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    • Adding my voice to the "Yes you can" list. It might even be more possible to train yourself to do this than for learning day-wetting. Healthy children become dry daytime before that is achieved at night so there's no reason one can't get their mind back to that point without going further. In reality, that's all that learned adult incontinence is- putting the mind back to where the signals of wetting went unnoticed and therefore unheeded. Which in time the physical body will follow. It's all a mental process which controls the physical processes. Bettypooh
    • Mine are coming today but I won't get to wear them for a while.
    • Was that a question for Amanda? Anyway - it was an interesting answer to the question "I still need to...."  Yes Amanda, you are building a castle - not Jamie 😂 Hmmm - Well I am not convinced that Amanda tells Jamie and Becky the whole truth 😌 To Alex. Good chapters 👍😀
    • Went grocery shopping yesterday with one of those unidentified cravings. I saw the honey roaster almonds and bam! I knew that was it. Which is odd because I've never had them before and as best I can recall I never knew almonds came that way. Pretty good but honey-roasted peanuts are better I didn't want those though- it had to be almonds somehow. Bettypooh
    • Probably related to repetitive motions at work. The pains and joint problems of aging hit my active side first for that very reason. Bettypooh