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  1. Lots of free diapers WA state

    they are all gone now but on occasion i could ship
  2. Selling my cloth diapers as I have boot been using them anymore they are changing times contour diapers about 12 diapers & 12 inserts a few will need to be repaired will include an assortment of vinyl diaper covers if local pickup will give you a diaper pail We will upload pictures later today Asking 100.00 OBO + shipping we paid o over 300 2 years ago X-Large New - front 29", middle13", back 38", length 41"Washed - front 25", middle 11", back 33", length 36"Insert New - 12" x 39" Washed - 10 1/2" x 34"
  3. I have lots of Tena Ultra diapers size Xl for free. zipcode 98208
  4. ABU XL long onsie 20.00

    shipping would be cheap if i send it first class mail i'll Pm you a quote
  5. Only worn once too small after washing this is a size XL long were asking 20.00 plus shipping OBO
  6. Visiting doctor office in a diaper anyone?

    I do it all the time... been incontinent for 14 years. and just recently switched over to the VA health care system so its not unusal for my nurse to check in with me to make sure i am getting my supplies and making sue they meet me needs
  7. Selling this great onsie it just too small for me after it was washed asking $20.00 plus shipping if you want to do local pickup that can be arranged too ships from 98208
  8. Selling 2 cases of Xl tranquility SmartCore Diapers asking 50.00 each plus actual shipping or free local pickup in NW WA state
  9. Veteran medical diaper question

    you can get them to send them more often just email your Dr though myhealthyvet i get my medical supplies monthly and meds are a 3 month supply for me at this point we have alot of diaper come in a month. we are still getting supplies though medcaid and the VA at the same time LOL its like 8 cases of supplies a month
  10. Veteran medical diaper question

    Yea i know LOL i am getting tranquility ATN diapers right now 3 cases a month
  11. Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    How you manage to get a spanner thought you needed a Dr to out one in
  12. They say 60-64 Inches they fit me well and i am a 44-46 inch waste i have more coming in on the 10th
  13. Tranquility

    I just got tranquility SmartCore Brief these are the same as THE ATN's but cloth backed they seem to work really well except we have a occasional tape failure, My wife wear the overnight pull-ups during the day for her own issues but she also like wearing the diapers at night. I talked to my Dr and she is checking the VA's supply system to get me switched to ATN's