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  1. One Word Challenge: Diapers are...

  2. So I wet the bed this morning. It took a little while before I was told to go into my punishment diapers. This reminded me of how much I hate sitting in wet pants. It really bothers me. Yet I can sit in wet cloth or disposable diapers without a thought until they get soaked. Anyone else like this or am I strange?
  3. Ok so she finally gave yesterday and let me back in underwear yesterday morning. Last night she went to bed early and I stayed up late doing paperwork. I was lazy and she was sleeping so I didn't diaper up. I woke up dry last three mornings anyway. Woke half way up early this morning and had to pee. I tried to let go but my body held back. Strange I kinda thought. So as I was sort of drifting off I told myself the cloth diapers can handle it and with that out it came. Only then I fully woke up as a wet spot formed around me. Opps. Back in diapers today for my standard punishment for wetting the bed. Hopefully she only does it for the standard day. Any one else ever wet because they forgot they were not diapered?
  4. Do diapers shrink your bladder ?

    I think it is both mental and physical change. For me I will wet frequently when diapered or thinks I am. My body knows I am diapered and just switches my bladder to an almost auto mode. My wife thinks it is funny as I half the time or more in wet within the first 20 minutes of being diapered even if I just used the restroom before being diapered. I have to concentrate and try not to wet if I want the duapers to stay dry for some reason. After that it is frequent and small wettings. After being diapered for a day or two upon returning to underwear it will take a day or two to return to normal depending on how long I was diapered. This happened slowly over many years. My mind has taken the comfort of the diaper as a sign to wet freely. I also believe it is a physical change because after my wife kept me diapered 24/7 for three months for a punishment a few years ago I was wetting more than once an hour. I normally pee every two hours or so anyway with my tiny weak bladder. Constant diapers made it worse because after I returned to underwear it took me weeks to get back to more normal and I had to force myself to hold it just so my bladder got used to holding more or grew. So I think it is some of each.
  5. Shaving body hair

    I shave the diaper area. Easier to clean up and less leaking. I shave my chest and such from time to time to feel more little. I don't shave my arms and legs, but do trim them shorter. I don't like the look of diapers on hairy legs, but my adult side doesn't like smooth legs on a man. So I comprimise and trim my arms and legs shorter.
  6. I’m kinda over it

    Yep l fully understand. I am usually that way except when I am in thick cloth diapers in my home town or around our kids at home. Then I try to stay covered. Otherwise I don't really care anymore most times.
  7. New DL, recently outed

    That's terrible. Some people.... At least it sounds like you're moving forward. Sounds like she wasn't for you. Better luck next time. I believe there is some one for each of us.
  8. Made to wear diapers when u was younger

    I remember wearing just in case diapers at times. Was also punished once when older and put in diapers for wetting myself. I was also in night diapers longer than normal, but not as long as I should have been.
  9. How important is feeling Baby-Ish?

    Sometimes I just want to wear diapers. I was mostly a dl until more recent. But more recently I have been embracing the 3-4 year old diapered toddler I feel like when diapered. When I go into toddler mode I want it all like back then. Anything to make it more like that puts me more in that mind set. The more the better, start with diapers, clothes, treatment, how she talks to me, ect. The more I am treated like I am 3 the more I drift off to that time. My wife did that this week without trying. I was masturbating (we are trying to stop that) and was caught and in trouble. She had me change into thick cloth diapers, (required when caught) and locked in chastity and locking plastic pants. I am supposed to get a spanking also, but she had freinds coming over. She instead took me to the bedroom and put me down for a nap and told me she would deal with/ spank me later. Oh my! This is the first time ever I was put down for a nap. I laid there as her friends came. She told them I was resting. I listened to the adults had fun while I sulked and waited, worrying about how bad my spanking was going to be. After they left she had me lay there. I laid there for 3 and a half hours. When she finally came in she had no spoon or paddle and said I could get up. She wasn't going to spank me. It was'nt untI'll then I noticed I had slipped into toddler mode completely. More than ever. I had felt like I was a kid again waiting for Mom or Dad to get home and punish me. I also remember how it felt when I used to have to go to bed while the grownups would stay up and play! My mind went back in time. My diapers we're wet some and I have no memory of it. I was lost in myself. I loved it.
  10. Complete Regression

  11. Kids found pacifier. Oops

    Yep a talk will most likely be there soon. Hopefully we can find some common ground on the sex and diapers. On a side note she left me lay on the bed until dinner. Long after her friends left. But no spanking. That was a new interesting punishment. It was the first time I was put down for a nap as punishment. It made me totally feel little. I laid there listening like a kid while the adults had fun. Waiting unable to rest while waiting for my spanking, that she decided not to give. I felt like when I was little and mom would say wait until your dad gets home! Then he when he came home from work I would have to face him for my punishment. Very effective.
  12. Should diapers also function as chastity belts?

    I do think I have that disease. I wanted to wear diapers more many years ago and now I am. I may just let that go a bit just to see where she is going with that. She has never kept up the 24/7 for to long and she got tired of it. She said "most of the time" before this started this time so I may wait and see what that means. Difference now is she started for no reason and has let me wear rather discreet diapers during this stent. If I get tired of it we will need to talk. As far as the chastity thing. I gave it to her and she controls that. I would like to put it away but that is not an option yet. I agreed to wear it when she wanted until Easter. So until then I will have to put up with it. As for the strap on replacing me I don't mind. Except it was supposed to be used as a way for her to keep me in diaper punishment or after I failed to please her. Thus I got sex with her and I would please her. That hasn't happened. The best I got so far was getting off in my diapers while doing her with it. I would be happy to settle for pity sex after. She hasn't allowed me to do that. I asked. When I got it I had no intention of giving up sex with her. Giving her control of my masterbation was supposed to help me be able to please her so we didn't need the strap on. She seems to have found her own purpose for it without regards to me. We will need to talk about it. Thanks for helping me sort it out. We will see where that goes.
  13. Reuse of a wet diaper?

    I think I must not have stated something correct. If I poo in a diaper I get a change right away. My problem when she let's me remove my diapers and I poo in the potty like a big boy and then she insists have to put back on the diapers I had on before wet, damp, or dry. I used to get a fresh diaper after. Not always the case now.
  14. Should diapers also function as chastity belts?

    Mark I would like your thoughts. Your relationship sounds so similar. If you remember I gave my wife permission to help control my masterbation. I have been spanked twice already. My problem is our sex life improved so to speak. My pee pee has not left my diapers for sex since I got the strap on. She has had me please her more than normal but only with the strap on. If I am not locked in chastity if I don't have an orgasm in my diapers before I am done satisfying her with the stapon it is considered masturbating and I am stopped. She did rub my diapers yesterday and some what please me but didn't give me sex. Today I am still horny and was trying to sneak one in. She came home and caught me. She had me put my chastity device on, chang to my cloth diapers, and put me in bed for a nap because she had freinds coming over and promised a spanking later. Not that I want to be around them diapered anyway, but I am sexually fustrated. So I am laying here sexually angry waiting for a spanking or all clear. She did say I may get sex tonight when she walked me in here. For the last month I have got none. Do you think she is just training me to not masturbate or is she being selfish and pleasing herself? What do you do for satisfaction now? I never wanted the strap on to replace me, but now I am wondering if it is. Do I need to talk to her or do you think she is coming around? Also you decided to be diapered 24/7. I believe my wife wants that and is working towards it. Last week she while talking she said she liked having me in diapers at night. We were talking about how I have been waking up dry with my sleep apnea machine more. I asked if that would get me out of night diapers. She said probably not. I said why? She told me cause I am much easier to "control" and "deal with" in diapers. I had noticed I have been diapered more lately. So I asked if she was trying to get me diapered permanently. She said no but left an open comment about most of the time maybe. Since that talk last week I have spent most of my time in diapers. I have not peed in a toilet since Monday morning. She also has allowed me to wear a good disposable diaper during the day instead of the usual cloth diapers only using them at home. I like diapers but not sure I want them permanent. Is it time for a talk again or should I just see where it goes first?
  15. Kids found pacifier. Oops

    Thanks for your concern. This is what I like about this sight. Honest sincere people in they same kind of life that understand and try to help. I will tell you a little about us and then you let me know your thoughts. First, yes, we talked over the years since I first let her know I loved wearing diapers at times. I learned a few things right away. Our talks had to be me not diapered or in little mode at all. When we started I was mostly just a diaper lover. The toddler things just seemed to creep in later. We sat and talk every so often about it. She doesn't always open up and talk but I tell her how I feel and we set up boundaries and rules. Always changing slightly. We both give but I usually give more as if I don't my time with her and my diapers does suffer. I am a also rather submissive. Before she knew I liked diapers we would kind of go back and forth on that part. One thing that she wanted back when our journey with this started was control over my diapers. I gave it to her. She has been the dominant one since. From the start she could "diaper punish" me when she felt like it even if I was not in diaper mode. I have found this fun and challenging at times. In a later discussion she finnally opened up and told me were having sex more than she wanted and gave in because I pressured her. I didn't want that and we agreed, thus she started to use diaper punishments to stop it and eventually took control of our sex life. I am diapered for extended periods of time anytime I am horny and try to get some and she is not. Sometimes just at home and sometimes 24/7. Until she gets tired of it. The longest was 3 months. She kicks in and out of her dominant mode lots of times, but keeps herself in charge when it comes to diapers or sex. When I refused to go to the doctors for my occasional bedwetting problem out of dislike for doctors and embarrassment she used her power to diaper me every night until I went. That was about 15 years ago and I am still diapered almost every night. I am just starting to seek some help as I am having other issues at times. We just discussed this recently and she has no intention of letting me out of night diapers. She likes it this way now. Personally I sleep better in diapers now. This brought up a new discussion as she told me she doesn't want it to change because I am easier to "manage" or " deal with" when diapered. I had noticed I have spent more time in diapers lately and asked if she was trying to get me permanently diapered. She said not really but then left it open saying maybe not all the time just most of it. That was last week and since I have spent almost every day diapered 24/7 with a change. She has let me wear a good disposables during the day if I am out instead of cloth ones. I have not peed in a toilet since Monday morning. Not sure where this is going. Anyway since our sex life was lagging I was masturbating way to much. She agreed to help me stop and things were bought to help stop it. I wanted to do this to improve our sex life. Maybe we do need to talk again as I am not getting what I yet she is happier than she has been in a long time. I have suffered two spankings already and pleased her many times with the new toy only leaving me fustrated. I have been trying to see if she is trying to help me grow and stop masturbating or if she is just being selfish pleasing only herself. I don't believe so as I asked for sex but got turned down. She agreed to rub my diapers and pleased me. Not as good as sex but something anyway. Today I had was home early and it was her day off. I was hoping for the best this morning and got let down. She came home after me and I was caught masturbating again. She had me put on my chastity device and night time cloth diapers and laid me down for a nap because her friends were coming to visit. Telling me she would spank me later. Not how I wanted to spend my afternoon, but there is no way I was going to go visit with them diapered like this so I am laying down waiting for an all clear and possible spanking. Yet before she walked me to the bedroom she said I may get to have sex tonight. We probably need to talk again or maybe she is just teaching me a lesson. I am not sure. That's the short version. What are your thoughts?