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    Just trying to judge close up what the new stretch panel looks like. No worries though. Thanks for the pics you did post

    SoggySoCal - any chance of some "comparison pics" of the old and new panel? Thanks for the above though already.
  3. T-Shirt With Diaper Graphic

    Love it! Wouldn't have the confidence to wear myself, but kudos to those who would. If challenged I suppose one could plead ignorance, saying you just liked the design?!
  4. Bambino Diapers Brand

    Hi all - question on the Magnificos for you. How does their large sizing stack up against XL Bambinos? Is the L Magnifico the same as L Bellisimo / Classicos? or is the lack of XL intentional as the L is larger if that makes sense! thanks.
  5. Vintage Diaper find!

    Would love to see some pics of one of them, please!
  6. Best way to change your self with tapped diapers

    Really surprised you tape the tops up first. That would NOT work for me - just tried on my morning change and my nappy just fell off pretty much each to to their own of course.
  7. Stuffers / Soakers

    As soon as Nappies R Us stock 'em here in the UK, I'll give them a go!
  8. Best way to change your self with tapped diapers

    It takes getting used to, but does become easier. I used to only change lying down, but now prefer standing up holding the nappy against the wall with my back.
  9. Nappies Vs Diapers

    Being British, they're nappies to me. Just sounds more babyish, probably as I'd never really used the word diaper until I got into the AB scene.
  10. Stuffers / Soakers

    Thanks all. Think I'll give some a go. Like the idea of the added bulk!
  11. Stuffers / Soakers

    I've only ever used Pampers as stuffers, really just for the waddle more than anything. They've never really "worked" to extend the life of the nappy, as I've not fancied piercing the Pamper so liquid soaks through. But like the look of the ABU Power-Ups and keen to give them a try. Do proper "boosters" like this really allow liquid to soak though and into the nappy itself? Does it soak through, fill the nappy and THEN still the stuffer? Or fill the stuffer, and kinda "overflow" into the nappy itself? Keen to hear experiences
  12. Pamper's Diapers

    Looks like size 7 are now available in the U.K. supermarkets. Good news for those of us use these as soakers.
  13. AB Training Pants: What's the Appeal?

    I'm similar - have often wondered this. I guess some people just want to ageplay at "potty training age" and so for them the pull-ups are synonymous with this. I just don't see that, for me nappies are THE biggest prop for ageplay. each to their own though
  14. TheABDLShop Carousel Diapers

    That's really cute. They colours designs remind me a lot of a baby nappy I remember wearing as a kid. They had an all over print, just single "fairground" items randomly dotted about. I later found one in a drawer at home as a teen and carefully taped it on myself soooooo many times, until it finally fell apart. I'd LOVE to know the type it was. British, late 80s / very early 90s.
  15. ABU Onsies

    As above, and always "run your fingers" along the leg guards to make sure they're erect (like you by the sound of it lol) before you put your nappy on. Agree on the pic