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    • All gyms have bathrooms.  If you need privacy then simply go into a bathroom stall and put your diaper on there.  I have heard of a few people who simply do change their clothes and diaper while standing at their locker in front of others.  Many feel diapers are your underwear and underwear is something you see in a men's locker room.  My bestfriend once wanted me to start working out with him.  He knows that I wear diapers and if I had worked out with him I had already decided I would be okay changing my clothes in front of him diapers and all.
    • If the weather is nice, go out in your yard and do some clean up and pruning of tree limbs and bushes.  You star off walking around with a lump in the bottom of your diaper but every time you have to stretch up or bend down to pick up branches, the load in your diaper will press against your body as your pants tighten up.  The constant work, bending and straightening up moves the load around in your diaper and is a great feeling.  The fact that you are outside does several things.  You don't stink up your house as bad, you get excersize and fresh air and you are also making a necessary job more fun while getting it done.  Win-Win situation all the way around.  After the brush trimming you might even mow the grass sitting on your riding lawn mower to finish it all off!  I do suggest if you know your load will be a sizable one, wear some plastic pants over your diaper to help protect your jeans from possible leaks.
    • Hey all m here looking for mommy or daddy very strict and harsh to discipline me online during this week i have final exams i need help i have diapers and chastity cage i can buy other stuff too kinky strict parents text me we can do it here or over kik  
    • So glad you listened to your mother! 
    • I have been overweight for most of my adult years around age 30 or so and it has gotten worse.  I believe I have blockages in arteries and have been having chest pain off and on for several years.  It's gotten worse recently, however EKG and chest x-ray show no problems.  I'm seeing a cardiologist and expect I'll have a stress test and more.  Everyone wants me to exercise more, however I can't run or jog due to very bad ankles and arthritus in my feet.  A gym is a possibility and riding stationary bikes and other equipment may help.  My question to you is,  what kind of exercises do you do in the gym that puts so much strain on your diapers that they disintegrate and/or slide down your legs.  I would plan on riding the stationary bike but you hinted that it's a real problem in a diaper.  While I don't wear diapers all the time, if I wanted or needed to at the gym due to the strenuous nature of a work out, I'd like to do it discreetly and without diaper failure.  I'm also curious how you change out of your nappy at the gym and then re-diaper yourself after your shower.  Does the gym locker room have privet dressing rooms?  I've never heard of that and can't imagine undressing and removing a diaper in a locker room with others around, and also putting on a fresh diaper after a shower with others watching.