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  1. Gave mine some more polish after reading this.
  2. I don't see a problem with profile viewing. It's why we have profiles to begin with! People become creeps based on how they interact with you via chat/pm/posts, etc.
  3. https://quinnlyn-push-for-hugs.tumblr.com It's 100% SFW and has nothing to do with AB/DL stuff. It's mostly about positivity, mental health stuff, and LGBTQIA+ rights & equality. (anybody is welcome to follow so long as their blog is also SFW)
  4. I should put one of my Princess Pink diapers on my head and cut eye-holes in it. Great for the cold weather!
  5. Currently in process with a psychiatrist to obtain an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis so I voted for that in the poll.
  6. Oh wow! I don't think I could ever top that for awesome hiding spots! I used toy boxes in my bedroom followed by my dresser and sometimes a suitcase. Although I did pick a spot outside just in case I needed to hide them in a bush.
  7. Far west coast! In the big city in BC! Yourself?
  8. Hello from another Canadian! Sounds like you have yourself in a very comfortable spot now after quite a few years of confusion and shame. I'm glad things have improved for you! And also thank you for sharing kind words with everyone. ^.^ Welcome to DD!
  9. 2 or more preferred. I have thick thighs and wide hips so the more fastening the better.
  10. No. I am comfortable and happy with where I live. I have access to all my medical needs (and they're covered) and I feel like where I live does a lot better at protecting my rights as a trans woman and that's a huge deal to me. I would very likely be putting myself up for potential harm if I moved somewhere else or, hell, vacationed in another country.
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