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  1. Can't get the tune out of my head

    For me, one of the most annoying tunes is the “I’m a big kid now” song from the Pull Ups ads. Argh, it’s now in my head again
  2. What Else Do You Wear To Bed With Your Diapers?

    When I wear to bed, a disposable and a pair of fairly tight boxers over the top. These act a bit like a onesie, and stop too much sag, but also don’t let me get too hot, which a full onesie does most of the time. When it is particularly cold, I do the. wear a thin cotton onesie instead. This is optimum comfort (sag wise) and it feels cute
  3. How easy is it for you to wet while sitting.

    As others have said, little and often is the key, and that way I can wet very easily. It does take thought, but not effort. I also find that the way to get max usage out of my nappies, as they wick so much better than flooding.
  4. A question about AB universe diapers

    I say no. It’s a distinct and pleasant smell, but nothing like Pampers, sadly.
  5. First time wearing a diaper

    I wonder if your classmate who asked is also a DL!
  6. Old Commercials & Little Space

    Am totally with you on the embarrassment factor. Even though I’m sure no one could have known how much I was enjoying the nappy ads, I just felt like everyone WAS looking at me!
  7. PeekABU from ABU

    I had NOT noticed that until now. Love love love it!! I want these sooo bad!
  8. PeekABU from ABU

    Not to recreate disposables pre mid 90s...they were predominantly all white except the landing zone. I’m no furry, but these are cuutttee! Can’t wait to try.
  9. This not as an adult little / AB, but worth posting anyway... I have a weird memory - as in I only sort of remember it but KNOW it happened to me - of being a youngish toddler, and lying down being changed by my aunt. I can visualise the Pampers packaging next to me as well as the room we were in As she got my dirty nappy off, I began weeing. She frantically grabbed a clean nappy and held it over me while I finished. She got me cleaned up, and in a fresh nappy. Just as she finished getting me dressed, I did a poo (not consciously!) and rapidly made that clean nappy anything but! I can SOO clearly remember her exasperated laugh as she lay me down and changed me, the fourth nappy I’d got through in the space of a few minutes. So odd how I remember it, I hardly remember anything from that age.
  10. Forced to choose

    Another vote for Bellisimos. The
  11. http://www.littleforbig.com/new-arrivals/ they look cute, the Little Trunks in particular. Would like to hear if anyone's tried them? Sadly not going to be available for us Brits yet Also like the idea of the same diaper, just in boy / girl style. Reminds me of the Pampers of my youth.
  12. I admit it

    It's a slippery slope - but just embrace it. You wouldn't be able to suppress it, however hard you tried!
  13. Magnifico Pull-Ups

    What are you thoughts after using them, DD?

    Just trying to judge close up what the new stretch panel looks like. No worries though. Thanks for the pics you did post

    SoggySoCal - any chance of some "comparison pics" of the old and new panel? Thanks for the above though already.