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  1. you are sooo awesome!


  2. Cute N Yellow

    Love! Where do you get such cute dresses!
  3. Adorable White Dress

    I LOVE your dress!
  4. Wearing Bras

    wear do you get silicone enhancers?
  5. First diaper-gasim ever.

    Wow! That's hot - AND you're in Minnesota - me too! I would have loved to just watch (while rubbing myself in my wet diaper).
  6. Enemas And Suppositories

    I like enemas and I use tampons as a suppository.
  7. New here

    Welcome to DD! I love that this is such a varied group. When I first joined, I honestly didn't know how to describe myself. I then found there are as many variations as there are members. While I wear diapers out alot, I have only told one person, who was remarkably receptive and encouraging. I haven't yet convinced her to try a diaper yet, but I'm working on it... Anyways, I hope you like it here!
  8. I am working today, but I've been diapered all morning, hoping my 'neighbor' will find something to do - away from here - so i can play online.  

    Feel free to PM.  If I get some time alone, i will reply, promise.

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    2. dressupDV


      Hi Wendy!  Thanks for writing!

      I wear mostly girls goodnites, and while they don't hold much, I don't mind leaking a little - or alot!  Some days I wear them out and about - and especially on ling drives.  I love the thrill of changing at a rest stop.  I've worn other diapers, mostthat I can buy locally are too big, and I can't buy online.

      I love mommy panties too - I know what kind you mean.

      I have a video link to xtube on my profile page...

      I'm in  audio - tech / repair /music.

      and you?


    3. BabyWendyMarie


      Hi hies,

      Thanks for the nice note! I've been wearing "mommy panties" every day now for over nine years...it's easy for me to remember because I was 50 when I made the decision to forever abandon "gross" male underwear. Now I wouldn't be caught dead in them! This feels like an important step toward liberating myself from my male hangups that I grew up with, not that I mind being male, I'm comfortable in my own skin. But it's important to me to give my inner female "equal time" and when that involves diapers, I love being a baby girl, it's a very natural fit for me.

      Right now what I do is publish a baseball history journal which I've been doing a long time, so I'm also self-employed. I was a teacher for 20 years before I gave that up about 10 years ago to research/write full time. Plus I'm my wife's househusband, although we do not role-play at all. That's not part of our "chemistry" if you know what I mean. Are you married?

      baby wendy

    4. dressupDV


      married, yes.  my wife indulged my fem side when we lived in NYC, but when we moved to the midwest - and to the burbs, and had kids - she discouraged me.  I used to wear panties and leggings ALL the time. Glad I discovered diapers, because somehow they fill the need.  I'm getting back into panties and leggings and enjoying that very much.


      thanks for writing!

  9. Mamia diapers for older kids at Aldi.

    I wish ALDI US would sell these. I'd try them in a heartbeat!
  10. Hoping to be around this weekend 27th, 28th, 29th May.  If you see me online, PM me!

  11. Diapered and alone at work today.  Feel free to PM.

  12. Panty Collection #1

    I love wearing panties!
  13. Coming Out

    I'm in the closet except for telling one friend, who took it really well. I love wear's girly things and she's even bought me panties, bra and teddy. I gave her a diaper hoping she'd tell me she tried it and loved it. One day she sensed something was up with me - I was drinking alot of tea and going through diapers like crazy that day and was afraid to leak. She finally had to ask what was up. I took a deep breath, asked if she REALLY wanted to know - twice - and told her it was very personal and private. I've known her for a while and we have shared many personal things so I felt I could trust her. I took a deep breath, hesitated for a moment (got a little hard thinking about what I was about to say outloud) and told her, "I like to wear and wet diapers." I waited expecting a reaction, but instead got, "oh, that's cool!" I asked if I could wet in front of her - she was ok with that, and when I pulled my pants down enough to show off my girl's goodnites, She thought they were so cute. I showed her my DD page and my Xtube pix and videos and a few tumblr vids I liked. I have never done that with anyone. It was pretty exciting and a relief to share with just one person. I'd love to have someone to play with. This site is great because everyone's fetish is different, but we all share a piece of it. So, yeah. Coming out is scary, and yet telling someone can be a positive surprise. Dianna
  14. Pink tutu and leotard with white tights

    Cute! I bet you feel great wearing all that sexiness!