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  1. Private with Danny Janey was the new intern for this office that was downtown. She had only been working there for almost a month. The things she didn't like though she had to always have cuddle time or nap times in her boss's office. And she would have to come in the office for every break she had and has to be checked in on every now and then. She wasn't allowed to have coffee either which meant she was more tired. She didn't have an any idea why she was treated like this but she tried not to let it bother her even though no one else had the same treatment. Currently Janey was in Lisa's lap having a cuddle session, they were facing each other with Janey snuggled up to Lisa's chest. While she was cuddling, other co-workers were still coming in to the office to have short meetingswith Lisa. Janey's face was a little pink from feeling embarrassed getting the childish treatment in front of people. In the morning, when Janey came in to work she was being 'fussy' about taking a morning nap so Lisa decided a longer cuddle session instead before going to work. So Janey had to say yes to that or she couldn't go work.
  2. Daniel reluctantly took his hand. He whined softly and walked with him too Kyle. He was still crying.
  3. Travis started to giggle loudly as he was tickled. He kicked his feet struggling "I am!" He screeched
  4. "Well I think we should have been friends first before you tried to take care of me. And yeah you did try too hard. I guess I can forgive you." Liam says shrugging.
  5. "Noooo!!" Daniel yelled and started crying. He laid himself on the floor so he couldn't be taken to Kyle.
  6. "You aren't a beast though, Daddy." Travis says. He stayed in his lap and watched the movie
  7. "U-uncle Alex." Liam says. "So what do we do now?" He asks
  8. "No!" Daniel whined. "I think he does. He's whining." Austin says
  9. "Yes I'll obey you just don't make me play that game." Liam says looking down. "Now is that all?" He asks softly
  10. Travis blushed when Ben started he'd try on the princess costume. He wasn't sure.
  11. Daniel hit his hand once again, "I said no, I'm fine" Daniel pouted. He didn't want him to change him if he saw that he needed a diaper and he didn't want him to tell Kyle in front of Maya, Austin and Tony. Especially Maya.
  12. Liam frowned at the memory. "No! I don't like that game!" Liam says, shaking his head.
  13. "But you aren't my uncle. It doesn't make sense to call you uncle Alex" He says
  14. "Fine may I be excused please? Or is there anything else I need to know?" Liam asked. He hated the nickname Lili but he'll let it slide for now
  15. "No!" Danny suddenly says not wanting him to check. "I'm fine..." He then says calmly