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  1. I've only wet 4 times this year, for a rate of 24 times per year, down from 58 last year. But last February I didn't wet at all and in March I think I wet 3 times. Really frequent wetting began in May, with 10. We'll see what happens this year. I believe that by doubling my daily dose of Alfuzosin for BPH and adding Imipramine for bedwetting, my urologist has helped me have more dry nights. Well, not dry, since I wet deliberately when I wake up. I still wear a diaper and booster pad every night so that I can enjoy whatever happens.
  2. February 25, 2017: During the night I woke up feeling a trickle of urine flowing out of my body and into my NorthShore Supreme diaper and booster pad. This was the first time I've woken up wetting in four weeks, and the least dramatic such experience I've had. There was no dream associated with the wetting but also no intention to wet, so it was definitely an involuntary wetting.
  3. From the album Gobphus in Diapers

    I am really enjoying this Bellisimo. I must have taped it just right, because it's snug against my crotch. I've wet it a couple of times and it feels great between my thighs.
  4. From the album Gobphus in Diapers

  5. I've been wearing NorthShore Supremes at night, equivalent to the Abena M4s I used to wear, and they haven't leaked for me unless I've drunk a lot of water just before bed. Do you limit your fluid intake in the evening or rely solely on protection to catch your nighttime urine?
  6. Sometimes I wake up wetting and feel completely relaxed, even blissful as I continue to wet. Is deep relaxation an element of your experience of waking up wet?
  7. Sometimes I wake up wetting and feel completely relaxed, even blissful as I continue to wet. Is deep relaxation an element of your experience of waking up wet?
  8. Good job of protecting the hotel bed so that you could enjoy wetting without harming it! It's fun to be relaxed when you wet.
  9. January 28, 2017: It's been two weeks since I woke up wetting. I've been taking Imipramine 10 mg before bed as prescribed by my urologist for nocturnal enuresis, so I've wondered whether I would wake up wet or wetting again. Tonight I woke up dry and was lying in bed when suddenly I began to urinate involuntarily, wetting my NorthShore Supreme diaper. Sometime later the same thing happened. These wettings weren't the sort of deeply relaxed experiences that I prize so much, but I enjoyed them for what they were. This is the 3rd time so far in 2017 that I've wet involuntarily.
  10. From the album Gobphus in Diapers

    Compare this image to the first one of me in a DC Idyl.
  11. From the album Gobphus in Diapers

    Wow, such a bulge! The booster pad plus the diaper plus original equipment make for quite a protuberance.
  12. From the album Gobphus in Diapers

    After seeing a girl in one of these lovely diapers on Tumblr, I had to get a pack.
  13. Cialis 5 mg. It actually works opposite to the way you hope, in that it helps relieve the symptoms of BPH (enlarged prostate), which include reducing the effective capacity of the bladder.
  14. January 13, 2017: Sometime during the night I woke up enough to realize I was wetting my diaper. I vaguely remember wetting in two phases. I was more confused about whether I'd wet deliberately or accidentally than the previous time it happened. The experience was not as spiritual as the previous time, either. Maybe I wasn't awake enough to appreciate it that way. I didn't wake up fully, or I would have remembered to take a pill that I normally take during the wee hours when I wake up needing to pee. Also, because I had no recollection of deciding to wet, I am counting this wetting as involuntary.
  15. From the album Gobphus in Diapers

    Not so sexy from the side, just a big black blob that disappears between my legs