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  1. When I need to send a stool sample to the lad I poop into a bed pan which I have previously washed and sanitized. The doctors and labs seem happy with this method. Back when I was young that was how my Mom handled her stool samples.
  2. Yes I was spanked by the marvelous machine at So Cal Renaissance Pleasure Faire a few time each on several different years. Those were all in fun, so I do not consider them punishment. I had married my loving husband the last time the spanking machine was at Ren Faire. As you must know @2010 we purchased a real, serious Spank-O-Matic which can be set to administer mild spanks. The machine at Faire had a crank turned by the operator.
  3. Yes, my husband to be first punished me in 1991. My Aunt Betsy first punished me with a spanking [email protected], which was also my first spanking of any kind.. It was 1979 when my Mom first spanked me. I attended my first adult spanking party in the early spring of 1980 where I received my first recreational spanking. Aunt Betsy no longer lives in Southern California so I seldom see her. She spanked me for the last time in early 1980. while she still lived across the street from my parents.
  4. Right now it is about 6PM. I've been home from work for a half hour. After I undressed from work I changed into pinned gauze diapers and pull-on vinyl panties. We expect no visitors this evening so I am wearing a Onesies.
  5. Hi GP Boy, In this photo I'm wearing a Onesies, made for me by my sister Missy. It was taken in April 1993 during a weekend party we hosted in Hollywood, CA for other AB couples. I pushed a good friend. She cried. My Daddy Don un-snapper the Onesies crotch, removed my diaper, ruched up the Onesies and used his hand to spank me until I cried out my eyes. Then he rediapered me, re-snapped my Onesies and ordered me to sit on the toddler chair. We had purchased that chair following our wedding in October 1991. BTW, it was the friend I pushed who handed me one of my plushie bears to comfort me. The cotton flannel used for this Onesies is similar to the fabric of the 1991 shirt I wore during my first punishment spanking in June 1991.
  6. Without doubt washable diapers are not just still with us, they are making a comeback. In my local urinary incontinence support group sponsored by my urologist's office, of 45 adult members 22 routinely sleep in various kinds of washable diapers. The head urology nurse there tell me that nearly all of their older child patients wear cloth diapers to bed. The Pasadena branch of DyDee Service discontinued adult diaper service because of a vast increase in demand for baby through youth gauze diapers. Sales of waterproof pants are booming. On days I do not need to go to my office I usually wear pinned gauze diapers inside Kins vinyl pull-on pants. I select clothing which disguises those diapers very well. Since my husband is retired he wears gauze or other washable diapers most days. The nurse at his urologist tells him a lot of adults of all ages ask about cloth diapers. Sure, without DyDee this is less convenient, but modern washing machines are more efficient and reliable.
  7. Author Alex, I adore BECAUSE YOU ASKED FOR IT. I love it is told by both husband (Jordy) and wife (Kate), Of course I can hardly wait for many subsequent chapters.
  8. I answered this question on February 8. I still wish those diapers were available now. Meanwhile most days I wear GoodNites Tru-Fit Girls L/XL.
  9. As I Shared above, we have owned a Spank-O-Matic for ten years. It does not entirely replace getting spanked manually by an experienced disciplinarian, such a person is not always available and in the mood. Sometimes I feel I deserve a spanking but I do not want a scolding or being sent to Punishment Corner. To get a manual spanking I must confess. After that I have no control over the punishment. On my own I can set the controls of the SOM, assume the position and then push the start. The resulting spanking is administered as I programed it. Our SOM has computer memory so if I call up "Angela's Last" I get exactly the same spanking as before. If my husband needs a rare spanking I have the choice of doing so manually or using the SOM where I can better watch his reaction. By now nearly every of our adult apanking pals who have experienced a SOM have purchased one. There are basic started models to which optional refinements can be added as desire and budget dictate.
  10. Since I was a kid needing just-in-case diapers I have gotten used to being changed and later changing myself in public ladies' rooms. First I wore pinned gauze diapers until I was 17 and leaving for university. From then until ! was 27 I could only wear tape-on adult disposables. For me it is more discreet to change GoodNites Tru-Fit than tape-on disposables. I've worn Tru-Fit since they were introduced in 2014.
  11. Today is Memorial Day in the USA. My day started before dawn, as it does most work days, because we went to memorial services. My husband is a USMC combat veteran, as is my Dad and my brother-in-law. Therefore I dressed as discreetly as I do when appearing in court. My urinary incontinence does stop just because I go to religious services. Like for a normal work day I am wearing GoodNites Tru-Fit Girls L-XL. They fit me because I am petite. My husband has only been urinary incontinent a couple of years. To be discreet today he is wearing a Target Up and Up size 7 inside snug knit cotton briefs, covered by vinyl pull-on pants, in turn covered by another pair of snug cotton briefs. Both of our diapers are reliable for over 5 hours. Usually it is warm enough that sweat becomes a problem long before these kinds of diapers are saturated.
  12. All things considered, ever since my birthday last year I believe I've been a very good girl. For the most part my Mom Alice, my youngest sister Missy and my loving husband have not found a lot of disappointment with my deportment. Of course I get a sound reminder spanking on my birthdays since I turned 16 in 1980. Reminder spankings have probably saved me from a lot of misbehavior. Following my last birthday in July 2018 my Mom had to give me a reminder on my bare bottom with her hairbrush last September and Missy reminded me last New Years Day on my bare delicate derrière with her personal Mason Pearson hairbrush until I was blubbering like a toddler. Freely I admit that the pressure of my career as an attorney combined by my worry about my husband's health has made me tense since early February. A few weeks ago, on Mother's Day, Mom said: "Angela, clean up your act. You are heading for a serious spanking!" Last weekend Missy said, "Angela, if I had the time right now I'd spanking the stuffing out of you!" My husband could hear what my Mom said. He told me to be careful because Missy had phoned him to report her concerns. Bottom line is that minutes after we had brunch today, with my parents, Missy and her husband, as well as my husband's youngest sister who has been staying with us since last Wednesday, I was told to go to the master bedroom, undress down to my diaper, put on my special punishment shirt and wait on our bed like a bad little girl. Missy had made that punishment shirt for me in April 1991. That was three weeks before I met my husband to be. Originally it was not intended to even be a punishment shirt. I got that designation because the first time my then finance punished me I was wearing that shirt. My diaper had been changed toward the end of brunch so it was nearly dry when I was sent to wait. It was quite wet when my husband removed it. He sat down and asked me nicely to assume the position. I did as I was told obediently, without fuss. Crawled over the underpad covering his lap, trying to make myself as comfortable as possible. He started with the strictest scolding I've received in years. As he began to spank me with his hand he reminded me of recent misbehavior I could not deny. His had stings as much as a hairbrush from Mom or Missy. I knew I deserved and I cried, softly at first and then sobbing for the final couple of minutes. Only the initial warm-ups were spread around my butt and thighs. All of the hard spanks were aimed at the tender spots on the mid-line of my upper thighs where they meet my lower buttocks. I jumped under the hard spanks and I could not remain silent. He might have only given me 50 of the hard spanks. I was a quaking, blubbering bowl of jelly when the spanking ended. Wearing only the shirt I was led to Punishment Corner where I stood on an underpad atop a vinyl highchair mat. Twenty minutes later I was led to our changing table where he pinned me into one of my gauze night diaper sets. Then I had to remove the wet pad and replace it with a toddler pink plastic chair. On that I had to sit for nearly three hours. While sitting on that chair all of our visitors paid me a visit, one or two at a time. Even my sister-in-law scolded me. At last my husband changed me into a dry night diaper set. Only then was I allowed to put on a pink Onesies with a matching short skirt. I was expected to act like a good sport with everybody. Thirty minutes ago I was told to sit at my computer and write about my experience as a warning to naughty boys and girls. At 6PM I will be tucked into bed.
  13. Your short story about Emma and her sensible mother is absolutely charming!
  14. Hi Boilerman, MOLLY is another of your outstanding stories.
  15. I grew up with a tiny over-active bladder, so my Mom (who was urinary incontinent) always nicely asked me to wear diapers on long car rides. Sometimes I fell asleep on drives and wet my diaper, but I don't remember wearing a diaper to bed. Then when I reached puberty I reverted to bedwetting. A few weeks before that Mom suggested that I get used to wearing a diaper to bed, so she taught me how to pin on my own diapers. Of course there was a rubber sheet on my bed, which was just as well because I was not diapered the night I did wet while sleeping. It only took a night or two in diapers before I wet before I slept soundly. After I began wetting the first few nights I would wake up damp before my usual time to get out of bed, but I fell back to sleep quickly. By the end of my first week wetting in bed I was sleeping through the night. That was in July 1976. I have never since then had any trouble sleeping in either pinned gauze or disposable adult diapers. Normally I wear my GoodNites Tru-Fit during the day and pinned gauze diapers for bed at home.