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  1. Different diapers for different occasions?

    I like to keep some Tranquility ATN around in addition to premium ABDL diapers. It feels like a waste to put on a $3 diaper unless I plan on using it thoroughly.
  2. That happened back in 2010. The dude got banned over and over.
  3. Any Pipe Smokers Out There?

    I do it in the summer. If I had a place where I could smoke inside I would probably be completely addicted.
  4. Discrete diaper pail solutions?

    Unless you need to hide from parents or roommates just bag them up in a grocery bag or two and hide them in tho other garbage until you take it out.
  5. Getting caught wearing by a stranger

    You might need to re-think those pants.
  6. Hopefully they come out with some kind guaranteed income because a lot of jobs are going away. If they don't there won't be a reason not to go and murder rich people and take their stuff like they did in France. And once they run out of rich guys anyone else with stuff.
  7. Do you get to wear as often as you would like?

    I can say I wear as much as I want. I have no desire to wear to work where I regularly get wet with cold water and when I have had the chance to wear 24/7 I get bored after 2-3 days. I have enough privacy I could be diapered all the time I am home if I wanted but why?
  8. Overpriced ABDL diapers

    You are talking about a product that is not only better quality than nearly all medical diapers, has custom printed plastic that probably has to be ordered by the giant roll and is made in small batches compared to medical diapers. Customization is not cheap.
  9. What would you like to do during a diaper change

    I have a recurring fantasy about my babygirl and I laying on a bed holding hands while we get our diapers changed, preferably before we are tucked in for the night.
  10. I wonder if designer diaper could become vanilla fashion? Not just the big companies coming out with colours but companies on the scale of an ABDL company making specialty stuff.
  11. Types of mattress protection

    IKEA has some decent ones. Called GOKART with some oomlats.
  12. I was going to some thrift shops today and saw some familiar looking patterns in a tub. On closer inspection it is full of new or gently used ABDL clothing and accessories, all un-priced. I find the owner and ask how much for the whole tub and was told $100 and there was more in the back. So I go in the back and see two more tubs of printed disposables and one of new cloth diapers and plastic pants. I took the whole lot for $150 as the owner did not think they could move this stuff or donate it to any charity. So now my friend and I need to find homes for all the clothing as at first glance it is too big for either of us. And probably most of the disposables because two giant tubs is more room than either of us have room for. Even if we sell sell stuff for songs we should make out alright.
  13. I don't know how I am the first to post this but there is a scene where a young Harry wakes up in a wet bed. It is rather sad because Aunt Petunia yells at him but it is cannon bed wetting.
  14. Sagging mattress

    It is probably ruined. If you don't want to replace it now the best you can really do is let it dry completely and get yourself a waterproof mattress cover that encloses the whole thing so the smell is contained. They can actually be cleaned if you don't let it dry for so long.