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  1. I didn't recall your wife is an occasional bedwetter. How does she feel when she has an accident? Has your mutual bedwetting had a positive, negative, or neutral impact on your relationship?
  2. As a child I sometimes half woke up needing to pee but thought it was okay to wet the bed. I remember how wonderful my hot pee felt as it spread out beneath my tummy. When I was older and strutting stay dry at night, I tried to sleep only on my back or side, since I associated tummy-sleeping with bedwetting. I take a 5 mg Cialis daily, except when I think I might need a bigger boost in potency. Then I double up on the 5 mg or take a 20 mg tablet. I'd take 10 mg if I still had any. Cialis definitely helps me stay hard longer and makes me less likely to wilt if momentarily distracted. Cialis also helps reduce my enlarged prostate, which in turn helps me wet in my sleep less. Imipramine also helps keep me from wetting involuntarily. I'm wetting in my sleep much less often in 2017 than I did in 2016.
  3. May 18, 2017: About 3 AM I woke up and began to wet my NorthShore Supreme and booster pad. I did not decide to wet -- I just wet. I was lying on my back and noticed the flow of hot urine down and across my scrotum. I didn't interfere with the involuntary action of my body, but stayed relaxed and enjoyed the experience. Afterwards I got up, went into the bathroom, and washed down a 20 mg Cialis tablet with a cup of water. As I drank, I felt another burst of hot urine coming out involuntarily, feeling much like the one in bed. This is the 7th night that I have wet involuntarily in 2017 and the first since March 28, over seven weeks ago.
  4. April 15, 2017: I haven't woken up wetting even once this month. Apparently the Alfuzosin and Imipramine I'm taking are having their intended effects. I woke up needing to pee last night, realized I was diapered (NorthShore Supreme with booster pad), wondered briefly whether I should wet while lying on my side, and finally just relaxed and let urine flow unimpeded into my protection. The diaper and pad soaked up all the fluid I produced and didn't leak at all. The experience wasn't as delicious as waking up relaxed and wetting, but it was still fun. I'm still stuck at six nights of wetting involuntarily in 2017.
  5. March 28, 2017: I woke up about 12:30 A.M. tonight and began to wet almost immediately, without deciding to do so and without realizing that I was wearing a NorthShore Supreme with a large booster pad. I had drunk only 10 ounces (half as much water as usual) and had voided my bladder in the toilet just before bed (to make sure I would be able to tell whether I had wet during the night). I had expected not to wake up during the night needing to pee. Just now I checked that my diaper is in fact wet: I didn't dream that I wet after waking up. This was my 6th involuntary wetting of 2017, despite always taking 10 mg of Imipramine at bedtime and 10 mg of Alfuzosin at bedtime and in the morning. Update 5:08 A.M.: I've wet involuntarily another time or two since the time I reported. The first of these two times I'm a little fuzzy on. I think I woke up from a dream about a colon. Duringn the second of the two I became aware I was wetting on my side, so I rolled onto my back to avoid a diaper leak. Three involuntary wettings in one night may be a first for me!
  6. March 21, 2017: Last night I wore my usual NorthShore Supreme diaper and booster pad to bed. I drank about 20 ounces of water while taking pills and brushing my teeth, hoping to wet copiously during the night. I woke up and wet my protective combo several times. One wetting in particular seemed involuntary, in that I recall wetting a lot but don't remember deciding to wet. I just woke up and began wetting immediately. It felt wonderful to wet like that, very relaxed and uninhibited, with no reflexive clenching to momentarily stop the flow of urine. That was my 5th involuntary wetting of 2017. I wonder whether I would have wet at all if I hadn't been diapered. I like to think I would have stayed relaxed and continued to wet as I felt my pajamas dampen.
  7. From the album Gobphus in Diapers

  8. From the album Gobphus in Diapers

    I wore this same kind of diaper to the Women's March in Washington.
  9. From the album Gobphus in Diapers

    The diaper was completely soaked, except for the very top half-inch of the front and back. I hated to take it off.
  10. From the album Gobphus in Diapers

    You can see the top of the large booster pad peeking out from the folded-over top of the diaper.