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  1. Hello: I am new hear and kind of confused. Out of Diapers but not into a bra yet. Flat chested 12 year old in pretty dresses. like to giggle   Hugs and Kisses

  2. dressupDV

    What a night!

    So far so good! And then...
  3. dressupDV

    Shower Wetting

    Yes, I luv laying in the tub and peeing all over myself - including face and mouth!
  4. dressupDV

    Shower Wetting

    I would be soaking wet after clubbing - not from wetting myself. But that sounds super hot. I just loved being a soaking wet femme boi in my leggings (and panties underneath).
  5. YES! I love wearing and wetting in front of people without them knowing. But really I keep fantasizing about video chatting with another DL. I fantasize about meeting up with another DL. I am not always so brave - or free - but wetting with someone who is doing the same would be supper hot. I'm in the minneapolis / st paul area.
  6. Hiya Everyone! I was born male but have identified female for as long as I remember. I had an accident at my girl cousin's house when I was 4, came home in a pair of her panties that my mom, thankfully, kept in rotation in my underwear drawer. I would love to share my joy of wetting via video chat - I use kik because it's easy - I just want to be able to wet and say outloud ho much I love wetting along with someone who feels the same . Sissy in a diaper is an approximate description. I wear girl's goodnites and dress up when I have private time. It is very sexual for me, but I would be almost as happy - lol - to just wet with some nice person. PM is always open - feel free to message me if I'm not online - and if you'd like to video chat I'll just about cum thinking about it! I'm fluid and open to anyone who shares my passion for wetting.
  7. dressupDV

    Video chat on KIK?

    Hiya Everyone! I would love to video chat with someone and I would love to do it right here on DD, but getting video to work - on my phone no less - is a challenge. I've been to kik and can't say I love the experience, but kik is easy, and it's not linked to any of my 'straight' I would love to video chat with someone else in a diaper - to wet, to talk about our mutual love a wetting, while wetting, and maybe a little more. And yes, it is sexual for me, but I would be happy to just wet with a nice person. PLEASE, if interested, message me or email [email protected] Born male, identify female, 'gender fluid, sissy in a diaper' is a close approximation of what I'm about. I have no identity preferences. hugs, and thanks in advance. Diane
  8. dressupDV


    those pink jammies are adorable!
  9. dressupDV


    Thank you for looking at my pix!
  10. dressupDV

    Trans me

    No diapers. just white cotton panties and bra under some cute snug leggings and one-piece top. Also, cause sometimes I can't figure out how to make a new folder... I bought this nice sleeper at Aldi's, believe it or not. I may not look the cutest in it, but it makes me feel cute and small ;-)
  11. dressupDV

    Sightings Of Girls Holding It In

    Short skirts and hot pants are really sexy! And, FWIW, boys with shaved legs love wearing them too - at least this boy does!
  12. dressupDV

    MN ABDL kik groups

    I'm on kik and I'll check out the ABDL group. I would love to meet up.
  13. dressupDV

    Favourite item of clothing to wet

    I wear leggings alot and when binging diapers I do eventually leak. At first, I go to the bathroom to change, but sit on the toilet first to soak my diaper!! And, then start the cycle over. Once I've leaked a little, I love letting go, especially in my maroon leggings that turn a darker shade. I love wetting my panties, but that doesn't happen as often. Same with my one piece bathing suit - that, with or without a diaper is a thrill. I have videos of both on xtube. Making vids - or live video chats - makes me super horny.
  14. dressupDV

    I’m not IC...

    I've had diaper dreams. I rarely get to wear diapers in bed, but this Saturday nite I'll be home alone, so I will!!! I know I won't sleep much, lol! I look forward to this nite, when I dream I meeting and actually wake up wet!!
  15. dressupDV

    When did you realize you where a sissy

    I have bike shorts that the love. I can have a diaper on under leggings with biker shorts on the outer layer. After a legging hiatus, I was finally able to start wearing them again, to my great relief and pleasure. Send links of the shorts you like.