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  1. Hey there, Lizzie...I'm new here and always looking to meet other DL's. Just wanted to say hello:)

  2. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Kirsty is the only one who can save either one of them at this point. I hope she shows up and takes charge.
  3. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Well! This has been a wonderful read and now that I'm all caught up here are my impressions: WOW. Elfy. You are amazing. Furthermore, Kirsty is my favorite character and I hope she gets to teach Sarah and Nick both a lesson or two!
  4. lizziecat <3

  5. lizziecat <3

  6. Hey, everybody! I'm new (to the site)!

    Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!
  7. 4-letter Scrabble

  8. Hi gang, Lizziecat here, meow meow, et cetera. I'm an on-again off-again ABDL who is tired of binging and purging and wants to stay firmly rooted in the community for once. My experiences are still evolving, I'm still learning, and now I also have a partner who supports me which is part of the reason for being more open now. I hope to see a great deal of you around the boards (and I really hope I get better at doing forums.) Oh, and I'm usually in the chat room! Okay, that's it, thanks, bye! *waves*
  9. How Many People Have U Told?

    Have I told plenty of people online? Sure! But I've only told two people that are at all close to me; I still have difficulty talking about it, even after the cat's out of the proverbial bag.
  10. I tend to identify as lesbian for ease but in reality it's somewhere between homoflexible and demisexual. See? Lesbian is way easier. XD
  11. Isn't there anyone here that's not 45????

    Hi, I'm 30! And I'll kick it with all these other "old" people because they're way nicer than you.