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  1. wetone

    When Did You Start Doing This And Why?

    I started wetting my pants again, when I was in my late 20's then tried to fine diapers for adults there was nothing way back then, so made my own out of bath towels and a garbage back for plastic pants when I was home alone. Found plastic pants while visiting a medical store, sneaked back one day and bought a pair to cover my towel diapers, found baby disposable diapers for baby's and taped 2 together end to end with masking tape, then in i think it was the late 80's saw disposable pull-ups for adults and the rest is history. Away back then had to hide everything, since then been a few changes in my life, loosing my wife and finding a lady friend that accepted me wearing and wetting, now I wear and wet every night and when out and away from the house. I wear either pull-ups or diapers and wet them and enjoy it too. Smiles
  2. wetone

    Ottawa Valley DLs?

    HI sure wish I was in your area so we could sit and chat and get to know one another.
  3. wetone

    Diaper lover from Toronto Ontario

    Hi to bad we are not closer in distance we could sit and chat just in our diapers and change each other when we need changing our wet diapers.
  4. Hi do you know when you will be coming to Strathroy? Hope you would like to drop in for a visit?


  5. wetone

    Your Partner Changing Your Diaper

    My Common law wife diapers me all the time and changes my wet diapers, loves to see me run around the house just in my diapers and wetting, she also spanks my naughty bare wet butt too. Smiles Oh and we can entertain too if you live in my area of London Ontario Canada.
  6. wetone

    A question for the guys

    Mine is pointed down if it is up when I wet my pee comes up over the top of my diaper because I am laying down.
  7. wetone

    Dominent Men getting Their Diaper Changed

    Oh I/we are in the London Ontario area, Strathroy to be exact and can and have entertained other male diaper wetting males.
  8. wetone

    Dominent Men getting Their Diaper Changed

    My Wife diapers and changes my wet diapers, she also spanks me for being naughty, I will change other guy's wet diapers too, also will spank you to for being naughty.
  9. Hi are you interested in chatting and possibly meeting?

  10. wetone

    London Ont

    Strathroy here the London Area looking to chat a possibly meet here for chat and see were it goes from there.
  11. wetone

    What feels better?

    My Vote wet, dry first and end up soaked.
  12. wetone

    Spanked for pants wetting

    I get and love to be spanked on my bare wet butt, mommy has a variety of straps and paddles she uses on me, we have had other guys visit and get spanking too, we are open to other guys in our area dropping in chatting and wetting and then spanked.
  13. wetone

    Punish me

    I love getting my bare assed spankings for wetting my pants and other underwear like pull-ups and diapers. I love to meet other guys into the same and we can entertain too, Mommy will spank us both for being naughty.
  14. wetone

    St Thomas Ontario DL

    HI have you been out to Strathroy lately?
  15. wetone

    Pubic Hair Removal

    I shave my pubic and butt area's just about every 2 or 3 days I shave the same time I shave my face with the same soap and razor, love the feel and the look of the nakedness. I have tried different things like nair those type of creams with not much luck in all the hair removal.