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  1. BabyDL44

    What do you Wear?

    So far my preferred choice is a better dry and terry lined plastic pants
  2. BabyDL44

    Who woke up wet this morning?

    My better dry is saturated. I'm really starting to enjoy being a bedwetter again.
  3. As a kid I wet the bed until the age of 15. At that time it was hard to deal with. Having an overbearing mother didn't help the cause any. Now I'm 45 and my bedwetting has come back. It's been about 4 months now. It left me frustrated at first. Now waking up to a wet diaper somehow feels good.
  4. BabyDL44


  5. BabyDL44

    BetterDry® and Crinklz® Review

    I just picked up Better Dry. They have a good fit. And are very absorbent. Kept my bed dry all night.
  6. BabyDL44

    New Seattle Munch And Event Group

    I know this is a fairly old post. Maybe we could setup another munch. It would be nice to get abdls together.
  7. BabyDL44

    How does being a bedwetter make you feel?

    It makes me feel like I'm regressing back to yo my youth. I wet the bed until I was 15. My mother made sure I was padded every night.
  8. BabyDL44

    Why am I wetting the bed again?

    I haven't considered that. I will see what free clinics are in my area.
  9. BabyDL44

    Wetting Yourself Awake?

    I have had dreams that I'm peeing in a urinal. I wake up to a wet bed
  10. BabyDL44

    Why am I wetting the bed again?

    My biggest issue for not seeing the doc at this time is that I have no health insurance until September. Have been put in a lot of stressful situations for the last few months. For the time being. I'm watching my fluid intake after 6pm. Making myself go to the bathroom before going to bed. Still wearing a diaper while sleeping. And still waking up wet.
  11. I checked the drylife website. It seems that they don't ship to the US. Babykins are nice. Just not feeling the high shipping charges.
  12. I'm considering buy some double terry lined plastic pants. Who makes an affordable quality pair of pants?
  13. BabyDL44

    ABU Simple Ultra

    I got to try the Peekabu for the first time last night. Which is a printed version of the Simple Ultra. It held up very well. Had more room to give. I'm very impressed with them.
  14. BabyDL44

    Why am I wetting the bed again?

    Since last Tuesday I have wet my bed once. Every day after that, I am wearing a diaper when I sleep. And have woke up to a wet diaper every day since wetting my bed. Not sure what could be causing this. I haven't wet like this since I was 15.