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  1. Babychad1963

    how can i play with lego at 25?

    I'm 55 And I love my Legos if I had the room for just legos I would be in hog heaven
  2. Babychad1963

    How much do you wear diapers in front of significant others?

    I wear 24/7/365 due to medical reasons all my family and very close friends know. No one cares, when I have people over I just wear pants over them. In the talks with a possible new bf and he likes to wear so he won't care either. Wish me luck
  3. Babychad1963

    Hi from Nappy85!

    Welcome to the site I have had to wear for over 39 years due to an accident when I was 16. I like many who grew in the 1960's we grew up with cloth and plastic pants. I use both but at night I always wear cloth most of the time. Disposables when I travel. Hope to see you around.
  4. Babychad1963

    getting older

    Depending on how it done depends in the emotions we deal with. If it was done ibmn a loving way then I would be okay with it but if it was done in as hateful way then no.
  5. Babychad1963

    1st diaper ever

    Yeap knowing more about you would help a lot.
  6. Babychad1963

    Enemas And Suppositories

    Due to my medical issues I use enema and suppositories when I need to but I try to not to over use them as you can become dependent to them and damage the good bacteria in your bowels with over use. Be cautious.
  7. Babychad1963

    Shaving pee pee

    Same here, it takes a while to not have razor burn but once you don't you just shave and don't even think about it. But have razor for your face and one for the lower area. I have found starting with a duller head first and then goIng to a sharp one after works for me.
  8. Babychad1963

    Model trains

    I used to play with my trains all the time but life and to many moves in my life I had to let them go.
  9. Babychad1963

    What did you call accidents?

    Most of these except my mom would say pee pee and stinky
  10. Babychad1963

    baby teen boy. 48

    I'm the same way in posting it is hard to put your self out there. Welcome to the site I hope to see you around.
  11. Babychad1963

    Hi, I'm Bob

    Yes it is.
  12. Babychad1963

    Hi, I'm Bob

    Hi Bob, welcome to the site, you'll meet a lot of great people here, hope to see you around.
  13. Babychad1963


    Welcome to the site, I'm new as well.
  14. Babychad1963

    CBUS Ohio DL

    Hi Eugene and thanks for the welcome
  15. Babychad1963

    Do you NEED diapers?

    I wear for medical reasons, like rustypins I was raised with cloth and plastic pants.