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  1. Daily Di, Trust me, even if I knew the correct link I would never think of ordering ant punishment soap. This evening I spoke to my youngest sister Missy who is a year older than Aunt Bessy's daughter Carol. Missy confirms that she detested having her mouth soaped much more than having her delicate derrière spanked with a hairbrush. I'll take Missy's word about that. I put in calls to both my older sister Penny and cousin Carol. Neither were home. I'll e-mail them later. Eventually Penny and Carol will be receiving one of the T-shirts. As a ligation attorney I cannot imagine a product liability company covering the risk of punishment soap.
  2. Thanks for the Amazon link, Daily Di. I have ordered several in both man and woman style in different sizes. They should arrive 23 February. Our usual AB Sunday Brunch Bunch is meeting 26 February to mock the Oscars. We will be wearing those shirts!
  3. Hi Will. Obviously the business health of the cloth diaper service industry DEPENDS on who is answering the questions. I have never had the chance to put any diaper service executive under oath to take a deposition. That could be fascinating. What I have been told by an executive with the trade association and several executives of DyDee is that before the end of WWI they either were an association od separate firms or were franchised. Perhaps in 1917 when anti-trust laws were fairly new, the laws about franchising had not been written. Given that every firm I've found using the name 'DyDee' uses similar colors and logo's they must at least share information. My guess is that back in the 1930s until the end of WWII, the DyDee laundry serving Manhattan could well have been located elsewhere, considering the cost of commercial space in Manhattan. However, back then there was a large meat packing district on the Lower Westside which was subsequently gentrified as 'Chelsea'. It is probable there was a DyDee facility east of Long Island City, but who knows how far the trucks traveled. Our DyDee branch provides the adult diapers; we did not have to by those elsewhere. In fact DyDee was not interested in washing the many diapers we already owned. I am saving those in case the situation CHANGES. I'm not so sure that even if I had the spare time I would personally want to run loads of diapers at home.s a child I ran thousand of diaper loads through our trusted Maytag and folder millions of individual diapers. Not my favorite hobby.
  4. Daily Di, Where can I buy some of the Soap Poisoning shirts? BTW, Aunt Betsy always claimed she only used bars of soap made especially for punishment. They were the size of soap bars used by hotels. My sisters said they tasted horrible. My Granny said that special soap was made only from natural ingredients. No chemicals were added. None of the people Aunt Betsy soapped got very sick, so it could be Granny was right. She usually was right, as was Aunt Betsy.
  5. Hi Daily Di, Just thinking about the way you were treated as a young person with urinary problems makes me super sad! Ever since I discovered Adult Baby as a coping strategy for my urinary incontinence, I have asked my Mom and Granny all about 'Just-in-Case' diapers. By the way, in my AM mode I am old enough I can communicate as a child near puberty and I can walk, even in high heels. However I still have no bladder control and love bottles and pacifiers. Granny is in her late 90s and is the oldest of three sisters and a brother. Her mother and all the sisters had tiny over-active bladders. Their mother had no bladder control. In their family there was no shame about being an older child in diapers, even in the era before PlayTex panties. Later, during WWII it was Granny who started using the term 'Just-in-Case' diapers covered by whatever kind of waterproof panties were available. Granny's theory is that when toilet learning is delayed much beyond normal it is probable that those people will need diapers their entire lives, so they might as well get used to the situation early in life. Mom was always very nice about wetting and diapers. She taught us to be as discreet about our diapers as our more conventional undies.
  6. Hi Daily Di, So it was your Mom who provided Charlie his diapers? That was very kind of her. My Aunt Betsy's oldest child is Carol who is 6 years younger than me. Even in the 'progressive undisciplined' 1970-80s Aunt Betsy was a very 'old school mom'. Not only did she spank all three of her kids hard and frequently (Carol until she moved to a university at 18!) she also spanked my younger brother, my three sister and me. I think I was the only one who avoided having mouth soapings for swearing. Clearly Aunt Betsy never learned about my own swearing!
  7. Hi Will, That is an impressive list of diaper delivery services you identified ten to fifteen years ago. However, even then there were more such diaper services. For example you did not find DyDee Service of Pasadena, California which has been in business continuously since 1915. Circa 2000 there also were DyDee branches 6 other Los Angeles County, CA locations. Just in Southern California there were either DyDee brand or competitors in Santa Barbara County; Ventura County; Orange County; San Bernadino County; Riverside County; San Diego County. Apparently there were no diaper service companies in Imperial County which is totally rural. Probably even in the counties I mentioned deliveries are not offered in rural areas. My husband Don has vivid memories of diapers being delivered to his family in what today is called West Greenwich Village, NYC from the Mid 1930s onward. Don's memory does not go back before 1936. He saw those kinds of trucks while visiting friends in New Jersey, perhaps from just one company; Don is sure they were the pink and grey of DyDee. Same for Ossining and Larchmont in Westchester County, NY. Until the summer of 1942 Don's parents had a second home in North Hampton, NY which is on the east end of Long Island. Both of his much younger sisters were still in diapers, and he needed diapers for bed. DyDee delivered those to his family. His best friend's mother had a second home in Westport, CT which received diaper deliveries even during WWII. There were boom times according to the Diaper Service Industry Association from 1945 until disposables were mass marketed in the mid 1970s. Virtually all diaper services, especially the DyDee brand, o0ffered adult-size diapers. I grew up in Bellflower, CA which is a working class small city southeast of Downtown Los Angeles. I do not remember ever seeing a DyDee truck there before I moved to university in 1981. Everyone I knew then washed diapers at home. Probably DyDee was for the affluent. Perhaps that was always the case. What the sales manager of Pasadena DyDee tells me is that despite environmental regulations they have expanded since 1990. They admit business has never been better. The driver delivering to our home also has other customers on our street in both directions.
  8. What a charming story, Will!!! One of the advantages to living in Pasadena, California is that a branch of DyDee Service has been in business here since the diaper service industry started nearly 100 years ago. People who read my stories have mentioned noticing for the past couple of years I frequently write about parents of older kids either with delayed toilet learning or kids who have reverted to wetting signing up with DyDee instead of using disposables at home. My husband Don was born in 1932 in Manhattan, NYC, New York. When his parents had his mom's pregnancy confirmed they signed up with the local branch of DyDee. Years later when his younger sisters were born they wore DyDee diapers. Back then in NYC home washing machines were rare. Besides DyDee washed and dried diapers more effectively. My parents had a washer and a drier. With Mom, Aunt Betsy and several children in diapers our home equipment got a lot of use. Besides we lived far outside the delivery area of DyDee. Don's first wife Jean had lost her bladder control because of early-onset menopause in 1985. She had used the Pasadena DyDee for her first two kids born in 1962 and 1964 because then disposables were only for traveling. However for her youngest son born in 1978 Jean used Pamper and Huggies which had become popular. When Jean started to wet she wore Attends but later wore gauze diapers from DPF at home and in bed. It was only the week before she was killed by a drunk driver in 1989 that she discovered DyDee was still in business. She never got the chance to use them. When I met Don in May 1991 he had a set of Maytag Neptune. I bought many DPF adult gauze prefolds. Every other day I would start a load of wet diapers before leaving for my law office. Don would move those to the Neptune drier before he left for his office. Our housekeeper would unload the drier and fold my diapers later in the day. Then when Don lost bladder control we added a maid to the staff since we needed to wash more diapers daily. Then Don and I gave DyDee a call, prompted when the maid gave us notice. As you wrote, DyDee service costs a lot less than the maid and reduces repairs to our Neptune equipment. According to the sales manager of DyDee because of the number of elderly residents in Pasadena from the start they have served the mature customers.
  9. Yes, indeed there are many women members of DD. I have been active here for over ten years. I was born a girl and have matured into a grown woman. I am urinary incontinent. I also have been happily married to a wonderful loving man since 1991. My suggestion is that you read the DD rules. You have not properly introduced yourself. You posted near duplicate messages in separate forums. Here is a hint: Every woman I know resents being called a 'female' instead of a woman. Also, virtually all the DD members who are women already are in a romantic relationship, so be respectful when contacting all DD members.
  10. In 1996 when Don was designing our current home, for the counter along the outside wall of the diaper changing alcove of the master bedroom, we installed a garbage compactor in a lower cabinet. That is ventilated to the outside so no odors of compacted disposables reach the bedroom. We can buy compactor bags everywhere for less than DiaperGenie or Dekor. True back then we paid more for the compactor than for a Genie, but this one has needed no service after over 21 years of faithful service. It very easily handles adult disposables. The bags are large so that is another savings. I am sure that just in bags we have saved many times the added cost vs. a Genie. Since Don lost bladder control following his prostate surgery in 2007 we need to compact a whole lot of disposables. True, during my work days I dispose of wet diapers in baggies in ladies' rooms, but Don mostly works from home.
  11. THE BIG BANG THEORY is produced by Warner Bros. for CBS. The actor playing 'Sheldon' has a production deal with both CBS and WB. It is reported that actor will be an executive producer on the series about Young Sheldon, which could well go directly to series without a pilot. The actor playing 'Leonard' also has a similar development deal. He has a series (in which he will not appear) that is about to start production. The actor playing also has a development deal, which apparently has yet to yield a series. The actress who plays 'Bernadette and her husband have already produced a feature film from a story and script they wrote. That actress who plays Bernadette was cast because she could do such an accurate version of "Howard's Mom's" voice. Who can say if CBS wants to discontinue this bit? I have always been annoyed by the character of Momma Howard. My guess is that CBS executives enjoy this bit. During a season break the actress playing 'Penny' made a movie requiring her hair be shorter. Apparently in her real life she prefers short hair. like you I assume she wears extensions or a wig on camera as Penny.
  12. Since 15 February 2017 the entertainment trade press has reported that CBS expects to renew THE BIG BANG THEORY for seasons 11 and 12. Currently the show is in Season 10. It appears that the five original cast members will be paid similar per episode amounts as were the six cast members of NBC's FRIENDS during its final season. The other two female stars are expected to receive substantial pay raises since those characters have become central to the series.
  13. Hi DailyDi, This is a marvelously creative short story. I look forward to it being continued, especially since it combines two of my favorite topics: SPANKING and DIAPERS. Perhaps in the future Mom might encourage her son to request penitence spankings, confessing to misbehavior she had not detected.
  14. This remains an excellent start of a fascinating story. Is there a chance it will continue?
  15. My Mom tells me I was day dry at 30 months and night dry at 33 months. However, my bladder was tiny and over-active. Although I was not diapered for bed, I did wear cotton trainers until I was 11yo. For trips and special events when quickly finding a toilet would be a problem Mom nicely asked me to wear Just-in-Case pinned gauze diapers and Gerber vinyl panties. At puberty when I was 12yo I reverted to bedwetting. Mom taught me how to pin on my own diapers. From then on I have always worn diapers to bed. At 21yo I lost my day control, so since then I've worn some kind of diaper 24/7.