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  1. That's really well said! I'll try to improve on it with my next addition.
  2. Thanks!! Sorry! I thought it was clear but I’ll try harder next time
  3. Just here to write another short blurb I've been cooking up! ~~~ "Emma..." She's standing there with a bright red face in the middle of the living room in nothing but a diaper. I just came home from work and here I find my 9 year old daughter... in a diaper? She starts stuttering as she realizes she's been caught, "M-mom I... I was just playing around uh I'll go change..." I stop her from walking around me and she hangs her head in shame as she realizes she won't get off so easy. "Emma. I'm not mad. But I need an explanation this instant," I say cautiously, yet precisely, trying to keep her calm yet find out what's going on. She keeps her head low and mumbles quietly, "I was just having fun..." She seems a little annoyed if anything. So I switch tactics up a little bit. I stoop down a little and go for a gentle hug. "it's okay sweety. Just tell me what's going on and I'll let you go okay?" I feel her shift a little uncomfortably but I feel her nod slightly. I get back up and look her in the eye. She starts and pauses a few times, clearly thinking about it. "I... like being a baby." I get a little bit intrigued and confused so I walk her to the couch and sit don. I pat the sofa, "Sit down sweety... I'm gonna need more explaining than that." To my surprise she turns bright red and shakes her head. "N...no I can't." I give her a concerned and confused look and she starts to get really embarrassed. "N-no I uh... I... went." My eyes open in realization but I quickly re compose my face so as to keep her calm. "Two?" She nods and hangs her head. I start to get a little worried because, frankly, I don't know how to handle the situation. "Well sweety... just explain it to me okay? Then we can get you changed." She lets out a loud sigh and with her completely flushed face looks me in the eye. "I like being a baby. I like wearing diapers and pacifiers and crawling around and acting like a baby and..." she trails off. My understanding of it is still very limited but I make an attempt... "Do you want to be babied by someone?" She nods, not realizing the gist of what I'm hinting at. "What about me sweety?" She looks up completely surprised by the offer. She's 9 though! She isn't thinking enough to lie to me so quite simply, she nods. I hesitate a little myself. "Well sweety... you're gonna have to tell me what to do okay? I know you were a cute baby! That's for sure!" She hesitates as she slowly moves towards me and slowly puts her thumb in my mouth. Again, her face turns bright red as I open my arms to her and pull her in for a hug. I gently rub her back as I position her to sit on my knee. As she slowly sits down, exploring the new feeling of poop mushing, I hold her close. I slowly gain the confidence as we sit there in silence to do something... daring. I gently pull out the back of her diaper and look down. "Let's get you changed sweety," I say, whispering softly. I can't see her face but again, I know she's bright red. I slowly help her stand up, this time noticing both the smell and that visual appearance of the diaper is...sub-optimal. "Just lay down here sweety... where are the diapers?" "In my closet," she says as she hesitantly lays down on the floor. I quickly go upstairs and quickly find her stash of diapers and other changing supplies. I head downstairs carrying them in my arms and, starting to get into the groove of things, I kneel in front of her. "You ready sweety?" She gives a slight nod and I begin. (Sorry I'm choosing not to describe changes in fear of pedophiles being weird) ~~~~ This turned out a lot better than I expected so I might actually continue it depending on if I have time! As always write your recommendations. Also I would love someone to play Emma in a roleplay with me! Just message me if interested.
  4. Part 4 I go and make some popcorn while I let the first video play out. I also grab a glass of milk for Morgan. Sitting back down I gently pull her onto my lap as we watch. She loves it. The first video was pretty simple she was just running around with a hose in her hand getting water everywhere giggling with joy. The next one was her swinging on a swing laughing and screaming with each swing. And then she was sitting down for her birthday cake... she had so much trouble blowing out the candles. Video after video played with her progressively getting older and older. At about 5 years old, the diapers disappeared, and I feel Morgan depress in posture a little bit. “Awww it’s okay sweety you’re happy now right?” She nods and goes back to watching, slowly resting back on my chest, clearly very tired. I stroke her hair and turn off the videos. ”shhh go to bed sweety it’ll be okay.” She closes her eyes and lets out a big sigh,” Mommy?” She says. ”yes sweety?” ”is this really okay with you? I’m supposed to be a teenager...” I look at her slowly curling up in my lap and again my heart explodes. “Shhhh baby...you will always be my baby you don’t need to grow up.” It goes silent except for her restful breathing. ”I love you mommy.” Aaaaaah my heart explodes. I give her a little kiss on her forehead and just to emphasize it I give her diaper a quick check. It was wet. But I wasn’t going to wake her up now. Still though I saw her smile and blush a little at the check. and then I carried her up to bed. I tucked her in quietly and went to bed myself not soon after. and that was day one. It was absolutely incredible. Morgan *grew* in her hours as a baby. Yes she might be a baby now, but her heart is so big and I can tell our relationship together is going to explode. Morgan: my little baby. Not so sly after all!
  5. Part 3 It felt like I was in the third person while I changed her. It wasn't exactly how I expected it to go down. There were giggles. There was some embarrassment. There was some confusion. It all worked out in the end though(I'm gonna avoid writing out the details of changes because I could see that as nsfw). As I taped up her new diaper I smiled happily and things started to get rolling. "Sweety... you remember your old toys when you were little?" She nods a bit, thinking for a second, "How little?" I think too, "Well probably preschool-ish..." She shakes her head. Is it a good thing or a bad thing that she didn't remember? I dunno. Regardless, I take her hand and walk with her to the basement, loving her new little waddle. "Close your eyes sweety." She does and I let go of her hand and walk over to a stack of boxes. With some rummaging I put 3 boxes in front of her labeled: "Toys 2011", "Toys 2016", and "Videos 2016". "Open up!" She looks down at the boxes, initially confused, then opens them slowly. I watch in joy as her eyes widen. She pulls a stuffed bear out Toys 2011. She looks at me a little shocked then clutches it to her chest a bit awkwardly, embarrassed by showing such childishness. "Do you remember her name sweety?" She looks up at me then back down at the bear. "No." "You called her Berry." She smiles widely. "Berry." She repeats happily, giving him a tender and loving hug. And then she helped me carry the boxes upstairs. We dumped the 2011 toys in the living room and the 2016 toys in her room - they would get mixed up quickly anyhow. The videos went next to the T.V. Then I was a bit lost as to what to do... Morgan helped me out by plopping down on the floor and starting to play with toys. It gave me a nice opportunity to chill for a minute and just think. I went to the kitchen and slouched down a the chair, tired. So much has happened today, I can only imagine what's to come. I mean... she's a baby now! For heaven's sake this is crazy! I let out a deep breathe and walk back to the living room. I stoop down next to her playing and pull back her diaper, then give the front a squish. "Aaaaall clean and dry!" She of course turns bright red and looks down in shame but I don't push it. I go and sit down on the couch. "Hey wanna go through some memories babygirl?" She looks up intrigued and I stand up again, going to the T.V. and inserting a DVD into the player. I turn on the T.V. and switch the HDMI and BAM there's little Morgan, probably 2 or 3, sitting on her diapered bum. A big play button flashes on the screen and I give Morgan a look. Almost immediately she stands up and walks over to the couch, plopping down. "Can you make some popcorn please?" I smile, ready for a trip down nostalgia lane.
  6. Part 2 I sit down on the couch and consider suggesting that she sit down next to me, but decide it would be best if she was more comfortable. “So Morgan. I know what’s going on.” I pause, thinking about how I should do this. “I know you’re wearing a diaper right now. I know you’re… messy. I know why you’re doing it.” *pausing once again* “You don’t have to answer or tell me anything and you can continue doing what you’re doing right now but I have one question ~ do you want more? More babying, more diapers, etc. You’ve asked me many times before for supplies and I want you to be open. No secrets, no hiding, whatever.” She looks shook. She opens her mouth a bit to speak then closes it. She clenches her fists a bit then relaxes them. Her eyes start to quiver a little then they relax. Put simply, her emotions are going wild. But eventually she does compose herself. “I ummm… I don’t know.” I nod understandingly. “You don’t have to sweety, it’s complicated and it will take time for the both of us to understand it but I want to be as supportive as possible.” I pause for a good amount of time, letting it settle. “Do you want to experiment?” She nods a little shyly and stutters a bit, “I-I uh want to cuddle.” Rather than stress her anymore, I simply open my arms as a gesture for her to come over. My heart melts as hers does. She basically jumps into my arms and curls up into a ball as i wrap them around her. For awhile it’s just quiet but I hear her trying to say something. “Mom I feel so cute…” she says in a breathy, sad-ish tone. “What’s wrong sweety?” I hug her a little tighter. “Mom I-I just want to be loved again and to be happy and no worries and I-” She chokes on her words as she tries to look me in the face. Tears are rolling down her face and instead of seeing a teenager I see a hurt child. “Shhhh shhh it’s okay sweety.” I rub my hand on her back and hold her closely. She tries to start again but I stop her, “No it’s okay sweety. No need for words.” “Buh-but I have so much to say I -” “Just cry.” A silence fills the room and I know tears are coming out. “Cry… Cry like a baby.” “Buh--” *Silence* She starts to choke a little bit and I pull her in tighter. It started with a single gasp for air. She tried to hold it back but no. She couldn’t catch her breath as she let her head fall into my arms, and out came the full sobs. She cried and cried, loud, full hearted sobs. She quivered a little as all her emotional tensions came out. But I just held her. I let her rest her head on my chest as I gave her all the warmth I could. I started to tear up too. Watching her I started to miss the pureness and happiness of my own childhood. But alas, it slowly died down. She regained control and with a long exhale I heard her regain composure. I continued to hold her for a little bit and she accepted it happily. I could see she was at ease. So I did something a little daring. I checked her diaper. Just a quick peep and I could see she needed a change. She turned a bright red of course. What teenage girl wouldn’t? But she wasn’t as mortified as I expected. She said nothing, just gave me a look. As our eyes met, though, I sort of spoke to her in some way. I told her it would be okay. “Let’s go getcha changed sweety!” I said gently standing up, forcing her too as well. She nodded shyly and I led her upstairs to her room. She plopped down on the bed and with a look and point she told me they were in the closet. I took the box out and found both powder and wipes next to it. And then I positioned myself by her feet. ~~~~ Okay a few questions. In concern of the pedo-thing you guys mentioned I don't want to be too detailed with changes and whatnot(despite how cute they are!). I tried to be a little less descriptive of potentially sexual things in this part too. Do you guys like the change or would you rather me be more explicit? I could always make her 18 too through a time jump. Any other comments are also welcome.
  7. Damn my pictures supposed to be a girl... I'm trans sorr
  8. I never intended the parent to be gendered XD i imagine her as a girl but feel free to do as you choose
  9. Am I hearing that I have to write more? 😌 Thanks!
  10. Ngl I wasn't aware of the rule but it was NOT my intention for this to be interpreted sexually. I'll take it down if I get in trouble or something. I wasn't even thinking about the creeps
  11. Another short story blurb. As always, hope you enjoy and comment or message me if you have recommendations. I'm always open to a dm! ~Me and Morgan are sitting on the the lawn looking up at the fluffy, white, rolling clouds float through the sky. It’s a bright summer day with a gentle warm breeze blowing against our cheeks. The sun is high in the air. It’s a nice day. My eyes start to slowly close as I get drowsy and eventually I let them, floating into that comfortable space between sleep and awake. I half dream, half think about the summer days of my teenage years. They were just like this. I hear Morgan stand up though, interrupting my oh so wonderful dreams. I open my eyes and see her squatting a little bit. “What are you doing sweety?” She turns around suddenly and clearly is shocked. “Uh nothing just stretching ~ I’m gonna go back inside.” I sit up and nod, “Okay I’ll be following in a second.” She runs off and sure enough… I follow soon after. I walk in through the open glass sliding door, a bit tired and look around for Morgan. Instantly I see her in the middle of the kitchen, squatting over slightly in the characteristically big - girl trying to avoid looking like a toddler squat. I stay quiet though, watching her push and feeling my heart melt over her little grunt sounds. Eventually she finishes and I make some loud walking sounds to pretend I just walked in. “Hi sweety how are you?” She looks a little bit embarrassed once again but comes up with some quick lie, “Oh just looking for a snack.” She says opening up the cabinet. I walk behind her and look for a snack as well, eventually grabbing a pack of gummies and sitting down on one of the stools by our island. She awkwardly walks around the island to the living room and sort of awkwardly stands in front of the TV for a little bit. I should probably explain what’s going on! Morgan is my 12 year old daughter. She’s just starting to go through puberty and one day about 3 months ago she came home crying. She failed a math quiz or something small and I tried to comfort her but in her emotional craze she revealed she wants to be a baby. At first I thought it was a typical teenage longing for the past sort of thing, but it was much stronger than I thought. In those 5 hours I cradled her, let her suck her thumb, even gave her a bath. She kept asking for more and more babyish things - and as soon as Summer started about a month later, she really started to push it on me. I would catch her crawling around in her room. She started asking me to buy pacifiers and diapers and onesies. And as soon as I got them for her, she started wearing them around the house. She’s really not as discrete as she thinks she is! “Hey sweety can we talk for a second?” I say as I walk into the living room. “Umm sure.” She looks visibly uncomfortable as she turns around with her bulging rear.
  12. Just another one of my short blurbs! ~ I sit in my room alone. It's a dark winter night, but here in my room it's nice and warm. I lay under a pile of blankets with a mountain of plushies and pillows on either side of my head. Hidden from the world, my diaper grows warm. My heart softens as I feel it grow wet, and I feel a sudden urge. I quickly get up and waddle to my dresser. ~It's cold and I shiver a little as I open up the top drawer. I rummage through my p ile of clothes and grab my pacifier, immediately jumping back into my bed. I readjust, making sure all my plushies are still on the bed ~ *Neneee, Aliiice, Aarooon*~ I go through them all. Finally I relax again and plop my pacifier into my mouth, once again feeling my heart melt at the cuteness of...well... me! I close my eyes, starting to suck as my mind wander. ~ I'm in a playpen, crawling around happily, playing with toys, and feeling as happy as can be. I sprout a devious little smile and crawl to the center of the room. I start to push -- WAIT! My eyes open quickly. I... ~ I glance around nervously~ I've never pooped myself. I sit there thinking about it. Do I really want to do this? Will it be too messy? 5 minutes of anxious thinking later, I start to push. Nothing happens... I feel the need to poop but in this position it's near impossible. A bit shyly, I get up and get on all fours... just like a baby. ~Hnnnnn~ I start to push, feeling a mess peep out a little bit. With a final push, I feel a small but warm mess fall into my diaper. I feel the diaper bulge a little bit. It's an odd feeling, but definitely not enough to understand it fully. Relatively new to the messing game, though, I feel... proud. I cup my hand and squish the small mess a little bit, but oh boy does it feel like the biggest poop ever. I slowly get up from my crouching position and instantly start to remember why I'm doing this. I glance at my plushies and, like a wave, I feel myself getting more babyish. I suck my dum dum. I jump in my pile of plushies. I play with them mindlessly, feeling my mess. Then the fire alarm rang. As always comment what you think and feel free to message me!
  13. I write a lot of short, blurby sorta stories like this throughout my day! Diaper changes! I'm sitting alone in the living room relaxing. It's a bright summer day, the birds are chirping, and lunch is cooking. I am a happy mommy! I was just thinking about checking on the kids when I hear the sliding glass back door open and close... but without the typical accompaniment of giggling. Suspicious! I get up slowly and tip toe through the hallway until I turn the corner. And there they are! They're climbing all over the counters in search for a snack. They don't even notice me sneaking up! I quietly maneuver myself behind the older two - my daughter Morgan who's 6 and my son Chase who's 7 - knowing they're the culprit for such shenanigans. Suddenly I pull back their waistlines and as they yell out, realizing they've been caught, I peer down to check their diapers. "Tsk tsk tsk, looks like my little stinkers are getting in trouble again!" I wrap my arms around their waists and pull them off the counter and set them on the floor. They know I'm a fairly permissive parents so shyly wait, giggling and poking each others diapers playfully. "Mommyyy Chase is stinkyyyy!" "No you are!" I shake my head, "You both are! Now go sit in the living room and get all the stuff for a change!" They scurry off, still giggling. I check my youngest daughter(3 and a half), Sydney, and find she's just wet. Nonetheless I carry her to the living room so she can play while I watch her. I walk into the living room and find the two hooligans wrestling on the floor with all the changing supplies thrown about. I squat down and set down Sydney, then kneel by the feet of the wrestlers. "Hey! Settle down let's get this over with sillies!" I grab both there feet and hold them apart so they can't move. I drag them away from each other then sigh. "Two changes at once here we go!" I pull down both their shorts and untape their diapers quickly. As per usual I make exaggerated, mortified faces as I open up the diapers to keep them giggly and happy. "OH my! You stinkers need to use the potty!" I say as I slide the diaper out. I start to wipe them, tickling them a bit for effect. Then the new diaper. Then the powder. -Tapes. -Shorts back up. Done! "Thanks kiddos you can go back to playing Lunch will be done in about 10 minutes!" I stand up as they run off, tired. I look up across the room at Sydney in the corner... squatting... with a scrunched face... oh no. ~~~ Thanks for reading if you have any recommendations comment and feel free to message me anytime!
  14. Hey my names Elizabeth(Eric by birth though) and I'm a male to female transgender switch. I like mommying a loooot but also like being little. It's a lot more of an emotional thing than a sexual one normally which I know is kinda atypical in the abdl community but oh well. Other than that I'm an on and off switch of happy and sad so. I dunno what else to add - Lizy