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  1. For fair price and high quality, our favorite at this time is Inspire+ InControl by Rearz. Time after time after time, this extremely high absorbency diaper has not disappointed.
  2. Adam, We want to thank you for inspiring us (initially) to try Rearz. Sorry about your recent problems with the tapes. Perhaps you received a bad batch, because we also ordered Rearz Inspire and found no difficulties with the tape. As you will see in our photos, even after this extremely high absorbency diaper had been worn through the night (and then some), after crawling in and out of bed, sleeping and front and sleeping on back without any leaking, this diaper stayed snug and the tapes held strong. Crawling in & out of bed. Diaper stayed snug & tapes remained attached. Sleeping on front. Diaper stayed snug & tapes remained attached. Sleeping on back. After a long night of sleep (and then some), this diaper did not leak at all.
  3. Since reading Adam4's initial review about Inspire+ InControl, (quite some time ago) we have sampled that design as well as MANY others. We have come to realize by now that since that time, we have found no diaper from any other company that is more absorbent than Inspire+ InControl. Thank you, Adam4 for "Inspiring" us to discover this amazing diaper! For others with extreme urinary inconsistence, this diaper is by far the best (at this time).
  4. Thank you for adding your reviews. We hope that others can benefit by reading about your experiences. Lately we have recognized that whenever we have to make a quick choice on an overnight extremely high-absorbency diaper, we have begun to automatically default to Inspire+ InControl (Rearz). For severe overnight urinary incontinence, adding a booster is advisable, even with this most high capacity (12 hour rated) diaper.
  5. Yes, frequent changes are absolutely the best practice. But on some occasions, such as major events or long travels, it's not easy to find a place to change diapers away from the eyes of others. So, in order to provide confidence during these situations, this was simply a test to determine how long these extremely absorbent diapers can last. And they performed remarkably! However, on a regular basis, we prefer (and recommend) a fresh diaper as soon as possible after wetting occurs.
  6. Sometimes, like last night, we go economy and still get surprisingly great results as we did with these Attends Briefs - Waistband Style. They have a soft plastic exterior that feels very cozy and prevents leakage.
  7. We haven't seen anyone else here who talks about Absorbancy Plus (A+). But we have found A+ to perform among the best super-thick adult diapers that we've used. This is a photo of A+ being worn on many different nights.
  8. Very puzzling to hear that. Our order of BetterDry actually has an VERY soft and smooth texture. Hmmm. But like we said, the Rearz Inspire+ InControl diaper absorbs and holds an extremely high volume and in addition, when we feel like enjoying that added thick plastic protection, we put Rearz Inspire much highest on our list of favorites. In regard to your comment about paying high shipping costs for BetterDry, we absolutely agree. So we will add that rather than continuing to pay the unfortunate high international shipping costs for BetterDry, we are likely to select from two other diapers that feel, fit and perform most similar to BetterDry and they are 1) ComfyDry 24/7, shown below (dry then wet) and 2) Absorbency Plus (A+) shown at the bottom. ComfyDry (Dry) ComfyDry (Soaked) Absorbency Plus A+ (Soaked)
  9. Yes, We agree that Rearz has few rivals in the adult diaper industry with none coming close to it's amazing ability for extremely high volume absorption. (Shown below) We do consider BetterDry to be very similar to Rearz, but BetterDry has a softer and quieter plastic exterior. We absolutely love the very soft , thick interior and snug fitting style of BetterDry. And the high fitting waist on both of these brand (Rearz & BetterDry) helps prevent night time leaking that is more likely with low waist diapers, especially for us face-down and side-sleepers. (Shown below)
  10. Thanks for the suggestion! We are interested in trying every heavy-duty adult diaper, no matter where it's made. So as you suggested, we visited the Bambino web page. Very disappointing! Maybe it's just poor photography? After looking at our preferred color (all white) selection (Bianco), we found the Bambino photo images to be unappealing. The quality and fit MUST meet certain standards and those (Bianco) images don't appear to come close to what we prefer. Are there better images of the All-White Bianco-Bambino somewhere else? We would like to see them. If not ...then we'll keep using thick, soft, snug fitting diapers like these.
  11. Good try ... These are BetterDry :-)
  12. Leaking is simply not an option for any brand we try, as we push each one to its claimed maximum capacity. And so far, we are finding excellent results from a few brands that actually exceed their own claims including the one being worn here.
  13. -
  14. BetterDry [emoji65]
  15. Above, we are wearing Inspire+ (Powder Scented) Extreme volume & odor containment [emoji272] Would anyone like to guess which highly absorbent diaper is being worn (also for 12 hours) this time?