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  1. dressupDV

    Let's pad up this weekend - NYC

    Window still open. I've never had a face to face chat with another dl. Would love to realize that fantasy - over a cuppa tea?
  2. dressupDV

    NYC dlfriendly Hangouts??

    Heading back into Manhattan. Feeling bold if you are - it will be a first for me to share a conversation with anither DL.
  3. dressupDV

    Let's pad up this weekend - NYC

    I have a window on Sat, 20th, 2018
  4. dressupDV

    NYC dlfriendly Hangouts??

    I'm in midtown, would be a great fantasy to walk with another dl while wetting
  5. dressupDV

    NYC dlfriendly Hangouts??

    Hi, have a free day in NYC and would love to find all friendly place to hang for and hour during the day...
  6. dressupDV

    HiFi & DIY Audio?

    what type of amp? Are you trying to buy parts specific to your amp? There are some standard / generic power transistors that pretty much work in every amp. I have a bryston to repair and snagged a bunch of MJ15025 (pnp) and MJ15024 (npn).
  7. dressupDV

    Favorite Places To Wear Diapers.

    I wear everywhere - when, of course, I'm wearing. I love driving in a diaper - and on long trips, of changing myself at gas stations. I wear to work, shopping, nothing is out of bounds. I love wetting along the way, especially while talking with people. That's a little naughty, I guess.
  8. I agree. I don't feel secure in Pads alone, but I like the idea of having both. Pads work well so long as I'm tucked in and wearing snug panties.
  9. dressupDV

    HiFi & DIY Audio?

    Agreed, Damping factor can definitely be part of the issue.
  10. dressupDV

    HiFi & DIY Audio?

    the drawing. get them off the floor on milk crates till the horn is at ear level. area rug on the floor? velvet elvis on the side walls? Tapestries? you might make 2ft x 4 ft bass traps, two for each corner - also off the floor (although floor to ceiling would be better) plus a narrow 1 foot x 4 foot bass trap to triangulate
  11. dressupDV

    HiFi & DIY Audio?

    oh. Well, position with those speakers - and having enough space for them - is everything. I don't really think it's an amp issue. Here' plug your room's dimensions into this calculator... https://amcoustics.com/tools/amroc and draw me a pic of your space with dimensions.
  12. dressupDV

    HiFi & DIY Audio?

    Hmm, those speakers don't need much of an amp to drive them - they are from the tube era. That said, if they are tubby, you'll want to keep your cables short. The issue I see - unless you auditioned them in the living room is that there is no acoustic treatment in the room. Get them off the floor, so that the horn (tweeter) is at ear level. Any amp with 25~50 watts of power should drive them pretty well. What gage cable were you using?
  13. dressupDV


    only intermittent regrets, lol! I've gone through phases of tossing clothes and diapers only to realize they are part of who I am. I had to learn to accept this fetish - DD and the net have definitely helped, because I know I'm not alone. I've told one person - face to face - and that person is still my friend!
  14. dressupDV

    Anyone from MN want to talk?

    My dream would be to find a convenient place to meet up - Blitz suggested the como zoo or the mall - but anyplace where two people could meeet up for a diaper saturating beverage, then go for a walk and what while wetting. i think that would be a fun and safe way to get to know someone. hugs
  15. dressupDV

    Getting excited in my goodnites #1

    A spanking?? Ive only once been in the same room with someone who knew i was wearing a diaper. I would so love to do that a few more times with someone who is also wearing and wetting. Ive never thought much about spanking, but id be up for whatever happens after soaking a few diapers together.