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  1. Rearz has lots of stock in them. https://rearz.ca/tena-slip-maxi-european/ https://rearz.ca/tena-slip-active-ultima/
  2. I buy from Healthwick and they are extremely nice and great to deal with.
  3. Come up here for a visit and you'll see what we're like before you move. I believe we are a very open and accepting people as a whole. There are always the occasional jerk but I like living here. Toronto is extremely open to a great many things and we have some great AB suppliers like Babykins, as frogboy said, and Rearz is here as well.
  4. The supply of Dry 24/7's in all sizes into Canada has stopped completely. It's been a few month's already and the distributor heard DryCare was closing down.
  5. I use the Janibell Akord and it’s great for me. I’m IC so I go through about 5 diapers a day and empty it every 2-3 days. https://janibell.com/products/m330da
  6. Welcome from another Canuck
  7. In my opinion only I feel that would be forcing your lifestyle on someone else. I keep my diapers away in my suitcase and put used diapers in diaper disposal bags before they go in the bathroom trash bin. I'm incontinent so diapers have to be dealt with but I keep it discreet and tip well and respect the people that clean the room.
  8. I agree with ausdpr. It's extremely fun to read and really well done. Thanks for all the writing
  9. This continues to be an awesome story. Thanks for all the writing.
  10. Nia


    I feel exactly the same way. You put it perfectly WetDad.
  11. Yesterday I had my first experience of seeing a member of the ABDL community pushing their fetish on to the public and I have to say it disturbed me more that I expected. My partner and I where out at Riverwood Park in Mississauga (in Canada) yesterday afternoon. It was -3 degrees C so we where bundled up but there where a lot of people out. Part way through our walk we saw a jogger approaching from the opposite direction. He was wearing a few layers on his upper body but on the lower he only had a pair of nearly see through white tights and a Aww So Cute blue bears diaper. The fact that I could see which exactly which diaper was being worn kind of tells you how see through the tights where. I'm an AB and have been for 35 ish years but this really bothered me. I don't need to have some one else's fetish, no matter what it is, forced on me. There are families and little kids in that park who most definitely shouldn't have to deal with any of that. The fact that it was so cold just confirmed that this person was just getting off on the other people's reactions and I believe this does the community harm. So to the person who this refers to if your on this site please for the love of god put some pants on and don't inflict this on people who haven't asked for it.
  12. Molicare does the same thing to me. I use Tena active fit ultra and ABU simply ultra most of the time.
  13. This is an awesome story. Thanks for all the writing.