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  1. Hi and thank you...
  2. up here in Everett 20 min north
  3. curious what the going rate would be to visit a nanny or babysitter. non dom type i guess... has anyone done this before what was your experience like
  4. we have extra diapers and pullups this month sorry Local pickups only please Xl DIapers and Large Pullups
  5. Stevewet i am sure that diaper was still only half wet this morning LOL... i was kind of dry this morning till i noticed a wet diaper on the night stand... so i guess my princess changed me when she wet to bed last night. So i will have to drink extra coffee this morning
  6. i did actually download the patterns... have these been used by your self? the initial pattern i looked it looks good i'll just have to make my own pattern for the stuffers and inserts but for the overall share its perfect looks almost like the changing times Contour diapers which is what i use
  7. i do have 1 request after looking at the diaper pattern that looks quite nice...could you inclue a overview pattern " a single page showing what the patters looks like and maybe the grid just a thought"
  8. on the lighter side working out side in a thick cloth diaper i didn't get a rash or chaffing like a disposable diaper and i did put pant on as i have nosy neighbors at times LOL
  9. i know i would like to over more cloth diapers and onsies if they were on sales
  10. those clumped up on me bad i used like 4 pads out of the package and tossed them... I much prefer the Dignity® Stackables® Long Thin Absorbent Insert 3-1/2" x 15", I think the reorder number is 40052
  11. @Hookedondiapers no i will actually use the seattle VA for the clinic i was stationed in Nas Jax FL in HS squadron... my only issue is my medial records are so dam clean i swear to god my corpsman hated me... he was constantly loosing my shot records and blood test records and the moth i was to be discharged my medical record just disappeared and when it reappeared it was like i just enlisted it was that clean LOL... that was some 20 years ago so trying to get any of this service linked might be impossible I have tried to work with DAV in the past and they was a lost cause i am just concerned i have to get my back injury as a service connected disability... that is fixed now and now giving me too much issue as long as i am not stupid ya know if you want to chat hit me up on skype or fb
  12. The gloves are not a worry for me we get 4 boxes a month 2 for my supplies and 2 for my sons supplies and i only go though 1 box in like 6 months since i use it for like rash cream or if there is a serious blow out LOL
  13. neither LOL sat on a aircraft carrier doing circles is the Mediterranean Sea attached to a HS squadron we did search and rescue for the battle group and i spent most of that time working for the ships supply
  14. I tried... didn't end well guess she's not in the mood to play today since she came out of the kitchen with the SAD spoon and asked me if i needed help changing. :)) for a moment it sound like fun
  15. thank you... Yes i served 94-98 almost 20 years ago