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  1. dressupDV


    What rustypins said: i use girlsgoodnites and you can't flood those, but they are fun to wet a little at a time - ive gotten good at that ;-> Also, once you get comfortable wetting, you might find flooding and leaking an equal amount of fun.
  2. dressupDV

    Enema Question

    I havent given myself an enema in a while - i dont normally poop in my diaper - but i like being cleaned out enough to be able to soak a diaper - or several -that way.
  3. dressupDV

    Pull ups

    I like small, which is why I wear goodnites, even though I have to be careful to not just leg go and pee full on in them. I like their snugness and they are very 'stealth,' lol!
  4. dressupDV

    St Paul-ish

    wow! thanks so much for writing! I would love to - when feeling brave enough - to connect with you. It would be a big first step for me. I'm gonna write you privately about a possible meetup. hugs! dv
  5. dressupDV

    Pull ups

    those are cute! What is the smallest waist size?
  6. dressupDV

    Richfield, mn?

    I'm getting the urge to be bold and attempt to meet up. I work in richfield near the coop. Anyone game to chat outside atthe park while drinking too much fluid?
  7. wow! Thanks for sharing that! I've only shared with one friend, and thank fully, the response was positive and accepting. But i am otherwise in the closet. So cool that the guy talked about it - though i was hoping he'd get into it more.
  8. I read some of your stories today!  good stuff!

    1. diaperedboilerman


      Thank you. I was wondering if people like my stories or if I should give it up! :D I appreciate your feedback! :) 

  9. dressupDV


    when your wife thinks they're cute, it's win-win! congrats (and hugs)!
  10. dressupDV

    Drinking wee

    Some day, I will have a real play date, when I get up the courage.
  11. I hope to be around more, but have been super busy.

    If you drop by, please say HELLO, at least!



  12. dressupDV

    Trans me

    No diapers. just white cotton panties and bra under some cute snug leggings and one-piece top. Also, cause sometimes I can't figure out how to make a new folder... I bought this nice sleeper at Aldi's, believe it or not. I may not look the cutest in it, but it makes me feel cute and small ;-)
  13. I'm still alive.  been busy with a bathroom remodel and a graduation.  see y'all in june.

  14. dressupDV

    Drinking wee

    the amount of sodium in your pee corresponds with your intake - or lack of same.