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  1. messyman

    Tunnel plug use

    Which size? Do you use the harness to keep it in?
  2. messyman


    http://www.pjama.co.uk/pjama-bedwetting-pants-for-adults Really expensive though.
  3. messyman


    Over the years a few companies have made these. Even in adult sizes.
  4. messyman

    Mini Bitcoin Farm

    Because electricity is the limiting factor in cancer research?
  5. messyman

    Trying out goodnites

    The blue threads in the waistband are the back on most adult pullups.
  6. messyman

    Binkie Princess written up

    http://www.fark.com/comments/9944416/Confessions-of-an-ABDL-Adult-Baby-Diaper-Lover-possible-nsfw-content-on-page#new The fark thread is as to be exspected from fark
  7. Your numbers are about what I worked out when I ran a ABDL munch which had a website. From the number of people I had registered in my province I figured I had 1/3rd penetration based on the rather limited age range of my users So I worked out the total at 1 in 5000
  8. messyman

    Good Vinyl Covers in Canada

    Mine leaked after a few washes.
  9. messyman

    Good Vinyl Covers in Canada

    Thanks. I think babykins will be the way to go. It has been a while since I could enjoy a soaked bed.
  10. messyman

    Good Vinyl Covers in Canada

    Does anyone know of a source for a heavy gauge vinyl sheet or mattress protector that will ship to Canada. I don't like the cloth covered ones because they give zero warning when they wear out start leaking and all that seems to be available is very flimsy vinyl.
  11. messyman

    Best flats

    Where is a good source for adult flats as I am fed up enough with Rearz to pay the exchange rate and international shipping? I do not have a serger so even if there was a fabric store that carried and appropriate fabric it is not an option.
  12. messyman

    Wetting while lying on your stomach

    I can do it so I would say mental. You are also likely to leak that way.
  13. Tape to extend the sides and TP to keep it from sticking to your skin. When I was a skinny teen I would take two size 6 diapers and fasten the tabs of one to the landing zone of the other way up on my waist then rip off the extra sides and use tape to bring it all together in the middle. It looks good but is not very functional unless you spend a lot of time with the tape.
  14. messyman

    Do your farts smell worse than when you poop?

    I am pretty sure my farts can be worse than my poops. Certain foods seem to do it. Although there is a memorable occasion after my partner and I came back from a buffet we like to call "chinese food diapers". We were both very stinky that night.
  15. messyman

    Different diapers for different occasions?

    I like to keep some Tranquility ATN around in addition to premium ABDL diapers. It feels like a waste to put on a $3 diaper unless I plan on using it thoroughly.