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  1. Diapers are contoling me

    Oh okay. I haven't. Heard. From. You for a long rime . I hope she is not trying to make me quit diapers because its making me not going. For dates
  2. Diapers are contoling me

    Thanks but does this mean. " see you later. Bye. You solve your own problems. I am out here."
  3. Diapers are contoling me

    Yes. That's. What a girl on Facebook said and she wanted me t0 quit. Wearing diapers. But I want both girlfriend. And diapers. I tied online dating doesn't. Work do you wear diapers?
  4. Diapers are contoling me

    Do want a close friend and yes I am a loner
  5. Diapers are contoling me

    I. Guess okay I am not exactly. George goony. But I am very kind guy.
  6. What are the steps in learning. To accept diapers

    So it basically. Comes down to don't care what other say. Geez I knew that was it. And think nothing. Is wrong with wearing. Diapers.
  7. Diapers are contoling me

    Well maybe I am taking. Things personal. And maybe. Wanting to wear diapers at work is like gays go out in public and nobody. Makes fun and maybe feel sexy and third reason I don't. Know I would. Like a girl friend that loves. Me for who I am. Even if I am into diapers. And a pitch of garbage. I been working on it. Okay I been thinking I solve my masturbating. Yesterday. So. I don't need to talk. About . the only thing is the accepting of diapers. As not wrong
  8. Diapers are contoling me

    Hey how to feel if you had use shame talk to make it work and afterwards. Feel.bad with self hate. I want it gone. New2dl had no problem. With it and she gave me advice. What advice have you gave. Me other then call me close to a sex predator
  9. Diapers are contoling me

    I was create new topics because I was not getting. Help. I made my decision. Before we started talking. I am still waiting. For west Maui counseling to gave me a new tharpist. I hope I can have my old one she knows me best. I respect. People. Here. I say thank you. I. Tell them how I am doing. I just figure out my shame masturbating. I am wearing diapers. At home
  10. Diapers are contoling me

    What do you. Mean by surprise. Other then you are telling me I am a sex adicate. And a information. User and being lazy and I should. Solve my problem myself and with use of a tharpist.
  11. Diapers are contoling me

  12. Diapers are contoling me

    I come here to learn and improve my diaper lifestyle. I think wear diaper for relaxing and it just feels good
  13. Diapers are contoling me

    I do sense. People. Are feeling like. They. Have to do all research. For me. When I should be doing that. So explain to me reasons. Why people. Wear a work. Next are you telling. Me that new2dl and babyqtboy are not here. To help
  14. Diapers are contoling me

    No most people. Are here to get advise. For example. Should I shave or not. Should. I fake incontinence. Those are recent threads. My tharpist. I had. Has left the company. And the company is trying. To get new tharpist. So I am still waiting. Can. I ask you. Why do some people. Wear diapers at work or play?