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  1. Safety pin as an id of abdl

    Lol, that's clever.
  2. Safety pin as an id of abdl

    A little indicator could be a neat idea in theory, something inconspicuous but also somewhat unique. Definitely don't agree on mixing ABDL into other movements however, that's just not our place.
  3. Lol, and I was looking at some really cute Asian PJ sets on Amazon earlier, too. But these are super cute! They definitely fit for when I get into little space, and I love that they're 100% cotton. Thanks for sharing Sweetiesnuggles!
  4. It's so nice when your family's out for most of the day on trash day, I was able to spend most of it padded and didn't need to worry about how much I was using! Just got around to messing for the first time today though, and I might hold off a change for a few minutes. But in general I've become a lot less put off by the act now that I have wipes to make the clean up easier.
  5. Last Post Wins....

    Oh-ho! One of these threads, is it? Count me in! I should warn you though I used to be fairly good at winning.
  6. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    This has been playing in my head all day for some reason lol (contains Higurashi VN spoilers in case anyone else is into the series)
  7. It only took 9 of the 12 Abena's for me to figure out how to tape it properly.

    On the other hand, they hold a lot more than I thought originally!

    1. LittleMegan


      And how do you exactly tape it properly?

    2. BabyRin


      I'm still figuring it out honestly, and I'm hesitant to try another one to test it since I only have one left. But rolling onto my side when I'm reaching for the tapes seem to help with my Molicare's, it pulls it closer and snugger.

      Are you having trouble too? I hope that helped then!

  8. Finding Dirty diapers on street, Trash, or Dumpster

    ^ I really want to believe this is a fap post and not actually real, crawling-in-diapers. It's one thing to like your own diapers, or a partners even, but a strangers - children especially - is crossing a veeeeerry prominent line and even approaching certain tabboos. I feel like it would normally be incredibly harsh to say this, and I haven't exactly become part of this community yet so maybe this is over stepping something, but have you considered getting help? If you can't control these repeated patterns, then you may honestly want to consider finding someone to help you, before you really do get into trouble.
  9. Poop position in diaper

    I'm somewhat versatile when it comes to what position I find easy when going number two in my diaper, sometimes it's on my back, sometimes sitting up, and sometimes standing. But lately I found that the eassiest way that lets my muscles relax is when I'm on my tummy. Then I just need to relax when I feel the urge.
  10. Today while shopping I bought my first baby wipes. I've been changing myself wrongly all these years.

    1. minachan16


      How did you change yourself without baby wipes? :o They're a diaper change essential!

    2. BabyRin


      Not in the best way! Lots of toilet paper and showers in case of messes. But I also used to wear a lot less often so I didn't think I needed them much.

  11. What's Your Life Like?

    Might as well give my answers 1: I am 21~ 2: Single. 3: Unemployed to help my mother in taking care of the family. 4: 4-5 times a week. I want to get to wearing every night at least eventually.
  12. How Often Do you Wear?

    I normally wear at night fairly often, maybe three or four times a week? But if I know I'll have the house to myself in the day then I won't pass up that opportunity, and then I'll probably use multiples. Or if it's Thursday/garbage day. It's so much eassier on trash day.
  13. What is your favorite adult diaper?

    TENA Women Protective Underwear Super Plus Absorbency. They're not finnicky to tape up like Abena Abri-forms, nor are they too puffy and noticeable like Molicare Super Plus. Discreet, holds well, and fits me perfectly, these make them easilly my favorites. And they do too count!
  14. Hi there everyone! In & out member here, you can call me Rin. So I had a question for the trans / little community here, based off my experience as a little and how I discovered that side of me. So... how many others here only discovered, or became comfortable with their little side after coming to terms with their gender indentity? For me, when I was younger and before transitioning I only had an interest in diapers, with a passing interest for the AB lifestyle. I thought it was really cute, and would look at boards and image sites about it, but whenever I would try to be little myself I always ended up being put off during the experience(usually if I saw myself in the mirror). Which killed my mood, of course. It wasn't until I had started allowing myself to be more feminine that I tried again. I'd grown my hair out by that point because that was just how I liked it, and I had started dipping into clothes that looked more 'right' (Admittedly stolen). And for once I didn't dislike that person in the mirror, I wasn't disgusted or put off, and nothing felt like it was wrong. I felt so much more comfortable expressing my baby side from then on, and since then I've come to fully accept it as a part of me. In some way, looking back, I realize that feeling that something was wrong was my brain telling me I was pretending to be something I wasn't. It's funny how these things manifest psychologically. But yeah! So I thought this might be a nice discussion topic to share experiences, and even discuss differences. So did learning of your gender identity or coming to terms with it also help you to discover your little side?