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  1. Have you considered wearing a skirt - no not a mini-skirt showing too much reveal - a knee length hem line. Yoga or athletic sweat work out pants regular or capri length as another option. I don't think a onesie is what you have in mind or even a baby doll gown unless of sufficient length. Wearing clothing too tight may reveal the diapered gear underneath so go with something oversize with a waist fastening just secure enough to prevent accidental falling off. Diaper covers come in more than white and pastels - there are color block and print patterns. Avoid the glossy plastic (crinkle noise) type and go with the exterior fabric back interior moisture proof type. Wearing bright loud colors may not be what you want to do so consider darker conservative designs. Some here at DD would like to push the envelope of sissy humiliating baby gear but that is not your forte I am sure you would rather blend in sort of hide and disappear and be comfortable about it ! Good Luck finding your comfortable diapered niche !
  2. I don't know - however are you going to get into the onesie with ruffles wearing your avatar ruffled panties ? ROFLOL ! There is going to be an awful boom boom in the back room ! What do they call too may ruffles in a confined space - like a Murder of Crows - a Gaggle of Geese - perhaps a collision of fluff ? One thing for sure the behinder will be well cushioned and padded - and rubber baby bumper proof !
  3. When were loin cloths invented may answer the question ?
  4. Material looks to be rather sheer - light in weight. Pretty colored diapers underneath. AND the wearer sure adds to the ruffles outstanding display ! PS a frontal view would have been oh so nice and complete the photo album.
  5. May be much like animals when you gotta go ya gotta go and you do it just right then and there. Dogs and Cats however can be trained to go in specified places - humans the same. Since dogs and cats don't have to remove clothing it is easier for them - for humans partially disrobing to do the business - as for wearing diapers that is the solution to lack of control in timely releasing of waste. But hey that is pretty much the way it is today in this day and age. Most animals do not poop and pee in their bed such it is with humans who have control. The answer is ask any primate in the jungle !
  6. So the saga continues - are you attracted by your magnetic restraints or ahem repelled can't escape either way !
  7. The snaps can be replaced easily with bigger better ones - A small degree of placement may tighten the fitting. Visit a hobby; artzy crafty or hardware store for those snaps. As for that bulky non huggie fitting think about an elastic belt around the waist - or a small elastic band sewn into a tunnel around the navel waist line. Ve have ways to make you fit like a (adult) baby !
  8. What is not to like about skirts - MEN WEARING SKIRTS EEK ! Come on nothing wrong with it - OK - sensitive to the issue wear a man's skirt the KILT !
  9. Could be a seller who violated eBay's rules of business conduct. Is the sellers ID still listed showing his Feedback data and what is it ? Could have been forced out of business for a lot of negative feedback.
  10. Check the LINK: http://diaperdrawer.com/shipping-returns/
  11. INTERESTING HUMOR Published in the June Issue of Reader's Digest - Life in the United States section If there's only one thing you learn: "Never change diapers in midstream" Humorist Harry Gilbert
  12. Don't be in a hurry to wet your diapers on selecting a firearm. Read up on what others (above and will post after this) - get a magazine(s) about guns. Make a few trips to a gun store (a must) to look over and discuss with owner sales person about your needs. Best if this store has a shooting range to try before buying - be very comfortable about the noise and recoil (handling). Use the utmost care in selecting and buying a used firearm - best if brand new - otherwise check it's history and any operating warranty guarantee (NO Saturday Night Specials). Check with the local and other authorities about laws ordinances permits regulations what have you about the ownership. Have ANY Children around visitors relatives etc. secure your firearms to avoid catastrophic family disasters. Know about ammunition and what certain types will do - one type size does not fit all circumstances. And YES keep the political uproar out of the equation ! Be a church house mouse peacekeeper !
  13. A couple of thoughts to toss out: Any other tall buildings in your area so your nosy neighbor one floor below you could look across to another building and see your reflection in one of the windows ? Perhaps your nosy neighbor has a periscope ? Not likely but how is he acquiring such information as if he was actually there observing you ? Maybe he has a hidden video device ? Is the floor plan the same for your apartment and his - hidden device in ventilation duct ? A fire escape near-by giving an advantage of what's going on - on the top floor ? Does he have a master (fire) key to the building ? - Does your everyday conduct lead to a conclusion that what he is brazen stating to his guests can be true ? Rule out some of this and perhaps he is just as big a sissy if not more than you and is jealous ! In the meantime stay within the laws of your community - don't give him the opportunity to take action first !
  14. Relax you are reading TOO much into this - past two posts related to layering which would appear to make one look like a/the Michelin Man. Layering would increase the bulk worn externally - perhaps resulting in a person being well padded - term for multiple diapers. More diapers and plastic pants results in more protection but also more bulk. So NO you are not FAT by any means but adding more bulk may tend to appear that way !
  15. When you are cold you layer another layer of clothing to keep warm without going the full enchilada with a thermal parka and being too warm. When you are hot you shed layers to acclimate to the conditions. When you are going to be tanking the pee around another diaper; pad or liner maybe necessary and then for security another plastic panty to keep it all leak free. Result you look like the Michelin man rolly polly resemblance to Pillsbury's doughboy. Just add another layer to Voksenbeie's outfit to get the idea !