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  1. How can I stop

    Like drug smoking alcohol and other addictions if you can't handle the cure then it will be time to call in professional help. Some help is usually available in the government sector with a subsidized cost or none at all. Help in the private sector is available but with cost and yet it is possible to get the help pro bono. In some cases you take a vacation (retreat) to start the withdrawal process. A counselor may suggest the best plan based on your own situation. All the tired clichés aren't going work here unless you personally make a commitment and help yourself. Good Luck - break a leg or something like that - have the will to succeed - you can do it - only you can do it for yourself !
  2. Do all sissys wear diapers?

    Plain ordinary diapers of any kind are not exciting - more utilitarian for keeping sissies performing their assigned duties without potty breaks. Now what is exciting for sissies is the diaper covers with ruffled lace all over and in vivid contrasting colors to the short hemmed dress/skirted wear showing a full exhibitionist streak of being a SISSY with no holding back - no reservations ! Even better yet is crinkly plastic diaper covers and taps on Mary Janes with jingle bell anklets - NOW IN LIVING COLOR AND SOUND !!!!!
  3. Removing Hair in sensible areas

    Check this LINK: https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/51445-pubic-hair-removal/
  4. Removing Hair in sensible areas

    Hair Removal - Hair Reduction - UGH - some methods are easy and painless and others like an exercise in torture. AND then there is the $-COST-$ - simple shaving perhaps the least expensive and electrolysis the most. Shaving can be done almost everywhere but needs to be done frequently with new sharp shavers Using chemical lotions and solutions is great but not for everywhere on the body. Chemicals can burn or cause rashes and while the effects are longer than shaving can be modestly expensive Waxing is another method also modestly expensive - may need an assistant to apply uniformly Using a epilator tool - a mechanical tweezer type of device pulling hair out but may or may not get to the root requiring another application - the tool can be rather inexpensive Lasering is one of the latest methods - but needs short term maintenance to work in the long run. Laser is one of the more expensive methods but is getting less expensive with time and competitive pricing The ultimate method is electrolysis - the most expensive and time consuming method as each hair is killed at its root in the body. Nothing is really permanent and totally 100% but with modern methods it is getting close. So whatever is within your budget get a start at it and read up here at this forum and others. Determine what is going to be your goal - how much hair you want to reduce or removal and if all together. Is you hair fine and light colored some methods may not work well - if heavy and coarse other more sever methods may be required and then your "Sensible Areas" comes into play. Because this is Diaper Forum sensible areas are those making diaper wearing and maintenance an easier task for basic cleanliness. Some methods of reduction/removal namely chemicals used in the crotch area need a high degree of caution. Go slowly and with very limited application experimenting in this area. Are you wearing diapers because of a physical need and hair reduction/removal is recommended to help keeping clean and sanitary ? You need not answer that question - it is personal - but may offer help in your decision/quest keep the cleanliness simple and perhaps at minimal cost. Long term it is worth looking into - for a short term temporary issue there maybe alternative solutions. Beware of the nicks cuts and burns rashes of hair removal/reduction it is not completely OUCH free !
  5. A quick easy trick to shorten the torso length of the onesie is to pinch the waist in like making a tunnel waist ban. The folded waist can be on the outside of the onesie or on the inside. For a different effect sew a tutu or short skirt to the outside folded waist creating a leotard with tutu or peplum. The only easy practical way to shorten the torso length of a onesie is in the waist - doing the alteration in the crotch will create major design problems with snap crotch. Doing the alteration at the neck line is also fraught with design even more so with the sleeves unless the onesie is sleeveless. If you need to increase the torso length of a onesie you would add material in the waist - to shorten it decrease the material by either cutting it out or simply folding it over and sewing it shut. Beauty of this rip the stitches out to restore the onesie back to size. If the onesie is of a torso form fit design you would need to use stretch stitching to retain that torso fitting. Another application is to take a well fitting "T" shirt and sew the waist to a panty (diaper cover) with the snap bottom crotch. One could modify a leotard to get the same effect.
  6. Footed leggings

    Considered footed tights - not same fabric density of what you have pictured ? Also stirrup pants although they have a open heel and toe ? That failing a custom creation from an Etsy or Ebay seller duplicating what you have (could be expensive very expensive) ? Think and open Pandora's Box - if you want it badly enough it can be done.
  7. OOPS

    piggyinnappies Comment posted in the Diaper Store section - in case you missed it: Since daddyeric91 must have a paci in place and can not reply went looking further afield for the POSEY mittens. Came up with these on Ebay: Posey Double Padded Double-Security Mitt - Pair of 2 *SHIPS FREE* (322600077998) - $39.82 *** These seem to be more mitt like than erics flat pancake model. piggyinnappies: Just the thing to spice up your stories (A New Deal) a bit - leave no hands idle to get into mischief playing with things that they shouldn't or trying to alter their diapered arrangement !
  8. Diapers for sale

    Since daddyeric91 must have a paci in place and can not reply went looking further afield for the POSEY mittens. Came up with these on Ebay: Posey Double Padded Double-Security Mitt - Pair of 2 *SHIPS FREE* (322600077998) - $39.82 *** These seem to be more mitt like than erics flat pancake model. Just the thing to spice up your stories a bit - leave no hands idle to get into mischief playing with things that they shouldn't or trying to alter their diapered arrangement !
  9. I feel something

    A bad Psycho movie - Are you giving birth to something alien ? See your doctor ! Get it's picture taken ! Sell the movie rights to pay the medical bill ! Seriously look into this right away without delay !!!!!
  10. Diapers for sale

    daddyeric91 - any status on those Posey Mitts ? Sold out - no more - please end the suspense with an answer. Thanks - piggyinnappies and I will appreciate your response.
  11. Diapers for sale

    Do you still have the POSEY MITTS previously offered ?
  12. T Shirt that shows ABDL interest

    At first glance - perhaps something to do with racing --- "Racing Stripes" oh and that M4 "Pit number M4" middle pit 4 (oil tires and fuel). Screen printing shops will print almost anything ! Could even be more revealing if little diaper pins were printed at the waist just above the hips. At least it is not brazen like "Pampers" or "Huggies" (worn within) ! Sort of expected that moisture detecting band to be centered in the shirt - who wears their diapers off center ?
  13. Chastity cage thoughts

    I am not holding any key making it easier for you ! I was thinking of putting the key inside your diaper before you don your bondage gear and then letting you play the part of Houdini trying to figure how to get it to get off ! The best would be to tell you were the key is when you beg for it hours later ! Or I don't know if you have read the story of the "Chinese Puzzle" where all the keys to the puzzle are there on the person but the one you need to start unraveling the puzzle is the mystery key buried deep in your doubled-up diapers and locking diaper cover ! The intriguing part is how do you start with locking mittens and a gag so you can't chew your way out to start ! Humm I detect a plot developing ! AND Bravo with mucho applause for your story "The New Deal" - I like - I like it - the entertainment level is Outstanding !
  14. A New Deal

    If only there would be illustrations - a picture is worth a thousand words - but my imagination is kicking into high gear just thinking about it ! So no rest for the wicked - piggyinnappies get crackin - the suspense is going to overwhelm the senses ! I know what chastity is like and this is opening in a new dimension ! A devoted follower - - -
  15. Chastity cage thoughts

    Ve have punishment awaiting you for your insolence - how about a sandpaper lining that should do it ! Oops did something rub you raw and that cum was not a very good lubricant was it ?