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  1. Being incontinence is no joke trust me esp if my tend to have messy accidents too. I have IBS-D and tent to have very little wearing before i mess myself. I have to carry a full diaper bag with me when we are out typically i can leave it in the car if we are going to be quick but if i am walking the mall out going out to eat i bring it in. Ohh yea concert and sporting events and bag check bring a whole new level to embarrassment and adventure. Granted all out close friends know i wear diapers now kind of hard to hide diaper delivery's and diaper in bedrooms and bathrooms LOL
  2. I have IBS-d and tend to have explosive issues LOL my tummy hurts and i have a few mins to find a potty and get the cloth diaper unpinned which is completely futile so i end up just messing and then go change....
  3. after wearing cloth diaper for a while now my only complaint is having to deal with poppy diapers... granted my messy diapers a more like explosions due to my IBS-D so that could be the issue.. typically what i do is strip out of the panties and diaper and rinse them off with cold in the toilet using the shower head from my shower . then toss them into the diaper pail till wash day which is like every other day. I am noticing some of the diaper covers are staining i don't use much bleach but i am using purex with oxy clean to wash them to help the diapers last longer... Any though should i be using bleach on them
  4. baby Lily Luna have you talked to your primary about your IBS at all, I know when I talked to my doctor about my BSD I was told not to eat the foods that caused the flareups but as everyone knows who has IBS-D we can have a flareup just by looking at food willow and eating it. as far as your Aspergers goes technically when the DSM-V came out Aspergers does not exist anymore it's all considered high functioning autism because that's the only way we could get our son diagnosed with autism was using the DSM-V criteria because he didn't fit the criteria for Asperger's and he was too high functioning for Autism. I know up here is WA state my son has been getting pullups for 13 years for bedwetting and no one has really asked why and tried meds for him so it might be worth a try talking to your dr and seeing if they could do some diapers or pull-ups. you could word it as it affecting how you are in public and preventing you from working... if you want to talk more just PM me and we can chat or skype
  5. just toss a 1-2 doublers in for that extra absorbance levels
  6. I woke up very wet this morning and was poppy by the time i stood up and stretched just a horrid feeling... Ohh look coffee time!
  7. I am suppose to use my best big boy manners today and say tank you to @Ferix for the wonderful diapies he gave use yesterday my princess loved waking up her ABU preschool diapers this moring and making sure she left it completely soaked before work
  8. Stevewet i can completely understand and if my wife wasn't into diapers i could see this going ohh so wrong for me.
  9. OOH hers isn't exactly bed-wetting, hers are how shall we say more on accident granted she does have a weak bladder from having children. For example if she's sick and coughing she'll end up wetting herself, or she forgets to go potty before doing the dishes I will often find standing at the sink with wet pants. Of course this type of behavior is dealt with swiftly by me marching her back to the bedroom and changing her out of her wet pants and putting her in a diaper. of course she'll tell me it was an accident and that she's a big girl while giving me the puppy dog look with a mischievous twinkle in her eye, but we all know that she is a preschooler who needs to be treated appropriately. Typically she is diapered at bedtime and I will find her wet diapers either by the shower or in the diaper pail in the mornings. I discovered her passion for little accidents some 20 years ago about a year after we were married. she classifies herself as a DL with AB tendencies. Especially when she's tired feels that there and start sucking on her thumb/pacifier and want to snuggle on my chest.… What a life
  10. my princess keeps me how heavily diapered at night so her side of the bed doesn't get wet.... Like she has never had a accident ever
  11. wearing diaper to school was the only way to survive the long boring lectures in college... and i like coffee so it helps there when you go to a 2 hour class with a 24oz coffee cup and a thermos loaded :)) might be a very wet morning
  12. Wetste looks like you have its down LOL the pot gets emptied and the diepie gets full... I do the same ever morning and if i am not careful with the coffee and make it too strong i might be messy by the time i go shower
  13. These are PVC flannel diapei covers with pretty hand prints so
  14. Princess was very kind this morning and offered to change me while i was still half asleep as so i didn't leak all over her side of the bed... and she whispered that she left me a note for today When i got up i discovered a my favorite diaper cover and double thick cloth diapers laying out already powered and a T-shirt... Found the note laying by the Coffee Pot that was already made ohh today is looking great mama loves me right, then the note baby please mow the yard and stay in you diapers till i get home, and enjoy you coffee this morning. Now i am concerned i didn't see pants or shorts laying out for me this morning. What if i put them on? The note didn't say that i couldn't?
  15. well... Actually no... This is a New batch since my medical give me 4 cases of diapers every month and i am only using about 2ish so we have extra to share