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  1. NotToBigForDiapers

    Hard for me to sleep without diapers

    Personally I sleep better diapered. Feels odd on the few times I go without. Much more comfortable in diapers.
  2. NotToBigForDiapers

    Thickest disposable / liner

    Just as it says. I want a good disposable and thickness is not a concern. It is probably been asked before but what is the thickest diaper out there and thickest liner? Fun prints would be a bonus but not necessary. I have a few extra bucks and would like to try one. I have been in cloth so long that the last good disposable was molicare. Even then I thought there must be something better. Have seen many new ones since. What is thickest and most absorbent?
  3. NotToBigForDiapers

    Anyone here was ever punished with diapers?

    Mom used to diaper me at night next to my younger sister. I didn't mind it but didn't really want to wear diapers because I wanted to be a "big boy". It wasn't as a punishment it was just for managing my bedwetter issue. I believe my sister was out of night diapers before me but not sure. I also wore "just in case" diapers with my younger sister at times. Those were not like a punishment but I remember hearing that I need to grow up like my siblings. The " just in case" diapers only felt like a punishment after my sister no longer had to wear them, but it was still for managing a problem. I still had day accidents after I started school from time to time but the " just in case" diapers stopped after kindergarten and night diapers I think stopped before 1st grade. I still wet the bed often and had occasional day accidents but mostly at home thankfully. Mom would threaten me with diapers then but never did. I kinda wished I was still diapered at this time cause I still had trouble and it was easier, but really wanted to be a "little man" like my dad and didn't want to be seen in diapers by my friends so I tried hard. One day I had 3 accidents in a day. I think I was 7 or 8 or so. Not sure. After two stern warnings I wet again. I tried to sneak in the house to change as mom was really angry after the second time, but she saw me and grabbed me. Spanked me and pinned diapers on me in front of my sisters in the dinning room. No plastic pants as I was a little to big for the ones she had by this time. I was kept diapered for the rest of the day with no pants. Not sure if it kept going the next day or not. Not sure why the diapers were still available as my sister was out if them but remember the stack was still folded sitting in the "baby's" room. Any way she made me stay in the house like I was little and not allowed to hide when grandma came for dinner. I kind of wanted to stay diapered but was to humiliated to ever want to be seen diapered again. Mom never did it again and I think she did it out of fustration. If she would have asked me nicely if I preferred diapers I and not shamed me I would have jumped at the chance. But the picking on of my sisters and having to tell Grandma and dad why I was in diapers crushed me that day. After this I went in for doctor appointments and had a procedure that didn't really do much. But no more diapers. Ironically I would have jumped at the chance for night diapers if offered. I hated wetting the bed.
  4. NotToBigForDiapers

    How was Halloween?

    I was out of town for it. I brought my stuff cause I was going to have dress up time in my room at the motel. When I got there poeple we're coming and going dressed up. I got brave probably cause I was out of town. I put on my cloth diapers, plastic pants, onsie, clipped on paci, and shortalls. Left very nervous. Went two a couple places. Nobody ever even gave me much more than a second look. Don't know what I was worried about, but still not sure if I would be able to do it back home again. It was fun going out dressed comfortable.
  5. NotToBigForDiapers

    Diapers and tights question

    Hummm. Oh nope. That doesn't do it for me. I determined I am not a sissy. I think my penis shut down cause the thought that I looked like one and not like a hot diapered gal. I will give you Sissy's credit though. Those tights we're extremely comfortable to wear and I will admit I kept them on for a couple hours. I don't know if I will give them to my wife though as my penis rejected them staying limp the entire time yet very aroused. Totally fustrating. I wanked a good one off shortly after I took them off though. Maybe I will just for fun again. Being that aroused for hours was fun, but unable to satisfy it was torment. A fun self game but not sure I want to give my wife that much power. Without the tights at least with effort I can hump my diapers and get some low level release with a lot of effort. With tights it never happened. I just wonder if anyone else ever had any thing like that happen.
  6. NotToBigForDiapers

    Who Are You Cuddling With?

    Teddy of course and mommy. He keeps the monsters away at night.
  7. NotToBigForDiapers

    Diapers and tights question

    So I am a little diapered toddler not a sissy. I have always thought a girl in diapers and thick white tights was so hot. Personally I like when I get locked in diapers. I currently have a locking onsie and locking pants and a belt that helps with that. Here is my problem. I read how wearing tights or nylons can restrict access to the penis and diapers when something is locked over them. I found a thick old school white pair of tights in a big size at the thrift store. I walked out buying them with a stiffy in my diapers imagining my wife wearing them, even though my wife would never put on a diaper and wear them. I tried them on myself and they fit perfectly, but unsure I took them off and hid them away. I humped my diapers imagining it was on a women/ my wife next to me. They we're tucked in the closet and forgot about. Then recently I figured out, with much effort, how to touch myself in my locking onsies. Then again was thinking of how to stop myself from being able to without an answer until I got out my hunting stuff and found the tights I hid that day. So today I tested my thoughts and put the tights on over my diapers. The thought of tights over diapers was giving me a stiffy. Then I put on my locking onsie. Wow no access. Just what I wanted, right? But then I went and looked in the mirror and from the neck down I looked a lot like a little girl. Kind of hot, but my stiffy went away. I went in bed to test my new outfit as I was aroused and I can't touch myself. My state of arousal went to zero in my diapers yet I am still horny. The more I looked at myself the more I want to have an orgasm but my penis is the limpest noddle ever! Then I started thinking how cute all this would look under a short dress (imagining them on a gal) and wow the tighys are comfortable. What the heck? I am not a sissy? All my stuff is toddler BOY. Very very confused little boy today. I wanted to give the tights to my wife to use as a tool when locking me up but l like being locked, but it is like I am impotent at the moment and cannot even get stiff. Why? I am so sexually fustrated. My penis is uncooperative for my state of arousal. Yet it is so comfortable I am still wearing the tights. It pulls those diapers so nice and snug. So confused? Please help.... advise needed
  8. NotToBigForDiapers

    Odd diaper fantasies you have

    One of mine is to be going down the road and my wife driving. Suddenly she pours water in my crotch making it look like I wet myself. Then pulling into the nearest gas station and pulling out the diaper bag and ordering me to go in dragging me by the hand. Stopping at the register and asking if they had someplace she could clean me up as I wet myself. Then diaper me and walk me out in diapers and sweat pants or something that did little to hide my diapers thanking the clerk on the way.
  9. NotToBigForDiapers

    Car accident

    I do think about it when diapered. But really wonder and find myself driving more careful when I get locked in diapers and leave the keys at home. Or if I am brave and go out with a onsie underneath my clothes and over my diapers.
  10. NotToBigForDiapers

    Star Chart

    Very cute. How do you earn a star?
  11. NotToBigForDiapers

    Have you tried cloth diapers?

    So you still feel masculine wearing diapers? Lol. My wife refers to me as a baby when in diapers. I prefer toddler. Hard to feel manly being called baby and wearing diapers and you are right I hate it when she talk about my plastic "panties" or I have to say it.
  12. NotToBigForDiapers

    Does anyone else fill diapers with water?

    Not so much anymore because I usually end up wearing them until they are soaked and can wear them until flooded now. Before when my diaper time was limited I would. One thing I would do is double diaper and jump in the shower and enjoy them. Another one I did not that long ago was I found Tena Supers in a store that used to sell good plastic back attends that was a ways from home. They no longer had attends but carried these now for another customer who liked them. They said they were better so I bought them. I was so excited I stopped at a gas station and changed into them. Not as thick as I hoped and if I came home with out a diaper bulge I would be in trouble. I put three on just to make them thick enough. On the way home I saw a sign for lake access I was curious about. I decided to check it out for fishing. When I went to turn around there was a shelter and a small park with a dock. Kind of in the middle of nowhere. I got brave. I stopped and played on the stuff as I was in little mode then I walked down to the lake. Not really a beach but also nobody around and it was hot. I got braver and stripped to my diapers and jumped in just in case someone would wandered around. Kind of dumb. I would have been stuck in the water. Oh my did they swell up. Afterwards I slipped my shirt on but not wanting to get my clothes wet still i guickly waddled my way to the restroom and changed. It didn't look used much. I disposed of them on the way out. I went diapered swimming there twice after that. I had a swim suit the next times, but didn't return after the last time. Someone came and saw me as I was on my way to change in the rest room. A double swollen diapers can't be hidden under just a swim suit and the look they had said it all. One other one I did a couple times was to replicate loss of control. For health reasons I decided not to do this again but it was fun none the less. I daipered up and grabbed a change of clothes. Then I set a country route through small towns and back roads. On the way I had to use my diapers as they should be but I also had to drive only the speed limit and watch for discarded water bottles laying by the road. If I found one (that was just water) I had to stop and pour it in my diapers no matter what. I had a set point to change. Sometimes I even had my stuff stashed there so I could not change early. Leaks happened often doing this. Worst time was one spring just after snow melted and you could see good in the ditch. I found a lot of bottles sitting on the last stretch including a gallon bottle almost full. I was already soaked as I poured it in. Of course it flooded. Since it was spring I couldn't change in a park as the restroom was closed so I had to do it at the local gas station. Try hiding that! Luckily I protected the car seat that time. Not one of my smarter things probably but it was fun. I would range from damp to soaked. I couldn't come home wet or diapered then as I lived at home still so it forced me to change in public restrooms like a real incontinent person.
  13. NotToBigForDiapers

    Noisy diapers

    Yes I would have to agree. My wife picked out the jungle friends ones cause she thought they were cute. I just got them. Oh my. I can't wear these around the kids. The bulky cloth diapers she likes to make me wear was hard enough to hide, but now she can add these for noise to draw attention. I am feeling a love hate so far. I think they are cute and fit nicely. Love that. Worried how she will use them as they are to loud as I walk. Hating that. Not sure if she picked these for the cute and crinkly or just cause they were cute.
  14. NotToBigForDiapers

    Accidental Exposure Thanks To UPS

    First off kids are not stupid and are can very understanding. Second if you have resorted to 24/7 you should be honest about the packages with your daughter when she asks. I am not saying tell her about your do or abdl but tell her more in a matter of fact sort of way you need and wear diapers. I wear a lot and believe my kids don't know everything. My oldest son now since moved out found a package of my diapers at age 6. I told him they were diapers. He said he knew that but asked why they were big enough for adults. I was hoping he would think they were his younger sisters. I just calmly said some adults have problems also and wear diapers and I needed them at night sometimes. He never mentioned it again. We keep my diapers from them mostly other than the buldge when I wear them but I am usually wearing something to cover that when they are around. I think it was my oldest daughter, not sure now was 3 to 4 ish, but crawled into bed with us. I have been in night diapers for years and was then. She didn't see them but when cuddling dad asked me why I was in wearing diapers. I said she was being goofy and I wasn't. My wife distracted her and I snuck away and changed. We did that twice with success. The last time she said something I could not deny it. She came in while we were asleep and crawled in. After feeling the diapers she lifted the covers and looked. I was in my bulky cloth ones and shorts so it was pretty obvious. I told her even big people wet the bed and I wore diapers some times just like she did. She never asked again. She has recently moved out. My two younger kids have never asked me but if they did I think I would tell them more now. Not about the abdl but more about my diapers. Then I wouldn't be feeling the need to hide everything as much.
  15. NotToBigForDiapers

    Diaper deprived

    So my wife has had back issues and is having surgery. My health slowly getting better. She kind lost interest in the diaper thing lately. I have not even been required to wear my night diapers. Ok as with the cpap I wet a lot less and have gone many nights with out diapers. No comment was made when I wet the bed a while ago witthout a diaper on and no diaper punishment. Problem is I miss her involvement. I hope as she heals she comes around. Kind of strange as we went alot of diapering to only an occasional diaper when I want to. Has left me feeling deprived a bit.