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  1. LittleAmytheil

    How much Prune Juice?

    Dried Apricots do a number on me. I think it has something to do with the dried fruit skin.
  2. LittleAmytheil

    Odd Question

    Kinks are (sometimes) strange, and they're valid. It's what you DO with them that makes you as a human. One of my older partners is into Vore (specifically, eating people alive), and he's an average ordinary human otherwise. He just likes to role play his sexual encounters differently. Another current partner I have is into the DD/lg play. My fiance has a foot and tickling fetish. We all have our things!
  3. LittleAmytheil

    How to get myself to poop

    I have something similar happen once a month (ish) but I too have no control over it. With the timing of my period, it throws my bowels completely off, and I'll usually fill a diaper with the kind of mess you're speaking of. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. I don't lose control, I just have a different consistency, so if it's badly timed, the restroom is always an option.
  4. LittleAmytheil

    teens and adults wearining hooded Cristmas sleepers to Walmart

    But what else would you wear under a sleeper or a kigu? You have to take the WHOLE thing off just to use the restroom (for girls anyways)!
  5. LittleAmytheil

    Best diaper for discreet purposes

    I swap between two. When I'm looking for absolute discretion, Always Discreet or Goodnites. They don't have the absorbancy of a premium brand, but they are pullups, and can hold one wetting. For something a bit longer lasting but slightly thicker, I go Molicare Slip. They still fit under (most) of my clothes, and last awhile. Unfortunately, they are cloth backed, and some don't like that.
  6. LittleAmytheil

    How to get myself to poop

    I recently was told by a doctor to temporary take fiber supplements for a digestive issue. I find that it's done wonders to the consistency and volume of my messes.
  7. LittleAmytheil

    Help me design a diaper week

    Depending on where you live, you can have UPS/FedEx deliver to a pickup location. I live in Northern Jersey, and I have pickup locations for both carriers within a half hour drive.
  8. LittleAmytheil

    How to dispose of diaper when not living alone?

    I've done a few methods. The first was a ziploc bag inside a grocery bag, then I dropped it off at the trash bins outside the mini mall where I worked at the time. No suspicion: Someone likely thought I was just throwing out car-trash, lunch, or otherwise. When I moved out, I would double-bag it in grocery bags, then toss it in the trash with some cat litter. Believe me, no one is going to think twice about a grocery bag filled with cat litter... Now, I just double-bag the diapers and toss em straight in the bin. No one rummages in my trash, and it's my trash! Who cares what I dispose of in my bins?
  9. LittleAmytheil

    Should I just start wearing diapers to bed?

    How every person in general should if you ask me!
  10. It took me awhile. The first few times I did it to try: First time I hated it, second time I was on the fence, and third time...wasn't much better. But I told myself if I was going to wet my diapers, I was going to use them exclusively as my potty. Something that really helped in the long run was every time I messed my pants, I would bring myself to an orgasm. Basic D/s training ideas at work using positive reinforcement. And guess what? It actually worked. Now I'll fill my pants without a second thought when the urge arises. If I feel the urge to go, and it's inconvenient, I try to hold it for later when I know I can enjoy it more. I am however still bowel/bladder continent. I choose to keep it that way in the event of binge/purge cycles, or needing to dress nicely for a fancy occasion.
  11. LittleAmytheil

    Are you an autistic DL?

    I can't say if they're related or not, because I've never been diagnosed with any sort of mental/psychological conditions. I do have diagnosed anxiety (Which I don't personally feel that my level is enough to deem a diagnosis) and the attention span of a goldfish, which can sometimes cause me to hyper-focus on things (video games, certain things at work, music, etc.). What I do have is this weird lingering "My parents didn't love me" mental idea from my childhood. It's very much untrue; My father was at every sport/music/event in my life, and my mother always made sure that I had what I needed in life. Heck, even as an adult my parents gave myself and my brother a full ride through college and even when I bought my car (first one catastrophically failed my parents assisted with starting up the payments until I got everything straightened out right. If anything, I think my draw towards DD/lg and being a DL has to do with the fact that since I was young I always preferred things of the younger age. Video games (Though now those games are MMO's and harder content), illustration, and sleeping in till 9. The DD/lg thing didn't even come up until my mid 20's when I met my second partner, and he's always had a sexual Daddy-Dom preference, just never with someone who age plays my varying ages.
  12. LittleAmytheil

    Should I just start wearing diapers to bed?

    I've started wearing at night, and I sleep so much better this way. I don't have any holding/bedwetting issues, but it's so calming to wake up in the morning, pour my coffee and wet my pants. I've never started my days so well since I started doing this!
  13. LittleAmytheil

    Are You Satisfied?

    I love my go-to Molicares, but I really miss the Molicare Super Plus. I loved the purple plastic packaging. I am going to be testing out some ABU's to get my 'cute' fix, and keep Molicare Slip for day-to-day.
  14. LittleAmytheil

    A question for those with vanilla partners...

    My boyfriend isn't an extreme vanilla, but I did hide my diapers from him for a LONG time. He accidentally found them while trying to find his garb for a LARP. I feel lucky: He reached out to a mutual friend that we can talk to about this kind of stuff, and he explained a lot of what being a DL is and isn't, which was really great of him. Then...the two of them bridge the awkward conversation with me and my boyfriend and I discussed it privately in our half-hour drive home from said friend's place. He offered to take part if I asked, and was comfortable. I really didn't expect it to be honest, but I personally don't ever ask him to take part. I'd rather him not at this time.
  15. LittleAmytheil

    When Was The Last Time You Pooped Your Diaper

    That's what I enjoy about the supplements; It's doing exactly what it should do to my system. When I feel the urge to go, it doesn't take much to push out a soft load. Sometimes it's on the smaller side, but today it was large and explosive, and one heck of a cleanup. I just leaned forward slightly and filled up the entire back of my diaper until it ran out of room and instead pushed towards the front as well.