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  1. Partners trying to understand ABDL

    Yeah alright. As someone who doesn't just get my info from one source of the community. I disagree that such an overwhelming majority innate reaction is a negative one. Maybe a majority yes, but not such an overwhelming amount. Also, not a lot of people are going to complain on forums about their already great relationship. And not the entire community is this forum. Yes acceptance is a struggle that we deal with, but people should be learning the skills to bring this to their partner in an accepting light, and their partners that are having a hard time understanding need a source of information thag doesn't pander to their negative emotions on the topic. There is a huge amount of the community that doesn't associate with this site. Try looking on fetlife and tumblr etc. There are a lot of people out there who have had experiences simar to mine. Do your research in different facets of the community before you label yourself some high authority. Also, don't talk to me like I don't know anything about this community. I have lived this life just as much as any abdl and I have delt with the bullshit and bagage that comes with that. I learned through help from people who have had succesful relationships involving fetish in a vanilla environment, and I was able to bring that into my own life and it worked! There are many other success stories as well. It's not hard to find. Most people have problems because they don't have that knowledge. Not because their partner is an angry asshole who would flip at the drop of a hat to something outside the norm. I'm not going to respond to this any more as this obviously isn't going anywhere, just know that there is a whole huge amount of the abdl community out there that isn't on the daily diapers forum and not all of them have had the negative experiences you so "expertly" expect out of damn near every vanilla person.
  2. Partners trying to understand ABDL

    I want to know where you are getting this idea that people who support their partners or don't innately get angry and pissy for no reason are such a minority, because in my expereince, if my partner is actually loving of me, they make at least an effort to try before they go all freak out. So once again, unless you have a table of evidence I'm going to have to assume you are substituting your own reactions into the reader. Which is honestly poor writing especially for a "relationship help" book. That says it tries to promote understanding. When all it promotes is begrudgingly accepting instead of loving.
  3. Well it's official! Starting HRT!

    Thank you everyone! I'm finally actually getting started on the 7th. (Forgot they have to take your levels first) I'm super duper excited!
  4. got hrt feeling good

    Lol! All good! How are you liking pills so far? I think my doctor is putting me on patches.
  5. got hrt feeling good

    Do you mean HRT? Also, I'm super happy for you!!! I'll be right there with you on the 7th! Congrats Babyleanna!!!
  6. Can what ABDL means/represents to you change over time?

    I've had mine become more of an emotional need versus a fetish need over time. I think a lot of that was me exiting teenage years though. There's a ton of stuff that can change based on age and experience. It all depends on a myriad of factors
  7. Partners trying to understand ABDL

    I understand that male abdl and vanilla female is the majority, but there are so many women I know who are also abdl with vanilla male partners. I just don't understand why it devalues the message by making it more gender neutral on both ends. Also, another quick thing I wanted to touch on is the expectation you had for the vanilla partner to be angry and negative towards the lifestyle innately. I showed the book to my fiance and daddy and he said he never felt any of that. He told me that he was confused yes, but curious and wanted to be supportive more than anything when I came out to him. He said it better than I could, that the term of "I wouldn't believe you if you said you weren't" in refering to anger and disapointment promotes those feelings in people who are genuinely confused and already on the rope about things. I honestly feel like statements like that could hurt more than help because it pinpoints on what seem to be your own experiences so much.
  8. Hey everyone! I recently have been trying my hand at writing a couple abdl or ddlg based stories which I have had the ideas for what seems like forever now. I realized though that it's just not something you can just go headfirst at with no prior knowledge. I really want to avoid typical first time writer errors so I figured posing a couple questions I have would help to avoid that. So first off, what is the propper way to write dialogue? I understand the use of quotations, but what about structuring? Like should dialogue between characters have it's own little section like a paragraph? Secondly, I kind of playing off the first question. What defines when you should begin and end a paragraph? Lastly, I would really like to get any advise someone with experience writing would give someone who is very new to it. Like any chronic problems you see with new writers?
  9. Baby Donald

    Probably, none the less I do have to say it hurts my heart to see people arguing politics on here. We get enough of that on every other facet of media. We all have a really cool thing in common here. Lets not let stuff like this divide us please.
  10. First mess / having roommates

    I don't mess often, but thankfully my roomie is my daddy so I don't have to worry much about it anymore, but when I was living with my old roommate I just never consciously messed my diapers if he was home. Thankfully he was rarely home, so I had a lot of time to indulge in little space, but those times where he was I would keep my diaper wearing pretty room exclusive so there was little chance of him finding out. There were times though where my EoE and digestive issues would have gotten the better of me. In times like that, a good stash of plastic bags and scented candles and sprays really helped especially stuff that doesn't just mask the smell. Also, if you do make the decision to mess while your roomie is home, I reccomend changing right away. Poop smell has a tendancy to linger, and if you even wait like 5 or 10 minutes to change, it can spread it's way around and it's hard to not notice then. Make sure you clean up thouroughly and ditch the messy diaper somewhere outside the building.
  11. Baby Donald

    I really don't want to stir the pot here, but you guys do realize that radical republicans burned hanging effigys of obama after both of his elections as well as other extreme forms of protest right? I'm not vouching for the riots happening now. I honestly find myself very middle of the line when it comes to politics. But It's the extremes on both sides of the political spectrum that are the problem. Being democrat or republican or conservative or democrat has nothing to do with your quality as a person. For instance, I've met many people who are republican that respect my rights as a trans-woman while there are democrats that critisize me for "not being trans enough". In my honest opinion, as long as you genuinely care for the sake of every american despite their gender identity, sexuality, race, upbringing, class, etc. You're good in my book.
  12. Rachel Bloom talks about the joy of pooping

    I love that she actually mentions the adult baby lifestyle in a positive light. A lot of what she said really cracked me up as well. Especially the "I wasn't potty trained until 4" bit. I totally empathize with that. I really also related to the bathroom sanctuary bit quite a lot. I totally do the same thing. I will sit on the toilet and read and check my phone for forever! my co-workers always give me guff about it.
  13. Partners trying to understand ABDL

    Okay, well I coudn't resist and I had to give your book a quick read through. Here's my initial reactions, complaints, and commemorations. My Concerns and Critiques: Alright so first of all, I am extremely disapointed and admittedly a tad agitated that this book is purely written for a vanilla female consumer concerning her male abdl partner. Already off the bat I feel disjointed with this book and it's message because I am a woman abdl and my vanilla male partner is the one who would be reading this. There is literally zero positive influence your book has by doing this that it wouldn't have otherwise if you broadened the demographic. Also, I understand the bias of writing from the perspective of the partner being introduced to abdl, but I feel like your protrayal of the abdl partner as well as the vanilla partner is on a minor level of insulting. I understand that in some situations the abdl partner would be looking for extreme gratification for their urges to the point of irresponsibility and immaturity, but that is not always the case. As well as the vanilla partner innately feeling malice towards the others desires. It is just plainly not a consistant presence in all situations like this. My last issue with the writing is the "over coffee" setting and the introduction and conclusion of each chapter. The narative of a fictional conversation to me seemed extremely out of place. By all means make refrence to it, but the creation of an inconsistant reality is nearly cringe worthy at points. Even condescending on a certain level. It's like the dora the explorer disease. Where your putting the consumer in rhetorical situations. Like "do you see the map? Whats that on the map?" Is not that far off from the one sided dialouge with the reader. I understand that's kind of what the book is supposed to be trying to portray, but the weird fiction to non-fiction of these parts of the book do not go together well enough. Take for instance the chocolate as an anti-depressant part. Instead of offering the reader non-existant candy, you could have introduced the analogy like "you know what goes good with coffee? Chocolates. Especially when you are feeling depressed." Versus the mention of actually bringing the reader a fictional box as an opener. Now for the parts I really liked about your book My Commemorations and Compliments All throughout the book I really enjoyed the consistent consideration for the readers feelings. Often times literature towards understanding a lifestyle like this is focused on the lifestyle so much that it becomes a textbook. You really had a lot to keep the reader engaged and there was consistent effort to empathize with them and give them a positive direction in which to fuel their emotions. The focus on creating a relationship that works for both parties is something I really find appealing. This was definitely one part of the book I enjoyed as I feel that generally people are one way or the other on this. It's either "I can't take it! They have to stop" or "My partner has to accept and participate in all my fantasies!" So to find that you promoted working together and communicating to create a world where both parties are satisfied was a very much appreciated reprieve. I also really appreciated the actual medical and psychological facts you quoted. Especially towards the end of the book. Nothing says "this is what to expect and how you know..." more than actual scientific evidence. I feel like stuff like this is very grounding as well. It can bring a person back to the reality of things when they can be so lost in their own heads. Another thing I appreciated was that you didn't advertise this as a cure-all. That not every relationship can survive the task of meeting such abstract needs while maintaining happiness and comfort. It's a sad but true fact, and that is a reality that both parties need to realize when working through something like this. Conculsion: I found the book as a whole to be informative, empathetic and constructive in all the right ways. The method of delivery really brought it down. I definitely think it does it's job though.
  14. Partners trying to understand ABDL

    I think this is a really great idea to begin with. I haven't read it, but if I get around to it I will gladly give you my two cents. Especially as someone who's significant other is purely a vanilla partner who adapts to help me indulge in my little side. It's definitely a topic that I find intruiging. I'm always looking for material to help him understand and to help me understand his side of things as well.