on when you feel it's the right time, and when you feel that the relationship is ready to move to the next level. A lot of people try to "prepare" their significant others for a handful of weeks (or more) before breaking it to them. They usually try to drop hints here and there, strike up conversations about the ABDL community to try to get a feel for how their significant other might react, and to try and get them used to the concept before telling them. This method didn't work for me because my boyfriend wasn't very good at manipulating conversations. Haha But it still worked out in the end. After that, when the time is right, really you just sit her down, tell her you love her, and that there is something very important that you need to tell her. When you do tell her, you need to ask her to just listen to everything you have to say before she does or says anything. It's very very important that you explain WHY you like diapers. If she doesn't know why, it can be possible that she'll assume something terrible out of a lack of understanding. So it's very important that you tell her Why. When you tell her, you need to make sure that you're prepared to tell her everything, without holding back. It's also important that she feels comfortable enough to ask questions, and that you answer as fully and honestly as possible. In the months leading up to this, it's a good idea to try to establish good communication in general so that when it's time to have this talk, you'll be able to do it effectively. This conversation can continue for days, weeks, even months as she's coming to understand your fetish. You both will need to feel comfortable and safe to have lots of open discussions about this to help her understand and accept it. The more you can have open discussions, the better everything will turn out. So it's necessary to establish good communication in general early on in the relationship before telling her this. Everybody handles things differently. Some women are perfectly fine and have no problems understanding and accepting right off the bat. Others might need a little time. If she asks for some time to herself to sort through her thoughts, that's perfectly fine. However she needs to figure it out and accept it, just support her and be there for her when she's ready. If she's truly the one, and it was meant to be, she will come around. After that, it's different for everyone. Some women don't want to be involved in it, but they're okay with their boyfriend's/husbands doing it on their own. Other women are curious and want to be a part of it and will actually participate. Who knows what will happen. But whatever happens, as long as she understands and accepts it and loves you, that's really all that matters. If she doesn't want to participate or be involved in any way, that's not a bad thing. As long as she accepts you and is okay with you doing it on your own, that's what matters. By her not participating, that doesn't mean she's judging you. It just means it's not something she is interested in trying for herself. And that's okay. So... •Give it time to build a good solid foundation first, six months at least I would say. Try to make sure you're right for each other. •If you can, try to prepare her a couple months before the talk by occasionally bringing it up in conversation. This isn't necessary, but it can help. •When you do tell her, ask her to hear you out completely before she decides to say or do anything. •Explain the reasons WHY you like diapers as thoroughly as you can. Very important! •Be ready to tell her everything, with no holding back. •Encourage her to ask you questions, and be prepared and willing to answer them fully and honestly. •Be ready and willing to revisit this conversation a lot over the next few days, weeks, or months. Especially if you have good communication between the two of you. •However she needs to think about things in order to come to an understanding, be patient and supportive. Let her think about things and reach an understanding in her own way. Help her to understand when she comes to you. •If she doesn't want to participate or be involved in any way, that's okay. As long as she accepts you doing it on your own and loves you and understands you, that's all that matters. Question though. Have you actually met a girl that you're interested in dating? Or are you just thinking about when you meet a girl? Anyway, I hope that helped at least somewhat. And I hope you're doing well otherwise and are doing better with accepting yourself. Take care of yourself, and I'll talk to you soon.
  2. WARNING - This topic will probably lead to some very personal and potentially graphic conversations that will probably be sexual in nature. So if you're uncomfortable with this, I'd advise you to turn around now while you can. Hey All! I don't typically visit this side of the forums, but I have some questions and figured there's no better place to ask. I kinda feel a little weird asking, but oh well. Sorry, bear with me. Okay so, my boyfriend and I have never tried messing before but we've been thinking about it lately. I've been peaking at this forum here and there to kind of get a feel for it. For the most part, our interest in diapers is sexual, and sometimes for comfort purposes. We started talking about integrating messing into the picture because, well, there's a lot of porn out there with people doing just that. Like, letting it get all up in there and everything. So naturally we're curious about it. Tumblr is a good example, and a lot of those couples say they do this all the time without any problems or infections or anything - which I kind of find hard to believe at least without taking any precautions. But I can't seem to find any information other than that, or just "don't do it". Everything else I come across mostly explains that poop is very acidic and has a lot more bacteria than urine, so it just seems like a bad idea, yet people are doing it all the time. Also I have read conflicting articles, that virtually all bacteria in human feces is harmless as long as the person is healthy and is exposed to as few environmental factors as possible. So I'm a little confused. So, I guess there is my question. Is there anyone out there who has done this? Are there safety precautions you use? Or are these pornos just being reckless and it should be avoided? Any other tips or insight that you can think of will be helpful. Thanks!
  3. Why?

    Very true.
  4. Why?

    To answer your question, I'd prefer to have a guy who could protect me primarily because I am essentially unable to protect myself. I didn't really care to get into it before because it wasn't necessary. Not only am I small and overall built rather meak, but I was born with a physical defect that makes normal every-day activities painful and difficult to accomplish, let alone the ability to defend myself. In my situation, my only line of defense is a gun, which of course I would use if the occasion called for it. But I wouldn't want that to be my only line of defense. I certainly wouldn't want to pull a gun unless I had no other choice, but just as well the threat might not even be from a person or animal. Accidents happen. So having a guy who could not only protect me but help me out from time to time with things that I have trouble managing, in my situation, is highly desired. Even without my birth defect, I would still want these qualities in a guy for the simple reason that if I at some point am unable (not unwilling) to defend or protect myself, I would hope that the guy I'm with would at least try. I mean let's face it, genetics are not in my favor in that department. Not to mention, the town that I live in has an atmosphere of a non-stop frat party with lots of drinking and drugs. (Believe me, it's not awesome, at least from my perspective.) So, the amount of "creeps" as someone put it earlier, is significantly higher than many other towns, being that everyone is frequently under the influence of something, and casual sex is highly and indescretely practiced. Even one of our most popular churches throws these major outside drinking parties in the church parking lot several times throughout the year. Needless to say, I get a lot of unwanted, distasteful and disrespectful male attention, sometimes regardless of whether or not I'm accompanied by my boyfriend and sporting an engagement ring. These are the kind of turds who won't take no for an answer, and on a couple of occasions even followed us around town shouting things at me. In these situations it doesn't matter what I say or do, short of calling the police (which in one occasion I eventually did) because whether I'd react or ignore them they'd persist either way. And believe me, while I'm physically meak, I certainly am not verbally meak when I need to be. The one time I did call the police, I was dating a guy who was generally a pretty mild person. As all this took place, he just stuck his hands in his pockets and put his head down, and told me he'd rather not get involved. This only made matters worse because his submissiveness only encouraged this douchebag even more. Plus I was a little hurt by being left to deal with it alone, and not at least having my team mate to have my back. (That's how I look at the ideal relationship, as a team, among other things.) The second time this happened, I was dating the guy I'm currently with. My boyfriend stepped back to allow me to try and diffuse the situation myself, and when he saw that it wasn't working he stepped up to defend me. Not in the "I'll kick your ass" sort of way. He's classier than that. After a minute or two of added confrontation, the guy backed off and walked away. No police needed. On a side note, I just want to be clear that I am not even remotely insinuating that all or most men are like the ones I just described. Where I live, they are, but that's because of the environment and the type of people this environment attracts. We've just been unable to move out yet for one reason or another. However, there are places in the world where culturally men have little respect for women. And, being that I live in the States, I live in one big cultural melting pot. It's inevitable to come across people like that eventually. Especially in a highly populated area. In situations like these, it doesn't matter at all how the woman reacts because guys like this have no respect for them. But they will respect the man she's with if he asserts himself and "claims his territory" so to speak from their point of view. My particular situation may only be unique to this town, but I've heard of plenty of occasions outside of this area where a strange man would, for one reason or another, become verbally or potentially physically aggressive to a woman (in one case I've seen the woman was 8 months pregnant) and would only intensify until her boyfriend/ husband stepped in. Which leads me to my point to this overly long story that I apologize for, that it's not just about how a woman perceives a man, but also about how other men perceive him as well. It sucks, but it's the ugly truth of things sometimes. In the more personal aspects of the relationship, defining roles can be accomplished between each other and displayed in whatever fashion they want, whether it be public or private, occasional or often, or what have you. And that's absolutely fine as long as they're happy. But, as a male, there may come a time where you need to temporarily adopt that role which society expects of you, out of necessity and protection for those you love. Because in that situation, you may be the only one with the ability to protect. And considering my current place of residence, that happens a little more frequently than the standard encounter. Now don't get me wrong. While I love that my boyfriend is "manly" in several aspects, I also love that he carries quite a few "feminine" or even child-like characteristics as well. The need to be nurtured, the strong desire for communication, often being ridiculous and playful like a child, even occasionally crying over grief or loss or trauma, and so on. If he didn't have these "feminine" characteristics, I would feel like I'm only dating half a person. We all have a variety of feminine and masculine, dominant and submissive characteristics. It's what makes us human. And I'm seeing this a lot more often in women, that they go for a man who's not as "manly" as society used to think they should be. We're all different, and we all want different things in a partner. Our society is slowly starting to see more of that now. Though as it was previously stated, there are still social norms that we have to deal with sometimes.
  5. Why?

    Well, I'm a female dl so maybe I can shed some light. I never really looked at the statistics so I don't know the ratio of abdl men to women, but I never really got the impression that there were "so few". Maybe not quite as many as men, but I never thought they were rare. There may not be as many on support sites like this one though. I'd guess that probably has to do with societal expectations of women verses men. A woman can probably "get away with it" easier than a man can and possibly has an easier time accepting it as a part of their lives than men because if those expectations. The way my boyfriend felt before he was able to accept his abdl side was that it was perverted and wrong. He should be more manly, blah blah blah. So I think men may be searching for reassurance from support sites more often than women. Which could explain why you're not running into very many. But just from looking around the internet I've come across countless women that are at the very least dls. But like I said, I've never really looked at any statistics so I don't really know for sure. I'm just going by my own anecdotal evidence. As far as why would a woman want to basically play the "mommy" role with an abdl man, well it primarily lands on something Padded Comfort said. Women have a natural maternal instinct to nurture and care for. I'm personally old fashioned and would prefer to be a stay-at-home wife/mother while the husband provides for the family. I'm not at all insinuating that that's the way it SHOULD be. That's just how I would prefer my own life. So in the "real world" I would prefer a man who could provide for me and my family, and just as well protect us if the need arose. Especially considering I'm small, so if the situation arose I would definitely need protection. But just because he provides and protects doesn't at all mean that I wouldn't want to nurture him. We're not abs, so there's no "mommy/daddy" role. However, there are countless times where I nurture him either on my own or because he's essentially asking me to. For example, if he comes home from a hard day at work, he'll sit next to me on the couch and lay his head in my lap while I hold him and pet him like a child. I take care of him like a child when he's sick or hurt or sad. I do it because I like to and because he likes me to. Just because he has the typical manly characteristics doesn't mean I wouldn't want to nurture him. If he did develop ab tendancies, I would still want him to do what needs to be done in the real world in terms of providing while I take care of things at home. But during our personal time, if that's what made him happy I'd play the mommy role. Nurturing just comes naturally for most women. Besides, I think he looks cute and sexy in diapers. As far as the science thing and doing everything for survival, survival isn't simply limited to eating, sleeping, and procreating. Often times fetishes are developed as a mental or emotional defense mechanism. An outlet of sorts to ensure our stability, and sometimes even safety. Fetishes can be used as an outlet against aggression, anxiety, depression; a way to disconnect from the world temporarily and enjoy feeling good for a while. Considering adult babies are geared towards comfort and security, it could be considered a defense mechanism to keep oneself safe by creating a pretend world at home that's surrounded by love and comfort. That could be especially true for someone who has experienced severe trauma in the past. These are just some examples. Not everyone is the same so not everyone uses their fetishes for these same reasons. My only point is that this fetish is still involved with survival. Just in a different way, whether it be safety or stability. Because humans are extremely sentient, our survival is ensured by a complicated number of things. That being said though, we're at the top of our natural evolution, so we are losing a lot of our instincts, or they're becoming warped. Being ticklish, for example, is a mechanism that naturally causes us to cover and protect our internal organs. Since we're not cavemen anymore, that instinct for survival has turned into cheerful play. I never studied up much on fetishes, but I can see how their usefulness to survival has over the centuries diminished due to the lack of putting our instincts to use. So even if it can't be useful today, it doesn't mean there's no point to their existence. You have this fetish for one reason or another. And at some point in your life, your brain deemed it necessary to develop it. It still does serve it's purpose. You just might not be able to choose what that purpose is. Sorry, guess I ended up writing a novel too. You ask some big questions. Kinda hard not to leave big answers.
  6. Another girlfriend story.

    This is very true. This won't work at all without lots of communication, and from both sides. It's not just about you telling her everything. It's also her opening up and asking questions. And vice versa. In a lot of cases the id and ego both play a role, at least with this type of sexual gratification. Often as a child it starts as impulsive and primal, just doing what feels good, but becomes integrated into ones' sexuality, personal identity and sense of self as they age, stemming from sexual, mental and emotional factors relating to the fetish. It's important she understands both aspects: the impulsive instincts of sexual gratification, and any kind of emotional and/or mental ties you've developed to diapers that have integrated into how you identify with yourself. She needs to understand both in order to understand that you can't just quit or ignore it. It's become a part of who you are and has likely played a significant role in some of the decisions you've made throughout your life that's led to the development of the person you are today. Possibly social or relationship choices for example. In my last response I mainly focused on the id aspect (the innate instinctual aspect responsible for the sexual aspect of this fetish) primarily because that was the particular aspect that I did not understand prior to having those discussions with my boyfriend. I could already understand the sense of comfort and security one could get from wearing a diaper, as well as the variety of mental and emotional factors stemming from diapers that can impact you throughout the years. That part just made sense to me. What didn't make sense was the sexual part, and that severely freaked me out until it was thoroughly explained. So I focused heavily on that in my last response. I wasn't at all negating the importance of any of the other factors involved. I just didn't have much to say on the subject because I personally didn't really have many problems understanding the other aspects. Plus, I also had a suspicion that perhaps her turn for the negative has a lot to do with her lack of understanding for the sexual side of ABDLs, similar to My experience. My reasons being, she was seemingly doing well in accepting and understanding to the best of her abilities, until you mentioned your sexual fantasy with diapers and contemplating on trying to make it a reality. To which she flipped 180 and is now having a hard time accepting it. And considering she's relating this to pedophilia, it sounds like she does have a poor understanding. However, if you two never really talked about it, and were just sort of rarely acknowledging this side of you, and if she was keeping it an "out-of-sight, out-of-mind" thing, then she may have never been able to accept it. She might've just been trying not to think about it. Over time the emotions build up as they're bottled in, and since the sexual part might freak her out the most like it did for me, that might've just been the last bit of pressure in that bottle that blew the lid off. Case in point, making sure she fully understands your interest in diapers and the reasons why, as well as her willingness to listen and ask questions, are both the key. If these things cannot be accomplished, I'm sorry to say but the relationship most likely won't work out in the end.
  7. Another girlfriend story.

    I agree with Babyqtboy. A lot of how you plan your next course of action depends on how deeply you've talked about this in the past. I'm guessing based on her assumptions of pedophilia that either you didn't get very in depth with this or you didnt talk about it enough. There's a lot that she doesn't understand, and whether or not this gets introduced sexually, you need to try to get her to understand as much as possible. I'm actually in your girlfriend's shoes... sort of. I wasn't a DL originally. I was introduced to it by my boyfriend six months into the relationship. We've been together a couple years now. Pedophilia never occurred to me, but I can understand why someone might jump to that conclusion. Naturally I'm a very curious and inquisitive person, so even though inwardly I was very confused and upset, I still wanted to understand. So we sat each other down, several times in fact, and spent hours passing questions and answers back and forth. He was as thorough and honest as he could've possibly been, and it helped me greatly to understand. It also helped looking through forums like these, even though everybody has different tastes in the ABDL community. When someone says "It's not normal" it's just not true. Not only are there so many people who are into it (and the percentage of those who actually are pedophiles is so miniscule it's practically non existent and completely unrelated) but once you get into the reasons why someone started to enjoy being in diapers, it simply boils down to basic human instinct. We do what feels good. That's what got me to understand the most. I'm assuming this goes the same for you, since this is a very common story among other ABDLs. Basically all babies masterbate, they just aren't fully aware of it. Not a very comfortable fact, but it's true. Normally by the time they become aware of it, they've been out of diapers for a couple years. However, in cases where someone stayed in diapers for too long, like bed-wetters, that kid learns to do it in a warm wet squishy diaper. At that point you can't erase that part of you because nothing can compare. I mean, who doesn't like oral sex? Well, there you go. It's not oral sex, but it's equally warm and soft and lubricated. And that's how you learn to masterbate. You can't just stop and be expected to do it the conventional way for the rest of your life. That's ludicrous. That's nearly equivilant to telling a non-ABDL to only masterbate hands-free from now on. It just won't work. That's essentially how my boyfriend explained it to me, and this detail was the main factor in helping me understand. Of course people differ from there in their interests and for a variety of reasons. But in general it all leads back to the memory of being in diapers and learning how to masterbate in them. Overtime it just gets integrated into sexuality and adulthood. Before this part of the conversation the whole thing made zero sense to me. I had no idea that a diaper could actually be pleasurable. I could understand in a sense how it could provide a type of emotional comfort and security. But sexually it sounded kind of screwy, and frankly quite perverted and disturbing, until that detail was brought to light. Then it all made perfect sense... at least to me. It still seemed disturbing for a while because I hadn't gotten used to the idea yet. But over time, and over lots of discussions, and studying forums like these (and even looking at some diaper porn as well) as my understanding grew so did my comfortability. Then, because I'm naturally curious, I wanted to know just how good it feels. So over time I grew more comfortable with the idea and tried it for myself. And here I am. A second-hand DL, if you will. Even if my relationship were to end, I'm very certain I wouldn't stop using diapers for myself. Well, that's how it worked with us in a nutshell. Hopefully my story will give you some ideas on how to discuss this further with your girlfriend. Like the others said though, keep in mind that not everybody is willing to try to understand complicated issues like this. Try your hardest to fight for your relationship, but be prepared for the idea that it may have to come to an end. Expect the worst, hope for the best. In the end it'll work out the way it was meant to. Good luck.
  8. Plastic Undies or Bed Pads?

    It's never too late. Thanks for the advice!
  9. Feeling numb

    Aww anytime. I'm glad I could help. I hope everything works out well for you! Good luck with everything, and stay strong! Things will be better.
  10. Help Finding A Store ...

    Okay thank you ...actually I can't find it on either of those sites. Abuniverse doesn't have bed pads at all, as far as I can tell.
  11. Help Finding A Store ...

    I've been having trouble finding an online store that sells polyurethane bed pads directly. I have found several brands/companies I'd love to try, but all I've found so far only have either Amazon or Overstock for ordering options. Over the past few years I've been sketchy of ordering from these middle-men websites. It's often become a hit or miss on whether you actually get what you ordered or if you're just getting some cheap crappy knock-off brand. So far the stores I've tried are North Shore, Babykins, Jet, and LLMedico. And otherwise just a general Google search. I've found quite a few other interesting products as a result, but no stores where I can order polyurethane bed pads straight from the site. Any suggestions? Or am I pretty much stuck with Amazon and such?
  12. Aphrodisiacs

    Hmm... I don't know how this would work in terms of trying to subliminally prep up your significant other for "the talk" by introducing those scents to the bedroom, but it's certainly worth a shot! But otherwise, yes I'd definitely say those smells can turn you on. Especially if you were one of those bed-wetter cases who incidentally started masterbating in diapers/pull ups etc as a kid, and you remember those smells in that environment. The sense of smell is the most powerful sense associated with memory. My boyfriend and I are more on the DL side of the spectrum, but we decided to add a couple of those baby powder/oil elements to the scene. Just to try something new. Neither one of us personally remember those smells associated with masterbating. But regardless, just from introducing it into diaper play or just in the bedroom in general, in no time those smells started to get us going with a quickness!
  13. Starting from your very first memory of being in diapers up to present day. What is your all-time favorite diaper, and why? What keeps you going back to your favorite, and what makes it better than any others you've experienced?
  14. Plastic Undies or Bed Pads?

    Umm... I'd hardly consider this being self absorbed. As I stated in the beginning, I haven't tried many products in this particular department, which was why I mentioned that I was unsure if my unpleasant experience was just due to the quality or if it's just not my thing. And if it's not my thing, then I don't see the harm in asking for suggestions to have a more comfortable experience. Hence I was curious if anyone else had any other methods to share, and some did which was very helpful to me. So, sorry if my asking for advice is annoying to you. But I think discovering and assessing one's options and asking for help before blowing money on items based on very little information is more like "being an adult" than being "self absorbed". On a different note, thank you everyone for your awesome input! I have a pretty good idea now of what I want to do. I'm still going to try a couple more sets of plastic pants, specifically the terry lined that were mentioned (I don't think rubber or vinyl is my thing), but I think I'm leaning toward a good bed pad as well. You guys mentioned a few good brands and material that I can look into, so I definitely feel more ready to start picking out what I want to try. You guys also brought up a couple other things too like the diaper doubles or booster pad, which I haven't heard of until now. I'll definitely be doing some research and looking into these a little more as well. A good point was brought up that sheets won't be harmed and can be washed. If I were to sleep in a wet diaper daily it would definitely bother me. But considering it's something I'd like to do only a couple times a week or so, and I like to wash the sheets about once a week anyway, plus they're a dark royal blue color, I shouldn't really be too concerned with anything but the mattress. As long as I stick with my routine all should be well. Well now after I do a little more research I think I'm about ready to do some shopping! Thanks again everyone for the solid input!
  15. Is it just me or?

    This sounds pretty normal to me. Maybe the loss of intensity is coming from your acceptance. Many people use diapers almost as an emotional crutch, even when the emotional problems might ironically be coming from diapers. But if you don't have the emotional problem, then you don't have much of a need for the crutch. It might also be somewhat similar to underage drinking, or legalizing marijuana. When you're not "supposed" to do it, that's when it's most enjoyable. Once it's considered "okay" the thrill for some may vanish. Maybe prior to your acceptance, a part of you might've been attracted more to it because you may have thought it was something you weren't supposed to do. But now that you've reached acceptance and are more open with it, it's not as much of an exciting dirty little secret anymore. In any case, your feelings are changing because its place in your life is changing. It's also not uncommon to feel weird about diaper play/sex with another person. Probably for a long time this was something you did alone and in secret. It's not strange at all for you to feel uncomfortable in front of another person. My boyfriend had the same problem with me, but he was determined to somehow live out his fantasy. So we kept trying and eventually one night it just clicked, and it's been great ever since. But a lot could also depend on the girl, how physically or emotionally attracted you were to her. If she appeared to feel turned on or awkward at the time. Feelings can rub off on each other, so if she wasn't really diggin it then it could have effected your level of uncomfortability as well. How you want to handle it in the future is up to you. If you do want to have diaper play/sex with a girl but you don't know how to not be uncomfortable, then just keep trying, and keep trying different things. Eventually it'll work. On the other hand, if you don't want another person involed, then you can just keep it for your own private time. Just depends on what you really want. I'm going to be a little graphic, but this method helped my boyfriend and me. When we were still too uncomfortable to have sex with diapers, after a few failed attempts we just stopped trying to have diaper sex for a while. Instead what we did was we'd lay next to each other diapered. We wouldn't touch each other, but instead he'd do himself while I'd do me, and we'd watch each other as well until we got ourselves off (which we would try to synchronize). Then the next time we did this, he'd put his hand on mine to feel what I was doing to myself and vice versa. Next time he would take my hand and put it on his diaper and move my hand how he wanted, and vice versa. Each time we'd take it a step further until it eventually led to humping, which inevitably leads to sex. For us anyway, it helped the transition from doing it alone to doing it with a partner. And it was fun! As far as for yourself, I do agree with AbabeBill about trying new things to make it more exciting. Maybe try out some new diapers. If you only use adult diapers try ordering some large vintage children's diapers off Amazon or EBay. (You'll need to tape them though.) Try to find what you used to wear as a child if you can remember. Also the Goodnite children's pull ups that are out right now are pretty popular. Or if you only wear children's diapers try some adult ones. Maybe throw in a sex toy here and there. Turns out a lot of men and women like using the Hitachi Magic Wand with their diapers. Be creative. And don't be too worried. Things will even out eventually. Like what was already stated earlier, this too shall pass.