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  1. Love a morning diapering and a good cup of coffee.
  2. Welcome and have fun.
  3. Welcome to the site.
  4. Looks good, I think I will have to try one.
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    Welcome Lucy.
  7. Welcome to the site, lots of great people here. Enjoy the rest of site.
  8. Welcome to the site.
  9. Wet and Messy. That's what their made for.
  10. I collect German made Nutcracker's. A little hobby of mine for over 30 years now.
  11. Nice, and great colors too.
  12. I would use it for both. That's why I wear them.
  13. I have used the Dry 24/7 brand for a few years now with no tape issues. But have had issues with Molicare Super several times.
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