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  1. BabyLock

    ski/ snow suit

    You could consider a snow-mobile suit and wearing a huge amount of diapers be very comfortable playing in the snow. Think of being a Pillsbury dough-boy in a winter wardrobe. Snow-mobile suits will not be cheap - but then a thrift goodwill shop may have one reasonably priced. Ebay would be another source LINK: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=snowmobile+suits&_sacat=0
  2. BabyLock

    New to this stuff

    To push to this to the edge of discovery - have the lock (and chain if used that way) exposed and hanging outside the outer outfit be it shorts or skirts a dress will not work unless the chain is worked thru a opening in the waist band which sort of makes things interesting because then the dress can not be removed - hummmm ! In front no place to hide and cover it - in the back but not obvious until one turns around to leave - "why I think he is locked into his outfit" ! The number of diapers worn should have a pronounced prominent bulge and create that waddle walk with too much bulk in the crotch. Shorts would work but best be it a skirt or tunic length dress so the crinkly noisy diaper cover can be heard with movement - you are not going quietly or unannounced. The skirt/dress hem length should be just end where the curvature of the butt meets the thigh - any bending over or reaching exposes the under pinnings and if long strides are taken walking the hem line would raise up showing all - wearing a petticoat ups the viewing angle. Obvious contrasting colors would make this interesting especially LOUD NEON PINK. Note not making enough noise - add some sleigh (jingle) bells here and there and the footwear mary janes add taps to soles. Some shoes could be adapted here for more amusement with flashing LED lights in the soles. Finally when you are ready to really sport your stuff add a flashing LED dog collar*** with S-I-S-S-Y spelled out in rhinestones. *** that collar could have an optional feature of anti-bark requiring a paci to keep the verbal noise down To prevent tampering with any portion of the outfit thumbless mittens should be worn. Now you are free to move about the forum.
  3. abjeffrey: Adding to diddldum comment: Helplful direction of search factors Time frame: you read this a long time ago - please be more specific 7 8 9 ten years ago - more ? Website: no longer exists what was the name of the website and what websites do you visit ? Any membership viewing requirements age certification ? Yes I know it is getting personal but what you visit helps fine tune the search direction Maybe it is a diaper site - fiction site - sissy site - petticoat site are your interests in a specific area or just general browsing ? Any bondage ABDL play Was this story you want us to find - a series of chapters - a long story - or what we call a ONE-OFF short story ? Recall the authors name - any other works of the author ? Did you save it or bookmark the site visited somewhere on your computer ? Were there any KEY WORDS used often in the story i.e. diapers - pacifiers - diaper/panty covers This story plot the wife made the husband into a Adult Baby was there more than diapers worn i.e. perhaps little girls dresses - child like outfits ? That is enough for starters - the games afoot Sherlock off to search the general area - - - - -
  4. Time frame - past year - more likely two or more ? Title - or remanents of it ? Any photos graphics - something about the writers style of story telling ? Multi-page Chapter Series story - or simply a ONE-OFF (short story) ? Did this story have a lot of feedback commentary from DD readers ? Clues hints leads ? ? ? Other than what you have already provided.
  5. BabyLock

    Antique Time Out Chair

    With the arms secured in the backrest - that has to be terribly tight and cramping. Surprised that there was not a hole for the neck - not that one was needed anyway. Only real torture element missing is a dildo peg to impale the sitting victim on. No squirming you hear - stop that squirming - OK will fix that - there now stay put !
  6. Google insert "tricked into diapers" results: Tricked into Diapers (Chapter 8) - ABDL Story Forum https://abdlstoryforum.info/forum/stories/board.../2717-tricked-into-diapers-chapter-8 Cached Apr 4, 2018 - Tricked into Diapers (Chapter 8). 08-21-2009, 09:08:29 AM. VIII. Tom sat back in a chair in Sherry's living room, feigning interest in the discussion. They had ... Tricked into Diapers (Chapters 15 to end) Apr 3, 2018 Tricked into Diapers (Chapter 7) Apr 3, 2018 Tricked into Diapers (Chapters 12, 13 and 14) Aug 23, 2009 Tricked into Diapers (Chapters 1 and 2) Aug 17, 2009 More results from abdlstoryforum.info XXXXXXXXX What a mess having to piece together the story from several chapters XXXXXXXXX Have sent you a PM with my copy of the story - passing it on to Diaperboy86 also.
  7. BabyLock

    The Little Hunters (January 21st Update)

    OK - What happened to Chapter -17- ??? In review missing Chapter -17- That is unless 18 was supposed to be 17 and 19 - 18 and 20 - 19 etc. That is the trouble in dealing with these little details - - -
  8. BabyLock

    Which Smells Worse?

    BUTT does sitting in spicy poop accelerate diaper rash ?
  9. DON'T do anything with a toilet - you jam it up and your secret will be public knowledge in a hurry when the plumber unjams the system and the question becomes - - - "WHO FLUSHED THE DIAPER DOWN THERE?"
  10. BabyLock

    Which Smells Worse?

    A lot of the smell has to do with what you have primed the pump with - namely hot spicy foodstuffs ! Vomit could be a worse offender - remains of an animal critter and human remains. There are smells and then there are downright killing smells to end all smells. Even in cremation less than adequate ventilation can send attendants packing for a gas mask. If you are making methane gas and your ass-hole becomes a torch of sorts you know you are all foul-up !
  11. BabyLock

    First time having Sex while padded?

    Consider another alternative - no diapers - just translucent plastic panty diaper covers - I'll show you mine - if you show me yours - maybe a bit of lubrication to insure a desired result. What would be really neat an oversized panty worn by both at the same time - - -
  12. Here is something to dwell upon - THE TITLE OF THE STORY - "THE DEAL" There are two other stories titled - THE DEAL - noted below with LINKS: This one here at DD (not yours Christi) {{{copy paste after removing the brackets}}} {https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/65862-the-deal/&tab=comments#comment-1580094} This one at Betties The Deal - Betties 12-11-2017 http://buffalobetties.net/fiction/index.php?topic=1000.0}
  13. OK Sherlock - the games afoot give us some more clues - - - Would help to have a date time frame in reference - you read recently - but how recently within the past week month - What Forums or sites you frequent - have you searched at FictionMania - Do you perhaps save some of your story searches - date and time clues - YES I know revealing details about yourself and your readings - Do you recall if this is the sole story by the author or are there more - series - sequels - Were there illustrations pictures images graphics at this story site -
  14. BabyLock

    Is adisc.org down for anyone else?

    Yes the panic alarm and all that havoc was worth the minor short inconvenience of assessing the site. It will be a much better forum now - although some die-hards may disagree - change doesn't come easily even for those that wear diapers. LOL !
  15. I was thinking along the lines of a "Repost" - deference of course to the authors wishes. Some stories are now being Reposted which is good to share with others. There were a lot of stories that were lost or corrupted in the crash awhile back. I have been fortunate to save some of these by saving off site in a private file (MS Word or Notepad). .