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  1. That's really cute. They colours designs remind me a lot of a baby nappy I remember wearing as a kid. They had an all over print, just single "fairground" items randomly dotted about. I later found one in a drawer at home as a teen and carefully taped it on myself soooooo many times, until it finally fell apart. I'd LOVE to know the type it was. British, late 80s / very early 90s.
  2. As above, and always "run your fingers" along the leg guards to make sure they're erect (like you by the sound of it lol) before you put your nappy on. Agree on the pic
  3. Ever so slight pull back of the crotch and a feel if wet is my absolute fantasy, or at minimum a feel of the crotch area.
  4. I wonder this too. I had a fantastic up bringing. Literally no bad memories other than the usual fall outs etc. I have no memories of being out in or using nappies. But I DO remember being fascinated by my older sister's doll's nappies. I loved the feel, touch, texture of them. This is one of my earliest memories, and I myself was out of nappies by this point. More and more I think that there was no "trigger" moment or event for me: I think I was born with this "seed" inside me.
  5. If you're going to be an astronaut, really there's only one diaper you should wear... it's made by ABU...and it's blue...
  6. I'd be interested to try the plastic backed. I like the feel of cloth, but they just sag so much more than plastic - never understood why.
  7. Interesting the L/XL is up to 56"...is this one "combined size"? The Bellisimos and Classicso XL is up to 57". Do the stretchy side tabs make up for this apparent sizing difference? From the pics I've seen, they look v cool. Can't wait for Nappies R Us to get some for us Brits to try. Would be interested in a full review if anyone can
  8. I dread that kind of thing happening!
  9. Ok one comment...these things are LOUD!! Like, serious serious crinkle! Wet, dry...same result.
  10. I am wearing Bellisimos for the first time in my short life. This makes me very happy. That is all
  11. The CLASSIC Fabine design, which I never thought I'd get a chance to wear...imho one of the best prints ever. Yay, will get to try them
  12. Is that pref for one tab per side for babyish-ness? In terms of fit and comfort I've never found single tapes as good.
  13. Seriously impressed at the rate of new products from Cushies. The Preschool range are cute. Look forward to hearing some reports on them.
  14. Interesting. Not heard about Changing Places in my little corner of the U.K. Just had a look, one near me. Great scheme.
  15. Amazing news for us UKers - Nappies R Us now stocking Bambinos!!