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  1. LittleAmytheil


    I haven't used Fet in years, and now it looks so different. It's more social media now than anything, but that's not a bad thing. I met a wonderful ABDL group maybe...5-6 years ago in Northern NJ. Sadly many of them have moved away, but I always kind of miss our monthly munches at a local restaurant.
  2. LittleAmytheil

    Topping from the Playpen

    I think you just need to play into that element: You making the decisions, and her acting them out. Now I'm not exactly sure on what kind of elements she would like you to top from but... I'm going to grasp at some straws and try to give some suggestions (as a sub/switch/lg myself, who sometimes gives Daddy guidance.) Set yourself a game plan. If your mommy is into changes, baths, etc, setup a timetable for that. Maybe walk her through how you want it done while she does it, or make it a game by playing a slightly bratty card. The same kind of goes sexually. Tell her what you want/like done, or how to do it. Give direction and let her take off from that lead. Hope this helps any!
  3. LittleAmytheil

    Plastic panty sizing

    I have the same issue, which is why my cloth diapers lay unused in a box (Hopefully not eaten by mice by now!) My numbers are funky because female proportions can be weird. I have a 23in leg (Used a measuring tape around where the leg gathers would sit) but my hips are about 36in. Every pair I've bought has been too small and painfully dug into my leg...so I'm clearly measuring something very wrong.
  4. LittleAmytheil

    Incentiving diaper wearing

    You may laugh, but I have two guy friends who only wear kilts (except for work). They just always hated pants! Of course in the NYC area, no one bats an eye at this kind of thing; Other places might.
  5. LittleAmytheil

    Incentiving diaper wearing

    I absolutely love this logic. I've used it for a few aspects of diaper wearing that I either had minor anxiety about, or wanted to enjoy but I was on the fence.. 1. Wearing out in public: At first I'd only get good lattes and donuts when diapered up. It was a delicious reward to myself, and it ensured that every time I really wanted one, I had to be padded to go get it; which would result in a wet/messy diaper later on. Bonus. 2. Messing: I had a love/hate relationship with messing. When I was at home and felt the urge, I'd make sure to orgasm afterwords at first. After a few months of this, I started to crave it and now almost daily mess my diapers. (I skip when at work, or life is in the way) On a related note, women wear (sometimes bulky) pads and liners at least one week out of the month, and no one bats an eye. In a way I feel like this is how I overcame the issue of "Someone will know I'm wearing" extremely quickly. No one says a single word when I'm wearing leggings and a pad, and no one will say a thing when I'm wearing diapers and jeans. (Of course, diapers under leggings without a skirt over them is quite obvious.)
  6. LittleAmytheil

    Public bathrooms or use your Diaper?

    I try to arrange it so I'm not out and about in messy pants, but sometimes it can't be helped. 9/10 I'll try to make it home first to clean myself up instead of the inconvenience of changing in a restroom stall.
  7. LittleAmytheil

    How soon do you sit down

    I do something similar! When I sit down and mush it about, I praise myself in my head.
  8. LittleAmytheil

    How much Prune Juice?

    Dried Apricots do a number on me. I think it has something to do with the dried fruit skin.
  9. LittleAmytheil

    Odd Question

    Kinks are (sometimes) strange, and they're valid. It's what you DO with them that makes you as a human. One of my older partners is into Vore (specifically, eating people alive), and he's an average ordinary human otherwise. He just likes to role play his sexual encounters differently. Another current partner I have is into the DD/lg play. My fiance has a foot and tickling fetish. We all have our things!
  10. LittleAmytheil

    How to get myself to poop

    I have something similar happen once a month (ish) but I too have no control over it. With the timing of my period, it throws my bowels completely off, and I'll usually fill a diaper with the kind of mess you're speaking of. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. I don't lose control, I just have a different consistency, so if it's badly timed, the restroom is always an option.
  11. LittleAmytheil

    teens and adults wearining hooded Cristmas sleepers to Walmart

    But what else would you wear under a sleeper or a kigu? You have to take the WHOLE thing off just to use the restroom (for girls anyways)!
  12. LittleAmytheil

    Best diaper for discreet purposes

    I swap between two. When I'm looking for absolute discretion, Always Discreet or Goodnites. They don't have the absorbancy of a premium brand, but they are pullups, and can hold one wetting. For something a bit longer lasting but slightly thicker, I go Molicare Slip. They still fit under (most) of my clothes, and last awhile. Unfortunately, they are cloth backed, and some don't like that.
  13. LittleAmytheil

    How to get myself to poop

    I recently was told by a doctor to temporary take fiber supplements for a digestive issue. I find that it's done wonders to the consistency and volume of my messes.
  14. LittleAmytheil

    Help me design a diaper week

    Depending on where you live, you can have UPS/FedEx deliver to a pickup location. I live in Northern Jersey, and I have pickup locations for both carriers within a half hour drive.
  15. LittleAmytheil

    How to dispose of diaper when not living alone?

    I've done a few methods. The first was a ziploc bag inside a grocery bag, then I dropped it off at the trash bins outside the mini mall where I worked at the time. No suspicion: Someone likely thought I was just throwing out car-trash, lunch, or otherwise. When I moved out, I would double-bag it in grocery bags, then toss it in the trash with some cat litter. Believe me, no one is going to think twice about a grocery bag filled with cat litter... Now, I just double-bag the diapers and toss em straight in the bin. No one rummages in my trash, and it's my trash! Who cares what I dispose of in my bins?