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  1. I had a GF who peed on me a few times. It was really great!
  2. I am swamped with work, just in case you're wondering where I am...

  3. Hi are you still out here looking, if so I am looking too, drop me a line.


  4. Hi Minnetonka! How brave are ya feeling? Tell me about yourself here or message.
  5. dressupDV


    another cute dress!
  6. dressupDV


    very cute!
  7. Thank you SOOOO much for posting! Luv, Luv, Luv!
  8. dressupDV


    I mix a bit of unsweetened cranberry juice in my water and herbal tea just to keep my system less vulnerable.
  9. Hello: I am new hear and kind of confused. Out of Diapers but not into a bra yet. Flat chested 12 year old in pretty dresses. like to giggle   Hugs and Kisses

  10. Yes, I luv laying in the tub and peeing all over myself - including face and mouth!
  11. I would be soaking wet after clubbing - not from wetting myself. But that sounds super hot. I just loved being a soaking wet femme boi in my leggings (and panties underneath).
  12. YES! I love wearing and wetting in front of people without them knowing. But really I keep fantasizing about video chatting with another DL. I fantasize about meeting up with another DL. I am not always so brave - or free - but wetting with someone who is doing the same would be supper hot. I'm in the minneapolis / st paul area.