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  1. BabyLock

    Plugged while diapered

    Good golly you still plugged up - aren't you about to explode - please give a two minute warning to clear the area ! And when you pop that champagne cork out of your ass lets hope that it will be liquid dynamics that are passing. Would hate to see a cemented constipated mass that is going to need to be flushed out with a power wash at a car wash or a professional roto-router application leaving everything whistling sparkling clean. Now hope that you enjoyed your trying to contain Vesuvius and the discharge was directed into the ceramic throne ! Moving on if you can best consider wearing diapers until the anal ring returns to some semblance of control.
  2. BabyLock

    Car accident

    Sissy Baby Rachel: got more photos description of the what do you call that garment a bloomer onesie ? Wonder how many diapers can be worn to make that bloomer bottom puff out into a bubble ? Always did like lavender lilac light purple !
  3. BabyLock

    Plugged while diapered

    Yes the type of material is important - Types of materials - Glass (not recommended because it is fragile but the best for sterile cleaning) Metal steel copper aluminum other - rigid structure caution could cause damage Plastics flexible or rigid Rubber best for flexibility - easily cleaned Other home inventions of stuff Questions about the width and penetration of the plug and design Too small a plug and it may not be kept in the rectum play Too much lubrication same thing hard time keeping plug in Shape could keep the plug anchored in place without other aids i.e. belts harnesses Final Solution is the belt or harness to prevent ejection Too deep a penetration and internal injuries conjured up Additional aids i.e. vibration devices to enhance the effect Ribbed or ripple outside for other play Some types of devices can cause discomfort and injury if the wearer is forced to sit Being plugged too long can cause internal problems There is oh so much more Search eBay "Butt Plug" for thousands of ideas 3 illustrations: Imagine having number three with a remote control vibrating command - and you locked into your diaper prison not having any control of what your dominate partner does. Hey buddy what is that noise I hear and why are you dancing a jig like your ass is on fire ! And those diapers and frilly covers what is that all about ? What is that big ole lock doing - oh I see you are locked into your diapers - my my you are really something BABY !
  4. BabyLock

    Enema recipes

    From the front oral end of the solution - stir up a shaken not stirred magnesium citrate cocktail - AND if not heavily diapered be prepare to assume the position on the porcelain throne. No valves - no tubes - no enema bags - no futzing with rectal gear - dis stuff happens and suddenly. Effective in the prep stages of a colonoscopy - followed by a liter or so of the sweet tasting liquid drano* * not the real stuff - and the system will be whistling Dixie ! Beware of continuing side effects - diapers suggested until Vesuvius subsides. Upon completion drink water lots of water to restore the system to functional service - beware of continuing drips. Stay away from alcohol and other drugs that may wreck havoc with the immediate absorption in the now prime clean fertile condition. Or put in other words don't mess around with things out of your control - enjoy the punishment party !
  5. BabyLock

    Another People Of Walmart Sighting >.>

    Want more of the People of Wal*Mart - use your Search engine on your browser. Here is a short cut to one LINK: https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=AwrC_C0HC.Nb_1QAxwYPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByMDgyYjJiBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMyBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=PEOPLE+OF+WAL+MART&fr=ymyy-t-999&hspart=att&hsimp=yhs-att_001 Not all material is suitable for folks here at even this Forum.
  6. BabyLock

    Car accident

    Yes Officer I am old enough to drive - you want to see my license - hold on a moment - this diaper doesn't have pockets - I'll have to get it out of my diaper bag ! The people in the ER would love some new material - dis guy comes in on a stretcher - practical that he is wearing a onesie - but we are going to have to change his wardrobe for the trip home - that is a diaper without controls (locks) - get the bolt cutters dis guy left his Houdini keys somewhere else Maybe the knee bags will help the accident victim driver to be able to WALK away from the scene
  7. BabyLock

    Changing table

    Some enhancement to that changing table drawing: Have the whole table move vertical - think along the lines of a Murphy bed folding up into a wall but in this case diapered one could be secured but lean forward a bit to insert the diaper around the waist and raising one foot at a time diaper covers could be pulled up securing the diaper in a leak proof position. Another option is the changing table laying flat would have a center section drop down 2-3 inches allowing a diaper to be placed below the diapered one and then fastened into position or the dropped section raised moving the diaper into position for the waist/hip tabs (pins) to be installed. Putting the diaper cover on would come later. In any event the task is to ease the raising of the legs and placing the diaper directly under the butt of the wearer. Raising the legs can be quite an effort while trying to position a diaper under the wearer. Where is that automatic robotic diaper changer when I need it most ?
  8. BabyLock

    Bad baby time out chair.

    The addition of a dildo in the seat bottom would prevent any loose squirming around and make sure the chair's occupant stayed firmly seated in place. Be prepared for quite a mess when the dildo plug is pulled - urine will seek its own level until it leaks out overflowing - clean up in aisle 1 ! LOL ! Further add a vibration device to be an annoyance or pleasant experience - with hands restrained and not able to reach the on/off timing or intensity controls this would truly be a chair that bad baby would not forget. Of course this would be a bad idea to "Don't Try This At Home" but where else could this be done with the usual disclaimer to have a safety partner present. Chair should be anchored to the floor or moveable dolly with brakes and sufficient stability not to tip over causing the occupant injuries. Another wild idea have the chair suspended from the ceiling like a bouncing baby rig - now have fun Houdini with that one - and a wee wee away we go !
  9. BabyLock

    Some People Take Bondage -----

    Some people take Bondage to a level that they can't come back and post here at DD ! Wearing LOCKING mittens or other restrains prevents using the computer keyboard to post. Other forms of bondage prevent getting to where the computer is to post. So for those of you that can't come back to post a reply follow-up or other message it maybe interesting to feel your pain (or pleasure) but then we will never know. Wish you well in getting out of your bondage fix - You are loving (liking) it aren't you ?
  10. BabyLock

    Ab Bondage

    OK escalate this to the onesie or diaper covers inside being locked on and the booties the same and lets not forget about the hands - NOW those should be in thumbless mittens and then to squelch any verbal misconduct a penis pacifier. So now you are the helpless adult baby needing real adult care feeding changing of diapers and ability to move about a home opening doors etc. No going outside without adult supervision and if riding in a car being strapped into the back seat - the restraining type. Talking walks in the park with reins so you don't run off to places you shouldn't. Are we having fun yet - are we there yet ? And maybe the bestest part having a (adult) baby shower introducing you to all of your friends and associates ! Humiliations are US - let the party begin ! This baby needs a change any volunteers ?
  11. LINK to Wal*Mart and the stretch briefs: https://www.walmart.com/search/?query=assurance stretch briefs with tabs&cat_id=0&typeahead=stretch briefs Just product illustrations - nothing unfolded - and no reviews
  12. Isn't it time for the ENVELOPE Please ? Let's see the RESULTS Please !
  13. BabyLock

    Do diapers expire?

    When I first read this - well of course diapers expire right after you use them ! Diapers for Dummies 101 But then you had to go and introduce this Shelf Life factor - so what is this big deal you have diapers locked away in a vault and you are what saving them for a more appropriate absorbing occasion. I really can't image someone buying diapers in bulk to last for say a year - maybe closer to 90 days to 4 months but I am not a budget hawk - what do I know. As for old diapers losing their absorbency - you will have to use it to find out - but I doubt you will trash the rest of the package if not. Maybe just double up or wear a moisture proof diaper cover. Think of this as being a frugal move. Yes the chemical absorbing materials my lose their effectiveness over time but I think that the diapers will have been used and disposed of before that time. Humorously I don't think there is a D S B - Diaper Savings Bank !
  14. BabyLock

    Diaper Sizing?

    Watch the RISE factor the amount of diaper coverage similar to a bikini LOW RISE or a grannie brief HIGH RISE (think just below the navel).
  15. BabyLock

    Anyone else?

    YES - very similar to a prolonged (well maybe not that prolong) absence of sex - the thrill - return with us now to the thrilling days of past sexual exploits. A tent pole raises at the call of reveille - - - Sliding - pulling up - fastening a diaper may not be quite the same thing but - but whatever turns you on and keeps you that way albeit briefly - Enjoy !