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  1. Angela Bauer

    Potty training age and accidents?

    It seems to me that since your moth knew you were wearing the Pampers you wet until it leaked it was hardly punishment to provide you Pampers as long as you needed them. Personally I would never deliberately embarrass someone by exposing their wet diaper to the general public. Growing up after being toilet trained before I turned 3 in 1967, my bladder was tiny and over-active. Most of the time I could keep my panties dry so long as I could use a toilet within a few minutes of feeling the need to pee. When that was not possible, such as long car rides or special events, my Mom nicely asked me to wear just-in-case pinned diapers. I was 8 when Pampers added tapes in 1972, but Mom continued to prefer pinned Curity gauze diapers inside Gerber vinyl panties. Nearly all the Curity diapers and Gerber panties were bought by mail to avoid embarrassment. My just-in-case diapers were always covered by ordinary garments. I my case I normally traveled in a skirt full and long enough that my diapers were hidden. Of course when I needed my just-in-case diaper changed in a public ladies' room sometimes outsiders saw me being changed. In the long run that was just as well because long before I was 8 I no longer was embarrassed by wearing diapers. Did you consider being taken to the store in just a T-shirt and wet diaper to be a natural consequence of over-wetting? Was there a reason you did not ask for a diaper change before you leaked? Your profile says you are 45 now, so you were 8 in @1981. I've been told that back then children of age 8 did not change their own Pampers and disposable pull-.ups were not yet invented. Had I been your mother I would have changed your Pampers and then had you cover that with trousers before taking you to the store. If you had run out of dry Pampers then that is a different situation. You could well have been more embarrassed wearing a soaked Pampers inside obviously wet clothing.
  2. Angela Bauer

    Pull Ups Vs Diapers

    My experience is that if a garment is intended to contain pee or poop. it is a diaper! Those originally were tied or pinned on. These days diapers can be washable or disposable. They can pull-on, tape-on or pin on. I am profoundly urinary incontinent yet my bowel control if fine, except when I am very sick. Since I am a woman who hardly ever wears slacks for work, pull-ons are practical for me, while they might not be best for a guy who does not wear skirts. ABDL who have bladder control have a wide range of choices.
  3. Angela Bauer

    Onesie Question

    Personally I own many different Onesies. Even when dressing for work I often start with a snap-crotch Onesies over my diaper. If I am wearing a white blouse, top or shirt, then I pick a white Onesies. If I am wearing a dress or top which conventionally would call for a camisole, then I wear a Onesies that is styled like a cami. If conventionally my outfit calls for a full slip, I own Onesies which look like the top of a slip. The whole point of a Onesies is to support the diaper while providing easy access for changes. Ley's face it, diaper changes are easier when wearing a skirt or dress than slacks, jeans or trousers. It is good being a girl. See, Onesies can be made from different fabrics. It is possible to make the srirt part from different fabric than the lower pants. snap-crotch part which will be hidden. Yes, I also have Onesies intended for sleep and/or playing in private at home. My husband and I live in Southern California where it seldom is so cold I need a blanket footed sleeper. The past couple of weeks we have had cold rain, so I did bring out warm sleepers I owned for ages. My husband owns Onesies that can be worn as an informal shirt while the hidden part still supports his diaper. He has onesies with the top part serving as a sleeve-less undershirt. There are many vendors making adult Onesies. Tell those vendors what you need and ask for quotes. I cannot sat which firms are best because all of our are made by family members who do not make them for others. We buy our vinyl pants/panties from Babykins who also make Onesies, but many other firms make adult Onesies and waterproof pants. Ask around! Best wishes.
  4. Angela Bauer

    using 24 hrs

    This link does not work for me.
  5. Angela Bauer

    Do you like cute spanking implements too?

    Generally I prefer serious spanking implements. When I administer spankings I normally use a Hair Doc brush. When my husband actually punishes me he uses his hand. When he spanks me as foreplay he prefers using a mini-martinet which is super sensual. However, during the early summer of 1981 when I was almost 17 my older sister and I were driving back home from Santa Barbara when we pulled off the freeway to buy gas. A shop called Santa's Village was next door. There we found a bin with an assortment of wooden paddles similar to the one in the photo. They cost very little. They had different sayings. They turned out to be quite sturdy. I still have the one I bought then which says "Attitude Adjuster". I remember as soon as we got home we used those paddles on each other. Before bed that night I used one of those paddles on my youngest sister, then almost 12, who shared my room.
  6. Angela Bauer

    family members

    A whole lot of my relatives are incontinent! My Mom had lost all of her bladder control long before I was born. Her mother (my Granny Vi) had reverted to bedwetting at puberty and resumed day wetting at 19. Vi has often told me that her mother (who died before I was born) wore diapers all the time. All of Mom's sisters wear diapers. All of my 3 sisters and my younger brother wear diapers. Hardly any of these relatives wear pull-ups. They find tape-on far more effective. Most, like me, prefer pinned washable diapers in bed and when home. I am the only one who wears GoodNite Tru-Fit, but I am by far the smallest adult in my extended family.
  7. Angela Bauer

    Age Group

    Like Will, I was younger when I joined DD in 2007
  8. Angela Bauer

    Take Your Child To Work Day (One Shot Short Story)

    Well, I enjoyed reading TAKE YOUR CHILD TO WORK DAY! Please ignore negative vibes and continue writing creative stories for us to enjoy.
  9. Angela Bauer

    I am a bedwetter and I don't like it

    Back in 1990 I was 26 and working as an attorney. I had reverted to bedwetting at age 12 and lost all my day control at age 21. After I turned 26 all the logistics about buying and disposing of diapers depressed me. I bitched to my youngest sister who also is totally urinary incontinent. She laughed and handed me a baby bottle, saying, "Big Sis, try playing Bib Baby and have fun with your diapers. Stop calling them 'containment garments'. Admit you wear diapers just as we did as kids and teenagers!" She handed me an issue of FETISH TIMES (no longer being published) which had an article about Diaper Pail Friends (DPF). I found out there is a huge community of ABDL. I joined DPF and have never looked back. I can be discreet about my diapers when necessary and I discreetly play Big Baby when I need to relax.
  10. Angela Bauer

    Pre-stretching diapers.

    Besides pre-stretching disposables, it is very important to remove them from the compressed plastic bag as soon as possible. This is why hanging diaper stackers are so popular. Diapers are far more comfy and absorb better when un-compressed.
  11. Angela Bauer

    If you could design the perfect diaper......

    If I could do so I would make disposables taking the best features of Pampers Cruisers or Target Up and Up (and more absorbent Over Night) in sizes larger than 7, all the way up to fit 150 plus pounds with single tabs per side, or 2 per side if necessary. I would also make diapers with a washable stretchy panty which has a waterproof pocket to hold disposable liners without any waterproof layer. Those would be like adult-size GoodNites Tru-Fit. Another product I would make would be similar to Target Up and Up without side wings and tabs in larger sizes to be worn inside washable stretchy panties.
  12. Angela Bauer

    What do you guys have?

    I was born in July 1964. My family was anti-disposable, so I grew up wearing classic Curity 21x40 inch pinned gauze diapers covered by Gerber vinyl panties. After I was toilet-trained my bladder was tiny and over-active so Mom would nicely wear just-in-case diapers on trips, etc. After I outgrew Gerber Toddler-Large vinyl pants sold in stores Mom ordered larger size from the Gerber factory by mail. At some point I was large enough I needed 2 of the diapers folded together. These days I wear pinned square 2-ply gauze diapers from ADC with Gerber Birdseye baby prefolds as soakers. My vinyl pants are KINS 10300 pull-on to bed or whenever those are discreet enough because I have no bladder control. When I need discreet diapers for work and social events I wear GoodNites Tru-Fit.
  13. Angela Bauer

    Babies of Madison High

    Very cute!
  14. Angela Bauer

    What is your earliest memory?

    During Memorial Day Weekend of 1968 I was 6 weeks short of my 4th birthday. We were participating in Renaissance Pleasure Faire, then in Agoura, CA. On the main meadow, surrounded by paying customers, my Mom had me lay down. She raised my shift, preparing to change my diaper. I looked up to see Queen Elizabeth I smiling down at me. She told me that she was pleased.
  15. Angela Bauer

    Babies of Madison High

    Hi Will, many thanks for BABIES OF MADISON HIGH. I enjoy your stories. Without pressuring you I am looking forward to more THREE MUSKETEERS when the inspiration strikes you.