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  1. Wear a Onesie instead of a snap crotch romper ! Best worn with darker solid colors - whites and pastels are so much more Sissy and perhaps showing VPL is wearing any at all - now diapers are something else ! Something not just right here with Sean in the Red abbreviated gear. The shotgun bandolier doesn't resupply his pea shooting revolver - of course no problemo for Hollywood "B" movies where guns have an unlimited supply of ammo without reloading ! *** And as for the baby blue romper I picture it as being made from terry cloth toweling material - an additional drying garment when going from a swim or spa to a sexy scene in a bedroom all that much more to provoke that sexy scene. Not now "M" or "Q" I am in the middle of something meant to be uninterrupted ! And what is that peaking out from under the right leg hem line ? Something darky blue perhaps an elastic band from swim trunks ?
  2. Even more annoying would be a zipper at the back and a locking collar making a diaper a requirement. The diaper and cover could be locked on inside of the romper creating an interesting situation of a fully contained personal porta potty prison of sorts and no one would be the wiser until the maximum overload has been reached.
  3. Yes a diaper is a must as without the rear drop flap there is no way to use the loo in a hurry ! As for the front fire hose exit a fly hole is not much of an option ruining that clean flat front look (diaper bulge and all) ! Without a diaper beware of the crotch skid marks !
  4. You realize that this was started Posted August 24, 2012 !?! Awful amount of time to be locked up wearing a diaper and harness !!!
  5. (straitjacket and segufix) - Yes I can understand getting out of straight jacket bondage BUT how do you (solo) get into straight jacket bondage ? AND the diapers and perhaps locking diaper covers - in keeping your messes confined to your very own personal porta potty prison domain ! fur clothes - now that has to be interesting - like wearing a gorilla costume (best when locked on or irremovable without assistance) don't forget the diapers ! I like to fantasize about being in a very tight zentai suit (a full body suit) with obvious external chastity belt brazenly visible or simply a skin painted suit !
  6. Cute ! Looks more like panties (underwear) than a diaper cover. Usually diaper covers are a bit bulky and oversized to accommodate one or more diapers pads etc. and have a heavy elastic leg band to contain overflows. If this baby is diapered it is not with much - perhaps a small token absorbent trickle PAD. Side Note: Often with the pictures of other forums the clothing is just a fantasy show and tell act to grab your attention ! In review - previous post did not answer the "?" where to get a diaper cover like what was pictured. Best guess would start with the usual suspected area at Ebay. Next could try Etsy for someone who makes these from scratch or a sewing pattern. Might go back to ebay and find some similar items then contact the seller to see of the possibility of doing a creative copy just as a Etsy seller would do. Copy and paste the photo of the item to help illustrate to the seller fabricator what you are looking for ! While not labeled as a diaper cover - check with Wal*Mart or a thrift store for something in the women's juniors panties (closeout) section and wear the panty over a real plastic diaper. You could even take a panty out of your lingerie drawer and do the same least expensively using a cheap blank plastic cover. This best if you do wet occasionally rather than using something your would not want to wet intentionally ! Think inside and outside the personal portable potty box !
  7. If you are concerned about BULK then pass on this idea. Wear doubled diapers - a baby small one covered with a larger size adult. You could do the same with plastic diaper covers. Insert a Turkish towel in the crotch of your existing diaper(s) centered where downloading occurs. As noted if you are concerned about BULK forget about these - for night bed wear who cares but out in public is going to pose a problem of concealment. Too much plastic perhaps too much noise ! Alternate solution diet and curtail night time hydration - drink in the morning when you have full abilities to make changes (diapers) in an awake mode.
  8. Gotta love that sterile tape measure - are you still measuring up to the downward gravity feed - pee seeking its own level ?
  9. Yeah sorta of kinda wondered how the round human shape would fit into a frozen immovable resisting rectangular shape and as for the plastic panties that ought to be very interesting - crinkle crinkle crinkle and that awesomely cool surface on warm body pieces and parts ! Ooola La La perhaps causing an uncontrolled wetting in the diaper - maybe resulting in the first case of freeze dried pee ! LOL ! In the summer months the frigid rigid diapers may be more than flexible and have loose floppy ends and dem plastic panties WOW don't be in hurry to get a very warm welcome on the butt and not because of a spanking ! Diapers in a car should be stored in the trunk (boot) - imagine the theft of the black valise bag and surprise on the culprits face when for his time and effort he got a change of diapers instead of a laptop computer or secret government plans.
  10. After getting reined in or harnessed up consider preventing any further adjustments alterations with thumbless mittens preferably with similar type of hard to manipulate buckles locking of course for best effect in humiliation of the wearer ! For a lead or leash consider a retractable dog leash - these extend out from 6 - to 30 feet - a lot of room to run but still yet no where to hide !
  11. Another way to look at FAUX incontinence is "Remember the boy who called WOLF once too often" ! It is not nice to fool your doctor when mother nature may deliver a different result when taking prescription drugs !
  12. One reason these are not cheap is the magnetic properties of the lock are not your low grade magnetic compass direction type. Like the magnetic locks that keep doors open or closed and fingers from prying the locking mechanism open these are some tough critters. OK when replacing pieces and parts of gear the sum or these exceed the total of the finished gear. These appear to be Segufix type locks - take a search in that direction for replacements and or a whole new webbing restraints ! Handy with workshop tools you may be able to manufacture a similar type lock i.e. locking nut bolt and a series of washers however albeit without the magnetics. Think outside the Locked Box ! AND YES the replacement prices are outrageous - but in review of the Link the prices are in Euros and seller in France ? I am sure you can do better with Ebay and Segufix - keep looking and searching.
  13. So NO nip or tucking of the HEM line - great a full waist exposure - not enough material to pull down - a belly button peeking event ! Other printed or solid pastel neon pink colors available ?
  14. On another note consider a "SPREADING DIAPER" - legs spread far enough apart that getting up - rolling over - and even walking and crawling is not easy ! SPREADING DIAPER (RIG) EBAY ITEMs: Adult Sissy LEDER spreading Body Harness leather diaper (142336520371) Adult Sissy Body Harness genuine leather speading diaper straps harness Lockable (132138533609) Adult sissy Baby Sleeping*Spreizbody*diaper onsie*soft Spreading body (132139904097) Also could consider an ankle spreading bar with or without thigh attachments.
  15. When I saw Scottish ABDL . I thought of TARTAN diapers in the shape form of a Kilt ! LOL ! In any event Welcome to the DD Forum ! Now don't be going around exposing the underpinnings of what is worn under a kilt - certainly is not Victoria's Secret !