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  1. Hi there care to message and get to know each other?


  2. wetone

    St Thomas Ontario DL

    Hi Strathroy babyboy here. Looking for other guy's into wetting and wearing diapers.
  3. wetone


    Hi everyone I am in the London Ontario Canada area, small town called Strathroy, looking to meet and possibly play with others males into wetting and wearing diapers, Oh and spankings too. Drop me a line. Smiles
  4. London area here too...I think we used to chat on yahoo

    1. wetone


      Not sure if this is a message to you or you messaging me, it is possible we chatted on one of the old yahoo

    2. diaperedhubby50
  5. wetone

    Anybody from Hamilton Canada

    Hi wish I was, but I am in the London Ontario area
  6. wetone

    London, Ontario gal!

    HI thanks for you message and fallowing me, I/we live in Strathroy and can entertain, lets chat/message and maybe we can set up a meeting, I love too wet and be wet and am still in my night diaper and yes it is wet too, I am wearing a Rearz
  7. I love wetting and wearing diapers and pull-ups, it is so relaxing to just let it go when I need to pee. I also like meeting other wetting and diaper wearing guys in my area too and can entertain too.
  8. wetone

    A Big Kid in Diapers???

    I think for me it all started way back in the 60's, I wanted my departed wife to spank me so I would wet my pants like a Naughty Boy. She would not so when she was not around I would wet my pants and even spank myself. I enjoyed the wetting,
  9. wetone

    Kitchener area.

    Hi not sure if my message was sent to you or not, this site I find is hard to get around in. If not will try again, my message said I am also a diaper lover but only for wetting and I love to wet what ever I have on, I am in Strathroy about 1 1/2 hour from your area. I love to meet others into diapers and such. Smiles Garry
  10. wetone

    Toronto looking KIK

    HI would like to chat too even though I am not in the Toronto area, I am in the London area. Also sorry I do not have KiK, but I do have skype and on here or a few other sites, like Diapermates, diaper-bois, fetlife
  11. wetone

    If you became incontinent

    I said I would leave it the way it is because I wear almost 24 hours a day now, I have an urge
  12. Very sorry to hear your situation, I know if I lost my mommy I would be very upset too. We have been together 11 years, my departed wife would have nothing to do with me wetting and wanting to be diapered, so I had to sneak around and wet and wear when she was at work or out shopping and such. Good luck in your search. Not sure where in Ontario you are located, I am in the London area Strathroy to be exact.
  13. Hi have a great trip, if you would like you could drop in here sometime on your travel's

  14. hey there how are you

  15. wetone

    Diaper Lovers Around London Ontario

    On 3/28/2016 at 7:30 PM, Diaperedsparky said: Hi I live just outside London too ..would love to meet up sometime