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  1. I just got two packs of tranquility diapers I hope they will according. To one review in amzon. Did she. Find out and accept you are in diaper?
  2. yeah looks like I need to study the advice and rethink about going out. Thank you
  3. So what about. Co workers? I think they don't care about me. But if they can use diaper as a joke they will
  4. There are times I was thinking I wish I was wearing but that's only when pretty girls around or going to restroom way too much. The other times thinking about getting. Used to wearing around people is wearing during. Dinner hour vs the whole shift. In conclusion. I can focus well at work if I don't have. A diaper on
  5. I. Was just thinking if someone sees that you are wearing diaper he or she is saying. Ewe this guy is gross. Why the hell is he wearing a diaper? Dude you are a. Pervert. That's. What I think most of the people. Are saying
  6. My family thinks I can quit wearing. Diapers as if it was a bad habit no way I am full on diaper lover. I would love to make diapers be okay with my life but have to keep it private and only with a girl that accept it
  7. I am hoping the tranquility diapers are thin enough to feel like a. Diaper yet allow me to focus on work then worry about. Seeing my diaper
  8. I have seen that doctor you mention for my burning pee. I take 2 pills. So it helps. They only allow me to wear only in private.
  9. I am waiting for my tranquilly diapers I hope they are thin because my confydry is too thick can't move
  10. Funny how my family does care if I wear diapers vs other people. I learn my family will. Never accept. Me in diaper. Well only in private. I want make so its okay with everyone.
  11. I need to stop looking. For the magical. Method. Of getting rid of fear of wearing. Diapers and just work on changing that mindset that is okay and do it
  12. How did you teach yourself. How. To do that. I hope the tranquility diapers to do the same
  13. I think my use of diapers is metal thing it helps me to relax and away to use the bathroom when there is none. I am still working on beating the fear of wearing. In public