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  1. LittleAmytheil

    Do you regularly wear diapers out of the house?

    24/7! Usually during work/daytime I wear a disposable pull up, then when I'm home I wear thicker tape-on brands. It's been over a year, and I love the comfort and protection (Even if I don't usually wet them at work). A second plus for ladies: Never worry about mother nature creeping up on you!
  2. LittleAmytheil


    Even in the US alone, some things change names. On the east coast, we have an ice cream brand called "Edys". On the west coast, it's called "Dryers". It gets doubly confusing when you look at the brands overall. On the east we have "Edys, Bryers, and Friendlies". On the west its "Dryers, Bryers, and Friendlies"!
  3. LittleAmytheil

    Meeing Other Diaper Lovers ?

    Oh so am I! When I heard about Pokemon Lets Go, I told my boyfriend that there was no question that we were getting Eevee. My desk presently has a Sylveon, Vapoeron, and Lefeon plush, and my nightstand with the Build-A-Bear Eevee and a smaller Sylveon. Oh, and a large Mimikyu and small Pikipek. (I might have an obsession?) I couldn't get into LoL, but I did get into Heroes of the Storm. From my understanding, similar game, different companies. Overwatch I was SO bad at . FPS have to be my weak point.
  4. LittleAmytheil

    RP as away of exploring gender

    This didn't necessarily change my view of my own personal gender, but it did awaken my Little side so to speak. I'll share the super abbreviated version. Background: My Daddy-Dom has a DD/lg fetish. He has an open poly relationship, but for awhile was with the same 4 girls (myself included) with 1 that he called his girlfriend/primary partner. Ages were never really 'assigned' so to speak, but his girlfriend was a bit more of a switch when it came to 3-ways. When the three of us were together, I had a Mommy and a Daddy in the bedroom. (Without getting too graphic/detailed on this post.) Since that time, even as we've played together with other Little Girls, I've always been the youngest; Which is only funny because I'm almost always older by actual age! Even older than Mommy! Fast-forward about 5 years. Sadly my Daddy-Dom and Mommy had a messy breakup. My relationship has gotten far closer with Daddy (He's my secondary partner) and Mommy has moved out of the country. In our closeness, I revealed to him my secret about Diapers, and he's extremely supportive. He's more eager than I to include it in the bedroom. Although I think personally he wants to torment his new girlfriend, my little sister, since she has much more of a bratty streak (And I have a perfectly sized pacifier gag).
  5. I'm Bisexual (I also identify as Demi, or Ace) and a mix of an AB and DL.
  6. LittleAmytheil

    Would you sign yourself over to an Amazon?

    In the terms, contract, and lead family of "Exchanged" , I wouldn't mind being Stacey at all! Minus some of the insane misadventures, I'd be the model "Little going to college". I'd want my video games, coloring books, and TV at home with little expectations, but still have that little bit of both freedom and public humiliation.
  7. LittleAmytheil

    Meeing Other Diaper Lovers ?

    You're a MMO gamer too? I also play FFXIV and WoW! Faerie and Suramar servers respectfully! I quit hard-core raiding around Cataclysm, but play raid finder/casual. I too also love seeing movies (But they're a little pricey, so I have to pick which ones I see at home or in theaters).
  8. LittleAmytheil

    How do I get my boyfriend to diaper me??

    Talk to him! It's awkward, yes, but has to happen. My long-time boyfriend of 10 years accidentally stumbled upon my diapers and didn't want to bring it up (Because he didn't want it to sound like he was digging through my things: He was trying to find a belt he lost. I totally see why he thought it might be in that spot.) It was awkward, but we worked through it . Boundaries, expectations, and room for growth. Feel free to message me if you have any questions, I can't think what else to add off the top of my head to this post.
  9. LittleAmytheil

    What do u use diapers for

    Too bad there isn't an all of the above option. Usually it's just for wetting because cleanup is inconvenient, but when it comes to messing, I've started gently working in a sexual component. To give positive reinforcement for messing my pants, I'll have an orgasm. It seems to be working, because I would rather mess my diapers than use the toilet (when possible)
  10. LittleAmytheil

    Been buying via Walmart ordering lately

    Amazon is great, though I can't say about packaging/shipping. I've had no issues on that front, but I've heard horror stories of some of the delivery services used in dense cities, and package theft. I also haven't had labeled boxes, but I've heard that it rarely happens.
  11. LittleAmytheil

    Fight or Switch...

    As a person who lost the fight for their personal favorite (Molicare Super+ was my go-to, now it's Molicare slip) Branching out is not a bad thing. Just in case, because you never know.
  12. LittleAmytheil

    ABDL emial

    I was just about to say the same. I had 2 accounts from back in the late 90's/early 2000's so I would have a home account and a school account (This is when AOL was also your browser). Never had any issues thus far.
  13. All the time! Though sometimes I get that feeling before using the toilet. In other words, I'd like to use my diaper, but either don't have the time or facilities for a cleanup. That's usually where I get more forlorn.
  14. LittleAmytheil

    Different situations, different diapers

    Absolutely! I rotate between a bunch of styles/brands. Work or out with family: Pullups, like Goodnites or Always Discreet are my two big ones. Home or out with friends: Molicare or Bambino. Something high absorbancy, but usually not plastic backed (so it's quiet) Home or out with AB/DL company: Printed diapers, like Bambino, ABU, Rearz. If I get the opportunity with my Daddy, I'll wear the cutest I have. Sleeping: All/any of the above based on how warm it is and how I want to feel.
  15. LittleAmytheil

    Shopping list

    Are you staying in a hotel on your travels? I highly suggest lavender bath bombs/bubble bath by J&J, just for the travel at least. As for buying things in person, I second bottles/pacis. You're not going to know what kind you like until that point.