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  1. I'm not no family is shud we start homework
  2. Ya it is its about the same size as mine but I have a jacuzzi tub in mine and I have a king sized bed
  3. Yes maybe someday you can go down there now let's go upstairs and I'll show you your room we go up stairs and show you the room its a big room with a queen sized bed and a off bathroom
  4. I'll show you to your room and around the house but there's one thing you see this door it has locks on it don't go down stairs
  5. We get home it's a house no room mates
  6. Ok you let me help you you can stay at my place
  7. No you cant if you smarten up and listen to me we can get you through this and I'll let you stay at my place plus I'll get the teacher to give you one more chance
  8. What where are you going your not quiting are you
  9. What are you doing out here not getting your homework done
  10. I'm leaving you don't listen I try and help you I'm wasting my time later
  11. How did it work out for you
  12. Ok little missy u listen to me right now so I can smack your bottom go and hard
  13. Your very bad I'm trying to help you