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  1. "Okay. So I'm not in trouble? You're not mad? " She asks softly not crying as much
  2. "No, haven't needed to go. I don't know how to go in a diaper. " Abby Says. Abby opened her mouth
  3. Grace was still crying softly. "I've never had an accident..." Grace says
  4. Abby woke up when she was lifted up. She sighed. "What'd you get for breakfast Mama?' Abby asks
  5. "Nuh uh. It just happened..."Grace sayssoftly crying. She went over to him cry. Her nose was running. "I'll get her clean clothes." Alexis says walking out. Grace nodded.
  6. Abby ended up falling asleep again and slept until Sarah came back from breakfast.
  7. Alexis was already up with Grace. Alexis led Grace in who was crying. "Um... honey. Grace had an accident.... in her sleep. Will you help me clean her up please?" Alexis asks
  8. Abigail suckled her paci and tried to fall back asleep for awhile. She was not looking forwardto the hike
  9. Abby closed her eyes and stayed laying on her tummy. Trying to go back to sleep. She giggled when she was tickled. "I'm tired." Abby says
  10. Alexis kissed back and fell asleep once her head hit the pillow
  11. Abigail had her eyes closed for a moment when the paci was rubbed against her lips. She let it slide in and started to suckle it gently. Abby opened her eyes when she was told she had to have a wet diaper. She couldn't argue though so she just nodded.
  12. "Me either." Alexis smiled getting in bed with him. "Thank you. I'm thinking about havinging it down tomorrow." Alexis says
  13. "Mama, it's too early why do I have to get up so early?" Abby asks.
  14. Alexis was in a white nightgown, her hair was down. "Yeah, I'm ready. Are you?" She asks
  15. Abby was still asleep soundly. Her diaper was still dry. Her paci was next to her pillow.