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  1. wetone

    Newmarket Mommy or Daddy?

    Hi There Welcome here and wanting to become an AB, to bad we are not closer in distance, would love to have you come for a visit and sit and chat just in our diapers and wet and change you. Smiles
  2. wetone

    London Ont

    Hi everyone still would like to chat with any of you and who know maybe we can meet and sit and chat and play around in our diapers too.
  3. wetone

    Favorite Places To Wear Diapers.

    I love wearing my diapers and pull-ups where ever I am going and also around the house, just wish I lived somewhere were our house was more private and I would wear just a diaper outside too. Oh I only wet and love being wet too. Also looking for others in my area to visit and sit and chat just in our diapers. Smiles
  4. wetone

    Ottawa, Montreal Daddy looking 4 baby Girl

    Hi sure we can chat, just ask away but travel for you is a long distance I am between London and Sarnia Ontario. Smiles
  5. wetone

    Hello, fellow diaper enthusiasts

    Welcome have fun and enjoy and hope you meet others too. Be safe too.
  6. Good luck hope to hear how you make out, I also want to wet through the night without knowing I am wetting my diaper.


  7. wetone

    Hello from a diaper lover

    Hello Diaper lovers, I love my diapers too and wetting them too, I have been wearing every night diapers and through the day pull-ups since 2002, that is when after my wife passed away. I now have a g/f she is my mommy and we are going to get married next year, she love diapering me and seeing me run around the house just in my diapers, oh she spanks me to for being so naughty. I am also looking for other guys in my area wh0 are also into wearing and wetting.
  8. wetone

    Ottawa Valley DLs?

    Yes for sure.
  9. I have been wearing diapers to bed over 18 years and still do not totally wet with out knowing I just wet my diaper or if naked wet the bed..
  10. wetone

    How old were you?

    In my late 20's and there was no adult things then so made my diapers out of terry cotton bath towels and sheets and a garbage back for plastic pants and masking tape to tighten them. Loved it, and am still wearing diapers but the adult type.
  11. wetone

    What diapers do you wear?

    I wear Abri's M3 and m4's and when my friend gives me some Rearz Safari's. I find these brands to be pretty good and are not real expensive either and hold 3 + wetting's , if I feel I might leak I wear plastic or rubber pants over them, at night time I wear plastic pants with a terry cotton liner in case I wet so much that I will leak. I must say I enjoy wearing and wetting too.
  12. wetone

    So I wet the bed last night....

    HI everyone, just to add my situation and thoughts. I wear pull-ups when I go out shopping and some of my work too, my reason is I have urge problem and a dribble problem, my dribble comes from a tipped bladder it does not empty completely my doctor knows about it , so to not leave the bathroom and dibble in my pats I wear protection, my prostate Doctor know I wear a pull-up and when I told him he said it was not a problem for guys my age. Oh I will be 77 in Oct. I am diapered every night partly for that reason and partly because I have wet or almost wet the bed not waking fast enough to get out of bed, I have been wearing a diaper to bed for 18 to 20 years and still do not always wet with out knowing. With all that I also enjoy wetting my pants, and diapers so the above kinda gives me an excuse to wear and wet. My common law wife know and diapers me at night time too. Oh when I am out and about I can not go more that 2 hours with out needing to pee. I have not told any close friends or other family members and do no think they know when we visit and I am wearing a pull-up. So that is my story and I am sticking to it.
  13. wetone

    wet bottom

    I get a bare wet bottom spanking after my wet diaper is taken off, it stings a lot more I find, I get it with a strap or rigid paddle, and my spanking sounds louder too.
  14. wetone

    Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    Abir M3 with a booster long pad. Oh and I am soaked.
  15. wetone

    When Did You Start Doing This And Why?

    I started wetting my pants again, when I was in my late 20's then tried to fine diapers for adults there was nothing way back then, so made my own out of bath towels and a garbage back for plastic pants when I was home alone. Found plastic pants while visiting a medical store, sneaked back one day and bought a pair to cover my towel diapers, found baby disposable diapers for baby's and taped 2 together end to end with masking tape, then in i think it was the late 80's saw disposable pull-ups for adults and the rest is history. Away back then had to hide everything, since then been a few changes in my life, loosing my wife and finding a lady friend that accepted me wearing and wetting, now I wear and wet every night and when out and away from the house. I wear either pull-ups or diapers and wet them and enjoy it too. Smiles