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  1. crawling-in-diapers


  2. crawling-in-diapers

    A Message to all ABDLs

    I'm curious what groups of people are trying to pass such laws in your country? I'm not familiar with how the UK gov and laws work, but when a government tries to control people's privet life, you then have a situation that is much more serious then just our interests here. This type of control is a form of Totalitarian behavior. It is so important to maintain checks and balances within government - By The People. Benjamin Franklin - The Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia 1787 As Benjamin Franklin was leaving the last session of The Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia 1787, a woman approached him and asked, “What kind of government have you given us, Dr. Franklin? A republic or a monarchy?” Franklin answered, “A republic, Madam, if you can keep it” Book title Government in the United States ISBN# 0-02-151100-4 (Page. 17)
  3. crawling-in-diapers

    Craziest Messy Moment

    Well I was sick over the weekend and experienced what I would probably call the worse messy diaper ever. I managed to put on a diaper even though I was feeling horrible because I felt like was going to die from the abdominal pains. I went into the kitchen to drink a large glass of water and within about 30 seconds my insides burst. It felt like a balloon popping in the seat of my diaper. When I sat down I felt like I was sitting on a slip in slide. The entire inside of the diaper was painted. It was an experience.
  4. crawling-in-diapers


    What happened to all the cute Oshkosh overalls that I use to sell on the net for adults? The overalls at stores like Sears and Walmart are not cute like some of the brands from about 8 or 10 years ago. Everyone is selling onsies all over the net in ABDL stores, but no one has cute adult overalls? Between all the thin PE backed (JUNK) being sold today and trying to find an thick vintage PE backed (All White) diaper, I'm disgusted with the direction of the ABDL world. We're going into 2019 and no one sees a market for a quality vintage baby diaper.
  5. crawling-in-diapers

    My experience ordering from Rearz in the US

    Too bad Rearz discontinued selling the Vintage PE backed, all white Inspire Originals. The new Inspire original suck. they have thin soft PE backing like all the other junk diapers out there. They are also not cut even with precision like the older Originals. And they refuse to let me speak to the owner, even after multiple attempts. They have grown so large that they have become arrogant and rude to the people who populate their paychecks. They've removed all their website review options because they don't care what people have to say, it's their way or no way now. This is what happens when a company grows into a multi million dollar establishment. I'm disgusted with them. They put all these videos out on youtube with Lori being so sweet, but she won't return a call to a desperate customer who simply wanted some information on a product. I've given up on them.
  6. crawling-in-diapers

    85 / 95 Attends Side By Side

    Attends from the 80s and 90s were the best (and my first adult diaper ever). The best (all white Vintage PE backed) modern day diaper that ever compared to them, and was thicker was diaper that Rearz sold - and has now been discontinued. I was so upset about this recent news that I made these posts. The new Original Inspires that they now sell are thin and have lost the quality. https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/65388-just-ordered-rearz/&do=findComment&comment=1563909
  7. crawling-in-diapers

    Pampers Size 8 UK

    Are any of these youth diapers plastic backed?
  8. crawling-in-diapers

    The nuances of wearing a messy diaper

    Hi Joep I sometimes like not sitting because the stink smells better, less strong and I can still smell the baby powder. But the sitting down and getting really messy is a bit deeper. It's an enhancement to the feeling transferring anger into pleasure when I am over powered by a cute female. I'll explain who I am in fantasy and what the messy diaper means: I'm a baby boy who has to wear diapers, the girl does not have to, so I am defeated by her maturity over me. People will listen to her and not me she has knowledge and maturity over me. Because I am defeated by her, and she teases me by rubbing it in, I become a very angry little boy in diapers. The poppy diaper is about being is a situation you can't escape, a point of no return, wearing a stinky diaper puts you at a disadvantage and lowers your rank of authority to be free and respected. It's the humiliation of having a bunch of girls looking at me and making comments about my stinky diaper in a way that upsets me. Not being able to escape the situation. I then become the little boy with a red face of rage. But the anger is channeled to the front of my diaper. The pleasure is the girl causes me explode in my diaper and her power to destroy me. It's about a cute girl(s) telling me "You're not going anywhere, you're going to stay on my lap" as I drool on my shirt and squirm in my loaded diaper while trying to escape her spider like tickling fingers - and all her girlfriends giggling and making comments about my stinky diaper. It's about getting so angry from her power over me, that my anger builds and builds until I blow a gasket and explode my diaper on her lap. Her fingers continue to tickle me until I burst with a gooy mess in my diaper. It's really about turning anger into a feeling of pleasure. The relentless building of anger caused by something that annoys you and then having an exploding sensation from the anger directed to the front of your diaper. Try this experiment Watch this video. Pretend the girl is trying to annoy you by tapping her fingers. Imagine you are in diapers you're trying to stop her but her powerful bodyguard will not let you go. While this is all happening, imagine you're about to explode your diaper if you don't get to a washroom. But you can't escape her bodyguards strong arms that are clamped around your body. You eventually explode the seat of your diaper. But she will not stop with her annoying fingers. She then notices the stink coming from your diaper as you struggle to brake free. But she just giggles and continues with her spider like fingers. Or this one
  9. crawling-in-diapers

    Dreaming of diapers

    When you're asleep, do any of you ever have dreams about diapers? Some of mine are kind of dark and eerie. I've often had dreams that I'm in some far away town at night walking down alleys and looking in trash cans for dirty diapers. They are always vintage PE backed diapers like I use to find in trash cans backed in the 90s. I've had dreams of driving at night looking for diapers on the side of the road. In other dreams, I would be wearing a diaper in the presents of a attractive girl. In some of the dreams I'm trying to poop my diaper so she notices, but I would always wake up before I had a chance to. It's been a while since I've had any dreams I remembered. But every so often these diaper related dream come back.
  10. crawling-in-diapers

    Sleeping While Messy

    Just wondering. How are you guys making yourselves poop at night? What do you do to make that happen? I think I recall making myself poop my diaper in the middle of the night a few time, and one day I pooped myself but was not wearing a diaper. I freaked me out because I don't want this happening during the weekday before I get up for work. People would smell it even after a shower if you're sleeping in it. But I'm still curious how you boys and girls get yourself to do it?
  11. crawling-in-diapers

    Why do you like poopy nappies?

    I associate the smell of a little boy I grew up with who was often running around in a poppy diaper. I wanted to be in diapers like him. I remember his diaper always smelled like Johnson's and Johnson's baby powder. When he pooped, you could still smell the powder which give the poop a mild smell of a baby's stinky diaper. There was a very cute babysitter that use to change his diaper. I think this is where the association of cute girls dominating little boys in poopy diapers came from. I would often stand by and watch her change his diaper. I remember the room smelling stinky but also had an amazing smell of the Huggies wet wipes back in the 80s. (Now discontinued) I guess I had a child's crush on her and wanted the attention myself. But I was out of diapers. So I would steal them out of his closet and put them on in the bathroom. From that point on, I started making them about of garbage bags. The desire to wear diapers never left me. When I got into my 20's I tried my first real diaper on which I stole from an overstock cart I was putting away at my job at the grocery store. (Attends 1995) I was so amazed that I started going out at night to grocery stores when very few people were shopping. I would try to time the checkout line so that no one would see me buying them. Since then it's just progressed into other things.
  12. crawling-in-diapers

    Post when messy.

    O Wow, Thanks for the link christi. Those look great!
  13. crawling-in-diapers

    Post when messy.

    Jenny, is that yours? I would like to know where you can buy one of the old trucks like that. I had one of these when I was a kid. Now they're all plastic I think. And with Toys R us gone, it seems difficult to find anything like that.
  14. crawling-in-diapers

    Freezing Poop

    Like I said, I tried it. Whats interesting is, when you freeze it, most of the water in the poop comes out and ends up being ice crystals that form on the outside of of the poop inside the bag. The freezer causes the moister in your poop to extract for some reason. So if you thaw it out, you end up with a very hard rock solid load. You can get a some elastic gloves and pick it up and put it in your diaper if you wanted to march around in a stinky diaper.
  15. crawling-in-diapers

    That fear of sitting on a cigar without a diaper

    Tobacco will do that. A nurse explained it to me one day, I guess it makes your veins expand and contract and has some kind of effect on intestines. I use to go to the park at night to study and smoke cigars while wearing a diaper. Almost every time I've had to leave to rush home because it's the most intense sudden urge.