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  1. NotToBigForDiapers


    Sad. How can you let your stuffy go away.
  2. NotToBigForDiapers

    Most Baby-ish TV Show?

    Dinasoar Train
  3. NotToBigForDiapers

    My Diaper Is So Thick.........

    My diaper is so thick that when I walk on the beach the tide comes in. My diapers are so thick the front and back are in two separate time zones.
  4. NotToBigForDiapers

    Pacifier and CPAP

    Don't give up the machine is worth it. I use a face mask myself, but they do have a chin strap thing you can use to help train you to keep your mouth closed. The good sleep is worth it. I also noticed a dryer diaper in the morning. Doctor says it is because my body is finally going into a true sleep mode.
  5. NotToBigForDiapers

    Thickest disposable / liner

    So I went with the rearz inspire incontrol. All I can say is wow! Last premium diapers I got were molicare which would leak at night and not as comfy. Plus not white. For a disposable it is the thickest I have tried. I was brave and wore them to bed the day I got them. Now I never had a disposable not leak at night so I doubled them and added a stuffer cutting slits in the inner one. Bonus was I wet half the night with out waking up. Got up wet after multiple wettings with no leaks. Better yet the outer diaper was barely wet. So I got brave and only wore one diaper and no stuffers. Amazing! Still no leaks but very wet! I am impressed. They seem so thin compaired to my cloth diapers but very impressed with the absorbancy. Well worth the money.
  6. NotToBigForDiapers

    If you could ask GOD anything

    Maybe has already. Sometimes his lack of an answer is our answer. Or he gave you the answer and you were not ready to hear it. I do agree a more clear answer would be much better. That said there has also been times he has been clear but I was closed mind and didn't understand his answer only to find out later. We don't always understand why he does things. Small example. My nephew was going to marry a nice young gal. Her family had cut her off because of the marriage. She was feeling let down. I didn't know her and only met her once. I freinded her on Facebook and sent a message. She said hi. I shared my experience with her and knowledge of being a father. She felt better after. Her love for my nephew and God held strong was Rocky with her father. But afterwards she had another conversation with her father and at last minute he came to the wedding. Her father was acting out of love and what he felt was best for her. God just needed someone to help her and father see she was already in God's hands and to let the love flow. I feel blessed that God had me talk with her that day. Still not sure why I shared my personal past with someone I don't know but I just felt it was needed. Thankfully he father used his free will and listened finnally to his daughters heart.
  7. NotToBigForDiapers

    If you could ask GOD anything

    When I close my eyes and pray I feel god and so he is in front of me. I ask him everything. I tell him abouty day sharing good and bad. He answers me some times. Sometimes he just listens.
  8. NotToBigForDiapers

    Catholic and ABDL?

    God created us but poeple for get the devil has his influence in it. That's my struggle. I don't believe God cares if I wear diapers and dress as a little. I think he has issues with me sexualizing it. I try not to. But then I wonder cause I think a Lacy red teddy on a gal is as hot as a chick in diapers. Sometimes I just want to satisfy myself in just diapers. So confused. Sorry not much help.
  9. NotToBigForDiapers

    It's real dark outside

    May be dark out but I am not scared. I got teddy to chase the monsters away.
  10. NotToBigForDiapers

    Hard for me to sleep without diapers

    Personally I sleep better diapered. Feels odd on the few times I go without. Much more comfortable in diapers.
  11. NotToBigForDiapers

    Thickest disposable / liner

    Just as it says. I want a good disposable and thickness is not a concern. It is probably been asked before but what is the thickest diaper out there and thickest liner? Fun prints would be a bonus but not necessary. I have a few extra bucks and would like to try one. I have been in cloth so long that the last good disposable was molicare. Even then I thought there must be something better. Have seen many new ones since. What is thickest and most absorbent?
  12. NotToBigForDiapers

    Anyone here was ever punished with diapers?

    Mom used to diaper me at night next to my younger sister. I didn't mind it but didn't really want to wear diapers because I wanted to be a "big boy". It wasn't as a punishment it was just for managing my bedwetter issue. I believe my sister was out of night diapers before me but not sure. I also wore "just in case" diapers with my younger sister at times. Those were not like a punishment but I remember hearing that I need to grow up like my siblings. The " just in case" diapers only felt like a punishment after my sister no longer had to wear them, but it was still for managing a problem. I still had day accidents after I started school from time to time but the " just in case" diapers stopped after kindergarten and night diapers I think stopped before 1st grade. I still wet the bed often and had occasional day accidents but mostly at home thankfully. Mom would threaten me with diapers then but never did. I kinda wished I was still diapered at this time cause I still had trouble and it was easier, but really wanted to be a "little man" like my dad and didn't want to be seen in diapers by my friends so I tried hard. One day I had 3 accidents in a day. I think I was 7 or 8 or so. Not sure. After two stern warnings I wet again. I tried to sneak in the house to change as mom was really angry after the second time, but she saw me and grabbed me. Spanked me and pinned diapers on me in front of my sisters in the dinning room. No plastic pants as I was a little to big for the ones she had by this time. I was kept diapered for the rest of the day with no pants. Not sure if it kept going the next day or not. Not sure why the diapers were still available as my sister was out if them but remember the stack was still folded sitting in the "baby's" room. Any way she made me stay in the house like I was little and not allowed to hide when grandma came for dinner. I kind of wanted to stay diapered but was to humiliated to ever want to be seen diapered again. Mom never did it again and I think she did it out of fustration. If she would have asked me nicely if I preferred diapers I and not shamed me I would have jumped at the chance. But the picking on of my sisters and having to tell Grandma and dad why I was in diapers crushed me that day. After this I went in for doctor appointments and had a procedure that didn't really do much. But no more diapers. Ironically I would have jumped at the chance for night diapers if offered. I hated wetting the bed.
  13. NotToBigForDiapers

    How was Halloween?

    I was out of town for it. I brought my stuff cause I was going to have dress up time in my room at the motel. When I got there poeple we're coming and going dressed up. I got brave probably cause I was out of town. I put on my cloth diapers, plastic pants, onsie, clipped on paci, and shortalls. Left very nervous. Went two a couple places. Nobody ever even gave me much more than a second look. Don't know what I was worried about, but still not sure if I would be able to do it back home again. It was fun going out dressed comfortable.
  14. NotToBigForDiapers

    Diapers and tights question

    Hummm. Oh nope. That doesn't do it for me. I determined I am not a sissy. I think my penis shut down cause the thought that I looked like one and not like a hot diapered gal. I will give you Sissy's credit though. Those tights we're extremely comfortable to wear and I will admit I kept them on for a couple hours. I don't know if I will give them to my wife though as my penis rejected them staying limp the entire time yet very aroused. Totally fustrating. I wanked a good one off shortly after I took them off though. Maybe I will just for fun again. Being that aroused for hours was fun, but unable to satisfy it was torment. A fun self game but not sure I want to give my wife that much power. Without the tights at least with effort I can hump my diapers and get some low level release with a lot of effort. With tights it never happened. I just wonder if anyone else ever had any thing like that happen.
  15. NotToBigForDiapers

    Who Are You Cuddling With?

    Teddy of course and mommy. He keeps the monsters away at night.