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  1. I imagine it's just like the other two commenters mentioned. If you give the impression that it's required, no one is going to bat an eye. Especially if you wear plain looking diapers, not AB printed styles.
  2. Gimp is amazing, and tablets are awesome if you have the right one. I use the Wacom brand tablets, which is how I did my avatar/other illustrations. I'd love to talk to you about art if you're interested!
  3. I've never thought to do it, but I'd love to try the Little Swimmer's line in the pool!
  4. Absolutely! People need to both put in the effort, but at the same time feel like they are also getting something out of it. In my 15+ years of being with my boyfriend, soon fiance, and almost 1 year with a second partner, the exchange isn't always evenly split like that. Each side brings something that makes you 'whole' so to speak.
  5. Also depends if you're getting any irritation. Powders/creams are good if you're getting rubbing or your skin is sensitive, and some smell better than others. Baby soaps are also great for the skin (if you have a place to store or a private shower) Great for excema.
  6. I know I'm picking just a single sentence to quote, but this. I think it's in context enough to comment on as-is. Adults are a lot more work than babies, if for no other reason their size. I mean size in all respects, as in diaper size/usage, space of furniture, toys, food, clothes, etc. I don't happen to have nor want children, but if both my partner and I came home from an 8hr day of work, the last thing I might be in the mood for is taking care of an adult baby. I can imagine it to be a lot of work, especially long term. I can understand why in the long run, someone might not want to continue a long term relationship in that aspect, and in a way, it's not fair to deny either person of their urges. I understand too that I may have a biased view, but that's my 2 cents.
  7. Bulk and I are exactly the same in that respect. Try going over the toilet until you're body starts to accept/associate the sensation. I feel sometimes for women its easier, because we're used to that 'damp' feeling from wearing feminine hygiene products.
  8. Though I don't wear much at night (not a bed wetter either) I can say that wetting while laying on my belly is a problem, though not as much while laying on my back, likely due to the contours of diapers.
  9. I wouldn't be too jealous! As far as diapers go, girls are super high risk for UTIs and similar infections. Though admittedly, I usually fill up a diaper nicely on all sides before needing a change.
  10. I've noticed after a week straight of wearing, my body is super in-tune weather I'm wearing a diaper or not. When I'm not wearing one, I have perfect bladder control. When I wear a diaper, my body will go at it's one will, wet and mess, without hesitation. This is only frustrating now due to the latter portion, as cleaning up a messy diaper or three during the day is annoying! Double when I'm getting ready to go somewhere and think "It's just a few errands, I'll pad up." Then find myself wet within minutes of changing.
  11. They got replaced? Dang, I used to love the Super Plus line
  12. Congrats! My mother used to put me in cloth as a newborn. Her logic was "liquid in, liquid out" and I suppose if both my brother and I were diapered that way there was a reason. My uncle had twins some 10 years back and said a Costco/BJs (big box store) membership was the best thing him and his wife ever did. My family seemed to use a lot of Pampers.
  13. In my opinion, these only one way to know for sure. Take the leap and pad yourself up. You'll never know if you don't try. And quite frankly, whose business is it besides yours what underwear you wear? And what you do in it? (So long as you blend in with the crowd)
  14. I agree with most of the posted above. As a DL myself, I don't have any fascination/attachment with baby objects. I like to live my life exactly the same, just with some cozy thick padding. Weather I walk around with wet or dry pants is my private business. I've tried to use bottles, pacifiers, etc. and all that stuck was an attachment towards sucking on a pacifier, and that could be because I was reluctant to get rid of mine as a youngling.
  15. That's terrible. I was under the impression that legally, if your location has toilets, they MUST include 1 disabled stall that's usable. The only exceptions are when that locations entire restroom is out of order. In this article it seems the 1 disabled restroom was out of order, but I can't see where there wasn't enough assistance to handle it otherwise.