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  1. Sometime tonight or tomorrow my phone service will be off so I won't be on till my phone bill is paid for. Which won't be till Wednesday. I may get on every now and then but only for a short time cause it'll be on wifi but I'm using someone else's wifi. So I won't be on very much for a few days.
  2. The New Girl (Glee Fanfic, Quinn&OC)

    Thank you so much! Actually a few people have commented before this chapter.
  3. A Summer's Regression

    "Hmm.... Can we watch a movie instead?" Paige asks.
  4. The Roommates who Blackmailed Her Private with Robehouse)

    Grace didn't fight or argue. She rested her head on his shoulder, suckling her paci and holding her blankie on her cheek.
  5. The New Girl (Glee Fanfic, Quinn&OC)

    This is chapter 3. Quinn earns Elsa's trust. Quinn's POV It was before lunch and Elsa was supposed to meet me after her gym class but she hasn't showed up yet. Which worried me, Did she get lost? Was she hurt? Or maybe did she have to talk to her teacher after class? I thought maybe if it was one of those she would've texted me. So I looked to see if I get any recent texts and none were from Elsa. Okay now I was even more worried. Babies like Elsa were NOT supposed to be alone, they were supposed to be with someone they new, there caretaker or an adult. I decided to send a text to her. Where are you? -Q I waited but suddenly I was turned around quickly, It was Santana. “Quinn, you need to come with me, Elsa's in the bathroom crying and she won't tell us what's wrong.” Santana said. “Who's us?” I asked. “Mercedes and I.” Santana answered. “Now come on.” Santana and I quickly went to the girl's room. “Where is she?” I asked quickly as we entered the room. Mercedes was holding Brittany. “She's in the last stall.” Mercedes said. I hurried to the last stall and heard quiet crying. I knocked on the door softly. “Elsa, honey It's Quinn.” I said gently. I looked at Mercedes, Brittany and Santana, and gestured them to leave for a moment. Santana nodded understanding and the three left. “J-just you?” Elsa's voice asked softly. “Yes sweetie, just me.” I answered. “S-sorry I didn't meet you on time.” Elsa said. “It's fine. What happened?” I asked. Crying had started again. “I... I had an accident after class...” There was a hiccup. “A-and b-big boys saw and l-laughed at me... and s-started to...” And another hiccup. “Taunt me and I.. I ran in here so I could hide f-from them...” The sobbing got worse. “Can you let me in please?” I asked gently. I heard the lock slide and the door opened. Elsa's eyes were wet and red, she looked like she had been crying awhile. Tears fell from Elsa's eyes still. I pulled her into a hug and rubbed her back in small soothing circles. She started sobbing more. I saw a big wet spot on the back of the girls pants. Poor baby, must be soaked. Soon, Elsa began to calm down a little, she was only sniffling. “Did you bring extra big girl undies honey?” I asked her softly. She shook her head. “This almost never happens, so I didn't think I needed to bring, any.” She sniffled as she spoke. “Oh it's alright. You just wait right here, I'll see if Santana has any extra pull ups or diapers you can use till you get home today.” I explained. That's when Elsa started fussing and crying again. “I'm a big girl, I don't need pull ups.” Elsa whined. “Elsa. You just admitted to me earlier you were a baby. When babies have accidents they need some sort of protection. You need to understand that sweetheart. No one will tease you for it, and if they do they will get in trouble. I won't let anyone hurt you in any way. Please trust me. I only want what's best for you right now. I care about you.” I lectured. She needed to trust me. I wasn't doing this to hurt her or humiliate her. I know she hates being a baby in public but she has nothing else right now for protection. She needed to understand that it's okay to be a baby. I need her to trust me. Elsa looked at me. “N..No one's ever said they care about me like that before.” Elsa had teary eyes again. She hugged me and I hugged back. “Will you trust me? If you're a good girl and make it to the potty on time without using your pullups, I can see after glee about getting you some sprite from McDonald's?” I promised. “I trust you...” She said quietly. “I promise to be a good girl.” “Good girl. Wait here so I can go get them okay.” I said. She nodded. I left the bathroom, to find Santana feeding Brittany by the doorway. Santana looked up and saw me. “How is she?” Santana asked. “She's okay, she's upset that she had an accident. Don't tell her I told you. But um, do you have a spare pull up or diaper Elsa can have?” I asked. “It's in the diaper bag, that's next to me. You can use the wipes to.” Santana explained. “Thank you.” I replied, I went to the diaper bag and grabbed a pull up and wipes. I went back into the girls room and went to the stall Elsa was in. I closed the door in case if anyone walked in. “Alright sweetie let's get you dry.” I said. I changed her into a pull up and there was no struggle. I let her barrow my gym shorts because her pants were stained. After that I took her hand and we left the restroom and met Santana and Brittany in the hall. “Ready to go to lunch now?” I asked Elsa. The younger girl nodded. So we headed to lunch, hopefully Elsa would feel better later and forget about what happened.
  6. Naps?

    I would love for my boyfriend to put me down for a nap when i come over but I'm too nervous to incorporate baby/daddy roleplay into our relationship. However when I babysit my youngest nephew, if he lays down for a nap I take a nap on the couch if I'm tired. Then I wake up when he wakes up. When I'm not babysitting my nephew's sometimes I'll go lay down when I'm tired.
  7. Daddy's baby boy *Private w Jmg1217*

    "Let's try a house first..." Daniel suggests thinking a spaceship might be too hard with these duplos
  8. A Summer's Regression

    Paige scooted herself a little towards Nancy wanting her penguin "Presley..." She reached getting a little closer.
  9. The Roommates who Blackmailed Her Private with Robehouse)

    Grace's eyes watered she wanted her blankie but she didn't want a nap.
  10. I have a pillow pet that I always sleep with and take to my friends when I go stay the night. It's a stitch pillow pet that I got from Disney World. I've loved it ever since. Favorite child hood stuffies I had a little lamb that I got from my grandma and ironically called it lamby. It's ironic cause Doc McStuffins calls her lamb lammy. Awhile after that I got a teddy bear from my cousin and Aunt. It had a red t shirt that said Biola on it and so I called it Biola cause it was easy to remember and made me think of my cousin. One time I went to the fair and my aunt won me a big orange bear, I called it orange. Then in 5th grade my friend and I went to six flags with his family and I played some carnival games. I won a stuffed Chihuahua and a big gecko. The Chihuahua I named Delilah after my mom's dog. The gecko I named Geico cause it made me think of the silly Geico commercials. After that I met my best friend and she gave me a yellow and green turtle pillow pet, I named him George and slept with him all the time. But he lost an eye sadly. So those are some of my favorite stuffed animals that I had over my life. Do any of you have any favorite stuffed animals from your childhood or some that you have now? I'd love to discuss. I think stuffed animals are super awesome and are very comforting.
  11. Anybody watch babyfirst TV?

    Disney Jr and Nick Jr are more favorite channels of mine. Has anyone ever watched Beat Bugs on Netflix? It's such a cute show. They are a group of bugs that sing Beatle songs. I love it!
  12. 4-letter Scrabble

  13. Count to 20 unless someone posts a diaper pic

    It's how the game works lol 3
  14. The New Girl (Glee Fanfic, Quinn&OC)

    Your welcome and thank you, I'm glad you like it!
  15. When The Little Brother Takes Over *Private with Jmg1217*

    "Yeah that sounds good." Travis smiled.