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    It's definitely a club for me!
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  6. Mommy (or rather Auntie) needed

    RP: Caring but headstrong mommy or auntie needed for reluctant but gold-hearted 14 yo tomboy who deep inside misses someone who'd take care of her, despite her tough, 'big girl' looks and repeatedly telling herself and the other's she's 'almost grown up'. PM me, please, if interested.
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    If anyone is interested playing the role of Nurse Brenda - please PM me.
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    I'm interested, sent you a pm.
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    Allison was visiting a hospital. She wasn't visiting any patient - there was nobody she knew. Girl just was curious and wanted to see how a hospital looks from the inside. Girl was really interested, after watching some hospital TV series. She was just 14, and too young to go there by herself, so she just snoke in among members of some large family who were about to visit some relative. Her plan worked well and she was wandering around, watching machines, listening to words doctors and nurses said... just like she was inside that tv show... When she decided it was enough she walked towards the entrance. It was closed and the family she used to enter te ward was already gone... Allison was a bit scared now. Fortunately a nurse arrived. "What are you doing here?" she asked with a warm smile. "I... I was visiting and now I want to leave. Could you open the doors for me, please?" "Well... actually I don't have a key. I've got an Idea". Nurse took Allison by the hand and lead her into one of hospital's bedrooms. "Wait for me, and I'll bring everything we need, OK?" She said with the same warm smile. Allison nod her head. She watched as nurse left the room. Girl was waiting for her return, looking at the ceiling and bedroom facilities. Nurse headed for the storage. She didn't believe that girl. She was a minor, and as a visitor she should be accompanied by adult. And she should have a visitor's badge. Girl sounded a bit scared. Nurse was convinced girl was a patient, scared of hospitals. She knew what to do.. Few minutes later the nurse returned. To girl's surprise she wasnt carrying any keys, but... a hospital pajamas (top and bottom). Nurse smiled again with her warm voice "I'm glad you've waited for me, my dear. I'm Brenda. What's your name?" She asked putting pajamas on the bed next to the girl. "Allison..." That was all girl said watching as nurse kneeled down and... started unlacing her left boot! Girl quickly disrupted nurse with her hands. "No... there's a mistake! I'm not a patient! I'm just visiting!" "Of course you are, my dear. There's nothing to fear, you're in good hands now." Nurse Brenda answered with the same warm smile. As girl's hands were in the way to her boot lacing, nurse grabbed girl's palm and unsnapped her wristband. Girl was shocked and her protests stopped for a moment. Nurse Brenda put the wristband next to pajamas and recurred to unlacing girl's left boot...