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  1. Sheets Go Brown

    WRITING CRITIC: If this story required member participation it should have been noted and entertained in the beginning. Also as noted one sentence does not make a chapter or even a paragraph. The norm of four sentences are usual to form a paragraph and four paragraphs to make a Chapter. Thinking in quatrains is one of the basic forms of structure. Proper separation is the norm and not a continuous run on of several short sentences. If a story is not in a good reasonable readable formatting it will not last and pass muster. Suggest that the author here lift the film of his etch a sketch pad and start over. One sentence a day reaching a conclusion 365 days later is not going to rivet my attention. And now I will step off the Forum Soap Box and let others continue to further critic !
  2. 4-10-18 pics

    Have not found anything to link reference relate to this picture. Unlike Aunt Eli - Nappy School - AB Hunnies - Plastic Babe where there is a signature imprinted on the photo to start a search this one is void of that feature. You could search the some 29k photos in the album gallery - but that is lot of time spent but maybe worth while in seeing similar pictures of interest. Neat picture as the vibrant red low rise jeans do little to hide the bright white diaper within !
  3. Diaper doublers

    Slight Slice - cutting a slit - making holes large or small - tearing a portion away to ease drainage to outer diaper Same difference as perforating the inner diaper to allow extended wear while the outer diaper soaks up the initial wetting. When the outer diaper has soaked up as much as it will hold then the inner diaper will be used to limited capacity. As both diapers reach their loaded point a change will be imminent otherwise leaks and other ruptures may occur. Wearing of plastic pants highly recommended. The inner diaper does not have to be an actual diaper - it can be a soaker pad liner or even a folded up Turkish hand towel. The idea here is to prolong the wearing and diaper changing to a manageable time and place.
  4. Going out wearing only diapers tomorrow

    I hope your plans are to take a tape measure with and when you have selected what appears to be your size that you bracket that with the sizes on either side of that. That way when you are in the fitting booth and in all your glory of being diapered you won't have to go back out on the retail floor to get another size. And I hope you are planning on selecting more than one type of jean manufacturer. The fitting is not uniform in the industry. Don't just buy for the sale unless it is a really good one i.e. BOGO (Buy One Get One) or 50% on the second pair. Good Fitting Luck !
  5. 4-10-18 pics

    4-10-18 pics - WHERE ? This Forum ? Link ? Section ? WHAT pic(s) ?
  6. Up Coming Cruise May 6th NCL

    Not to fret or make a deal about it - the garbage mate on the recycle deck is not going to perform a DNA analysis of the scat. Obvious recycle trash is easily gone thru and sorted - and then there is the other stuff that when the ship makes a port call it is taken to that ports landfill and the waste tanks emptied - for an accurate answer ask the crew at a Meet & Greet party or Roll Call party. You mentioned about the Behind the Scenes Tour take it and find out all about the recycle sorting and what goes on below the passenger cruise decks. Almost all ships have a code of ethics regarding not dumping trash into the Ocean (sea) - smokers are advised not to throw their cigarette butts and other trash into the ocean. Sure it is a big ocean but right now there is a Texas size garbage mess of plastics and trash from the past year tsunami and storms in the Pacific - Alaska and Hawaii have a perpetual tidal wave of trash on their shores. Getting back to your little ole diaper thing - just put it in the bathroom trash can and forget about it ! "BUT AYE MATEY DO NOT FLUSH THE DIAPER DOWN THE TOILET" The ships maintenance engineer will have you walking the plank or unblocking the sewer line for some 50 cabins on the same sewer line and the smell will not be user friendly. If you are traveling by air to the port most airplanes have the advanced vacuu flush system - "NO DIAPERS HERE EITHER" !
  7. Up Coming Cruise May 6th NCL

    Odd Joke or perhaps you have not got out of playing with toy boats in a bathtub. Actually 97% of the Cruises of NCL have nothing to do with Norway. I have been on Norwegian Cruises (NCL) Alaska - Panama Canal - Western and Southern Caribbean and Canada New England and that only represents less than half of NCL cruises in smaller ships. The -AWAY class ships 1000 feet in length - passenger capacity over 4000 are floating hotel amusement parks - something for everyone. The OP sailing on May 6th Western Caribbean SHIP Norwegian Getaway CRUISE PORTS Embark Miami (Florida); Roatan, Bay Islands (Honduras); Harvest Caye (Belize); Costa Maya (Mexico); Cozumel (Mexico); Disembark Miami (Florida) NCL LINK: https://www.ncl.com/cruises/7-day-western-caribbean-from-miami-GETAWAY7MIARTBBPICMACZMMIA?numberOfGuests=4294953449&ships=4294959434&state=null&itineraryCode=GETAWAY7MIARTBBPICMACZMMIA DiaperLover84 - enjoy your cruise - wish I was there but I am waiting for my ship to come in for the October Fall foliage Canada New England trip.

    AbabeBill Oh so those were the days - - - All the comforts of home - tethered safely out of reach of escape hazards of running loose and perhaps also amply protected by wearing diapers so need for going to an indoor potty - as noted all the comforts of home. Is this sort of like telling like it was ? I can imagine lots of scenes being tethered to fixed objects or a retractable leash always restraining every action reminding me of the predicament I am in. Everywhere to run (with limits) - no escape - no where to hide - tether would have to be out in the open otherwise would get tangled shortening the play room.
  9. Onesie - Snap Crotch or Snap Front

    YES that would be very form functional having one small lock at the zippered neck closing. For one who is handy with working with fabric closers the snaps could be made with little locking tabs but this may not be the best having all that hardware perhaps pinching here and there talk about aggravated waddle while walking . X X X X X A secure method used in any event of what is worn for outer wear is simply a LOCKING diaper cover ! AND if the diaper wearer is further into mischief - LOCKING thumbless mittens will take care of that - any more questions or answers - oops sorry I didn't realize your were wearing a LOCKING paci-gag ! Is dis guy serious or what ? LOL ! Bravo - now that I like and the neat contrasting color combination !!! Also like the "T" shirt neck line. Optional turtleneck or mock "t' neck possibilities. You should patent that and starting selling it in the ABDL world.
  10. Maxi Pads

    Resurrection of this thread from 2010 - do they even make Maxi-Pads anymore ? LOL !
  11. Packing tape for applying diaper tapes.

    Packing tape go to a UPS or FEDEX store they have it. Surprised that Wal*Mart and Target didn't have what you need. Alternate idea think about using Painters Tape found in Hardware and Paint stores. Lightweight - sufficient tackiness to hold and release easily - narrow strips Unlike the heavy duty extreme Duct Tape
  12. Which Girls' Shoes Do You Prefer?

    Little Christine thanks for the sizing chart ! If you perchance have the opportunity to shop a shoe store look for the Brannock Device image below. With this device you can get your sizing down into exact specifics size and width which plays an important part in the comfort of wear. Also you will find out if both feet are the same size - it common for one foot to be ever so slightly bigger than the other - order the shoes to fit the larger. There is a great deal more to the fitting and sizing of footwear than if the shoe fits wear it ! The Brannock devices comes in three sizing area men's; women's (shown) and children. The Blue/Red scale device gives measurements in European metrics. Payless shoes website has sizing info also LINK: http://www.payless.com/customer-service/shopping-tools-and-tips/cs-shopping-size-charts.html
  13. Are diapers a sexual turnon for anybody?

    Maybe it is just simply if it feels good enjoy the pleasure - sort of like you graduated out of diapers and want to return to the forbidden pleasure of wearing something you no longer should. Think of your first experience with panties that forbidden fruit of loom. There really is something about diapers caressing and sort of massaging the male endowment - all that bulk pressing and pushing the package around with each movement and even more so when the bulk is increased and amped up to a degree that a waddle walk is required. You are not from Texas nor been there but how come you walk like a cowpoke just getting off his high horse and walking into a saloon or maybe that is a salon with the legs splayed apart with something obviously keeping them that way. Imagination - can't live with it and can't live without it ! ENJOY !
  14. Onesie - Snap Crotch or Snap Front

    I have 4 with the crotch bottom snaps. These are sufficient for my needs and I have the dexterity to snap the snaps closed. I can imagine the difficulty of someone who does not have the ability to close the snaps would have in such a situation. Thus having the snap closure upfront would be a desirable useful feature. I have not seen any of these design so thus they must be custom made ? The best about that design is having more than 2 or 3 crotch snaps to secure the loaded diaper. A leotard could easily be redesigned for this purpose and Velcro could be used instead of the snap poppers. In the diaper changing act the extended tail piece may pose a small problem getting in the way of the change but I am sure that this issue can be overcome easily.
  15. Karlie's Life- The Beginning

    I have a file copy of it - does the author have any objections to (re)posting it ?