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  1. Will a Wet Diaper Make a Room Smelly?

    Simple question - if the diaper is used why not dispose of it ? Why store or let it remain in that room's vicinity to smell it up ? I take a newspaper plastic sleeve and put the used diaper in that and take it out with the garbage. If using cloth diapers take them to a laundry room and take care to soak the smell out and wash then and there ?
  2. Only if wearing diapers of colors associated with the alternate aisle side of the gender issue. But really when wearing diapers unless on a exhibition exposition it really doesn't matter - no one sees what one is wearing. Perhaps in one's own fantasy fetish world the feeling would be I am wearing girly colored diapers and I feel so Pretty (in Pink) !
  3. Thinking before you put a diaper on?

    I don't know if it is so much a matter of Thinking before you put a diaper on which you need to do anyway or is it a matter of economics getting all the value and use out of that diaper - and how one manages ones diapered time to achieve that. So you are ensconced in some comfortable place and a need to go results - do you rush out to use the porcelain facility to save the one time use diaper or just do it and chalk it up as a full or partial one time use of the diaper. But as for thinking before you put on a diaper on - you are going to use that diaper perhaps one way or another. So there should be no thought about that - but more so can I get more than one use out of it ! Number -1-s are easy to contend with - no contest - with the number -2- your values will be with your individual hygiene requirements ! Do you want to wear a smelly messy CRINKLE BUTT diaper or a clean CRINKLE BUTT personal pleasing noisy diaper ? I think that there is very little thinking involved here !
  4. Toddler look

    Did an Ebay search for "striped turtleneck onesies" and came up zilch with the onesie side. But did find a bunch of adorable striped turtlenecks that with the help of someone who sews and a snap crotch bottom mating the two would produce the result you are seeking and what is even better is the color combinations and the snap crotch panty would be in ones own sizing - fantasy - fetish design. Even could go so far as to have what I desire in my baby Houdini act of a locking diapered garment. A search for "shortalls" results in a lot of unique designs the basic shorts and the shoulder bib straps. But alas the sizing is really set for the petite very young small frame female leaving less than nothing for the adult male bulge package and no diapered space. If one was considering an application with a CB - a custom cut out hole would have to be provided for the external endowment or a radical surgical alteration to retain the flat front effect with still no diapered relief. Thus terminating any further interests in developing this quest.
  5. Toddler look

    Wearing enough padding to stretch the seams on that short all and causing compression on the inside enough so that waddling is a requirement and not an option. A short "T" shirt or polo type shirt with a lacy peter pan collar and billowing full sleeves is worn on the upper part - but what about the footwear ? Lacy anklets with contrasting trim and mary janes with taps and perhaps a locking strap and jingle bells to make sure one does not go unnoticed even with those crinkle panties - crinkle crackle with every odd step down the yellow brick road !
  6. Wearing a Onsie outdoors

    Rather odd to wear a diapered leotard garment out in public ? Are you wearing some bottom fitted garment - shorts ? yoga jogging pants ? or just the diapered blossoming bottom all out in the open snap crotch etc. ? The top portion is of course not a problem be it a "T" or polo shirt.
  7. Cheap chastity cage?

    Medically I can't answer that - I do know that open cuts scrapes and bruises in the scrotum are hard to heal. This cyst if it breaks is going to be such a case - a doctor is the best one for the answer. Now about that chastity device (CB XXXX) this is not the answer - the answer is the original belted type with a metal band with tube going front to back through the legs. The scrotum testicles are not contained inside a ring but are free to move in what little space that is provided between the penile tube band and the surrounding skin. These type of belts are not cheap compared to the free hanging CB devices. There are models with custom molded chambers for the testicles (balls) that keep everything in check without adverse effects. So the answer is don't use the ringed CB device until such time as the problem with the cyst is satisfactorily fixed. I might add check that it is not cancerous - if a small cyst perhaps nothing to worry about - but if bigger than a dime don't play games - make sure that it is just a cyst and not melanoma - get it biopsied !
  8. Kilts and Nappies

    You might send an inquiry to plastic diaper pants manufacturer in China - use Ebay a reference starting point for who makes what. Diaper plastic pants are made in colors and some prints - so why not a tartan pattern or other design ?
  9. Kilts and Nappies

    One thing for sure changing diapers while kilted would be a breeze - no twin stove pipes (pants) to be removed to allow access to the changing area. Tartan plastic panties are going to be a Don Quoxite dream the impossible quest. Colors of the rainbow YES but tartan pattern yikes does a Scotsman want to give up his clan tartan colors in a windy revelation !
  10. Diaper Pins

    Consider these more substantial diaper (kilt) pins listed at Ebay: 10pcs Retro Simple Strong Metal Kilt Scarf Sweater Cardigan Brooch Pins Safety Ebay item number (192171029376) $3.39 Free S&H Lot of 3 Large Big 5" Inch Laundry Stainless Steel Safety Pins Kilt Diaper Pins Ebay itme number (232647375594) $6.99 Free S&H 10pcs Large Safety Pins Shawl Buckle Durable Strong Metal Kilt Scarf Brooch Ebay item number (252815837639) $2.89 Free S&H Ebay Search for kilt pins also diaper pins
  11. Cheap chastity cage?

    Ah the "CHEAP CHASTITY CAGE" - you did realize that the keys were not included in the price of the device. And now with all the tariffs and government intervention the price has gone up for the device and of course the keys. So what-cha-gonna-do now - relief is now going to be a thing in the past. At least with plastic the half life of the materials used in the chastity device are about 3.14159 years. With the polished chrome metal model you would have to be buried in it - at why of course an EXTRA SURCHARGE ***! *** Recycling metals surcharge - nothing goes to waste - except for that thing in the cage - something about it being expendable. You buy CHEAP you get CHEAP.
  12. Maybe best to look in the mirror before being off to work. At least with a hickey most everyone knows what you have been up to - but a paci-ring well now that is something new. Have this happen once and it can be passed off - maybe slept on the wrong side of the bed (with someone). LOL ! Make a regular habit of it and folks are going to wonder just what kind of kinky things are happening. And best find a solution temporary or more long lasting to avoid biting the paci in your sleep. Your Impossible Mission is to suck on it without betraying your quest for complete Paci-Bliss !
  13. Absorbent Underwear?

    So what is this leading to - Hanes or Fruit of Loom making absorbent underwear aka DIAPERS albeit with a faux Yfront or seamless design and shaped to fit the adult mature body ? Could be nothing more than a pull-up with extra absorbent pad and stylish look - hey we have those already. But if it looks good - costs less and functions just as well why not ? Now for the Super Bowl advertisement - LOL !
  14. Male chastity in diapers. New confused feelings?

    My view of wearing a CB and locking diapers is kind of like overkill. Also as a cautionary note - being locked into diapers and something nasty begins to happen with the CB this could be a devil of a bloody scene of interest to the medical people rescuing you from your ill planned fantasy. And they thought they saw it all ! Wearing well padded snug fitting diapers and a tight restrictive locking diaper cover over that is enough for me. Picture a Michelin Man with big ole padlock worn front and center at the waist ! And then the mittens I have posted before about. Of course my events are timed in hours and not days - diaper use and changing as a sort of end of scene. I don't have a partner so I have to use a bit more caution in executing the fantasy play. Certainly not as much fun as you have in your situation - did I mention fun well that is not supposed to happen then if the pain gets to be too much remember what the good doctor said about "if it hurts don't do it" ! LOL if you can !
  15. My first onsie ever!

    Oh to be you LOCKED into diapers and then LOCKED into a onesie - the ONLY thing left is to LOCK those hands into thumbless mittens and a LOCKING paci gag so there is not a peep out you - maybe some peeing or pooping in time but for now no more replying or posting on DD ! I betcha you are excited ! But wait there is more - really with all that could there be more - well will have to see how this plays out - the wife's response. I like the idea of NO QUICK ESCAPE - hope it is a committed event ! So until you are released; cleaned up and good to go be careful what you see and read here at DD !