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  1. Water Supply Crisis in Cape Town

    Interesting little factoid about New York: It is illegal to build a new outhouse, but it is not illegal to maintain or renovate an existing one. One of our friends in Onion Country (it's a thing) explained briefly the law to us, as she has a functional and well-maintained outhouse (complete with a moon on the door)
  2. Creams, ointments, and oils

    I'm fond of the Lavender J&J line. I use a lavender powder during the day, and when I get out of the shower I use Aveeno lotion with J&J powder over it. My skin is super sensitive, so I hve to be cautious of strong products; hence using the sensitive baby lines. So far I haven't grown anything funky, and I hope to keep it that way.
  3. Diaper Caddy, Tote or Stacker recommendations

    I use a diaper bag of all things. Now keep in mind, it doesn't fit everything: There's no way to get cases of diapers into it. Cases of diapers are stored under my bed, while a 2-week supply and all the creams/powders fit in the bag. The wipes are in my bathroom, a different container.
  4. Hurry and get my diapers on!

    I have something similar to this, though luckily it only seems to happen when diapered (without diapers, I'm totally normal and continent) If I wake up in the morning and head to the kitchen diapered without hitting the bathroom first, I'll wet my morning diapers while making breakfast. When I return from work, if I haven't used the restroom recently, I'll wet my pull ups while settling in. I've also tested this with my evening diapers that I wear when home. I'll constantly wet while playing video games or working on my computer, but if I'm wearing panties, not a thing. It's a body-training thing in my opinion, mind over matter.
  5. Slipping Quality

    I don't personally feel like the Molicare Slip is a perfect replacement for the Molicare Super plus. The fit is most definitely there, and that I appreciate a ton. In fact, the fit is one of the major reasons I continue to use Molicare Slip vs other diapers. I can offer some comparison snippits between Old and New as it were. Molicare Super Plus was plastic backed, Molicare Slip is cloth backed. Due to being cloth backed, Slip can have the tapes re-taped, where Super Plus is a one and done deal. Super Plus came in one absorbancy, where as Slip comes in various absorbances (if you want to change more, or pay less because you may not fully use the diaper) Both have standing leg guards, and while testing with tighter pants (jeans) they did not leak from a moderate wetting (did not test with flooding) Super Plus and Slip are both 4-taped with comparable fit and sizing. Slip has thinner padding, but with new absorbancy technology, it does swell up when wet, and absorbs moisture well, leaving skin dry-feeling. Like I said before, I don't feel like Molicare Slip is a perfect replacement product, and I will forever miss the original. That in itself makes me feel like they might be closer to the worse spectrum, but at the same time I've had some benefits to not using the original, such as fitting under clothing better, less rustling noise, and the ability to re-tape.
  6. Are you happy in your situation?

    In the scheme of my padded-behind life? Things couldn't be better. I have supportive people in my life, digital and physical, and both buying and wearing diapers isn't a problem. In fact, it's more fun to go to the movies without the need to stop for the restroom, and my boyfriend thinks it's super cute. In the overall grand scheme of things, I'm content. I could use more money to pay off my debts (couldn't we all?) But I have them budgeted and controlled, so I don't feel as though that's a burden in the long run. I have an amazing boyfriend, though I wish I saw more of my immediate family more. My brother and I have been speaking on and off, and I think we both wish that we could sit down and talk without someone being in the hospital! Would I love another job? Of course. I feel as though I've outgrown my current one with no more opportunity to advance, but at the same time, I'm content and not being forced out of where I am. So overall, things are comfortable, and on the good side of things. If things were to shift or change, I'd be completely open to them, but they could also stay the same for years. I have a home, I have a car, I have food in the fridge, and the heat/lights are on. This is more than some people have, and it would be selfish of me to say that those little things are not enough for a happy healthy life.
  7. Single tab/tape diapers or double tab/tape diapers?

    As a female, I feel that two tabs fit much better. We have HUGE waist to hip ratio, and one tap just doesn't cut it. Usually the leg gaps will be too tight, and the waist absolutely huge, making it difficult to pull on pants. Then one has to worry about leaks on top of that... Though I will say too that the two tapes system also depends on the diaper brand. I feel as though with my Bambino Belissimo's I can get the tabs to sit nicer/more flush than brands like Molicare Slip. ABU Little Paws fit so-so on my frame, though I've learned better technique since then. I haven't tried with many more brands on top of that unfortunately.
  8. Diaper Pins

    Since I haven't used cloth in years, I don't remember where I got my pins. They look like the Protex pins listed above, and I use them for pinning Renaissance Faire Garb underneath corsetry (So it doesn't pop from my movement and stick me) They do in fact hold!
  9. Am I a diaper lover?

    I was around that age myself when I got the courage to go to a local store and buy my first pack of diapers (handheld scanner and reusable bags, no one but the security cameras saw me!) I can't convince you one way of the other, but I will say that you should just take the leap and try! What's the worst that happens, you hate it? If you live at home or with roommates, be discrete and respectful. Throw out your diapers daily in the outside bin (use plastic grocery bags, and drop em when you go to work or aren't seen) And same with changing in a timely matter and hiding evidence. I've thrown out diapers in the bin outside my job in a last-minute ditch scenario. If you have a cat, put cat litter scooping in the bag: no one will think twice nor think of investigating your often trash runs.
  10. Wouldn't that look good? In diapers.

    I think it's totally normal. Like many have stated, the first reaction is your instinct/what you're conditioned to do. The second reaction is what you yourself want to/feel you should do.
  11. Bored

    I do illustration from time to time. When Hurricane Sandy hit, I had my wisdom teeth removed and was out of power for 10 days. If I was conscious, I couldn't do anything physical without becoming insanely dizzy. I colored many coloring books that week...
  12. When Was The Last Time You Pooped Your Diaper

    He's an absolutely amazing human being. And is happy that I do things that make me happy. And since I've decided to go 24/7 for an experimental month, messy diapers are a given. Fortunately my body seems to have timed itself well, the urge and voiding coming in the evening before my nightly shower.
  13. 24/7 and Sports

    I do not personally, but I know there are a bunch of members that go to the gym while padded. I think part of it is wearing some form of fitting garment to keep the diaper from falling off/apart, and changing into a fresh one upon arriving a leaving: Just like gym clothes.
  14. Eating healthy is expensive

    As a supermarket worker and the child of a coupon hoarder, I'll try to offer some suggestions! --Eat veggies: Put a green with every meal. It's easier than it sounds when you realize that a pack of frozen peas is healthier than canned, and goes on sale for 10/$10. They also commonly offer store digital or manufactures coupons. And of course, you could swap that with other veggies, there's a whole aisle! Opt for the non-buttered/sauced veggies, and if looking for a slight kick, add spices/peppercorns. --Drink Water: Huh, a perk to being diapered. The more water consistently in your system (some people drink a whole gallon over a 12-hour period with lines on the jug) the less hungry you will feel. And water is good for everything: Skin, weight, eyes, etc. If you want to zest it up, add fresh sliced fruit into a gallon of water and let it leech the natural flavors. Bonus: You can eat the fruit after. Reusable bottles make this cheaper if you can do tap, otherwise cash in on jugs vs bottles for cost and the environment. --Salads!: It ties in with the veggies tangent. Romaine heads aren't too expensive ($1.50 a head regular price by me), and salad bags go on sale with coupons often, especially now with the January-diet trend. I pair side-salads with many of my dinners, with a splash of coordinated dressing (I know less dressing is best, but everyone has needs/vices). Add some walnuts/almonds for some crunch, or my personal favorite: berries or pomegranates (When in season for price)! --Meats: Cut down, but don't cut out. Leaner cuts are best, but it's okay to have ground beef in a warm bowl of chili, even if it's higher fat content. If possible, sub beef for turkey in things like hot dogs, sausage, etc. Your tastes will adjust and you'll find the original beef items disgusting! As stated above, many stores will mark down their meat for quick sale on it's last day of life. It's still good for 1-3 days after the 'sell by' in most stores! If you aren't sure, ask your butcher. --Organics: I see no benefit to eating organic items. "Cage Free, No hormone added" eggs still come from growth-hormone addled chickens. "Organic" vegetables may be grown without pesticides, but they are often sprayed with the same chemicals as non-organics to make them ripen in shipping. To each their own on this discussion. I'll give you a snippit as well of my own personal diet. I move a LOT at my job (approximately 5 minutes of walking, plus lifting and moving boxes, and I'm only hungry around lunch because I eat lunch a 1 and breakfast at 6am.) Breakfast: gluten-free blueberry waffles, Breakfast sausage, 1 fresh seasonal fruit item, coffee with milk and no sugar. Lunch: ham and swiss sandwich on non-white bread (wheat/rye/potato) with greek yogurt and a small bit of chips. Snacks: microwave popcorn, chocolate kisses, or cheese and crackers Dinner: stuffed pasta shells with a Cesar side-salad, including dressing. Last words of encouragement: Everyone universally agrees to avoid sugars/white flour. Both are absolutely delicious. My tiny 130lb body (at a muscular 5ft) can agree that life isn't worth living if you can't enjoy a beer with friends, popcorn at the movies, or a chocolate bar. Good luck on your progress to a better you!
  15. I'm scared please help

    @rusty pins absolutely hit the nail on the head, and yes, it is extremely hard to hear sometimes. My boyfriend nearly got kicked out of his father's house (his father felt he was taking advantage of living there) until they laid out ALL the expenses and his father understood that: a minimum wage job + car + gas (because they live 30min from most places of work) + car insurance + health insurance + student loans + misc expenses =/= stable apartment renting, considering most of the people who were willing to rent with him were not trustworthy when it came to money and paying debts on time. He did pay money towards home expenses and food on the other hand, so at very least he was able to hand over about $50 per week based on how good or bad the hours were. I'd also like to add that his area was terrible on full time jobs, especially if you aren't skilled or know a guy. But I digress... I am currently your age, a ripe young 28, so I feel I can partially relate. I say partially because I'm not sure about your area, past history, or wages. I've been employed full time for 6 years at a supermarket chain, pushing $16. Part time is $9 for perspective. I have owned my own trailer that I've spent about $30k on, and I pay rent/utilities of about...$1k a month, and additional funds on credit cards and loan payments for renovating my little place into something livable. I bought it without running water, a hole in the floor, and in dire need of fireproofing. I did all of this over the past 3 years by cutting back in every way possible so I could be comfortable now. I've slept on the floor without a proper floor, I've had no working plumbing/toilet for a month, and for a week I used an oven to keep myself warm while the heat was getting activated! I'll also admit that not everyone gets here overnight. You need a sizeable amount of funds to get an apartment, but usually less to sublet. A credit score is a must for many places to live, as are occasionally referrals. I'm not saying by any stretch of the word that moving out is simple and can be done overnight. But if you're coming to conflicts with the others living with you, then it means the time is right, and researching options is important.