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  1. Paige shook her. "Nuh uh no medicine!" Paige says quickly
  2. "Okay." Abby smiled and played with the piano keys that sounded out of tune
  3. Grace ate her mnms Grace frowned. "I don't wanna take a nap!" Grace whined.
  4. Paige whined softly as she tried to push too poop.
  5. *Only a little bit." Abby says shrugging
  6. "Okay." Grace says. Alexis put her hand out for Grace to grab them. "Thank you!" Grace says. "You're welcome." Alexis smiled
  7. "I can't play much on it but it still makes sounds." Abby says plays a few keys
  8. Grace released what she was holding and it was a lot. Then she made a poopy as well. "I did both Jimmy." Grace says Alexis went and prepared her mnms. She grabbed two regular mnms then two Pretzle mnms. She went over to Jimmy and Grace
  9. Daniel tried to crawl off. He didn't wanna listen to anymore rules. He wanted to go hide and maybe sleep too.
  10. "But I like my hair daddy. It's not yucky!" Travis says. Hoping it wouldn't wash off his hair
  11. Jake was speechless and mortified. How could his mother not know they went to the same school? He held the teething ring... "I can get myself dressed. You don't have to do it!" Jake insisted. He was completely embarrassed. He wanted to prove that he wasn't the baby Brendan was seeing and that he was still allowed to do some big boy things by himself. The outfit the mother picked out for him was a pair of shortalls with a frog on the front pocket, a green shirt, white socks with frogs and green underwear. Not boxers but underwear.
  12. "Hurts." Liam cried in his arms. He pointed at his foot. A couple of staff saw what happened and came over.
  13. Paige sighed and pouted. She looked at her auntie and nodded. "Yes please."
  14. Abby nodded. She looked around and showed her this small piano that only consisted four keys. "I have a piano."
  15. Grace was able to good it the whole time. She had a lot of pop though so she had to go bad! She was patient though.