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  1. This is sort of an embarrassing question, but I figured it was a good idea to seek counsel here. I've been suffering from hemorrhoids the last few days, and while they've started to go away I also feel the need to regress and de-stress by embracing my little side. The problem is, my little side is a baby, and diapers are necessary for the full effect. My question is, will wetting the diapers cause the hemorrhoids to get worse?
  2. I was looking through ABU diapers and couldn't find anything of the products I really wanted that were in my size (L). There were a number of XL, but I was wondering if that would even work? Has anyone bought oversized diapers before and had them work?
  3. Caleb awoke a couple of hours later, still in his papa's arms and sucking his thumb (the latter came as a mild surprise to him, though it felt right). “Did you have a good nap, little-bit?” “Uh-huh,” Caleb mumbled around his thumb. Mr. Puff smiled. “That's good. How about your diaper? Need a change yet?” Caleb frowned. Huh? Oh, that's right... “Um... papa?” “Yes, baby?” “I... I never actually used diapers before. I just wore them from time to time. I mean, I know I'm gonna have to use them, and I do feel some sort of need at the moment, but I don't know if I can just let go that easily...” Puff chuckled slightly. “Aww, don't worry, little-bit, that's perfectly normal for someone like you! You're new to this world, so you still have your big-boy control and your big-boy reluctance to let go without a potty if you've never used a diaper before. But that's where Papa comes in!” “Huh? What does that mean?” “Well, it means that I have to do a bit of magic myself to leave you completely and permanently diaper-dependent, unable to ever get control ever again. And the way I do it is that I... TICKLE IT OUT OF YOU!” Caleb giggled at the tickling. “Hahahahahahaha! Papaaaaa!” Puff paused the tickling briefly. “But first, you have to say that you want it to happen. That's how this world works; littles are brought here so that they can be cared for like they want and need, but nothing can happen to alter them permanently unless they ask for it themselves. So... do I have permission to make you a silly wetsy-poopsy baby?” “Well, yeah,” Caleb said. “It wouldn't make sense to say otherwise, really.” “You have to use the words, baby.” It took a couple of seconds before Caleb figured out the words Puff referred to; taking a deep breath and closing his eyes, Caleb focused and spoke them. “Papa, I want to be a silly wetsy-poopsy baby!” Puff smiled as a soft glow surrounded his paw. “There we go! Now I tickle you and say magic words of my own...” Before Caleb could ask what those words were, the ticklefest resumed with a vengeance; this time, the tickling felt absolutely amazing and wonderful beyond how it felt before—in fact, it felt somewhat similar to Queen Matria's wand in a way. As the tickling went on, Puff spoke his own words: “Wiiiiiiiiidle biiiiiitty babies use their wiiiiiiidle biiiiiiitty diapers and they giiiiiiiggle giiiiiiggle giiigle when I tiiiiickle tiiiiiickle tiiiickle!” Puff took his voice up an octave each time he drew out a word, using the sort of singsong voice reserved only for the youngest of infants as the glow from his paw enveloped Caleb as well. Caleb felt his bladder and bowels start to weaken, as well as any thoughts or worries about trying to control them; something about it all excited him to no end, causing him to shout out in joy. “I'm gonna be a silly wetsy-poopsy baaaaaaabyyyyyyyeeeheheheheheheeee!!!” Puff spoke the words again, this time with even greater emphasis. “Wiiiiiiiiidle biiiiiitty babies use their wiiiiiiidle biiiiiiitty diapers and they giiiiiiiggle giiiiiiggle giiigle when I tiiiiickle tiiiiiickle tiiiickle!” Finally, the metaphorical dam burst, and before Caleb knew it he was wetting and messing his diaper; when it was over, the tickling stopped, leaving the boy gasping for air as his giggling slowly subsided. “Heeheehehe... hahaha...” “So,” Puff said with a smile, “Does my baby boy need a changie now?” A big, proud smile came over Caleb. “Uh-huh! Baby needs a changie, Papa!” “Aww, what a good baby!” Puff took Caleb in for a massive hug, the latter rubbing his face happily in the former's fur. “I'm sooo proud of you, little-bit!” Caleb felt himself be carried over to the changing table as his dirty diaper was removed, and his bottom and private parts wiped clean; Puff stopped for a moment before holding up two diapers. “Which one do you want: Cloth, or disposable? They're both super-comfy and super-thick; the only real differences are crinkles and pins versus tapes.” Caleb looked over the diapers to give it some thought; the cloth diaper was plain white, while the disposable had stars and smiley-faces all over it. Finally, his choice made, he pointed to the disposable. “That one!” “Alrighty then! Now, lie back down, and let Papa do the rest!” Doing as he was told, Caleb felt Mr. Puff lift his legs up and place the diaper under him; the powder felt and smelled wonderful, eliciting a giggle out of him as he was lowered down again and the diaper was taped up. Once it was on, Caleb sat up and admired it; it really did look super-babyish. Satisfied with the look, he experimented a bit more by wiggling on his bottom; the soft feeling and the constant, impossible-to-muffle crinkling delighted him to no end. “I feel so cute and little in these! Can you put more on?” “Sure thing, baby! More comfy-womfyness coming right up!” All told, he had five diapers on him by the time he decided he had enough; the sheer thickness of each left him feeling like there were almost two inches between his bottom and the table, and his legs were absolutely incapable of coming together enough to stand up at all, let alone walk. Not that he had any intention of walking ever again; the act of crawling around and the sensation of being held or carried was too wonderful to ever let go of. “So you mentioned a playground... can we go there, Papa?” Mr. Puff nodded with a smile. “Of course! Who knows, you might even make some new little friends there today...” -------------------- The playground was rather peculiar, Caleb thought; instead of grass, mulch, or rubber, the ground instead was soft and made of colorful cloth squares, like an enormous baby blanket; upon being placed on it, he even sank into it just a bit! Looking around, he spied baby swings, sandboxes, and even a mini-train ride. What drew his eye first, though, was the sight of a large number of littles and teddies scattered all over the place, as well as public changing tables right out in the open—some of them even in use; the realization that he felt nothing regarding the nudity and cleanliness (or lack thereof) of those littles currently occupying the tables only served to highlight how grateful he was for the Queen's wand earlier that day. “Hey, Caleb! Over here! Remember me?” A familiar voice called out to him from the sandbox; looking over, he spotted Allie SweetyBun, the girl from the ceremony! Crawling over to her and entering the sandbox, he extended his hand. “Hi! Nice to see you again—” She shook her head. “Silly Caleb! Pinkybu—er, mommy told me that's not how we greet other littles here. We hug instead!” Caleb took a second before deciding to try it; upon doing so, he felt a warm blissful sensation flow through him—a feeling of belonging, of friendship and safety and comfort that left him smiling after it was done. Yeah, this is definitely better than shaking hands! “So what are you making, Allie? A sandcastle or something?” “Uh-huh! I could use a little help, though,” she replied. “Wanna join in?” Caleb nodded, grabbing a nearby toy shovel and pail and getting busy with the castle; as he played with Allie, time seemed to lose meaning as he became swept up in play, letting his imagination fill the castle with tiny people and cover it with colorful banners. His reverie was broken upon hearing the sound of loud giggling passing by. Looking up, he saw a large kangaroo teddy bouncing around with several littles sticking out of her pouch; to his surprise, there were actually several such teddies roaming around the playground, clearly offering pouch rides. Caleb grinned widely at the thought, looking over to Puff excitedly. “Papa, can I get pouch rides? Can I?” The nod of approval filled him with joy as he turned to Allie. “Yay! Hey, you wanna come with?” Allie smiled back at him. “Sounds like a plan! Let's go!” Waving to one of the kangaroos and holding their arms out to be picked up, they managed to get the teddy's attention. Caleb found being pouched not unlike the sensation of being tucked in; it was tight, but comfortably so, and felt warm and safe. Then the bouncing began, and the feeling was so exhilarating he couldn't help but giggle endlessly along with his new friend. By the time it was over, he noticed a rather different feeling—this one of wetness and squishiness. “Hey, I wet my diaper!” Caleb said with a giggle. “Me too,” Allie responded. “I guess the bouncing did it!” Thankfully, their guardians were quick to arrive and carry them to the public changing tables; once again, Caleb was happy for the total lack of shame at being changed in front of so many other people, as well as for the raspberries blown into his tummy by Mr. Puff. Speaking of his tummy, he felt a gurgle from it, and realized quickly what it meant. “Papa, I'm hungry...” “Not to worry, baby—Papa came prepared!” Puff said, pulling out a bottle filled with what looked like formula. Caleb was cradled in Puff's arms as the nipple was put into his mouth; giving it a tentative suck, he reveled in the wonderful taste of the formula before greedily suckling away like no tomorrow, filling his tummy with warm formula as Puff cooed at him, telling him how cute he was and what a good baby he was being for drinking his ba-ba. Wow, Caleb thought to himself, I could get used to this! Though I still like cake, too. Maybe I can see if Papa can set up a playdate with Allie sometime? Then we can have cake together! By the time the bottle was empty, the sun was setting. Puff took Caleb back home, where he was gently laid in the crib as the mobile began spinning before Mr. Puff began to sing softly to him: It's sleepy-time my baby boy My itsy-bitsy one You've played and laughed the day away And you've had so much fun But now it's time to say goodnight My little snuggle bug Your blankie's warm, your crib is soft, your diaper like a hug. So let your comfy diaper hug you To sleep, to sleep Just let my lovely singing carry you Deep, so deep My baby, little baby, It's time to go to sleep! Before Caleb knew it, his thumb found its way to his mouth as his eyes blinked and felt heavier with each passing phrase; as the last few notes filled him with comfort and bliss, he finally drifted off to slumberland, knowing that while today was the best day of his life, there were so many days to come... and he couldn't wait to wake up to the next one. -------------------- Any suggestions for next time? I'm open to your ideas! And if you like this concept, once again feel free to write your own Teddy World story!
  4. A/N: I seem to be on a roll here, inspiration-wise. Hopefully it keeps up and I don't burn out. -------------------- Caleb felt a mix of excitement and anticipation as Mr. Puff carried him through the halls of the palace after the ceremony; after some silence, he looked up at his guardian. “So… what happens now, Mr. Pu--er, Papa?” “That's entirely up to you, little-bit,” Puff replied with a smile. “We can go get something to eat, there's a playground nearby, or go to the toy store… or I can take you to our new home.” Caleb gave it some thought; as interested as he was in seeing where he'd live from now on, he wanted to try some other things first. Recalling Queen Matria's words about sweets, he decided to start with that. “What kind of sweets are there to eat here?” “Well, what would you like?” “Hmm… I can eat as much as I want without getting fat; does that mean I can't get sick from eating too much either?” Puff chuckled. “Of course, baby. You have something in mind?” “Yeah,” Caleb nodded with a smile. “Cake! A big one with that really sugary icing in lots of colors!” “Well, this is a day we ought to celebrate. Cake it is!” On the way out of the palace were a number of strollers ready and waiting; Puff carefully placed Calebin one of them, buckling him in--and following up with a boop on the nose, resulting in giggles--before exiting into the plaza outside and pushing him down streets filled with teddies and littles alike. After a few blocks, they came to a medium-sized building with cakes of all sorts in the display window. Upon entering, Caleb noticed a distinct lack of chairs and tables; instead, a large playpen took up a section of the room, with a counter along the back wall. It didn't take long for Caleb to order, and soon he found himself in the playpen, waiting for the cake. Sitting on his bottom, he briefly wondered about the lack of chairs or tables before deciding it didn't matter at the moment; rather, he thought about how he wanted to move around the playpen. Did he want to toddle around, or crawl? Choosing the latter, Caleb took his time getting used to things; before long, a large hippo teddy approached with the cake on a silver platter before setting it down in front of him. “Umm… is he not gonna cut it? And why aren't there any forks or knives or plates?” Mr. Puff giggled. “Silly baby! You're too little to use forks. Just use your hands like babies do!” Caleb took a finger and got a bit of icing on it before sticking it in his mouth to taste; it was incredible! Exactly what he liked! Even the appearance was pleasing to him; white with colorful borders, it featured images of bottles and rattles as well as a personalized message: “Baby Caleb's First Cake!” He couldn't have waited another second; pulling off chunks of cake--starting, of course, with the corners--Caleb dug in with gleeful abandon, stuffing himself with delicious cake. Sure enough, it proved to be a thoroughly messy affair, and before long he had crumbs and icing all over his hands, face, and onesie. Once he finished, he giggled happily as Mr. Puff took some wet napkins and began to clean him off. “Aww, did my baby enjoy his cake?” “Uh-huh! It was amazing, Papa!” “I can tell,” Puff replied with a chuckle. “Where to next?” “How about the toy store, then...then…” Caleb hesitated a bit before finally letting the word's new meaning sink in enough to say it. “...home!” -------------------- The toy store had been a productive trip indeed; Caleb found a number of toys--mostly legos, board games, and a not-insignificant number of baby toys such as plastic keys and other such things for good measure. The latter was more for experimentation for the moment, as Caleb wanted to see if being here would make such simple toys enjoyable to him. Once they had everything, Puff took Caleb to what looked like a cottage right out of a fairy tale. “Is… is this…?” “Yes it is, little-bit. This is home.” “Do all teddies and littles live in places like this?” “No,” Puff shook his head as they approached the front door. “Some live in suburban environments, others live in apartment-style buildings, others in mansions… it all depends on where the little and the teddy are comfortable.” Upon entering, Caleb was greeted by pastel walls covered in nursery designs, a small fully-stocked kitchen with a high chair, a playpen, and a general play area with a crib and changing table nearby. The play area featured a small TV, a baby bouncer, a rocking-horse and a rocking chair. A yawn escaped his lips; suddenly he felt very sleepy, a fact not lost on Mr. Puff. “Do you want a nap, baby?” Caleb nodded. “Yeah, but… for now, can I just sleep in your arms instead of the crib?” “Of course, little-bit. Just relax in Papa's arms and drift away to slumberland…” Puff carried Caleb over to the rocking chair and sat down with him cradled in his arms, rocking back and forth gently. Caleb yawned again, his eyes fluttering as Puff whispered softly to him. “Shhh… good baby. Soooo sleepy… close your little eyes and sleep…” Caleb, feeling more happy and relaxed than he had ever been in his life, quickly dozed off. He dreamed of flying, of laughter, of warm sunbeams on his face and soft grass beneath his bare feet… but most of all, he dreamed of smiles and warm hugs from his Papa.
  5. Nothing, really, I just think it's not the best sort of setting/concept for sexual or forced stuff; I made this as a non-sexual, "nicer" alternative to the DD stories. If you really want to do something sexual and/or forced, it's up to you, but I prefer this concept not to go the same route as the DD universe.
  6. A/N: I initially envisioned this as an RP, but then I realized it worked better as a Diaper Dimension-style shared universe concept that others could make fics about if they wanted to. Unlike the DD stories, there shouldn't be any sexual or forced aspect to Teddy World stories, and the focus should be on being babied. With that said, you can figure out the rest of the details of this concept as you read. Enjoy! -------------------- "It's not fair... they didn't need to yell." Caleb sat by his bedroom window, dressed in a blue hoodie and black jeans and holding a stuffed dog plushie tightly as he looked up at the night sky; his voice was quiet and slightly shaky. His parents had discovered his diaper stash and baby stuff, and it had not gone over well; after a harsh interrogation ("How long have you been doing this?" "What else are you hiding?") and angry yelling ("Perversion! I won't allow it!" "We'll be sending you to psychiatric care--maybe they can cure you of this nonsense."), they confiscated everything--his bottle, his pacifier, his diapers, his blanket... all that remained was Mr. Puff, who he had hidden carefully. But he knew it wouldn't be long before his parents found Mr. Puff as well, taking away his only friend in the world forever. "It's not fair. Why did they have to be so angry?" Caleb sniffled as a tear ran down his cheek; it was soon followed by more, and soon he was softly sobbing as he held onto the stuffed dog for dear life. He briefly stopped to look Mr. Puff in his plastic eyes, terrified at the thought of losing him. "I d-don't w-want t-to l-lose you," he stuttered, barely holding his weeping in enough to keep from alerting his parents; as he softly spoke to his best friend, he missed a shooting star streaking through the sky. "P-please... somebody... anybody... h-help me... d-don't let them t-take Mr. Puff away... I can't live without him. P-please..." Suddenly, a bright glow emanated from the stuffed animal; yelping in fear, Caleb dropped it and scampered back into a corner. No sooner had he done so than his own clothes began glowing as well; his clothes shifted on his body to form a soft baby blue snap onesie, and he felt his underwear thickening into a massive cloth diaper as his shoes melted into his socks and became blue booties. He was snapped out of this by a voice emanating from the last place he ever expected: "Don't cry, Little-bit. I won't ever leave you." The voice was deep but gentle, and it was coming from Mr. Puff; the stuffed animal in question suddenly grew in size until it nearly brushed the ceiling, picking up the boy with ease and hugging him closely as the light enveloped them both. "Wh-what's happening?!" "You don't have to stay here any longer; I'll take you someplace where nothing bad will ever happen to you again. I'll take care of you, my widdle baby Caleb. I'll always take care of you from now on." Caleb found his tears flowing more than ever as his tears of sorrow turned into tears of joy and bliss; suddenly, the light faded, and he found that Mr. Puff was now far bigger than ever before, a true giant; not only that, but they were in a bright green field under a sunny blue sky filled with clouds; a trail of flowers lining a marble cobblestone road lead to a beautiful city on the horizon, complete with a majestic castle right out of a fairy tale. The now-living plush dog cradled him in the crook of an arm, gesturing with the other arm at the strange new land before them. "Welcome to Teddy World, my cute widdle baby boy!" Recovering from his tears, Caleb looked around in wonder as Teddy carried him down the path. “What... what is this place? How is this possible?” “Just relax and enjoy being held for now, little-bit,” said Mr. Puff. “Queen Matria will explain everything soon enough.” Upon reaching the city, Caleb noticed to his astonishment that there were plushies of all shapes, all of them just as big as Mr. Puff... and many of them with humans like him, the humans dressed as babies complete with diapers. Caleb's astonishment was only increased as they approached the castle, entering through massive doors into an equally-massive throne room; sunlight glittered through tall stained-glass windows, golden lamps protruded from gigantic marble columns, the light in the room sparkled through crystal chandeliers, and a bright red carpet led up to a throne at the top of a small staircase. Sitting upon the throne was a giant, snow-white teddy bear, even bigger than Mr. Puff; the sparkling blue dress, the glittering wand, and the jeweled silver tiara gave the impression more of a fairy godmother than a queen. Mr. Puff bowed his head, careful not to drop Caleb. “My Queen.” The bear nodded in response. “You may rise, Puff. Present to me our new arrival.” Caleb squeaked in surprise as Mr. Puff held him with both paws under his armpits, holding him up Lion-King-style toward the royal-looking bear. Caleb found himself blushing in embarrassment and mild fear in spite of himself, even whimpering a bit; before he could say anything, however, the bear approached, smiling warmly and waving her wand. “Aw, poor widdle baby. You don't have to be embarrassed or afraid any more; just watch my wand, and everything will be fine.” The wand left a trail of sparkles behind it as she waved it around gently; as Caleb watched it, he felt all his worries slip away, along with his embarrassment. When she stopped, he found to his surprise that he no longer felt embarrassment at being seen in a diaper and baby clothes; in fact, he felt almost... proud, like he was happy to be seen, as if he wanted the whole world to know how babyish he looked. Before he could question what happened, the bear smiled again. “I am Queen Matria; what is your name, little one?” In spite of his lack of embarrassment, he still found himself slightly nervous at being in the presence of obvious royalty. “Caleb... er, Caleb Richards, your majesty...” Matria responded with a motherly giggle. “You don't need to give your last name; it doesn't matter here unless you want it to. If you'd like, I can give you a better last name, one that will better fit; what say you?” Caleb thought about it; truth be told, his parents had been rather neglectful most of his life. They had rarely been outright mean, save for when they discovered his little side. After a few moments' consideration, he decided to accept. “Yes, your majesty; mom and dad... they don't matter anymore. I don't want to be connected with them anymore...” The Queen stroked his cheek gently and spoke in a comforting voice. “Poor baby... I'm sorry for whatever you had to go through with them.” She stepped back, placing her wand on each of his shoulders as if to knight him. “By the power vested in me, I name thee... 'Caleb BabyPuff.'” He felt brief confusion at the name, but he quickly put the pieces together in his mind. “Wait... BabyPuff... does that mean—” “Yes it does, little-bit,” Mr. Puff said, smiling at him. “It means you're my baby boy now, and I'm your new papa. You never have to leave here again.” As the full meaning hit him, Caleb felt a strange sense of joy wash over him; for the first time in his life, he felt as if he was truly where he belonged. “My papa...” he tested the word. “Papa... PAPA!” Caleb smiled happily, fully accepting the word. “Thank you papa! I love you!” Puff turned him around in his arms and pulled him in for a hug, with Caleb returning the gesture and snuggling his face in Puff's fur; the latter smiled down at him. “And I love you, baby Caleb.” As the joy of the moment subsided, Caleb suddenly recalled something. “Wait... where is 'here' anyhow?” Matria approached and gestured for Mr. Puff to follow; Caleb found himself being cradled again as he was carried along a hall by his new papa. “This is Teddy World,” the Queen explained; “it is a place where our kind, known as teddies, live. This world is a magical place with one purpose: to give people like you—little at heart, those who were not ready to be big, who needed to stay babies in a world that demanded otherwise—a place where you can be your true self forever. Here, you will never age, never be sick, and will always be taken care of. Here, you can play to your heart's content, eat sweets without growing fat, or even sleep and snuggle the day away if you wish. But most of all... you never have to work, or learn, or grow up.” Caleb let the Queen's words sink in; this all seemed too good to be true, and yet it was. This was where he belonged. Soon, they came to a room with doors that opened to an external balcony. In the room were three other teddies, each carrying a human of their own; one was a pink bunny, carrying a teenage girl with a lacy pink dress that seemed specifically designed to show off her thick cloth diaper. The girl's hair was tied up into pigtails, and thick pink mittens and boots finished the garb. As Mr. Puff took his place next to her, she looked at him with a hesitant smile. “Uh, hello there! What's your name?” “Caleb Ri—er, Caleb BabyPuff now, I guess. This is Mr. Puff; he's my new papa!” Caleb couldn't help but giggle as Mr. Puff cooed at him and tickled him. “My name's Allison Carver... I mean, Allie SweetyBun,” the girl said, giggling as well before gesturing to her guardian. “This is my mommy, Pinkybun! Do you know what's happening, here, Caleb?” He shook his head. “Nuh-uh, I'm new here just like you—” Before he could finish, the Queen opened the balcony doors and stepped out, with Mr. Puff, Pinkybun, and the other two teddies carrying their charges out behind her; looking over the balcony, Caleb saw a vast crowd of teddies and littles looking up, as well as a giant screen on a tall building across the plaza. “Teddies and Babies alike! I, Queen Matria, shall now present our newest arrivals!” Mr. Puff stepped forward first, carrying Caleb and holding him up for all to see; to Caleb's amazement, the screen displayed an image of him that he knew he'd never posed for. In the picture, he wore a small baby yellow shirt that showed off his belly button, and a thick diaper covered in smiling stars and teddy bears; the sheer babyishness of the ensemble was only enhanced by the pose—he was lying on is back, his side to the camera, smiling happily and holding his toes as if to show off his diaper. Beside his picture was an image of Mr. Puff, and below both of their pictures was a close-up view of them on the balcony. “Presenting Caleb BabyPuff, and his daddy, Mr. Puff!” A chorus of cooing and cheers erupted from the crowd; Caleb could even make out phrases such as “Aww, how adorable!” and “Such a little cutie-pie!”, as well as variations on “Welcome, little baby!” Something about the whole situation filled him with happiness; here he was, displayed for all the world as a little, and not only was he not being mocked, he was being accepted and praised! As Teddy stepped back to allow Pinkybun to present Allie, he smiled to himself, eager to see what this new, better world held in store for him... -------------------- As I said at the beginning, this concept is free for anyone to use if they want to; as long as you have some of the elements of this chapter present, you are free to play around with it as you see fit. All I ask is that you have “Teddy World” somewhere in the title and credit me with the general concept. Read and review, and I'll see you next chapter where Caleb's new life truly begins!
  7. Hm, why don't you start once the main hero cast (Sango, Shippo, Miroku, Kagome, Kouga, Inuyasha) is fully introduced. You can be either Souta or the Youkai
  8. Yup! Same one! It's a classic, really, though it dragged on in later seasons.
  9. Having watched it would be ideal, yes, and I'm thinking the section with Souta would be one person playing him and the other playing the Youkai, and for the next few ones one person would be the next victim in line while the other would play the Youkai, Souta, and whatever character/characters are being used to trap said victim
  10. I have Ticket to Ride, that's about it in the way of board games. I could maybe buy something, but in case I can't find anything, do you play video games? EDIT: The date my folks leave for the cruise has been changed to the 17th; perhaps a meet on that weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, one of those)? EDIT 2: Friday the 19th works best for me since I'll be alone then and I'll be going to Middle Tennessee Anime Convention on Saturday and Sunday.
  11. My folks are leaving for an 8-day cruise on April 16, and I'll have the whole house to myself for that time. Would you be willing to meet up for a playdate then?
  12. I had an idea where Souta manages to get to the past to see his sister (post-canon), only to be caught by a motherly demon who hypnotizes him into being her baby, and makes him love it so much he wants to help her make others her babies like him. When the others find out he was taken, they fall for the bait and come to try and rescue him, only for her to hypnotize them one by one and make them her babies, each new one eager to help their friends enjoy eternal babyhood. No sexual stuff, no humiliation, no scat-focus (though a baby may occasionally make a stinky)--pure hypnosis/babying RP.