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  1. ABDLism =/= LGBT

    Why do cishets keep necro-ing threads like these. Why.
  2. Traveling to Ireland

    As far as incon stuff is concerned, you'll be good. I've bought Tena slips and pants from smaller chemists (usually in villages), larger chemists (Boots) AND Supermarkets (Tesco).
  3. good news I'm getting through a work week wholly independently for once. bad news Im only doing it at the severe expense of my own health.

  4. Why no ABDL pride??

    No, you misunderstand, or rather, I should have made myself clearer in the first place - when I said 'we' there I didn't mean ABDL people, I meant queer people. I meant to point out that it wasn't necessarily the case that being queer 'was still such a problematic thing', it still is. You can have your employment impacted for being gay in many states, let alone being trans. Pride was needed and it still is. The reason I'm just pointing it out is because the way you initially phrased your (totally correct point) seemed to imply that Pride has, in practical terms, run its course when we're still fairly fucked ourselves. That's why I said 'call it pedantry, if you will'. I'm totally in agreement with you on the ABDL thing but I wanted to correct something about queer people that just came across in phrasing.
  5. Smashed my previous 3.5K run personal best (from August 2016) by ~50 seconds. I guess I run on the track like I metaphorically run from my rapidly crumbling emotional wellbeing :D

  6. Why no ABDL pride??

    I wasn't saying it to disagree with the notion that ABDL pride is unwarranted; just pointing out that I wish we were at a point where being outed didn't cost you your job, support network, and so on. Call it pedantry if you will.
  7. Why no ABDL pride??

    Depending on where you are, your employment can still be at risk, mind.
  8. Why no ABDL pride??

    The reason why these enclaves make appearances at queer and pride events is because those subcultures were and to some significant degree still are part of queer culture. That's a knock-on result of queer identity and relationships being sectioned off as inherently adult / inherently sexual in nature, rather than be allowed to exist in the world at large. Regrettably, that's still a problem to be addressed - informal queer spaces continue to be limited to bars and nightclubs.
  9. Wasn't it the user-created forum of some guy who hasn't been around in ages? (the irony of that latter part is not lost on me)
  10. Congratulations to Princess Alice!

    You go, girl!
  11. Shantae and the Pirate's Curse Video Game

    I'm quite sure that 30% of Shantae is members of the dev team hiding their kinks in plain sight.
  12. English (US): Mommy Domme
    English (UK): Mumme
    Doesn't...doesn't quite work...

  13. My days are numbered

    An understandable, if regrettable, situation. You'll be missed, and good luck out there!
  14. Transgender Day of Revenge