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  1. When Was The Last Time You Pooped Your Diaper

    My boyfriend said it was okay if I poop my diapers from time to time, but he wants not part of cleanup! So this morning while washing dishes I decided to load the front and the back. with a nice soft mess, then shower and bathe it all off.
  2. Coming out

    Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. I can't say this for sure, but I can say that my boyfriend is 100% not AB/DL, but is also 100% supportive that I am. My biggest hurdle was that he playfully mocked those who "wear adult diapers while gaming instead of getting up to use the restroom." and I thought that perhaps I would look like that person. (Because as we know, that is a perk. No leaving during a movie or pausing a video game!)
  3. New diaper options

    I've been out of the loop and was unaware that there is a cloth-backed Molicare. Though I always thought I'd prefer plastic backed, I'm willing to try them sometime!
  4. Wrong Size Means Your Fortune?

    The long and short summary is when my boyfriend found out that I'm a DL, he thought he'd buy me some adorably cute diaper samples. Problem is, he assumed that since I'm a tiny human, I wear smalls. Nope! The good news is, he ordered samples because he wanted to see which one looked the cutest. After the first one not fitting...I've decided to send the two I have to a good home. If you can throw me the $3 for shipping, that would be awesome, since these things go for $6 per sample, and about as low as $2 when you buy the 80 pack option. In a perfect world I'd send them together as a set, but can split them if it comes to that. Ideally if you're on the sizing fence, this might be a cheap way to try out something new that's usually not so cheap. Diapers included are (links included for additional info): 1 ABU Space Diaper in Small: https://us.abuniverse.com/product/space/ 1 ABU Cushies Diaper in Small: https://us.abuniverse.com/product/cushies/ Samples are sent just like that, no bags, etc, but I'll be putting each one in a Ziploc bag just in case inside of a USPS mailer (which is how ABU sends them, sans Ziploc bag). These have never been unfolded, just removed from the bag once for the photo and promptly Ziploced. I can mail as early as this next Monday (due to work schedules and post office hours). Post and most importantly, PM me if interested! Thank you all for stopping by, pending trade.
  5. Do You Have Lg Clothes? Where Do You Get Them?

    I second this. at 5'0", and 130 (I'm muscular) I can fit into most size 12-14 girls clothes. Even that hip LuLaRoe company markets their largest sizes of their kids lines (dresses, shirts, and leggings) to petite women.
  6. Stuffed animals~!

    I LOVE stuffed animals, but can only choose one to sleep with because I have terrible dust allergies! My Build a Bear Eevee gets the pleasure of sitting in my bedroom, while my bunny has slept with me sine I was born. The remainder get to sit in a giant line in the living room.
  7. Coming out

    My boyfriend of 10+ years found my diaper stash hidden when he was trying to find his Renaissance Faire belt. He didn't tell me for nearly a month and discussed with a best friend (who actually knew), and eventually the awkward conversation started. He loves and accepts me and I've been 24/7 for nearly a month now.
  8. So I'd like to start by saying I didn't follow any advice...and my boyfriend of 10+ years (high school sweethearts) found my diaper stash. He didn't bring it up for months as he researched and tried to understand it. Then...he started doing cute things. Encouraging my adorable behavior (sometimes I playfully act little around him and only him), moving my plush toys, the like. I realized afterwords that he was going down the list of "Understanding your ABDL" Then he just came forward and expressed what he saw and what he wanted to talk about and it went super well. My boyfriend is 110% supportive, and encourages everything. He asked what I wanted him to contribute, and was just as happy that I don't want him involved (much). I've worn diapers every day and night and haven't had to use the toilet for over a week, and he's okay with that!
  9. This fetish is awesome

    I have to agree with this 100%! My boyfriend has no Daddy/Big desires, but he wants me to do everything I want, and if I'd like him to be involved, he wants me to get him involved. All things considered, he is very "normal", and not in any way ab/dl.
  10. The Dreaded Mail

    I wish! My township is very strange. I'm closer to the post office in the neighboring town than my own (mine is nearly 15-20min away!) Is it strange that I think if they weren't samples, they might not have been taken? Large box vs small box scenario.
  11. Ordered my first sample!.

    I ordered a sample, and there was a bit of a mixup. Either my mail was stolen today, or my mailman left it in the wrong mail box (I have some mixed up mail in our lock boxes. I don't think it was our usual mailman) If someone stole it? It's insured, and that's on them. Federal law is against them if they open it and find out there's only diapers inside!
  12. Hobbies- who has them?

    Chain mail! As a bonus, I sell it too, so it's kind of a nice source of extra funds. I also am a natural Red Mage/ Jack of all trades: I like to sing, illustrate, play video games (MMO's lately, WoW and FFXIV), work Renaissance Faires, woodwork, and collect coins.
  13. The Dreaded Mail

    This post is a mix of a rant to make myself feel better and a mix of a share your experiences post! The long and short is that I live in an apartment complex. Instead of our mailboxes being at our unit, all 150 boxes (It's a large complex) are in one roofed gazebo, with everyone owning keys to their own box. When a package is delivered, a few things can happen: A: The package is delivered through the USPS, and put into either your mailbox, or the jumbo locked mailbox. You are then given the appropriate key. B: The package is delivered through USPS and does not fit in a box, or through a 3rd party (UPS, FedEx, DSL, etc) and the trucks will drive to your unit and place outside the front door on the porches C: The package will be deemed too large for any of the above options, and held at the local mail center for pickup at the township post office. Today, we had a substitute mail man. Either my package was stolen from the faulty box (large package box was empty of items, and I had a key in my box), or it was placed in the incorrect mailbox. Considering I had mail in my box for other units, and by the amount of letters jammed into other slots by my neighbors, many of us had other peoples mail. I know for a fact that two of the missing packages are my ABU sample diapers! Now while I'm not worried about anyone opening my mail, or seeing what's inside and/or tossing it, I am frustrated that it's all been mixed up on a Saturday (no post on Sunday) and my packages are checked off as delivered at 11am (checked the mailbox at 12:30pm). Has something similar happened to you? What was lost, and did it make it's way back? Did anything else unusual come of it? I'll post my own findings when the packages are deemed lost or found.
  14. Bambino Teddy.

    I so wish that Bambino made smalls! I tried their mediums, and they are just very slightly too large on me, so the leg fit runs the risk of leaking and bunching strangely. Aside from that, they're so amazingly fluffy and absorbent! You can wear one most of the day without a change if you wanted to.
  15. Do You Have A Diaper Bag?

    I love this bag! I found it at Walmart of all places for $20. Pretty sizable and holds quite a bit of stuff. And the bonus of owls. (I love owls!)