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  1. AB/DL celebrities? (with pics!)

    Diaper Boilerman, I wrote most of the material you quoted, first for DD and later for ADISC. Don Davis is my husband. As a child he was an actor on NYC network radio and he made a few movies. As an adult Don has been a movie and TV executive since 1950. My youngest sister Missy is currently an award-winning movie and TV costume designer. Before that Missy was a union costumer, a person who actually helps performers put on their costumes. My best friend Peggy is the daughter of a late movie studio CEO and his first trophy wife who used her divorce settlement to open a leading agency representing child and teen performers. Peggy worked as an actress on TV from infancy through age 19. Many of our friends are in the movie and TV business. Some are parents of child performers. Thus when I share about diapers being worn by performers I am using information supplies to me by people in the know. For years there have been 'skeptics' way into denial that people past age 2 wear diapers inside costumes. So far none of these skeptics have even claimed to have inside information. Your mileage will vary.
  2. Forced to choose

    I have absolutely no bladder control, so for me diapers 24/7 are vital. My first disposable diapers back in 1981 were Attends. When Pampers Cruisers first were marketed I would cut off the flaps and use those as pads inside ladies' knit cotton briefs. The downside is the time it takes to cut off the flaps. Thus when I was asked to test pre-production GoodNites Tru-Fit I was thrilled. Those have been my routine day diapers since May 2014. I am petite enough I am well within the size range for L/XL. I expect to always remain my size. Maybe the Tru-Fit concept will be made in larger sizes. For bed I wear pinned gauze diapers. These days I use DyDee Service rather than wash my own diapers. These consist of a gauze 2-ply square diapers with 1-4 ordinary Gerber infant Birdseye prefolds as soakers.
  3. I Want Diapers

    Even using your logic, these wonderful new stories will quickly return to the first page. The fact that a story was written in the past does not reduce its enjoyment.
  4. I Want Diapers

    Wow! This is fun to read. Diapered Down, thanks for writing and sharing this. Yes, I fully realize this fine story was written more than 10 years ago. I am posting this to bump it back to the front page so that members who had not joined before 2007 can have a chance to enjoy this. I remember finding it charming way back when. I was thrilled to re-discover it today!
  5. The Family Babies

    A million thanks to you, Tinkles123 for spending countless hours writing "The Family Babies". Many, many thanks to Happy Nappin for bumping The Family Babies to the first page after many years. I well remember following this shortly after I joined DD and enjoying it. As far as I could tell Chapter 40 was never posted. I assumed then Tinkles extended Ch 39 to form a conclusion.
  6. Wetting In Public

    Guess what, Master, I never thought about it? Even as a young child in the car I took pride in keeping my just-in-case diaper dry. When I simply could not hold it I would tell Mom, sort of like my younger siblings while they were toilet training. Mom would then say something like, "Sweetie, that's why you're wearing a diaper." At all-day special events, such as Renaissance Faire, Mom would tell us at the start of each day, "The Privies are filthy. Please just use your diaper. Find me when you need a change." I would still hold on until I really had to wet. So yes, I suppose I did have to learn to relax and wet my diaper. At least when I reverted to bedwetting at puberty and resumed day wetting at 21 I was not trying to hold on until the bitter end. By then I knew from experience that diapers are most efficient dealing with frequent tiny wettings rather with huge floodings. Of course Mom had discovered that a generation before me. After I was an adult Mom said she wanted all of her daughters to discover on our own the truth about frequent tiny wettings.
  7. Wetting In Public

    I have been urinary incontinent since 1985. Growing up I was toilet trained but my bladder was tiny and over active. Because of that for trips and special events Mom always nicely asked me to wear 'just-in-case' diapers. Therefore long before I needed diapers 24/7 as an adult I was used to wetting in public and way beyond that embarrassing me. Since they reached the market in May 2014 my go-to discreet diaper is the GoodNites Tru-Fit for Girls size L/XL. By body gives me absolutely no signal before I pee. It just dribbles into my diaper. Changing in public ladies' rooms I am as discreet as possible, but even when someone notices I get no negative reaction.
  8. Diapers

    Given that my Mom, her mother and all her sisters hand no bladder control, Mom worked on the assumption it was only a matter of time before my sisters and I needed diapers 24/7. Mom often told us she hope we would retain bladder control, but it would be best to expect a diaper need. Certainly when I reverted to bedwetting and later lost the rest of my bladder control I was not terrified or embarrassed. Personally I think Mom made a mistake rejecting spanking as an option when we were young. Then when I was 14 and my older sister was 19 Mom changed her mind. Frankly my sister and I felt relieved. To us a spanking was over quickly. Our bottoms were sore but there was no residual resentment. We were never spanked for wetting or wearing diapers. Boilerman, I agree your mother made a huge mistake not providing diapers to your sister. Better to be caught in a diaper than in wet panties. Who can say if your mother had given you diapers you would have become an ABDL. At puberty all 3 of my sisters (and me) reverted to bedwetting. My oldest sister and the sister just younger than me have no interest in AB. My youngest sister and I started playing AB to cope with incontinence. Since 1990 we have enjoyed playing AB because it is fun.
  9. Brandon'S Accident

    A million thanks to Baby Burp for bumping this classic story here in 2017. A trillion thanks to New Guy 20 for writing this story way back in 2010. What I do not understand is how I missed Brandon, his mother, Brooke, Taylor and Nicki back in 2010. I joined DD in 2006. Anyhow, Immediately after the bump I started reading and was hooked.
  10. The Day Mom Put Us In Diapers

    Thank you so much, Diaper Boilerman, for this marvelous story! It takes me right back to growing up. I have five siblings, two brothers and three sisters. Our father, in those days, must of had an enormous bladder. He could drive all day and not even use a toilet at lunch. Our oldest brother also has a huge bladder. Mom was totally urinary incontinent by the time our oldest sister was born, so Mom wore diapers 24/7. Those were pinned gauze diapers with pull-on vinyl panties. The rest of us had tiny over-active bladders. The trick Mom learned from her mother, our Granny, was to nicely ask us to wear 'just-in-case' diapers for trips and to special events. We lived only 30 minutes north of Disneyland, so our first diaper on those days would last us through several rides. Even when our youngest sister could walk we always used her stroller to tote two big diaper bags. On trips to Yosemite which was over six hours we would change after lunch. When our oldest sister was big enough she would diaper me before diapering herself. At home Mom would diaper our younger brother and both younger sisters. Our older brother never needed a just-in-case diaper and would diaper our younger brother away from home. When I grew large enough I took over diapering our youngest sister. Mind you, this went on until each of us moved out. I always put on a diaper for trips until I completely lost my day control at 21!
  11. What Profession Are You In?

    I am a senior partner of a major corporate law firm. As such I am Director of Litigation for all of our Southern California offices.
  12. How Old Are We ?

    I just turned 53 in July 2017.
  13. Diapers At Work

    Over the years since I started working in a law office when I was 14 I have worn many kinds of diapers at work. At first those were pinned gauze diapers inside vinyl panties. I switched to Attends disposables when I started university at 17 in 1981. When Pampers switched to cloth-like I began to cut the flaps off those and use them as a pad inside knit cotton ladies' briefs. Then when GoodNites Tru-Fit hit the market in May 2014 they worked very well for me. I still wear Tru-Fit for girls size L/XL daily for work and when I need to be discreet.
  14. Wetting during diaper changes

    As an adult only rarely have I wet while someone else was changing me and that has not happened while I am changing myself. When I wore just-in-case diapers as a kid I never wet during changes, but while diapering my youngest sister she wet about once a week. I would dry her and then start over with a dry diaper.
  15. Flavored Pacifiers

    I have tried many styles of pacifiers. What I like best is a clear silicone orthodontic nipple. For me the MAM toddler 6+ month style is ideal.