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  1. Favorite diaper brand

    Dry 24/7 Molicare Super Secure X Plus Cloth pull on.
  2. Explain Your Screen Name

    Because I tend to flood my diaper like Three Rivers.
  3. Post when messy.

    After my morning coffee, my Molicares are very poopy.
  4. Kinda Personal...

    New2dl, My wife and I have had dirty diaper sex many times, she doesn't wear but I do. So 2 ways we have our play time. 1. I have a messy diaper, and pull down the front of my diaper. She then climbs on top and goes for a ride. 2. I have on a messy diaper and get behind her doggy style and we have our fun. If you have a messy diaper on, my only concern like stated is that you might get a UTI. You could douche relly well after, but no gaurantees. I have never had sex with my wife and a messy penis, and she has never had a UTI as a result. So from your point as a female, you take a possible risk having a messy diaper and getting poop in your vagina. I guess you really won't know unless you try, but be prepared for a possible infection. My advise would be to play safe. Enjoy your play time together.
  5. Plastic pants that poop does not stain? Anyone?

    All my plastic pants have poop stains, that's what their for. To catch the ocassional mess from your diaper. And I love the badge of honor phrase.
  6. Post when messy.

    Last day of vacation today, and after my morning coffee. I just filled my diaper very full and I plan to enjoy it for two hours or so before cleanup. Looking forward to a great diapered day today.
  7. Messing the front of a diaper

    Have you tried just getting down on your hands and knees. If your diaper is loose enough in the back, your poop should move toward the front of the diaper. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Post when messy.

    Right now, just happened after work.
  9. Just got home from work, diapered up and now filled with a nice load to enjoy for an hour or so.
  10. How long and what to do?

    I wear Dry 24/7 and usually stay in them 6 hours or more before changing.
  11. Right away is my experience. My wife would also say the same.
  12. how long do you stay in your dirty diaper?

    With a premium diaper like Dry 24/7 I stay in it 4 to 6 hours. Or until really soaking wet.
  13. Father's day suprise

    So what a suprise from the wife on Father's day. Woke me up to put me in a diaper, still sleepy. She went to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee, and after drinking a lot of coffee this morning. Needless to say I needed to wet my diaper several times. So now I'm soaked and she then has me go to our bedroom for a fresh change into a new diaper. Her plan is to have me diapered all day. After a nicely cooked breakfast, and some more liquid. I had wet my diaper again several times. But now I needed to poop and I told her so, she said go ahead that's what a diaper is for. She let me sit in my mess and enjoy it for two hours and then I needed to change. She insisted on changing my messy diaper herself, let me tell you that to have your bottom wiped and cleaned was pure bliss. She has only done this a few times in the past few years, so what a treat and what a great start to Father's day. So I now get to stay diapered up to bed time today, and it promises to be a great day.
  14. Wetting Till You Are Soaked

    Yes, as others have said wet until you are soaked. I love it.
  15. Does anyone else actually enjoy buying Diapers?

    I really enjoying buying diapers online, and can't wait until the package arrives.