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  1. Selling 3 cases of Abena L4 Large plastic backed diapers $40 per case or $15 per bag
  2. My supplier did a double shipment all in one month plus my Dr order a larger quantity because they seem to think i was running out and need over 300 diapers this is VA medical logic LOL so i see the extra to pay for the supplies they will not provide me
  3. The are size large and i have 10 extra cases
  4. Selling 4 cases of Abena L4 plastic backed diapers 30 per case or 110.00 for all 4 cases located 30 Mins north of Seattle
  5. I can't delete me images i have tried on Edge, Chrome , Firefox and IE what am i doing wrong
  6. steveg

    Tena Xl diapers WA state

    hi everyone we have 2 extra cases of tena diaper this month located in Everett area sorry not able to ship
  7. Hi everyone we have a overstock once again and are expecting more so we are selling cases of large plastic backed abena diapers for $30.00 per case or just $10 per bag if just need a bag or 2 sorry no shipping i can;t beat amazon for the cost then
  8. i have 3 extra case of abena plastic backed diapers asking 30 per case or 10 bag
  9. steveg

    Urologist and continence nurs

    Mine is cased from a back injury to the same region it's damage toe cuadia Equine neve root read up on CES (Cauda equina syndrome) might be of help my system was very light in compared to others. I have regained all mobility and just have bladder and bowel issues
  10. steveg

    Diaper pail for messy diapers?

    I have a commercial Rubbermaid 24 gallon medical grade diaper pail that I have been using for all my diapers typically I will using a grocery sack for really messy diapers. the diaper pail lid has 2 Arm and Hammer diaper pail deodorizers
  11. steveg

    Lots of free diapers WA state

    they are all gone now but on occasion i could ship
  12. I have lots of Tena Ultra diapers size Xl for free. zipcode 98208
  13. steveg

    Visiting doctor office in a diaper anyone?

    I do it all the time... been incontinent for 14 years. and just recently switched over to the VA health care system so its not unusal for my nurse to check in with me to make sure i am getting my supplies and making sue they meet me needs
  14. Selling this great onsie it just too small for me after it was washed asking $20.00 plus shipping if you want to do local pickup that can be arranged too ships from 98208