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  1. NotToBigForDiapers

    Diaper deprived

    So my wife has had back issues and is having surgery. My health slowly getting better. She kind lost interest in the diaper thing lately. I have not even been required to wear my night diapers. Ok as with the cpap I wet a lot less and have gone many nights with out diapers. No comment was made when I wet the bed a while ago witthout a diaper on and no diaper punishment. Problem is I miss her involvement. I hope as she heals she comes around. Kind of strange as we went alot of diapering to only an occasional diaper when I want to. Has left me feeling deprived a bit.
  2. NotToBigForDiapers

    Is it wrong to look at women in diapers?

    To me yes. If you saw some one walking down the street in diapers and didn't have lustful thoughts that's different. But you are seeking them out. Thus it is probably lustful. You compared it to short shorts. In itself not bad as if it was a passing look. But if you are online seeking just gals like that in short shorts that sounds lustful to me. It is truly about you intent. Now if you were purely doing it just to see what that cute print on a diaper looked like guy or gal then maybe not, but it sounds like your intentions are different. Now I cannot say I haven't done it but I try not to. Just my two cents worth. God bless and carry on.
  3. NotToBigForDiapers

    Holding it in Until I can get a diaper on

    Personally I prefer to use the restroom before I get diapers on. I don't get that choice. If it is diaper time or I am my wife decides it is time to diaper up the rest room is not available from that point on and diapers will be used.
  4. NotToBigForDiapers

    Diapers Are So Great When Swelled Up

    I am so used to a thick diapers that a single disposable that would be thick enough to make you waddle like the cloth ones I have to wear would be awesome. I know my wife would switch to those. She likes to see a diaper bulge most times thus I am in cloth or multiple disposable ones.
  5. NotToBigForDiapers

    In Sweden For The Next Month

    Sounds fun. Enjoy your trip.
  6. NotToBigForDiapers

    It's raining and I am bored

    Just as it says. I'm bored.
  7. NotToBigForDiapers

    My body is agianst me!

    Yep I think your right. It is what people want right? Loss of control, but I just find it fustrating to not be able to enjoy a dry diaper for long.
  8. NotToBigForDiapers

    My body is agianst me!

    So this normally happens often to me but, lately it has happened every diaper change. I will pee in the toilet before I diaper up or if I am changing a diaper I like to empty out before I go to change my diapers. Thus be in dry diapers longer between times when I am allowed to change my diapers. Yet even though I just peed as soon as I am diapered I wet myself without or little control. Not that I don't feel it but it is sudden urge then before I can do anything it is coming out! The last few times I was still pinning or taping the fresh diaper on. I wet heavy enough the other day I had to take the new diapers off and changed again only to wet a little before I left the rest room. I find this very fustrating. My wife giggles about it. I learned from the urologist that my bladder doesn't empty completely and so now I understand where it comes from, but why does it automatically release itself when I put on a diaper? It doesn't do that thankfully in my underwear. Anyone else have this happen?
  9. NotToBigForDiapers

    Need ideas to show mommy I am good and can play "daddy" tonight!

    I was such a good toddler yesterday. I even went to the sex shop and order the paddle she wants in my cloth diapers. Embarrassing. Stayed diapered day and locked until she was home. All I got was a good boy and dry diapers. No time to play daddy. I did hump one out in my diapers when she wasn't looking. Shhhh don't tell.
  10. I finally have a day off and am supposed to be in diapers on my days off. My wife has not enforced this lately but I am in the mood for diapers and sex so hopefully if I am good I will get some much needed love tonight. The thought being in diapers all day made me horny and want to massage my diapers. So to be good I started my day getting my chastity device locked on. It will stop me from playing with my pee pee, but makes me not able to enjoy the soft diapers as much and then I can not tell how wet I am. Plus if she is not in the mood tonight I won't get out. Or worse I may stay locked while she has me use the strap on. So to avoid that I am being extra good. I took a bath in Johnson baby wash, put baby oil all over, put on plenty of baby powder and diapers and covered them with my plastic pants. No man smells left here. Ironically that is the opposite of what I am trying to earn. I have to do an odd job this morning so I hope nobody notices. Later I will put my cloth diapers on after that job like a good boy. That is a good start but what else can I do to please mommy today so I can play "daddy" later? Ideas please
  11. NotToBigForDiapers

    First urologist visit-suggested diapers.

    Don't think we have those around here. I don't know. After we ruled out the drugs he wanted to give me he suggested continuing with "protection" and asked what I used now. I told him and asked for a prescription to see if insurance will cover and he wrote it up for diapers. Never expected this. Thought he would push the drugs more. So glad he didn't. I am so sick of trying new meds right now. I think he understood that.
  12. NotToBigForDiapers

    Hmm.. what to get mommy for mother's day?

    That's nice. My real mom is gone. Miss her. I am thinking of my wife/mommy.
  13. NotToBigForDiapers

    First urologist visit-suggested diapers.

    Well I have been a dl forever and always had a problem with wetting the bed. So I don't mind wearing diapers. If you know me I wear diapers almost every night now. I am likely to wet the bed without them. I have also been peeing more during the day with a lingering dribble and very urgent need to go. My solution was wear more diapers! My wife doesn't mind that but for a couple years now she has wanted me to go see a doctor about it. Just 5o make sure it was nothing bad going on. With all my medical problems lately I asked my doctor about it at one visit and was sent to see this urologist. Had the visit last week and answer a multi page survey about it. I was told to come with a full bladder and did. This also meant going fully diapered as I said I get urgent and in case I let loose. The nurse was talking her sweet time and I finnally asked if they could bdo the test they wanted my bladder full for cause I was about to burst. She then said they didn't need it and I went to the bathroom. Ahh. Upon returning to the room she asked if I could give a urine sample. Really? After I just went? Well I told her I to with and the Dr came in. After a short chat they tested and found out my bladder wasn't emptying all the way. Thus fills faster and makes things urgent. We talked and I told him I am not willing to take any meds that can make me dizzy or other stuff as I am already fighting that problem. I explained I was glad to hear that there are no major problems. I told him I have already been wearing diapers at night anyway and don't mind and he already saw my day diapers but explained how I already use them as needed not just for wetting issues but for my ibs. So in the end he suggested that I wear pads and if I wasn't going to do the meds now diapers were my best option. He wrote me a prescription for diapers and hopefully my insurance will help cover the cost. Not really the out come I expected at all. We are to meet again in 6 months. Maybe by then I will be better and be willing to try some other meds or just stay diapered. Who knows. He said if the one med worked I may not go at night anymore and be out if bedtime diapers, but it can cause me to be dizzy so he didn't recommend it now. Little does he know. My wife has no intention of doing away with night diapers. The not fully empty bladder thing does explain why even after I just went pee, then get my diapers on, as soon as I am diapered my body just lets go and wets right away anyway. I always wondered how that was possible. So diapers it is for now.
  14. NotToBigForDiapers

    Hmm.. what to get mommy for mother's day?

    Need ideas for this diapered toddler to get mommy on mother's day.....
  15. NotToBigForDiapers

    Fictional character you'd want to baby you?

    I never cared for the show but watched because I fantasized about Xena the putting me in my place and diapering me. It must have been her strong feminine role.