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  1. Being picky when in diapers at work

    In your first paragraph, you misunderstood. I am wearing my uniform on the all time and I don't. Want people.to find out i am wearing a diaper. Just think its sexy with girls around and. Gay with guys around. So how do i led a normal life? I agree. With you on the mental help because they don't. Know how. I have have help by two people. Which I am grateful . I am waiting. For a new tharpist. Oh. By the way where is Elle 52. Hmmm? I keep on coming back because. I don't understand the acceptance. And what am I asking about. Diapers?
  2. I am able.to wear diapers at work. But I find. Want to be near girls instead of guys and old people and certain. Co workers. How do i deal with this? Should I be open to anybody?
  3. Confdry diaper tape.

    I tried it it was tight. But maybe
  4. Confdry diaper tape.

    I am a 35 inch waist and I am using med. Diapers I usually. Have the top tapes going. Across maybe the bottom. Right next to the tops
  5. Confdry diaper tape.

    Thank you for the visual tool. So yes top tapes on the very top and perhaps have the bottom. Point. Up. I see the bottom tapes in your picture. Are rubbing my legs
  6. Confdry diaper tape.

    The bottom tape seem to run low and rubs against the leg plus looks like it will come off. Should the top be on the very top not the pad area. Thanks
  7. Same problems

    How does shame of wearing diapers effect my masturbating? I believe it just shame talk that I have at the moment. Is there a good way of learning. Not care what others think other than just go out in public or at work and say I have. No control of what he OT she is saying. And just keep doing it
  8. Same problems

    I wore my diaper the last part of the shift. It was hard to wear around guy Co workers. Tried to act normal. I did sense diapers are made to pee. Not take it on and off. The tapes will not work
  9. Same problems

    Maybe its using videos of garbage and women pegging guys. I use to use guy /girl. Or girl/ girl . so maybe I need more Simi. Maybe I am not comfortable with this. So how do i go about what other people think its not my business and its how I response to people
  10. Same problems

    I hope new2dl can help soon.
  11. Diapers and girlfriend

    True. I need a good system. Writing girls online dating is not working. For. Me
  12. Diapers and girlfriend

    Sorry for your lost oldwetter66.
  13. Diapers and girlfriend

    I. Wouldn't tell a girl my diapers until she is my girlfriend. So mostly act like a non diaper lover
  14. Diapers and girlfriend

    I am preparing for a girl. I am on match. Any tips. Just that when I walk around at crossfit or my work place and I look at girls and. I think I have A secret of diapers. Would. You accept me or run away? I would love to have a girlfriend so I can be loved
  15. Same problems

    Still working on same problems. I think the masturbating is form of punishment in sense of my writing. Skills on forums, not keeping busy there are other things link to it