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  1. dressupDV

    Taking a break

    good luck, Danny! sometimes we just gotta work to pay the bills. hugs dv
  2. dressupDV

    How Many People Have U Told?

    I haven't told my wife - life can be stressful enough, and while diapers are a stress reliever for me, I'm pretty sure they would freak her out. So, congrats to everyone who has the courage! hugs, dv oh, lol! I've told one person - a close friend - and she reacted very positively. She noticed I was acting a little odd. I was very 'needy' that day, soaking diaper after diaper. I wear goodnites, and while most of the time I don't mind if they leak (when I'm alone), I try to avoid leaking in public. I was in desperation mode and she asked what was up. I ran to the bathroom to soak my diaper and change myself and then came back and sheepishly told her. It was VERY arousing, and a huge relief when she not only wasn't freaked out, but was very curious. I even pulled down my pants to show her, and gave her a diaper to try out. She said she still has it, but hasn't tried it. i asked if it was ok to wet in front of her and she said YES! to have someone to share the experience with would be a dream come to true! hugs dv
  3. dressupDV

    Going out wearing only diapers tomorrow

    I wear out alot, but I wear goodnites that don't take up much space. And, snug fitting jeans or or\ther stretchy clothes only make goodnites work better. good luck!
  4. dressupDV


    Welcome Deater! At least you have the courage to tell her - I have not summoned that level of courage yet. I've told one friend. Lots of people here - each unique, I never knew there were so many 'flavors' of DL! hugs DV
  5. Saturday night and we got a foot of snow today!  Dang ;_<

    1. Joey_AB_DL


      I am so tired of winter.  We finally had some warm weather for 2 days, now it is cold again.   I sympathize on the snow.

  6. Hiya!  It's monday eve in the midwest.  I am working, but online.  Feel free to message me.

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    2. Wannatripbaby


      That's true. :)

      And on the subject of shinks, I've kinda started establishing myself as DD's "Community Therapist." I've helped/are helping many people with their problems and I've only been doing this for a few months!

      I say that to say, if you ever feel the need to talk to a "professional" you can talk to me for free first. I don't have a degree, but that doesn't mean I'm not good at what I do. ;)

    3. dressupDV


      what TV shows are ya watching?

    4. Wannatripbaby


      We watched the Six Million Dollar Man first Renegade. It's a 90s show about a man who was framed for murder so he becomes a bounty hunter. It's a bit hokey, but it's not bad.

  7. Sorry I have been away from DD.  I've had some (hopefully minor) health issues that have reduced my playtime.

  8. dressupDV

    Not Wanting Diapers After An Orgasm

    After I cum in my diaper, i don't mind hanging out in for a while. i know the post-cum feeling of being done with it, but that doesn't seem to last too long UNLESS I have to be somewhere.
  9. dressupDV


    very cute!
  10. dressupDV

    Trans me

    No diapers. just white cotton panties and bra under some cute snug leggings and one-piece top.
  11. dressupDV

    Health and ABDL

    I've not been diagnosed with anything other than anxiety - which I take meds for - but I know I have a bit of OCD and ADHD, my son was diagnosed with fringe Asperger's. Reading about that made me realize the common traits. It wasn't until having children - and living in this century - that I came to have any idea that things I struggled with my whole life had a name. Diapers are definitely calming for me. They're not an everyday thing and while I'd like to wear more often, the time between only makes me like them more. This is alot better than hating myself after wearing, and throwing all my diapers and girls clothes away ;_< Before diapers, it was dressing femme, which was so therapeutic. I lived in NYC at the time, which was very liberating, because no one gives a fuck, lol! Being a parent in the burbs, that became more of a problem - my wife noticed and made me stop. Diapers took the place of wearing panties and leggings, though I have recently gotten back into leggings - either under my clothes or around the house, I'm just more comfortable and calm. We are lucky - despite the orange bastard in the white house - that people are slowly gaining more freedom to be who they want to be. At work today, I was watching youtube vids of transgender kids and, even with all the challenges, how lucky they are to have been born in this century. I was four when I first wore girl's panties - due to a wetting accident away from home - and my mom kept them in my underwear drawer and I wore them as they cycled through. I was too young to understand beyond how they made me feel. I was just comfortable in them. I hope this isn't too off topic...
  12. I read about Kim Petras in the Sunday New York Times.  What a lucky girl!


  13. dressupDV

    Untitled Album

    these are all so cute!
  14. dressupDV

    ME in Goodnites

    I love to play in my girl's goodnites
  15. So happy to have all of you as 'freinds' here on DD! I love wetting my diaper,don't mind leaking a little - and somethings intentionally leak alot. I too love when everyone leaves the house and I have some 'private fun time.' I love wearing a diaper on long trips and even changing at any stop that has a private bathroom. That said, I have sometimes changed in a stall if I know I'm alone. Kinda arousing to think someone might walk in. I love wetting when no one knows and yes, it is a sexual thing for me. While I am particularly attracted to all things feminine, I do have more than a little curiosity for anyone who shares this fetish. I've told one person, and just saying it outloud was very arousing. Today I am wearing under my leggings...