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  1. A soaked diaper feels warm. But a soaked bed feels cold! Yuk! (Can't sleep that way.) And the mommy has to clean all of that up. (Sad) So, our mattress has a water proof sheet under the cotton sheet. And just to be on the safe side, she always adds a nice big chuck pad before we go to sleep [emoji42] Comfy diaper ... Dry bed ... Everyone is happy [emoji4]
  2. Actually started flooding again while reading all these posts over and over! Thanks! [emoji64] (Pre-Flood) (Flood 1) (Flood 2) (Flood 3) [emoji480]ConfiDry 24/7's are amazing! [emoji517]
  3. ConfiDry 24/7
  4. Thank you for offering your expertise on cloth diapering. Perhaps this will be a good alternative to what we currently do to prevent leaking when sleeping on front and side. Our current method, which works well, (as in these photos) is to fold a long booster and insert it into the front portion of the diaper. But the cost of adding boosters merits our effort to explore other options, like your cloth diapering method.
  5. You are correct. Thank you for helping to clarify. For medical reasons (following serious injuries), we must drink 15 to 20 cups of water each day. Incontinence required use of a leg bag for a few years until, after being diapered by a nurse while in the hospital, the comfort and fondness of diapering took over, along with the littles who helped us survive a long time ago. [emoji64]
  6. Our angel mommy (the wife) takes such amazing care of everything, especially getting us cleaned up and freshly diapered for bedtime. The process is so soothing and comforting that, before she finishes the process, sleep usually takes over. Then, when tossing or turning through the night, the coziness and security of a nice thick diaper, provides to perfect feeling for calmly falling back to sleep. So yes. Wearing a thick diaper at bedtime is like sleeping on a cloud. [emoji297]️
  7. Sometimes more, but normally: On weekdays; 1 or 2 Full Briefs and 2-pull-ups. On Weekends; 2 or 3 Full Briefs and 1 pull-up.
  8. Yup, ConfiDry 24/7 most often.
  9. Down! Always point it down silly [emoji12] And keep it snug as a bug down there between the legs. A good diaper will distribute the wetness, even after it's really really soaked like this one. [emoji4]
  10. We will never run out of diapers! Just like bottled water, canned food, first aid kits, flashlights, etc., if there was a natural disaster, during which time there may be no running water or flushable toilets, we keep enough diapers to get us through and a shovel to burry all trash & used diapers. We re-order when our rotating diaper supplies storage approaches a one year quantity, preferring to keep it a two year level. However, if there is running water available, we could easily switch to our cloth diaper and plastic covers supply.
  11. Is that a real doggie? [emoji190] Well love doggies! [emoji173]️ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Hey! Sorry we missed this special event! ... ... Wellll, technically speaking, we actually did participate. ;-)
  13. (2) Our angel mommy (the wife) is the only one who needs to know. She takes such amazing care of everything, especially getting ready for bedtime (plus bedtime nurturing) and getting cleaned up and changed in the morning. Happy Happy Happy!
  14. Yup! Love the Rearz Inspire+ more than any other thick diaper ... ever.
  15. Rearz Inspire! We love um!!!