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  1. Diapers; punishment or part of life.

    This is what I play a lot when it comes to my Daddy Dom play partner. I'm his first Little Girl that age plays this little (most of his play partners age play teen, his current girlfriend I'd say goes...youngest around the age of 8.) I can't think of many of our non-sexual applications unfortunately, as incorporating diapers into the play sessions is super new.
  2. When Was The Last Time You Pooped Your Diaper

    Right now, and I wasn't originally intending to. But now since bath time is about an hour away, I've been enjoying my mess and the subsequent wettings until bath time (and a fresh bed-time diaper.)
  3. Stuffed animals~!

    I own a TON of stuffed animals. Never did like/care for dolls. It's likely because dolls lack that cozy/squishy stuffing that you can curl up in bed with. To me a doll was an ornamental doll, something that sat on a shelf/display and wasn't to be played with. (Like my grandmother owned.) Plushies? Now those were popular (see beenie-baby fad)
  4. Trying out goodnites

    I'm female, so hip size is more important than waist in this circumstance, and if I'm careful, I can pull on XL Goodnites with 36in hips. If I'm not careful though, they will rip straight down the side.
  5. Choice

    Working at a supermarket is no better. I can completely relate to the office job vs heavy work job. When I have my office days, I can comfortably wear and wet. I don't feel much in the way of discomfort either. When running around the sales floor though, I am ususally quite uncomfortable. I push 5 miles of walking per work day, and that involve a lot of friction. Sometimes it's just unbearable being in a wet diaper while moving so much (can anyone else say ouch!)
  6. Onesie - Snap Crotch or Snap Front

    I personally use snap crotch, but I'll also state that I'm both very slim, and very curvy. It's difficult to purchase onesies that fit right, but I got lucky with a one-size-fits-all brand from Little for Big on Amazon. I could wear mine as an undershirt, but I usually have shirts with lower collars, so it does somewhat stand out if I was out and about. Mainly I wear mine when I'm relaxing at home or as pajamas (which is what they were purchased for anyways). Never tried the other style, but to each their own!
  7. Packing tape for applying diaper tapes.

    We use store-brand tape, but admittedly there is very little if not difference between a lot of store-brand tapes and Scotch packing tape. There is a thicker brand where I work called "Postal Tape". I think it's also by Scotch, but intended for international mailing vs packing moving boxes.
  8. What is your faith?

    I'm a little of everything, so I guess I fall into the 'other' catagory. Roman Catholic by birth, non-denominational as a young adult, and commonly mistaken for Jewish for my large knowledge and respect on common religions where I work. (I'm in charge of seasonal and items relating to Holidays, thus I often know when Passover, Easter, and Ramadan occur). My two partners are also Atheist and Jewish respectfully, so I follow a bit of each.
  9. What Do You Call Your Pacifier?

    When I refer to it, I just call it a Paci. Nothing fancy.
  10. Nappy Chafing

    There's a few variables, but I'll list off what I've done to reduce chafing/ "Chub Rub" as it's affectionately called. Lotion and/or powder my legs and thighs. The less friction in the area, the less wear on the skin. Adjusting the fit on the diaper itself, so it fits snugger. I've seen a few guides including folding the diaper longways, sitting vs standing, and the like. I've found due to my size, diapers fit best when the bottom tapes are taped horizontally, and the top tapes are diagonally taped down (it also prevents sag) If you wear plastic pants/fixing pants, make sure they aren't too tight. That'll make things far worse. I'm sure there's more tips and tricks out there.
  11. Isn't the NYS minimum wage increase annoying?

    My major issues isn't particularly with minimum wage per say, but cost of living vs average local wages. I'll use some numbers from my area (Metro NY/NJ area, rural suburb) for examples where I hold issue. I have held a job for 10 years. I currently earn $16 an hour. After taxes, I take home approximately $500 per week. Basic math of 4.5 weeks per month, approximately $2,250 per month. Rent costs (on average, for a 1 bedroom apartment in the area) $1200 per month. Adding on utilities such as electric, internet, and water, the range could be approximately $1,400 per month. Food and gas expenses for one person per week (again, using myself) is approximately $75 per week, or $337.5 a month. Medication/medical expenses for me are very high, so I'll lowball and say...$25 a month. Shampoo, soap, medication, vitamins, etc. That clocks up to $112.5 a month. Lets do more math. That puts my earnings at $2,250, and expenses at $1850 per month. At the end of it all, $400 gets to be put aside for savings, credit cards, retirement, and both frivolous and emergency expenses. Over time, that's not a bad number to be squirreling away. But perhaps you need an oil change. You blew a tire, the bottom of your shoe tore off, a branch fell through your roof. Life comes with many unexpected expenditures (A branch did fall through our roof in our house this past storm). Suddenly, that $400 isn't looking so good. For fun, my boyfriend earns $9 an hour. I'll save the giant blurb of math and just use the facts that he takes home approximately $1,125 per 40-hour workweek after taxes. If he lived alone, he wouldn't even be able to pay rent on a 1 bedroom apartment. The apartment is blocks away from where he works, in the same state, same township, so how is this sustainable? I will always feel bad for people I know that carry large debts, especially college debts. I hold approximately 10k in home construction loans, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Those with college debt in the tens or hundreds may never dig out.
  12. Northern New Jersey?

    You aren't alone. I too am from the NJ/NY metro area.
  13. Training pants fabric

    If you have a bit of pattern know-how, you might also be able to size-up kids patterns (Its really just a lot of math) or use other patterns to get the area you need (Swim suits?) I believe when I tried something similar I used a tracing of my plastic pants for guidance.
  14. How much do you wear diapers in front of significant others?

    Originally I hid it from my boyfriend for years, but when I told him about it, he thought it was the cutest thing ever and he wanted me to wear all the time. He insists I wear diapers and cute clothes, so when it's possible, I do! I usually wear 24/7 regardless, but don't always wet/mess as often as I'd like.
  15. Childhood Memories and Experiences

    Similar story, though unrelated to diapers. I punched an Anesthesiologist when they tried to put me under for surgery! Apparently I shouldn't be given laughing gas, because I start to flail.