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  1. Yes, most pull ups can't handle a flood. You need regular diapers for that.
  2. Very messy at the moment, almost a blowout. I was very surprised at the amount and how soft this was, but now I get to enjoy this for an hour or so before cleanup. 😊
  3. Just a few moments ago, and the volume was actually quite surprising. I had a large dinner last night with a lot of greens and steak. I was wearing a Dry 24/7 and it was considerably wet and then I needed to poop so i just finished it off. I am home all week and have the house to myself, so why not. I was very surprised at the amount and softness of it. I came very close to having a blowout. very exciting to say the least. So I am going to enjoy the for an hour or so before cleanup. 😋
  4. If you feel that you have IBS, I would suggest you make an appointment to see your Doctor and discuss this with a professional. Just my 2 cents worth.
  5. One case of Dry 24/7 and three packs of Molicare Slip Super Plus.😋
  6. Molicare Super, getting soaked really quick today.
  7. Welcome and have fun exploring the site.😊
  8. Doesn't really do any good at that point, you really need the barrier cream before you load up your diaper. Much easier to deal with. Just my two cents.
  9. Yesterday just as I got to my front door. 😊 So my wife and I were coming home from our vacation a few hours away. Before we left our hotel room she said that I should wear a diaper for the ride home, I normally have to pee way before we get to the house. So I diapered up for the ride home, 30 minutes before we got back I needed to pee and proceeded to wet my diaper. A little later we pulled into the driveway and I unloaded the car, and as I picked up the luggage I could feel something starting to push out. Then just two steps from the house I filled the back of my diaper quickly, my wife asked me if I just pooped my diaper and I turned and said yes and good thing you suggested that I had one on for the ride home. She just smiled and said yes, good thing you listened to the wife. I smiled and enjoyed the feeling.🙂
  10. Hello and welcome.
  11. Yes, I enjoy this and having that nice mess coming up into the front of the diaper. I try to get the poopy mess the cover everything. And yes the play time afterwards is always very enjoyable. 😊
  12. Fluffing has always worked for me, it's always good to take them out of the package first to let them breathe.
  13. Nothing to worry about, enjoy your diaper time. 🙂
  14. Just finished filling my diaper with a nice mushy poop. 🤗