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  1. On a lark, I decided to search for this story. I wrote it....a long time ago, probably in the mid '80s I keep thinking I need to write a few more stories, but time, effort, concern keep me from doing so. In any case, I hope any of you who have found it enjoy it.... Wetpants
  2. I usually steer clear of snap-on plastic pants because they have a tendency to leak when I'm sleeping on my stomach. Recently however I came across an ad for some 7 snap per side 7 mil heavy weight Snap-on pants by Gary. https://www.changingtimesdiaperco.com/products/7-mil-comfort-high-waist-snap I love the concept. I can remember plainly the tie on Diaper Pants from Stay-dry that I wore for bedwetting as a kid. There was a kind of sensual mystique about having to go to each side back and forth to secure the pants in place. Later, I got some Sani-pant diaper pants that were also snap on, and got a similar thrill snapping them on. That thrill faded quickly when it became apparent that the gap at the snaps allowed too much leakage. Now however, I typically wear two pair of pull on plastic pants....one clear polyurethane (reminds me of rubber) and one of 7 Mil vinyl over disposable diapers.... This rarely results in leaks except occasionally from the waist band if I've moved too much and disrupted the seal. So, I'd like to get a pair of the 7 snap per side snap-on pants to add as one more layer...and experience the pleasure of doing so much sealing on each side. Problem is, the link above is the only source I seem to be able to find for the 7 snap pants, most all others are just for the standard 4 per side snap and they are not offered in my size. Does anyone in the group know of any other sources for the Gary 7 snap pants?
  3. As you read this...don't immediately flame me for the title..... I've had an non-incontinent DL diaper wearer. I wear for pleasure when I can. My wife has known since we got married....she was not particularly happy when I told her....we don't speak about it and I never wear when she and the kids are home. Not wonderful...but it works and since she and the kids visit the in-laws a lot...it sort of works. But here's my issue. About 2 years ago, she asked me to speak with a couple where the husband had just had prostate issues and had become partially incontinent. It was hard on him, and he wasn't always compliant and had accidents. He mostly responded by not leaving the house...something that actually upset both of them and was not a solution. We chatted, my wife gave them the impression I was in the same boat...and thank heavens, not a pervert. One of their big issues was, that common off the shelf products didn't work for him, particularly at night...leaks always occurred... They were totally unaware of any of the "functional" incontinent products available through on-line ordering. I told them now to find them and how to search for other products (both re-usable and disposable), support, discussion groups, blogs etc. They were also totally unaware of the availability of cloth diapers, and as the wife keep saying, "rubber pants". We discussed those sources as well. I have to admit, I was mortified the entire time...and highly embarrassed.....but was glad I could actually help someone who needed it. My wife ran into his wife about a year later....and she was very thankful....they found the products they needed and were leading a more normal, outgoing life. She even conspiratorially admitted to my wife that she had "found" some cute print diapers on line.....and she was "dressing" him in them.....much to his dismay. She also mentioned, wife to wife....that their sex life was finally back on track....and becoming more interesting. I don't even want to think..... Fast forward to 3 months ago. Similar situation came up. Again, I spoke with the couple, he was devastated by the concept of wearing diapers...particularly since anything they found at the local "Walmart or drug stores".....were "absolute garbage"....."might as well wear a garbage bag", he kept saying. So my question is....how can the Walmarts and drug stores continue to sell stuff that probably is useless to a majority of the incontinent population? And we are not talking about a bag or two here or there....take a look next time you're out....dozens of products....yards and yards of shelf space....for garbage. While I enjoy wearing diapers, I'm glad I am not incontinent as far as the expense, fuss, leaks, attention are concerned. But some company should try to at least help make these folks lives functional again..... For heavens sakes, make a functioning product! Rant over....
  4. One of my girlfriends "found" my stuff while cleaning the apartment. She was trying to find out why I would come to bed so hot after being on the internet (DPF in those days)....and was afraid it was another woman. Turned out she was very good about it. Insisted I wear diapers while in the apartment and going to bed. Of course she was kind of kinky herself, liked to be tied up and "taken".... That was one of great things between us.....on other fronts, we just turned out to be incompatible. I told my wife after we got married...not happy, said, "I don't want to know about it"....so we never did anything. Bottom line is...if you are getting into what might be a permanent relationship....you can't hide it.....you need to give them a chance to accept it, live with it, or leave you.
  5. You must be the kind of person that posts a lot of personal information on the web.... Oh wait, you did....... Sorry, I have concerns.
  6. I was a baby in the 50's and I know for a fact that I wore Playtex Rubber Pants. I have memories of wearing them when I was as young as 2.5 years. I have a vivid memory of her asking me when she was going shopping, what I "wanted from uptown", which usually was a new toy. I asked for a new pair of rubber pants, she gave me a funny look, but got them. I would hold them at night when I went to bed. They were folded and put under my pillow for a few weeks, then disappeared. Later, I started bedwetting, I remember my mother getting several pairs of Stay-Dry AIOs....in the beginning, the sides were tied with laces...it wasn't till just near the end of when I stopped, that they had snaps. The plastic was very smooth and the diaper unfolded to make it easier to try them after washing. They weren't supposed to be drier dried, only line dried.
  7. I arrange them up and down the middle so that wet will wick to the back of the diaper and optimize it's contribution to absorption. I do often put one extra where guys would.
  8. Recently, because of family situations, I've had a bit more time to indulge my diaper lover interests. For the last several years, I've only had a few hours here or there, or an infrequent day, to relax and release my stresses. Two weeks ago, I had to the chance to have an entire weekend (actually 3 days) to wear and enjoy. It's been the first time in many years that I"ve been able to take my "special things" out and look though all the stuff I've accumulated over the years. I was also able to wash and clean many of the adult and kids cloth diapers that I don't use now. In the short times available to me, I've found that my only practical diaper scenarios can involve disposable diapers and one great pair of plastic pants. This is far more easy to use and deal with then clandestinely washing cloth diapers which are actually my favorite. However, I've found some issues with disposables, even the highly absorbent top dollar kind. To me at least, it seems as if they don't quickly absorb a long, strong stream of urine. I'll grant you they are mega absorbent and hold a huge amount, but it seems to take them a distinct amount of time to absorb fluids into their core. This is particularly annoying if I wear when I'm laying down.....urine seems leak out the waist before it gets take in. Secondly, even though the disposable diapers can deal with and absorb insane loads of urine when standing, almost to the point of exploding, the moisture never seems to distribute to, and saturate the rear of the diaper. So I experimented yesterday and found a great solution for me. I now take a ConfiDry 24/7 disposable, fold it in half and break the filling clumps up, and then line it with 3 old Birdseye kids cloth diapers from front to back. It seems that the well washed cloth diapers immediately deal with strong streams and quickly transfer it to the highly absorbent SAP containing disposable. Even better, the cloth seems to continue wicking moisture to the back of the diaper, so that area is now functional and greatly increases capacity before needing to change. Last night I set up a diaper like this, only adding a disposable booster, and was able to remain in bed and wet, waking up with a totally dry bed in the morning. Typically, I wake up at night when I feel the urge (damn that ingrained potty training), stand by the side of the bed, wet, wait till I think it's all absorbed and I'm safe, and get back into bed. Not anymore. It also seems to solve the problem of wet being squeezed out as I roll around at night while only using cloth diapers, since it eventually gets locked in the disposible's SAP core. Does anyone take this approach? I know it's not very environmentally friendly, from either stand point...but it feels so good.
  9. I've been meaning to ask this for quite some time now but it always slips away. I'm one of the older members of the group, and so have very different experiences with the lifestyle.
  10. I have strong memories of being dressed in Playtex Rubber pants.
  11. I've found these to be great diaper stuffers.
  12. Well folks, I can say for certain I did have them as baby and my mother and grandmother found them when I was a bed wetter.
  13. I've looked at those.....and i have pair I got (not from them but similar) several years ago.