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  1. Logan T

    Just feel the need

    Yes but we love it
  2. Logan T

    Just feel the need

    I love it when my wife does that to me such a turn on I think
  3. Logan T

    Skirt / Dress / Pantyhose Wetting

    Very nice
  4. Logan T

    Hello All!!

    Welcome back so sorry to hear about your wife all the best getting back to your feet
  5. Logan T

    What Color Is Yours?

    If I drink a lot of water my pee is as clear as water
  6. Logan T

    I’m very curious

    Hi I'm sure you'll find it a lot of fun on here asking questions is the best way to find things out everyone is really nice and you love it here
  7. Logan T

    Hey! from a lonely babygirl in minnesota!

    Welcome you'll love it here
  8. Logan T

    What's Your Diaper Size?

  9. Logan T

    Hello from Moon

    Hi welcome I'm from Canada to you'll like it here very nice people
  10. Logan T

    Hi im new to this site

    Welcome you'll love it here
  11. Logan T

    I could use a little advice

    Hope you find something I'm from Canada
  12. Logan T

    I get this feeling a lot? lol

    Same every day I have to work lol
  13. Logan T

    Please change my username.

    What does that give you
  14. Logan T

    Anyone From Alberta?

    Medicine hat
  15. Logan T

    Looking For Ab Dl In Alberta Or Sask

    Hi PM me