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  1. Do you still have the POSEY MITTS previously offered ?
  2. At first glance - perhaps something to do with racing --- "Racing Stripes" oh and that M4 "Pit number M4" middle pit 4 (oil tires and fuel). Screen printing shops will print almost anything ! Could even be more revealing if little diaper pins were printed at the waist just above the hips. At least it is not brazen like "Pampers" or "Huggies" (worn within) ! Sort of expected that moisture detecting band to be centered in the shirt - who wears their diapers off center ?
  3. I am not holding any key making it easier for you ! I was thinking of putting the key inside your diaper before you don your bondage gear and then letting you play the part of Houdini trying to figure how to get it to get off ! The best would be to tell you were the key is when you beg for it hours later ! Or I don't know if you have read the story of the "Chinese Puzzle" where all the keys to the puzzle are there on the person but the one you need to start unraveling the puzzle is the mystery key buried deep in your doubled-up diapers and locking diaper cover ! The intriguing part is how do you start with locking mittens and a gag so you can't chew your way out to start ! Humm I detect a plot developing ! AND Bravo with mucho applause for your story "The New Deal" - I like - I like it - the entertainment level is Outstanding !
  4. If only there would be illustrations - a picture is worth a thousand words - but my imagination is kicking into high gear just thinking about it ! So no rest for the wicked - piggyinnappies get crackin - the suspense is going to overwhelm the senses ! I know what chastity is like and this is opening in a new dimension ! A devoted follower - - -
  5. Ve have punishment awaiting you for your insolence - how about a sandpaper lining that should do it ! Oops did something rub you raw and that cum was not a very good lubricant was it ?
  6. Yes for an inexpensive ($12.95) introductory cage and FREE S & H. The seller's record is 99.5 % for less than 900 sales - a good indication you are not getting junk for your junk ! Realize that CBs can be quite costly - custom full waist belts with crotch pieces and inserts in the $1k range. Nice bland color - these starter ones from other sellers come in PINK black and flesh (transparent) colors. Take care not to force the plastic parts to break causing sharp edges in an area that sharp edges don't belong ! Emergency medical calls get interesting all the time !
  7. That would be a CHEAP starter CB for fun and games. When you get really serious you will know what is the premium Cadillac model that Houdini would be proud to be restrained in. Real serious CB's have a waist belt and a crotch piece and mean all business and are very expensive ! Browse around thru the "Eye Candy" store (Ebay) for the various CB's - read up on the many forums about chastity and determine if yours is a fantasy or something more in line with a commitment. There is an alternate solution to this - this being a diaper forum - trying doubling bulking out the diapers and being locked into a LOCKING diaper cover and feel the effect of a fantasy - wearing a personal porta potty prison that can only be unlocked and serviced by a key bearing mate. Being well padded you are not going to get any suitable satisfaction until your mate says so ! Taking this one step further take your cheap starter CB and wear it with the diapers - and then experience no fun or games at all. How do explain that huge bulge and that pretty pink locking diaper cover if you are able to find something to wear over it - say like a baby girls pretty party dress with raised hem line ?
  8. Hey daddyeric91 could you come on over to your post : Selling diapers and restraints cheap price ? --- and follow thru on the sales of items you have listed. Thanks
  9. Patience you are not dealing with Amazon.com ! Give them a call - find out what is happening ! Paypal payments are refundable or protected from seller issues.
  10. Well you have lap-top bombers - then shoe bombers - followed by underwear bombers - so what is next a diapered bomber ? Stands to reason that the TSA is suspect of everything - from what I gather the underwear bomber used dry explosives so what would prevent a diapered bomber from using a wet explosive and what better place to hide it in the lining of the diaper. Get the picture here ! I have worn kilts through the TSA check points and only on a rare occasion have I been given more than a cursory inspection. Kilts do an excellent job of camo the obvious diaper. Diapers are worn not because I have a definite medical need but as an insurance measure to prevent humiliating accidents. Long flights and getting to a toilet timely is a real threat. Even then the TSA folks never went the full enchilada route - I guess I didn't fit the profile of the droids they were looking for. As for the nude-o-scope machines they have pretty much been phased out as being too expensive and time sensitive to moving folks along. The TSA also is getting comfortable with the PRE-CHK of not harassing known travelers - but travelers with obvious bulges are going to raise eyebrows - either you are smuggling something or your body proportions are out of sync - check this dude out ! And don't forget the obvious fidgiting stance legs crossed try to hold back the need for a bathroom break it could very well be confused with someone fitting a profile of someone with something to hide nervously ! Up against the wall - spread'em - not such a great idea opening the flood gates - clean up needed at the security check point. Lesson here is plan to go thru security in a dry mode with time on your side. No rush to be squeaky sneaky and attract unwanted attention.
  11. Oh where did daddyeric91 go ? Did he get lost in a diaper dimension story ? daddyeric91 come out come out where ever you are !
  12. OOPS getting out of this bondage thing is taking longer than I planned ! Getting over this is like mind over matter - if I don't mind it don't matter ! Just make sure you have an escape clause in your binding contract ! The men in the white coats are coming to take me away and I am already dressed for them in my straight jacket. Somebody turn off the computer and turn out the lights until like Arnold - "I'll be back" !
  13. Oh Fantasy to be in a car seat suitably outfitted for an adult with a 5 point buckling buckle that needs a special key to unlatch or wearing oversize mittens to prevent tampering with the release or other features like door handles power windows door locks. Wearing doubled up diapers with fancy frilly detail on the diaper cover and an oh so short hem line baby dress doing nothing to hide or cover the diapers and the 5 point buckling harness ! With a paci clipped to the peter pan collar and a ba-ba bottle containing a favorite diuretic laxative what more could one want ? Oh I can think of one more ultimate thing - a vibrating dildo and/or cock massaging device and control of its use ! Released and out of the car seat - with the devices powered by a portable battery pack - surely there is going to be some trouble walking more so than just waddling along overloaded in diapers. A harness with remote controls should be the ideal method of keeping things from venturing too far. Going too far out of range (leash) and small shocks leading to more significant bolts to rein things in. Now the nice controlled walk in the park will not be spoiled by running off on a wild tangent and there would be no need for potty breaks as one is wearing his own personal porta potty available anytime anyplace anywhere !
  14. The dress maybe less of a impediment to viewing but more or hazard getting in the way of the mechanical gearing - A skirt however and if a mini-skirt would be a great deal more of a viewing hazard then a mechanical stopping motion. Less imagination is required when the biker be it female or male is wearing the compression padded panties and the COLOR is white or pastel. Every curve of the human anatomy is outlined in full relief almost like the garment was painted or decaled to the skin. The only distraction to the outline is the padded panty portion in the crotch to ease the sitting on the faux non-dildo seat. Without the padding this would be a high impact zone traveling on rough off roads. Returning to the theme of the forum "Diapers" - diapers could be worn under such an outfit but the contour padding would be suspect even more. The use of diapers while the cyclist is in motion could have some less than desirable moments which I will not entertain further discussion. Now you all be careful of that "DISTRACTED DRIVING or riding" visually induced by the "Lady Godiva" on a bicycle !
  15. If you need to wear diapers because you really need to wear them - then wear them you have a reason for it and no one's business otherwise. Of course you are advised discretion to avoid perhaps explaining the need to people that don't quite grasp the idea of incontinence ! Now if wearing as a fantasy and your neat little play time is exposed - you got a whole lot of splaining to do and then maybe not if the exposure is introduced as just that a fantasy - if something more serious caution advised least you get the well deserved humiliation you are dying to get ! So Yes perhaps it is all in your mind you just don't need to wear a huge oversized diaper that is hard to hide. Wear what is comfortable and necessary no need to flaunt your personal problem or worry about it further.