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  1. Rearz pricing question

    Yes, you are correct nenog613. I show 194.44 CAD = 154.58 according to google. But my bank account shows I was billed twice for the order. My email receipt shows 194.44 CAD. But my bank debt shows $154.00 twice. So over $300 USD was deducted. And I also got an email saying , "Forgot something?, we saved your cart for you." But I only ordered one case of Large Inspire Original Incontinence Briefs. I don't know how a second order got saved. Again, my receipt that was emailed to me only shows a quantity of (1). I emailed Rearz. Last time I ordered there I had to email them about a similar issue.
  2. Longest been messy

    I can't sit in it too long because it's like acid on my skin. But there was one occasion when I blow out the seat of my diaper and sat in it while I played a 2 hour game from start to finish. The smells gets so deep into your skin, even a shower will not remove the smell. I've found the best thing to do is put on another diaper loaded with baby powder after a shower.
  3. Humiliating experiences.

    You could buy the Rearz. Inspire Original briefs. To say these are loud diapers would be putting it lightly. If you want to get caught, these are the diapers. I'm actually afraid to walk out of my apartment wearing them under shorts because if I see someone I know, I will be caught for sure. These are out of control LOUD because the PE backing is like the vintage attends from the 90s. But I like that. Anyway, you could do what I do. I dump a ton of Johnson's & Johnson's baby power in my diaper and rub the powder all over- into the seat of the diaper before putting it on. Baby powder is so strong, anyone you walk by will smell it. I love it on hot days when the inside of the diaper is piping with steam and it's loaded with baby powder. It smells amazing.. There was a cute girl at Frys helping find a drive last month. After she showed me the isle I thanked her, but she didn't walk away. She was standing very close to me showing me different drives as if she wanted to keep talking. I could not help but think that she was enjoying the baby smell by the way she was standing near me. She was very friendly and nice, I should have talked to her more, but I always screw up opportunities.
  4. Do your farts smell worse than when you poop?

    Could be if you have ulcers from coffee or too much acid in your stomach. Sometimes that happens to me if I drink too much coffee. I start getting heart burn and lots of acid in my stomach. Then I start getting horrible gas attacks, and they smell terrible.
  5. Rearz pricing question

    Has any one had issues with the price of products at Rearz changing after you placed your order? I bought a case of diapers last year and there was an issue. I don't remember what the support explained, it didn't make sense, but they fixed it. Now tonight I ordered a case that was listed as $125. for large diapers + 32 dollars shipping, and a 7 dollar pacifier. That should be around $165 about. Anyway, when I got my receipt, the the price of the case of diapers showed $158. The total of the order was $194.00. Why is the price always different when I order here?
  6. Does A Poopy Diaper Make You Feel More Like A Baby

    Yes, a powerless baby. - There's a deeper reason/ meaning to all this in the way I see it. (not sure if others feel the same) It's a thing about power. It's about young attractive girl's having power over me. Sort of like the big sister who over powers her little brother. I'm a baby boy who has to wear diapers, the girl does not have to, so I loose to her maturity over me. People will listen to her and not me. There for she has power over me. It's being is a situation you can't escape, a point of no return, wearing a stinky diaper puts you at a disadvantage and lowers your rank of authority to be free and respected. It's the humiliation of having a bunch of girls looking at me and making comments about my stinky diaper in a way that upsets me. Not being able to escape the situation. It's about a cute girl(s) telling me "You're not going anywhere, you're going to stay on my lap" as I drool on my shirt and squirm in my loaded diaper while trying to escape her spider like tickling fingers - and all her girlfriends giggling and making comments about my stinky diaper. It's about getting so angry from her power over me, that I blow a gasket and explode my diaper on her lap It's really about turning anger into a feeling of pleasure. Anger of being defeated and powerless and channeling the exploding sensation of anger into the front of my diaper.
  7. Bouncy Horsie Poo

    I've always wanted a play horse for myself. I've seen babies climb up on them in their poopy diaper without a care in the world. The fur on some of the horse comes off like a jacket for this reason, so they can be washed. I think another fun thing to do would be to be strapped in one of them carnival rides in a dirty diaper. But that's not really possible as people would notice. And yet another fun idea would be: sitting on a powerful woman's lap in my dirty diaper - being tickle tortured while trying to escape. But to be honest. As far as having fun by yourself, nothing compares to going to a park at night when no one is around and playing on the slides in a dirty diaper. I was able to do this because I had an escape path the back way out and the park slides were away from the entrance. I could see any car coming into the park long before it got over to the rides. There is something amazing about going down a plastic slide in a dirty diaper. The experience of feeling like a baby is so real is so real at that point. What's even more fun is when it's raining in the summer. The chances of someone coming to the park on a rainy day is slim. I love to crawl around on the wet grass and mud in the soccer fields in my diaper when it's raining.
  8. Bambino Diapers Brand

    @ Bambino Diapers member Hello, I always buy the Bellissimo diapers, they're still one of my favs: But I've noticed some serious quality flaws with a few diapers from my order about two or thee months ago. For example, the padding on the inside of the diaper was cut off center almost two inches, and some other cuts by the legs where totally off. To be more blunt, the diapers looked like they were cut by a kindergartner with hand scissors. I know this is not your company's fault, but are you guys in contact with the manufactures regarding these flaws? Diapers can be costly. Again, I love these diapers. I've would not change a thing, (with the exception) that the craftsmanship and quality control needs some improvement. Aside from that, it's always been a pleasure doing business with you guys. Thanks for all the prompt orders. It's been a wonderful 8 or 10+ years.
  9. Psyllium husk

    I don't know, it's mixed on the reviews I've read. But I remember reading that if you eat a lot of beef, along with vegetables like carrots, cauliflower, and greens, you'll poop HUGE loads. I recall having massive loads the next day whenever I would eat a large bowl of beef stew soup with large chucks of beef.
  10. A Message to all ABDLs

    Sick of people trying to play God, Everyone wants to rule the world. F...ck these communists Isaiah 54:17 "No weapon that is formed against you will prosper; And every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their vindication is from Me," declares the LORD.
  11. Wearing Diapers And Not Using Them

    I will say this In addition to wearing diaper to bed for the pleasure of feeling like a baby, another reason I would wear them for comfort is to keep my privet male parts protected. Example is: When I wear underwear to bed, my privet parts sometimes fall out the sides and are touching the sheets on my bed, I often get worried that a spider will bite my male parts while I'm sleeping. So by having a diaper on, I feel like I'm protecting my parts more.
  12. Holding it in

    I do that all the time. I did it today on the way home. I don't know if it's good to do, but I think I've become better and holding it in. Today I was driving home and got the worse cramps while I was in traffic. I didn't think I was going to make it, but then the pain went away. Instead of going straight home to use the bathroom like I should have, I went to the grocery store to get a few things. I had a moment in the shopping line where I didn't think I was going to make it and this woman in front of me was taking forever making her payment. I made it home and put a diaper on just in time before erupting the seat of my diaper This was probably the worse diaper explosion I've had in a long time. It went all the way to the front of my diaper.
  13. Getting caught wearing by a stranger

    One word of caution If you're wearing a skirt for example, be careful when walking around stores in very overloaded soggy diaper. If for any reason there is a small tear, or the plastic is not manufactured perfect, the weight of the diaper could end up ripping and dropping all the white pulp on the the store floor. It would be so embarrassing if there were people walking around you. So unless you're wearing shorts or pants which have some support by the center where the legs meet, an open skirt can be risky if wetting too much.
  14. Remanent smell after a clean up

    Thanks for the responses. I'll never really know if she smelled me or not, but it seemed like I could smell myself every time the wind shifted. But it could have also been the leftover smell that was in my noise. I was near a dumpster so she might have just thought it was that.
  15. How to change a messy diaper in public?

    I've often thought of ways myself. It depends on where you live.. Here in California, there are a lot of parks and restaurants that have out door porta potties. Store washrooms are difficult because if you walk in with a bag with a diaper in it, the store camera personal might get suspicious about what you're bringing into the store. If you had one of them cargo Vans with the seats in the back, like the kind you see in Scooby Doo, that would be a great place to change, but other than that, I would try a local gas station bathrooms that are not locked before you poop. Or change in the woods in a remote location where you'll have time to change. The more messy your poop, the more difficult it becomes. I would never poo in public if I felt like it was going to be runny. A hard poop is very easy to clean up obviously. Wearing diapers out in public is no issue at al, but pooping is a difficult and risky chance. Either way, you need to find a place where you know for certain no one will be around. And remember: that sometimes you find a place that seems safe, but then someone walks buy, or you miss someone who was standing near buy. You always have to think about things that have not happened yet. I've changed in outdoor dumpster holding bins at parks during night hours. But I've had some joggers come close to where I thought they were going to enter where I was. You just never know what's going to happen, and who is near by I've come to realize just how smelly poop can be to others, especially to someone who comes in contact with the smell for the first time. I once had a fantasy that some girl would smell me and think it was cute, but the reality is, the chances of that is 1 in a million, if even that. If you want to small like a baby, you'll be better off loading your diaper up with Jonson's & Johnson's baby powder. I've noticed that when you wear a diaper that has a lot of J&J baby powder (specifically), it can actually smell stinky. I went into a massage place once wearing a diaper that was loaded with baby powder. When the girl gave me the back massage, I was only wearing my diaper because she asked me to drop my pants. Long story short, she grabbed the back of my diaper and looked down there twice. I asked her why she did that, and she said she thought that I pooped. But I honestly did not, and I was not passing gas either. For some reason baby powder in a diaper can make it smell poopy. Unless perhaps it's just a mental association people have with powder and poopy diapers. I myself have noticed that my diaper smells stinky when it has a lot of baby powder in it, but it could be a subconscious thought that's associating the powder smell with my past memories of stinky diapers. By the way bdmw96, if you wouldn't mind me asking: I'm curious to know what the poopy diapers means to you? It's a subject that fascinates me. Like for example: If you were to poop your diaper in public, what is the out come you wish could happen if you could have your way? Would you like a cute girl to notice it and smile, or give you a look like you've been bad? Tell me about your inner though if you wouldn't mind.