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  1. After seeing this 5 year old post, we decided to order Lille Healthcare, SupremFit. (Liked the patten) After receiving the order the first impression was that the diaper was not very thick, so didn't expect it to hold a much as thick diapers. Wrong! After wearing these over and over for long periods of time, they proved to be almost as absorbent as the thickest designs. So, because they are not very thick, we can wear these under the clothing with extreme confidence. The photo shows the Lille diaper after being extremely soaked for over 9 hours.
  2. Here are the prices: www.purastainless.com/shop/ And you can mix and match any of the bottles with any of the tops. The bottle you see in the above photos is the 28oz Pura bottle with the XL Sipper Spout. If you want to keep your top discretely covered, remember to order the silicon travel cover.
  3. We're staying well hydrated all day and all night long with the perfect bottle! https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?share_fid=29464&share_tid=59312&share_pid=1345360&url=http://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/59312-We%27re-staying-well-hydrated-all-day-and-all-night-long-with-the-perfect-bottle%21-/page__view__findpost__p__1345360&share_type=t Most are "Mens Happy Socks" from Nordstrom Department Store.
  4. Thanks for posting this, Wheels! We were of the opinion that Abri boosters were the "ultimate" boosters. But we may have been mistaken. We'll definitely try these! Here are the details about these boosters. https://bambinodiapers.com/about-totaldry-boost-ups-ezp-32.html
  5. Thank you for this review! We'll give this a try. It sounds like this may be a discrete (under the pants) but higher absorbency daytime brief.
  6. Good question, Comfortably! In addition to using a 'heavy-duty' diaper, a good snug fit, from top to bottom, and tucking-in the front area of the leg gathers is an important method that we have found significantly reduces the risk of leaking.
  7. You can mix and match any of the Pura spouts with any of the Pura bottles. Pictured here is the 28oz Adult Pura bottle with the XL Pura Sipper Spout. Combined with the "Silicon Travel Cover," this bottle can go wherever you go! http://www.purastainless.com. Remember to order the "Silicon Travel Cover," so your Pura bottle can go wherever you go!
  8. SuperSeni Quatro

    Seni Super Quatro is a very thick and extremely absorbent diaper. It's soft, cloth-like exterior also makes it a very quie diaper.
  9. Completely agree with 'Comfortably Diapered.' ConfiDry is so perfectly thick that it does not normally need a booster, but with one booster added there's never any leaking, whether sleeping all night on back, side, or tummy.
  10. Wellness Briefs

    We found "Wellness Original" to have a much higher absorbency capacity than we expected by its appearance. As you may note, they do tend to ride up higher on the hips than other thick or high-capacity brands. But that actually helps them to remain well hidden underneath underwear.
  11. The picture comes up on its own by simply typing its URL, which we've listed properly below the image as the "source." (minus the https://)
  12. Do you have a favorite artist or art-work that closely describes you when you are completely into your AB-DL space? This one nails it for us. This art portrays both; 1) our fitness lifestyle, and 2) our need for comfort, love, and safety while effectively managing severe incontinence. (Source) www.carnival-tricks.deviantart.com/art/Noxus-Dreamland-602578887
  13. Happy Happy "Happy Socks!" [emoji4][emoji1348]
  14. A snug thick diaper provides feelings of comfort, safety, and freedom. If that's nostalgic, so be it. [emoji6]
  15. Thanks! We do too. They're mens "Happy Socks" from Nordstrom. We've collected each design over the last few years.