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  1. billybobtombo

    Pampers Size 8 UK

    I bought some size 7 at the weekend when I couldn’t find the 8s. Like you, I was staggered how thin Pampers are these days. Kinda sad lol.
  2. billybobtombo

    Things moms have said or done that made you jealous

    “Let’s get your bottom changed” is one I’ve heard too that really just stirred me!! of course there are so many variations of these - I could list millions I like. In fact I think there was a similar thread a year or so ago. Will try and find it. L Edit: think it was this one but it seems to have been truncated - annoying!
  3. billybobtombo

    Things moms have said or done that made you jealous

    “Let’s get you changed”.
  4. billybobtombo

    Pampers Size 8 UK

    Did the rounds of our local Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Tescos and Asda today to try and get some of these. None of them had any. Annoying! Most of the supermarkets have them available online now.
  5. billybobtombo

    Another new brand

    For the US at least: www.bumooza.com which I’ve not seen mentioned here before. Looks kind of cute.
  6. billybobtombo

    Pampers Size 8 UK

  7. billybobtombo

    Favourite diaper designs (OLD or NEW)

    Ohhh just looked. Me likey too!!
  8. billybobtombo

    Pamper's Diapers

    Looks like - in the U.K. at least - we have size 8 baby dry arriving soon... take a look at the sizing drop down on here https://www.pampers.co.uk/products/pampers-baby-dry-nappies
  9. billybobtombo

    Favourite diaper designs (OLD or NEW)

    For me Pampers have to have some of the gorgeous Pampers green colour on them. But they, Pampers, do make the best designs. Some of the Huggies are just a little “over the top”.
  10. billybobtombo

    Serious stocking up on Pampers size 7

    Surely no one in the community would actually go and ask her?? I seriously hope they wouldn’t anyway!!
  11. billybobtombo

    How was your first time in a diaper?

    A few “stages” of this for me: - as a preteen finding a couple of baby nappies in a drawer at home. Sneaking out of bed early one morning and taping one on to me. It didn’t fit brilliantly BUT I can remember the feeling of having the plastic wonderfulness betweeen my legs. I eventually wet it a bit. Loved it. - buying Drynites as a teen - they were not the most comfy size wise, but better than stage one haha. Again, an amazing moment BUT they weren’t plastic backed, and I knew they were thinner than I wanted. I slept in them a good few times, and loved waking in the night, wetting, and then going back to sleep. Nervous times getting rid of the wet ones though - buying some crappy adult pull ups a few years later. They fitted better than the Drynites, but were thin and crappy. I didn’t wear them loads, as it wasn’t long before... - I was finally able to buy some really adult nappies when my parents were away. I’d guess I was 17 or 18. They were Cuddlz all white prints, and I still remember the happiness and sheer delight the first moment I had the pack open and held one, smelt one, felt one. Putting it on was an almost out of body experience. That sounds like it was sexual, but it wasn’t. Just total comfort, safety, bliss. Feeling the thick padded plastic nappy over my bum and private regions was just something else. And the first time I wet it?? It wasn’t like I’d died and gone to heaven. I suppose a final “extra” step (another “first”) was a long time later (maybe ten years) when I first had my nappy changed by someone else. I remember lying there on the changing table, and again, just feeling like I’d died and gone to heaven. The moment I was changed and taped up, and had my clean nappy given a pat and a “you’re done”... that moment will stay with me forever.
  12. billybobtombo

    Serious stocking up on Pampers size 7

    Sure - I can see that. Even if so though, that’s an astonishing amount to buy in one go!! I’m just jealous really haha
  13. billybobtombo

    How many men wear 'girly' type diapers?

    I’m another who has no interest in sissy lifestyle at all, and am very comfy as a man, but does take pleasure from wearing pink / “girlyl” nappies every now and then - certainly not all the time. I’d love to understand more about the psychology that makes me enjoy this. Good to know I’m not the only guy who feels as I do despite no other sissy / cross dressing interest.
  14. billybobtombo

    Serious stocking up on Pampers size 7

    Was in the supermarket earlier and saw something curious. Actually, it made me think of the lady mentioned in this thread https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/64203-interesting-conversation-with-a-child-minder/ by @Frogboy. There was a woman, I’d guess early to mid 30s, with shopping trolley full of bits and bobs, but TOTALLY dominating her supplies were EIGHT jumbo packs of size 7 Pampers...!! At 58 nappies per pack, that’s 464 size 7 nappies purchased in one shopping trip. I was amazed. Could only (sensibly) think she was running a nursery of some kind, but then my mind got racing and I had some more interesting thoughts haha. Even took a walk down the nappy aisle to see if the jumbo packs were on offer, but they weren’t. But even had they been, nearly 500 “top size” nappies is A LOT to buy in one go. Surely most parents would expect potty training to be done with before that many would be needed?! Anyway, I thought it unusual enough thing to see to post about it.
  15. Interesting! I hope it works for her either way. Another ABDL nursery would be cool - she’s clearly been doing her research.