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  1. Are You Giving/Expecting ABDL Gifts?

    They do, but in my area of the USA, we'll have maybe 1 cashier for a line of 5-10 people, and everyone is purchasing postage at the office (which is no fault of their own, that is what the office is for). My shipping is purchased VIA the USPS online, which gives me a tracking number and a 'creation' scan, but not a departure scan. Some post offices will forget the departure scan when it leaves their box and...then it's a problem if lost.
  2. Weird things to overhear....

    My Sorceress is so literal and book-smart, that she opens her journal and spell book to consult everything. She doesn't sleep much as an elf, and takes a lot of notes about the surroundings. One time she was asked to look up information on the desert we were heading into. She rolled low, opened her book and the page burst into flames. She stared at it for a moment before snapping the book shut and calmly stating that she didn't have any information on that topic.
  3. Time for new pacifier

    I bought one from a 3rd party website (uncertain of where off the top of my head) but it happens to be a Baby Pants pacifier (branded on the nipple). I happen to like them as well.
  4. Are You Giving/Expecting ABDL Gifts?

    Post office self-checks? As an eBay seller who often needs the post office receipt (It triggers a departure scan, meaning if the package is lost, the post office had it last not me) I would kill for one of those, terrible or not.
  5. Do you get to wear as often as you would like?

    All I can think is the commercial with the gent from India saying "My name is Peggy, how may I help?" and the woman on the other side of the phone is skeptically saying "Peggy...."
  6. Are You Giving/Expecting ABDL Gifts?

    A close friend of mine was asking what my favorite cute diapers are. Part of me hopes he was sent by my boyfriend to 'snoop' and pick a gift for me!
  7. What a thrill

    My new favorite outing is my movie dates with my boyfriend. It's usually a 6 hour event starting with dinner, window-shopping at the mall, then ending with the movies. Quite frankly, he's jealous because I can have alcohol with dinner as well as a drink with the movie and not need to stop once for a bathroom break! I carry a spare just in case, but so far I usually don't change until we're home for the night.
  8. Question for abdl girls

    I think a lot of it depends on immune system. I have a stupidly strong immune system (I'm nicknamed "Typhoid Mary" at work because I carry so many diseases, but rarely get sick), so as of yet, I personally haven't had a UTI due to messing at all, but I don't sit in it for a long period of time nor get it up in there as it were. Yes, I've had it smear to the front before, and cleanup is an absolute nightmare, but aside from some tinglyness, I've been alright. Depending on my mood, sometimes it feels good, and sometimes I just don't want to deal with it, much like most other DL's I imagine. From my understanding of reading the forums as well, it's not uncommon for soft messes to go both directions when padded up, male or female.
  9. littleforbig onesies

    I'm also female, and the fit was pretty good. I can echo what everyone else has said so far: The length (neck to crotch) length is the most important part. I'm a 5ft human with 36in hips/bust 26in waist, and I can feel a slight big of looseness in my stomach area, but it's also tighter around the bust to compensate. I feel the way the neckline sits helps to compensate for male/female form. If I didn't have much in the way of 'assets', I feel it would still fit well. A bonus is the sizing is consistent in all their products. I own an I <3 Daddy onesie, as well as a black/white and purple onesie, and all fit perfectly. That feeling when I could wear a diaper without worry under a skirt? Beautiful thing.
  10. Night Time Regimen

    I don't usually get what I'd consider to be a perfect evening every night, so I'll just lay out the evenings I love the best. After dinner I play some video games into the early evening. I have a nice warm bubble bath, with my favorite J&J baby wash (the apple variety). After drying off completely, I use lavender Aveeno lotion and lavender J&J powder. I snuggly diaper up into either Molicare or Bambino, with a crotch-snap onesie in black or violet (depending on my mood), then curl up under my sheets with my pet cat and my Nuk 5.
  11. Order from Amazon....

    So far I'm in the same boat: Any of my confirmed Amazon purchases have come in a standard brown box with Amazon Prime tape, or clear/brown packing tape.
  12. Anybody have an AB side?

    I was just about to start a topic with the same vein of thought. I started as a pure DL, but a lot of diapers have adorable little patterns on them, so what the heck, I'll get adorable diapers. After awhile it slowly morphed. I bought a diaper bag because I wanted something adorable to pack my diapers in, so now I have a pink owl diaper bag. I thought I'd try a paci again, and wouldn't you know, there's a matching bottle! So now I have both; though I only really use the paci, bottles aren't so much my thing. Then I saw adorable infant blankets with more owls...I used them to decorate bland spaces in my house, save for the owl print that is part of my diaper bag collection. Lastly I recently purchased a onesie and I love it. I'm waiting on a Nuk pacifier in adult size (damn UPS and their terrible shipping delays this week). I feel like somewhere in two years I've made the entire jump from pure DL to somewhere around an adult kid/teen. I regress by playing computer games while wearing a diaper and onesie under my pajamas, occasionally while sucking on a pacifier. Sometimes I'll meld my ages all together and mess my diapers while washing dishes, or clean house and feign an 'accident', making a giant puddle on the floor (My home is luckily all linoleum/tile/coated hardwood). I'm not sure how I got here from where I started, but to be honest? I'm quite happy with it.
  13. The first time in years

    It'll only be awkward for you, I can almost promise that. Doctors have seen so many stranger cases of things that a bladder/bedwetting issue is going to sit super low on their 'strange' radar. The good news about that, is that since bladder issues are reasonably common and researched, a doctor will be able to diagnose and treat in a reasonable amount of time with proper tests.
  14. When do you feel most like a toddler?

    Wearing a Onesie over a thick diaper. The more the diaper presses against me and reminds me it's there, the littler I feel.
  15. Poll For testing

    I loved Molicare Super Plus, and I'm still upset that they're no longer made. I wonder if this would make a good replacement based on personal needs.