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  1. If you are the handy artzy crafty type you could make your own as a less expensive route. A few odds and ends pieces and parts from a hardware store - Michaels - JoAnn - Hobby Lobby and you are in the business of being controlled ! Look at the photos above and search other sites to see how these are constructed - then make modifications more suited to what you wear i.e skirts; dresses; shortalls - onezies ! This could be interesting very interesting - before you get all restrained - plan a way out ! LOL !
  2. Am familiar with all sorts of CBs and then I came across with this item: ExoBelt V1 DEVICE PLASTIC WITH 2 PAD LOCKS/SPACERS This appears to be a flat as a pancake application of the CB xxxx. The CB xxxx line has the penis in a tube resembling the penis in shape still protruding out but downward in direction. This ExoBelt appears to fit flat on top of the pubic area with a minimum of exposure. Anyone here tried this and comments ? In either event the male chastity belt (device) is going to have a pronounced bulge - this design however keeps the penis in a low profile of exposure but certainly out in front. Only the Tollyboy design has the penis compressed behind a metal shield for that coveted flat front look. Views - padlocks are the front view (from an angle) and hole with notch at top is the rear In auction on Ebay by a UK seller for around 35-40 $ comes in Black and Clear plastic.
  3. One of the problems for seen is all that mass needs a really strong snug WAIST otherwise it is London Bridges falling down or at least a onesie type of garment that holds the load - think this thru as a Michelin Man on strong steroids or the Pillsbury Dough Boy and beware of the "Fatty fatty 2x4 can't get thru the bathroom door" but why would that be a worry - you're diapered in your very own personal porta potty and don't need a bathroom but then maneuverability will sure be impaired and with all that buffering and padding you could take up sumo wrestling ! Imagine Waddling along to the tune of the Baby Elephant waltz/dance - how cute - don't trip the light fantastic you might not be able to get up !
  4. YES a picture worth a thousand words would be appreciated ! When I first looked at this it appeared to be some sort of mouth retainer with a tongue depressing element ! LOL ! BUT Please a picture and of course with permission you don't have to be in it !
  5. From an old file copy - source unknown BRA MEASUREMENTS: Begin by putting on an unpadded bra and getting a measuring tape. Measure around the bottom of the bra band, directly under the bust. Make sure the measuring tape is snug. Round the size to the nearest whole number. If the measurement is even, add 4 inches. If the measurement is odd, add 5 inches. For example, if the measurement is 36 inches, the band size is 40. Measure the fullest part of the bust, at nipple level. Round to the nearest whole number. To calculate cup size, subtract the band size from the bust size. For instance, if the bust size is 37 inches and the band size is 34 inches, the result is 3 inches. This number can then be used to determine the letter with the help of the rules below. In this example, the size would be a 34C. Measure around the band Calculate the size Measure the bust Calculate cup size If the band size and cup size are the same, the bra size is AA. A difference of 1 inch is an A. A difference of 2 inches is a B A difference of 3 inches is a C A difference of 4 inches is a D A difference of 5 inches is a DD A difference of 6 inches is a DDD or F
  6. Shouldn't that have been: I can swish with the best - of sissies ! Now the best of swishy switchiness to you ! May the Force be with your backfield in motion - ruffled frilly bum oversized diaper cover !
  7. help

    Suggest asking the Pharmacist at a drug store about simple solutions to constipation - mention you heard it is cheaper with flaxseed than trade name drugs ! Don't be a poopless customer at least try a small sample of what he has to offer/sale ! Otherwise you might be mistaken for a frat house recruit on a mission of mischief i.e. chocolate chip exlax cookies !. Also you got this internet thingy - research Google or whatever your search engine is for more information than you can perhaps handle !
  8. Look no further than Ebay for a seller in the UK who makes custom ABDL clothing and contact about making alterations !
  9. If you have transportation - set up an account at a FedEx or UPS store or rent a mail box from the USPS and go there to pick-up your package ALONE ! Bypass and keep the family USPS mail box out of the picture. But this seems like a bit of overkill for a pacifier - for sex toys heck YES !
  10. Bestest part of boys in skirts (AND DIAPERS) is the accessibility factor. The skirts of course must be like mini skirts which leave very little doubt as to what is going on here. The skirts with an extreme hem line showing off the ruffled frilly plastic panty diaper cover and the bulging bulky double diapers so the legs are bowed out so a waddling motion also betrays that diapers are worn ! And if that leaves any doubt the color should be NEON PINK with the mini skirt being a bright white or pastel for contrast ! Every bottom needs a top and that should just rest right at the belly button with a frilly tuxedo reverse button placket - a sissy needs to adjust to his feminine side with zippers buttons and fastenings all in unusual places some outstanding blazen or hidden in seams - how did that sissy get into that outfit with no noticeable fastening ? Don't forget the frilly anklets and the Mary Janes !
  11. There is an awful amount of diaper(s) under that there very short skirt !
  12. On a minor scale - see who can wear diapers the longest before actually using them. Lock the toilet room door so that the loser will have to ask for the key to the loo - punching a clock for time duration !
  13. Interesting - animals used to and still do scoot their butt on whatever is available to aleve an itchy butt of dangling fecal particles. Also "The Good Book" never mentions about body cleanliness in the human respect - only in a spiritual aspect. Folklore has it that humans drank water up-stream from waters not fowled by down-stream bathing - seems like the right and proper thing. The Romans had their baths but nothing was written in stone or parchment about basic bathing and personal hygiene 101 - a lot of that was ASSUMED because humans do their act of personal cleanliness pretty much the same as it has been done for years (centuries) . Crap and sh$t still happens - nothing has changed except for ways and methods to rapidly Vesuvius explode it out of the rectum for relief ! Careful NOT to be down-wind or at the very least in a containment piece of clothing aka DIAPER ! Now for your next lesson History of the World - Part Ducolax Take two of these and stay away from me in the morning !
  14. A sort of mutual bondage between partners. You are wearing doubled diapers with pad and inserts as necessary for bulk and long term fluid containment "WAIT" - don't go anywhere YET ! Now get the LOCKING diaper cover out - yup the one with the big ole fancy lock that locks not out of sight but never the less locks at the REAR - AND it is not a keyed lock but one of those combination locks where the combination has to be dialed in and why of course the numbers on the dial must be seen to do this. Now even if you know the combination you really are going to have a difficult time trying to get timely release --- AND that is where your mutual bondage partner comes into play of whatever you wish to call it. The partner also is wearing the same arrangement and knows your combination and hers also - the combos can even be the same - but the big deal here is the need for both of you to dial each others combo lock to get timely release. Will be a sad day if you don't co-operate both walking around each in his own personal porta potty prison waiting for your partner warden for release. Since only one person can be unlocked at a time - you can have an interesting time as to who goes first - is it that someone who is the most wet and leaking or is it something else ? Reviewing the specs of the OP perhaps a bit drastic but bondage comes in all sorts of scenes and scenarios. Maybe a contest of how long each can remain in LOCKED diapers before release is needed or perhaps restrictions on the use of the porcelain throne - no use until the diapers have been thoroughly drenched Leaking ? You don't win this contest until you have made the requirement of wetting. On the other side of the coin who can stay the driest with the safety net of wearing diapers with a telltale stripe - color change you lose - don't get close to a source of fluid be it simply running water out of sink/hose or urine. Be careful when your back is turned that your partner cheats and primes your diaper pump ! Enjoy your pursuit of bondage in diaper-land !
  15. The ole Sears and Montgomery Wards catalogs were often one's own introduction to the "Birds and the Bees" parental instruction lacking ! Now catalogs are so passé as the internet websites have detailing far beyond any vivid imagination. While catalogs and newspaper ads don't show camel toe detail or a circumcised penis there is very little detailing left unexposed anymore. The only thing left is Photoshop left to mask the elements of over exposure !