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  1. I like enemas and I use tampons as a suppository.
  2. Welcome to DD! I love that this is such a varied group. When I first joined, I honestly didn't know how to describe myself. I then found there are as many variations as there are members. While I wear diapers out alot, I have only told one person, who was remarkably receptive and encouraging. I haven't yet convinced her to try a diaper yet, but I'm working on it... Anyways, I hope you like it here!
  3. I am working today, but I've been diapered all morning, hoping my 'neighbor' will find something to do - away from here - so i can play online.  

    Feel free to PM.  If I get some time alone, i will reply, promise.

  4. I wish ALDI US would sell these. I'd try them in a heartbeat!
  5. Hoping to be around this weekend 27th, 28th, 29th May.  If you see me online, PM me!

  6. Diapered and alone at work today.  Feel free to PM.

  7. I love wearing panties!
  8. I'm in the closet except for telling one friend, who took it really well. I love wear's girly things and she's even bought me panties, bra and teddy. I gave her a diaper hoping she'd tell me she tried it and loved it. One day she sensed something was up with me - I was drinking alot of tea and going through diapers like crazy that day and was afraid to leak. She finally had to ask what was up. I took a deep breath, asked if she REALLY wanted to know - twice - and told her it was very personal and private. I've known her for a while and we have shared many personal things so I felt I could trust her. I took a deep breath, hesitated for a moment (got a little hard thinking about what I was about to say outloud) and told her, "I like to wear and wet diapers." I waited expecting a reaction, but instead got, "oh, that's cool!" I asked if I could wet in front of her - she was ok with that, and when I pulled my pants down enough to show off my girl's goodnites, She thought they were so cute. I showed her my DD page and my Xtube pix and videos and a few tumblr vids I liked. I have never done that with anyone. It was pretty exciting and a relief to share with just one person. I'd love to have someone to play with. This site is great because everyone's fetish is different, but we all share a piece of it. So, yeah. Coming out is scary, and yet telling someone can be a positive surprise. Dianna
  9. Cute! I bet you feel great wearing all that sexiness!
  10. Daddy asked me to take my leggings off..


  11. wow! you are sooooo cute!
  12. That's a nice top? dress? Looks great on you!
  13. Love this pic!
  14. Home alone and loving it! 

  15. Welcome!