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  1. dressupDV

    Diapers at school

    I didn't wear the diaper to get myself excited during school - and it was a tech school fwiw. Teaching can be stressful - it is similar to acting, in that so much energy and focus is required. After class, and after cleaning up the class room, I could relax and be at peace - it would be close to midnite - and so, what I did for fun was after everyone was long gone. Sorry if I wasn't clear about that
  2. dressupDV

    Diapers at school

    YES! I have worn diapers to school - as the teacher! I loved wetting in front of my students without them knowing. when class was over I would find a private place to have fun in my diaper!
  3. dressupDV

    Let's pad up this weekend - NYC

    Wow! If your missive was directed at me, I'm both appreciative, and disappointed I'm not in NYC. I lived in the East village for 19 years and figured it would be easy to pad up with another DL. Please, please please, follow me and send a message so we can chat here and Kik.
  4. I see you're wearing girls goodnites!!!  I love mine!!!

  5. dressupDV

    When did you realize you where a sissy

    I was about 4 years old when I had an accident at my girl cousin's house. I don't remember it, only that I came home in her panties. I was lucky that the panties we're cycled through my underwear drawer and I enjoyed wearing them very much. I remember in kindergarten when some of the older kids came down to put on a play. On of the boys had a leotard on. This fascinated me to no end. Also, I always played house with the girls - it was much more fun than playing sports or war games with the boys. At 10, I borrowed a neighbor's Catholic school uniform and dressed as a girl. I enjoyed that so very much. I wish I could have worn it every day, but alas....
  6. dressupDV

    Trans me

    No diapers. just white cotton panties and bra under some cute snug leggings and one-piece top. Also, cause sometimes I can't figure out how to make a new folder... I bought this nice sleeper at Aldi's, believe it or not. I may not look the cutest in it, but it makes me feel cute and small ;-)
  7. dressupDV


  8. I love my girls goodnites. Sometimes mes I go a few weeks without wearing, and then that first one - OMG - what a great feeling!! I love the snuggness, and the naughtiness of wetting, and 'playing' in a wet diaper.
  9. dressupDV

    who knows your fetish how did they react?

    My best friend knows and she's remarkably cool and supportive. It was a huge turn on to tellher- and I secretly wish she'd be into it with me - but I don't want to push it. I feel lucky enough to have a friend I can share stories with.
  10. dressupDV

    Who uses their diaper beyond capacity???

    I do - when it's just starting to leak, I sit on the toilet and flood before changing. MMMMMM!
  11. dressupDV

    WIN_20170624_20_18_37_Pro (2).jpg

    I would love to have a playdate with you! Such a cute outfit!
  12. dressupDV


    this might be my fave! So sweet and simple! Do you ever wear outside! you are so pulling thiis off!
  13. dressupDV


    just WOW! Would LOVE to play dressup with you!
  14. dressupDV


    your pix are so cute!
  15. dressupDV


    I half like that you can see my diaper bulge, but I would love to have a longer sweaters, T-shirts and hoodies (and skirts of course)!