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  1. Hybrid Diapers

    I arrange them up and down the middle so that wet will wick to the back of the diaper and optimize it's contribution to absorption. I do often put one extra where guys would.
  2. Hybrid Diapers

    Recently, because of family situations, I've had a bit more time to indulge my diaper lover interests. For the last several years, I've only had a few hours here or there, or an infrequent day, to relax and release my stresses. Two weeks ago, I had to the chance to have an entire weekend (actually 3 days) to wear and enjoy. It's been the first time in many years that I"ve been able to take my "special things" out and look though all the stuff I've accumulated over the years. I was also able to wash and clean many of the adult and kids cloth diapers that I don't use now. In the short times available to me, I've found that my only practical diaper scenarios can involve disposable diapers and one great pair of plastic pants. This is far more easy to use and deal with then clandestinely washing cloth diapers which are actually my favorite. However, I've found some issues with disposables, even the highly absorbent top dollar kind. To me at least, it seems as if they don't quickly absorb a long, strong stream of urine. I'll grant you they are mega absorbent and hold a huge amount, but it seems to take them a distinct amount of time to absorb fluids into their core. This is particularly annoying if I wear when I'm laying down.....urine seems leak out the waist before it gets take in. Secondly, even though the disposable diapers can deal with and absorb insane loads of urine when standing, almost to the point of exploding, the moisture never seems to distribute to, and saturate the rear of the diaper. So I experimented yesterday and found a great solution for me. I now take a ConfiDry 24/7 disposable, fold it in half and break the filling clumps up, and then line it with 3 old Birdseye kids cloth diapers from front to back. It seems that the well washed cloth diapers immediately deal with strong streams and quickly transfer it to the highly absorbent SAP containing disposable. Even better, the cloth seems to continue wicking moisture to the back of the diaper, so that area is now functional and greatly increases capacity before needing to change. Last night I set up a diaper like this, only adding a disposable booster, and was able to remain in bed and wet, waking up with a totally dry bed in the morning. Typically, I wake up at night when I feel the urge (damn that ingrained potty training), stand by the side of the bed, wet, wait till I think it's all absorbed and I'm safe, and get back into bed. Not anymore. It also seems to solve the problem of wet being squeezed out as I roll around at night while only using cloth diapers, since it eventually gets locked in the disposible's SAP core. Does anyone take this approach? I know it's not very environmentally friendly, from either stand point...but it feels so good.
  3. I've been meaning to ask this for quite some time now but it always slips away. I'm one of the older members of the group, and so have very different experiences with the lifestyle. I grew up with diapers and rubber pants (typically Playtex) and never encountered a disposable till my late 20s. My ability to indulge and to buy diapers and plastic pants was very limited....there simply were none, or very few of very low quality. Most of my "experience" was basically due to a very vivid imagination. And, the internet and ability to contact people from around the county if not the world was not available to me till my mid 30s. My problem was, for the longest time, I literally believed I was "the only one" the lone pervert in the world. While I would rather not think it...it obviously had a tremendous impact on my life. For example, I found I rarely dated woman that I actually figured I'd become close to or potentially marry. When things got serious, I'd break it off...I mean how many woman would want to marry a pervert? I could not conceive of woman accepting, or even participating in this activity. I missed many wonderful "girls next door" who would have made great partners, because I couldn't do that to them...that being attach them to someone who WANTED to wear diapers. It wasn't till 1986 that I saw a posting on CompuServe HSX about someone like me and I was stunned, literally stunned. With the expansion of the internet, that rapidly changed and I moved from self-lothing....to basic understanding...to gruding acceptance of my needs. But a result was, I did not marry till much later in life, a huge impact when you think about it. My question to folks like me is, how different would your life be if there had been an internet to provide information and connect us when we were children?
  4. Do You Remember Plastic Pants When....

    I have strong memories of being dressed in Playtex Rubber pants. They came in a clear tube with a black cap. That was when I was about 18 months. I can remember getting diapered and put to bed, sometimes with a second pair to hold onto which I sucked on as well. I was toilet trained early, but at about 4 went back to bed wetting (I have sleep issues, when I go to sleep, I STAY asleep) and never felt the pressure most have to get up and pee. My parents let that go for a bit, putting pads on my bed, but my mom got frustrated (the doctor told her it wouldn't end soon till my sleep problem cleared up) so she ordered Stay-dry panties. They were smooth and felt great, but were worthless for the problem. I stopped right before 2nd grade. But retained the desire to wear rubber pants.
  5. New from Babykins

    Sorry, didn't see the link before. I'll definitely get a pair to see how they fit and if they are durable enough. I personally like latex.....
  6. GoodNites Tru-Fit

    I've found these to be great diaper stuffers. The commercial places in my town do not carry any pads like that (one sales person said) "these (meaning depends) work just great...never had a complaint...never a leak". Yeah right....try them lady..try them for real.
  7. Rearz Latex Rubber Pants

    Well folks, I can say for certain I did have them as baby and my mother and grandmother found them when I was a bed wetter. I have to say that over the years, I've come across small caches of older items from place to place. Once time on vacation to Hawaii I found some mint Stay-dry panties and bought all I could find in my size. Also found quite a few smooth plastic Salk Sani-pak (?) plastic pants in both tie on and snap on. And Sears carried smooth plastic pants and bloomers for quite a while. I even found some at Montgomery Wards....I was going to order from catalog thinking it was safe...but they delivered to store and you had to open the package in front of sales person to make sure the order was correct. I'd have died first since that was before internet and I thought I was the only "freak" in the world. Those days are long gone. I used to casually walk the diaper isles in supermarkets just to get a glimpse of plastic pants about 10 years ago. Those are all gone now. What will kids in the future find....and will there actually be ABDLs as the product and technology change. The video above was just showing a "changing" ..... I just found it interesting it was a Rearz video....I'm under the impression they were baby diaper people that just found adult diapers as another source of revenue..... Good to hear from you Angela!!
  8. Rearz Latex Rubber Pants

    I've looked at those.....and i have pair I got (not from them but similar) several years ago. Very nice, but not like playtex.....not that I knock them....they work well and feel ok.. like velvet. But I prefer latex. I also found this.....which continues to make me think... Bless them.....really wish I could go for a visit....but long trip...... Hope all goes well for their group.....
  9. Rearz Latex Rubber Pants

    Christine, No, the do not still make Playtex rubber pants, mores the pity. Those are just what i used as a baby and bedwetter. AC Medical's / Rearz latex rubber pants are modeled on them. They have two styles, narrow and wide crotch....the wide crotch ones work great... I did order some about 8 years ago and they still work...but you have to be very delicate with them. I just like them for the feel of smooth rubber, the smell and the memories. As a bedwetter, I had to wear a pair of very large Playtex rubber pants over Stay-Dry panties. Still leaked...but much less. I guess we are just products of our age. I see so many younger ABDLs that just use / know about / appreciate disposable diapers. Products of their time I guess. I wonder how future generations of ABDLs will evolve (new products and methods will continue to change). Wetpants
  10. Rearz Latex Rubber Pants

    Just as a follow up....I came across this article..... Very interesting observations..... http://www.cambridgetimes.ca/news-story/4236584-kitchener-cloth-diaper-business-is-booming-for-kids-and-adults/
  11. Rearz Latex Rubber Pants

    For the longest time now, and for a long time when they were AC Medical, I've been facinated with Rearz latex rubber pants; http://www.rearz.ca/latex-brief-wide-crotch-p-535.html there were mulitiple pictures in the old AC Medical website and I would routinely go back to them. I should mention that I grew up using Playtex latex rubber pants as a baby and they remain my favorite. I recently found the Rearz product videos posted in Youtube and truely enjoy watching them as well. The woman who does the videos is incredible, very attractive and pretty. I've been wondering if I should contact them and ask if they'd do a video on their latex briefs. I hate to impose and of course don't what to appear to be a real wierdo to a commercial service....but I'd find a video very stimulating. What do you think? I've noticed that several companies are producing videos of their products.....and I know they are meant to be professional and simply demonestrate their products. I feel a bit guilty for enjoying them so much.....
  12. It's nice to be useful. Something unusual happened this Saturday. The kids were at various places and my wife and I were home alone. I was working around the house doing minor chores and ended up in the laundry room to fix a valve when my wife was finishing up a load of clothes. She looked at the load, stopped, looked at me, opened her mouth then closed it and went back to changing the stuff to the dryer. I know my wife well enough to know something was up and I was waiting for one of those, “Guess who died
  13. Babykins Discreet Mailing Info

    Just to be clear, they mark the customs form as "clothing" and not anything related to incontinence items? That would be great. I'm always concerned that others in the household will get the mail and find some identifying note on the package.
  14. AC Medical

    I have been trying to get to the old AC Medical Site for a couple of days. I know that the people at Rearz finally purchased the AC Medical stock and were starting to show it on their site. Now it seems as if the old AC Medical Site can not be found... http://www.acmedi.com/acms/catalog.htm Does anyone know if the people at Rearz have taken the site off line. I've got to admit I really loved their pictures.
  15. The movie "Die WindelKlinik

    Might be...I only saw the trailer.....and it featured a guy in the gynocological chair.... but the nurses were dressed in rubber...