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Found 240 results

  1. I've finally uploaded all my ABDL audio fantasies (differently themed ones, for AB's and DL's seperately & most include messing in a public setting) onto OnlyFans.com/Diaperperv so you can listen to them all for one low price. They've been doing really well over the last year, since I started making them a year ago but they've only been on my clips4sale store individually. Now you can listen to them all & binge!! Super fun stuff like messing your diapers at a girls only babyshower party or mommy takes you to work & you mess your diapers in the boardroom & mommy changes you right there in front of everyone! DL fantasies includes sexy stuff like messing your diaper on the airplane while your GF rubs you til you cum in it.
  2. dlonly4you


    Just wanted to say "Hi" I'm a DL only and would be interested in getting to know other DLs. I have not found a lot of people to share and would appreciate good conversation. Feel free to reach out I will always be respectful to others and expect the same.
  3. I remember mine pretty vividly. I was 17 and at boarding school, and it wasn't super long after I came out to my best friend. I'd done quite some thinking and decided that I was going to get some diapers. During an off-campus trip, I picked out a pack of disposables at Target, did self checkout, then tried my best to hide them on the way back. When I first put one on, the feeling was strange. I just felt so right. At the time, it was my first time wearing a diaper in 15 years. But it didn't feel like it, it felt like I'd never been out of them. I loved it, it just felt so secure and comforting. It's been a journey ever since. What about you guys?
  4. Hey everyone!!! I'll be at the West Coast Jungle Gym San Diego Sept 5-8th & taking sessions there but I will not have my own room to do them in. so if you're going & staying at the host hotel, book your special mommy time now!! www.myvegasnursery.com
  5. Heya guys! I just joined this server... everyone pay attention to me! Just kidding, but seriously hello!
  6. Hey im a man age 25 looking for a Caretaker ... Sweet or Strict im open Minded i live in Denmark in Scandinavia in Northern Europe im looking for a Mommy or even a Daddy around or inside Denmark that wanna care for me both online and Real Life my other interests is in Sports and Hobbies like Modeltrains or Gaming and so on if you wanna know more about me just ask i don´t bite i´d prefer a Mommy around age 18-45 or about same about daddies Have a Nice and lovely day ...... bletrosaid<<
  7. Just wondering if there were any other diaper lovers around the London, Ont area. Looking for platonic friendship (m or f) to have hangs out, or game with etc... Just want to get to know people who love diapers as much as I do!
  8. Hi all. I'm a abdl in Southampton and I would really like to get to know if there are anyone else like me around my area. I would love to get to know more people that loves to ware and use there nappys as well. But I would also really love a daddy or a big brother someone who could look after baby a little and have fun with I'm very open minded and like to get to know people and making friends. Hope to hear from you soon BabySparkster
  9. So I bought a few ABU Diapers, the first two I got scented with the scent strip and I did not like it at all, from far away it smells good but up close it is really overbearing. So, I got two $5 coupons from ABU and used it to order 2 more Diapers, and pay the remainder with my card, but I made sure to get them unscented. When I open the package both the package and the Diapers have a amazingly wonderful smell. This may make me a little wierd, but as soon as I take the Diapers out I hold them to my nose and smell them, then I keep the bag for a little bit so that I can stick my nose inside and sniff it, because the scent from the Diapers also scent the bag after being sealed and mailed. Now what I wanna know is what that wonderful smell is that you get even without the baby fresh scent strips and where it comes from. Is it the plastic they use? Is it the landing zone Diaper Tape? Is it the ink used for the prints? What do they do to these Diapers to make them smell so good without the scent strips?! Baby Diapers have this too, because I smell it when walking down the toy/Diaper aisle at King Soopers. However, Depend and other incontinence brands do not have this scent, obviously ABU is trying to make their Diapers as close to Baby Diapers as possible, which explains the scent when you take them out of the package. But what is the scent?! Is it just something that happens with the production of Baby and ABU Diapers? Or do they do something special to them to get that wonderful scent? Remember I'm not talking about the scent strips that you pay extra for, I'm talking about the scent that comes from the Diaper itself when you take it out of the package. Is it like a new car smell, where they just smell really good because they are fresh and the scent wears off after a while? Or do they actually add something to it during production that makes it smell so good until wet/messed? Please help provide some insight as to what this scent is, where it comes from, and how it's achieved, because I'm not having much luck finding out what the normal scent of a Baby/ABU Diaper is (not the scent strips), I would really appreciate it, thanks and stay Diapered! Reply Report Remove formatting BoldItalicUnderline Text colorFont size Insert linkInsert imageSmiliesInsert Gallery embed AlignmentListInsert table UndoRedo Toggle BB code Write your reply... Post reply Preview Attach files Share: TwitterRedditPinterestTumblrWhatsAppEmailLink Diaper Talk Default style Terms and rules Privacy policy Help RSS Forum software by XenForo™ © 2010-2019 XenForo Ltd. | Add-ons by ThemeHouse Discord Integration © Jason Axelrod of 8WAYRUN Reply
  10. Does anyone else wear their Adult Baby Diapers to School/Work (Bambino, ABU, Rearz etc.) just because you want to? Or are you afraid that you will be discovered and go with more discreet pull-ups, and save the AB printed Diapers for home? Because I do it as often as I can and I've never been noticed, my jeans hide the crinkle so you can't hear it, and no one notices me wearing in the bathroom. (or if they do they don't care/say anything) Just curious?
  11. At his wife's insistent request, Ben had taken a week off from work. She had been pressuring him to use some of his stockpiled vacation times for several months, with various means of motivation employed. Sometimes she would remind him that his loving wife and daughter hardly got to feel like a family in his absence. Others she would bring up her recent promotion, and how her new position's lavish salary would permit them both significantly more latitude in their schedules. Still others she would bring out a sultry purr and tempt him with the ways that Mistress could make the most of a vacation. And now her myriad tactics had paid off, for it was mid-morning on a Friday, and Ben lay nude on his back upon the bedcovers.His wife Amy was clad in a black leotard with long sleeves, high-cut legs, and a turtleneck over sheer black tights, straddling him with a leather plug gag in her hands. "Open wide, honey," she purred, and Ben obliged, allowing the fat rubber plug to fill his mouth. Amy took plenty of time doing up each leather strap around her husband's head, securing the gag before planting a kiss on the panel over his lips. Ben was eagerly erect already as Amy slipped a white leather hood over his head and neck. The hood encased his head snugly, revealing only an oval of skin around his eyes. "Mmmphh," Ben whined, testing the gag. "Hmmmghh..."Delighted with how thoroughly she'd hushed him, Amy gave her husband's manhood a playful squeeze. "Oh, hush you," she mock-chided, picking up a heavy cotton duck straitjacket from the bed. She slipped its long sleeves, which were sewn shut at the ends, down Ben's willing arms, and guided his limbs through the loops on the white jacket's chest. After pulling all the slack from those loops, she rolled a cooperative Ben onto his back. Amy zipped the jacket all the way up the back. Its high neck overlapped with the white leather hood and felt pleasantly restrictive around Ben's throat. She secured the sleeves to immobilize her husband's arms, though she left the crotch strap alone for now and simply rolling him onto his back once more.Given a moment to think as his wife vanished into the bathroom for who knew what reason- not that he could protest, anyway- Been realized that he wasn't wearing the usual straitjacket. This one had a fleece lining that felt comfortable against his skin, and a high-cut waist. The hem of the high-collared straitjacket didn't quite reach his navel. Ben could only wonder at why his wife desired such qualities in a straitjacket, and the thoughts vanished from his mind anyway at Amy's return.She wore latex medical gloves and toted an oversized white leather purse, which she plopped down on the bed. From within, the red-haired dominatrix extracted a flannel-covered rubber mat, lifting her husband's legs with an elbow around the ankles and slipping it under him so his bottom and legs rested upon the soft pad. Then she produced from the bag a bottle of, of all things, shaving cream, which she squirted liberally into her latex-gloved palms and began applying to Ben's bare legs. "Hold still," she ordered.In no position to argue, Ben simply let his legs be stripped of hair, staying still as commanded to avoid incurring nicks from the razor. Amy applied a cream to his newly bare thighs and shins, which tingled pleasantly, then set about shaving his midriff. The mystery of why his jacket exposed that region was resolved, though in its place were countless questions. Finally, Amy carefully stripped his crotch and bum of all hair, using plenty of shaving lotion to protect his skin and following up with a generous slathering of protective salve. "You look so cute all smooth like this," Amy cooed. Ben's member swelled to attention as his Mistress massaged the ointment into his length.Then, the morning's events took an unexpected turn. Amy got out a container of talcum powder and shook a lavish layer over her spouse's crotch, kneading it into the hairless flesh before rolling him onto his tummy to give his behind the same thorough treatment.Rolled onto his back, Ben lost all confusion, but became filled with dread. Amy had before her a stack of three disposable diapers, as well as a soaker pad and a set of white rubber panty briefs. "Hmmmgghh!" Ben whined, squirming helplessly in his straitjacket. "Mmmmgghh!" Amy simply smirked domineeringly down at him, opening the first disposable and fitting it with the soaker pad. "Don't bother throwing a little tantrum," she purred, pinching his member with a thumb and forefinger at the base. Been whimpered meekly, growing flaccid at the painful press of his Mistress's sharp nails. "You'll just have to get used to wearing diapers," Amy stated, slipping the thick disposable diaper beneath his hairless buttocks. Tucking his manhood between his legs, the redhead pinned it against his body by sealing the diaper, durable tapes holding it shut. The diaper was tight as could be, a perpetual reminder to Ben of his humiliating state, and came up to the high waist of his straitjacket, encasing his belly in thick padding."With my new promotion, I make enough money that you don't have to work anymore," Any explained. "So you're going to give up your life and become my incontinent diaper boy." Been screamed in helpless frustration, bucking and writhing in the unyielding confines of his jacket. Amy simply allowed him to wear himself out struggling in vain, then planted a kiss on his leather-clad cheek. "Surely you see how pointless struggle is," she said sweetly. "Don't worry, I'll make sure to keep you diapered at all hours." Ben's diaper had a porous outer shell, the purpose of which was made evident when Amy opened a second one and sealed it over the outside of the first. A third diaper covered them both, this one with a waterproof plastic outer. Under three layers of diapers, Ben's tummy, bottom, and tucked-back penis felt even more snugly squeezed.Lastly, Amy applied the white rubber panties, though she had some difficulty fitting them over Ben's enormous diaper bulk. The panties were high-waisted with a full-cut leg, so they completely encased his triple diapers to prevent any leaks. With the sheer bulk of the diapers they encased, the white panty briefs looked like they'd been inflated. "Don't you just look adorable in diapers?" Amy teased, doing up the straitjacket's crotch strap. "This whole outfit just suits you absolutely- as will total incontinence."Ben grumbled into his rubber plug gag, but he was quickly hushed by necessity. Amy retrieved a bottle of translucent yellow fluid from her purse. Its top sported a thin tube, which fitted perfectly into a narrow channel in Ben's plug gag. "Drink up," the dominatrix cooed, squirting the bottle's contents into her husband's mouth. Been had no choice but to swallow all of the sickly sweet juice. "Like it?" Any taunted. "I hope so, because you'll be drinking a lot of it. It's a special mix of diuretics, laxatives and stool softeners, and sweet lemonade. Everything a boy needs to become incontinent." Been was made to drink another bottle of the juice. Then Amy unzipped a zipper on the leather hood, exposing her husband's gagged mouth, and popped the plug free, wiping it clean of drool. About to protest incoherently into the ring gag that remained in his mouth, Ben was silenced by a bottle with a much wider spout. Ben was forced to ingest a thick, chocolatey sludge that reminded him of protein shakes, and though he felt unpleasantly full after the first serving, Amy force-fed him a second bottle before sealing his gag with the plug and rezipping his hood. "That's your new diet," the redhead declared. "All the calories and nutrients a boy needs, plus all those drugs that will help you give in." Been shuddered at the prospect of consuming those thick shakes every day. Given two more bottles of juice as a chaser, Been felt intolerably bloated. "You'll be eating and drinking quite frequently, sweetie," Amy explained. "With how often you'll eliminate, you'll need plenty of food to hang on to enough calories."Ben whined piteously into his gag at this most distressing news, but his strength was fading. "I put some sedatives in this batch," Amy said with a smirk. "I need to put things in order for your new life." Zipping shut the eye opening on his leather hood, Amy sealed her husband in darkness with a kiss on his thoroughly gagged mouth. "Night, honey!" As Ben succumbed to sleep, his last thoughts transfixed him with horror. To be in this state with his wife was degrading, but for his daughter to see him bound, gagged, and diapered was the worst fate he could imagine. Ben woke up utterly disoriented, but the events before his forced slumber quickly flooded his limbs with dread. Straitjacketed and gagged, he was at the mercy of his wife and her plans to make him permanently incontinent. She'd already made progress towards this goal, for he'd wetted his triple diapers in his sleep, a moist patch in the seat of his soaker pad attesting to that humiliating act. The dampness made it impossible for him to lie comfortably, but squirming did little good. Lying there, unable to see or move, Ben's attention was inextricably drawn to the mounting pressure in his bladder. He rallied his willpower against the building urge to relieve himself. Wetting in his sleep was one thing, but voluntarily giving into the call of nature in his diapers' grip was a much more humiliating prospect. Yet it was an inevitable one, for there was no other means of relief. When the discomfort in his bladder grew to be too much to bear, Ben helplessly streamed into his diapers. With his cock pinned back between his legs by the diapers' tight squeeze, the urine soaked into the back of his diapers, an unpleasant sensation even with the liberal coating of powder over his bottom.Light stung Ben's eyes. Amy had unzipped the eye opening on the front of his white leather hood, kissing the hood where his plug-gagged mouth lay within. "Wake up, sleepyhead," she teased. "While you were getting your beauty sleep, I've been making the necessary arrangements for your new life. No need to thank me." Ben rolled his eyes, and immediately regretted it. In a flash, Amy had him over her lap, his thickly diapered posterior jutting up into the air, and was mercilessly smacking the bulging back of his rubber panties, the sharp crack of skin against rubber mingling with the puffing sounds of padding compressing. The spankings didn't hurt through the layers of padding, but it was humiliating enough to quell any attitude he'd been fomenting. The redhead sat her husband back up and kissed his encased cheek, stroking his leather-clad head. "Now, will you be a good boy?" she cooed condescendingly, and Ben, cowed, nodded as much as the high, padded collar of his straitjacket would permit."Anyway," Amy continued, "I've filed a letter of resignation with your employers and cancelled all of your appointments. No one will come looking for you." Ben's heart sank as hopes he didn't know he had been clinging to were mercilessly dashed. "Aren't you a lucky boy?" the dominatrix purred. "With not a care in the world, all you need to do is give up control." Tears welled up at the corners of Ben's eyes, but his emotional wallowing was cut short as Amy quickly slipped the thin tube of a drinking bottle into the channel in his plug gag, squeezing the soft plastic vessel until Ben had gulped down the laced fluids. This time, she'd chosen apple juice to sweeten his medicine. Not missing a beat, she unzipped his hood's mouth and extracted the rubber plug to feed him a meal shake with a sickly vanilla flavor. Subjected to these cloying tastes, Ben found it less unpleasant to swallow quickly, though it was yet another form of submission that eroded his ego. The plug was back in, and the white hood zipped up, before he could say a word, and a chaser of drugged apple juice soon followed.Amy slipped her husband into white leather booties, ankle-high and padded on the inside, and stood him up. Ben's legs were spread by the triple diaper bulk between his thighs, forcing him to waddle. She led him over to their bedroom's full-length mirror so he could get a good look at himself, swatting his thickly cushioned bum all the way there, not as a punishment, but simply to remind him that he was helpless in the tight grip of three diapers. When Ben saw himself, a fresh wave of humiliation made him weak in the knees. He had been able to feel how voluminous his diapers were, but seeing their size firsthand was another experience entirely. The diapers made his posterior seem comically enormous, and they certainly weren't thin over his belly and crotch either. His white rubber panty briefs ballooned out with the diaper bulk they had to accommodate. "Just look at how cute you are," Amy cooed. "I can't think of a better look for you."Ben felt a tugging sensation at the back of his diapers. Looking in the mirror, he saw the cause. This new straitjacket's crotch strap had a second strap attached to it in the back as a handle. Indeed, Amy held a strap situated right on his padded backside. It was a means of control that Ben found immeasurably humiliating, but it was one degradation among many. "This will help me keep you in line," Amy said with composed mirth, tugging it once more for good measure before releasing the handle, and simply letting her hand rest upon the seat of his rubber panties.Moving him along with firm swats to his diapered rear, the redhead showed him the changing table she'd installed in their bedroom. It was decked out with plenty of straps to restrain an unwilling changee and drawers beneath the generously padded changing bench to hold all the supplies necessary for a diaper change. A plastic pail rested near the table so dirty diapers could be disposed of. "Now, isn't this nice?" she cooed, giving her husband's diaper butt a playful squeeze. "Of course, we'll have to wait until your diapers are full until we change you. No sense in wasting perfectly good diapers." Ben groaned into his gag, now knowing that he would have to endure the cling of wet diapers for most of the forseeable future, but he had little time to think on it before Amy led him into the bathroom, hustling him along with sharper spanks to his padded behind. Within, he saw that the bathtub had been fitted with a set of straps, and that a butt plug rested in the tub. "That's so you don't make a mess during bathtime," Amy explained. Ben had no intentions of losing control to the point where he'd need such a precaution, but he couldn't deny that his intentions made no difference in his predicament.As if on cue, Ben's bladder started bothering him. He fidgeted, trying to move as little as he could so as to avoid Amy's notice, but the absurd bulk of his triple diapers emphasized every motion in his nether regions. "Don't waste your energy fighting it, sweetie," the dominatrix purred. "Just let go." Ben gave his best effort, clenching up so hard that his cheeks flushed hot beneath his hood, but in the end, he succumbed and wet his diapers yet again. Amy clapped her hands in exaggerated joy and grabbed the crotch-strap handle on his backside, reeling him in for a kiss as her hands squeezed his triply cushioned buttocks. The sounds of his diapers compressing had grown a bit soggier.Now exceedingly uncomfortable in his diapers, Ben was made to waddle out of the bathroom, his wife hurrying him along with firm swats against the seat of his rubber panty briefs. As he ambled down the hall, he realized what was about to happen. His daughter was about to come home from work, and Amy wanted her to become complicit in Ben's forced incontinence. Slowing his pace was a fruitless effort, for all it got him was a swift smack on his padded bottom and an admonishment to hurry up. Ushered into the dining room, Ben was seated in a comfortably padded chair, and Amy strapped his ankles to its legs and his straitjacketed trunk to its back. He found himself unable to do much more than fidget in his sodden diapers, and though he knew it would bring him no comfort, he squirmed anyway, anxiety over what his daughter might think gnawing at his gut. He clung to the hope that she would demand his freedom. Though nothing would restore his dignity, at least in that case he would be able to rebuild his life, starting with a divorce.Before long, Jenny had returned home. Despite having graduated college, she lived with her parents rather than forage in the cutthroat housing market. When she walked inside to the sight of her mother in a long-sleeved black turtleneck leotard and sheer black tights, and her father in who knew what sort of deviant getup, she covered her eyes, turning her head away. "You could have warned me!" she shouted, cheeks flushing beet red. Ben's hopes soared at Jenny's repulsed reaction. She'd get him out of this. He struggled as much as possible, squealing into his gag until he was breathless from exertion, in hopes of conveying his displeasure, but Amy cupped his head in her hands and stared daggers into his eyes until he ceased his protestations. "I wanted to tell you in person," Amy said, turning to face her daughter. "Since I've gotten a lucrative promotion recently, your father will no longer be working. Instead, he will remain in my care so that I can make him completely dependent on diapers."It took a moment for Jenny to process this, her brow furrowing. "So Dad would rather stay at home and use diapers than go to work?" she asked hesitantly. "Yep," Amy said. "He practically begged me to do this to him." Ben growled into his rubber plug gag and thrashed in his immutable restraints, and Amy patted his leather-clad cheek. "Oh, don't be so embarrassed. I agreed, didn't I?" Jenny sighed. "Well, if it's what Dad wants," she said, "I guess I'll go with it." Ben's heart sank as his last hopes were dashed, as Amy's smile brightened. "Fantastic!" she said. "Now, I know it's a big favor to ask of you, but would you help me out with him? I have to be at work, and he can't be alone during the day." Jenny found this idea far less palatable. "So I'd give up my job, just to change my dad's diapers?" she asked. Amy sighed and looked down at Ben. "Honey," she said, "Can't you see how uncomfortable you're making your daughter?" Ben grumbled into his gag, not even bothering to issue muffled protests he knew Amy would explain away. "I understand how difficult this must be for you," Amy said kindly to her daughter, "but you did go to college for nursing. I can pay you a fine wage, much better than what you're making now." Jenny's features softened. "Fine," she said, "but I'll only do it when you're not here." Amy nodded, smiling contentedly, and Ben slumped in his chair. His own daughter would be making him incontinent."Let me show you your responsibilities," Amy said, striding to the fridge. Jenny followed, eyes attentive. "I'll handle his morning and evening needs, so all you'll have to do is feed him and change his diapers." The redhead opened the refrigerator, where a special shelf had been stocked with bottles of juice and meal shakes, and handed her brunette daughter two of the former and one of the latter. "Those are his drinks and his food," she explained, then gestured to a chart on the refrigerator. "That's how we keep track if he's been fed or not."The women returned to Ben at an embarrassing time for him. He was streaming into his diapers, the distinctive sound of diaper wetting clearly heard in the dining room. Jenny sighed. "Do I have to change him now?" she asked wearily. Amy shook her head in response. "See how thick his diapers are?" she asked rhetorically. "He's wearing three diapers and a soaker pad, so he can wet his diapers a fair few times and not need a change." Jenny nodded. "So what do I do with the bottles?" she asked. Amy took one of the juice bottles from her and fitted the tube into the thin channel in Ben's plug gag, squeezing its contents into his readily submitting mouth. "That's how you give him his juice. It's a mix of fruit juice, sugar syrup, and my special blend of diuretics, laxatives, and stool softeners." Amy then unzipped Ben's white leather hood and tugged the rubber plug from the ring gag that held it in his mouth. "Now, put the larger bottle's spout in that ring," she instructed. Ben's brunette daughter did as she was told, the strawberry-flavored sludge quickly filling her father's mouth until he'd swallowed it all. "That one's a mix of vitamins, nutrients, and calories, and of course the drug blend I mentioned earlier." Amy slipped the plug back into his mouth, zipping his hood shut and kissing right over the zipper. "Good boy," she praised him, then turned back to her daughter. "Feed him the second bottle of juice as a chaser." Jenny did so adeptly. She'd always been a quick study.As before, Ben's gut felt heavy and bloated, but there was a different sort of pressure building within him. He recognized it as the urge to defecate, and a chill shot through his entire frame. Wetting his diapers had been bad enough, but to fill them in front of his wife and daughter was a humiliation without compare. He clenched up his bottom, resisting the urge to eliminate with all his might, only vaguely aware of Amy showing Jenny how to mix his food and beverages. Sweat beaded up on his forehead, and he gyrated in his seat, trying his best to hold on. The two women came back over to a panting, writhing Ben, and Amy sighed. "It looks like your father is being difficult," she said in mock weariness. "I guess I'll show you how to punish him."Pulling up a normal kitchen-table chair, Amy unstrapped her husband and laid him over her lap. "If he's a naughty boy, give him a good spanking." It was all Ben could do to control his bowels as his thickly padded bottom was sharply slapped over and over. "You give it a try," Amy said, using the butt strap built into his straitjacket to lift her husband to his feet as she stood. "Oh, and that strap is for getting ahold of him if he's too squirmy." Hesitantly, the young brunette sat down and laid her father over her lap. Ben wished he could dissolve into the void rather than endure this humiliation one more instant. Jenny patted his cushioned buttocks a few times, and Amy sighed. "Harder," she said. "He's wearing three diapers under those rubber panties, so there's plenty of padding for his naughty bottom." After a moment's pause, Jenny brought her hand down on her father's triply diapered rump, the slapping sound echoing. She spanked harder than Amy did, and Ben had to close his eyes and bite down on his gag to keep from filling his diapers right then and there. "Good job!" Amy said. "Like I said, there'll be a strap on his bum for you to grab if you need to reel him in, and you just swat his diaper butt if you need him to waddle along."Having absorbed this information, Jenny asked, "So... what about the other kind of diaper change?" As if on cue, Ben's strength depleted and his bowels loosened, a warm, soft stool escaping from his anus and packing the seat of his diapers. Since he was still over his daughter's lap, his diapers and rubber pants swelled freely, ballooning to double their previous size. "It seems your father is letting me show you right away," Amy said, grabbing the butt strap to lift him from Jenny's lap. "Follow me to the bedroom."Ben felt as though he'd die of embarrassment. He'd just filled his diapers on his daughter's lap, with his wife watching in delight. And messing was much more unpleasant than wetting. With each waddling step he took down the hall, the soft stool squished against his nether regions in a new and revolting way, and Amy's perpetually patting hand spread it against his behind. Upon arriving at the changing table, Ben offered no resistance as Amy sat him down on it, though he did whimper as the pressure of the table squashed his loaded diapers against him. His wife pushed him down into a lying position and strapped his trunk in place. "Alright," Amy said. "First, we put on gloves." She'd left a box of latex gloves out on the changing table, and she and her daughter availed themselves. "Then, we get his rubber panties off." She motioned for Jenny to remove them, and she obliged, peeling them away from her father's swelled diapers. The redhead lifted his legs and locked them in cuffs that hung from cords on the ceiling, so that Ben's messy, padded bottom hovered a few inches above the changing table. "Now undo the tapes on his diapers and put them in the pail." The young brunette braced herself and, one by one, untaped the diapers, depositing all three in the diaper pail. She was rather cross at this point, but was loath to quit. Amy opened a drawer on the changing table and produced a plastic container of baby wipes. "Now wipe him down, and be thorough," she commanded. Now Jenny wasn't so sure. "I don't want to touch my dad... there," she said. Amy sighed. "You see what you're putting your daughter through?" she chastised her husband. Ben whined meekly, willing to agree to anything if it meant this ordeal would end faster.Jenny groaned. "I'll do it," she said in annoyance, "but you'd better pay me well for this." She began to wipe down Ben's tummy, crotch, and bottom, biting her lip when his manhood twitched under her ministrations. Ben bit down on his plug gag and tried desperately not to become aroused as his cock was caressed by the wipes, but weary from his failed attempts to inhibit his diaper use, he had no willpower left to stop his manhood from rising to attention. Amy didn't miss a beat. "Men can't help themselves," she said. "Touch them right, and inhibitions go out the window. Just pinch it near the base." Jenny took out her frustration on her father's shaft, digging her fingernails into the sensitive flesh until he grew soft again. Meanwhile, Amy had retrieved the baby powder, and passed it to her daughter. "Now give him a good coating of that." Resigned to what would happen, Jenny shook a mound of talc into her hand and spread it into Ben's rump and belly, then massaged it into his front. Waiting until the end, she suppressed his erection with another malicious pinch."Now for the diapers," Amy stated, retrieving them from a compartment beneath the changing mat. "This label is for the inner diapers, and this is for the outermost diaper." She set out a soaker pad as well. "And this goes in the innermost one." Wordlessly, Jenny opened one of the porous-shell diapers and laid in the soaker pad. "Tuck his boy parts down between his legs," Amy instructed, "and make sure all three diapers are nice and tight." Needing no encouragement, Jenny tucked her father's member securely between his thighs and pinned it in place with the first diaper, sealing it on as snugly as Amy had. She swaddled his padded privates in a second and third diaper, ensuring that each was applied as tightly as could be. "Now for the rubber panties?" the brunette asked. "Right you are," her mother replied, taking out a pair and handing them over. "It can take some doing to get them over all those diapers." Jenny rolled up the white rubber panty briefs and slid them up Ben's spread legs, unrolling them to envelop his high-waisted diapers. "All done!" Amy exclaimed, freeing her husband's legs from the cuffs and undoing the chest straps, before guiding him off the table to his feet. "Fantastic job, sweetie!" Far less enthused about the process, Jenny stared daggers at her father. Ben gulped, turning his gaze down submissively. He knew that Jenny would make his new diaper life into her revenge. Jenny quickly excused herself from her parents’ bedroom once she'd disposed of her latex gloves in the diaper pail. “I have to run some errands,” she explained. “Of course, dear,” Amy responded. “Would you mind taking out the diaper pail, though?” With a sigh, the young brunette picked up the pail full of her father's soiled diapers and strode out of the room. Mortified, Ben was barely aware of his wife's hand pushing at the thickly cushioned seat of his rubber panties, but he waddled along with her guiding hand anyway. It was no surprise to him that she idly slapped his triply diapered rear all the way to the dining room, nor that she strapped him into his chair, his dry diapers crinkling as his powdered bottom shifted in them. Ben was forced to endure another feeding, another set of four bottles of juice and two sludgy meal shakes. This time, both tasted orangey in addition to their typical cloying flavor. He was getting used to his belly feeling distended and heavy, a realization that he found distressing as a mark of just how low he'd been brought already. His bladder was under constant strain now, and he could feel his grip slipping. As Any was unstrapping her husband from his chair, she heard him streaming into his triple diapers and clapped her hands. “Good boy,” she chirped, standing him up and kissing his cheek. Ben didn't bother voicing his discomfort into the thick rubber plug that hushed him, for he knew by now that resistance would be met with a firm spanking. He simply let himself be led back to the bedroom, the tiniest of whines muffled by his gag each time Amy patted his triply padded posterior, squishing his damp diapers against his powdered private parts. Being returned to the changing table and secured in the chest straps and ankle cuffs was unexpected for Ben. He'd heard his wife explaining that he'd be changed only when his diapers held stool, so he didn't know why she was slipping on latex gloves. The answer came when the red-haired dominatrix squirted a liberal pat of lubricating jelly into her palms and slathered some on a long, fat rubber butt plug.”This will keep you from making a mess while I play with you,” Amy teased, worming the hand of hers that clutched the butt plug beneath his rubber panties and diapers and slowly pushing it into his anus. Ben winced and groaned in discomfort with each thrust and twist, but Amy heeded none of it, pushing until it was hilted in her husband's bottom. Then, reaching between his legs, she took ahold of his member and untucked it, his tip rubbing against the soft soaker pad lining his innermost diaper. Stiffening at once, Ben lacked the willpower to resist his wife's ministrations. She massaged his shaft, stroking up the length of his manhood with deft fingers and rubbing his tip with a latex-gloved thumb. Ben was helplessly erect and throbbing in the redhead's grip, waves of pleasure overwhelming the humiliation of being masturbated in a soggy triple diaper. But as climax was about to take him, Ben felt a sharp pinch at the base of his cock, snapping him from his reverie at once. “We can't let you have too much fun, now can we?” she cooed. Her lubricated gloves were immediately back to work on Ben's length, stroking and tugging him back to the edge of orgasm half a dozen more times, though she would suppress his release each time. By the end of the ordeal, Ben was panting into his rubber plug gag, sweat coating the inside of his white straitjacket and hood. Amy tucked his now-flaccid manhood back between his thighs, extracting first the plug and then her latex-clad hands. Then she discarded the gloves and cupped her husband's leather-sealed head in her hands. “No, you won't get relief just yet.” She patted Ben's overstuffed tummy before walking to the closet, leaving him to lie there immobile. “I think we should let our next-door neighbor know about your brand new lifestyle,” the red-haired dominatrix declared, slipping into a smart black pantsuit over her leotard and tights. Ben shook his head and squirmed vigorously. Their neighbor was a blonde in her late twenties who worked from home. She was quite pretty, and the notion of being paraded in bondage and diapers in front of her was mortifying. “Mmmppphh!” Ben protested, not caring what consequences his struggles would incur. “Mmmggghh!” Returning to him, Amy unlocked the restraints that held her husband to the changing mat and hauled him to his feet. “Aren't you eager?” she said. “You can't wait to show off your diapered self, can you?” Not waiting for a gagged reply, the redhead swatted the back of Ben’s rubber panties to hurry him along, the puffing sound that his diapers made as they compressed against his powdered posterior somewhat dampened by how soggy they were. He waddled down the hall, face reddening with every step and slap to his padded behind, but when Amy held the front door to their house open, he stopped dead in his tracks, refusing to submit any further. Being seen outside like this was too much for him to stomach, especially since a familiar pressure was building in his bladder. “Hmmpphhh,” he grumbled. Amy sighed and folded her arms across her chest. “You’re not going to be a difficult boy, are you?” she asked. Ben remained still, trying and failing to look determined in his stifling bondage and triple diapers. “Hnngghhh!” he complained, and immediately regretted expressing even the slightest defiance. Amy grabbed the strap connected to his straitjacket’s crotch strap over his densely cushioned butt, dragging him down as she sat and laying him over his lap. “I thought I showed you what happens to naughty boys,” she said, and began laying into her husband’s padded backside. Ben bit down on his gag, as the spanks were much more forceful than before, and whimpered piteously. Focused on the pain, he was only half aware that his bladder had lost control from the shock of Amy’s blows, but partial awareness that he was helplessly wetting his triple diapers was humiliating enough. Ben swore to himself that he would submit willingly to the ordeal his wife had planned for him if it meant no further spankings. When the red-haired dominatrix was satisfied with her work, she used the butt strap to bring a much wetter Ben to his feet. Even more uncomfortable in his diapers now, Ben couldn’t focus, and let himself be led by Amy’s firm hand on his bottom, into the balmy summer evening. The heavy cotton of his straitjacket and white leather of his hood and booties rendered him claustrophobically warm, but the golden sun felt soothing on his bare, shaven legs as he waddled towards the house next door. Amy knocked, and Sarah answered promptly, her long, wavy blonde locks in a haphazard ponytail and her glasses askew. Mouth agape at the sight of Ben bound, gagged, and bundled into an enormous diaper bulk, she tried and failed to ask what was going on, but Amy quickly explained anyway. “Oh, hello, Sarah,” she chirped. “I came by to tell you that I got a promotion recently. My new income more than provides for my family, and when Ben here found out…” The redhead gave her husband’s sodden diaper butt a firm squeeze. “He quit his job and begged me to put him in diapers.” Ben had accepted that this lie would be told to all who saw him, and he nodded meekly. Sarah’s reaction was mortifying. Grinning, she caressed Ben’s rubber panty briefs, her eyes aglow. “I’m glad you humored your boy,” the bespectacled blonde said. “He looks adorable in diapers and bondage.” Amy nodded in agreement. “Doesn’t he just?” she cooed. “Anyway, I’d like to ask a favor of you.” Sarah nodded back. “Shoot,” she said. “Would you be willing to look after Ben on the weekends?” the redhead asked. “I would love to,” Sarah replied, reaching back to give his triply diapered bottom a firm squeeze. “Honestly, I wish my boyfriend would ask me to treat him like this.” Amy clapped her hands. “Excellent!” she exclaimed. “If you want, you can come over right now, and I can teach you how to take care of his needs.” She spun her husband around, presenting Sarah with his generously padded posterior and bending him down. To stay balanced, Ben had to jut his comically bulky bum out, an act that brought even more color to his cheeks. “First lesson- see how the crotch strap of his straitjacket has a handle strap over the back of his rubber panties?” Amy said. “If he’s trying to waddle away, just grab that and reel him in. Give it a try.” Eagerly, Sarah seized the butt strap and pulled Ben towards herself. “Neat,” she said. Amy smiled, delighted that her neighbor was so willing to help her husband become incontinent. “Second lesson- if you want him to go somewhere, make sure to give his cute diaper booty plenty of swats. Try leading him back home.” Administering firm pats to his cushioned rump, Sarah led Ben back to his house. The casual attitude the blonde brought to his debasing predicament made Ben sink even deeper into submission, and he didn’t so much as attempt resistance. Once the two women were back inside with their diapered captive, Amy pointed Sarah to the kitchen, where she showed her Ben’s juice and shakes. Four bottles of the former, and two of the latter, packed his tummy uncomfortably full during the demonstration. Despite Ben’s good behavior, his redheaded wife made him lie over Sarah’s lap so she could practice spanking him. The bespectacled woman didn’t strike him as hard as Jenny or Amy did, but the joy she took in playing with his thickly diapered butt was just as difficult to endure as the pain of a stronger spanking. “The only thing left to show you,” Amy stated, “is how to change his diapers. With all that diaper bulk under his rubber panties, he doesn’t need changing if he’s just wet, but you’ll want to get him out of messy diapers… eventually.” Grinning, Amy squeezed Ben’s padded buttocks. “There’s no need to change his diapers the moment he fills them.” A chill danced through Ben’s spine at the prospect of being left to stew in his own waste. “Why don’t you come over tomorrow morning?” she requested. “He’ll have a fully loaded diaper for you to practice changing on.” Ben wanted to melt into nothingness as Amy asserted dominance over his most private bodily function. “Sure,” Sarah agreed. “I’ll see you then.” The blonde showed herself out, leaving Ben alone with his wife once more. Amy led her husband back into the bedroom. “Jenny will be back from her errands soon,” she stated, “and the two of us will be eating dinner.” She hoisted Ben onto the changing table and pushed him into a lying position, firmly strapping his straitjacketed torso in place and locking his ankles in the cuffs that hung from the ceiling. “You’ll be staying put right here, so you don’t get into any trouble.” The dominatrix slipped her hands into a pair of latex gloves yet again, retrieving a massive rubber butt plug and a bottle of lubricating jelly. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you’re occupied.” Squeezing a fat dollop into her palms, Amy coated the plug in gel and slowly screwed it into Ben’s anus. His eyes widened and he suckled his rubber plug gag as the butt plug filled his rectum, and he screwed his eyes shut as his wife took hold of his powdered penis and pumped it, layering lubricant jelly all over his shaft. She then retracted her hands, disposed of the latex gloves and donned a new pair, and stripped Ben of his full-cut rubber panties. Amy undid the tapes on her husband’s diapers, plopping all three into the pail by the changing table, and took out the canister of talcum powder. With Ben’s legs suspended in midair by the shackles, she had easy access to his belly, crotch, and bottom, and all were given a thorough rub with the baby powder. Ben’s member pulsed under his wife’s skilled ministrations. Despite his revulsion, she could arouse him with domineering ease. Amy then brought out from one of the table’s drawers a thick sleeve made of flexible rubber. Giving his manhood a few more pumps to keep it at stiff attention, the redhead slipped Ben’s length into the rubber sleeve, his pink head peeking out of one end. She connected a rubber bulb to the sleeve and pumped, inflating it until Ben’s well-lubricated cock was snugly squeezed in the soft rubber, but while its tight grip ensured his arousal, the lubricant and talc eliminated the friction he would need to achieve climax. “This will keep you nice and happy while you wait,” she declared, tapping his tip with a single finger. “Don't worry, you'll still be able to wet yourself. When the need gets to be too much, your erection will subside just enough to let you stream into your diapers.” Ben moaned lowly into his gag, helplessly erect in the tight grip of this new toy and dreading the prospect of peeing his diapers while wearing it. The dominatrix unpacked three new diapers, laying a soaker pad in one of the porous-shell diapers as usual. Atypically, she pressed her husband’s rubber-swaddled member against his tummy instead of tucking it between his legs, before sealing it beneath a tightly taped diaper. Ben was quickly packaged in the other two diapers and a fresh pair of full-cut white rubber panties, his pulsing erection thoroughly sealed away. Amy briefly freed his legs before strapping them down on the changing mat. She then took hold of a metal pole on the side of the changing bench and raised it vertically, hanging from a hook on the end a massive bag of drugged lemonade. “We've got to keep you hydrated, now don't we?” Amy teased. Fitting the bag with one end of a long, thin tube, she secured the other in Ben's plug gag and released a valve on the bag. A slow dribble of the cocktail trickled into his mouth as the redhead zipped the eye hole of his leather hood shut, blinding him. “I don't want you getting distracted,” the redhead cooed condescendingly. “Now Jenny and I are going to eat dinner, so you stay right here.” With a domineering kiss on his cheek, Amy left her husband to endure seemingly endless frustration. He'd just have to get used to it, for this would be a nightly routine. Ben lay on the changing table for what felt like an hour, but since the eye hole on his hood had been zipped shut, he had no way of knowing how much time had elapsed. It passed in a familiar pattern, with pressure building in his bladder but his penis, helplessly erect in the snug rubber sheath Amy had applied, being unable to discharge it. When the pain from his bladder was overwhelming, Ben found his member soften just enough to stream into the front of his triple diaper bulk, before succumbing to the rubber sleeve's arousing tightness around his shaft. Since he was receiving a steady drip of juice from the feeding bag his wife had fitted him with, Ben had to endure this ordeal over and over again, his soaker pad growing soggier and clingier against his powdered tummy. And all the while his backside ached from the sheer size of the butt plug Amy had hilted in him. Eventually, the drip of juice ran dry, and Ben felt the tube being extracted from his rubber plug gag. His legs were unstrapped from the table, and his rubber panty briefs pulled away, but his ankles were quickly locked into cuffs dangling on cords from the ceiling, raising his triply diapered bottom from the changing bench. Unable to see who was changing him with his white leather hood’s eye hole zipped securely shut, Ben suspected it was Amy, since Jenny had expressed such disgust at matters involving his manhood. Either way, the tapes on each of his diapers were undone, and the rubber sleeve was deflated and slipped from his erection. The butt plug was slowly worked out of his anus, prodding him unpleasantly every step of the way. The now-familiar caress of cool wet wipes stroked along Ben’s damp tummy and crotch, cleansing every inch of his intimate regions. He felt wipes between his thighs and against his buttocks, then down his butt crack, and found himself helplessly at attention from the slow strokes that applied baby powder to his genitals. His belly, low back, and behind all received the same thorough coating of talc. Then his hood was unzipped, and Ben was shocked to find Jenny staring down at him, an expression somewhere between malice and mirth plastered on the brunette’s face. “Amy and I talked things over,” she said, “and we’ve decided to put you in chastity.” Ben gulped, eyes widening in horror that Jenny savored. “Since you can’t stop yourself from getting aroused by your own daughter,” she hissed, “your dick will be under strict control.” Ben’s daughter began to apply what turned out to be a very complicated chastity device. First, she changed into latex gloves and massaged a mint-scented lotion into her father’s manhood. Despite the stimulation, Ben found he didn’t become erect. “That lotion suppresses your filthy response,” Jenny stated, slipping a thin latex sleeve over his flaccid genitalia. It encased his scrotum and shaft in slick white latex, but left his tip exposed. “It doesn’t last very long, but we have other ways of keeping you soft.” Despite its tightness, the sheath went on easily due to the talc and cream coating Ben’s privates. Next came a much more uncomfortable device. Jenny slipped a metal coil over his latex-clad shaft. The metal spiral was curved downwards to tuck his rod against his scrotum, and fused to it was a ring that locked around where his genitals emerged from his crotch, and two more that held his balls off to the sides, creating a groove where his shaft was made to lay. The end of the chastity cage was a small metal dome that encased Ben’s cockhead, leaving only the center of his tip exposed. Ben’s manhood was all balled up, and Jenny smirked in approval, but she had one last layer of chastening to apply to her father. She sealed his caged cock beneath a thick, rigid rubber dome that clipped to the metal rings of his chastity cage. The dome had a small aperture over the center of his tip, which would permit him to wet his diapers, but it concealed everything else. “Perfect,” Jenny said. “Now I can change your diapers without your disgusting cock getting in the way.” The chastity was uncomfortably tight, pinching and compressing Ben’s private parts into a helpless package. It was unbelievably emasculating to wear, sapping the urge to fight his predicament. Ben lay there meekly, suckling the fat rubber plug gag that hushed him as Jenny bundled him into a soaker pad and three thickweight diapers. These particular diapers had a higher-cut leg that bared more of his hips than usual, as did the white rubber panties that encased them. “Aren’t you so well-behaved now?” the brunette cooed. “Honestly, a world where all you boys are locked up in chastity is my kind of utopia.” Those words stoked a transient fury in Ben, but his layers of chastity had cowed him so completely, all that came of his displeasure was a meek little whine into his gag. Jenny undid the straps and cuffs that secured her father on the changing table and hoisted him to his feet. Ben’s dry diapers made a crinkly puffing sound at each slap to his padded, rubber-pantied posterior, and though he was waddling along as fast as he could manage, his daughter sharply spanked him all the way to the kitchen. Amy was waiting, having changed into a black bikini. “I locked up his boy parts,” Jenny declared, sitting her father down in his chair and strapping him in. “Excellent!” Amy said, clapping her hands in exaggerated delight. She strode over to the refrigerator, returning with the usual set of bottles, and the women took turns bottle-feeding their diapered captive. Ben had come to accept an overstuffed tummy and full bladder as fixtures of his life, which was at once relieving and worrisome. Jenny excused herself yet again to call her boyfriend, a shy young man who worked at a bookstore, and Amy led her husband right back to the bedroom. On the way there, Ben felt the urge to pee. Earlier, he might have fought it, but the chastity was a constant reminder that resistance was pointless. So he streamed into his diapers, the front of his soaker pad growing soggy as wetness escaped the small opening in his chastity. Ben felt his wife squeeze his thickly cushioned rear in appreciation, and he was horrified to take pleasure in the praise. Soon enough, he was on his back on the changing mat yet again, his legs cuffed, but unexpectedly, his chest was left unrestrained. As a matter of fact, he felt Amy undoing the straps of his straitjacket and unzipping the heavy cotton-duck garment, baring his slightly sweaty chest. His white leather hood also came off, baring his clean-shaven face, and his booties were slipped away as well. Ben’s arms were weak from disuse, refusing to heed his commands, and soon enough, his input didn’t matter. Amy brought two more cuffs down from the ceiling and locked her husband’s wrists in them, suspending him a foot above the changing table spread-eagled. “Hold still,” the red-haired dominatrix commanded, producing a bottle of shaving cream and a razor. She squirted liberal dollops of gel onto Ben’s upper chest, sides, and back, and worked it into a lather all over the exposed skin before clearing it away, along with her husband’s body hair. Then Amy massaged a soothing lotion into his newly hairless trunk and moved onto his arms. Cleansed of body hair, Ben was freed from the cuffs, but Amy fixed his eyes with a piercing glare, giving him a taste of what wrath would await him if he tried anything. Not needing much convincing, her husband stayed put. Amy slipped a new hood over Ben’s head. It was pastel pink and made of swimsuit fabric, and didn’t have any zippers on it, but like the leather hood, it exposed only an oval of face around his eyes. Next, she dressed him in a one-piece swimsuit in the same pastel pink, which stretched taut over his massive diaper bulk, its leg holes lining up perfectly with the higher-cut leg of his latest diapers and rubber panties. Unusually for a bathing suit, it had long sleeves sewn shut at the ends, but their purpose was evident due to the loops on the front of the swimsuit and the buckles on the ends of the sleeves. Ben’s arms were guided through the loops, folding them over his chest, and the sleeves were wrapped around his back to pull them taut and buckled in front. What he wore was equal parts one-piece bathing suit and straitjacket. Lastly, Amy fitted her husband with ankle-length waterproof booties that matched the pastel pink of his outfit, and with his getup complete, she guided him to the floor. Ben was led onto the back patio by the familiar pressure of a hand on his triply diapered rear, waddling into the balmy summer evening. The sun glowed golden orange as it slowly sank towards the horizon. The patio had a pool and a hot tub, and it was towards the latter that Amy directed her husband. She sat him down in the soothingly warm water and descended herself, draping an arm over Ben’s shoulder. “I hope you’re getting used to your new life,” she whispered, smiling warmly at him. “You’ll be the first of many boys to know such joy.” Ben’s eyes widened, and he gulped behind his gag, beginning to realize the magnitude of what his wife had in mind. “I’m starting small, taking away your continence and convincing a few close acquaintances to do the same to their husbands and boyfriends, their sons and brothers. Word will spread, and a trend will form.” Her other hand reached up to caress Ben’s pink-hooded cheek. “Eventually, the practice will be so widespread that boys simply won’t be potty trained.” The notion that Amy could bring about such a massive social shift would have struck Ben as ridiculous not even a day ago, but he’d seen what she was capable of. Amy would succeed in eliminating male continence, and he was completely helpless to stop her. Ben woke up in the swaddle that he was to sleep in, his triple diapers and soaker pad completely saturated with his urine. He'd wetted uncontrollably numerous times in his sleep, which was an unpleasant piece of information, but nowhere near the most distressing sensation he was subject to. He couldn't move within the dense padding of his sleep cocoon, not that the restraints he wore would have permitted movement anyway. Amy had dressed him in what was meant to be a comfortable nighttime set of restraints, a leather hood with thick padding on the inside that fully enveloped his head and neck with only two nostril holes as gaps in its coverage, and a stiff leather shirt with no sleeves or openings at the shoulders, inside which his arms were folded over his chest, underneath a thick layer of padding. And worst of all, he felt a terrible weight in his gut, a steadily building pressure to move his bowels. Ben squirmed and clenched, sweat wicking from his skin into the cocoon of padding that immobilized him, but he was fighting an unwinnable battle. Eventually, his strength failed him, his abdomen relaxed, and his bowels erupted, a thick sludge bursting from his anus and packing the seat of his sodden diapers. It was both relieving and horrifying to him that letting go felt so relaxing, but at least his belly was no longer painfully stuffed. And even the slushy load in the back of his triple diapers wasn't the worst thing to feel against his liberally powdered bottom. It was warm and soft, at the very least. It was some time before Ben felt his cocoon being unzipped. He willingly waddled, the back and seat of his diapers swelled with the weight of his mess, led by a hand on his soiled diaper butt all the way to the changing table. Submitting to his lifestyle, he let his rubber panties be removed and his ankles be shackled and lifted skyward, didn’t struggle as his chest was strapped down to the padded changing bench. Cool air tickled his nether regions when he was liberated from his loaded diapers, and miraculously, from his chastity. It couldn’t have been Jenny that was changing him, then. The wet wipes swabbed his crotch and bottom clean, but instead of being bundled into another set of triple diapers, Ben was given a heavily lubricated butt plug, which made his eyes water with its girth. Free from diapers for the first time in hours, Ben worried that he might pee on the table with how quickly his urinary continence had degraded, but his captors had thought of that, and a condom was slipped over his wiped-down penis to contain any leaks. Unstrapped from the changing table and marched into the bathroom, Ben found himself being stripped down, his eyes screwing shut at the sudden exposure to light. Feeling weak and disoriented, he couldn’t muster the ability to run, and though every fiber of his mind was alight with the urge to flee, all he could do was let himself be led into the bathtub. Besides, the bathroom door was locked anyway. “Bathtime, sweetie,” Amy cooed, clad in jeans and a crisp blouse with short sleeves. His wrists and ankles were locked in plastic cuffs with stuffed rubber pads on the inside, which held him down inside the tub. Ben didn’t dare speak as Amy came into focus, staying still and quiet so as not to draw her ire. He was sure that it would only bring him unpleasant punishment. She left the plug in his rectum, but peeled the condom from his penis, and then the red-haired dominatrix began to bathe him, not missing a single spot with her cloth or body wash. Ben’s wife took her time kneading and stroking his buttocks and manhood, bringing him helplessly erect within a warm washcloth time and time again as she cleansed him. Amy finished the bath by washing her husband’s hair, and then shaving his face and body, the soothing water and soapy lather making it easy to strip his skin of what little hair had grown back since yesterday. “I think you look so much cuter smooth,” the dominatrix declared. She rinsed him off, drained the tub, and then unshackled him so she could dry him off with a towel. “Aren’t you a good boy?” Amy praised him for his obedient stillness. Ben felt his wife massage a lotion into his skin to diminish the most unpleasant aspects of a full-body shave, and then slip a jaw-stretching rubber plug into his mouth, a padded leather panel pressed to his lips as she did up the numerous straps around his head. He was led into the bedroom with her hands cupping and squeezing his behind and member, keeping him at attention. She guided him to lie on his back on the changing bench, where his ankles were cuffed and raised as usual, and his trunk and arms were pinned down beneath wide leather belts. “Your turn, Sarah,” Amy said, and Ben gulped. Sarah had made good on her promise to come on Saturday; it was probably her who had changed him before his bath. Wearing a strapless black PVC leotard over fishnets, and standing in shiny black pumps, she was the image of sexy maturity, in sharp contrast to the infantilized man she was changing. After removing the butt plug, she lavished a thick shower of powder on his crotch and plastered it all over his bottom, massaging it in with slow strokes that ensured his tool remained helplessly at attention. “Awww, you like this so much, don’t you?” Gagged as he was, Ben was in no position to disagree. Then she slipped him into a tight latex sleeve that enveloped all of his genitalia but the head of his penis in form-fitting white, following it up with a rubber sleeve that gripped his shaft from the base to just below his tip. The bespectacled blonde inflated it to keep her captive erect. “And I just know you love this, honey.” Sarah unwrapped a new sort of diaper, laying in a soaker pad before wrapping it around Ben’s thoroughly powdered rump and front. He felt his rubber-sleeved erection being guided into a very tight cocoon of padding before the diaper was taped shut, a swaddle that only grew tighter when the second and third layers were snugly applied and encased in rubber panty briefs. Unstrapped from his changing table, Ben was led to the full-length mirror to behold his new diapers. “I hope you like your new look,” Sarah teased. “I know I do.” The diapers in question were lobed in back, resembling buttocks, and his full-cut rubber panties were molded to fit, so his triple diaper bulk resembled a naked bottom rendered in pure white. But the most embarrassing feature of these new diapers and rubber panties was the rod in front. A huge, pill-shaped protrusion jutted from the crotch of his diapers, his cocooned cock trapped in the protuberant tube of diaper padding. It was as though his diapers themselves had an erection. Ben was on the verge of tears at the sight of his new diapers, humiliated beyond words, beyond belief. But there was nothing he could do. Amy, for her part, was delighted. “He looks so adorable,” she cooed. “I knew these were a good investment.” She gave his thoroughly padded penis a playful squeeze he couldn’t feel through all that diaper bulk, before leading him by a hand on his diapers’ molded behind back to the changing table. Ben felt his wrists being raised above his head and locked in the cuffs that so often held his ankles aloft during a diaper change, Amy taking one wrist while Sarah bound the other. Their free hands roamed his body, his wife taking a special interest in his diaper penis while his neighbor squeezed and fondled his padded bottom at every opportunity. “You have such a lovely body,” Amy purred. “Do allow me to share it with our generous neighbor. After all, she’s agreeing to enable this new life you wanted.” He whimpered into his plug gag, sucking the rubber like a pacifier, and waiting for the humiliating fondling of his hairless form to cease. But when it did, he wheezed into his gag in pain, for a white corset was slipped around his waist. Bent over the table with Amy’s knee in his back, Ben felt the corset boning tighten around his waist until he could barely breathe, his midriff painfully compressed in the strict garment. With how tight it was, he developed a corset bulge in his diapers, but this was the least of his concerns when he found it challenging to do anything more than pant. “He looks even cuter like this,” Sarah said approvingly, patting his triply diapered rump as she and his redheaded wife each lifted one of his legs and laced him into white latex ballet boots that reached halfway up his thighs, pulling every last inch of slack from the tough cords to trap his shaven legs in the thigh-high bondage boots. “And these boots flatter his legs.” Ben knew he wouldn’t be walking anywhere as soon as his ballet-booted feet reached the ground again, for he could barely balance in them, much less step sure-footedly. Amy grinned and slipped her husband into his now usual white bondage hood, planting a kiss on his latex-encased cheek. “I think it’s a fine look for a boy indeed,” she declared, uncuffing his wrists. Right on cue, Sarah supplied a new straitjacket of white latex, and the blonde and redhead worked in tandem to strap their boy into it and tighten every belt. The crotch strap of this jacket parted around the pill-shaped protrusion of rubber-pantied diapers that housed Ben’s rubber-sleeved shaft, allowing it to stay presented quite erect in front. “And it’s all finished. Sarah, you’re responsible for Ben for the rest of the day, while my daughter and I go enjoy ourselves.” Ben squealed at the spank to his rubber-sealed diaper butt as Sarah expressed her approval. “That’s more than fine with me,” she said, weighing the cock sleeve at the front of Ben’s diapers and rubber panty briefs in her palm. “Don’t worry, sweetie,” she cooed. “I’ll take good care of you."
  12. I’m new to this forum and I’m curious to have some questions answered. I’ve preferred diapers since I was very young, but even now, I’m still not entirely sure why. I never cared for other babyish things like pacifiers, cribs, or even acting like a baby at all. I just want to wear diapers. That’s all. All I do know is I feel less self-conscious, along with feeling extra playful, when I wear a diaper. Also, I always enjoyed the sensation of pooping my diaper, way more so than wetting. (Never really cared to unless it was necessary.) But, why? I have a lot of questions as to why I enjoy diapers, but this is one that I always end up stuck on. I’m just trying to better understand my interests, because even though I’ve accepted it as a part of who I am, I’m still clueless as to why I feel the ways I feel. Any ideas?
  13. I’m interested in possibly meeting someone from the western Toronto suburbs.
  14. Feel free to not answer if you aren't comfortable. I post this because I'd like to see if there's a correlation between being AB/DL and childhood abuse. I myself was emotionally abused by my stepfather, and also dealt with an alcoholic mother. I don't think it's a direct cause in my case, but it definitely had influence on it. Without the abuse and alcoholism, I may have lacked the desire to recreate a better childhood.
  15. I'll be giving away another one of my books free this weekend on Saturday & Sunday, specifically Dec 15 & 16, 2018. It is called The Godfather's Offer and is a different sort of fairy tale where the girl IS the wish granted to a diaper loving guy. I hope you take advantage of it and enjoy it. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07L3YD7WX Cover are attached.
  16. loving to meet other diaper lovers or diaper wearers in the Allentown, Emmaus or Bethlehem area. I am a 34 year old male and live on the south side of Allentown. looking to meet others in my area!
  17. Hi my name is Caleb and I wanted to introduce myself to others in the abdl community. I live near south bend indiana and wanted to meet with others who like diapers.
  18. Looking to be diaper friends with someone. I got a bunch of diapers. I live with family so hosting may be hard. Don
  19. Hi everyone! Im new and this is my first post on this board. I woke up early this morning and had to walk my roommate's dog. I got her ready and I put on some jogging pants over my abena l4. It was showing through the pants pretty bad as I was walking down the sidewalk. The diaper was large so it went over the jogging pants and my shirt barely covered it. As I walked it was showing and every time I bent over, it was in plain sight. It was such a rush walking outside in public with my diaper on. It made me wonder where other diaper lovers like to wear diapers. I will start first. I love wearing diapers when I sleep and around my apartment. I get a rush hiding it from my 2 roommates. I also like wearing, using and changing them in public. I wear them on long trips from my home in Maryland down to my family's house in Georgia. I am wearing a Super Dry Kids right now. Let me know where you like to wear diapers and let everyone know what diaper you are wearing while you comment.
  20. how do all of you deal with incontinence in a sexual relationship? what steps do you take? how do you manage doing these times? what precisions do you take?
  21. I am currently a DL. Curious about the AB side. What's the best way to have a first experience?