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  1. I made a big decision tonight. 

    1. Spiderman


      Well don't keep us in suspense young lady

    2. Skylove27


      I have decided to move in with my boyfriend. I won't be moving with him till the 1st. 

    3. Spiderman


      Well congratulations baby girl that sounds great

  2. When The Little Brother Takes Over *Private with Jmg1217*

    (Posted twice) "Thank you daddy." Travis says softly wrapping his arms around him. He giggled at the princess reference about the chariot.
  3. Daddy's baby boy *Private w Jmg1217*

    (Oh I must've read an earlier post wrong. But that does make sense now. My bad) Daniel starred calm a little and even let out a small yawn.
  4. Lily's Therapist (Open for now)

    Lillian Foster who commonly goes by Lily, is a young shy girl who has hard times communicating with others and making friends. Due to this concern, Lily's parents put her into Therapy to help her feel more comfortable to be open about anything that is going on and could hopefully help her with her social anxiety. (T is for therapist character) When her Therapist's meets her, (T) sees her more immature (not in a bad way) for her age and thinks she should be treated as such. But also believes it would be comforting for her seeing that stress may be the cause of her anxiety. (T) gives her exercises on how to communicate better with others without feeling anxious, and let's her relieve any stress as well. (T) has permission from parents to use subliminal regession, so Lily won't notice to much babying until she's fully comfortable. (T) also uses it so Lily isn't scared away. I will be Lily. Please No Force peeing or pooping, I also doubt want diapers right away in the rp. Non sexual. If you are interested playing the Therapist in this roleplay, please message me so we can discuss details of your character and details for the roleplay.
  5. The Roommates who Blackmailed Her Private with Robehouse)

    "But i don't wanna have a accident. That's yucky." Grace said, giggling and squirming at the tickling. Alexis was just setting down the potty on the living room floor, waiting for them.
  6. A Summer's Regression

    Paige opened her mouth to take a bite of the sandwich which she did, and happily are the bite.
  7. Daddy's baby boy *Private w Jmg1217*

    (Did he put him back in the tub or outta he still in Chris's lap?)
  8. When The Little Brother Takes Over *Private with Jmg1217*

    Travis rested his head on Ben's shoulder while he talked. The thought of a prize made him want to go a little, but he also still didn't want to go. He sighed, "Will you carry me to the car, please daddy?" He asks softly. "Sorry for throwing my cup."
  9. A Summer's Regression

    Paige nodded smiling. "It's yummy." Paige said .
  10. The Roommates who Blackmailed Her Private with Robehouse)

    Grace nodded, and made grabby hands at him. "Up, please. Have to potty." She reminds him again.
  11. A Summer's Regression

    Paige didn't protest being put in her high chair. She happily accepted the fruit first, "Okay, thank you. " Paige smiled and started to eat the fruit with her hands.
  12. The Roommates who Blackmailed Her Private with Robehouse)

    "Why don't you go get her and I'll get her potty seat ready?" Alexis suggested.. Grace "Potty... now " She said again which could be heard from the monitor.
  13. The Roommates who Blackmailed Her Private with Robehouse)

    Just before the movie, there were small whimpers coming from the baby monitor. "Daddy... mommy... potty." Was all could be heard from Grace's soft voice. In the bedroom, Grace was a little squirmy getting out from under her blankets. She had to go potty a lot. She needed them to come now, she didn't know how much longer she could hold it. "Now..." Grace whimpered, sounding like she was going to cry.
  14. A Summer's Regression

    "Ooh... sounds yummy... can I have fruit too please?" Paige asked.
  15. Daddy's baby boy *Private w Jmg1217*

    Daniel continued to cry and shook his head no at Kyle's request. He didn't realize how tired he really was. But he was just not having this random visit.