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  1. Do i have. Accepts of diapers

    Yep you're on the right track. You might always feel a little embarrassed when you tell people about it because a lot of people don't understand and might think it's weird. And that's okay, because it's hard to talk about it to people who don't understand. You just have to be selective about who you tell. But yes, essentially you would have no shame or guilt about it. A little embarrassment when telling people is normal, but you won't feel guilty. If someone treats you like it's weird, you would say "Yeah, I like diapers. So? It doesn't hurt you, so why do you care?" Whether you wear in public or not, your feeling of doing something wrong will be completely gone.
  2. Diapers are contoling me

    No I didn't go into dumpsters or anything. I would just crawl into a bush or something when I was a kid and do it there, even though there were other kids around. I just hoped they wouldn't find me. But I didn't have any friends at that time either, so I was very lonely and confused. I stopped doing it after a few years. Yes I would change it after five or so. Trying out a different brand really depends on you. You'll have to try out different things. Reading that post I put up asking everyone what their favorite diapers are might be a good way to get some ideas of what to use. In the end though it all depends on what you feel most comfortable in. And it's important when you're wearing in public to find some that are very absorbent and aren't very bulky. That way they hide better under your pants. Depending on how well it absorbs, you might want to change more often than five pees. I'm glad you're doing well so far! Keep up the good work and keep me posted!
  3. Do i have. Accepts of diapers

    I'd say you've accepted it when you've experienced a feeling of "letting go". You may always feel a little nervous or embarrassed when you tell somebody for the first time about your interest in diapers. The reason being because not everyone understands, and a lot of people will have a little fear of rejection, which is totally normal. In this situation you just have to stay strong and proceed with caution. When you "let go" you will no longer feel personal guilt or shame in what you do. You will fully be able to accept that this is a part of you, and you'll feel yourself being happier about it instead of feeling guilty. When I say "let go" you would be letting go of the negative feelings of guilt and shame, whether they're feelings you get from your past or from the present. You wouldn't feel so haunted by them, and you'd be able to feel comfortable and happy just the way you are.
  4. Proper times and places. To wear diaper

    You're welcome. I'm glad I could help.
  5. Diapers are contoling me

    Okay good, I'm glad you're not doing that anymore. Yes, that could be a very good possibility That it's a part of the reason why you feel shame. It is a pretty embarrassing moment and it could've easily impacted you in the long run. That's kind of what I meant when I said that it's not healthy for you, because it can affect you negatively like that. Like I said though, sometimes people do things like this, especially kids. Not all kids, but it happens. Similar things happened to me too when I was young. It is embarrassing, but somehow you have to learn to leave that memory in the past and try to move forward. It's good that you save showing them to a girlfriend. It's a much better way to go about it. Like I said, it's a pretty intimate thing, so it's better to save showing them for intimate situations with someone special. It's good also that you use diapers for relaxing too. Even if you do use them for masterbating (which a lot of us do) it's also good to use them for relaxing and comforting purposes. In knowing that, I think in time you'll eventually be able to wear them at work with no worries. It'll just take a while for you to get used to wearing them around others. Well, I think if you wear them to bed, pee in them twice, and wake up at 7AM, it's perfectly fine to do this. But in this case I would use baby powder to keep your skin from getting too moist. The moisture alone can cause a rash, and the baby powder can help prevent it. I would say if you're going to stay in a wet diaper for over an hour, even if it's not full, I would put on baby powder before putting on a clean diaper. (Again, just make sure your bottom is clean and completely dry before adding the powder.)
  6. Proper times and places. To wear diaper

    That is a very good idea! It's all about what you feel safe and comfortable doing. That's why I've given the suggestions that I did before. It's exactly as you said, to get yourself comfortable and confident over time so you eventually are no longer afraid. So you can slowly get used to wearing around other people. I think you've got exactly the right idea. Everybody is different. Some people are more confident than others. For those who aren't, it's important to take baby steps.
  7. Diapers are contoling me

    Okay, well to start, if you're still continuing with the public masterbation, I would cut that out if I were you. I know there are people who enjoy doing that, but it's just not a good idea. Unless you're in an area where there is absolutely nobody around for miles, like a deep woods or something. Because if there are people around, even if you are pretty sure nobody will be walking by, you still can't be certain. Especially if it's a child who sees you, they're too young to really understand what they're seeing and it could be damaging to them. You just don't know for sure how it will pan out, and it's better not to take the risk. Plus it isn't healthy for you to do it either. Doing things like that when you're young isn't entirely abnormal, especially if you dont have much as a social life as a kid. I even did that when I was a kid too. Although I picked more pleasant places than garbages, but I do understand. As an adult though, you need to understand the repercussions can affect other people too if someone sees you. Plus, if they call the police you can get into a lot of trouble, and it's just not worth it. Again, unless you're in a place where you are totally alone like a woods, it would be better to just not do it. If you're going to wear diapers in public, it can't be for masterbating in public. It is also better not to show people too. That's like people showing others their underwear. It's just not something people normally do. You may think it's sexy, and there are plenty of other people who think it's sexy too. But there are also a lot of people who don't think it's sexy. It's better to get to know the person first and find out what they're into before showing them your diapers. Not to mention, showing your diapers to someone is a pretty intimate thing to share. You need to make sure she's somebody very special, and you need to make sure FIRST that she would be okay with it. If you wear in public, that's for you and you alone. That's to make you feel comfortable with yourself. It's your own sexy little secret. ----------------------------------------------------------------- So to rehash everything: •No more masterbating in public unless you are COMPLETELY alone and there is NO ONE around. •Wearing in public is not for masterbating in public. Masterbating in diapers is only when you're completely alone. •Do not show your diapers to other people. •The only person you should show is someone very special when you're dating, and only if she is okay with it. You must make sure of this FIRST. (Or if you have friends who know about your fetish and are okay with it.) •Wearing in public is primarily for your own personal comfort and happiness. ----------------------------------------------------------------- As far as whether those diapers are too big I can't really be sure. There are many different designs for diapers. Some of them come up to your belly button, some of them go just below your hips, and some hug around your waste. I haven't had any personal experience with the kind you wear. Try doing a Google image search for your kind of diapers and see if any pictures come up with people wearing them, and you might get an idea of how they should look. Yes I would change it when it gets full. You can stay wet for a handful of hours if it's not completely full, but staying in a wet diaper for too long can cause a rash. If you don't plan on changing right when you get wet, then I would use baby powder. Baby powder itself can cause a rash if you currently have a yeast infection, or if your skin is already naturally very dry. For example, if you have eczema I would not use baby powder. I wouldn't use Vaseline unless you already have a rash. If you don't have any rashes, Vaseline will add to all the moisture in your diaper and trap it, which will also cause a rash. ----------------------------------------------------------------- So, to reiterate: •If you're going to stay in a wet diaper for more than an hour, use baby powder. •Otherwise, if you change right away, baby powder might not be necessary. •If you have extremely dry skin, like eczema or psoriasis, do NOT use baby powder. •If you currently have a yeast infection, do NOT use baby powder. •Only use Vaseline or A&D ointment if you ALREADY have a diaper rash. Do NOT use these to prevent diaper rash. •When you do use baby powder, make sure you are thoroughly cleaned and COMPLETELY dry before adding the powder. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Hope that helps. Good luck with your no masterbating week! Remember, if you end up giving in, it's not a bad thing. Just try again. But, try your best not to give in. Make sure to send me a message the day before your week is up so we can go over what you should do afterwards. But for now, just focus on this week. You'll do just fine.
  8. Help Finding A Store ...

    I've been having trouble finding an online store that sells polyurethane bed pads directly. I have found several brands/companies I'd love to try, but all I've found so far only have either Amazon or Overstock for ordering options. Over the past few years I've been sketchy of ordering from these middle-men websites. It's often become a hit or miss on whether you actually get what you ordered or if you're just getting some cheap crappy knock-off brand. So far the stores I've tried are North Shore, Babykins, Jet, and LLMedico. And otherwise just a general Google search. I've found quite a few other interesting products as a result, but no stores where I can order polyurethane bed pads straight from the site. Any suggestions? Or am I pretty much stuck with Amazon and such?
  9. Diapers are contoling me

    Well my definition of being gay is actually being sexually and/or emotionally attracted to the same gender. If you find yourself fantasizing about having sex or doing sexual things with another man, or being in a relationship with one, then you're gay. But from the things you've told me so far I don't think that's the case. I think it's just more of the same of what we've already been talking about, incorporating shame with pleasure. Now I'm a little confused about when you masterbated in public. At first you talked about it like you did this when you were a kid, but then something in the wording you chose almost implied that you did this recently. So I don't really want to say anything on the subject until I have a better understanding of it. When did this happen? Within the past year, or few years? Did this happen when you were younger, and if so about what age? I just want to make sure I have the facts right before I continue. With wearing in public, yes I think you have the right idea how to go about it right now. Eventually when you're more comfortable you can take it a step further and start wearing while working. But for now just keep it simple. Pretty much just how you stated in your last message. If you want to wear depends in public that's up to you. As long as you feel comfortable in them and no one will notice, and as long as you won't be tempted to masterbate when you're taking time off from masterbation. For your last question, there's not really an easy answer for it. For you I think it'll be a process. The problem you have isn't what you do while you wear them, but it's how you feel and what you think of. Feeling shame and humiliation. I'll elaborate more on that later and try my best to reiterate my suggestions in list format for you. Before I do though, first I need to know when you were masterbating in public and how old you were. I'll continue more after you respond.
  10. Aphrodisiacs

    Hmm... I don't know how this would work in terms of trying to subliminally prep up your significant other for "the talk" by introducing those scents to the bedroom, but it's certainly worth a shot! But otherwise, yes I'd definitely say those smells can turn you on. Especially if you were one of those bed-wetter cases who incidentally started masterbating in diapers/pull ups etc as a kid, and you remember those smells in that environment. The sense of smell is the most powerful sense associated with memory. My boyfriend and I are more on the DL side of the spectrum, but we decided to add a couple of those baby powder/oil elements to the scene. Just to try something new. Neither one of us personally remember those smells associated with masterbating. But regardless, just from introducing it into diaper play or just in the bedroom in general, in no time those smells started to get us going with a quickness!
  11. Starting from your very first memory of being in diapers up to present day. What is your all-time favorite diaper, and why? What keeps you going back to your favorite, and what makes it better than any others you've experienced?
  12. Plastic Undies or Bed Pads?

    Umm... I'd hardly consider this being self absorbed. As I stated in the beginning, I haven't tried many products in this particular department, which was why I mentioned that I was unsure if my unpleasant experience was just due to the quality or if it's just not my thing. And if it's not my thing, then I don't see the harm in asking for suggestions to have a more comfortable experience. Hence I was curious if anyone else had any other methods to share, and some did which was very helpful to me. So, sorry if my asking for advice is annoying to you. But I think discovering and assessing one's options and asking for help before blowing money on items based on very little information is more like "being an adult" than being "self absorbed". On a different note, thank you everyone for your awesome input! I have a pretty good idea now of what I want to do. I'm still going to try a couple more sets of plastic pants, specifically the terry lined that were mentioned (I don't think rubber or vinyl is my thing), but I think I'm leaning toward a good bed pad as well. You guys mentioned a few good brands and material that I can look into, so I definitely feel more ready to start picking out what I want to try. You guys also brought up a couple other things too like the diaper doubles or booster pad, which I haven't heard of until now. I'll definitely be doing some research and looking into these a little more as well. A good point was brought up that sheets won't be harmed and can be washed. If I were to sleep in a wet diaper daily it would definitely bother me. But considering it's something I'd like to do only a couple times a week or so, and I like to wash the sheets about once a week anyway, plus they're a dark royal blue color, I shouldn't really be too concerned with anything but the mattress. As long as I stick with my routine all should be well. Well now after I do a little more research I think I'm about ready to do some shopping! Thanks again everyone for the solid input!
  13. Diapers are contoling me

    Here I am! Sorry, I had some things going on at home so I took the day to address them and spend time with my family. But I'm back. Let's see... first of all, yes, what you're watching about guys getting pegged by girls is okay. Just because they enjoy that doesn't necessarily mean they're gay. Because of the male anatomy, putting pressure on the prostate gland through anal penetration can actually make anal penetration very pleasurable for a man. Quite possibly even moreso for men than for women. It doesn't make them gay. It just feels good. Plus, I'd say most men like being dominated by a woman from time to time, and there are many different ways to go about it. Pegging is just one way. But many people make the common misconception that this makes the man gay, which is just not true. There is nothing gay or wrong about it. It's perfectly okay, and that's what you need to tell yourself. But if you're going to watch videos like that, try to stay away from any that humiliate the man. I think you stick to those because you relate to humiliation. With the shame talk, I think you're doing this because a part of you is still convinced that it's wrong. This is a pretty complicated issue because of how integrated and deep rooted these feelings are. As a child, you first learned to masterbate in diapers. But, from what I believe you said earlier, you remember getting in trouble as you got older for wetting yourself. That's where the feelings of guilt and shame come from. So as you were learning to masterbate, feelings of guilt and shame were incorporated in with feelings of pleasure, because of the fact that you'd masterbate when you wet yourself and then get in trouble for wetting. So now it's almost like, it doesn't feel right to masterbate in diapers without feeling shame because that's how you first learned to do it. Make sense? So it's going to be a little difficult retraining your brain to feel pleasure without needing to be shamed. But it can be done, hopefully with the suggestions I made. Yup, I'd suggest taking at least a week off from masterbating. If you can, try to stay away from diapers during that week as well so you won't be as tempted to masterbate. If you need to wear diapers, try and find some that don't really feel that good to you. I can't really suggest a brand to you because they all feel different and we all have different tastes in what we like. You'll have to experiment with different brands. When that time is up and you can masterbate again, use whatever diapers you want, whatever feels good. And only look at porn that doesn't make you feel shameful, at least for the first few days that you can masterbate again. So yes, girls in diapers, diaper sex, or regular porn is good. That way hopefully you'll be able to masterbate without the shame, at least temporarily. You can still watch videos of men getting pegged by women because there's nothing wrong with it. However, during that period where you start masterbating again after taking the week off, I would suggest staying away from it for a little while, simply because you don't feel comfortable with it yet. Just take a little time away from it. How much time is up to you. Whenever you feel comfortable to watch it again, and realize that it IS okay and it does NOT mean that it's only for gay people. And when you do start to watch them again, try to stay away from any that humiliates the guy. As far as wearing to work, you'll know when you're ready. Once you start discretely wearing in public and in places that are more mundane and don't require a lot of focus from you, after some time you'll start to feel more comfortable and confident about it. Eventually you won't be scared or nervous anymore. That's when you can start wearing them to work. When you do start wearing in public, after a while you won't be afraid of getting caught or people noticing. As long as you wear diapers that fit close to your form so they're more discrete, just wear some jeans over them and nobody will know. It might be a little nerve wracking at first, but just trust that nobody can see it and eventually your fears will start to go away. I've worn diapers in public plenty of times, even at work too. And I'm a girl, so I tend to wear jeans that are much tighter than the jeans men wear, and nobody noticed. So if I can get away with it, so can you.
  14. Is it just me or?

    This sounds pretty normal to me. Maybe the loss of intensity is coming from your acceptance. Many people use diapers almost as an emotional crutch, even when the emotional problems might ironically be coming from diapers. But if you don't have the emotional problem, then you don't have much of a need for the crutch. It might also be somewhat similar to underage drinking, or legalizing marijuana. When you're not "supposed" to do it, that's when it's most enjoyable. Once it's considered "okay" the thrill for some may vanish. Maybe prior to your acceptance, a part of you might've been attracted more to it because you may have thought it was something you weren't supposed to do. But now that you've reached acceptance and are more open with it, it's not as much of an exciting dirty little secret anymore. In any case, your feelings are changing because its place in your life is changing. It's also not uncommon to feel weird about diaper play/sex with another person. Probably for a long time this was something you did alone and in secret. It's not strange at all for you to feel uncomfortable in front of another person. My boyfriend had the same problem with me, but he was determined to somehow live out his fantasy. So we kept trying and eventually one night it just clicked, and it's been great ever since. But a lot could also depend on the girl, how physically or emotionally attracted you were to her. If she appeared to feel turned on or awkward at the time. Feelings can rub off on each other, so if she wasn't really diggin it then it could have effected your level of uncomfortability as well. How you want to handle it in the future is up to you. If you do want to have diaper play/sex with a girl but you don't know how to not be uncomfortable, then just keep trying, and keep trying different things. Eventually it'll work. On the other hand, if you don't want another person involed, then you can just keep it for your own private time. Just depends on what you really want. I'm going to be a little graphic, but this method helped my boyfriend and me. When we were still too uncomfortable to have sex with diapers, after a few failed attempts we just stopped trying to have diaper sex for a while. Instead what we did was we'd lay next to each other diapered. We wouldn't touch each other, but instead he'd do himself while I'd do me, and we'd watch each other as well until we got ourselves off (which we would try to synchronize). Then the next time we did this, he'd put his hand on mine to feel what I was doing to myself and vice versa. Next time he would take my hand and put it on his diaper and move my hand how he wanted, and vice versa. Each time we'd take it a step further until it eventually led to humping, which inevitably leads to sex. For us anyway, it helped the transition from doing it alone to doing it with a partner. And it was fun! As far as for yourself, I do agree with AbabeBill about trying new things to make it more exciting. Maybe try out some new diapers. If you only use adult diapers try ordering some large vintage children's diapers off Amazon or EBay. (You'll need to tape them though.) Try to find what you used to wear as a child if you can remember. Also the Goodnite children's pull ups that are out right now are pretty popular. Or if you only wear children's diapers try some adult ones. Maybe throw in a sex toy here and there. Turns out a lot of men and women like using the Hitachi Magic Wand with their diapers. Be creative. And don't be too worried. Things will even out eventually. Like what was already stated earlier, this too shall pass.
  15. Diapers are contoling me

    The only way that I can think of that those videos could be harmful is if the videos appear painful or emotionally upsetting for the people in the video, or for you. If you watch the pegging videos because you want to feel good, that's perfectly fine. There is no harm or shame in that. As for the shame talk, that will take some time to get over. That kind of change will takes a while. The best way to change it is to feel positive about your fetish. I think changing up your routine a bit like we've talked about is a good start. I think you have a good idea of when you'd be more willing to wear in public. Don't be afraid of getting caught. No one will notice. But don't push yourself if youre not completely ready either. Baby steps. Try looking for pictures or videos of beautiful women in diapers, either by themselves or with a partner. If they look sexy to you, it could help slowly change the way you feel about yourself in diapers. You don't necessarily have to masterbate to them, but you certainly can if you want to. I'd also might try going without masterbating for a little while. Try at least a week, but two weeks if you can manage. That might be a little tough because it will probably increase your desires, and if it gets too tough its okay to give in. Just try again later. But, when you do go back to masterbating, refrain from looking at those shame talk videos. At least for the first few times. You can still look at diaper porn, or men being penetrated by women, or whatever you want. But try to keep away from the shame talk for as long as you can. The goal is, by not masterbating for a while, since your urges will increase, hopefully your body will be better able to react to porn that you feel more positively about when you do go back to masterbating. This may take several tries, so don't be upset if it doesn't pan out the way you want at first. Also it might help to clear your search history on your internet, and maybe try some other porn sites for a while when looking at non-shame-talk videos. Also if you have any downloaded shame-talk videos on your phone or computer, to hide them in a folder on your computer so you don't see them unless you're specifically looking for them. Or if you're really up for it, delete them all together. It might be a liberating feeling. But only if you're up for it. This could help ease the temptation to look at those videos a little.