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  1. BabyLock

    Some People Take Bondage -----

    Some people take Bondage to a level that they can't come back and post here at DD ! Wearing LOCKING mittens or other restrains prevents using the computer keyboard to post. Other forms of bondage prevent getting to where the computer is to post. So for those of you that can't come back to post a reply follow-up or other message it maybe interesting to feel your pain (or pleasure) but then we will never know. Wish you well in getting out of your bondage fix - You are loving (liking) it aren't you ?
  2. BabyLock

    Ab Bondage

    OK escalate this to the onesie or diaper covers inside being locked on and the booties the same and lets not forget about the hands - NOW those should be in thumbless mittens and then to squelch any verbal misconduct a penis pacifier. So now you are the helpless adult baby needing real adult care feeding changing of diapers and ability to move about a home opening doors etc. No going outside without adult supervision and if riding in a car being strapped into the back seat - the restraining type. Talking walks in the park with reins so you don't run off to places you shouldn't. Are we having fun yet - are we there yet ? And maybe the bestest part having a (adult) baby shower introducing you to all of your friends and associates ! Humiliations are US - let the party begin ! This baby needs a change any volunteers ?
  3. LINK to Wal*Mart and the stretch briefs: https://www.walmart.com/search/?query=assurance stretch briefs with tabs&cat_id=0&typeahead=stretch briefs Just product illustrations - nothing unfolded - and no reviews
  4. Isn't it time for the ENVELOPE Please ? Let's see the RESULTS Please !
  5. BabyLock

    Do diapers expire?

    When I first read this - well of course diapers expire right after you use them ! Diapers for Dummies 101 But then you had to go and introduce this Shelf Life factor - so what is this big deal you have diapers locked away in a vault and you are what saving them for a more appropriate absorbing occasion. I really can't image someone buying diapers in bulk to last for say a year - maybe closer to 90 days to 4 months but I am not a budget hawk - what do I know. As for old diapers losing their absorbency - you will have to use it to find out - but I doubt you will trash the rest of the package if not. Maybe just double up or wear a moisture proof diaper cover. Think of this as being a frugal move. Yes the chemical absorbing materials my lose their effectiveness over time but I think that the diapers will have been used and disposed of before that time. Humorously I don't think there is a D S B - Diaper Savings Bank !
  6. BabyLock

    Diaper Sizing?

    Watch the RISE factor the amount of diaper coverage similar to a bikini LOW RISE or a grannie brief HIGH RISE (think just below the navel).
  7. BabyLock

    Anyone else?

    YES - very similar to a prolonged (well maybe not that prolong) absence of sex - the thrill - return with us now to the thrilling days of past sexual exploits. A tent pole raises at the call of reveille - - - Sliding - pulling up - fastening a diaper may not be quite the same thing but - but whatever turns you on and keeps you that way albeit briefly - Enjoy !
  8. BabyLock

    A question for the guys

    Like water seeking its own level - that joy stick is going to move during the night time dream travels - unless restrained. While it may start and end in the same place (unrestrained) the direction of travel will be like the tides rising and falling. So make sure the travel thru wet areas is in a containment field (diapers) !
  9. BabyLock

    Sissy Links

    BAD LINK: Oops! Internet Explorer could not find uk.wrs.yahoo.com Did you mean: yahoo.­com
  10. BabyLock

    Happy Endings Pocket Diapers

    So what is with this diapers with pockets ? Do you need pockets to carry spare safety pins; rash gels creams; packets of powder or simply wet wipes ? The it dawned on me - the pockets are inside the diaper in the crotch and designed to hold a liner or pad custom fitted to increase the absorbency of the outer diaper - think of it a being a range extender for diapers. One could just as well suffice with a folded towel or pad but the pocket holds everything nicely in place in the wet zone landing area - no miscues !
  11. BabyLock

    Tied up?

    Yeah show us your stuff (in the Stories section) - hope you are not tied up too much to continue - It is hard to use the computer keyboard when you are in thumbless fingerless mittens - and if your loaded diapers are demanding release the plot keeps oozing out all over the place - never mind the distraction that the other sissy clothing you have on is crimping your style - beware of taking internal controlling meds (laxatives suppositories) the ending might not be what you expect - and lastly careful after that enema - you might be flushing everything down the drain - did I save the stuff (sh-t) I wrote ? Practicing the Houdini art of Bondage can be a pleasure and a real pain somewhere else - Caution about the need for clean-up in aisle 1 if your story line gets messy. So Hi -Yo - the QWERTY bondage author rides off again into the sunset - - -
  12. BabyLock

    Is ageplay a sexual thing for you?

    Simply put - Babies don't know about the birds and bees. YET ! As for Adult Babies - well - if they do they have advanced beyond that Garden of Eden !
  13. BabyLock

    Diaper bondage ideas?

    Can't do anything about the wish need for a Top Dominate Master controlling your bondage - but hope you find a partner to further your fetish ! Interesting about being a catheter(slave) with an open urinary valve having absolutely no control when leaking flooding discharging occurs. Best be diapered perhaps heavily or sequestered on the porcelain throne or shower drain. But wait what if the diapers were LOCKED on and you were wearing your very own personal porta potty and your controlling dom has the key. Do you have to ask for a diaper change when loaded ? Do you have to ask to use the loo in loo of drenching your diaper prison ? You are going to do it anyway - interesting how you get out of this ! What are your clothing dress code rules - pretty short dress just covering the visible edges of the diaper cover and its frilly ruffled lace detailing ? Is a onesie part of the wardrobe or perhaps shortalls. Are you permitted to have your hands free or are mittens required to keep you out of trouble ? And are you pacified to keep your requests quiet ? Are public expositions permitted to show off your finest to the neighbors ? What about visiting friends - are they in for a session in show and tell MCed by your dom ? And if that is not serious enough what about control of your BACKSIDE - butt plugs (hollow or otherwise) enemas and suppositories ? And so the PLOT thickens in this episode 1 of the cathetered diaper wearing slave. Tell me do loaded diapers make one waddle better to a music score of the baby elephant waltz ? Now be off with you and don't make a WET scene.
  14. BabyLock

    Self bondage, first time

    Next time orientate the key hole on at least one of the handcuffs to be accessible. Also make sure that the handcuff key has at least a retainer of sorts so that is can't be dropped accidently out of reach. Might think of fabricating a larger grip on the key to make it easier to use. Finally use the double lock feature if your cuffs have it - the key has tab on the end to depress the lock feature so the cuffs can't be locked any tighter. The cuffs with the chain links between them are the desired type for most all solo fantasy episodes. The ones that hinge in the middle are not to be taken lightly and significantly reduce the ability to free oneself. Be careful - be very careful how you play your games least you have to find a new excuse to satisfy the neighbors curiosity. Playing a real life Houdini is a blast as long as you survive it.
  15. Should not make any difference if looking for a serviceable diaper. Any color or white diaper is usually covered with something - clothes - perhaps diaper cover and is not of visible concern. Now however if this is a Victoria's Secret diaper fashion show why not go for the full enchilada and strut your peacock plumage ! That is if you wear just the diapers alone in private - now as for public review - caution about over exposure. My vote - COLORS !