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  1. Hey, you're the first brony I saw on here. ^ω^ /)

  2. tybaby64

    calli gifts to her daddy

    my presents from my little girl that once were hers this year
  3. hey any onr in the benton or frankland contys here? look for a friend to hang out with.
  4. i was thinking ad came to relise something funny. i am pretty cute little yet some how i get little girls wanting me to be daddy







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    2. tybaby64


      im happy to be your daddy and so many others but i do like to have some one who would rather me be little then a bid daddy

    3. pony calli

      pony calli

      aww I wish I am able to give you or be more mommy to you. But I always with draw and get to destent and not caring like you like. But if you really need me to be a mommy I can be 

    4. tybaby64


      hehe i know yu would

  5. I missed you lots daddy 


  6. I am miss you so much all ready daddy :75_EmoticonsHDcom:and I still have 4 more days before I get to see you again :59_EmoticonsHDcom:

    1. pony calli

      pony calli

      its been over 24 hours since we last talk and I am missing you so bad daddy I can not put it into words I have cry over you through out the day I wish Sat was here all ready 

    2. pony calli

      pony calli

      I only have two more days to wait before I get to see you my daddy I check my phone 50 times in a day to see if you have left me a message I know now that you can not text or call. But I still look and hope just for one min you are able to text me I miss you lots daddy and I loves you even more

  7. tybaby64

    Becoming a Big Boy (RP with tybaby64)

    "hehe did you smell it?" I say taking you to the kitchen
  8. tybaby64

    Becoming a Big Boy (RP with tybaby64)

    claps hands to get powder off "all done you finish your bottle then you can go play ok?" I tell as I pick you up and hold you in a cradle like a baby.
  9. tybaby64

    Becoming a Big Boy (RP with tybaby64)

    smiles, "Ok my cute little diaper boy diaper it is." I say too you booping your nose and sliding your diaper under pulling out the baby powder.
  10. tybaby64

    Becoming a Big Boy (RP with tybaby64)

    "you don't a pull up sweetie? mommy wont force you to potty train baby." I say as I pull out a new diaper and a pull up.
  11. tybaby64

    Becoming a Big Boy (RP with tybaby64)

    laughs and says "silly boy big boys don't wear diapers." as I take your diaper and toss it.
  12. tybaby64

    Becoming a Big Boy (RP with tybaby64)

    "you don't want to be a big boy?" I say stopping to let you decide.
  13. tybaby64

    Becoming a Big Boy (RP with tybaby64)

    chuckling that you forgot "hehe I though I told you last night sweetie" starts opening your diaper and starts wiping pee off you "your getting pull ups and learning to use your potty" I say as I put the wipes in the diaper.
  14. tybaby64

    Becoming a Big Boy (RP with tybaby64)

    Reaches under your arms and carries. you to changing table. "is someone excited to try potty training?" I say as I lay you down on the table handing you your bottle of formula.
  15. tybaby64

    Becoming a Big Boy (RP with tybaby64)

    Mommy comes in all dress up for today holding your morning bottle. "hi my little baby boy. Did you sleep well? did you have a good dream?" mommy said in her mommy to her baby voice