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  1. anyone wanna get together for a beverage and just go for a walk and talk diaper love - preferably while wearing and wetting?
  2. Hey! Richfield here
  3. dressupDV

    Snapshot 20120714 19

    very cute pic and clothes
  4. I've been wearing girls goodnites for years. waist is about 34, butt is slim (it's the belly I'd like to get rid of). like others have commented, goodnites hide well and are great if you can wet in spurts for need or fun. If I wanna soak them, I wear tight booty shorts or a one piece swimsuit - slightly undersized. You can't really soak them fast, but they will tolerate a decent amount of pee.
  5. I use tampons to deal with hemorrhoids - believe it or not. I use the target cream on the tampon. Works supper well when irritated (and sometimes just for fun). They pop out when you poop. Haven't had an issue in years and wetting has never been a problem.
  6. I'm in richfield if you every wanna grab a tall beverage of your choice ;->
  7. hiya! How can we connect?
  8. dressupDV

    Pee fetish

    yes! I had one GF that was into peeing on me - that was very hot. When Im home alone, I'll go in the tub and pee on myself!
  9. I wear around the house and at work - goodnites are pretty much undetectable. My wife doesn't know. It would cause her more stress than she already has...
  10. dressupDV


    So glad to see other brave souls interested in connecting. I know it's hard on so many levels, but I'd be happy to meet in Richfield if only to take a long walk while drinking a tall beverage - while padded up, of course! Posts here show up in my email, or you can email direct [email protected] Hugs!!!
  11. Yes! I used to wear stockings all the time, under my clothes. There was a company called silkies, and I had a subscription to get a pair every month. This was before I got into wetting.
  12. message me if you'd like to connect sometime. I'd be happy to walk and chat, knowing we are both diapered and wetting along the way.
  13. I had a GF who peed on me a few times. It was really great!
  14. I am swamped with work, just in case you're wondering where I am...