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  1. Growing up my bladder was tiny and over-active. I was toilet trained day and night by age 3 yo. For long trips and special events where toilets were scarce Mom asked me to wear 'Just-in-Case' diapers. Even after I reverted to bedwetting at puberty the only time I wore a just-in-case diaper to school was for my high school graduation! Those were always pinned gauze Classic Curity diapers inside Gerber vinyl panties. It turned out that my university had no coin laundries in the dorms so I had to get used to Attends disposables. My first evening on campus I was invited to a welcome kegger. I considered that a good reason for a just-in-case Attends. Since I only nursed a single beer at the kegger my diaper was dry. However my new dorm mate got drunk enough that she vomited walking to the dorm and wet her panties. I put a diaper on her and tucked her into what had been my bed because it already had a waterproof sheet. Once she was asleep I re-made her bed with a waterproof sheet. Sure enough the next morning she had a spectacular hang-over and wet diaper. Subsequently she routinely wore Attends to bed. Both of us always wore Attends to parties, just-in-case. Eventually both of us wore Attends to classes we knew would be long, or when the time between classes was short. Following my under graduation I lost my day control, so all through law school I wore disposables 24/7. Never was I teased or embarrassed about my diapers during under grad or law school.
  2. Please understand that I am a responsible adult who is a senior partner of my law firm. I am a litigation attorney. In the UK I would be termed a barrister, meaning I spend a lot of time in court. As an attorney I carry a brief case, so termed because it contains paperwork for the matter at hand. In the USA such paperwork is termed 'moving papers'. In the UK this would be termed 'briefs'. Non attorneys might well term my brief case an 'attache case'. Mine has hard sides. I was not attempting to be cute using a euphemism.
  3. My large pink diaper bag was a gift a few years ago. It was hand made for me. It does not have my name on it. I bought my brief case at a store specializing in equipment for attorneys.
  4. Because I am profoundly urinary incontinent, I always carry a diaper bag of one kind or another. When I am in my 'responsible adult' mode, I carry a double-sided brief case. One side holds the typical things litigation attorneys need in court. The other side holds a couple of GoodNites Tru-Fit with disposable inserts along with disposal baggies, wipes, etc. At times, such as today, when I am relaxing in my AB mode, I carry an outlandish very large pink diaper bag. This has a matching changing pad. It holds four gauze diaper sets and pull-on vinyl panties, along with baby wipes and pins. Outside pockets can hold as many as four baby bottles, but one such pocket holds a sturdy oval wooden hairbrush. That reminds me to be a well-behaved diapered girl. There is a waterproof washable bag to hold wet diapers.
  5. Could it be that the gal with the paci had recently seen the movie DAZED AND CONFUSED? That film is set in 1976 in Austin, Texas on the last day before summer vacation. Those who will be high school senior that fall haze those who will be freshmen. The boys are severely paddled. The girls are hazed more subtly: pacifiers are placed into their mouths. If you have not seen this feature film, do so. It is a lot of fun.
  6. Do I ever give diapers a break? This is an interesting question! My answer is complicated. I am challenged by profound urinary incontinence, meaning I have no more bladder control than the average six-month-old infant. Of course I produce a whole lot more urine. Also, unless I am sick I have average bowel control. Since 1990, when I was 26, I have used adult baby play as a coping strategy, on the theory that given I must wear diapers to control my wetting, I might as well have fun wearing diapers. Sure, there are times when I need a lot of AB playtime. Then there are other times when I need very little AB play.
  7. I use Pampers Sensitive wipes.
  8. Way, way back I was told KCWW was about to start marketing a larger version of Huggies Pull-Ups designed to be relatively discreet. The advertising would promote GoodNites for older kids up to 125 pounds who mildly wet their beds. At the times I was a petite adult woman weighing 105 pounds who routinely wore pinned gauze diapers to bed. Friends at KCWW confided in me that product testing indicated GoodNites would leak badly if over-wet in bed and actually were more helpful for kids too large for Pull-Ups during the day. Soon I received a generous supply of samples. My experience was that even when I was awake and moving around GoodNites lacked enough capacity to make them practical for me. Over the years as GoodNites introduced different versions I would buy a bag to try. I seldom wore more than a few of each bag and only around the house. Then in 2013 I received an invitation to try GoodNites Tru-Fit. Those have served me well since early 2014.
  9. Darling Baby Wendy Marie, I assume your questions are directed at me. Previously on another thread there was the question about when we started self-diapering. Remember, when I lived at home prior to moving to a university dorm in August 1981, my family only used pinned classic Curity gauze diapers. Because the family realized dangers of using pins, we were not taught to pin our own diapers until we reverted to bedwetting. Yes, prior to that Penny and I were taught how to pin diapers on our younger siblings. Penny reverted to bedwetting at puberty when she was 12 and I was 7, so I remember that very well. Penny began diapering me during trips when she was 10. I also reverted to bedwetting at puberty when I was 12. Of my siblings only our youngest brother Ed and youngest sister Missy routinely wet the bed after age 3. Mom or Granny diapered Ed. Missy had not had a dry night at age 5. We shared the room which had been the nursery which had a changing table. When I was 10 and Missy was 5 Mom taught me to diaper Missy for bed. Then during trips Mom would diaper Ed; Penny would diaper our sister Ruth, herself and me; I would diaper Missy. Before I moved to university I discussed my bedwetting with the housing director. She told me there were no convenient coin washers, but that the campus general store stocked all sizes of Attends.During the month before I left home I learned to put on disposable Attends and got used to sleeping in them. By then Missy had been dry at night for a year. Then shortly before I left Missy resumed bedwetting. I taught her how to diaper herself. While Missy was in high school she began day wetting, so she wore Attends to school and gauze diapers to bed. By the way on trips and special events Penny, Granny and Mom all diapered me. I am told that before I was toilet trained Aunt Betsy often diapered me because she was our babysitter while Mom was at work, but I have no independent memory of that.
  10. According to my mother and other reliable family members I was day-trained at 30 months and night trained at 33 months. However, like my older sister, mom, aunt and granny my bladder was tiny and over-active. Therefore Mom would very nicely ask me to wear 'Just-in-Case' diapers for long car rides and special events where finding a toilet in an emergency would be difficult. My own memory starts a few weeks before I turned 4. Mom, her mother and younger sister made no secret of being urinary incontinent. They all wore pinned gauze diapers 24/7. Penny is my older sister by 5 years. I remember several times when she wet before getting home from school. It could be that her bladder capacity was no better than mine. Penny never once complained about being diapered even when she was nearly 12. Clearly Mom knew from experience that being nice about wetting was the most practical approach. My youngest sister Missy is 5 years my junior. All the rest of us had some day control until we were 21 or so. Poor Missy lost her day control at age 15, while in high school. Missy put on a brave face and was not embarrassed. Later Mom explained that the just-in-case diapers were also part of a plan that should we eventually loose day control we would be past getting embarrassed. I agree with my Mom.
  11. This is a marvelous story!
  12. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/big-bang-theory-officially-renewed-two-seasons-as-mayim-bialik-melissa-Blah-await-deals-9 It is official. THE BIG BANG THEORY has received a two year renewal. Read all about it above.
  13. Although none of my memories go back to my toilet training, my first vivid memory is having my 'just-in-case' diaper being changed on a lawn at Renaissance Faire by my Mom. We were surrounded by Faire customers. Six weeks after that I turned four.
  14. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/big-bang-theory-prequel-young-sheldon-picked-up-straight-series-985631 Above is a link to a new article in THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. CBS has so much faith in the spin-off "Young Sheldon" that well ahead of normal fall schedule announcement it is picked-up directly, without a pilot. The actress who will play Young Sheldon's mother is the actual daughter of the actress who plays Sheldon's mom on THE BIG BANG THEORY.
  15. Like most people of my age I grew up in pinned gauze diapers covered by vinyl panties. For over 30 years I have been profoundly urinary incontinent and a bedwetter for 40 years. My husband Don lost all of his bladder control following prostate surgery in 2007. Both of us wear pinned gauze diapers covered by vinyl pants in bed and when practical around the house. Currently our gauze diapers are supplied by DyDee Service. During the day I wear GoodNites Tru-Fit. Don wears mostly Attends breathable diapers when away from our home.