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  1. One of our more active DD members is perfecting his design of an extension system for the tabs of both baby and adult disposables. I have been told about his system and it looks very good. Before GoodNites Tru-Fit reached the market for my day diaper I put a Pampers Cruiser or Extra Protection Size 4 inside snug knit cotton briefs, such as Jockeys for Ladies. I cut off the side wings to make them more comfy. My husband is also urinary incontinent, but too large for Tru-Fit, which work far better on women than men. Day when he is away from home he wears Target Up and Up Size 7 inside Fruit of the Loom briefs covered by vinyl pants. He does not cut off the flaps, but even with tab extension those are too short to be effective on him.
  2. I am profoundly urinary incontinent. I must wear some kind of diaper except when taking a shower or bath and when swimming. There is absolutely any place I avoid because I am wearing a diaper.
  3. I grew up in a family in which most of the women on my mother's side have bladder control problems. After I was toilet-trained my own bladder was tiny and over-active. Consequently my Mom would ask me very nicely to wear a diaper on long car rides and for special occasions where finding a toilet would be a problem. Given that Mom and my older sister needed diapers it did not seem odd to me to also wear diapers. Having my diapers changed in public restrooms never embarrassed me. I reverted to bedwetting at puberty when I was twelve. That was when I was taught to pin on my own gauze diapers for bed. Ar 21 I lost all of my daytime bladder control so that was when I started wearing diapers 24/7. In 1990 I turned 26. By then I had graduated from law school and passed bar exams in several states. I had my own small apartment. I was in my second year as an associate attorney with a major law firm. Still, all the logistics of being diapered 24/7 was depressing me. One evening I broke down in tears sharing my feelings with my youngest sister, Missy. She had married before turning 19. Her husband was deployed as a USMC officer. Missy started laughing at me. She said, "The answer is to stop hating your diapers. Your choice is to be diapered or live in wet panties. Just sit here and think about this sensibly." Missy left me alone in her kitchen. She was behind me when she returned. She put a hand over my eyes. I opened my mouth in surprise. The next thing I felt was a pacifier being inserted into my mouth, but at first I did not know what was in my mouth. She pulled it out and uncovered my eyes so I could see. Honestly I had no memory of using a pacifier as a toddler. I was 5 when Missy had been born and I didn't remember her using a pacifier very long. She told me to suckle the pacifier for several minutes without trying to talk. Sure enough, working that pacifier calmed me. An hour later Missy started fixing a baby bottle for her daughter. She put two other bottles into the warming pan. She asked me to feed a warm bottle to her baby. While I was doing that she started to suckle a bottle and clearly enjoyed doing so. Suddenly Missy removed my pacifier and replaced it with the nipple of another baby bottle of warm milk. Somehow she began to hold her baby and guide me holding my baby bottle. Back then I did not have a car or driver's license. When the time came for me to go home Missy handed me a paper bag holding a new EvenFlo bottle with a clear silicone nipple and a new set of MAM orthodontic 6+ month size pacifiers. A cab took me back to my apartment. I was no longer depressed. The next morning was a Sunday in September. I walked to a store where I bought a bottle warmer and a dishwasher rack for baby bottles and pacifiers. Missy made me some big baby outfits. I began using AB play as my coping strategy. I could have some fun with my diapers so I was no longer depressed. Well that was over 28 years ago.
  4. Today is Monday. For me this is a work day at my law office. As usual I am wearing GoodNites Tru-Fit. Once I get home I will change into pinned gauze diapers from ACD.com, using Gerber Birdseye prefolds as soakers, with pull-on vinyl panties from Babykins. Today my loving husband has business meetings. He is wearing Target's brand Up and Up Size 7 disposable diaper inside a pair of Fruit of the Loom briefs covered by Babykins pull-on vinyl pants and then another FOTL brief to hold everything snug. Once he gets home he will change into pinned gauze diapers similar to mine, just larger.
  5. I was born in mid-July 1964, the third of six siblings. My memory begins during Memorial Weekend of 1968, 6 weeks before I turned 4. Because my bladder was tiny and over-active my Mom would nicely ask me to wear 'just-in-case' diapers on long car rides and special events. That first memory was havining my pinned gauze diaper changed on a lawn at Renaissance Faire. Both my younger brother and next younger sister were toilet trained before I have vivid memories. Missy is five years my junior. I do remember it took forever to toilet-train her, yet neither of my parents ever scolded her or appeared frustrated. Missy still needed cotton trainers and vinyl panties during the day until after she was five and never really stopped bedwetting. From age 4 until I left home for university Missy shared a bedroom with me. Until she turned 12 in 1981 it was my duty to diaper Missy for bed. Even when our oldest sister Penny was still having day wetting accidents our parents never scolded about that. Thus I believe the family tales that I was day trained by 30 months and night trained at 33 months. I did not revert to bedwetting until I reached puberty at age 12. I lost my day control at age 21. What brought me into the ABDL community was learning that many incontinent adults used ABDL play as a way to cope. feeling it was Okay to have fun in my diapers freed me of depression.
  6. I was 13 the very first time I got spanked. My youngest Aunt Betsy told me I deserved a spanking. I was curious and did not resist. She told me to take off my sneakers and lower my shorts and panties. I went over her lap. She spanked me like a baby with her hand until I was crying. I did wet her lap. A week later she spanked me again, that time using a hairbrush. She put an underpad to protect her house dress. Before I turned 15 my Mom began to spank my younger siblings and me. On me she always used a hairbrush and an underpad. She spanked me the morning of my high school graduation! During university I got into romantic spanking as foreplay. My experience is that men generally do not like using a hairbrush. I find soft belts and mini-martinets sensual. My loving husband arouses me with those. When I need punishment he only uses his hand. When I need to spank him I use a hairbrush.
  7. The first time I had to be taken to an emergency room while wearing a diaper was in June 1977. I was almost 13 and had reverted to bedwetting in July 1976. It was after I had put on a pinned gauze diaper for bed. About midnight I woke up needing to poop, so I got up, took off my diaper, used the toilet and put on a fresh diaper. Walking back to my room I tripped and cut my forehead enough that my Dad decided I needed to go to the hospital. Mom stayed home to look after my siblings. I was not embarrassed and even carried the family diaper bag, which the triage nurse noticed. I was wearing my long nightshirt. She simply asked if I needed a change. I told her I had changed a minute before my fall. The doctor did need to use a few stitches to close the cut, but I did not need to undress, so the doctor and treating nurse might not have known I was diapered. Twice in the next few months had had plastic surgery to remove the scar. My pediatrician suggested that I wear a diaper for those procedures because I would be sedated. Each time a nurse saw my diaper as I put on a hospital gown. Once while I was in the recovery room my Mom changed my diaper. As an adult I have been hospitalized a few times after I lost all my bladder control at age 21 in 1985. Sometimes I changed myself, sometimes they used a catheter so they could measure my urine output and sometimes a nurse changed me. When using a catheter I was heavily sedated. I much preferred wearing a diaper.
  8. I am urinary incontinent. Since May 2014 my primary day diaper is GoodNites Tru-Fit. The Girls' L-XL fits me very well and is effective for me. My home and bed primary diaper is pinned gauze with infant Birdseye prefolds as soaker inside vinyl pull-on panties.
  9. I was raised to be circumspect about revealing my undies. I was also raised needing just-in-case diapers because my bladder was tiny and over active. I never was embarrassed when my diaper was changed in a public ladies' room. As an adult I do my best to be discreet, but I never have worried about people knowing I am urinary incontinent meaning I wear diapers 24/7.
  10. French Kiss is a marvelous screen name. I enjoyed the start of your story.
  11. I hope you become inspired to continue this story. I enjoy it. Thank you for your good writing.
  12. The young woman in the photo has a very light pink spot on her derrière. Her face is defiant and sullen. Clearly she needs a real spanking until be is contrite. You say you will spank those living near you. Perhaps you should indicate in general your region?
  13. My urologist describes my condition as "profound urinary incontinence". This means my bladder never fills, urine flows out as it is produced. At least I have bowel control unless I am very sick. Since KCWW began testing GoodNites Tru-Fit in late 2013 those have been my routine day diaper. For bed I wear pinned gauze diapers inside Kins pull-on vinyl panties. When I am so sick I have no bowel control I wear Attends Youth disposables.
  14. I really enjoy this re-write. I really want to see the rest of your re-write. I loved the original 2014 version because Mrs. Clark was so nice to Liz.
  15. I was born in July 1964, the 3rd of what would be 6 children. History teaches that disposables had been invented prior to 1964, but were no yet commonly used. Nevermind, because my family hugged trees. My Granny Vi, my Mom Alice and her youngest sister Aunt Betsy all lacked bladder control. My older sister had OAB. I was raised in classic Curity 21x40" gauze diapers inside Gerber vinyl panties. Although I was toilet-trained by 33 months, I had OAB. For trips and special events I wore just-in-case pinned gauze diapers with vinyl panties as did my big sister. My only sibling who never had bladder trouble was my older brother Jack. My younger brother and both my younger sisters had OAB. When I started pre=school at age 4 I wore cotton trainers covered by vinyl panties. I continued doing so until 2nd grade when I no longer needed the vinyl panties over my trainers. At puberty in 1976 I reverted to bedwetting so have needed night diaperes ever since. Until college in 1981 those were pinned gauze with vinyl panties. From college until May 1991 I only wore Attends disposables. Then I had access to a home laundry so returned to gauze diapers for bed.