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  1. wetone


    Hi out there in the West, hope your weather is good and you are staying well diapered, sure would be nice if we were in the same area.
  2. Hi hope you had a good Xmas and got some of the things you were hoping to get.


  3. wetone

    Anyone in Fort St John BC

    yes we can message and get to know each other if you like, ok?
  4. wetone

    Anyone in Fort St John BC

    Wish we were in the same area would love to play with you in more ways than one. Smiles
  5. wetone

    Do You Enjoy Being Incontinent?

    My condition is similar to what some others have said, I have a urge problem and when I need to pee I have to find a washroom or place out side to pee or I will start to wet my pants. With wearing a pull-up or a diaper I do not have to worry about wetting my pants. When I started wearing protective underwear I was a bit embarrassed no I know by the amount of diapers and pull-ups that are on the shelves in most all drug and department stores I am not the only one with wetting problems. I must also admit I now enjoy wearing and just wet when ever I need to pee. That's my story and am sticking to it.
  6. wetone

    I need a spanking

    I am from the London Ontario Canada area and always need and looking to be spanked on my bare wet butt, can entertain too for privacy.
  7. wetone

    Why do you wear diapers?

    For me it is because I love to wet and be wet no matter what I am wearing for underwear, I also have a urge problem so went I need to pee I have to find a place to pee quick, so the diapers and pullups work real good for me.
  8. wetone

    Got a spanking

    I get spanking not only for wetting my pants and diapers, for just being all around naughty
  9. Hi there are you still out here looking, I am too. Smiles

  10. Hi there are you still out here looking to chat and possibly meet, I can entertain, and chat.Smiles

  11. Hi are you still out here and looking? Would love to chat and who know maybe you would love to come here for a visit.


  12. Hi everyone, I can pee in anything I am doing now, could not when I first started wearing and wetting, that was many years ago.
  13. Hi are you still out there looking? I am still looking too. Lets chat and see where it might go.


  14. wetone

    sleeping in diapers or wetting the bed

    I wear diapers to bed every night because of wetting the bed, I wear plastic or rubber pants over my diaper, so if I am on my side I don't leak and wet the bed. Works well for me.Smiles
  15. wetone

    Newmarket Mommy or Daddy?

    Hi There Welcome here and wanting to become an AB, to bad we are not closer in distance, would love to have you come for a visit and sit and chat just in our diapers and wet and change you. Smiles