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  1. Angela Bauer

    More than she expected

    What a wonderful update!
  2. Angela Bauer

    Baby Furiture

    My husband and I have an adult changing table he built from kitchen base cabinets.
  3. Angela Bauer

    baby wipes

    I have decent bowel control except when I am sick. Then I wear Attends Youth, a classic plastic backed tape-on disposable. i am blessed that all of our bathrooms have a bidet as well as a toilet.
  4. Angela Bauer

    baby wipes

    For me Pampers Sensitive baby wipes are more than large and thick enough. I've found all adult wet wipes to be a waste of money.
  5. Angela Bauer

    Big store brand diapers suck

    I am totally urinary incontinent. I know how long a case of diapers will last. The on-line dealer keeps track and ships them on schedule. I keep an extra couple of cases on hand. The disposables which work best for me are seldom stocked in stores. Probably the pull-on undies and diapers stocked in stores are bought by people who are temporarily incontinent, perhaps due to surgery. They often have no interest in learning how to self-diaper.
  6. Angela Bauer


    My family tells me I was day trained at 30 months and completely toilet trained at 33 months. However, like my 5 year-older sister, my bladder was tiny and over-active. My Mom was always nice when she asked me to wear what she called 'just-in-case' diapers. My first clear memory is Mom changing my diaper on a lawn surrounded by strangers in 1968 a few weeks before I turned 4. After that I doubt I ever went a whole month without wearing a diaper. Consequently I answered "Never Stopped"! I reverted to bedwetting at puberty in 1976 and then was taught to pin on my own gauze diapers. At 17 I had to learn to make-do in disposables because my university dorm had no coin washers. The summer I turned 21 I lost all my day control. Since then I've been profoundly urinary incontinent. Currently I wear GoodNites Tru-Fit during the day and pinned gauze diapers to bed and around the house.
  7. Angela Bauer

    Site Update for 07/08/2018

    In the 8 July 2018 DD site updates, I think Female 1 (DDA2744) and Diaper Cutie (DDS2019) are outstanding.
  8. Angela Bauer

    Pull ups

    At the moment the majority of people in the USA way into AB are old enough that they missed the introduction of Huggies Pull-Up. In a few years people who did toilet train in disposable pull-ups will become more active in AB groups and will be demanding decorated pull-ups from ABU, Bambino, etc. Pampers introduced Size 7 Cruisers circa 2006 because all of the pull-up manufacturers were having production problems. A major reason Pampers never introduced sizes 8 and 9, or Huggies a size 7 was because both firms figured out how to make toddler pull-ups more efficiently. Parents prefer pull-up over diapers for larger/older toddlers. In adult sizes only a few factories have the equipment to make pull-on. Changing the set-up from size to size takes a lot longer than on machines making diapers. Therefore the practical minimum order per run is many times that of diapers. Bambino probably has the best connections with contract factories. If they are not willing to take a chance with the minimum pull-on order, I assume their market research concludes the time is in the future. Maybe someday. I don't wear adult pull-on, except Tru-Fit, when in the USA. Classic GoodNites never worked for me. When I travel to Australia I wear Tena adult pull-on during the day because those fit me well. I travel with magic markers, so I spend time each evening decorating the pull-ons I will wear the next day, The only plastic back adult diaper I keep on hand are Attends Youth. I wear those when I am sick and lack bowel control, as well as when I cannot wash gauze bed diapers. I have decorated a lot of Youth and have a half case ready. This week I had the runs and wore 10 Youth. The decorations made up for the yuck factor.
  9. Angela Bauer

    baby wipes

    I use Pampers Sensitive Unscented as my purchased wipes. At home I use nearly worn-out Gerber Birdseye prefold diapers, I soak those in warm to hot water in one of the basins in the master bathroom, If I am messy, which is rare, I deposit the dirty prefolds in a bucket, After most of the fecal material floats away I wring out the diapers and dump the messy water in the toilet. I still have a baby wipe warmer, but I have not kept it plugged in for years, I use the Pampers wipe when away from home.
  10. Angela Bauer

    When my mom's friend came to visit

    Boilerman, this is such a sweet story,
  11. Holekine, After trying to read your post, I have no clue what you are communicating. Your subject line is "Why so much punishment in ABDL? My two thoughts as an author frequently combining AB play and spanking are: Punishment becomes part of ABDL stories because many authors enjoy and are good at writing such stories. People who do not want to read about punishment in ABDL stories are most welcome to not read those stories.
  12. Angela Bauer

    Thinking of trying something new

    Going back in history there was such a thing as a "wet nurse" who did breast feed infants. They did not normally also function as nannies. With the perfection of commercial infant formulas apparents wet nurses now are rare.
  13. Angela Bauer

    More than she expected

    First of all, I absolutely love this story and the various characters. I certainly want to read additional chapters. I do hope you write about Victoria "Baby" Dawson relaxing with age appropriate AB play. Gabby and Sylvie need not get carried away. They already have a magical changing table. It is not to me vital that they add a crib, play pen or highchair. Those could be fun. Since Victoria accepted the first baby bottle, then it is logical she would find a pacifier comforting. In earlier chapters, when Victoria swears Gabby is quick to rebuke her daughter verbally. It might not stretch to imagine Gabby either gently slapping the girl's face, smacking her hands while saying 'naughty girl' or hand -smacking her bottom, bare or diapered. Toward the end Gabby does threaten to take Victoria over her knee so perhaps in the future Victoria might want to explore getting spanked. In the early parts I assumed the story was set in England because of some Brit spellings and grammar, as well as Victoria wearing a uniform while attending college, which as described is like an American high school and not like an alternative to a university. Some other authors who still live in the UK or Australia use the word diaper instead of nappy. Victoria's baby bottle has a teat and not a nipple. Thus it came as a complete shock near the end that Victoria, Gabby and Sylvie live in an apartment in a Chicago highrise. Now I'm confused about the use of 'half-term'. All of those nit picks do not reduce my love of the story. The fact I noticed tells me I am far into the story and have suspended any disbelief while reading it the first time. It is that willing disbelief suspension that marks the difference between an ok story and an excellent tale spinning. Is this the sort of feedback that will comfort you? I've enjoyed your writing and am looking forward to additional storied from you, Cd-Layla! Best wishes always, Angela
  14. Angela Bauer

    Question about 24/7 wear

    Stroller, at first I loved Rubber Duckies! For reasons long forgotten after Tommy gave me my first pair of Rubber Duckies I started buying them directly from the factory, which in the summer of 1991 located in downtown Santa Barbara, CA, which is on the coast about 100 miles north of Pasadena. In the heat of summer the Duckies were cooler than even thin vinyl. When we had some cool late fall nights the Duckies maintained the same comfort in my gauze diapers, Even when it was very cold in January 1992 I was still thrilled with Duckies. By then I owned 16 pair. Unfortunately that was when the spectacular failures began. I had talked to Tommy and executives at R Duck Inc about the washing and drying of coated Nylon Duckies compared to Gerber vinyl. All the R Duck execs recommended following our family's routine for washing and drying Gerber vinyl: use water that is comfortable to the bare hand, add just enough mild liquid dishwashing detergent. Gently hand agitate, turn the pant inside out and gently agitate again. Air dry at moderate room temperature away from sunlight. The R Duck execs wrote to me saying Duckies could be dried in the sun if desired without problems. Well, I was not about to rig a closeline in our backyard, since my family had such luck with simple indoor folding garment/towel drying racks. I always used the same detergent and drying method. In April 1992, days after DPF printed a column of mine calling Duckies the ultimate diaper cover I woke up to seeing 5 of my Duckies on the drying rack with patches of the coating loose. There had been no change in indoor temperature. I phoned R. Duck when the first answered their phone. By then R Duck had a fairly large factory in Goleta, CA north of SB and a couple of miles of the SB Airport. My husband Don said he would fly our Beech King Air up to Goleta. The R Duck folks met Don at the general aviation executive meeting room. They seemed shocked by the de-laminated Duckies. They had lunch with Don, who had flown on a short flight around south SB County. None of them had ever flown in a pressurized turbo-prop and said they enjoyed that experience. They traded me 12 pair of new duckies for the five de-laminated pair ones. Over the next month all of my Duckies were useless. R. Duck stopped returning my calls or letters. Subsequently R Duck splint into 2 separate companies, one only making adult sizes, the other only child sizes. I bought two of the child sizes at retail from a children's clothing store in Pasadena. after the sixth washing both de-laminated. I snail mailed photos and a letter to one of the execs who was given the flight. I never received a reply. Soon after DPF dropped Duckies, because Tommy was getting so many complaints. Babykins is currently promoting coated Nylon pants. I am not ordering any. Their soft thin 10300V pants last well and are comfy for me. Be warned!
  15. Angela Bauer

    Question about 24/7 wear

    Hi, ppdude, The way it happened for me was that in January 1990 my younger sister by 5 years, Missy, gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter, Karen. Like all my sisters Missy has no bladder control. I turned 26 in July of 1990 and had already graduated from law school and been licensed as an attorney in several states as well as the Federal Courts. I was an associate attorney with a major firm, and the logistics of my diapers was depressing me. It was not that diapers embarrassed me, but I had no car and didn't even know how to drive. My tiny apartment was in a building owned by a senior partner of my law firm and was filled with young attorneys. I had to order my Attends by phone since I could not deal with cases of them on a bus. One night I was bitching with Missy about my depression. She gently slapped my face saying, "Get real, Girl, you've got the world by the tail! You know, there are thousands of people who want to wet and wear diapers so badly they pay for hypno tapes to undo potty training." Then Missy showed me an article about AB in general, another about DPF and still another about Infantae Press; all of those in FETISH TIMES. As I began reading Missy popped a pacifier in my mouth. I had no memory of a pacifier as a child and I was not sure our mom gave Missy and our other younger siblings pacifiers. Right then I knew I wanted to follow her suggestion to give AB a try as a coping strategy. Missy gave me a new set of MAM orthodontic 6+ month pacifiers plus a couple of EvenFlo baby bottles with clear silicone nipples. As she drove me home, Karen was working a pacifier while in her car seat and I was working mine in the front passenger seat. Back then Missy was an IATSE union costumer for TV and movies. A few days later she phoned to say she was invited to several Hollywood industry Halloween parties. Those were where costume designers and costumers (the folk who sew costumes and help performers put them on) got to show off. Missy, who is 6' tall and stunning, admitted she had already made herself an outlandish Onesies. She offered to make me a matching Onesies if I would attend a costume party with her in West Hollywood. The joke would be that we were actually using our diapers. It turned out at least two of the other party guests were pals with Tommy of DPF. They urged us to join. Missy did not have the nerve. I thought it would be fun, so I gave Tommy's friend Kent Perry my home phone number and address. A couple of days later Tommy phoned to say he wanted me to join DPF badly enough he would comp my membership. Such a deal! The week after Halloween I had to fly to San Francisco for my law firm. I called Tommy to say I would be staying at the St. Francis Hotel. He offered to take me to dinner. I said sure, but we had to be flexible about the schedule. Bottom line was we got along well. Tommy's lover Marky came separately from his office. I wrote a short article for the next newsletter. Tommy asked me to write a longer article for the first 1991Newsletter, which I did, From then until the summer of 2001 I wrote a page or more for every newsletter, After I fell in love with Don Davis in May 1991 we started living together, so I had use of his Maytag Neptune laundry. I started wearing DPF gauze prefold diapers and vinyl panties to bed. I know that about that time Tommy was selling Babykins adult pull-on diapers and probably other Babykins diapers. Besides ProHealth pants Tommy sold Rubber Duckies. I liked those brands a lot. I know Babykins makes their own plastic pants. These days I wear their thin vinyl pants. I don't know who made the DPF thicker plastic panties.