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  1. "Okay." Zoey held out her arms ready to be helped out of her chair. She'd go when she was in the living room.
  2. "Yeah, i think I'll be fine. Just drank too much Dr. Pepper today. I should be able to hold it till I'm home." Sienna said. "Let's just go." Sienna said
  3. Zoey put her empty bottle down but pouted after her face washed. She had to go pee but didn't wanna use her diaper in front of them. She was still working on getting used to her diapers and using them.
  4. "Yeah I wouldn't wanna have an accident." Sienna said. She thought it was silly Megan would say that, seeingthat she was an adult and didn't have accidents. "I haven't had accidents since i was a little girl. But anyways lets go. " Sienna said and let Megan out first then walked out and locked the door behind her.
  5. "I'm full. That was yummy. " Zoey said. Only her face was messy from the beans. And her bib was a little used too.
  6. "I didn't spill it. One of my students spilled it on purpose and then decided to say that maybe I needed a sippy cup instead. Can you believe that? I didn't even spill it." Sienna said again and just shook her head. She handed the mop over. "But alright, here." She walked over to her desk, putting her coat on and grabbing her bag. "I do not need a sippy cup." She mumbled. "Oh before we go can we go to the rest room? I really have to pee." Sienna told her. It would be her third or 4th time using the bathroom since there subway lunch. "I don't know why I've been needing to go so much."
  7. "Okay." Zoey said. She grabbed her bottle to start finishing her juice. She leaned back in her chair relaxing.
  8. (Alrighty) Sienna's class had ended five minutes ago. Sienna was trying to dry up her dr. Pepper that had been spilled by another student in her last class. The student made it look like she spilled it and said that maybe she needed a sippy cup instead of a glass. The students that heard her had laughed. The student had said she was just joking but only Sienna knew it was purposely done. So she was trying to get it cleaned up before Megan arrived to take her home.
  9. Zoey pouted again, but opened her mouth anyways. After all, Hannah was right, and she didn't wanna disobey her again if she objected.
  10. (Should we timeskip or did you wanna play a couple students or have anything happen?)
  11. Zoey finished her other piece of hot dog. She pouted again and tried to reach for her plate back. "Why did you move it?" She asked calmly.
  12. It was even more childish then the last one and then Megan had decided she'd wear this one. She just hoped her students would still take her seriously and not ask any questions. "Alright. Uh I guess I should get class started. Oh here's your tablet back." Sienna said grabbing the tablet off her desk and handing it to her.
  13. Zoey pouted but she wanted more beans. She couldn't protest because Hannah already put a piece of hot dog in her mouth. She chewed on it anyways then swallowed. Then grabbed another piece of hot dog.
  14. "It still shows my stomach. What about the other option?" Sienna asks. Hoping the other one was better fitting.
  15. "Mhmm. It's good." Zoey said, "More please." She said her mouth still waiting for more baked beans.