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  1. I feel like I am in the minority

    everything from sexuality, preference and fetish is on a spectrum. Labels are confining. So, enjoy however you wish!
  2. s19.png

    love short jeans! very cute!
  3. DSC_4238a.jpg

    I hate it when I can't click like! Very cute!
  4. oops! Sometimes I leak

    Someday I will get more realistic breasts, but I'm just playing with my clothes and decided to take some pix.
  5. 594f09bd794cf_WIN_20170624_20_18_22_Pro(2).jpg

  6. hi umm im new here

    well, Rachel, have you tried diapers yet? Are you curious? If already a DL, then what is your preference? Oh, and WELCOME. Hugs to you! dv
  7. DSC_8630a.jpg

  8. Twin Cities Meetup

    My plans are almost always around business travels...
  9. Twin Cities Meetup

    Well, if you are headed there in the future, give me ample warning - I haven't been on much lately, but I'll pay more attention. dv
  10. Southwest Of cities

    I am actually headed to cannon falls tomorrow.
  11. Twin Cities Meetup

    I live in dakota county and work in richfield. When feeling brave enough, I would love to love to meet up with a DL friend just to have someone to share conversation about our common interests. feel free to write or pm any time. dv
  12. St Paul-ish

    UAB1176 - audio geek?
  13. Twin Cities Greeting

    I was just in coon rapids over the weekend! damn! (not that I was free to explore, but still...) dv
  14. Southwest Of cities

    where do you live? I'm int he twin cities area dv
  15. Am I a diaper lover?

    Kinsy! I have soo been there with the buying and purging - both diapers and girls clothes - until I finally accepted it as being part of who I am. thanks for sharing, dv