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  1. 98% of the time my orgasms are determined by my Keyholder, Wife & Mommy ( All the same person ). On the occasion i do get to orgasm, its with the diaper on and with a Magic Wand. The diaper 100% of the time stays on, no choice there.
  2. A: Depending on what brand of diaper you'll be wearing will depend on the smell of urine pouring out into the room. Also, the length of how long you'll be wearing it after you have initially wet in it the first time will be key as well. If your overly worried about smell, try Talc powder. Sometimes it does help lessen the smell. A good idea would be washing the sheets and comforters after wards to help keep the smell down. B: I cant really help you with this question. C: My wife wasn't an overly kinky woman when we first started dating with wearing diapers. Fast Forward 12 Years and its a different story. Lots of orgasms through diapers for her with the help of the Hitachi Wand over a really soaked diaper does the trick. Let your imagination take the places you haven't been. Good Luck & have FUN!!!!
  3. I go camping once every year with my family and it's fairly simple to keep it from people with the correct accessories. Diapers, Wipes, Barrier Cream, Disposal Bags and Goodnites Absorbant bed sheets. I use those inside of my sleeping bag & or generally where I'm going to sleep to protect from leaks and i've had zero issues. As far as storage and disposal I keep my spare diapers in my backpack and used diapers go in the disposal bags and to the trash receptacle A.S.A.P
  4. Being forced to wear diapers could be either a mechanism to keep ones clothes and bed dry or abuse. I had friends when in grade school that were punished with diapers or the threat of diapers which was wrong then and now. I also had one close friend that also was a bed wetter that was kept in diapers once home from school. It really affected him and now, to this day has medical and mental issues due to that and other things that his family did to him when he was younger. I was born in the late 80's and never had a strong bladder to begin with. My parents never tormented, threatened or abused me by putting me in diapers. Now, i will say that at points i could tell that they were extremely frustrated when my bed would be wet or when I'd wake up and my PJ's were damp but NEVER was I ridiculed, forced or made fun of for having to wear them and need them by either of my parents. At sleep overs I was picked on a few times but i don't believe that that has affected me adversely. What i will say though is having needed to wear as a child and doing so did impact my views on diapers and use of them. I'm 32 Years old and about 7 years ago years ago after numerous doctors, specialists, medications and muscle therapy chose to just cut the medical crap out that wasn't working and wear diapers 24/7. I originally only has issues with night wetting but in my early teens developed stress and urge incontinence. That has only worsened with age. I accept it and who I am with having to wear 24/7. Is it easy?, NO! I will say it is much more convenient that endless appointments with no improvements, endless co-pays or medical bills with zero progress and definitely better than most of the side affects of the medications.
  5. Honesty and respecting others thoughts and opinions is key. 12 Years ago i was upfront and honest to my now wife about my use of diapers for bed wetting and enjoyment of wearing them. I gave her all the specifics and the link to this website so she could do her own research so that she could do her own research on the topic. I didn't push if with her after being honest and let her come back to the topic on her own time. 12 Years later, i still wear them around her and our family with zero issues and she too wears when she would like to and its great.
  6. My diaper changes by my wife usually last between 10-20 minutes on average. She will only change me if I'm wet as i #2 in the big boy potty. My changes always include the changing mat, fresh diapers, talc and wipes. Some diaper changes get cut short due to us having young kids. There's always some tickling, laughing and always smiling with eye contact.
  7. I will second the Rearz Safari's and Better Drys. I love Rearz however they don't fit me very well. I'm a bit on the larger side of the spectrum and my thighs and stomach are really where it shows the most and no matter how i fit the Rearz, they dig into my thighs and aren't comfortable for long term wear. Better Dry however have higher standing leak guards and fit me so much better. Any How, those are two of the thickest for me.
  8. There is a store like this up in Albany, NY that i shop at. Its a medical supply store that also sells AB/DL products. They keep the two products separated but customers wander around the store and sometimes they make it to the opposite side of the store where the AB/DL products are and the looks start. I personally am not bothered by this but its interesting to see.
  9. Right now I'm running with an AMX FX 6100 six core processor, 32GB of ram, Two GTX 1060 6GB graphics cards in SLI and a 500GB Samsung SSD drive with Windows 7 Ultimate all housed in a really old Rocket Fish brand Server style ATX case that i bought from Best Buy probably 10+ years ago!
  10. Secrets can be kept but they tend to come to the surface at some point and its never a good thing when it happens that way. Honesty is the best policy here. Let her know exactly what this fetish means to you, dont sugar coat how often you've indulged into it and how often you would like to continue to moving forward. Once you have the initial chat, it will likely take time for her to process the input and her thoughts. Dont rush or push the topic.
  11. I live in Connecticut and make the trip to visit Supply Solution's and Bethany just about every other month. Their selection of AB/DL diapers and clothing is usually pretty good and the prices are competitive with all of the online retailers. Bethany is a real sweetheart too. Very kind and personable . I enjoy the drive to get there and the products! The looks from the customers sometimes can be interesting however as it is connected to a Medical Supply store and many people just dont know what the products are about, especially when they have prints on the diapers or as the last time i was there, the lady in her early sixties that saw me making my diaper selections and must have noticed that the diapers i was picking were clearly for me as i asked if they had any more Tykables Galactics in size large! Once she heard that, her pace was fast enough to have walked on water! Glad you enjoyed your shopping there AluminumBlack!
  12. I have 4 children and to my knowledge, NONE of them know about my need for diapers or that i wear. I keep just enough diapers to last about two weeks in our home, the rest are stored in a dry loft over our two car garage. My diapers are kept in a locked storage closet in our room that is under our bed. It looks just like a regular bed frame but is actually a huge storage spot that is hinged and locked at all times.
  13. Being a married man that has been wearing 24/7 for six years and has a wife that knows 100% of the reason why i need to wear and accepts it, it hasn't hurt our sex life at all. It has if anything helped us explore likes and dislikes for both of us. One of my wife's dislikes is me having a diaper pulled down or poking a hole in it for me to still penetrate her while having diaper on. The padding isn't the problem, its my size. I'm not "Long" enough to keep her satisfied so we do without the diaper.
  14. I have a lot of similarities in our marriage. Ive worn 24/7 for over five years now. Chastity was introduced about 2 1/2 years ago. My wife lets me know if I'm allowed to change myself. Other than that, I'm her little guy as she refers to me. She knows i cannot masturbate due to the cage and strict rules. Other than that, she decides what goes on where and when.
  15. We have the winter wonderland underway here in CT. Three inches worth so far.