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  1. Angela Bauer

    Strict El Paso,Texas Mother

    Actually, the Strict El Paso MotherLiza Martinez, is the president of the largest commercial and industrial electrical contracting firm in the El Paso area. Therefore I am very sure she has auto insurance. On 3 November her adult daughter Liza Campero tweeted that she would be in Los Angeles with her family to celebrate her birthday yesterday and to appear on a TV show. Details of that show are to be revealed close to it being shown on TV or cable.
  2. Angela Bauer

    Recent Anti-Spanking Rants on TV

    Spanky, good for your sensible parents! When I was young honestly I did not know any kids who got spanked, or perhaps any kids who admitted getting spanked. We lived in Bellflower, California just south of Los Angeles. That still is a bedroom community. My Mom and her 4 sisters were born there, in the house just north of where I grew up. My father emigrated there from Germany with his parents when he was a baby. In those days most of the residents were of German descent. Stereotypes aside, by the time my older sister was born in 1959 apparently parents there no longer spanked. That was one of the first California school districts to ban corporal punishment, in 1938, not long before my mom was born. Still, Granny was a big time advocate of spanking. Mom was her oldest child and Granny began using the hairbrush on her when she was 6! Of course Granny could not understand why my folks did not spank. Frequently she told us stories about getting spanked, seeing kids getting spanked and even spanking our mother. Based upon Granny's stories I felt lucky I was not getting spanked. Then as I approached puberty my attitude changed. I read about romantic adult spanking in trashy novels. Slowly I realized that all of my siblings, even me, got away with murder. Granny was correct, we needed spanking. In early June 1976 we temporarily moved to Davenport, Iowa for the '76-77 school year, so that my Dad could attend management training at his company's headquarters. Wow, parenting there was so different; they spanked first and asked questions later. Those schools all used CP early and often. My little sister Missy was just 7, so she only got spanked by her teacher over the lap over her panties by hand. Both of my other sisters and both of my brothers got paddled in school. Penny was 17, a senior, and still managed to earn paddling twice in the first month of term. My older brother Jack was 16 and only got paddled by his football coach for mistakes on the field, but his teammates got paddled for the same reason. Somehow I did not get paddled in school causing me to realize I needed stricter discipline. When we returned home in June 1977, my Mom's youngest sister Betsy and her husband had bought the house across the street from us. Aunt Betsy had been the primary babysitter for Penny and Jack, as well as me before I can remember. Apparently grudgingly Betsy never spanked us. As a mother she believed in spanking even bigger time than Granny. A few times I watched Betsy spank her two older kids, a girl 8 and a boy 7, with a hairbrush. It was Aunt Betsy who gave me my first, and long over-due, spanking with the hairbrush starting before I turned 14. Finally Mom came to her senses and began to spank me and my younger siblings well before I turned 15. Honestly I am sure all those spankings made me a better and more responsible adult.
  3. Angela Bauer

    Clare in a nappy...

    See, nothing like that has ever happened to me because I lost all my bladder control several years before I learned to drive. I have been profoundly urinary incontinent needing diapers 24/7 since I was 21 in 1985, I did not need to learn to drive until I was 29 in 1993! I remember when I was a kid with a tiny over-active bladder my Mom asking me nicely to wear just-in-case diapers for car trips. Now is the time for Attends, Depend, et al to promote just-in-case diapers for adults who are not normally incontinent, for drives and special events where toilets are not available!
  4. Angela Bauer

    Tesco Health Junior Nappies 20 Pack

    So, are these Tesco Health Junior Nappies actually larger and more absorbent that the UK Pampers Size 8. 20kg+ is not that much greater than 17kg+ for Pampers Cruisers Size 7 in the USA, but 70cm waist is 27+ inches which should relate to far greater weight. Can you link to any published reviews? How well are these Junior Nappies selling? In 2007 when Pampers Cruisers introduced Size 7 it was no big secret that the new machine they invented to make Size 7 could also make far larger disposables. It was reported that Pampers did make a trial run of Size 8 for 21kg+ but found the sale of Size 7 so disappointing that they never introduced any larger toddler diapers. By all accounts the UK Pampers size 8 are the same size as USA Pampers size 7. Huggies tried test marketing Size 7 in early 2008 and never actually brought those to market, concentrating on pull-ups instead. Maybe at last the makers of toddler diapers/nappies will reach out to parents of larger kids who are not well protected by pull-ups. Perhaps pull-ups are useful when toilet-training kids. But not every kid is ready for toilet training simply because they have outgrown size 6. If a kids wets more than dribbling pull-ups are useless. Parents should have the option of diapers for larger kids.
  5. Angela Bauer

    Recent Anti-Spanking Rants on TV

    As many of you saw on-line and on TV in El Paso, TX on 12 October a mother caught her 14 year-old son joyriding in her BMW. She chased him, pulled him over and spanked him with a belt in public as cars drove by. All that was steamed on Twitter by her adult daughter. All the TV and cable networks showed the Twitter footage. Needless to say media and the public in Western Texas supported the mother. By the same token reaction in other places blamed "Spanking Texas Mom" Liza Martinez. Even Fox network and cable dragged out old anti-spanking rants. Is it true that every kid or teen who got spanked turns out to be violent? Is it possible to raise kids to be responsible adults without ever spanking? When I was growing up both of my parents were strongly anti-spanking. My maternal Granny lived next door and frequently told me, "Angela, what you need is a good hairbrush spanking!" By the time I was almost 14 I had become fascinated by romantic spanking. My youngest Aunt Betsy and her family had just bought the house across the street. Betsy made no secret that she spanked her kids including a girl 6 years younger than me. Several times I saw Betsy spank her daughter and her brother who was 8 years my junior. Then one night Aunt Betsy caught me sneaking home way after curfew. She offered me a deal: She would spank me then or rat me out to my folks. Betsy had no clue about my spanking fascination. Of course I opted to be spanked. She used her hairbrush harder on me than on her kids. I cried and realized I deserved and needed to be spanked as punishment. About a year later my Mom changed her anti-spanking attitude and started spanking me and my younger siblings with a hairbrush. I am sure this made me a more responsible person. Okay, so what do all of you think? https://www.koco.com/article/spanking-your-kids/14476144
  6. Angela Bauer

    Do Not Be ASHAMED!

    I have no bladder control. Long ago I found it pointless to hate diapers or to be ashamed of wearing diapers. I was told about AB who had bladder control but had fun using diapers. Since 1990 I have used AB to cope with my incontinence. I can have fun in diapers when I want. I am not ashamed about this.
  7. Angela Bauer

    OK, all you clothies, sound off!

    I grew up with gauze diapers and diaper pins. Fortunately I made friends with several factory reps from First Years. They told me when @1998 that they were about to discontinue their super 3200 diaper pin. They did sell me a case of a gross of the cards with 4 pins. I still have about half of those in their cards. My loving husband sharpens my diaper pins. As for supporting my diapers inside Kins vinyl panties, I wear Onesies to bed and whenever I am wearing gauze diapers during the day. The top of my plain white Onesies look like ordinary T-shirts.
  8. Angela Bauer

    In The Past You When You Bed Wet.

    Since I was 21 in 1985 I have been profoundly urinary incontinent. I have absolutely no bladder control. So it might well suprise you that from the time i was toilet trained at 33 months until i reached puberty just after I turned 12 I never wet my bed! Just ask my Mom, granny or older sister! Like my sisters I had a tiny, over-active bladder. If I could reach a toilet within a couple of minutes after I felt the need to pee I was okay. So, for trips and events where toilets were hard to reach quickly Mom always very nicely asked me to wear just-in-case diapers. When I was tall enough at age 9 I was taught how to change the diapers of my youngest sister. That was still in a period before disposables were used routinely. Besides my family hugged trees, so Mom only used pinned Curity classic gauze diapers. Anyhow, a week or so after puberty when I did wet my bed, I simply told Mom what had happened. She made me a doctors appointment and spent a couple of hours coaching me as I practiced pinning on my diapers. That day also was the first time I wore day diapers at home where we had 4 toilets. Mom wanted me to be confident that I could un-pin my diapers quickly when I felt the need to pee. By the way, over those gauze diapers we wore Gerber vinyl pants. In those days Gerber had a factory in MI which made vinyl pants up to adult huge. Those were sold by mail-order. Gerber pants through Toddler Large were sold in most stores.
  9. Angela Bauer

    The Trip To See My Cousin

    Hi Boilerman, This is another of your marvelous stories. I agree that we need to know more about the future activities of both Patricia as well as her cousin Lisa. Having grown up needing just-in-case diapers from toilet training until I lost all bladder control at age 21, I can understand Pat's parents and I relate to Patricia. All of my cousins I saw frequently had parents believing in just-in-case diapers. I also had cousins I rarely saw with parents who did not use just-in-case diapers despite those cousins often wetting at age 8 and older. Frankly I felt sorry for those kids. I agree with Patricia's mother teaching her daughter to put on her own day diapers. It is very important that youngsters with bladder problems put on their own diapers when they are mature enough to do so effectively. I know many kids as young as five who can put on their own diapers. In my day all we had were pinned gauze diapers, so my Granny and Mom played it safe by not teaching us to pin our own diapers until we reverted to bedwetting at puberty. Clearly Patricia and Lisa were wearing modern tape-on or hook & loop disposables. Modern disposables eliminate diaper pin danger. I know in my case I only stuck myself once and was very careful in the future. Frankly I think Granny and Mom were overly cautious. I do agree with Patricia's parents not using pull-ups. They cost more and leak badly. Modern disposables have tapes/tabs which are re-positionable, It is better to release the tabs on one side should a disposable need to move out of the way should the wearer feel the need to pee into a toilet or to poop into a toilet. It is realistic that Patricia understand that diapers are not free. When I was age 8 I did not buy my gauze diapers, but I did wash, dry and fold many diapers. I started by just folding until I was tall enough to remove washed diapers from the machine and move them to the dryer. Modern horizontal washers, such as Maytag Neptune, allower shorter kids to use the washer.
  10. Angela Bauer

    What diapers do you wear?

    Personally I never had any luck with the original GoodNites disposables. But, those were designed for older children with minor bedwetting. KCWW marketed GoodNites as being discreet. Relative to Huggies Pull-Ups GoodNites are thin so the capacity is limited, without enough fiber fluff to temporarily hold floods until the SAP can absorb it. Clearly the researchers into incontinence did not explain to the inventors about the sudden wetting of older children. Although sharing a brand name, GoodNites Tru-Fit is an entirely different product, yet marketed to the same people. Tru-Fit is a two-part system: The absorbent insert has no waterproof layer so it is biodegradable and has an ideal mix of fluff to SAP so it as good as a disposable can get dealing with floods. Holding the liner is a washable pant with a waterproof supple pocket holding the liner. The pant stretches so they remain snug quite well, thus the liner is held close to the body to avoid urine puddles. Unfortunately the same liners are used in both the boys and girls styles of pant. The liners are narrow enough to be comfy for us gals, meaning they are far too narrow to wrap around males with developed scrotums. Also the liners are a bit stiff, which is not a problem for gals but are uncomfortable for most guys. Honestly when I was invited to evaluate Tru-Fit well before the release I shared my feelings with the executives at KCWW. Oh, well, since I am petite for an adult woman these work very ell for me. Before I started wearing them routinely during the week I tested them over many weekends. I kept wearing the same liner until I had wet so much it leaked and kept track of the time. Thus for me I knew that even when I deliberately drank more than I would while working, I had safe 5+ hour capacity. After over 4 years wearing Tru-Fit routinely I have never had a leak. I put on my first Tru-Fit each day following drying after my morning shower at about 4:30AM. I dress and wear it to my office until about 8:15AM when I change it to walk to court. The lunch break is always earlier than 12:15PM. I change liners just before returning to court at 1:30PM. Court is always over before 5PM when I walk back to my office. There I change liners again for the drive home. So I use 4 liners a day and none for as long as 5 hours. The liners cost less than cheap baby disposables. I do not need to undress to change liners and the panty stays dry enough one lasts all day. However, if I will be going out for the evening I do change the pant as part of dressing for dinner. In the days when I was wearing adult tape-on disposables there was a lot of waste because I needed to change more often. Five adult diapers, even low cost ones like Attends cost nearly 3x more than the liners. Bummer that Tru-Fit are not practical for everyone.
  11. Angela Bauer

    The Family Cookout/Hookup

    This is such a hopeful story, Boilerman. A million thanks for taking the time to write it. I look forward to getting to know subsequent events for this new family!
  12. Angela Bauer

    What diapers do you wear?

    Well Needing, just bless your heart, and your girlfriend, too. Lucky you being big enough that you have so many choices of disposables. A reason I have been loyal to Attends since 1981 is that they have always made diapers to fit my petite body. Heck, in 1981 Attends made both Junior and Youth sizes too small even for me. What was then called Adult Small is now called Youth. The old Junior was about the size of a current Size 6 at a time when the largest Pampers was smaller than current Size 5. The old Youth was just too small for me when I only weighed 85 pounds. Sure, a lot of disposables have more capacity than Attends, but on me that is a waste. Except in bed I have never worn the same diaper longer than 6 hours and usually I change ever 4 or 5 hours. I know how much I will wet at a given time of day, so using a more expensive diaper is for me wasteful. My current day diaper, GoodNites Tru-Fit for Girls L/XL give me 5 hours with capacity to spare. Bummer for guys older than 9 or 10 that Tru-Fit do not work well with scrotums.
  13. Angela Bauer

    Getting use to diapers

    Ever since June 1985 I have lacked any bladder control. Growing up my bladder was tiny and overactive. When I was born in 1964 there were some disposables, but at that time they were only considered for trips. My extended family hugged trees, so for us it was pinned classic Curity flat 21x40 gauze diapers inside Gerber vinyl panties. Yes until Gerber got out of the adult incontinence business they had a factory in Michigan making panties from Toddler Large up to huge adult, sold by mail order. All the women descended from my Granny Vi had bladder problems, including Granny, my Mom Alice, her sister Aunt Betsy, her daughter, me and my 3 sisters. Our family accepted diapers to control our wetting. I'm told that Granny's mom and granny also needed diapers. I never met any of Vi's 4 sisters. I seldom saw Mom's other 3 sisters, except Betsy. A tradition handed down from Vi's granny was the use of 'just-in-case' diapers for trips and special events, for those who could get by without diapers when they could be sure of a toilet or potty in a few seconds. In my home growing up there were two bathrooms and each of us also had a potty, even Mom. All the bedrooms used by us gals had stacks of gauze diapers. From the time I was 7 I shared a bedroom with our youngest sister who was then 2 and not toilet trained. The family changing table was in the bedroom I shared with Missy. When I was tall enough I diapered Missy for bed and during the day when I was home. To me the brilliance of the 'just-in-case' diapers is that none of us grew up being embarrassed about diapers. Sure until Pampers became the rage in the late 1970's it would be a rare day out if I did not see a baby being pinned into diapers in a ladies' room, and frequently strangers saw me being diapered or pinning on my own diapers. Trust me, when you are way past being embarrassed, you realize the rest of the world does not care. Occasionally a curious child might stare or even comment. Usually that child got a smack or a few from her mom. Probably thousands of people have seen me changing my diaper in public ladies' rooms without commenting, or I did not notice. Since 1988 I have been a litigation attorney, so most of my days are spent representing clients in court. As needed I change diapers in ladies' rooms, so I know I am hardly the only female attorney who wears diapers. Female clients have seen me changing. At law school over half my classmates wore diapers during exams and longer classes. None of us bothered hiding bags or boxes of disposables, including male law students.
  14. Angela Bauer

    Finding Jill (repost)

    Somehow I missed FINDING JILL when the OP released it over several years, so I thank You Auspr for re-posting it. Yes, it is long, about 90K words and nearly 170 pages. Some is a bit over the top, but most makes sense. I tend to skim parts that break my suspension of disbelief, as I do with any story. My suggestion to readers new to FINDING JILL is to make a cheat sheet about the characters as you read from the start of the story. The reason is suddenly the age of Jill changes back and forth during a long day in the story but perhaps written in short chapter over years. POSSIBLE SMALL SPOILER ALERT! @ Chapter 11, Jill needs to wear a disposable. She is provided a "Size 6 Pampers" which was put on Jill using the tabs or tapes, the author is not specific. By the time Pampers were available in Size 6 those were only cloth-like with tabs. The next day Jill's 10-year older/married sister provides Jill an unnamed Size 5 overnight described as smaller than the Size 6. Could that have been a Huggies OverNite? Mind you since before the story starts Jill has routinely diapers Ashley's baby, who sometimes wears Size 4 and sometimes Size 5. Jill cannot make the wings of the Size 5 stretch around her slender 22 year-old hips. Jill simply unfolds the Size 5 and holds it in place inside a pair of her own cotton panties. When Pampers Cruisers first were introduced @20 years ago I did the same thing. I found the Size 4 Cruisers fit better and were more comfy inside snug cotton panties than the Size 5 and still had about the same capacity. A few years later Pampers introduced "Extra Protection" mostly sold by Target which I found gave me 25% longer capacity for only 10% more money. Then in 2014 I was part of the early test trial of GoodNites Tru-Fit Girls L/XL which fit me very well and increase my capacity from 4 hours for the "Extra Protection" to 5 + hours for the Tru-Fit with a savings of about 15% per disposable liner. Recently the Pampers Extra Protection have been replaced by Pampers Swaddlers Overnight which are available up to Size 6. Those size 6 have slightly more capacity than the Size 7 Cruisers if you can find them. About 2012 my older loving husband lost bladder control. He is far too large for Tru-Fit (which work far better for females than males older than 9). What has been working for my husband during the day are the Swaddlers Overnights size 6 inside Fruit-of-the-Loom cotton briefs, covered by KINS 10300V pull-on vinyl pants. Most of the time the briefs don't even get damp up to 6 hours and even if the briefs get wet the vinyl pants prevent leaks. I'm not clear when FINDING JILL was originally written, nor the level of practical experience of the OP author. I read the stoy as entertainment, not as practical diapering instruction, yet I am impressed by how clearly some of the adult diapering described is practical if you find the appropriate snug washable panty and the comfy size disposable. For most guys probably a Size 7 would be a good starting point. For older guys who survived prostate surgery the Size 6 are big enough.
  15. Angela Bauer

    Wet Stories Over the Past Couple years.

    Boilerman, This is a marvelous story. Please keep on writing when you have time and are in the creative mood.