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  1. Odd questions

    As for more room in the crotch suggest pull-on elastic waist yoga or sweat pants. For ordinary jeans and pants you just aren't going to find that much ease. xxx Sort of like a pleat - that would be OK but the tailored term is a dart. Everything south of the dart stays the same hips; crotch and thigh measurements. The dart usually doesn't encroach on the pockets if any. To achieve a radical adjustment in the waist there maybe more than the standard 2 darts. They can also be in the front but the norm is the back of pants usually centered just above the pockets or where the pockets would be. For those that wear skirts - darts can be used here to nip in the waist line - but it generally is more practical to just buy an "A" frame skirt. Instead of buying pants that need to be altered with darts consider buying women's sized pants. The waist to hip ratio is considerably different than the male sizing. Ve have vays to make your diapered butt fit into the pants mode - excessive crotch bulges not so much !
  2. What a thrill

    Is your eye contact ONLY looking below the waist nether regions -or- on a more level plateau eye to eye ?
  3. BabyStevie26 Have PM you what I have on this story. My Original file copy states 1556 KB of story material - All I have is 44 KB available ?
  4. Why no ABDL pride??

    I thought reading this that there would be a source of RAINBOW COLORED DIAPERS. On the other hand sure is a lot of spirited discussion about LGBTQ parades and costumes. I guess I will have to settle for LGBTQ Baby wearing a rainbow sash instead of diapers. Were the stripes supposed to go vertical or horizontal ?
  5. Another one SAVED: Hypnotized by stepmom Introduction Jessica was younger than her husband Jack that fact never bothered them to be happy however. Sam Jacks 18 y o son however did very much . Jessica being only a decade or so older than him was hardly a mother figure for him especially since his mother was travelling around the world not giving too much care to her son. Jessica felt that when it came to Sam Jack set no real boundaries and the boy felt he could do anything . Living in the same house became more and more tense as Sam continued to provoke Jess. Though the house was more than enough for 3 people with Jacks income and though many think that Jessica only married him for his money she had her own fashion business. As Jessica once more complained to her best friend Kate about Sams latest insults over some well deserved coffee Kate suggested that the reason he is so disrespectful to her is because his mom never taught him right. - yes well I can't change that can I ? I can't turn back the clock to teach him a lesson in how to treat women - well actually you could - oh Kate not with this hypnosis thing again ! You know I love you and all and I know you have tons of clients but hypnotizing him to be a kid again is ridiculous - I wasn't thinking that . Something far more sophisticated -Like what ? - well, you said that Jack mentioned that they had a hard time potty training him and he used to wet his bed till quite late . We could hypnotize him to wet on command . Till he learns his lesson of course . Then it can be reversed .He will have no idea it's even happening and neither will Jack. All you need is a 3 word command that doesn't stand out but is unlikely to be said around him . Jess took another sip from her coffee considering . - how long do you think it would take ? - to hypnotize him ? Not long at all phe won't even know it's happening - no I mean for this to work . He should be leaving for college in the fall ... - well that leaves you the entire summer then . I'd suggest some bedtime wettings before school end then step it up to day time once he is out of school . Chapter 1 - Jack , I think Sam has a problem it was early Sunday morning as Jess decided it was time to try out how well Kate's hypnosis worked. She made sure Jack was sound asleep before quietly leaving the master bedroom and entering the sleeping Sams room . - god what a disgusting mess - she thought . Quietly she walked up to the bed and wishpered just loud enough to be heard but not loud enough to wake the sleeping boy the 3 magic words. She waited a few seconds and repeated the words just to be sure . Then went back to her own bed and tried to go back to sleep . As she was preparing lunch she saw Sam stuffing his sheets into the washing machine and muffled a smile. Maybe this as easy as Kate said she thought . They were all sitting on the veranda eating lunch as Jess casually put in - I m glad to see some improvement with you Sam . Finally you are willing to admit that laundry is not "just a woman's job" . Sam shot an angry look at her from across the table - yeah we'll seems like you can't do that right anyway - Sam ! Don't talk to Jess like that ! - Jack put in Jess smiled at him gratefully but thought let him talk let's see what a hero he can be when he will over sleep on a school morning . Monday morning Jess careful repeated her actions from the morning before rising long before Jack and after wishpering the magic words in Sams ear she carefully turned off the alarm clock . - Jack shouldn't Sam be up by now ? It's almost 8:20 - Jess asked while they were sipping their morning coffee and going over the paper . - 8:20? He probably overslept . I guess I should wake him up - Jack said putting down the paper - I will go , finish your breakfast or you will be late too. I don't start till noon today - offered Jess kindly and got to her feet. - thanks babe - Jack muttered after her as he sunk back to his morning paper -Sam ! Sam you are going to be late ! Are you up yet ? - Jess yelled in as she knocked on the door - it's almost 8:25 already Sam woke up with a start . It can't be ! His bed was soaked again ! It hasn't happened for 8 years . And to make things worse he overslept - yeah I m up ! I will be done soon - what are you doing ? You are going to be late ! - nothing just taking a shower - a shower ? You are late get dressed and get your stuff - Jess had to smile leaning against the wall . - fine I will be down in 5 min just leave me the hell alone Jess watched him race out of the house 20 min later . Wow must be a record she thought oh well getting less lazy never hurt anyone . - oh Martha - she turned to their cleaning lady - could you clean the bedrooms upstairs today ? Thank you ! She said hiding her smile behind her cup of coffee . Jess was just about to leave for work as Martha came downstairs - is something wrong ? - well yes I wanted to ask you , it seems like Sams bed is ... wet . Should I change the bedding ? - let me take a look - Jess said as she put down her bag . Yes the bed has clearly been soaked and since Sam was in a hurry this time he had no chance of hiding the signs - it's ok Martha I will clean this up thank you she yelled downstairs . She was sitting at her desk considering what to do next . Should she bring it up at dinner . No too direct. I need to look more consideret she thought maybe I should wait another couple of days then talk to Jack . And so on Thursday night as they went to bed she put on her concerned look and turned to Jack - Jack I feel really bad for bringing this up but I think Sam has a problem . Martha told me that his bed was wet every morning this week . I didn't want to say anything to him because I didn't feel it was my place and I know how he would react but maybe you should . So on Friday morning she carefully turned off the alarm again to give Jack a chance to see facts for himself . She could hear their voices from downstairs but couldn't make out what was said . Based on Sam taking off for school without any breakfast she assumed Jack wasn't happy about his accidents . He mentioned before he was very glad when Sam finally stopped wetting his bed and they could stop using protection for him . - well how did it go ? - she asked Jack as he came back to the breakfast table . - yeah you were right he definitely wet his bed. I told him that if it doesn't stop by Monday he should see dr Wilson . Jess nodded in approval though she knew it will neither stop not will dr Wilson find anything wrong . But next week was the last week of school . Having his dr reassure that nothing was wrong would work in her favor . Chapter 2 - Sam did you just wet your pants ?! As Jess foreseen though dr Wilson ordered a series of tests it's all came back negative . It was the end of the first week of summer when Jess suggested to Jack since the dr couldn't find anything that maybe Sam should use some nighttime protection . - hon I get that it's an akward subject and his gp is probably right and it's just a phase but meanwhile it would be more efficient if used some protection at night . It would be better for everyone . But you know how he reacts to anything I suggest .. Jack sighed . He knew Sam will put up a fight no matter who brings it up but he didn't want to put Jess in an awkward situation . - I could pick up some disposable underwear for him it that helps but I really think it would be better coming from you - Jess concluded . Jack and Sam got into a huge fight over it. Sam utterly refused to " wear baby underwear " . - but he sure acts like a baby - Jess sighed as Sam stormed off . - I really don't know where I went wrong with him sometimes - Jack said appologically . - all parents make mistakes babe - Jess said snuggling up to Jack - but maybe you should be more assertive with him . He needs to know you still make the decisions here - yes you are absolutely right baby - Jack said kissing her . Yes you make the rules here thought Jess or so you both think . But oh well phase 2 is coming up she smiled against jacks shoulder . After another round of shouting it seemed that Jack won the battle . Or at least so he claimed coming into their bed room . - he will be using it every night as long as he wets his bed or moves away for college whichever comes first ! - he declared triumphically. Jess creased his arms and kissed him . Not just during the night though but that is only a matter of time. She thought . It was a morning when all 3 of them were home planning to go out and buy clothes for the summer vacation and Sams new start in college in the fallwhen Jess felt phase 2 was now in time for . Jack and Sam where arguing in the kitchen and as usual Sam felt he should get more than he was given . That was Jess's moment to insert her 3 magic words into the conversation . And magic they were . Sam wet his pants on command without even realizing what was happening till Jess exclaimed in a (faked) surprise - omg Sam did you just wet your pants ?? All 3 of them looked at Sams crotch which was clearly wet as he was standing in a small puddle of urine. - what the hell ..?! - Jack burst out - I .. I don't know - Sam stammered beet red Jess fought hard not to smile but she had to admit she was enjoying her steps sons humiliation . What 18 y o wouldn't be utterly humiliated wetting his pants infront of his father and stepmother ? - let me get you a towel - Jess offered - you should probably shower and change I I will clean up here - that's very generous of you Jess but I think Sam should be the 1 to clean up - it's alright Jack I can do it let him change . Sam mercifully escaped the kitchen . Jack stood shaking his head as Jess wiped the floor - Jack maybe we should postpone today ... - no no I took the day off especially - well should we leave Sam home then ? I mean I know you planned to kit him out with the things he needs for college but after this ... I don't know what if it happens again ? In public ? I don't think we want that - no no but I can't believe this . - or ... No never mind he wouldn't agree to that . - agree to what ? - wearing the disposable underwear to the shopping trip I mean it's not visible and it's just like a pair of underwear but he won't - will see about that - Jack said Chapter 3 - good thing you were wearing protection Jess knew her "innocent" suggestion will lead to yet another fight, however now Jack was standing his ground declaring that either Sam wore his protective underwear he will be staying home and he doesn't plan to take more time off from the office to go shopping . - I m not going out in public wearing that ! - then you stay home because we are going - Jack shouted - Sam look no1 would be able to tell anything it's very discreet and it's only to be on the safe side - you shut up ! - don't talk to her like that do you understand ! She is only trying to help you . Now either you put on 1 or you stay home ! Sam retreated to his bedroom to change defeated . - maybe I should pack an extra in my bag just in case you never know - Jess said in a hushed voice . Jack nodded though she could see he was losing his patience with Sam . Nonetheless Jess was sure she would have an enjoyable shopping trip . The place they were going to was a good 40 min drive away on a high way . This will be coming in handy on the way home she thought . As Jack pulled into the stores parking lot Jess turned back to Sam - are you doing ok ? - yeah I m fine what do you want ?! - Sam ! - it's ok Jack - Jess said , he will pay for it later she thought to herself - I just thought maybe we should stop at the restrooms first ... - I don't need to go I m not a baby get off my back ! - Sam !! A good 10 min later they were looking at clothes in the shop when Jess once again found the perfect opportunity to insert her magical 3 words into the conversation . She watched as Sams face turned white as the contents of his bladder flooded his underwear . This time however it was only obvious to those looking for signs of a wet disposable underwear on an 18 y o . He ran off without saying a word - Sam Sam - Jack yelled after him - what the hell got into him ?! - I don't know maybe we should check I think he went into the men's room Jess stood outside listening for a few min before calling in to the empty ( well not counting Jack and Sam ) men's room - Jack ? Is everything ok ? Can I come in ? - of course she already heard Jack yell - you wet yourself ? How the hell ? We just asked if you had to go to the bathroom ? Can't I trust you with anything ? You are going of to college for crying out loud and you are acting like a baby - yes of course come in - Jack said - no ! - Sam yelled and slam the door of 1 of the cubicles . -what's going on ? - Jess said trying to look as unfomfortable as possible though secretly she was enjoying every minute of it - he wet himself again - Jack declared in disbelief - oh you poor thing ! - Jess exclaimed - are you ok ? - leave me alone ! - Sam southed - what are we going to do - Jess mouthed to Jack looking at the closed cubicle door - he can't stay in there Jack looked at her fist on the cubicle door - wait - she wishpered pulling his fit off the door ,she pulled out the disposable underwear from her bag - I almost forgot I had these ! Jack nodedd at her gratefully . - Sam come out ! Lucky for you Jess was thoughtful enough to bring another pair - I hate you both - Sam yelled from the other side of the door Jess honestly wanted to burst out laughing but she knew she couldn't let either of them even suspect she was enjoying the situation or had anything to do with creating it . - Sam I said come out now ! You are in no position to argue here Sam opened the door though he tried to wipe his eyes it was clear he was crying . Jess almost felt sorry for him . But not quite . She knew letting him off the hook now won't teach him the lesson he needed to learn but her pity on him did help her to play the concerned mother well step mother role . - here change into these and get your act together ! - Jack said angrily as he trushed the disposable underwear in his sons hands - oh Jack don't be so hard on him it's not like he did it on purpose , don't cry it's only us here and no1 will know it's a good thing you were wearing protection just change and we will get the stuff we need here and home ok ? - leave me alone you bitch ! - Sam bursted out yelling as tears rolled down his cheek - watch your might before I give you a reason to cry about - Jack yelled - you should be greatful to her - Jack it's ok he is just upset . But you should change you would be more comfortable Sam looking at his father knew he lost that battle he closed the door behind him . Jess was almost feeling bad about her next move . But she decided there was no backing down. As she entered a changing room to try on a bikini she carefully checked the little bag of crushed diuretics . Chapter 4 - we will be home soon you can hang on till then can't you ? Jess planned the rest of the trip carefully . She calculated ahead that the diuretics effect would hit as they left the mall. She carefully mixed the dose into Sams drink without any1 noticing acting nice and considerate getting his favorites . Her calculations were precise . Jack couldn't had been driving more than 5 minutes when looking at the back mirror Jess saw Sam squirming uncomfortably . - everything ok Sam ? - she asked he blushed and nodded. Jess suppressed a smile . She knew the strong diuretics she mixed in his soda were increasing not just the urgency of his voiding but also the amount . - are sure ? - she asked in a concerned voice . - umm maybe I kind of need to go to the bathroom ... - what ?! - Jack burst out - we told you to go 15 min ago ! - I did but I think I have to go again - you can't be serious ! There is no place to stop here we entered the high way - Jack - Jess said in a calm voice - no need to panic we will be home soon I m sure he will be fine till then won't you Sammy ? - don't call me that - Sam muttered Jess turned back and turned to the window hiding her smile while Jack looked at the back mirror angrily . Another 10 min or so passed when Sam spoke up - how much longer ? Jack shot an angrily look at him . - about 25 or so not too long - Jess offered - oh god - Sam muttered shifting his position - are you ok ? - Jess turned back to him - I really have to go ... Javk was about to say something but Jess rested her hand on his arm - you are still wearing your protective undies aren't you ? This time Sam didn't respond to her demining tone . He nodded but still asked in a now near desperate voice - can't you stop somewhere ? - I m afraid not sweetie we are still on the highway so there is no where to stop but you are wearing a special absorbent undie if you really have to go you can Jack shot a half surprised half angry look at her - Jack come on there is no point for him to struggle if he can't help himself - she mouthed Jess turned all the way to the back seat to the now desperate boy - it's ok sweetie just let yourself go - I can't - Sam was still despretly trying to fight the unbreable urge to empty his bladder she thought for a second then layed her hand on his thigh - it's ok Sammy just relax you will feel better - she said in a low calm reassuring voice sam was on the verge of tears now but as Jess gently moved her hand on his thigh stroking him he lost control and wet himself . As he felt the warmness spread underneath him his tears spilled over - it's ok baby don't cry it's ok we will be home soon - Jess said still stroking him Chapter 5 prep for phase 3 - so tell me I m dying to know how is it turning out ? - Kate asked eagerly Jess smiled mysteriously - come on Jess ! - better than I dared to dream - Jess said laughing - Sam is wetting like clock work doesn't dare to leave the house and Jack is madder than I ever seen him . I was thinking ... Would you like to come by Saturday ? Tanning facials you know - and reverse the hypnosis ? - no not quite I actually wanted to add to it for now anyway - add to it ? What do you want to add ? - let's just say phase 3 could use a little push - wait phase 3 now there is a phase 3 ? What is phase 3 ? - well I want to teach him to respect women , that we have just as much power and control as men do if not more . And like you said his mom wasn't really there to show that and let's face it she could never control Jack so I want Sam to want me to control Jack - you are going to have to explain this more - like I said Jack is madder than ever and he is already threatening to give Sam a good spanking like he would deserve this is where your part would come in . I want you to add to his hypnosis that if he is being spanked he will want his mommy and make sure you say mommy . - and that mommy is going to be you ? - well I am his step mom . Besides if phase 3 achives him respecting me and accepting me as some1 who has more power than him I already got what I needed. - and you sure this will work ? Jess shrugged - worst case he gets a good spanking like Jack keeps saying it won't hurt him Chapter 6 phase 3 on Saturday morning before Kate arrived Jess started to prepare the ground making sure Jack was as mad as possible - this is ridiculous ! The dr swears there is nothing wrong with him physically - and you think a good old fashioned spanking will solve this ? - Jess asked as if sceptical - it won't hurt him - Jack declared angrily - alright alright it's not my place to criticise but Kate will be here soon so I would like to take a few hours of girly time if that's ok and then tonight we could have some alone time mm ? after the hypnosis was added Jess suggested to Sam to try and relax and maybe go swimming . - Jack honey could you maybe put some lotion on my back please ? Jack came out to the yard - I thought you wanted some alone time - honey you know you are the best when it comes to lotions kate wanted to chuckle but just then Jess who was laying with her back to the pool said the magic words causing Sam to wet. The pool. - omg did he just - Kate exclaimed as the water clearly turned yellow - oh hell he did ! - Jack yelled - get out of the pool right now did you hear me ?! - I m sorry dad I don't know how - oh you will be sorry this time for real ! - Jack said as he grabbed Sams arm and dragged him into the poolhosue - Jack what on earth happened ? Jack ? - Jess called after him sitting up Jess looked at Kate - well now we will see if phase 3 is working - she wishpered while putting on her robe. Just as she tied it they both heard Sam call out - mommy mommy please help me it hurts - seems like phase 3 is on - Kate said getting up to follow Jess who wishpered - show time or shall I say mommy time - Jack ! What is going on ? - Jess ran in to find Jack sitting on the sofa landing another smack on the now crying Sams backside - mommy mommy make it stop - he whimpered - Jack ! Stop it ! Right now ! Jack looked at her surprised - he is getting what he deserves and besides I thought you wanted to stay out of this - well first of all maybe but that was before he called me - called you ?? - I m his step mother Jack and second of all if You want get any you let him go right now ! Jack shook his head but knew Jess well enough to know that was a promise and as much as he was fed up with Sams behavior he didn't want to get on Jess's bad side . He let the crying boy go and as he got up and left Jess took his place on the sofa pulling Sam over into her arms . - it's ok baby it's ok I m here now He continued to sob in her arms as Kate stood in the door shaking her head mouthing - you fox ! Jess smiled back rolling her eyes -you have no idea Chapter 7 more protection Jess decided based on Sams major improvement that she will remove the hypnosis from Sam by the end of their summer getaway but only after making sure that she will still have control over the boy after. To ensure that she decided things must get worse for Sam before getting better. She added a diuretic to his evening drinks making sure that not only would he wet on command but soak his protective wear. Jess was not 1 to miscalculate and after a couple of nights indeed Sam woke up not just with soaked underwear but also wet sheets. - Sam could I talk to you ? - she approached him carefully waiting till Jack left for work - I didn't want to bring this up while your dad was home ... But it seems like you have some problems with your protection .. Martha told me today that it's the second time in a row she had to change your sheets . Sam blushed but didn't look up - look maybe for the night time it's not the best solution maybe I should pick up something else to try mm? How about that ? Sam nodded . - alright sweetie I have to get to work now but I will do it on my way home . Enjoy your day Jess couldn't help but smiling as she walked into the medical supplements store and started picking out the things she needed. That night she sat her plan in motion firstly carefully turning the ac on warm in sams room and bathroom then after suggesting to him to shower she waited in his room with the freshly purchased items . Sam came out of the bathroom sweating even though the waters temp was near cold . His jaw almost dropped as he saw Jess sitting on his bed with a package of DIAPERS! - no I m not wearing those ! - he declared immidiatky - Sam come on we talked about this - no you didn't say that it's it's - he couldn't bring himself to say it - sweetie what did you think I meant ? Now come on lay down and let me put this on you Sam couldn't believe his ears not just that he is supposed to wear a diaper Jess would diaper him he shook his head - Sam look I promise this will be our little secret and your dad won't even know about it BUT only if you cooperate with me Sam knew how his dad would react and the out come would be the same . He hang his head and nodded - alright then - Jess said patting the bed beside her - come on lay down on your back Sam blushed - oh come on its nothing I haven't seen before . Come here Sam layed down still covered by the towel around his waist shutting his eyes tight as he felt Jess's hand around his waist opening the towel and exposing him completely . - alright lift - Jess slid an open diaper underneath him - very good now let me just put some cream on you to make sure you won't get a rash Sam groaned as she started touching his most private part realizing he was having an erection with no way to hide it . - mm you feel quite a bit warm - Jess said in a concerned voice - do you feel ok? - I I think so - Sam mumbled though he was feeling so many things at once he couldn't be sure - let's check your fever just to be sure - Jess said leaving the boy and returning with a thermometer - alright sweetie this won't hurt 1 bit . - she said as she applied cream onto the thermometer Sam felt her hand applying more cream to his anus . - wait what are you doing ?? - he yelped as he felt Jess push the thermometer into his rectum - ssshhh it will be over in a minute just lay still - she said Sams was now fully erected . - mm you are a bit warm but no fever . I will check on you later just to be sure though . Ok let's finish getting you ready . After she fastened the diaper around his waist and he put on his pj and got in bed he had to admit it wasn't as bad as he thought . Though the diaper between his legs was clearly noticeable with no possibility to hide it in anyway . Jess left his room and smiled - wow this is even easier than I thought well he will stay in diapers till the end of our trip . Mm including the car trip that will be fun she smiled as she went down the stairs XXX getting ready for the summer getaway the beach getaway they planned for the summer was approaching rapidly . Jess was finishing the last minute packing as Jack walked in . - hi babe hi was your day ? I m finishing packing our stuff then I will check if Sam needs any help . Oh regarding that I was thinking ... I talked to Kate and Rob also called since Kate is coming alone and Rob seems to be really separated from Lisa I was thinking it makes no sense to drive with 3 cars . I was thinking how about we both drive ? You with rob and me and Kate ? Rob left the better car for Liza and the kids anyway so it would be easier . - so the girls against the guys ha ? - Jack teased - well not quite I thought it would be better if Sam came with Kate and I . No offense hon but this whole problem thing is not your strong side to handle and if I take Sam you and rob can have some time alone I know you haven't been able to catch up in ages - and you don't want alone time with Kate ? - oh we see each other plenty I will be fine - you sure you can control Sam ? - Jack asked measuring Jess - I think so but of course if he resists I won't force it I was merely suggesting it Later that evening Jess entered Sams room . - hi just wanted to ask if you need any help packing ? - no I think it's ok I just need to close it somehow Jess looked at the case set out on the bed and sighed boys . As always they think packing equals throwing things into a suitcase then stuffing it until they manage to close it - here let me help - she said as she started repacking his clothes folded . - amm your dad and I were talking about the car ride ... You know that both Kate and rob are joining us so we decided to drive separately your dad with rob and me with Kate. I was thinking it would be easier if you came with me and Kate . Seeing how your dad doesn't know about your diapers ... sam went over the options in his head. He knew rob most of his life and knew he wouldn't be more understanding than his dad but there wasn't just Jess there was also Kate ... - amm but Kate would know - oh don't worry about Kate she knows how to keep secrets I assure you - if she didn't I'd be in quite trouble she thought Sam still wasn't convinced but he felt that between 2 bad options it night still be the better one . - ok and you think dad won't find it weird ? - leave your dad to me . Here you are all packed ! Jess went out trying to stop herself from laughing . Once again she played them both and yet they both think she is their savior . Chapter 8 the vacation begins since it was a long drive almost 10 h they decided to set off during the night . - alright alright patiencless men - Jess said jokingly - you can go ahead and leave I still need to pick Kate up and besides I m not getting dragged into some stupid car race I know you Jack - alright so we will see you there - Jack said - good luck - he wishpered in her ear as he kissed her - don't worry everything will be just fine - she wishpered back as they left she headed to sams room who was still sound asleep . Time for a change she thing as she pulled back his coveres revealing the bulging diaper under his pj shorts . Which was expected after the large dose of diuretics she gave him for this car ride. She was planning to revise his hypnosis in a few days but till then she wanted him as helpless as possible - Sammy wake up honey it's time to get going - she gently stroked him till he woke up - there now let's get you into a dry diaper and ready to go I still need to pick Kate up - but why a diaper ? Can't I just wear the disposals ? - Sam whined still half asleep as Jess removed his shorts - don't be silly you will be asleep for most of it and we don't plan to stop very often as we have to be there on time as we are meeting the others for dinner. I don't want to risk any leakage I have to explain to your dad ok ? Go take a quick shower and then let's get you ready to go 20 min later Sam was sitting somewhat sulking in the backseat hoping the blanket would cover the obvious bulge of his diaper under his sweat pants though he knew Kate knows about his situation . - good morning - Jess greeted Kate as she pulled up infront of her building - morning ? You are crazy it feels like the middle of the night . Hi Sam . Alright so I m driving during the second half right ? - yep that's the plan oh you wouldn't believe who called me yesterday as the conversation seemed quite uninterested to Sam and he wasn't a morning person he did his best to fall back to sleep . Sam slept through the first stop . - hi look who is up ! - Jess said as she saw him stir on the backseat - how are you doing ? - ok - he mumbled though it was far from the truth the effects of the diuretics and the magic words which Jess and Kate casually repeated several times caused him to wet multiple times . - when are we stopping? - he asked hoping Jess would pick up on his hint without mentioning it to Kate - in a while not too long . Are you hungry ? We were thinking burgers since we won't have much time to stop its about 40 min from here I think Sam layed back starting to worry how it will all go. Having Jess change his diapers was one thing but Kate being there was another. he must have drifted off because the next thing he realized was Jess and Kate getting out of the car. He looked around to see a back of a building with a few empty trucks parking . Jess opened the door and said in a low voice - look Kate will go get the food I m just going to the bathroom and I will change you while she is in the line ok ? - can't I go to the bathroom ? - well sweetie .. It wouldn't be well easy to hide and you would have to go to the men's room and I to the ladies room it's easier this way. No1 will see anything . If you have to pee go ahead I will be back in a couple of minutes to change you . - then changing to normal voice - what would you like ? Double cheese fries and a soda ? Sam nodded as Jess closed the car door behind her and both women went off towards the side of the building to enter . sam tried to find a position to relive himself he felt very foolish having to wet his diaper on propose though he knew that as it seemed he was hours away from a bathroom and he would have to go eventually so it would be better to do it before Jess came back . She came back just as he finished emptying his bladder . - alright lay down ok ? - Jess pulled his sweat pants to his ankles fully exposing his diaper which now looked more yellow than white . - lift - she slid a changing mat and a dry diaper under him while undoing his wet diaper and pulling it out from under him. He felt another erection as she wiped him clean with the baby wipes and applied cream all over his private areas . - here all done - she said as she taped the diaper thightly and pulled up his pants Kate got back just as Jess threw the used daiper wipes and mat in a crash can. - why is it so difficult for them to give extra ketchup I will never know ! Like I m robbing them from their own personal stock sam was relieved that Kate went on and on about the idiot behind the counter as his situation remained unremarked. Or so he thought of course Jess made sure he was asleep before she and Kate discussed the situation. And used the magic words a few times to make sure his fresh daiper won't stay dry for long. Chapter 9 vacation is always a weird time as Kate pulled up to the beach side condo Sam sat back in agony . He knew his wet diapers would be clearly visible to anyone and the last thing he wanted was being seen by his fathers friends and their kids mostly his age or younger . - Jess ... - Sam said almost whining - oh right .. Kate could you do another round towards the bungalows ? - why what's wrong with this parking spot ? - I m not carrying 3 bags from here Sam could you go in and take them in while we find a parking spot ? - yeah sure - he breath out in relief Kate stopped infront of 1 of the bungalows unlocking the trunk. Sam started to get out of the car but as he passed behind Jess's seat he wishpered - thanks Jess smiled oh yeah he will not be giving her a hard time any time soon . Las Kate started to drive again she shot Jess a knowing look - what ? - Jess snapped - I thought you wanted to teach him a lesson well a little public embarrassment could help - oh leave off Kate believe me I m playing my cards exactly as I planned . He thinks I m his guardian angel and besides remember Miranda ? That snob who laughed at me all last summer after Sam showed me up at every turn ? Well from what I heard her precious stepdaughter and son started to show her up . And I doubt very much Sam would dare to do that so this year I will look like the mother of the year . And if Sam does show me up well this whole hypnosis removal thing is off ! The next day as the men were playing golf and the younger ones were either surfing or swimming the women layed out together to tan and gossip . Miranda who was a good 5 years senior to Jess felt superior to her from the beginning . She had 2 step children Amber and don a year or two younger than Sam . She seemed like the perfect stepmom friendly yet assertive . Jess hated her making her look stupid . - oh girls girls we musnt forget ! Sunscreen is just as important for the kids as it is for us - she said in her usual condescending voice - Amber don darlings ! Would you come here and put sunscreen on ? - she said in her cheery but commanding tone - leave me alone you witch you are not my mother ! - Amber yelled at her angrily don didn't even bother to acknowledge her. - ahh kids !- Miranda exclaimed - at this age whatever you tell them they take as a personal insult ha ! Jess thought yet a year ago you were lecturing me about how it's not age related it's instinct related well let's see who has better maternal instincts now ! - Sam ! Could you please put on sunscreen ? - she called over and wonder of all wonders Sam walked over to her without a word of complaint . - here let me do your back . - thanks Jess - he called as he walked back to join the rest many of the women smuthered their laughter making Miranda furious . - well Sam certainly grew up since last year - she pointed out in a bitter tone Kate and Jess exchanged meaningful looks . Quite the opposite Jess thought he didn't grew up at all . As sam's behavioral was almost perfect well as far as Jess was concerned she decided to get Kate to remove the hypnosis . She made sure to keep him on high dose diuretics for a few more days just for the sake of things . A few nights after stopping his diuretics and hypnosis Sam proudly announced to Jess after she diapered him for the night that he has been dry for 2 nights in a row ! - that's great honey . If you go 7 nights in a row maybe we should go back to the disposals ? - really ?? That's awesome you r the best Jess jess smiled . Maybe Sam really just needed some maternal attention after all . She almost started to feel guilty about the last part of her plan . But she knew she had to make sure she had power over Sam or this was all done for nothing . That part was the way home . The order was the same Jack and rob , Kate Jess and Sam . On the morning as they prepared to leave she told Sam to wait for her in his room . - but Jess why do I need a diaper ? You said that if I can keep dry I can go back to the disposals - yes but first of all I said a week this wasn't a week yet . Second of all like I said I don't want to have to explain any possible leakage to your dad . So I would really appreciate if you would do as I ask . - but Jess .. - Sam it's 10 more hours of your life . Stop making such a big deal about it . Or you want to explain to your father the situation . sam sulked but followed Jess's instructions . This time Kate sat behind the wheel . After they made sure Sam was asleep Kate asked - I removed the hypnosis and we tested it I thought you were only planning to give him diuretics to make the process look more gradual so why did you diaper him now ? He is still on diuretics ? - no I haven't given him any in days - so you think he will wet without them too ? - oh I know he will and when I will tell him to . Trust me Chapter 10 a wet way home after stopping in a drive through Sam slept through the short bathroom breaks . He woke up feeling the need to urinate . - Jess when are we stopping next ? - he asked - well we just stopped half an hour ago so not till home since it's already very late and we both have to be at work early plus on this highway there aren't places to stop at that's why we ate lunch early - she glanced back - how much till we get home ? - 2 and a half hours maybe 3 depends on the traffick in town I still need to drop Kate off . Jess glanced over to Kate with a knowing look . About 10 min later she pulled over at a designated spot to change tires on the side of the road . Jess got out of the car and opened the back door - alright let's get you changed then - I m not wet - he blushed knowing Kate can hear everything in the front seat Jess sighed - Sam I really don't have time to play games . We are late as it is . - I m really not wet Jess pulled his shorts down to expose his diaper . - hi ! - Sam tried to pull away from her - alright - Jess lowered her voice - here is the deal either I change you now or you will wait till we get home Sam looked around desperate but Jess chose the spot perfectly no space he could "go " at . - I m not wet - he repeated - alright so you will wait till we get home Sam was getting desperate he knew he couldn't hold off 3 more hours - can't we stop before that ? - he asked - we stopped now ! - Jess snapped then forced a calm voice - Alright look I know you haven't gone since we left so you have to pee . So you have 2 choices either you pee your diaper now and I change you or you pee on the way and stay wet till we get home . Which is it going to be ? Sam was throned he hated the idea of spending hours in a wet diaper but having to pee his diaper on purpose infront of Jess ( not to mention Kate who will know ) sent shivers up and down his spine . - it would be much more comfortable for you to get it over with now - Jess wishpered Sam looked agonized - I can't - Sam come on , I changed your diaper everyday for a month now how is this different ? Though of course Jess knew exactly . .This would be the first time he wets on her command without hypnosis or drugs only by her own power over him .sam of course had no idea but for Jess This would be the ultimate test . - I can't - he said miserably - of course you can . Lay back and relax . Just lay back down and relax . There .- Jess gently put her hand on his lower abdomen and started circularly massaging the area over his full bladder . - relax your muscles . There it feels better doesn't it ? - Jess said as she saw the yellow spot appear and enlarge over his crotch . - let's get you changed then - Sam didn't object and Jess knew that she now had control over the boy without drugs or hypnosis . XXXXX That is all that I have. BabyLock
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  7. The future of Pudding & Sophie stories!

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  10. Hey sorry to bother but do you have saved the story Ellen’s visitor because I can’t find anywhere!!

    1. BabyLock


      Here it is hope there are no limits on the KB counts etc.:


      Ellen's Visitor

      by DiaperScent and minachan16


      James knocked on the door in three awkward bursts and stepped back a couple of steps, looking down at his shoes and shunning this dull, uneventful day. His mother had told him to visit every house on the block, and this was thankfully the last one. He always hated these stupid fundraisers. It was usually just grown-ups acting like they cared about whatever stupid fundraiser his school was putting on and he did it mainly out of sheer boredom. Summer was only a month away. Just one long month away, he thought.


      Ellen hadn't been expecting company. She put down her crossword puzzle and leisurely approached the door. "Hold your horses," she called out, unlocking the latch and opening the door, looking out and down at James, carrying some fundraising supplies and his own frowning face. "Well, hello there, how may I help you?"


      In a snap, James came back to reality, startled by the door's sudden burst of life and the figure standing in the door frame, "Oh, h-hi err hello miss, I'm doing a fundraiser for my uh school, would you want err I mean would you like to see?"


      James kicked himself mentally over the awkward introduction, but to his surprise, he found himself being ushered inside the house and into the kitchen. Along the way, James’s eyes wandered around all the strange trinkets and old family photos. It was exactly like his grandmother's house, thought it obviously did not feel so familiar.


      "Come in, come in," Ellen uttered, waving James along into the house towards the kitchen. "It's pretty warm today, what with summer coming. I bet you've been doing this all afternoon, haven't you? Why not have a snack and something to drink to refresh yourself?" she offered, fixing him a plate of cookies and a big glass of milk. "You can tell me all about your fundraiser while you do."


      After twenty minutes passed, it was almost impossible for James to get a word in. Ellen was almost conversing with herself, letting out many "ooos" with each flip of the page. He took the time to just enjoy the free food and milk, gazing around her kitchen some more, soaking in the kitschiness of the decor.


      All of a sudden, James felt a sensation he couldn't remember ever feeling before in his life, at least for many years - a surge of pee at the end of his bladder. Before he could process what was happening, he could feel it slowly coming out and spreading onto the front of his jeans. He could feel the weight of his heart hitting his stomach with immense force as a cold sweat burst out onto his brow.


      What… how, how could I have... Without much thought, James reacted as best as possible and tried moving a piece of paper of his groin to cover up the huge wet spot. The word echoed in his head and made me feel even worse; How on earth could I have peed my pants?  There was little time to dwell on it though. He had to get over the how and think of a reason to leave without causing an awkward situation.


      "Is something the matter, hun?" Ellen said, noticing the boy blushing as she put the fundraising materials to the side. "What are you holding?" she said as she noticed the boy's blush grow and the paper slowly absorbing the wet spot around his jeans.


      "Oh dear!" she exclaimed, holding her hand over her chest in surprise as she rose from her seat. "Oh, sweetie, you should have told me if you had to go so badly. There there, it's okay, Ellie's gonna take good care of this little man." she smiled, sweeping him up off the chair into her arms.


      She was sure she caught the young boy off-guard, but from caring for her own grandchildren who had moved across the country a few years ago, she knew that when boys had their little accidents, the best thing that can be done is to give them lots of tender loving care so they don't feel so bad, and she knew exactly how to do that. "Come on, hun," she cooed to him, cradling as she went back to the door before making a sharp turn up the staircase. "Let's get you all cleaned up."


      James felt a certain shock go down his spine as Ihefelt her soft yet strong grip on him, holding him tight as she walked down the hallway. He was so scared he couldn't even bring himself to fight or plead. That was until Ellen started walking up the stairs. He tried grabbling a stair railing but found it being pulled back as Ellen shushed him and patted his back. "P- please ma'am, just let me g- go, pleaseeee!" James begged as she stopped in front of a foreboding bedroom door.


      He tried turning my head while she held him over her shoulder to see what she was doing, watching as she reached above the door frame for what he thought was a key. He could feel his face turning beet-red. Combined with the warmth of his accident, he had no idea what could possibly be happening.


      "Here we are," Ellen smiled as she put the key to the lock and opened the door that hadn't been opened for more than a few years. The first thing that hit James was the smell; an intoxicating and nostalgic aroma that hearkened him back to days he could only vaguely remember. It wasn't until the door opened that he could see what awaited him. "Let's go in and get you nice and clean," she cooed as she carried the boy in. His eyes were wide at the sight before him: a fully-stocked nursery.

      His eyes struggled to take in every last detail as he was carried over the threshold. In the corner, he could see a large white crib with sheets speckled with pictures of trains. The baby blue walls were decorated with large cutout hangings of baby blocks and Sesame Street characters. The nostalgic fragrance became immediately recognizable and stronger as he spotted the changing table, stocked underneath with many unopened packages of Pampers, Huggies, and the source of the telltale sent, Luvs, and they were all the same plastic-backed kinds that had been sold the last time he ever wore them. Up on the table was a pastel yellow plastic changing mat, several tubs of scented Pampers and Huggies baby wipes, bottles of Johnson's baby powder and lotion, and a full tube of Balmex diaper rash ointment. The table looked like it had been waiting all this time behind the door for a baby to be laid down upon it.


      "Here we are," Ellen announced as she laid the boy down atop the changing mat. It crinkled under his weight. James quickly realized he was the one the table had been waiting for him.


      Upon the slow feeling of being lowered onto the mat with Ellen’s hands on both of his hips, the fear and panic finally started to set in. This was literally the most embarrassed James had ever felt in his entire life. He tried to find words to say amongst his shaking. As he leaned his head up, he could see his shoes being swiftly untied and removed. "P-please d- don't do this,†his voice trembled. “I'm begging you m- ma'am."


      "Honey, we can't just leave you in your wet pants and I can't have you making any more accidents," Ellen chided James as she took his shoes off one by one and then his socks, tossing them in a nearby trash bin as she went for his shirt next. "Trust me, you'll feel so much better when you're clean and dry. Grandma's got lots of experience with little ones like you, and she'll do a real good job."

      She removed his shirt in one quick swoop, pulling up his arms and then doing the same with his jeans in the same firm swift pull, leaving him in nothing but his underwear. "Just you wait, hun, by the time we're done here you'll be smiling from ear to ear," and then off came the white garments stained yellow as his underplaces were exposed to the cool fragrant nursery air.

      She hummed as she held James down with one hand. Despite her age, James soon found out she was much stronger than she looked. Humming a nursery rhyme, she opened a tub of Pampers Baby Fresh wipes, and pulled out a handful. James shivered and suppressed any noise of surprise as she began to run the cool refreshing wipes all over his front and backside, making sure to get in all the little nooks and crannies his body held.


      When she was done, she ripped open a sealed mint-green and purple package of Luvs diapers. The scent escaped from the plastic wrapping strongly as James caught another whiff. This time, a small coo came out of his lips. "Oh my," Ellen noticed. "Does this little hun like that smell?" she said with a smile as she unfolded it and slid it under his bottom. "If you're a good boy, there will be more where these came from," she chuckled, reaching for the Johnson's Baby Powder, twisting the cap, and pouring a generous amount of the silky magical dust all over his diaper area before pulling up the front.


      James winced as he heard the plastic outer material crinkle as Barney's smiling face covered his most personal places. With a smile, she patted James's front and helped him off the table. "There you go, hun, now how about we get you into some nice warm jammies? You look like you could use a nap."

      A wave of emotions came over James that to Ellen, appeared pleasant, but to him were anything but. The sheer embarrassment and overwhelming babyish feeling that overcame him was like nothing Ihehad ever felt before. It felt as if there was a cloud around the lower portion of his body that only let in the slight sense of a hand supporting his bottom. As he was picked up, he could feel the soft yet wrinkled hand of Ellen on his back, her firm but frail grip giving him a sense of safety that he was trying to block out of his mind completely.


      He felt an even greater sense of impending doom when he saw his clothes tossed in the trash, the question circling around his head if he would ever see them again. He didn't see a clothing hamper anywhere and with the fear of what happens when boys misbehave also waving over his head, it shut off any willingness to kick and scream.


      "Such a good boy you are!" Ellen cooed as she went to the closet and pulled out the last thing James would have expected; a fuzzy baby blue sleeper with designs of brown teddy bears. She sauntered back over with the infantile piece of clothing, no doubt sparking the question in James's mind how she could possibly have such a babyish piece of clothing in a size large enough for him.


      "Okay, honey bunny, let's get your little feetsies and toesies all snug and warm," she said in a loving affectionate tone as she took James's left leg and slipped it inside the left footy. James was taken aback immediately at how snug and comfortable it was, sparking distant memories of his own days in such clothing before today. Then came the right leg.


      "Okay, sweetie, now upsy-daisy," she giggled lifting James's thick padded bottom up just enough to slip the rest of the sleeper underneath him. With a little more wiggling and giggling, he was all zipped up in his pretty new jammies. "Nice and comfy?" she asked, the question obviously rhetorical as she pulled out a big yellow pacifier and plopped it in his mouth before he could answer. "Now don't you worry about a thing. I'll call your momma and tell her you're just taking a bit of a break from the sun over here. You get a good nap and Miss Ellie will check on you when you wake up. Nightie nite, baby boy."


      For hours James felt himself soaking in a cold sweat, born from the embarrassment of the cloud-like diaper that was so tightly snug around his behind, trapping him in so many ways. He searched for a way to get it off, but in no way did he have any luck even getting at the sleeper, Its soft fur against his skin gave him the deepest red blush. Hours passed and he could feel the true nightmare on the horizon, the true fear of his situation; the need to use the bathroom.


      Why did it have to happen now? It couldn't have happened any other time? A time at least when he had a fair chance of escaping and possibly making it home in time to assert his independence and prove he wasn’t the baby Ellen had seemingly imprisoned him to be? The stomach pains only got worse. His voice became hoarse from trying to call out "Hello!?" or any plead that he needed to use the restroom.


      Any rational thought he had left assumed that Ellen couldn't hear him because of her age, but in no way did it help to ease his nerves. A sudden epiphany came over him finally, as with all of his weight, the thick diaper making it very difficult, he managed to stand up again. He was not going to make it. With butterflies in his stomach and well, other things, it was very difficult to reach the "mind over matter" status of what he was about to do. After just starting to push, with almost no effort, he could feel a weight bearing down heavily underneath him.


      Amongst it, he could feel himself peeing again as well. I can't believe that I just pooped in a diaper, the mere words in his head sent a chill down his spine almost worse than what happened next, James butted his head against a crib bar and instantly heard a clicking sound. He stood there, his head in a swirl of fire, not realizing one of the crib bars activated the latch.


      James quickly realized he had to get over this immense feeling of anger and with much diligence, he hopped down from the crib, making sure to land flat on his feet. I can't allow myself to feel stupider by allowing my mess to spread around, he thought with disgust as he waddled, by no choice of his own but for the diaper and sleeper, towards the nursery door. He cracked it open, barely being able to reach the doorknob. I hate being short, he raged to himself, but maybe, he thought, it could help him in his escape.


      In an unfamiliar house, and the fear of Ellen coming around the corner at any moment, he tiptoed downstairs into the first door he found, greeted by a large set of stairs. Into the darkness he waddled, step by step just knowing there had to be a back way out of the basement. He found no such thing, Instead, he was greeted with boxes among boxes of old unused things; some old couches and other furniture, stuffed animals and more family photos.


      James’s heart finally sank deeper than anything he could ever imagine when he started to hear the ceiling above from what sounded like footsteps and chatter. In a panic, he waddled to a large couch and crouched behind it, making sure not to allow his mess to spread; a task that would wear my knees out in very little time.


      "He's right upstairs, ladies," Ellen said, leading her two best friends Susan and Nancy upstairs to the nursery. "Now you two have to be quiet, no matter how cute he is. He needs his nap." They climbed the stairs as the three grandmothers chatted about their favorite kinds of diapers to use, the best ways to soothe a fussy charge, and so on. As they opened the door to the nursery there was a large gasp. Some clattering could be heard in the basement by James as the flurry of three pairs of footsteps made their way to the first floor.

      "Well, he couldn't have gotten far."


      "Susan, search up here. Nancy and I will look downstairs."


      James's heart skipped a beat as he curled in the fetal position behind the couch, wanting nothing more than to melt into it and be impossible to find, but fantasy gave way to logic as the two older ladies made their way down the rickety basement steps. He curled closer to the couch as they stopped at the bottom.


      "Ellen," Nancy said, making an exaggerated sniffing sound. "Ellen, do you smell what I do?"


      Ellen took a whiff as well and replied in a sweet and knowing voice. "Oh dear, I think our little mister ran away with a surprise for us."

      They let their noses lead the way as they searched the basement. It didn't take long until James looked right into the face of a woman who wasn't Ellen. This must be Nancy, he thought with fear as he backed away into Ellen's waiting arms.


      “There you are, Mr. Stinky Pants!" Ellen cooed as she lifted James up by his armpits, holding the back of his diaper against her nose and taking a heavy whiff of its contents. "Peeuuu! Someone needs a diapie change!" she announced as she cradled him like an infant up the staircase, one hand firmly planted on his warm seat, every step causing him to bounce against the palm of her hand and squish and smear his poopy mess all over the inside of his Luvs. "Let's get you back to the nursery and Nancy, Susan and I will take are of all that big yucky poopy in your pants."


      With every step, James could feel the poop run up against the backside of his diaper, making it stick to his rear end. He was positively humiliated as Nancy walked behind them, smiling at him the whole way and occasionally rubbing her nose against his – what James remembered his grandmother called "Eskimo kissesâ€. He thought it couldn't possibly get any worse.


      "Susan," Nancy called as they made it back to the ground floor. "We found the little stinker, and oh is he darling!"

      Susan rushed over and took James right out of Ellen's arms, swinging him around. "Oh, hims is just adorable! Yes hims is!" she cooed baby talk to him as James was again too shocked and surprised to speak. "And hims made a big uhoh for grandma! Oh dear, what a messy smelly baby boy you are! Mr. Stinky Pants made a lovey in his Luvs, didn't he? Yes hims did! We gotta get you cleaned up, yes we does!"


      "Now Susan, he's all of ours to take care of," Ellen chided her taking him back. "Of course, the first diaper change is always special for grandma, especially a big poopy one, so why don't we all do it together?"


      "Oh what a wonderful idea, Ellie!" Nancy clapped her hands together, taking James and holding him over her shoulder, patting his diaper firmly. "We'll change your boo boo pants with lots and lots of baby wipes and baby powder. Your grandmas are very, very good at changing poopy diapers, baby boy. You'll be cooing and giggling all over for us before you know it."


      "Then it's settled," Ellen announced with a grin. "Nancy, you'll undress him and take his Luvs off. Then I'll use the baby wipes and get him squeaky clean, then Susan, you can powder his little tush and put him in a new diaper!"

      With that, they climbed the stairs back to the nursery, Nancy squeezing and mashing his soft warm mess all over his bottom until they got inside the nursery, the powdery fragrance of the room blending with the odor of his ruined Luvs diaper into a scent that simultaneously intoxicated and repulsed James. "Okay, sweetie bee, let's get your diapie changed!"


      In an intense squirming maneuver, James managed to wriggle free of Nancy's grip and landed on both feet, the weight of his diaper swaying back and forth. He forced it out of thought, focusing only on escape as he quickly began to waddle to the door, hearing snickers and an "oh my" amongst the laughter behind him. With nothing but escape on his mind, he waddled down the steps and made a run for the front door, cracked open as though by divine providence that he be able to leave this cursed house once and for all.


      Feeling the sun’s rays upon his face, the sensation of freedom, he continued his quick stride across the front yard. Luck continued in his favor as he spotted a mail truck approach. He grinned as he knew what to do; I tell the mail man what had happened and he’ll give me a ride back home! Without much further thought, he quickly waddled up to the truck, but upon reaching the side of the vehicle, he was greeted by a heavy-set woman who wore a name tag that spelled "Melanie".


      "Um, m- Melanie I…"


      "Mel, how are you doing today?" James froze as he heard Ellen's amicable voice, sounding off as if there was nothing out of the ordinary about the situation outside her house. "Let me guess, bills, bills and more bills?"


      "We'll you'd win the million dollar prize," Melanie said, looking at James with a smile. "Is this little guy one of yours?"


      "You betcha," Ellen smiled, picking James up and popping a pacifier in his mouth before he could protest. "Little Mr. Stinker here doesn't want to get a diaper change. Thanks for blocking his escape," she said jokingly, but only James knew it wasn't a joke. Ellen kindly took the mail and carried James back inside. "C'mon, mister, let's leave Ellen's good friend Melanie to her work," she said, letting him know that she was not going to be on his side of things, and as the mail truck drove off. Inside, Ellen locked and latched the door, and with its click, it signaled the end of James's attempts at escape. The soft mess in his diaper had begun to cool and get slightly irritating as Ellen squeezed it going up the stairs. "You're gonna feel a lot better after we change you, hun." Feeling absolutely defeated, all James could do was to let out a long sigh through his pacifier as they made their way up the staircase to the nursery.


      At the top of the stairs, Ellen handed James off to Nancy, who cuddled the boy close in her soft gentle hands. "Time to get our little boy all clean and fresh," Nancy cooed as she carried him back into the nursery where Susan was also waiting. Knowing they had a squirmer on their hands, Nancy immediately strapped the table's built-in restraining belt around him as soon as she laid him down. It would make getting his sleeper off easy, but she didn't mind. She nuzzled her button nose against James's lovingly. "Hims is just gonna be so happy to get his diapie changed. Yes hims is!" she cooed as she slowly unzipped the sleeper. The aroma of warm mess wafted out from the inside of his one-piece pajamas as Nancy fanned her nose and winced. "Oh me oh my, hims a little stinky pants!"

      Nancy gently helped his arms and legs out of the sleeper, revealing the Size 6 luvs now turned light brown in the seat with a noticeable bulge. "Yep yep, hims needs a diapie change. Mr. Stinky Pants made a big poopie from his grammies. Yes hims did."

      James blushed, mortified, as Nancy slowly, as if to savor the moment of his defeat, peeled back the first tape. The ripping sound of the plastic adhesive tab rang out through the nursery like a chorus, announcing his first poopy diaper change in god knew how many years was happening for him. Nancy then moved to the second tab, removing that one even slower, wanting James to hear every sticky snap of his diaper being peeled off. James turned bright red as she slowly pulled down the front and the first traces of messy BM were revealed.

      "Oh hims made a big poopoo for his grammies!" Nancy squealed. "Oh yes, Grammy Ellie's gonna need a whole box of baby wipes to clean up this tushie. Ellie dear, he's all yours!"


      "Please," James started to whine. "Please don't change me!"


      "Mmm..." Ellen sounded, pretending to think about it. "But then what would your mother say about you coming home in a soiled diaper? We can't have that," she cooed, tickling James's tummy, not even giving the slightest notion of being able to smell the rich heavy odor wafting from between his legs. She knelt down under the changing table and came back up, producing a tub of scented Pampers baby wipes.


      “He so stinky! Yes hims is!" those words coming from Nancy and Susan gave his face the reddest color imaginable from Ellen she came back up from under the table now holding the wipes, a tool for the task she was about to take on, Deftly, Ellen grabbed James's ankles firmly, stronger than James thought she could grip them given the soft frail quality of her hands, but nonetheless James found his legs being lifted into the air and his muddy bottom being exposed to all three ladies to his complete humiliation.


      James looked up to see Ellen's fluffy grey hair silhouetted from the light on the ceiling above us. Turning his head to the side in utter shame and despair, he could could see Nancy making little claps with her palms already connected, to which he turned his head turned the opposite side to see a Big Bird decal, seeming to be laughing at him as much as the three ladies around him.


      The changing process started with the use of the Luvs to wipe off some of the excess poop from James’s bottom, something he couldn't even feel from the warmth of it all and how mammoth of a mess it was. Ellen began to hum a nursery rhyme as she popped open the tub and began to pull out wipe after wipe, laying them in a small pile next to the dirty diaper for easy access. She must have drawn out twenty wipes by the time she felt ready to tackle the mess on her hands. Gently, she took the first wipe and began to clean James off. He shuddered at the coldness and the embarrassment of watching Nancy and Susan fan their noses and make comments over his predicament. He winced as he heard the phrases "smelly baby" and "what a little stinker" come off their lips and roll into his ears.

      Each wipe made James wince as it would send a shock up his spine, his face still red as he turned his head from side to side with each wipe trying to hide how uncomfortable it was, and her humming only make me want to punch her that much more. Eventually, the coldness stopped affecting him as Ellen was practically bathing him in the wipes, making sure to get every nook and cranny and to clean any mess unnoticed at first glance, even turning him on his side to wipe a little off his back. By this point, James could clearly detect the scent of the baby wipes over any other diaper-related thing in the nursery.


      Ellen continued to wipe James down over and over again, making sure to be thorough and not to miss any nook or cranny in his diaper area. James just kept hoping for it to be over as she circled his bumhole with the final wipe before deeming the job complete. James winced like never before from the feeling of her finger nail in the circumference blanketed in a baby wipe, going through one last round to make sure nothing icky was still there, forcing him to hold back his tears of humiliation.


      A ray of hope kept him together though, shined through with the ""But then what would your mother say about you coming home in a soiled diaper?" giving James hope that this was the last round of babying. Maybe she just wanted to take care of me for a bit to relive her days as a grandmother and didn't want me to go home… messy, a word I struggled to even say out loud in my head..


      "Upsy-daisy, cutie patootie," Ellen coaxed as she helped him lift his bottom up off the used Luvs so she could roll it up and dispose of it in the diaper genie. "Now that you're all clean, it's Susan's turn."


      Susan took over as she pinched James's bottom with a knowing smile, looking down with a sense of condescension at his glowing red face. "Okay, baby boy," she emphasized intentionally, seemingly more aware than Ellen and Nancy were of what they were doing to him. "Lets get you all nice and cozy in a fresh newdiapie."  She held James down as he began to struggle, amused that he thought his ordeal was somehow over.


      "Now, now, no fussies," she cooed in a sickeningly sweet voice. "Baby be good and I'll even let you pick what kind of diapie you wear.†She began to rifle through the packages. "Baby want Pampers? Huggies? Luvies?"


      Ellen spoke up, having watched James as Susan was going through the diapers. "Susan, he blushed a little more when you came to the Luvs," James winced as he heard loud crinkling and the familiar sweet scent that tickled his nose just so. "Oh baby does wuv his Wuvies," Susan said, placing the fresh clean diaper under his bottom. James might have shown elation if he was doing this himself, but not as this was being done to him by these women. Susan smirked as she pulled back the crinkly white plastic and took out a large bottle of Johnson's Baby Powder.


      "Time for the magic fairy dust," she cooed as she turned the bottle upside down, sprinkling him generously until his entire diaper area was covered in the sweet-smelling snow. Humming a different nursery rhyme, she pulled the diaper up snug as James squirmed against the pressure of being taped into yet another diaper with the horrifying sensation he would be expected to use this one as well.


      He thought he was going to be released from the table when out came the baby lotion. Susan continued to hum as poured a large dollop into her hands and began to knead and massage it into James's chest, arms and legs. Feeling the lotion being applied made his stomach drop. The babyish smell made him blush such a deep red he wished for his face to disappear. Susan's humming only made him more furious. He could now feel the mixture of the baby powder and lotion meshing together in his bottom area, making the entire lower half of my body feel as soft as silk, the softest he could ever recall it feeling.


      He began to kick, overwhelmed by the softness of Susan's hands and the smell of the lotion. I'm not a baby, he kept telling himself as he struggled, desperate to let any of this make him feel happy in any way. Ellen smiled, knowing his inner battle was futile. After all, the moment he came into the house, Ellen knew this was exactly what he wanted.


      Feeling like the embarrassment was over, he was dismayed to see Susan begin to make a stupid flapping gesture with her lips, her knowing eyes looking down at his defenseless tummy. Please, no, he thought to myself, bracing for impact.


      "Hims smells so good!" Susan cooed in the same overly-sweet voice as her face hovered just a hair's breadth from James's tummy. He lay there, anticipating what was to come, before falling into a mess of involuntary giggles and laughter as Susan blew a big wet raspberry on his freshly moisturized skin. "Oh hims likes that!" Susan noticed, looking up at James with a devilish grin before going back in and doing it again and again. James squealed and squirmed, unable to contain himself as her warm breath hissed out over his bellybutton and the vibration of her full red lips sent tremors through every nerve ending they touched. "Oh hims a ticklish baby! Grammy Susan is going to remember this for sure!"


      With each blow against his tummy, his face and body deceived him in the worst way possible. Each raspberry sent him into fits of uncontrollable laughter, a dopey smile on his face and legs kicking that gave the appearance of happiness and joy but contradicted how he was actually feeling. Any amount of work he had put in to show his discomfort and anger was all for nothing, as he had just shown so much glee beyond his will.

      Ellen looked with gentle exasperation at Susan and pulled her away. "Now now, we don't want to get our baby boy too excited. He's all fresh and snug in his new diaper and has a big afternoon ahead of him."


      "That's right," Nancy chirped, unbuckling James and lifting him with ease into the air as she carried him to the closet to pick out a new outfit for him to wear. "Hims is gonna be his grammies' date to the book club where hims is gonna get to meet all of his grammies' friends. Oh hims is gonna be the center of attention. Evewyone's gonna love you, baby waby!"


      Upon being lifted, James couldn't even feel Nancy's hand on his bottom from the combination of the thick disposable diaper and the unbelievably silky smooth skin that was underneath it all. Again, it felt like a cloud was around his lower body, something he hated to admit would possibly make him happy if he was alone at home with all the time in the world to dispose of it. And yet, he cursed himself, unable to believe he was reaching this revelation. It didn't matter because what was happening needed to end.


      James needed to find a way out, but it seemed that the cottony prison around his butt was about to reach around his whole body as they approached the closet. Now, knowing they were on their way out the house into public, he knew whatever he was dressed in would surely only amplify his embarrassment and regressed state.


      Before James could realize what was going on, he was dressed in a dapper sailor suit made for someone his size with nice dress socks and shoes. "Oh, who's our handsome little boy?" Nancy continued to tease him, tireless in her efforts.


      "He certainly is a little gentleman," Ellen said, picking him up with one arm around his backside and one supporting his rear, carrying him over her shoulder downstairs. "Now let's get you buckled up in your car seat and it's off to the bookstore!â€


      Again James felt as if he was bouncing on a cloud with each step taken down the stairs, his thickly powdered, lotioned and diapered rear bouncing off of Ellen's hand. The drive to the bookstore only made him more nervous and excited at the same time, a pit in his stomach forming at the thought of being in public wearing this ridiculous outfit and the idea of maybe, just maybe, finding an escape.


      The excitement of escape though didn't outweigh the nervous and gutsy feeling he had of being seen in his sailor suit, but he had to stay positive, looking out of the window from his car seat. With a sense of a hand slapping him in the face, he came back to reality when he felt the car stop and realized they were in the mall parking lot. Here we go, he thought after taking a huge gulp.


      The minivan door slid open loudly, announcing to James that they had arrived at the mall. At first, he thought he might be so lucky to walk through the store, being able to shuffle on his own feet and hide behind his captors as best he could. "Oh, hold on Nancy," Ellie told her as she began to unbuckle James. "I need to get the stroller ready."


      James felt his heart twinge with fear at the word "stroller". Turning around best he could, he could see some semblance of a large baby-blue stroller being unfolded and rolled over to his side of the van. With an impish smile, Nancy picked him up and patted his bottom as she sat him in the stroller, buckling it tight around him. "Oh hims did so good staying dry on the way to the mall. Now let’s go inside and you can meet all of your grammies' friends!"


      Upon being lowered into the stroller, James could feel the soft cushoiny material of the cashmere-like seat around and under him. At this point, he felt as if his whole body was in a cloud. All he could do was look down at his sailor overalls in complete disgust. Turning his head around, he could then see Nancy, the largest of the three ladies, lifting a huge diaper bag from the back of the car. James could spot Sesame Street designs and a bit of age to it. It had obviously been used years prior to today.

      For a moment amongst their chatter, James contemplated the idea of simply acting like a baby, to hide in plain sight. This thought only put in his head the idea of surrender however and he knew that it wouldn't work in making him feel any better. Instead, it would only anger him further. Reality then smacked him in the face as he felt the momentum of the stroller begin to push forward as the three ladies continued their conversation, glancing ahead at the mall, which for James, for the first time in his life, looked more like a video game boss’s castle, ominous and foreboding.


      Ellen looked at the thin watch around her wrist as they crossed the parking lot. "Oh dear, we got here a little too fast," she noted to Nancy and Susan. "The book club doesn't start for another half-hour."


      "That's okay," Susan replied. "I'm sure our little baby boy is very hungry after emptying himself out. Let's get him something yummy for his tummy!"


      In every moment of silence in their conversation, James felt the need to speak up, but the ladies’ chatter cut his voice short as they talked to each other about how much the mall had changed over the year. Finally, they seemed to have had their heart set on taking James to the Panera restaurant on the other side of the mall, being the closest place to eat near the bookstore.

      It wasn't fun or easy, but after so much baby talk and teasing, James was able to eat his meal. Ellen had bought him a kid's turkey sandwich with a side of macaroni and cheese and a candy cookie for dessert. “For being such a good boy,†Ellen made sure to mention to the cashier when they had ordered.


      During his meal, James made a pretty decent mess, so Nancy, his least favroite of the three, used a baby wipe to clean up the excess food that was on his face still. The wipe's cold feeling was a reminder of what exactly that cloud-like feeling around my butt was - something he worked hard to forget until just now. Ellen got him a small strawberry smoothie on their way out to the club meeting. James imagined this would be the last good thing for a while. He had no idea how right he was…




      The sun had just set as Ellen carried James into the house, patting his diapered bottom. The little boy had had such a long day with Grandma Ellie and her friends at the book club. Nancy and Susan returned home as well, though they swore up and down they would be back first thing tomorrow to pick Ellen up for their gardening club. Ellen thought to bring James as well, but James was a perfect gentleman to all the ladies at the book club, who had fawned and coddled him relentlessly. So many turns of Grandma's friends feeding James and changing his wet and messy pampers had left him plumb tuckered out. The poor dear could use a break, and she had plans already made up for how he would be taken care of. She cooed sweetly to the boy in her arms as they walked silently up the stairs, but the bounce of his bottom in her arms as they went up the staircase, step by step, made James squirm slightly.


      "There there," Ellen cooed in a soft, impossibly gentle voice. "Grandma's gonna tuck you in nice and snug, baby boy. Then you can have lots of sweet dreams until morning."


      Opening the door as quietly as she could, she laid James on the changing table to remove his clothes. She checked his diaper with a quick lift of his front, light as a feather and not weighed down by his wettums in the slightest. Though this gave James rise as his eyes fluttered open. Ellen did hope he would be more cooperative in his drowsy state.


      "Shhhh," she hushed the boy as she lifted his shirt off over her head. "Grandma's just getting you into your jammies. It's night night time for all good baby boys, sweetie."


      In his incredible exhausted state, James felt no urge to resist, completely submissive to feeling Ellen's hands unlocking his diaper. He could feel a dying urge to fight but couldn't find it in him anymore. He simply lay their and listened to the tearing of the tabs and felt her gentle hands feel around to make sure he wasn't wet as he drifted off, mentally and physically exhausted from such a hellish day. He couldn't even process the bizarre circumstances for what they were, He only knew that his butt was tired from the extensive diapering over the past several hour. His bum wasn't used to that kind of extensive pampering.

      As Ellen put him in an embarrassingly adorable teddy bear-shaped sleeper she had been raving about the whole way home, James felt slightly less tired and slightly angrier for being put in yet another babyish outfit, but soon that fight died too, for the fur material lining the inside was as soft as velvet on every part of his skin and he couldn’t help but bet betrayed by his own body as a soft coo escaped from his lips.


      After being lowered into the crib, he felt a bit of a moist kiss on his forehead and a poke on his belly that make me want to yet again crawl in a hole in die. Yet, amongst this exhaustion, he knew this was the time he had to brainstorm of how he'd be awake in time and ready to break out of this crib. Now that he knew how easy it was to escape, he was sure that after getting enough sleep, he would wake up before the elderly lady and escape. James tried to ignore the circumstances for once and drift off with a sense of relief, knowing that soon he would be free…


      Poor James though was far more tired than he had given himself credit for. Even after the sun had begun to peek through the blinds of the nursery, the warmth peering through his windows only made his fuzzy bear sleeper all the more comfortable and soothing, keeping him in a deep sleep well past when he planned to wake up. His eyes did not begin to budge until he felt the soft, wrinkled, but firm hand of Ellen on his shoulder, gently nudging him from the land of lullabies.


      "Rise and shine, Mr. Sleepy Bear," Ellen whispered softly as James awoke. As his eyes opened, he quickly became fussy, as though he did not like the fact that he had to wake up. "Oh, I know sweetie, but I can't just let you sleep all day. Now come on, let's check your pampers."


      Ellen placed James on the table, securing him as she removed the sleeper and checked his diaper. Noticing it was a little wet, she decided to change him, wiping his little parts clean with a few scented baby wipes that she warmed in her hands so they weren't too cold so early in the day. Amongst being changed and through Ellen's banter to him, James felt a sense of frustration that the window of opportunity to try and escape had been missed and a sense of drowsiness from the premature awakening was felt.


      Ellen got another diaper, Huggies this time, and placed it under his bottom. Taking the baby powder next, she sprinkled it thoroughly on his diaper area in preparation for whatever he would end up doing in his diapers today. "Is someone getting his diaper changed? Oh yes, a fresh clean diaper is just what James likes the most. Yeah, he's gonna smell all nice and pretty for when his grammies go out for the day. Oh yes, what a good clean boy you are."


      Ellen tapped up the new diaper and patted his bottom to signal the change was over. "All right then, now, do you want to be Grandma's little helper and pick something to wear? We have to make sure you look so sweet and handsome for your babysitter."


      More embarrassing outfits, great, he thought with a grumpy look on his face.


      Ellen held out an adorable little sleeper, dark green with a tail just above the snapping bottom flap and a hood that had big felt teeth and beady eyes - a dinosaur sleeper! Holding it over James to size it up, even with his pouting face, she was sure this was the one. The babysitter was just going to eat him up looking like this. "Oh yes, oh yes, this will be absolutely perfect! Come on now, let's get you looking oh so sweet and adorable, hm?"


      She laid James back down on the changing table under the sleeper and put his arms and legs through the soft cottony sleeves, zipping him up nice and snug and pulling the hood over his head. "Ooooh, look at the scary wittle baby! He's just the cutest little T-Rex that ever was! Yes he is!"

      Ellen showered him with kisses all over his pudgy cheeks as she firmly wrapped one arm around his back, holding him close and supporting his bottom with her free hand as she hauled James downstairs for breakfast. "Oooh, and I bet my little dinosaur is a hungwy dinosaur! We gotta feed him an ummy-nummy breakfast or else he's gonna start to roar!â€


      James shrugged and felt his teeth clenching tighter with each "rawr" mentioning or every replacing of a "r" with a "w" as she cooed to him. The worst part of it was he could truly feel how cashmere-soft the inside on the sleeper was, juxtaposing the anger and frustration he felt inside with the situation. It was all he could do to not let the soft comfort of the sleeper break down his guard. He shuddered, hoping there would be no recreation of the nightmare that happened yesterday. I swear if I see that mail truck lady again... but the worst part wasn't even over with that; it was what happened at the book club. Just the thought of it made him feel physically ill with shame and horror.


      Just then the doorbell rang. Ellen was a little perturbed, having wanted to feed James before the babysitter arrived, but she was pleasantly surprised to see that it was Nancy and Susan, decked out from head to toe in gardening gear, with thick rubber gloves and big floppy visors to protect from the sun.


      "Oh, Ellen, are we too early?" Nancy said, as Ellen welcomed them in.


      "You're right on time," Ellen noted as she shifted James's weight in her arms. "James, sweetie, can you say good morning to Grandma Nancy and Grandma Susan?"


      "Well hello, baby boy," Susan said, pinching hischeeks. "Off to destroy Tokyo this morning are we, or just your diapies?" she teased James relentlessly.


      "Say hello, James," Ellen asked of him again. "I'm sorry, ladies. He's just the fussiest today. I hope he isn't too much of a handful for Mayra."


      "That's right," Nancy said, looking at James squarely. "Our little man needs to be on his best behavior today. Grammies are going to Grandma Susan's house to help with her with her backyard garden and hims has to be a perfect little gentleman for his babysitter."


      Ellen craned her neck over Susan and Nancy, as she saw a wine-red minivan pulling up the drive. "Oh, and would you look who it is? Come on, let's go and greet her." Ellen again shifted James's weight in her arms as they made their way out of the house. She smiled a little as she watched James hide himself against her shoulder like the shy little boy he was. The book club had not been easy on him, but she wasn't going to relent. James had to get used to being fawned over and coddled and spoiled. She was certain that with enough time and encouragement, James would be a happy, smiling baby boy for all his grammies and all their visitors.


      "Hi, Mayra, thank you for coming on such short notice," Ellen told the woman, a tall Latina woman with her slightly graying hair tied in a bun, dressed in a blue blouse with a white lightweight knitted vest and tan shorts maybe 10 years her junior as she got out of the car. "Come on, baby boy," Ellen encouraged James. "Say hi to Mayra. She's going to be taking care of you today."


      Why can't it stop? James screamed internally. He had almost somewhat in the tiniest fraction of a percentage gotten used to the annoying babying by Ellen, Nancy and Susan, thinking that was the extent of it, but now yet another face would see him in this state. James began to panic, more from anger than anything else. With a last wind of force, he managed to catch Ellen off guard as he wiggled free, managing to land on his feet and not on his diaper, making off slowly towards the sidewalk away from the ladies. That was, until he witnessed something that nearly made him wet his diaper yet again.

      A few yards ahead, were a large congregation of kids James’s age whom he very specially recognized, talking to each other amongst walking towards the bus stop. James felt a cold sweat come upon him. In the shortest time frame possible, endless thoughts went through his mind of them teasing him relentlessly, all of his crushes finding out, teachers making offhanded references and on and on. It felt so painful to have to turn around from his pathway to freedom, but his pride, battered as it was, left him no choice.


      James turned around to see the ladies looking at him before deciding to make a run back towards the house, nuzzling his way in through the cracked-open front door before dashing under the coffee table in Ellen's living room. When no one came for him, he began to get antsy, deciding to get on the couch and peek one eye through the curtains of the nearest window.

      The lady, whose name James had forgotten nor cared about, was smiling and chatting with all three of the ladies. She looked like she wasn’t from here, but talked with ease to them. James quickly found himself giving extra attention to the lady of tan complexion, her hair in a bun gave him scared thoughts and a first impression of her being mean and stern, something he had taken for granted of Ellen and her friends not being. Finally seeing them slowly separate from one another, James jumped and looked for another spot to hide. With luck, maybe this lady would forget to lock the door out of the distraction of finding him. He had to be on his game now.


      The babysitter, Mayra, waved goodbye to Ellen and the ladies as they pulled out of the driveway. Closing the door, but not locking it, Mayra stepped into the living room. As she looked around, the big green tail sticking out from behind the credenza foiled whatever hiding James was trying to do. Certain that he wasn't going to be going anywhere like that, Mayra went to the kitchen and helped herself to a cup of coffee as she sat down at the kitchen table and watched James intently. She knew very well he could stay there for long, but she decided she would wait until he realized it.


      It wasn't long, as she was about halfway through her coffee when the little tail began to sway as James ducked out into the open. He looked shell-shocked, as though he had expected that as soon as she closed the door he would be bombarded with affection and attention. Mayra knew that some of the boys Ellen watched relished in that kind of behavior, but James was one of those who still valued his independence and clung to his freedom like the ladies expected him to cling to a baby blanket - for dear life and no matter how little hope there was. These boys couldn't just be willed into enjoying being a baby again. Conditioning was required, and that's why Ellen always hired Mayra for cases like James, because she knew like no other how to get the most stubborn boys to come out of their shell.


      James stared into Mayra's olive complexion and subtle wrinkled features as she drank her coffee peacefully, reading through the list Ellen handed her outside. It wasn't until she glanced over at him that he almost fell onto his butt out of shock. S- she knew I was here this whole time? I thought in misery. James looked away and tried to crawl behind the couch, but couldn't manage to fit between the space. Ignoring her words of welcome, James frantically knew he had to get away from her, lest she pick him up, so that the same torture would ensure again and again.

      After thirty seconds passed, scotching further back thinking he was out of sight, James saw her stand up and walk towards him and kneel down on his level. Before she could speak, he made a desperate dash, waddling in his dino suit towards the basement again. Oh great, awesome memories down here, he thought. To his shock, he didn't feel or sense footsteps behind him.


      Still, James struggled to make my way down the stairs at a quick pace, feeling weighed down by the annoying bulkiness of the diaper and dinosaur tail of this stupid outfit Grandma... Ellen dressed him in.



      Posted October 20, 2014 


      James sat on the floor behind the stairs, out of sight from the doorway, sitting on this cloud-like cushioning from under his sleeper. He sat feeling hopeless and defeated. James then began to wander around the room, running his hand across old relic-like trinkets and looking at dusty photos. There were some old toys in a corner, some were Fisher-Price toys that looked like they were from around the time he was a kid, or even before he was born. Old stacked photo albums of families whom James didn't know depicted people at the beach, one picture of a kid running on the beach in a diaper being chased by his mother. It was almost as if life itself wanted to remind him of his current place.

      Among pacing and moping, hours passed and thoughts that James didn't understand started to surface in his mind. Why couldn't he take his eyes off Mayra? What was it about her? How come he kept going back to that photo of that kid laughing on the beach, running around in just his diaper? James had never played with such toys in his life, but somehow they struck some weird neutral chord in his soul.


      After ten minutes of dazing at the patterns on the arm of his sleeper, realizing there was no "secret doorway" that led into the backyard or anything of that nature, the increasing grumbles in his stomach became deafening. James couldn't take the pain anymore; something had to give. It has been since the book club meeting that James had his last meal. Sitting on the dusty basement floor, he began toying with the idea that Mayra might be locked into some TV show or doing something that didn't concern him. Maybe, just maybe, I could find a way to sneak into the kitchen and grab some kind of food to sneak down here... I mean, she must have not seen me come down here or else she surely would have quickly come down right?


      James turned an eye to a light coming from underneath the door to the upstairs area and let out a large sigh, attempting to build up courage to go back to the ground floor.


      From what Ellen had told Mayra prior to leaving, Mayra knew James was a fussy one, but that he didn't entirely hate how he was being treated. Though he had retreated to the basement for an hour or so, Mayra smiled as she sat in Ellen's easy chair, a book in her lap. She marked the page and closed it softly, placing the time-occupier on a nearby table as she looked at James, peeking out to see if Mayra was still there. "Hola, pequeño," Mayra cooed softly, but not making any attempt to approach him. "Is your tummy all kinds of rumbly?"


      James pulled the door closed a little bit, but not all the way. It seemed he was afraid Mayra was going to come after him, but instead Mayra went to the kitchen and took out a can of oatmeal, preparing it on the stove while she cut up a banana to go in with the mush. "Come here, pequeño. Let's get some yummy food in you and make the rumblies go away. Would you like that?"


      James watched as Mayra fiddled with the radio until he heard a bunch of commercials, with people talking very fast and in Spanish. Those radio commercials segued into what I was very danceable-type of music he remembered hearing in a Mexican restaurant one time. Going over to the kitchen, James watched her faintly humming the words of the song to herself as she began cutting up a banana and stirring a pot. There was a stern look of intense concentration on her face as she looked down to cut the fruit, her view obscured by her slightly large breasts beneath her blue blouse. Who was this lady? James thought to himself while at the same time fiddling and fascinated with the patterns on my sleeper... that he absolutely hated and wanted off of him.

      Yet again, James was hurled back into reality as Mayra turned to him and squatted down to his level. "Don't you wanna get food in your wittle belly, pequeño?" she asked, again causing him to move back, but not as much as before. James turned his head away, trying to hide the warming sensation on his cheeks that he knew were there, but was it anger still, or something else? Knowing that something had to give, that food was absolutely vital to giving him the strength to get out of there, it gave him some strength to walk forth towards Mayra.


      James looked up at the table, trying not to make eye contact, but to - what shouldn't have been - his surprise, he followed her around the other side to be greeted by a large wooden high chair, already with the latch up.


      Mayra looked at James amusingly as he stared up at the high chair and back at her, over and over. "Yes, pequeño, that is where you sit. Señorita Mayra would not want you to fall off while you bounce around at the table." She gave James a moment to get into the highchair, but quickly noticed that he seemed bewildered by it more than anything else. Squatting down to meet his eye level, Mayra smiled and gently tousled his hair. "Can't get up, pequeño? Let me help you with that."


      Mayra grabbed James by the armpits and gently lifted him up, chuckling a little about how big he was for a baby and sat him down on the hard wooden seat. James didn't feel gravity fighting his lift-off of the ground when Mayra grabbed James by the armpits and gently lifted him up, chuckling a little about how big he was for a baby and sat him down on the hard wooden seat. His feet gave no fight to staying planted on the ground before finally snapping back to the miserable reality that he was in a high chair, shuddering over the memory of embarrassing photos his mother used to show him of when he was a baby, carrot flavored baby food all over his hands and face, wearing a blissful smile.


      She latched the tray in place, making sure to watch out for his little hands so they didn't get caught or pinch as she locked it into place and pulled a kitchen chair around in front of him, holding the bowl of warm mushy oatmeal in her lap with a spoon shaped like a choo-choo train that looked to be older than James was by a few decades.


      James could feel Mayra rustle his hair after being planted in the high chair seat. Her long peach colored nails stroking through his hair gave him mixed feelings. It had begun to dawn on him, he was feeling something he couldn't explain other than it wasn't the same kind absolute terror he had felt over the last day of being stuck in this house; a diapering, pampering prison.


      "Now I know my pequeño is quite a big boy, but Señorita Mayra doesn't exactly know how big? Does him want to feed himself while I watch or does him want to be fed until he's nice and full?"


      Mayra smiled a little, noticing James was warming up to her so much faster than she anticipated. Seeing James looking away from her after asking if he wanted to feed himself, being given the opportunity to be a big boy and decline the offer, made Mayra all the happier. Whatever James said or how he fussed, she knew what he wanted, deep down in his heart of hearts, was the tender love and affection that only a baby could so openly and happily receive.


      Mayra put the bowl of oatmeal with banana slices on the tray. Knowing how little ones didn't always like the taste of oatmeal, she swirled in some brown sugar to make it sweet for the little boy. Dipping the choo-choo train spoon into the mixture, she took out a healthy serving and swirled it around in front of him. "Choo-choo," she imitated the sound a train makes, softly and lovingly. "Choo-choo, pequeño. The train is heading your way with a big delivery of yummies for your tummy. Can you open up the tunnel and let it through?"


      She chugga-chugga'd and choo-choo'd bring the train closer to James's lips, never once giving the impression she was forcing it upon him. She would keep doing this until James opened his mouth of his own accord, which she had a feeling would not be all that long.


      Sitting in the high chair, James could feel his legs dangling even higher off the ground, aided by the extra boost of the thick Huggies and fabric of the dinosaur onesie. His mind fluttered back to the picture of the kid on the beach wearing the diaper, a huge smile across his face and being chased by a lady amidst laughter that may or may have not have been his mom. It struck a faint chord within his memory, walking next to my mom in the grocery store and seeing pictures on bags of diapers, of babies smiling with their mothers, happy in the background, looking down at their diapered troublemakers.


      He remembered seeing Pampers commercials and feeling the same feelings he was feeling right now. What was going on? Why was it a sense of curiosity he was feeling now? He tried and tried to shake his head free of confusion and refocus his thoughts on what was important, getting out of there, getting rid of the diaper somehow before getting home, hoping not to be seen by people in the neighborhood or, even worse, his mother.

      But then looking ahead of him was Mayra, whose slightly older features were washed out by her… beauty. He gulped as she walked closer to him, with a huge smile and a beautiful chest. Salsa music played next to the cutting board behind her and he couldn't help but fight these new feelings that he was just starting to experience.

      Mayra then said again, amongst her glee, "Choo-choo, pequeño.†which caused James to look away, trying to avoid looking at her face that was begging to wear down on something inside of him that he couldn't quite put a finger on. After relenting and turning his face towards her, he saw the spoon still suspended in mid air, right in front of his face. At this point, his stomach was practically begging him to stop being stubborn and to accept what he needed in this very moment, despite the circumstances.

      James pulled his hand from under the latch of the high chair and felt Mayra gently let go of the spoon into his hand. Immediately, James took a massive intake of the oatmeal. Instantly, he began to feel his stomach filling with what felt like miracle matter, sending endorphins all through my body and wanting more instantly. Caught up in the moment, he completely forgot about the thick diaper hugging his rear, the soft fur of the dinosaur onesie teasing his skin with its softness, and this strange-speaking lady making him breakfast and baby-talking me. She rustled his hair again as he devoured the food in a desperate manner, not even taking time to enjoy it for what it was, but for the fact that it made him feel so good and nurtured.


      "Ay, despacio," Mayra laughed as James surprised her, gobbling down every spoonful of oatmeal that he could get his mouth on. She tried to keep him clean, but James had turned into the voracious dinosaur he was so appropriately dressed up as, messily taking each spoonful and getting oatmeal all over his slightly pudgy cheeks. "It's not going to disappear, pequeño."


      James seemed to have no conscious sense to slow down, but Mayra was not about to scold him for it. On the contrary, it warmed her heart to see the little boy so happy enjoying his breakfast. In and out the spoon went from his mouth as the contents of the bowl began to disappear. James hadn't lost any steam by the time the bowl was empty, so she planned to set him loose in the living room when they were done. Noticing how messy his face was, Mayra fetched a clean dishtowel from one of the kitchen drawers and ran it under some lukewarm water from the tap while James began to fuss, wanting up and out.


      "Patience, mi amor," she cooed softly as she gently wipes his fac

    2. Pierry Louys
  11. Splinter

    Story from Epilog and Chapters 1 & 2: Splinter Prologue “Splinter threatens more attacks on government buildings,” Tessa read as she browsed through news headings. If only she could go out there and do her job still, there wouldn’t be a “Splinter” or any other terrorists. Unfortunately, at 104 she wasn’t in much condition to take a terrorist cell down from the inside, or the outside. They probably wouldn’t let her in even if she did have the strength to walk. She slowly raised her glass of tea to take a sip. Memories would have to be just that, she supposed, unless someone invented a way to reverse her age in the next few years. Her thoughts were interrupted by a knocking sound from the door. Strange, she thought, seeing as she hadn’t had a visitor in years. All of her friends and colleagues had long since died, as had her parents, and she never did have any kids. Slowly, she directed her hover chair towards the door. “Identification: Unknown names, count: two,” An automated voice said as she reached the door. Even stranger, to have an unregistered in twenty second century, let alone two of them. Members of Splinter were probably unregistered, though they had no reason to visit her; not anymore. “Open” she said, more curious about these people than anything else. If they were from Splinter then it’s unlikely a door would stop them anyways. Instead of radical anarchists, however, a man and a woman in well-kept black suits stared blankly at her from outside. “Am I speaking to former S.I.P.A.W. Agent Lutessa Anelisse DuClaire?” the man at the front of the group asked in a monotonous tone. Tessa nodded “Going to recite all of secret identities too while you’re at it? Just Tessa is fine, I don’t need special titles anymore. I’m retired, remember?” “We’re here to ask you out of retirement actually,” the man answered “You’re uniquely qualified to deal with a certain situation.” Tessa blinked “You have a situation that requires an old woman who needs a hover chair to get around? Because thst’s what I am right now, as much as I miss my golden days.” He continued staring at her as he spoke, almost like an android. Maybe he was an android. It was hard to be sure these days. “In a sense, yes. We actually need someone who was alive in the year 2017. According to our records, you would have been ten years old which, while not ideal, is is the best option we have.” Tessa took another sip from her glass of tea. “I guess I’ll need the briefing on why, exactly, my ten year old self is relevant.” The man frowned “For all your successes I suppose I would have expected something a little different. I’ll chalk it up to the fact that you’ve been retired for fourty years. The question, regardless of how it was asked, is valid. In recent years, S.I.P.A.W. has been experimenting with the concept of time travel. We created a successful prototype about five years ago, which sends a person’s consciousness into a past version of themselves. It had some practical use, but required far too much power to have much practical use. Unfortunately, the blueprints were stolen by Splinter. I trust you still pay attention to the news?” “You mean the news about them threatening to attack government buildings? Because I think I missed I missed the part about time travel.” “The specific details are not public knowledge, but it is good that you are familiar with at least the basic details of the situation. As I said, the device requires a lot of power, but our counter efforts have revealed they have the resources to send one person back to 2017; a person whom they refer to as ‘Rathalon’. We believe it to be a code name. Our mission for you, if you are willing to come out of retirement, is to stop Rathalon. We won’t be able to send any tools with you save for your knowledge and experience, but based on your reputation we have high hopes that will be enough.” Tessa could hardly believe what she was hearing. Until now she had believed time travel to be virtually impossible in any form. If they weren’t leaving anything out this would be a second chance at life, and a chance to do something useful again. “I accept,” she answered, doing her best to maintain composure. She was, after all, talking to government agents. Chapter 1: A New Life Tessa’s eyes fluttered open and she looked around the room. It was eerily familiar, even after all these years. The device had worked, it seemed. She raised a hand up to her face and inspected the smooth, almost glistening skin. She realized she felt almost freel the coil of her old age lifted from her shoulders, or rather her entire body. She still lacked the strength she had during her time with S.I.P.A.W., albeit for the opposite reason, but strength was never her greatest virtue anyways. After a few moments it finally occurred to her that she could stand. Slowly, she climbed out of bed and balanced herself on her legs. It felt strange, after having been hover chair bound for nine years, but the muscle memory was there at least. She took a few steps towards the window, mostly for practice, and looked out. The design of the area seemed quaint to her, until she remembered that this was, by 2017 standards, a fairly modern neighborhood. As she took in her new environment, questions started to race through her mind. What month was it anyways? Was Ryan still alive? Why did her pants feel wet? The last one, at least, was easily answered when she remembered that she was a bed wetter until puberty. The thought made her chuckle slightly. A bedwetting ten year old with a room full of plush ponies and dolls was the person entrusted with the fate of the future. Of course, S.I.P.A.W. didn’t have much choice in the matter, but it was funny all the same. After a few moments she came to her senses and quickly changed out of her diaper and nightgown and into a dress with a picture of a cartoon princess on it. Even that was strangely exciting, after relying on a robotic caretaker for so long. Still, it was doubtful Rathalon was sitting around laughing at his past self, so she headed downstairs. “Well someone is up early” a voice called from the living room on her way down. She froze for a second, before realizing that it was the voice of her mother. “I guess I just felt like doing something different today.” she responded as she made her way towards the kitchen. There was, of course, another big question to answer as well. Where is Rathalon? She had no drivers liscense, or any real rights of any kind for that matter, and he could be anywhere on the planet. She grabbed a pack of pop tarts as she started to think through the possibilities. He would have to young, possibly younger than she was considering Splinter was mostly comprised of young people. It was doubtful they had many options for a person who was alive in 2017. Why 2017 anyways? Clearly they had some reason, some plan they hoped to accomplish here. That, she supposed, was her first objective; figuring out why Rathalon was here. An assassination possibly, or several for that matter. What one person’s death would cause the world to fall into anarchy though? Her thoughts were interrupted once again by her mother’s voice. “You know you still have half an hour before you have to get ready for school don’t you?” she asked, seemingly confused. Tessa turned around to see her standing in a doorway. “I was just grabbing breakfast. Preemptive strike.” “And you’re dressed. What happened to the girl who who hates waking up before noon?” her mother responded with a chuckle. She realized she might have a bit more trouble than she thought posing as her ten year-old self. “I guess my sense of time is a bit off today.” she said before shoving the rest of her pop tart into her mouth. She also realized this meant it was a weekday, so at least that part was narrowed down. She considered asking her mom about the date, but decided against it. No reason to draw even more attention to herself. She’d figure it out eventually. She spent the rest of the morning walking around the house. Walking was never something she had particularly enjoyed before, but she had never spent nine years without the ability to walk before either. She eventually tracked down the family calendar, which was turned to September. Ryan died on the first day of October, so he was still alive. S.I.P.A.W. never did say she couldn’t make a few changes of her own to the timeline. She started to head up stairs with the intention of taking stock of her belongings when she once again heard her mother calling from the living room. “Alright Tessa, it’s time to go.” Rathalon wouldn’t wait for her to retake fifth grade either. Then again, would he? She had already established that he was probably stuck as a child just like she was. A time traveling terrorist in elementary school. Another funny thought about this whole situation, if it was actually the case. The drive to school seemed strange, mainly because of the car itself. Gas powered and land bound cars had both been out of regular use for almost fifty years in her time. Still, it gave her an opportunity to refamiliarize herself with the time period. It was certainly less pristine than she remembered, but memories always tended to glorify the distant past. Many of the technological convieniences she had grown accustomed to were noticeably missing, but that she could deal with. At least she could walk. They eventually pulled up at her school, a small private school that was probably operating from a one hundred year old building. Two hundred years old for her, though she was the only one aware that it wouldn’t be standing that long. She walked inside and tried to remember where her classroom was. Upstairs probably, or was that fourth grade? “Hey Tessa,” a voice said from behind her. She quickly spun around, assuming a fighting stance before putting her fists down. “Oh, Ryan, hi,” she responded as she looked him over. He seemed surprisingly calm for someone who was going to die next month. He had no way of knowing that of course. Besides, this time around could be different. He gave her a concerned look. “You okay? You look like you’re a hundred miles away.” “More like a hundred years in the past,” she said jokingly “I’m fine though. Just tired. I actually had to wake up in the morning. It’s ridiculous.” He nodded “I’ll second that. We should probably head to class though. I heard a rumor that Miss. Vaughn ate a late student once.” She nodded and followed him. On the way she noticed some sort of poem written in large letters and hung on the wall. Strange that she didn’t remember it being there before, but then again, it had been quite a while. Four little girls went down to a play Three went home, and one met a delay Two of them realized they liked it enough They decided to go back there again next month One who didn’t was left all alone She slipped and fell and was buried at home One who was there missed her friend on the road Yet all three were there when the play was later showed They decided it was time to make a new script They argued and fought and one fell down a pit Two little girls went home on a ride One fell off the horse and was trampled and died In the end, when the curtain was closed None were left, they were all decomposed - Ira Alan “Has that always been there?” Tessa asked while trying to discern the vague image behind it. Ryan took a brief look at it and nodded. “You asked that last week. I think it’s new this year. Cheery isn’t it?” He was probably right. Maybe it didn’t stay up that long. It was’t exactly then kind of thing people put in schools, especially in the early twentieth century. As she walked into the classroom she looked around. At least this part looked pretty much like she remembered. She took a seat next to Ryan and pulled out her books. At least this would be easy. Annoying, but easy. She sat through an hour or so of lessons before the girl behind her slipped a note into her hand. She pocketed it, assuming it was just some childish nonsense. If it was something important they’d say it to her face later. After another hour of listening to Miss. Vaughn drone on about simple math and science that be would debunked within her lifetime, curiosity got the better of her and she quickly unfolded the note. “Tessa. We need to talk at lunch. It’s about Splinter. Henry.” She stared at it. Had Rathalon been more open than she had anticipated. Even if he had, how would anyone know who she was? Unless S.I.P.A.W. found another retired agent to send back. They said they could only spare enough power for one use though. “Tessa, Is that a note?” a stern voice interrupted her. Tessa immediately started tearing up the small sheet of paper. If it was read to the class it could compromise her identity. Both of their identities. “Obviously something you don’t want me to see either.” Tessa nodded. “Sorry, we’re planning something for Christmas. It’s a surprise, so, you know, we can’t have everyone finding out.” She stood up and put the torn scraps of paper into the trash, just to be sure. The rest of the morning went by uneventfully. She was distracted, and she knew that was obvious. Luckily she didn’t have to pay attention this time around. If Henry, who she assumed was Henry Jensen unless she had forgotten about someone, had any information on Splinter then that would change everything. Right now she knew nothing other than a code name, and it was unlikely that Rathalon was still using that name. After what seemed like an eternity, they were dismissed for lunch. She tried to follow the crowd out as quickly as she could, before she felt a hand on her shoulder. She spun around. “Can I talk to you for a second, Tessa.” Miss. Vaughn said. “I feel like I haven’t eaten in a year,” she replied as she tried to keep following the crowd out of the room. “This will just take a second. You aren’t in trouble,” Miss. Vaughn said insistently. Tessa turned around. Henry would still be there in a couple minutes she supposed, but it was still annoying. “Go ahead.” Miss. Vaughn put a hand on her shoulder again. “It’s just that you’ve seemed distracted today, but you also seemed to suddenly understand everything. Based on today I’d honestly think you’re some sort of prodigy.” Tessa nodded “Weird day today I guess. Planning for Christmas and all, combined with a lot of studying last night. Now if you don’t mind I really need to go.” Miss. Vaughn nodded. “Go on then, I just wanted to know if something was going on. You seemed different today.” Tessa hurried to catch up with everyone. She remembered where the lunch room was at least. When she got there, she was surprised to see everyone standing in a circle in the center of the room. As she got closer, Ryan broke out of the circle and walked up to her “One of the roof pannels fell off and hit Henry Jensen, if you’re wondering what the excitement is about.” “Is he alright. He needed to talk to me about something today.” Tessa asked. This hadn’t happened previously. The roof panel hadn’t even fallen off at all. Ryan shook his head. “Well, he’s unconscious, but he’s still breathing. There’s an ambulance coming.” It sounded like an accident, but it seemed too coincidental. Rathalon had to be here, somewhere. It narrowed down the search at least, but it also meant she’d have to be very careful. Ryan pulled his phone out of his pocket. “Guess we should text our parents. School is probably cancelled for the day.” as the phone switched on, Tessa saw the date and froze. September 29th. The last day of the month. This Sunday, two days from now, was the day it happened. This Sunday, Ryan Conrad died. Chapter 2: Changing Times Tessa paced around her room as she thought. It was Saturday afternoon and she still hadn’t come up with a plan. Her mother was conveniently “busy”, which ruled out any form of transportation on her end. Unless she just hopped in a car and drove herself, which had the risk of the police spotting her and ruining any plan involving that. Then there was the issue of her parents. They’d watch her closely after she tried that, far too closely to deal with Rathalon effectively. No, she had to find another solution. Ryan couldn’t do much about it. Even he’d never believe the time travel story, and she’d never talk him into sabotaging his mother’s car otherwise. Unless she could talk him into changing events without realizing what he was doing. That idea would work if she could put some specifics to it. She couldn’t though. She couldn’t fool him with something like that. Another plan then. She stopped in her tracks. Natalia. She knew Natalia then, not well maybe, but well enough to ask a favor. Whether she’d listen was another question, but it was worth a try. She looked around for a few seconds before finding her phone on the bedstand. She didn’t remember the passcode, but she didn’t need it. Her fingerprint was still the same, and that was all it took. Natalia Everett was even in her contact list. Good, she didn’t have to figure out her number. “Hey Natalia,” she sent in a text. She couldn’t even remember asking Natalia for a favor in the previous version of her life. She was always happy just being able to refer to a billionare’s daughter as her “friend”. They were more like cordial acquaintances in truth, but she was out of options. She waited anxiously for several minutes, wondering if Natalia would see it fit to respond today, before a familiar ding answered that question. “Kinda busy. What’s up?” The response read. She responded, so that was a good sign. “I really need to get to a friend’s house but my mom is busy. Think you could get your parents to send me a ride?” Tessa responded with shaking hands. If Natalia said no, she’d need another plan, but it already took her this long to come up with one. She heard another ding and once again looked at her phone. “You people ALWAYS want something. Do I have a sign on my back that says ‘Natalia Everett Charity Foundation’ or something? Sheesh.” Tessa groaned and put the phone away. She could try negotiating, but she knew she’d have better luck asking a 2017 car to drive on its own. Another plan then, if she could think of one. She had to. She couldn’t let her best friend die twice. Several minutes of anxious pacing went by before her thoughts were interrupted by a loud whirring noise from outside. She met her mother half-way down the stairs and stopped. “Any idea why an Everett Energy helicopter is in our backyard, Tessa?” her mother asked. Tessa blinked “I guess? I mean, I asked Natalia for a ride to Ryan’s place, but I thought she gave me a pretty resounding no.” Her mother shrugged. “I never quite understood that girl. You’d better get moving I guess. Have fun!” Tessa ran outside toward the helicopter. A blonde girl wearing a dress, which Tessa figured cost more than most cars did, waved from a seat in the back. “Finally!” Natalia yelled over the noise of the helicopter as Tessa got closer “I was starting to think you changed your mind!” Tessa took the remaining seat and shook her head “I just thought your last message was a pretty solid no. What happened to being busy?” Natalia rolled her eyes “Busy with some super boring friends of my parents who didn’t really care if I was there, and I never said no. You make too many assumptions.” “Well, thanks, I appreciate it,” Tessa said before giving directions to Ryan’s house and getting lost in thought again. Now she just needed a plan to stop him from going to a dentist appointment tomorrow. Or just stop his mother from stopping at the bank on the way home. At least she had options now. “Tessa, you just going to sit here in amazement or what?” Natalia yelled over the din of the helicopter. Tessa looked around and realized they were already at Ryan’s house. She quickly hopped out and landed on the grass. To her surprise, Natalia climbed out after her. “Well thanks for letting us out over the dirt you idiot!” she called to the pilot as the helicopter flew away. “You’re staying?” Tessa asked once the noise faded. Natalia scoffed. “Well yeah, of course I’m staying. You think I’d go back and spend more time with my parents’ friends? Come on, I want to meet your friend.” She ran towards the porch without giving Tessa a chance to respond. Tessa followed and caught up at the door. She figured it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Another difference in how things happened here could only help her situation. Ryan swung the door open and looked out at them. “Well, someone is traveling in style, huh Tessa.” “Eww, Tessa, you didn’t tell me your friend was a boy. I’m not vaccinated for cooties.” Natalia said with a grimace. Tessa sighed “Natalia, this is Ryan, my best friend since kindergarten. Ryan, this is Natalia Everett.” Ryan shrugged. “Tessa cured me years ago. Hi Natalia. You two going to come in?” Tessa and Natalia stepped through the door. The house was smaller than Tessa remembered, but then again, so was her own. “So, what came up that you needed a helicopter ride to come see me? I mean, I get it, but it’s still a first. I didn’t even know you two were close,” Ryan said. Tessa looked around for a few seconds and started to speak, only to be interrupted by Natalia. “So, what do you peasants eat, bugs?” Ryan laughed, and Natalia rolled her eyes. “That wasn’t a joke. I need to know if I should request the delivery of something more suitable.” “We aren’t exactly peasants, and no, we don’t eat bugs.” Tessa said before turning back to Ryan “I wanted to ask you about yesterday’s homework.” “You got a helicopter ride from the richest person in the city to ask about homework?” Ryan asked with an exaggerated tilt of his head “What happened to your phone? Or to not doing friday’s homework until Sunday night for that matter?” “Well, and I just wanted to come over for a bit.” Tessa replied as Natalia strutted into a nearby room. Tessa watched her for a few seconds before turning back to Ryan. “So, what are you doing tomorrow?” She knew the answer of course, probably better than he did, but she also knew that would be hard to explain. He chucked. ”Fun stuff, like a dentist appointment.” He adjusted his glasses and continued “Oh, there was something I wanted to show you.” Tessa absentmindedly wrapped a few strands of hair around her finger. “Let’s see it then.” Ryan ran towards his room while she was halfway through her response, and she followed after him. Once there he immediately clicked a desktop icon on his computer. “So what’s this about anyways?” Tessa asked. She realized it might be harder than she thought to try to change events, but at least she still had a little time. “You’ll see,” he said with an excited grin. “Remember those programming lessons I was taking in the summer?” Tessa nodded, although she only vaguely remembered them. A screen with the words “Loading” written in large, blocky letters appeared on his computer. He stared intently at them. “Any time now.” Tessa took advantage of the wait to look around. The room was a bit of a maze, which she couldn’t really blame him for. She hadn’t exactly been any better organized at that age either. She still hadn’t gotten around to cleaning her room since traveling back. The entire south wall was covered in drawings, aliens if she had to guess. Most of them were depicted fighting a little girl who looked suspiciously like herself, aside from the gun. “Is that me carrying a machine gun?” she asked, pointing at the drawings. “You haven’t seen those before?” he said, still watching the computer intently, “That’s Anelisse, and it’s a laser machine gun.” “Anelisse is my middle name. And laser weapons are relatively small, since they rely on energy rather than matter to function,” she said, before rembering that it was 2017 and laser weapons only existed in fiction. “I mean I’d think anyways. It would make sense.” He laughed “Well, I’ll shrink her unrealistic laser machine gun in the next update then. Aha! Speaking of which, behold!” Tessa turned back to the screen and looked at a digital image of a young girl she assumed as Anelisse, wearing a pink flowery dress and holding the same weapon she had wielded in Ryan’s drawing. Her long auburn hair flowed around her shoulders, adorned with several pink and purple bows. Next to the picture the word “Play” was written in blocky letters. “I’m afraid the graphics aren’t as good in the game itself,” he said after giving her a few seconds to look. “Well, the resemblance is uncanny in that picture,” she noted as she walked towards the chair. Ryan stepped back to let her sit down “Feel free to give it try, well what I have. It’s kinda small still.” She sat down and clicked play. She hoped he was right and she’d be able to get back to saving his life soon. Still, the idea intrigued her. She never knew he had gotten this far in computer programming before. After another loading screen, she found herself looking at a two dimensional map, with a somewhat pixelated version of herself, or “Anelisse” as the game called her, at its center. She pressed the up arrow and Anelisse ran up the street a bit, where several pixelated aliens similar to those seen in the drawings started firing red laser guns at Anelisse. They didn’t look like real laser weapons either, but she decided to forgive that seeing as he had no way of knowing what they would look like. After a few seconds of mashing buttons, she finally tried clicking on the aliens, which caused Anelisse to release a barrage of pink lasers in their direction. A few hits on each caused them to explode into glitter, and she looked up at Ryan. “So I’m fighting aliens using a glitter laser machine gun?” “Well what else would you fight aliens with?” he replied. She turned back to the game and continued up the street, gliterizing several more groups of aliens as she went. It was simple even by 2017 standards, and far more so compared to the virtual entertainment of her time period, but it was strangely relaxing. Maybe that could be the solution to her present problem. She may not have had a glitter laser, but she had enough training with S.I.P.A.W. to stop a single gunman at a bank. She didn’t need a complex plan, she just needed to be there. MAs Anelisse approached a larger alien holding a weapon similar to her own, although with darker colors, a large red bar appeared on the top of her screen. At the same time, Natalia walked through the door. “So, you two just decided to ditch me?” “You wandered off first,” Ryan said with a shrug “Tessa is fighting the final boss of a video game I made. You can try it after she finishes if you want.” Natalia looked at the computer screen “Looks dumb.” “Your loss.” Ryan replied. “I didn’t say I wouldn’t try it. I just said it looks dumb.” Natalia said with a glare. Tessa was too focused on the game to get into the conversation. The red bar seemed to be going down each time she hit the alien. Another red bar, this one on the bottom of the screen,seemed to be going down when she was hit. Logically, it made sense that the red bar on the top was a measurement of the alien’s health while the red bar on the bottom was a measurement of her own. If her assumption was correct, then she seemed to be winning. Once the top red bar was gone, the large alien exploded into sparkles and a message “You have been beamed aboard the alien mothership” appeared on the screen before she was returned to the picture of “Anelisse”. She stood up and looked at Ryan “So, does that mean I lost?” “No, you did fine. That just means I haven’t made the next level yet. As I said, small,” he said with a short laugh. “Your turn Natalia.” Tessa decided to stay and watch Natalia’s play through. She doubted she’d come up with a better option for saving Ryan, and it would seem odd if she just left the room now. Besides, she had to admit she was a bit curious about how this would go. She was surprised to note that Natalia actually figured it out faster than she did, although not by much. “Is it okay if I sleep over tonight?” she asked while she waited for Natalia to fight through the aliens. “Um, I’d have to check with my mom but it’s probably okay if you don’t mind sitting in the waiting room at the dentist,” Ryan said while keeping his eyes fixed on Natalia’s alien resistance efforts. Tessa nodded. She hadn’t packed for this, but she had slept on far more strenuous circumstances than simply not having her pajamas for a day, so that didn’t concern her. She wore a lot of her favorite clothes for several days in a row as a child, so that wouldn’t be an issue either. Besides, she was about the same size as Ryan, so if something came up she could always borrow from him. There was, of course, the bedwetting issue. Unfortunately, that was a physical issue with the development of her bladder, so there wasn’t a lot she could do about it except wait. Well, that and keep wearing those diapers at night in the mean time. What were they called again? Goodnites or something? Not like the name mattered, she still didn’t have them with her. Tessa’s thoughts were interrupted by Natalia “Is that it? There isn’t more to it?” “I’m still working on it. That’s just the first level.” Ryan said. “Well I hope so. Why does the main character look like Tessa? How would Tessa even afford a sparkle gun? Those things are like a million dollars each.” Natalia responded while crossing her arms. Ryan shrugged. “Tessa’s been my best friend since kindergarten. Today was the first day I talked to you. I’ll try and get you in somewhere though.” Natalia didn’t respond. “We’re having a sleep over if it’s okay with Ryan’s mom, so don’t worry about waiting for us,” Tessa said in an attempt to break the silence. Natalia glared. “I’m not waiting for you. I’m staying. Unless you want to kick me out and make me tell my parents.” “No one’s forcing you to leave,” Tessa replied “I just didn’t think you’d want to.” Natalia pulled a brush out of one of her dress pockets and ran it through her hair. “Like I’d wanna go back home and listen to boring people be boring. Not like you two are much better right now. I mean seriously, are we just going to stand around until we go to bed.” Ryan smirked. “Well, I found this show on Netflix I wanted to see. You’ll like it, maybe, I dunno. I haven’t watched it yet. Come on!” They ended up watching the entire first season, which was all of six episodes. Tessa guessed she would have found it rather boring as an actual ten year-old, but she had to admire the irony in the little girl who could see the future. Not to mention the fact that all those people had been placed in 2004 by the future. Tessa was glad she knew who she was supposed to stop, or at least that it was a who. Once the show finished, Tessa noticed that Natalia had fallen asleep. “I guess we don’t need to worry about who gets which couch then,” she remarked. Ryan nodded. “I was worried she’d try to kick me out of my bed. You still don’t mind the couch do you?” Tessa shrugged. “I’ve slept in worse places. Like, the floor.” She decided not to mention that she meant the floor of an African Empire prison. "Oh, I don’t suppose you can reprise you role from kindergarten as my supplier? I kinda forgot to pack today.” “My mom quit her job in the nursery two years ago, so my source is gone. Sorry,” Ryan said. “Guess I’ll just hope for the best then tonight,” she responded as she headed towards the kitchen to grab some paper towels. It wasn’t the best solution, but it was the best she had. Once she finished stuffing paper towels into her underwear she made her way to the couch. She realized she felt a bit light headed, probably from staring at the TV for so long. A drink would probably be a very bad idea right now, she figured, so she decided to just see how she felt in the morning. She awoke the next day and quickly realized she was the only person still asleep. So much for her training to awaken at the first sign of movement. She supposed that must have been mostly muscle memory. Not that it mattered, they hadn’t left without her at least. She ran to the bathroom and removed the damp paper towels. They had at least managed to spare Ryan’s couch, and the wet spot on her underwear would dry off soon enough. The light-headedness had gone away. It probably was nothing anyways. She stopped at the mirror as she was about to open the door. She couldn’t go out with her hair like that. She searched through the drawers for a comb when she heard Ryan’s mother calling for them to leave. At least she had the excuse of being ten years-old for now. She ran out out the door and took a seat in the car. “Trying to provide a nest for birds, Tessa? Seriously, your hair. Do something about it,” Natalia said as they drove out of the parking lot. Tessa shrugged “I forgot to pack, and I didn’t have time to look for a comb.” Natalia pulled her brush out of her dress pocket and handed it to Tessa. “Here, no excuses. Fix it. Tessa ran the brush through her hair while she reviewed her plan in her mind. She and Natalia being there could be enough, but she had to assume Ryan’s mom would still stop at the bank at the same time, the robber would come in and take hostages, and eventually, if she let it play out, he’d kill Ryan. She unfortunately didn’t know the details beyond that, but a crazed gunman was nothing compared to the elite imperial guards she fought on her way out of that prison. She just hoped her combat knowledge had still held up after fourty years of retirement. She was snapped out of her thoughts when she realized they had arrived at the dentist office. “So what are we, moral support?” Natalia asked as they stepped out of the car. “You could have always called in that helicopter if you didn’t want to go with,” Tessa replied as they headed towards the door. Natalia grabbed her comb from Tessa’s hand. “Then you would have gone out with your hair like...that. At least now it's palatable.” Ryan was called in almost immediately after they entered, leaving Natalia and Tessa in the waiting room. Natalia had been surprisingly quiet, but Tessa was glad. It gave her time to go over her plan a hundred more times. She only had one shot at this. She wished she had some way to run a holographic simulation, but that technology didn’t exist yet even if she did have time, so she’d have to settle for mental simulations. She stood up once Ryan stepped back into the waiting room. “So how’d it go?” He shrugged. “They stuck sharp objects in my mouth repeatedly. No cavities though so at least I don’t have to worry about going back any time soon.” Tessa nodded. “Let’s get out of this vile place.” They walked back to the car as she continued running the bank scenario through her head. “Are you okay Tessa? You’ve seemed distracted all day. Like, really distracted.” Ryan asked while they were in the car. “I’m fine. Just bored,” she answered. Ryan’s mother cut in. “I need to stop at the bank. How would you kids like to stop for ice cream after?” “Could do the icecream first, then we could eat it while we wait in line,” Tessa replied. Ryan’s mother shook her head. “All the icecream places in town are past the bank, silly. Besides, the lines usually aren’t too long.” Tessa sighed. It was worth a try at least. She went back to running the scenario through her head until they arrived. Once there, she stepped out of the car and walked towards the bank, leaving the others to follow. She wanted extra time to look over the interior, figure out where the gunman would come in, what she could use as a makeshift weapon if need, and about a hundred other things she had been trained to look for in a dangerous area. “What’s the rush?” Ryan asked as the others walked inside. She kept looking over the area. “I slept through breakfast. I want that that icecream.” “Sounds like a good reason,” Ryan said. Tessa followed them as she continued her survey of the room. She noted several places to take cover, which wouldn’t be much use since she wasn’t the main target. A few vases could serve as makeshift weapons if needed. She didn’t expect to even have a chance to grab them, but it was always best to be prepared for every scenario. She did her best to stay near Ryan in order to put herself in a better position to defend him. After a few minutes, a female voice called “Next!” and Tessa followed the others towards the empty counter. As they got there, another voice, this time male, followed the sound of the door swinging open. “Sit down, put your hands on your head, and don’t move. This is a robbery!” The sound of screams, the loudest of which was Natalia’s high-pitched screech, filled the room as everyone did what they were told. Tessa waited as the masked man asked the tellers to hand him all of their money. She had in mind the police got a tip and would be here in a couple minutes. She looked for a chance to catch him off guard, but he noticed every time she so much as tried to move a muscle. After a couple minutes, as she expected, the sound of police sirens became audible from outside. She watched as they talked to him over the phone while he kept his eyes fixed on the hostages. Still not distracted then. “Are we going to be okay?” Natalia whispered, all of her usual aloofness drained from her voice. “We’ll be fine,” Tessa whispered back while keeping her eyes fixed on the robber. He began walking towards them, clearly angry at how the negotiations were going. This was probably the part where he grabs Ryan. She got ready; all she needed was a second and she could have him on the floor. Assuming, that is, she hadn’t lost her touch. To her surprise, he instead grabbed Natalia and pointed his gun at her head. “Leave now or I can promise you this little girl won’t!” he yelled into the phone as Tessa began recalculating her plan. It made sense now that she thought about. Natalia was added to the equation, a new variable that didn’t exist last time. He wasn’t after Ryan specifically, so why wouldn’t he go for the little girl with a thousand dollar dress, at least? The situation still remained mostly the same though, she figured. She lost her initial attempt, but that part she had planned for. He seemed a bit less focused on the rest of the hostages. Good. After a few seconds he turned to face the door. It was only a second, if that, but a second was enough. Tessa grabbed the glass vase from the counter and threw it towards his head. He turned back just in time to pull the trigger as the vase stuck his head, but the bullet simply fired harmlessly into the wall as he fell to the ground. Tessa breathed a sigh of relief and looked around. The police officers were already coming inside to take him into custody. Some of the other hostages were slowly rising to their feet, while others had their hands pressed over their eyes. Natalia was shaking, and a puddle had appeared under her feet, but she seemed otherwise unharmed. Tessa walked over to her. “You okay?” Natalia nodded shakily and squeezed Tessa’s hand. Later that day, once everyone was back home safely, Tessa found a news article about the robbery on her phone. “Little Girl Stops Bank Robber,” the headline read. In her actual childhood she would have enjoyed being referred to as a hero, but this time it was worrying. It didn’t prove who she was of course, but if Rathalon found out he’d be likely to at least grow suspicious. As she read further she began to feel light headed again. Well, her ten year old body wasn’t used to this kind of stress, so she supposed that was to be expected. She layed down and closed her eyes. A little rest, that was all she needed. She could start looking for Rathalon tomorrow.
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