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  1. Waking Up Wet or Wetting

    October 1, 2017: At 1:45 yesterday afternoon I took a 5 mg Valium tablet to prevent claustrophobia during an MRI. At 6:30 yesgterday evening I began to drink a small glass of sherry. Around 10:30 last night I went to bed undiapered, wearing black briefs and gray pajamas. Sometime during the night I woke up just as I began to wet my briefs. I reflexively stopped peeing before doing much damage and soon went back to sleep. I just woke up again and found that the crotch of my briefs is wet and the crotch of my pajamas is damp. What a way to begin October! This is the 23rd time I’ve wet involuntarily in 2017 and the 1st in October.
  2. Waking Up Wet or Wetting

    I'm sorry that you had to have the orchidectomy. That must have been difficult to deal with growing up and later, especially with the resulting nighttime wetting. If surgeons were cutting inside you, they could have damaged the nerves that control urination. Has that been ruled out? I guess so, if you have daytime control. PM me if you want to share more of your story privately.
  3. Waking Up Wet or Wetting

    @Orchidectomy: Wow, when you wet, you really wet a lot! When you don't wet, do you wake up during the night to use the toilet or do you wake up dry in the morning? Have you always wet in your sleep?
  4. Waking Up Wet or Wetting

    September 11, 2017: Each of the past three nights I've worn a diaper to bed and wet it sometime during the night. My memories of the wettings are vague, which is the main reason that I believe that I began to wet in my sleep, rather than waking up needing to pee and deciding to do it in my diaper. Last night I mainly remember a sort of vibration as I emptied my bladder. My NorthShore Supreme taped brief and booster pad wicked the urine away quickly enough that I didn't have any feeling of wetness, which is unfortunate. I enjoy hot pee bathing my privates and the complete relaxation and contentment that I often feel when waking up wetting. Counting the past three nights, I have wet involuntarily 22 times in 2017 and 8 times in the past 9 nights.
  5. Waking Up Wet or Wetting

    September 8, 2017: Last night I wore a NorthShore Supreme taped brief and a large booster pad to bed. I vaguely remember waking up and wetting, but I don't remember needing to pee or deciding to pee. I must have just gone back to sleep, rather than reporting it here, as I should have done. So, I'm calling this another involuntary wetting, the 19th time I've wet involuntarily in 2017 and the 5th in six nights in September. Maybe I really do need Imipramine to avoid wetting in my sleep so often.
  6. Who woke up wet this morning?

    I woke up as I began to wet my black briefs sometime during the night. Fortunately I had my GaryWear pants on too, since I suspected I might wet in my sleep. This was my 4th involuntary wetting this month, in fact the 4th in the past five nights.
  7. Waking Up Wet or Wetting

    Yep, I'm pleased at wetting in my sleep so much. I just wish that when I woke up I wouldn't reflexively clench and stop the flow so often. It's so much more pleasant to be along for the ride, not driving the car, just letting it happen, relaxed, without stress. Yes, I'm still not taking Imipramine. How often do you wet?
  8. Waking Up Wet or Wetting

    September 7, 2017: Last night I decided not to wear a diaper to bed but instead to wear my black briefs and black GaryWear PUL pants under my pajamas. I was hoping to have a full-blown accident and wake up as I began to wet, so that I could enjoy the sensation of a massive amount of hot urine flowing from my body and bathing my privates. Sometime during the night I began to wake up as I involuntarily released a short burst of piss into my shorts. Contrary to my hope, I clenched reflexively, minimizing the amount of urine in my brief. I even thought for a moment that I had only leaked a little, not peed enough to justify saying I'd wet the bed. I went back to sleep. Now that it's morning, I've checked my briefs again and they're still quite damp in the crotch. I'd done more than just leak. I did indeed wet myself involuntarily for the 18th night in 2017 and the 4th time in the seven nights of September.
  9. Waking Up Wet or Wetting

    September 5, 2017: At 2:10 AM I woke up wetting for the second night in a row! As I regained consciousness I felt a growing warmth between my legs and quickly realized I was urinating. This time I didn't stay relaxed and continue to wet. I vaguely didn't want to do more laundry. Instead I clenched, stopping the flow, jumped out of bed, took off my pajama bottoms, felt my wet black briefs, went into the bathroom, and sat on the toilet to finish wetting my briefs. I took off my briefs, rinsed them in the sink, and hung them over the shower stall's door to dry. I went back to the bedroom and felt my pajama bottoms, hoping they were dry or just a little damp. Unfortunately their crotch was definitely wet, so I rinsed it too in the bathroom sink and hung the pj bottoms up to dry. I put on a dry brief, then felt all around my waterproof bed pad, finding only a small damp spot. This was the 17th time in 2017 and the 3rd time in September that I've wet involuntarily in bed.
  10. Waking Up Wet or Wetting

    September 4, 2017: With my AirSupreme in place after I wet the bed earlier in the night, I freely wet several other times. Mostly, I think, I was awake when I wet. However, the last time it happened, about 7:00 am, I was suddenly aware I was wetting without any recollection of deciding to do so, just as in the majority of my wettings in the past 21 months. Because my 11:48 pm and 7:00 am wettings were over 7 hours apart and under different conditions, I'm counting the later wetting separately as a 16th involuntary wetting in 2017 and the 2nd so far in September.
  11. Waking Up Wet or Wetting

    September 3, 2017: At 11:48 pm, about two hours after I got into bed undiapered, I woke up wetting! I was lying on my stomach, enjoying the warm wetness spreading out from my crotch, when I realized that I was wetting and that I wasn't wearing a diaper. I didn't clench or otherwise interfere with emptying my bladder but just let Nature take its course and continued wetting until I was done. I lay in bed, savoring the moment. I felt an urge to pee again, so I relaxed and wet a little bit more. My next thought was to take pictures and tell someone. I grabbed my phone and went to the bathroom. I closed the door, turned on the lights, lay down on my back, and took some pics. I needed to pee again, so I wet a little more. Then I stripped off my wet pajama top and bottom, my wet briefs, and my wet undershirt. I didn't wipe pee off myself but turned off the lights, went back into the bedroom and got an AirSupreme diaper from my closet. I'd run out of pads, so I went back into the bathroom, closed the door, turned on the lights, and put on the diaper. I turned off the lights, went back into the bedroom, and put on dry pajamas. I folded up my wet waterproof pad. I went back to bed. This is the 15th night I've wet involuntarily in 2017 and the first since August 3.
  12. Waking Up Wet or Wetting

    In August I experimented with not wearing a diaper to bed and not taking Imipramine for bedwetting. Wearing a diaper makes it harder to decide whether I've begun wetting in my sleep, rather than wetting deliberately. I wet involuntarily only once in August. Two nights ago I went back to wearing a diaper and booster pad to bed. I'm still not taking Imipramine. Each night this month I have woken up needing to pee and I've enjoyed wetting. I prefer to experience wetting, rather than waking up wet with no memory of wetting. Each morning I've been wetting my diaper and pad some more as I lie in bed or even later. I love how my protective combo becomes swollen with urine and feels great, especially when I squeeze it between my thighs. I wonder when I will once again wake up wetting. It's such a lovely experience!
  13. Diapers for Houston infants, elderly, others

    Good for you! I wasn't even aware of diaper banks until yesterday.
  14. You know how important diapers are for the incontinent of all ages. Help the incontinent people of Houston, Texas, who have been fled their homes due to the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. See https://texasdiaperbank.networkforgood.com/projects/33717-change-a-life for details.
  15. Waking Up Wet or Wetting

    Hi, oznl -- I give you and some other WetSet users for inducing me to become a DL around 2009. Thanks! It's lovely when dream-state and waking-state blend, and what you finished in the dream you can continue while awake, hopefully without momentary clenching. If you'd been wearing a disposable, wouldn't everything happened the same way, except that you might have had to roll onto your back to finish wetting?