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What Other Fetishes?


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As much as I love padded plastic diapers, it's far from my only fetish. I wondered what other fetishes folks here may have.

I also love trash bags, polyethylene is a huge turn-on for me. I love newspapers too. In fact, whenever I'm not dressed in a diaper, I wear a trash bag like a leotard and sometimes I'll pack it with newspaper. That is 7th heaven for me.

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OMG! I seriously thought I was one of the only people that liked trash bags! thats totally awesome... I like the black garden style, followed by unscented small white kitchen bags....

all that aside...

Mild CBT, Pegging, Forced Pregnancy (has been on my mind latey, kinda coincides with rape fantasy?), rope bondage, crying, suffocation, domestic discipline, femdom, forced nudity...

oh, just a few.

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I actually began my diaper experience out of my love of the old style girls gym suits - sort of a very specialized transvestism. Over a period of years, I've had many different styles and colors of girls gym suits. It began with the suit the girls in my jr/sr high school wore - a skirted suit with separate bloomers. I even got to the point of being able to sew my own bloomers, copying the style I wasn't able to locate. These are very rare now - once in a great while they may show up on ebay.

I only have one gym suit left that I sometimes wear over my diapers.

I love to read stories and imagine myself in situations of being forced to wear diapers - so bondage, etc is up there in my imagination - I should be so lucky as to get an opportunity to act on this!

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I love the schoolgirls (pretty common)... but I am very specific about it: the plaid with the knee socks and mary janes..... mmm

It also drives me crazy when girls wear sneakers with no socks (or no show socks). Especially with shorts or a swimsuit.... oh man.

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Cheerleading uniforms, and especially girls IN cheerleading uniforms drive me crazy.

I'm not sure how to describe this next one, it's sort of like humiliation, but with underwear being worn incorrectly. I like to take all of my panties that I own, and put one on normally, and then wrap a few around my wrists, some around my shoulders, some around my ankles, etc. Once I put 15 pairs of underwear on, then I put a swimsuit on, then I put underwear around my shoulders and neck (don't worry, I was very careful with the neck part) and a pair of panties on top. So it's like panty humiliation, sorta kinda.

I love tampon and maxipad humiliation and stuff like gagging with pads and buttplugging with tampons, which all fall together.

I'm really into sub/dom. I am flexible, I get turned on either way. I prefer sub when with guys*, and dom when with girls. Actually, I liked both with girls, but dom more. I hardly ever dom with guys*. And this is humiliation, and BDSM, diaper stuff, etc. With girls, I sometimes dom verbally, and that really turns me on. Great foreplay, my girlfriend is really into me domming her. We usually start out like while eating, and she makes a mess (I can tell this isn't always accidental, though) and I'll say stuff like, "Bad girl, you should know better!" It's really cute how she reacts, actually.

Pony play is a turn on thought, though none of my girlfriends have ever been into it, so I've never experienced this. I want to, though.

*I'm not bi, like I wouldn't want to have sex with any of the guys I sub for, but I do like the play. Clothes stay on, however.

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I love diapers, I love long underwear and sleepers, I love self bondage( no one here to play with), I love rubber, put them all together and I have a good time by myself.

Sometimes I combine all of them, I love it, but I do wish I had someone to share my intrests with.....Bee

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OMG! I seriously thought I was one of the only people that liked trash bags! thats totally awesome... I like the black garden style, followed by unscented small white kitchen bags....

Trash bags are more popular as a fetish item than you think. Check this out: http://community.livejournal.com/trashbagging/

But before the internet, I thought I was the only one who loved wearing and wrapping up in a trash bag too ... I love most styles of trash bags, especially the very large ones, the ones that fit a large wheeled family-sized trashcan. Those bags go right up to the neck on a person of average height! The only bags ones I don't like are the sort of dull ones. They've got to be slick and shiny!

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Sissies, socks, schoolgirls, soft bondage, and submission in general. I love socks! :)

I like sissies and sissification too ... love cross-dressing and being feminine, when the mood is right. I have a real love for pantyhose, especially sheer black or dark brown ones. LOVE the look of my legs in pantyhose.

I also like bunched-up socks, Sonic the Hedgehog style (especially when combined with pantyhose).

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Well, in general I'm a Dom. I like to cause humiliation and make the girl feel helpless to me. To me that can go hand in hand with having a girl act like a baby. I also like to "force" her to do things. lol Umm I like to use hypnosis and some bondage. And yea ok that's a decent amount of info.

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Here's an odd one for ya: I like condoms. Maybe it's not so odd, though, since it's easy for the brain to form a correlation between condoms and sexual pleasure.


That's not odd at all.

Masturbating with a condom is awesome!

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Clean up is so over exaggerated. It's no harder than simply washing your hands.

If you only get it on your hands, you're not doing it right! :lol: This might be TMI, but at various times I've had to wash pillowcases, my hair, my girlfriend's hair, and even the headboard. Never hit the ceiling fan, but got close. So yes, condoms make cleanup *much* easier.

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