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  1. Angela Bauer

    Silly Spanking?

    This photo was first added to DD on 16 September 2018. Many consider it silly to spank with the wrong hand. When the spanker is right handed the spanks are more effective when the spankee is over the lap facing to your left.
  2. Angela Bauer

    Plastic pants or diaper covers

    I buy my vinyl panties from Babykins
  3. Angela Bauer

    Silly Spanking?

    What is wrong with this picture? BTW, this is the Aunt Elli update from 16 September 2018. Or, is anything wrong?
  4. Angela Bauer

    My boss's daughter.

    What a charming short story!
  5. Angela Bauer

    Site Update for 09/16/2018

    I am still laughing at the Aunt Elli photo of the 16 September 2018 update. I have attached it as DDQ1987.jpg. Sure, some AB can be naughty. I act naughty on purpose frequently. Many times I have been spanked for actual punishment, usually across a lap. Almost always I am spanked bare bottom, be the spanking for pleasure or punishment. Because I wet, prudent disciplinarians use a waterproof underpad to protect their lap. To me the silly thing is this disciplinarian has the naughty gal facing the wrong way! Since the spanker is right handed, her spanks would be far more effective with the spankee facing her left side. Alternatively the left hand should do the spanking. Although the spanker appears grim-faced, clearly the spankee is giggling behind her pacifier.
  6. Perhaps it would be better to ask, "Use the larger of hips or waist when deciding diaper size." Often men and babies have hips and waist close enough in size to make no difference, and those are the largest groups who wear diapers. Women and older kids usually have hips larger than their waists.
  7. Angela Bauer

    Things moms have said or done that made you jealous

    Recently my husband Don and I were eating a Saturday lunch at a family-friendly restaurant. Shortly after we were seated a man, carrying a diaper bag, who probably was in his early thirties came in with a girl who could have been 6 or 7 and a young boy who could walk but still was wearing an uncovered disposable diaper. The girl seemed to be overly active. The man said, "Calm down and behave." The girl answered back, with a smirk, "Daddy, I am behaving!" He smacked her bottom through her shorts, "Behave the rest of lunch. When we get home, you get a spanking." She then calmed down and said nothing the rest of their meal. I turned to Don and whispered, "Daddy, I've been a bad girl. What made the day perfect was his reply, "Then you need a spanking as soon as we get home."
  8. Angela Bauer

    If you could be any age and gender for a day...

    When I play as an AB I'm mature enough that I can talk fairly well, I can walk and I can eat solid food, even things many kids dislike. However, I still have no bladder control while sleeping and very poor control while fully awake. Thus I need diapers all the time. I am comforted by a pacifier and I prefer using a baby bottle instead of drinking from a Sippy cup or glass. In my AB mind I could be as young as 3 or as old as 9. When playing as an AB I only wear pinned gauze diapers and pull-on vinyl panties, usually supported by Onesies.
  9. Angela Bauer

    Diapered? Yes/No

    I see no evidence that the woman in the photo is wearing any kind of diaper. It is possible that she is wearing a camisole. Of course many modern adult diapers are so discreet that they do not show so long as you carefully select your outer garment. For example since 2014 I have worn GoodNites Tru-Fit as my daytime diaper. I am wearing Tru-Fit when I shop for new clothing and when being fitted, to keep my diaper discreet.
  10. Angela Bauer

    Public Bathrooms

    I am urinary incontinent, so I never worry about noise changing in public ladies rooms. Since 2014 I have worn GoodNites Tru-Fit which slide down to either use a toilet or to change a disposable liner, which makes no noise. Years ago I wore Attends and did not worry about the sound of the sticky tapes. That is different from the sound of tabs/tapes on baby diapers, so the only folks who would recognize the sound are themselves incontinent.
  11. Angela Bauer

    Making jury duty fun!

    You have some interesting theories of jury selection. When you are litigating perhaps those work for you. Juries are instructed not to do their own research with respect to the case at hand. Standard jury instructions stress that interpretation of the law covering the case will be supplied by the judge. The thing I want when selecting a jury are people who will accept the law given by the judge and not use their own interpretation. Decades of research has shown that unfortunately when attorneys are part of a jury they tend to act as law professors contrary to jury instructions. Doing so constitutes jury misconduct, which can lead to endless appeals in civil cases. You are welcome to disagree, since you experience might differ.
  12. Angela Bauer

    Making jury duty fun!

    I am a senior partner in a large corporate law firm. In 1989 when I began to practice law in California attorneys were exempt from jury duty. Later we started to be called for jury duty. Every second or third year I get called to state court. About half the time I never even get sent from the assembly room to a court for selection. When call to a court as soon as I say that I am an attorney I am rejected as a juror. When I am selecting juries I always reject other attorneys. I am urinary incontinent so I always wear a diaper of some kind. When needed I change in public ladies' rooms.
  13. Angela Bauer

    The Travel Emergency

    Wow, two more charming stories! Thank you.
  14. Angela Bauer

    How I Met My Husband

    A couple of minutes ago I opened DD and saw this new story. I've only read the first few lines and I already love it. When I get back from the office tonight I'll finish reading this!
  15. Angela Bauer

    Do you think using diapers is healthier than holding it?

    I have no doubt that it is much healthier to not try to hold pee in your bladder to the point doing so is uncomfortable. The part of our bodies typically covered by a diaper can withstand contact with urine that has not turned stale. Therefore a diaper needs to be changed before it begins to irritate.