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  1. I poop and pee then order the pizza *I hug you and snuggle with you*
  2. Ok
  3. Diapers, poop(love it), farting, enemas, face sitting, and a good bit of anal play
  4. Awwww it's OK you are still welcome here
  5. We go home and chill eating our food.
  6. Can I join?
  7. I order the same thing
  8. *She does what she is told and answers the question correctly*
  9. Drive through. We get in the drive through and order:
  10. Do you want to drive or order she said with a smile also I'ma be right back I'ma use the bathroom OK. (When do u think is your main time u are online?)
  11. Ashley pays attention and stays quiet. (She thinks in her head let's pay attention alot in here Also I'll have to use the bathroom soon.) "Ashley takes notes when she is asked to."
  12. Ashley sits quietly
  13. *Smiles Gets into the driver seat and buckles up*
  14. Yeah it's fine
  15. I normally just ask to go to the bathroom and mainly it's important that I try to make it right away