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  1. I have 3 1/2 cases for sale. asking 60.00 for everything
  2. indica Suppositories

    i find this interesting esp with my princess is having a major surgery at the end of the month i know for a fact i will be keeping her diapered her whole recovery. who else has used CBD for post surgery
  3. Incontinence on a low income budget, its fairly easy if you are incot. like me you go to the Dr and get a scrip for medical supplies. granted i have a L4-5 back injury but if you hada child hood history of bedwetting that returned than that might be covered as well both my insurance plans cover diapers and supplies "medcaid and VA medical" not if you paying out of pocket i would suggest some nice cloth diaper and pul pants as a backup if you run out of disposables or to wear full time also if you in a bind could try a condom catheter they work but not very fun to play with
  4. Anyone have spare diapers?

    I will in 2 weeks… i'll have extra Tena Ultras Xl diapers about buying cases you'd have to pay shipping as I live off disability
  5. YES!!! typically my change each other except this week she had tummy surgery and is hurting so she is in bed in very thick diapers. i haven;t heard her complain when changing her
  6. Veteran medical diaper question

    OMG i know right... i personally i want all those fools to be on medicaid and food stamp so i can just laugh
  7. Veteran medical diaper question

    So a update had the Apt on 27th that took a month to get into and as of today i now have 2 cases of depends male guards " diaper inserts is what she said they would work for " 4 cases of pull-ups "that i didn't ask for in size xl and 4 cases of kendal diapers and 1 tub or barrier cream.. I am making some changes to this order and we'll see what she sends me i asked for tranquility ATN's , doublers, bedpads, and wipes for next month
  8. Veteran medical diaper question

    So comforting.... is they for the prescriptions to be processed or teh website to update LOL
  9. how long till i get supplies form seeing the Dr. i the clinic i was at didn't have a pharmacy on site just a pharmacist consultant and i t was all sent to the main clinic in the region. and it looks likei get some really great protection plus diapers a whole 56 and 200 depends male guards LOL she might have messed up. but his Dr was great for getting me supplies with out me asking
  10. Hello Seattle Area Ab/dl's Anyone Out Ther?

    Hi and thank you...
  11. Hello Seattle Area Ab/dl's Anyone Out Ther?

    up here in Everett 20 min north
  12. curious what the going rate would be to visit a nanny or babysitter. non dom type i guess... has anyone done this before what was your experience like
  13. we have extra diapers and pullups this month sorry Local pickups only please Xl DIapers and Large Pullups
  14. Moring Diapers with coffee :)

    Stevewet i am sure that diaper was still only half wet this morning LOL... i was kind of dry this morning till i noticed a wet diaper on the night stand... so i guess my princess changed me when she wet to bed last night. So i will have to drink extra coffee this morning
  15. i did actually download the patterns... have these been used by your self? the initial pattern i looked it looks good i'll just have to make my own pattern for the stuffers and inserts but for the overall share its perfect looks almost like the changing times Contour diapers which is what i use