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  1. I haven't been able to wear diapers much recently but have finally indulged today. Unfortunately I could only wee a little bit and being a bit short of time thought of the idea of tipping warm water into my nappy. I am wearing a Tena Slip Maixiwhich holds 2100ml of liquid so in one way great but in another way not so good as I like to feel soaked. Anyway I wet a bit then took it off and tipped 500ml bottle of warm water into it and put it back on! OMFG it feels bloody great and I can still wet it if I want and it should hold enough. Don't know why on earth I haven't though of this before
  2. I just like wearing them, and I think if my boyfriend wore them too I wouldn't find it a turn on at all, strange!
  3. I am pretty sure I suffer from BIID, when I wear and use diapers I like to feel like I am disabled, that to me is more natural than pretending to be a baby which does nothing for me at all..I am pretty much obsessed with wheelchairs and diapers. To me it feels like how I want to live my life. I suppose it boils down to the same thing, being cared for and looked after. A couple of years ago I had GBS which left me paralysed from the chest down and incontinent. I had to use a wheelchair and diapers then and it was brilliant. However my boyfriend isn't really the caring type and basically made me feel unloved and a burden to him. I felt so confused, happy in one respect but completely let down at the same time. In time I recovered but it's been very difficult to leave that part of me behind, as in some ways I crave to be in a wheelchair again but I know it's not normal to feel like that so I strive to have a normal life and just keep that part of me secret. Only 1 person knows how I feel and he totally understands, and he has feelings like that too. Such a shame he is gay!
  4. what an awesome story, love it! Can't wait for the next bit, have read all of it just now
  5. wow! I spoke to my boyfriend about my fantasy/fetish and he agreed! So we are going to go away for the weekend with a wheelchair and a big supply of nappies, I am so happy right now
  6. Undercover, I have told him about things that I like doing but we have never actually done them. My ex that I did actually do stuff with totally used it against me when we split up
  7. I have mentioned it to him but we have never actually done anything
  8. yeah I can relate to that! I would like to rp being a quadriplegic, no movement at all other than my right hand a bit, having to be totally cared for and pushed around in a wheelchair and having my nappy changed and having to be catheterised too. Am tempted to ask my boyfriend to try this one day, what a turn on!
  9. barney2005


    I have a wheelchair fetish, not sure about casts as I was in a full leg cast for over 3 months a few years ago when I broke my leg badly. They are a bastard However, wouldn't mind giving it a go!
  10. yes the guys there that wore the helmets had really bad seizures.
  11. I have never seen anyone wearing what looks like a nappy in public and I do look. Not sure what I would do if I did!
  12. New here, just found this place, been a DL for a number of years now. Not into AB stuff at all but do like pretending to be mentally and/or physically disabled as they also wear nappies/diapers. Sorry if that offends anyone. I don't do it out in public, just at home every now and again when nobody is here.
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