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Found 148 results

  1. Author's Note: Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum, so please, let me know if I've done anything wrong, posted incorrectly, or breached some sort of ettiquete. Now, for the fun part--my story. I'm experimenting with story telling methods, and this particular method is of the choose your own adventure variety. I'm posting the first "chapter" to the story here, and you can follow the rest of the story through the links on my blog. I'd post the entire story here, but to the methods and techniques I've used with writing it, I'm not sure that there's a way to post it here so it can be read properly. Please pay attention to the warnings as you progress through the story, and keep in mind that it's a work in progress. If you see any typos or errors, feel free to let me know so I can correct them. Summary: Your name is Abigail Summers, and you have just woken up behind bars—crib bars, that is. You aren’t quite sure how you got there. Are you part of a healthy relationship, and your Daddy just carried you into your nursery when you fell asleep on the couch last night? Or were you a normal, functioning high schooler who’s just been kidnapped and forced to regress? You decide! :::: Your name is Abigail Summers, and you have a variety of interests. You enjoy texting, hanging out at the mall with your friends, and occasionally going out on dates with very cute boys. You are currently a senior at Millville High, where you are also a member of your school’s Cheerleading squad. You aren’t the star girl, but you’re pretty damn close, and that’s enough for you. You look classically American in that girl-next-door way, with a soft face, bright blue eyes, and dirty blonde hair that falls a little below your shoulders. You glance down, and realize that you are still in your favorite tight-fitting pink t-shirt, the one that makes your round breasts just out and strain against the fabric. Your nipples are hard from the soft feel of cotton against them, and you can feel a faint tingling between your legs. You wish you had a vibrator to make yourself feel even better, but you aren’t yet old enough to buy one. Or are you? That reminds you, today is your eighteenth birthday. Unfortunately, unlike your last birthday, you have not awakened to pink streamers, balloons, and a special birthday girl breakfast. Instead, you have awakened to the sturdy wooden bars of an oversized crib. There are stuffed animals on either side of you, and hanging above you is mobile, still spinning in motion. You move into a sitting position and peer through the bars to observe your surroundings. Directly across from your crib if an equally as large changing table, the shelves beneath it are packed with a variety of diapers. You can see the baby powder from here, and the baby wipes right beside it. The carpet looks plush, and new, and the walls are equally as white but covered in a variety of childish decals. There’s a yellow toybox not far from the changing table, filled to the brim with toys, and a small bookshelf lined with picture books. You are most definitely in a nursery. You glance back down and realize a little belatedly that in addition to your tight-fitting pink shirt, you are wearing a thick, padded, disposable diaper. Your brain feels a little foggy and you aren’t thinking clearly. What do you do? --->Wail like a baby and cry for Daddy. --->Attempt to escape the crib.
  2. Chapter One "It's a big decision," Claire's mother worriedly commented. "Are you sure it's something you want to do at your age?" she asked, knowing that the answer would be the same as last time, and every time before that, ever since Claire had informed Kathy of her intentions six months ago. "Ugh, yes mum," the nineteen-year-old whined from the other room, exactly as Kathy expected. "Besides," Claire continued, lowering her voice to room temperature as she lugged a box into the kitchen, "It'll only be sixth weeks at a time, at least at first." Claire dropped the large brown cardboard box on the table with what she hoped would be a conversation-ending thud, but was disappointingly a merely a muffled comma. Her mother looked up from her rapidly cooling cup of tea, and was about to begin a new tack when Claire cut her off: "Anyway, it's not like they don't have the internet in Germany! And you know I'll always be a few hours flight away." It was the trip of a lifetime, and what's more, it tied into her studies at university, and so would even count towards her degree! She certainly wasn't going to let her neurotic mother get in the way. Kathy had always been more than a little nervous about Claire's various escapades, even something as little as a sleepover with school friends. Of course, Kathy had a little more reason to be worried than most parents. Claire had been, until the age of about 14, what they used to euphemistically call a 'bedwetter', but in the last few years had become known as 'wetters'. As it became clear that the new generation was increasingly likely to be only fully out of diapers by five, and a significant minority of about 20% were in need of night-time diapers until mid-adolescence, new phrases had begun to creep into common usage. The Government initially used the term "incontinence sufferers", but this was rapidly thrown out by the younger generation as patronising. They then moved onto "those who use toilets less", until settling for the simple, catch-all phrase "diaper wearers". Never one to miss an opportunity, of course, the diaper industry had thrived with this increase in marketing potential. Claire remembered the old "Drynites" brand vaguely, and shuddered at the thought of the unfortunate souls who had to wear them. Flimsy, low-capacity and small, they were quickly replaced by increasingly large sizes of baby diapers, and by the time Claire had finally outgrown her bedwetting, most large supermarkets sold tape-up diapers all the way up to a 32" waist, with capacity and print variations to suit plenty of tastes. Kathy's concern for her daughter was more of a hangover from the perceptions of bedwetters from her day - Claire would always tell her not to worry, as usually at least one other girl would be in diapers at any sleepover. Kathy, however, worried nonetheless, and Claire was quietly grateful. It was better, she thought, to have a mum who cared too much, instead of too little. So, 5 years free from diapers, Claire was here, packing for her first big trip abroad - six weeks working at the University in Cologne! Claire opened the large brown box and began placing its contents on the kitchen table. Books, pencil cases, protractors, notepaper - it was all here, stationary she hadn't needed since school days, neatly packed away by Kathy. Kathy, oblivious to Claire's silent thanks, began to fuss, "Well don't get it all out here! Take it up to your room, that's where your clothes and suitcases are!". Knowing she was right, Claire grunted in annoyed approval and began to quickly place the items back in the box. As she threw in the last pencil case, she felt her hand brush up against a familiar surface - a sort of fine cotton - but ironically she couldn't quite put her finger on what it reminded her of. Eager to escape her now irritated mother, she bustled upstairs, trying hard not to drop her now unbalanced box of school things as she went. Laying the stationary out on the slightly dusty floor of her bright, modern bedroom, she began to make piles - "take", "keep", and "throw away". Ikea pencils went in "throw away", treasured teenage doodles went in "keep", and her best pens went in "take", ready to packed off to Germany. As she reached the bottom of the box, having filled the "keep" pile far larger than her mother would have liked, Claire's hand again brushed up against that family fabric. Curious, she looked into the box. There, at the bottom in the corner, was a solitary diaper. It was clearly unused, and it was clearly hers - first, it was covered in a little blue flower pattern, and second, it looked about the size and thickness of a small parcel, certainly big enough for her 24" waist. Her heart beating imperceptibly faster, Claire reached down and picked it up. First, she went to put it into the throw away pile, "After all," she reasoned to herself, "No one would want one old diaper, and I certainly don't need it". But she stayed her hand, and placed it down in the "keep" pile. "Who knows," she though, "I might need it in the future - maybe I'll get the flu, and won't be able to make it to the toilet". She stood up, and was about to go downstairs when the blue and white diaper, perched on a pile of half-used school books and potentially useful post-it notes, caught her eye one more time. "Well, if I am going to be in Germany for 6 weeks, why wouldn't I need it then? Besides, I don't know what exactly the diaper situation is over there, so it may be the only thing I can find." To be on the safe side, then, she moved it to the "take" pile, ready to be packed. But first she went down stairs for a nice cup of tea.
  3. Just wondering if there were any other diaper lovers around the London, Ont area. Looking for platonic friendship (m or f) to have hangs out, or game with etc... Just want to get to know people who love diapers as much as I do!
  4. From the album Grown Up Me

    You couldn't even tell I was diapered this day :D Sexy Diaper Girl
  5. diaperlover10000 possibly in redmond to. Or direct message me but kik is easy. I just wanna know if there's any diaper lovers in the area I can talk to about that stuff. I'm 22 and need a real girl that likes the same thing to talk to. Please add my kik witch is above and send me a pic of you with about you as well. Thank you!
  6. Dear Diapered Friends Who are a Young Adults (18+) or an Adult Baby (21+) or a bit of both or Just a Diaper Lover or someone looking for a caregiver , I would like to know in this topic of discussion that if there are a private adoption for those who are a teen-baby or an adult-baby or just someone who is a diaper lover but needs a real caregiver. Hopefully in this topic of discussion would shed a light for those who are seeking a private adoption of these kind. I have heard in several diaper chat rooms that there's been a successful adoption of teenage children up to an adult age being adopted by someone legally and lived in their homes to get taken care of and some even migrate from overseas to get taken care of. If this were true it will be a dream come true for some individuals who cannot live in their own homes while wanting to wear diapers and being taken care of and needs. Nevertheless they mentioned something about the issue of trust. Some must show themselves in either to gain full trust to live in someone's home to be taken care of. Although this may sound too good to be true but in fact it is real that has happen out there in the open. For those teenagers who felt miserable because they are not allowed to wear diapers in their own homes because they don't need to. But if there is someone who would adopt this young teenagers they will move into a good home where they can fully support into their life style in diapers. Some of these teenagers would have to deal with it if they are forbidden to wear diapers in their own home. For those lucky teenagers that found a good home where they can be adopted to wear diapers all the time everyday then that is very good. This goes the same with some young to an adult diaper wearer. Sometimes they want not just a role-playing Mommy or Daddy or a Fetish Sugar Mommy or a Fetish Sugar Daddy who would pay for their full time diaper desire. Once again if those young adult to the full grown diaper wearer who have found these generous care givers I would like to congratulate them on their new life style. So my point is. Are there any real Mommy or Daddy or them Fetish Sugar Mommy or the Fetish Sugar Daddy type who wish to care for some one please go show yourself here. It will be a dream comes true if this will help some of those to live in a true an everyday daily lifestyle of a true diaper wearer without having to role-play in their secluded fantasy world. You will be living in your dreams to the maximum point until it is hard to go back to your previous non diaper life style. Whilst sexual intercourse is not necessary or maybe prohibited unless there are agreements by each individuals. This doesn't have to related with any sexual preference to it. I hope this topic of discussion would help a bit to inspire others who will be ready to offer themselves to care for others. You can open a classified about yourself to advertise it in the Diaper Forums saying that you are willing to do it. Let this be an eye opener to some who are ready willing to do so. Technically I'm looking for someone to say something to start this topic of discussion so it will lead into positive results for the Diaper Wearers to go out in the open freely without the burden of waiting to feel good about themselves. By starting small from families to families then the diaper communities will start to open more, from a closed up diaper venues there could be bigger events, hopefully there will be a Diaper Island like place then soon if things grows bigger there will be a DIAPER COUNTRY soon - although this is just another fantasy for ours to be kept in here - who agrees who disagree. Thank you for reading this topic - hopefully this topic will be helpful for the others - forgive me if my grammar is bad because there are many Grammar Nazi out there but I'm just decliningly slow due to a lots of daily stress I often had which leads to an uncertain light depression that made me a little more scribbly when I type. Take care all. Please respond here for the others to read about. [DiaperedGirl : Mrs.Leena_DL] (Forgive Me I just re-edit this discussion. I will re-edit again if there's some complains)
  7. Any individuals residing around the Houston area ? I reside in League City, which is right near Kemah. I've been wanting to meet up with some of my own kind, part of the reason I joined these forums so I could interact with fellow diaper lovers and adult babies.
  8. Hello, My name is Doug and I'm a 28 year-old Canadian living in Ontario, Canada. I'm looking to reach out and introduce myself to some people with a similar interest. The username I use here comes from a combination of the Huggies GoodNites and Pampers UnderJams diapers (among my favourites that are easily purchasable). I've had an interest in diapers since I was younger, but really got in to them in my teenage years. Unfortunately, my mother has a completely different and negative view regarding diapers, which is partially why I'd love to meet some folks around me who enjoy 'em! Truthfully, I'm not all that great when it comes to socialization, but I would like to eventually work on that if possible. I'm passionate about gaming in general; I especially enjoy RPGs (such as RuneScape), MOBAs (such as DoTA II), and adventure/action games (such as Assassin's Creed). I also like other genres such as fighting and racing games. The only types I'm not big on are first-person and horror games - I've played some and can appreciate why a lot of people enjoy first person, but I do tend to avoid horror games (only played a handful). I do enjoy board games such as backgammon and chess, and also enjoy cards. Aside from gaming, I enjoy sports (particularly baseball, fishing, and hockey), computers, and website design. I'm quite good at playing the guitar (when I'm in practice and not rusty) - so I'm told, anyway. I love animals in general, with the exception of bugs; I have had two cats and a dog - all of which have passed, sadly - and recently adopted a third cat just about a year ago (his first birthday was October 2). Overall, I'm looking for people who have similar interests and interested in getting to know each other as friends. It would be nice to (possibly in the near future) hook-up and make friends with some people who are accepting/understanding of an interest in diapers and willing to hang out. I'm not looking for a serious relationship just at the moment, but would be open to the possibility in future if I meet the right person. ~UndieNites
  9. Hello I’m a DL, it’s the first time I’m finally admitting it and it’s kind of hard for me, even online, I will be living in japan sometime and since my arrival I have been mostly diapered 24/7, I willing to post reviews about the diapers they sell and answer the questions you have if I can. The first diapers I tried were some pullup style diapers, I can say they were great, they were super soft really, I mean it felt like I was sitting on a little cloud, even though they are super thin, they were able to hold 2 to 3ish medium pee accidents, fyi I don’t go number 2 in my diapers so I can’t review on that aspect. Ill attach some pics of the diapers I bought. Also recently bought a 17 pack of large diapers I’ll be posting a review as soon as possible but right now I’m double diapered in the diapers I brought from home so I think I won’t be trying these diapers until tomorrow. Also I can say I prefer plastic backed diapers but I recently have grown a certain love for clth backed ones too, since they keep me cooler in hot days. one more of the pullup diaper and one of the package of large diapers
  10. I'm in my 60 I became dl after many years in diapers myself do to growing with incontinence both ways in the 50s and 60s it was considered a behavior problem as to medical problems they consider it today .in my day we didn't have the throw a ways they have today it was cloth and rubber pants at home I changed myself but at that was a hole different story by the time I reached high school this was a real problem and real embarrassing to have go to nurse and them check me or worse change me then in my jr year one was the nurses retired and was replaced by a male after a couple times changing me I discovered I liked the attention he gave me get me off and stuff we even met after school and had some diaper fun
  11. Rosy,a girl around 24 losing her job as a space flight engineer, and having to return to her birth planet: Earth. Once there, she can no longer afford to keep her family in good standing with the goverment. SO in a last desperate attempt to save her family for the debt camps, she comes to see me. I'm Zeake Lafayette, a powerful crime lord who owns the Black Silk cartel, an illegal trafficking organization that spans several light years of human controlled space. But Rosy knows I have a sweet spot for girls in dire situations..... what she DOESN'T know is that my price is several years of slavery as my personal diaper pet. (If this intrigues you, Message me, or post a response) (Also, If this was the wrong place to post something like this go ahead and tell me, I'm all for learning! )
  12. Diapering has been an interest for me for over 10 years, but it isn't something I have been "practicing" steadily in that time. The biggest issue for me is I mostly enjoy it when shared with a female partner, which is very hard to find. So, I figured I would post this in hope to see if I could find one! I didn't post in a specific state, as I'm open ended. I am not crazy about living in the Carolina's, so I figured id open up my search across the US. I'm 29, great career, my own place, no kids, no pets, I don't smoke or do drugs. I have a lot of hobbies, passions and interests from sports to thrift shops to 90s TV to road tripping. I'm silly yet mature, passionate, caring, honest and love to connect on a physical and intimate level with my partner. As far as the diapering goes, I love cloth diapering and plastic pants, plus any "plastic" type of clothing.coverings, onesies etc... but I don't act or play as a baby. I usually don't "use" the diapers, but I'm not opposed to it. Of course, I enjoy a female wearing them too, just like I do. The idea of changing each other and caring for one another and just being cute together while wearing them is something I've always enjoyed. So perhaps this wish could come true! I wish to keep my photos private, but you wont be disappointed. I'm 5'11, 160ish pounds, dark hair/eyes, nice arms and smile. I suppose contacting me directly here is best, and I can give you other information if we hit it off!
  13. It was a home alone weekend for me, so I was able to spend all of it diapered and in my girl clothes (except at work). I went into work, it was just me and a coworker, and she noticed that something seemed to be on my mind. Actually, I had to pee really bad and was afraid of leaking, so I rushed through making us lunch. When I came back from the bathroom, she asked again. I was sooo nervous, but I do actually trust her, so I told her I liked wearing diapers - AND, that I was wearing at that moment. She was very supportive and curious - enough so it was hard to get any work done at first. It felt so good to share with someone, I could hardly contain myself. She was curious enough that I gave her one of mine to try out. I just can't wait to see how she likes it. I went through three diapers at work today - something I wouldn't normally do, but I just couldn't stop drinking tea and wetting. I sure love being in a wet diaper! I dropped her off and wet all the way home, soaking my jeans. DV
  14. Hi Guys, Just to let you know that we are currently down to our last few ConvertUps for the next few weeks. In case you are not aware, ConvertUps convert regular diapers/nappies of almost any brand into larger size pull-up and/or velcro/tape-on diapers/nappies for kids, teens, and adults of all sizes. We currently have limited sizes and colours in stock. If the size/colour you'd like is not available then please get in touch and we can advise when we are likely to have them in stock. Find out more at www.convertups.com and read our product overview, FAQs, and to buy. Thanks, ConvertUps
  15. Do you eat a specific diet. I am a vegan, have been for going on 5 years and before that I was a vegetarian for 10 years. I was wondering if there are any other AB/DL, Mommies or Daddies that are vegan or vegetarian?
  16. I basically texted her saying I wanted to confess my most embarrassing secret. I ended up just saying *sends pic of my stash of things I'm into* and sent her a pic of my diaper stash. Her reply was "Huh! I've always wondered what it'd be like to do that!" I already knew I'd get this kind of reaction, but I was still nervous about actually telling her. We went on to have a long conversation over text about diapers, catheters and stents. She said she has kinda wanted to try cathing! I now have no secrets from my best friend!
  17. From the album SpringFever

    The bulge is my wet diaper!
  18. I am a 25 gear old male who is more a DL. Looking to meet other ABDL interested people in Cincinnati. If interested, I can be reached through this website.
  19. Hey guys, I found this cute blog that just started up. My friend has decided to go through diaper training, and she's going to be blogging about her day to day experiences on tumblr, found here: http://diapertrainingashley.tumblr.com/ I figured that you all would like to know about this. ^^
  20. Hi everyone my name is B or Brittany or britt or whatever. I am a gender fluid male that really like diapers and being taken cared of. I am not that super new to abdl but the abdl scened here in Hawaii is pretty much nonexistent so I need a place to express this side of me. I like to draw and sometimes I wanna draw abdl stuff so I might just post it here. Cant wait to start talking to some more people in the community =D
  21. An ongoing WIP project by Young'N'Rebellious! I've divided the following into 4 categories - Ideas (To be split into Fun Ideas and Punishment Ideas), Activities, Things To Say (To be split into Positive/Reassuring Things and Not So Positive/Teasing Things), and Advice & General ABDL Info/Knowledge. Feel free to comment anything you feel needs to be added or is missing! Hope this helps somebody as much as it has my own Daddy! I will update this Compendium as I add more stuff and make new revisions! Credit to friends, followers, life experiences, myself & personal ABDL experiences, and most notably amazing sources like ABDL Dad's very well written blogs and like-wise materials! IDEAS: * Stand outside the bathroom whenever your little one goes potty if he’s not padded at that time, then ask him if he made it in time and check to make sure he did before praising or scolding him accordingly! * Act like your boy is too big for diapers until he gives you a -reason- to put him back in Diapers, Pull-Ups, or Training Pants! * Often ask your boy if he has to go potty, or if he “already went.” Whether he’s diapered or not (more ESPECIALLY if he’s not…) Even better if you can get away with it in public, and -always- ask before or when going anywhere. * If he has to go, ask him how bad and if its an emergency. * Ask him whether he wants to try and be a big boy or to just use his diaper or “have an accident”, give him the choice to try and be a big boy, then go along with it, whether he decides to succeed or to fail at it. * Before you let your ABDL boy rush out the door, have him stop and then check his clothes carefully. Fix the belt on his jeans. Adjust his diaper so that it shows just slightly above the waist and then pull his shirt down carefully over it. Give him a kiss on the cheek and tell him how wonderful he is and how adorable he looks. * If your little guy can’t wear diapers in the day, have him carry a Pull-Ups in his back pack. He might complain that someone might see it or find it. Assure him no one will ever notice. He may never even look at it, but knowing that it’s close at hand will give him a sense of security. * Instead of regular underwear, surprise your little with a pair of training pants! * Slip a pacifier into your boy’s pocket on the way out the door, imagine the blush when he reaches into his pocket and finds it! * If your boy wears a watch, take some diaper tape and attach it around the band. Call him later in the day and ask what time it is. If anyone knows that it’s no ordinary tape it will be him – you’ll hear the smile right through the phone line. * Most important of all, when your boy gets home give him a super long hug. Then say “let’s get you changed”. Don’t turn it into a big production… just “let’s get you changed” is enough – it says that Sunday wasn't some special day all its own and that even though there’s a whole world of things to do he’s always his daddy’s little boy no matter where they are or what they’re doing! * Punish your boy for having a potty mouth, not just for having potty pants (if even…) * Pretend potty-train your boy even if you know he’s gonna use his diaper and have Onpurpsidents anyways. * Change your boy’s diaper when it leaks whether he wants it changed or not, and if he puts up too much of a fuss put him on time out! * Find ways to subtly make your boy feel little in public, it always makes their cheeks turn so red and adorable! * Set a Bedtime even when he wants to talk or play. * Try to get him to do something “little” (like ride a carousel for example.) Or have him do 2 random sporadic things a day that a cub would do impulsively and reward the behavior. * Punish your boy for sticking his tongue out. * Make your boy sit on Time Out in the corner and think about what he did in his wet or messy diaper or clothing. (with consent) * Bounce your boy on your knee * Give you boy discrete Diaper checks in public * Whisper loving things into your boy’s ears * * * * * * * * ACTIVITIES: * Read a story to your little! * Feed you boy a bottle of milk (Preferably warm, maybe sweetened too!) * Take him to a Park to play * Teach him how to do something new * Let him help with something (Cooking, Laundry, etc) * Snuggling! * Take your boy to the mall * Watch Childhood Movies and Cartoons with him. * Go see a Movie with him. * Play games with him. * Put a puzzle together with each other (Not one with too many pieces though, that’s too hard and the smaller piece may be choking hazards! ;P) * Color pictures together * Catch bugs together * Go Fishing together * Pretend Potty Training (Play along and encourage them, whether they decide to succeed or fail.) * Give your boy a bubble bath * Build a blanket fort together * Go Hiking in the woods * Take a camping trip and let your boy enjoy nature as a little, free of worries, and pants! * * * * * * * * * * * THINGS TO SAY: * Call your boy names he likes that make him feel little, blush, or embarrass him. * Remind him how little he is! * Often remind him how little you -think- he is * Tell him how much he means to you! * Remind your little what he needs your help doing! * Randomly ask your boy if he has to go potty. * Ask your boy if he can hold it or if its an emergency * Randomly ask your boy if he had an accident, even if you know he didn’t. * "Let's get you changed." * “Be a big boy and hold it, or not, daddy wont tell anybody and will get you cleaned up/changed.” * “I swear to god if you poop your pants…” * “Did you poop your pants?” * “Come here, are you wet again already?” * “You purposely didn’t make it didn’t you?” * “Its okay, accidents happen! Let’s go get you cleaned up/Changed.” * “You’re not going to bed without a Diaper on!” * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ADVICE & GENERAL ABDL INFO/KNOWLEDGE: * Kiss him on the forehead * Tickle him! * Blow raspberries on their tummy! * Tease your ABDL boy but not too much or too harshly. * Smile at your boy a lot * Give him reassurance * Pat and touch their diaper a lot * Establish your own set of rules and consequences for him. * Don’t make cracks about body hair, it ruins the immersion and fantasy! * Don’t let or make your boy dress himself, that’s Daddy’s job! * Try to let him choose his outfit, I know Daddy needs his fun too sometimes but freedom to be himself and comfortable is an important priority. * Let your boy sit in your lap or on your leg/knee. * Punish your boy when he’s naughty or bratty. Time Outs are a great and reliable alternative to Spankings. Little Boys HATE Time Outs. * Be stern but don’t overdo it, show you still care about them and are loving! * Baby talk your boy but don’t overdo it, just make them feel loved and cared for. * Light touching and eye contact is important to intimacy. * Give your little guy a safe, trusting, and caring space in which to express his little side. * Make sure your boy knows what he did if he poops or pees his pants, it makes them feel so little! * Most ABDL have had a rocky background and are full of insecurities * Make sure your boy leaves padded so that he doesn’t have an accident in public! (Not a noticeable one anyways… accidents still happen.) * Hold onto him, don’t expect him to hold onto you, he’s the young boy, he’s the insecure one who need’s your loving embrace and reassurance! * Check on him during naps and maybe give his diaper seat a reassuring rub. * If you wake up at night for any reason, check on your boy and rub his diaper a little and check it before going back to bed. * Change your boy as frequently as needed, maybe more if he enjoys Diaper changes a lot! * Check your boy’s diaper constantly (At least twice an hour), whether he needs it or not, it makes him feel secure and cared for! It also Keeps him reminded of what a little boy he is for not being able (or choosing not to) to keep his diaper dry or clean. * -Always- get your little dressed/changed for bed and tuck him in! Make sure his plushie is in his arms and his paci is in his mouth! Don’t forget to check under the bed and in the closet for monsters! Check his diaper one last time, just for the heck of it, and if he’s already soggy, tease him a bit so he falls asleep feeling little. *It goes without saying that little boys always want to act like big boys even though they need you to help them feel little! Your little boy might Smoke, Drink, Vape, or be a recreational drug user. You are NOT the police, don’t act like it! Decide together what adult habits and vices you are okay with and which ones your little is allowed to have during “Little time”. People often can’t let these vices go no matter how regressed they become so keep that in mind, don’t make your little feel ashamed or self conscious and ruin his immersion/fantasy because of these vices. * A lot of littles like remaining wet or messy for some time, so there doesn't need to be a rush to change them unless it goes against your personal preference, smells exceptionally ripe, or they ask! * Some littles even enjoy leaking, and wear their dark spots proudly as badges! * It’s not just the diaper that connects him to you. There’s something incredibly powerful and special about being in his diapers, and it is an explicit and needed connection in his relationship to you. * Little boys like to try to be big boys and not tell you when they have to go potty, and they might end up having an accident. When they do, do not scold them but tell them you are proud of them for trying to be a big boy and then change their clothes and clean them up and if possible, put them in a clean Diaper! * Make diaper changes significant; don’t be a robot! Changing a diaper becomes like riding a bike at some point, but that doesn’t mean a Daddy should abstain from talking to their little, teasing them, or letting them help by holding the wipes (careful with giving them the powder though!) * Make eye contact and smile during diaper changes, this makes your boy feel reassured and safe, and reminds him you care and want to get him all cleaned up. * Sometimes little boys have accidents in their big boy pants around the house. If the carpet or furniture gets wet, don’t be angry with your boy! (Unless he did it on purpose!) Remind him that he was a good boy for trying to hold it like a big boy. After you change him, just wipe up or dab the wet spot with a clean damp towel and turn a fan on in the room. The wet spot from his accident will air dry overnight and the moving air from the fan will prevent the area from smelling like a urinal/bathroom. * Do not display unsettledness over furniture or floors, you don’t want your little to feel like you’re prioritizing a couch or strip of fabric before him and his emotional/core needs… * Diapers were not designed to be soaked. No matter WHAT a daddy does he should never get angry at his son for a wet couch, carpet, or clothes. A boy should know that it’s safe and right to use his diapers in what ever way he needs to, and creating any shame around leaks will will make it tougher for the little guy to feel that he belongs in his diapers or might make him nervous to use them.YOU should have asked him if he had to pee and if so how much. And YOU should have known how wet he already was, It’s not his fault so bare no anger. * When cleaning ups leaks, place paper towels over the wet spots before smiling warmly and taking your little to change and THEN wipe or dab up the wet spot all the way and let it air dry! You don’t want your little to feel as though you’re more worried about a couch or rug than them, that can easily make a little feel less important and self conscious. * Sometimes, a wet spot on his bum while in public might be a little embarrassing, but daddy should both provide reassurance and have back-up plans in place – a sweater wrapped around the boy’s waist if it’s serious, a reassuring pat on the shoulder and diapered bum for those “maybe people will notice or maybe not” moments, and a spare pair of shorts or jeans in the diaper bag if it’s a longer day out. * Whenever you take your baby boy anywhere, always bring a bag or backpack with 2 spare sets of clothes and at least 2 fresh diapers, a spare pair of shorts or jeans, as well as wipes, clean hand towels, and powder! You should be ready to discreetly change your little boy anywhere at any time. Even if you don’t use the travel bag, he gains reassurance and feels more little just from you having it around! * Moderation is key, drowning a little in affection all the time can tend to become a chore for both of you after a while, but everyone has their personal limit! * Make sure your boy has his Paci or Stuffy during diaper changes! Or at the very least ask them where they are. * Your boy has a literal list of Core Needs that need to be met. Its both of your job to find out what they are and how to meet them! *If more needs are going unmet than are being met it can affect them negatively emotionally, causing depression, anxiety, or even turning the relationship toxic. * Part-Time Daddies with family, friends, and jobs have it rough! Most ABDL boys long for a full time, living together companion who can be there day and night to respond to their mood shifts and needs as they go in and out of phases and different emotions. Not someone for whom they are their “secret life”, but someone for whom they ARE their life, an equal partner, without shame, secrecy or the closet. Someone with whom they can set them self free with and truly be them self with 24/7/365. Someone who brings out their favorite things about them self and isn’t ashamed of those things. * Not every day will be a walk in the park. If every day was the same or predictable, that would be the same as flat-lining. Hiccups are a sign life; Disagreements happen, fights are a thing, and growing pains are common. Never forget that beyond all these roles are two human beings trying to grow closer. Always keep adventuring and be open to experimenting & experiencing. -Always- keep communicating. The goal should be to integrate the daddy/little dynamic into your life together. Trust in yourselves to find a balance that works for both of you! * Remember that being in a relationship with a Little is as valid and meaningful as any other type of relationship. The Daddy not only has to be the keeper of ALL of his boy’s needs, but also treat him with the unconditional love, respect, and trust as you would -any- relationship. * Remember the ABDL community is a small one, and your Little Boy may want to have other Little friends, as well as other older friends. Remember not every relationship MUST be monogamous to be healthy. Talk honestly with your Little Boy to learn each other’s boundaries regarding interacting with other Littles or Adults. Work together to decide what is right for YOUR relationship, be flexible, never judgmental, and always love your little unconditionally. Remember wherever he might go play and no matter what he will -always- love you the most and come back to be with you! * If your living situation is such that you don’t have your Little Boy living WITH you, remember that even out on his own doing every day adult things, that he still needs to know you are his Daddy and you love him and are there for him! Make a plan with your Little Boy on days you aren’t together to be in touch by voice or text or IM in the morning, at mid day, and at night. Make a schedule that works for you both. NEVER go to sleep for the night without having talked with him, and sleep with your ringers on. ALWAYS be reachable for each other! * * *
  22. On another forum there were a couple of posters that mentioned that they really weren't Diaper Lovers and were looking for another term to describe how they really felt about their diapers. The term "Lover" indicates a state of extreme interest (sexual and/or otherwise) and I realized that I wasn't at that place with my diapers either. That's when I realized that I "Like" my diapers but don't really "Love" them, hence I must be a "Diaper Liker".I'm IC and only became exposed to pads/pullups/diapers due to my need for something to keep my clothes dry. Much to my surprise I quickly got over the "adjustment" period of having to wear some sort of protection 24/7 and soon found that I actually liked the feeling of wearing protection. I think it came from the knowledge that I was now protected from being embarrassed by wetting my clothing and/or bed. I also found that I started sleeping much better and was waking up much more refreshed. I even found that there were a few good things about having to wear diapers, like the convenience of not having to use the bathroom at long running sporting events or on long drives. Diapers hold only a tiny bit of sexual interest for me (still not sure why) so I really don't think the term "Diaper Lover" fits in my case.Any other "Diaper Likers" out there? I'd be interested to hear why you think this term fits or maybe doesn't.
  23. Hello to all, New on DD, but a long time member of the community. Just another DL, making his way through a life, with diapers on the brain. For me, it started right after I was taken out of diapers, at about two. I never really was a bedwetter, but I suppose I always wished it would happen, to give me a good reason to need to be put back in diapers, but it never happened, given the nature of my family situation, growing up in the 50's. Honestly, I sorta hoped I would grow out of the need to relive those feelings and sensations that diaper thoughts gave me, but as I got older, the feelings only increased. Once I hit puberty, all of the feelings, and associated thoughts, merged with my budding sexuality, and there was really no looking back. I had many vanilla relationships, but none reaching the level where I could have / would have divulged, or indulged, my secret fantasy, which included regressive aspects, including physical shrinking, loss of faculties, forced diapering, etc. So, i was just a typical vanilla, on the outside, with some very deep leanings, hidden below the surface. Same basic story as many of you, I suspect. I managed to find real love, at about 33, and divulging my diaper desires to my wife-to-be became a necessity, before that long term commitment was reached, at 35. My wife of 27 years, and I, have had to grapple with many aspects of this fetish over the decades, some harder than others, but we've finally settled into a reasonable acceptance & understanding that these feelings run very deep, and that they don't run counter to our marriage vows, but, rather, sort of run a parallel path that we both can live with. Yes, it takes effort, and compromise, but we've managed to strike a balance, perhaps because I lean way more towards the DL aspect, (meaning she doesn't need to mommy me, and she can instead just try to be an understanding partner, in the lifestyle), and probably also because I manage to remain an adult in all aspects of our life together, including kids, grandkids, job, finances, etc. Anyway, that's me. I do have some other alternate nicks, on some other sites (Fetlife, Experience Project, ADISC), but mostly I go by Jamieboy (where available), ABDreamz, ADL2012, or even DLuvinTrukr in these places, and its not to be deceptive, as much as it is about being a bit more descriptive, in some weird way (A DL, AB Dreams, DL trucker, etc.) So, there it is, in just a little more than a tweet! Jamieboy
  24. Author's Note: Set in England in the recent past, an minor aristocratic family has a rather odd approach to potty training. My first attempt at a diaper story, I hope to keep it short, sweet, and slightly funny. Chapter One I feel, dear reader, that I must bring you up to speed. It has often been observed by our own sort, but more frequently (and, rather obviously) by our observers, that the landed gentry develop idiosyncratic ways. Cooped up, as they often are, in drafty old houses miles from even a mere whiff of civilisation, bizarre microcosms of humanity begin to form. This of course was compounded before the advent of the motorcar, so the prospect of reprieve was so distant that complete acceptance of their lot was pretty much guaranteed. Some formed little languages of their own - I once spent a summer in a Tudor dump up north where the word "peach" was used for so many things I could barely keep track. One of my distant uncles, I'm reliably informed by the man in the pub, started a tradition of shooting at funny shaped clouds every morning at five o'clock. More shockingly, the Preston-Barts in Hampshire are Catholic. Our family, however, is perhaps the most peculiar of them all (N.B. - ought that to be perculairest? Look up later.). Since around about the mid 17th Century - no one is quite sure of the date - almost all of our family have returned to nappies pretty sharpish after they were so unjustly taken from us. Indeed, so common is this circumstance that when the 6th Baronet demolished the family home to rebuild it in the Georgian style, he neglected to add any toilets. Of course, the attempt to potty train is still made, although the lack of alternative facilities makes this really part of the whole dance. I was around five when I was taken out of nappies in the day, and about six when I was taken out of them at night. I was soon whisked off to school, and, only returning to the old place a few times a year, was mostly using the W of C as one might expect. I did still, however, wet the bed, perhaps once or twice a week, but by summer term of my second year, that too subsided. A few cycles of the heavens later, as that chap from Greece might have said, I was facing a rather long stretch in the house over summer. My father usually took us off to Italy in the nicer months, but having lost a fair bit on a rather extravagant bet involving a friendly game of chess and an absurd amount of rice, it was safe to say he didn't have the oomph that particular year. So, at they joyful age of 12, I was stuck in that rotten place with no one near my age except my older sister, Ethel. Ethel had just turned eighteen, and was ghastly. Although I'm not certain what exactly a ghast is like, she was certainly like one. So it was that one morning about two weeks into my incarceration that I was lying on my stomach in the drawing room pretending to practice my Latin grammar, when really drawing rather vicious caricatures of my house masters at school. Ethel was curled up in an armchair reading "The Arabic Princess" and padded up to the nines in nappies. She had only spent about a year out of them, as it happens, at age fourteen, and was dreadfully engrossed in her book; made even more apparent by the growing wet patch between her legs. As I lay there attempting to recall the precise shape and nature of Mr Mulch's nose, I suddenly felt as though a small switch had been flicked in my brain. I couldn't tell then what the switch was controlling, but rather soon it made itself very clear. I noticed, one rapidly after the other, a pressure in my bladder and bowels. I very quickly filled my underwear with those respective contents, continuing to examine the visual faculties of noses as I did so. Now, it wasn't as though it had snuck up on me, as it does when one wets the bed, nor was it that I had made a conscious effort to empty myself, but more that I simply no longer cared. Ethel, ghastly as ever, didn't notice my change in state, but to be fair, I barely did either. It wasn't until mother came in to call us for lunch that I was discovered. Mother squealed in delight - "I knew you'd come round, dear. Let's pop upstairs, shall we?". I was, waddling slightly, led up to my room, where, after asking the maid for supplies, mother and I opened my chest of drawers and formed a pile of my underwear on the bedspread. "I shan't expect I'll be needing these anymore," I informed her with a hint of triumph in my voice. The maid soon returned with supplies - a vast quantity of nappies, talcum powder and flannels, a changing mat and waterproof mattress cover - and took away my underwear to be disposed of. I was thereafter changed into a nappy for the first time in six years, and followed mother down to lunch. Chapter Two A decade later, at the ripe old age of twenty-two, brings us up to just before now. I was rattling up the drive in my new car, pretty chuffed with the world. I shifted my weight in my soaked nappy as I changed gear, and felt thankful for the modern marvel of synthetic leather - I'd had the car reupholstered in it, by the same chaps in Florence who make our changing mats. Much had changed in the intervening ten years, although mostly along the obvious path, but not so much re: the nappy situation, although no one would really expect it to. I did relatively well in my schooling exams, and went up to Oxford to read Art History. Never had much trouble about the choice of underwear, but then again my family's habit was well known even amongst those who didn't know me, and so it was let slide. After all, Peeker Preston-Barts was a Catholic! So I graduated with a Third Class Honours, which was to be expected, and spent a while hanging around Europe. It was there I met a corker of a woman - Cherry Otherington. You see, it wasn't just an overfull nappy that accompanied me up the drive, but the delight that was Cherry herself. I'm not one for gushing, but she was certainly very pretty. Not particularly tall - definitely not in the vein of a Michelangelo - but if I were to stretch the sculptural analogy, much more suited to a bust, if you hop on my drift. A small blonde bob topped the whole thing off, like a... Well, like a cherry, I suppose. We pulled up outside the house and the footmen, a fair number of them new, scurried away our luggage, and, shortly, the car. Mother met us over the threshold, beaming. "I hope you had a pleasant journey," she said, "and you must be Cherry, oh how lovely it is to meet you at last!". "It's lovely to see you too, Ma," I failed to reply. "Now," she continued, "We're just about to serve tea in the conservatory; do either of you need a change?" Cherry, after a flash of bemusement sent my way, diplomatically replied, "No, I think these clothes will be fine 'til the evening, if that's alright with you?". "Don't be silly!" Mother replied, "Do you need to change your nappy? - I know I do, I was just too excited waiting for you!". A further and more intense glance of bemusement was pinged my way, this time by both women; a veritable barrage of pinging. "Oh I know this old chap does," Cherry returned, "But I have been free from nappies since I was about four, thank you." "Well I'm not sure I would call it a freedom, Cherry, but you might struggle here. This house is rather lacking in the way of toilets. I imagined my son would have informed you!" Mother batted back, her English temperament almost straining at the leash. "I'm sure I'll be fine," my corker replied, before finally turning her attention to me, "Come on, you need a change though, don't you? Let's get that sorted and then come down for tea." The situation not so much de-escalted as hovering in mid air, we moved toward the staircase, and I let my soon to be removed nappy fill with poo. Mother briskly, although with slightly apart legs, called a maid for assistance in a ground-floor changing room. Once upstairs, like a cheap tailor, I attempted to patch things up with Cherry. "Look here," I said, as she removed my filled nappy, "I don't want you and Mother getting off on the wrong foot, but you should be alright with the lack of toilets; there's one in the gamekeeper's cottage at the back of the south garden." "Oh thank you, darling," she replied whilst applying copious amounts of talcum powder, "but I think I shall be alright until tomorrow." She patted my now fresh nappy and handed me my trousers, after which we made our way back down the staircase at to tea. The rest of the day passed rather smoothly - I took a brief leave to change Ethel, now slightly less ghastly, as she was as ever engrossed in a book and demanded not to be disturbed. Dinner was tremendous - the wine flowed much as wine does when it does flow - and we were all, I dare say, getting pretty squiffy in the drawing room at around ten. Cherry, due perhaps to her non-Michaelangelo stature, was really rather drunk, and so took some herbal tea to sober up. Ethel, having finished her book, was now repeating the entire plot to an audience who were so un-captive that 'bored out of their sculls' would hardly cut it. Cherry, after sitting quiet for a while and appearing as though she was gently dodging invisible fish, leaned over and whispered in my ear. "I say, I've just had the most peculiar sensation - like a switch being flicked!". No sooner as she had finished speaking, the sound well known in our house - that of a stream of pee against the enameled floor - gently lifted itself through the air. "Darling," she continued with no hint of sorrow, "I think I've had an accident". I do mean to continue this, but, If I don't, I hope that was satisfactory. Comments appreciated.
  25. Looking for Ab/Dl's in Melbourne region wanted to meet a few new people