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  1. Impeached (and the sooner the better).
  2. The waterproof materials that are available today are much better than the old Gerber waterproof pants. (I miss them, too). The old style plastic has been replaced by polyurethane laminate (PUL). PUL is a vinyl coated stretchy fabric that actually "breathes" so it won't trap moisture, which can cause diaper rash. If you take the nostalgia factor out of the mix, PUL waterproof pants are great and with a good panty pattern, they are fairly easy to make if you are handy with a sewing machine. If you aren't, there are plenty of commercially-made pants available--check amazon and Etsy. PUL also comes in a variety of colors and prints, which makes the pants a lot less boring than plain old vinyl...although I don't mind "plain old pants" if that is the effect you're looking for.
  3. Here are a couple new outfits for spring. One is an adorable Winnie the Pooh themed Georgia vintage dress. Unfortunately, the blue pin dot fabric sold out before I could order it so I substituted a floral fabric that had all the colors of the Pooh panel fabric in it. The second dress is a "Paige" dress that I couldn't resist making and now can't wait to wear. Both outfits were found on Pinterest. I found a floral fabric that was as close to the original as I could, and it works!
  4. Adorable Winnie the Pooh Georgia Vintage dress. Pin dot fabric was not available. It sold out before I had a chance to order it, but I'm happy with my second choice as it has all the colors in the Pooh panel fabric.
  5. BabyJune

    Paige Dress.png

    Beautiful ruffled hem "Paige" dress made in the style of my favorite Georgia Vintage dresses. Beautiful ruffled hem "Paige" dress made in the style of my favorite Georgia Vintage dresses.
  6. BabyJune

    BabyJune's 2017-18 Album

    Outfits created in 2017 and 2018
  7. You forgot to include cloth. I prefer cloth with a Zorb booster and PUL waterproof pants.
  8. I take a couple of high blood pressure medications and I'm sure that's why sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to go. The doctor is always on my case about my prostate, but I found out that my meds can cause frequent urination. Besides, I don't have any other prostate symptoms except an elevated BPH level. I chickened out of a more invasive exam several years ago. I told the doctor no enemas and no sticking a magnetic rod up my butt. Sometimes an exam like that can do more damage and outweighs the benefits.
  9. They did it with ice cream, too. Notice that your "half gallon" of ice cream is now a quart and a pint but the price didn't go down.
  10. Cloth flat with a terry cloth booster, Zorb soaker panel and PUL waterproof pants.
  11. Yup. Saw the movie years ago. I used to own a "Punch Buggie," so that was my favorite part.
  12. Although I would never wear a diaper while driving, I can answer the question--NO. You need to bring in fresh outside air which in turn pushes the stale (stinky) inside air out through hidden exhaust vents in the car's body, thus exchanging the air inside the car and removing the smell.
  13. I've had a couple of close calls that were caused by carelessness on my part. I accidentally left a rinsed diaper and waterproof pants on the edge of the tub and forgot they were there. My brother lives in my house, so I'm sure he saw them but never said anything and just left them there. I made a strong mental note after that to always know where my diapers were but once again, I had a load of diapers and waterproof pants in the dryer (my brother's dryer) and forgot they were in there. They finished drying, but I forgot to put them away. He did a load of laundry and needed to use the dryer. He simply put them on top of the dryer. I saw them and put them away. He never said a word, possibly thinking they might be cleaning rags, which I also sometimes wash and dry. I don't think he'd dare cause any family problems (i.e. telling Mom) because I let him live in my house rent-free. Either way, I don't dare pick any arguments with him just in case. And now I'm extremely careful about making sure my diapers and pants are always put away, I even have a tag that reminds me to check the dryer. We don't live together, but I spend the day at my house when he's at work and he stays in the house at night while I go back to Mom's house. I'm retired, so I have the daytime to myself in my house.
  14. To my knowledge, nobody can detect diapers under my clothes. I wear around the family as well as out in the neighborhood. I wear cloth diapers and waterproof pants, but they are not so thick that anyone could notice them. I also use a bit of body spray and have had no odor problems, either. I won't wear when out with the car, though.
  15. To my knowledge, no one knows and I intend to keep it that way. It is a very private activity to me. I've spent my life working with young children and it wouldn't go over too well if people knew I got my "jollies" wearing something used by babies and toddlers. They'd most likely jump to the wrong conclusion because very few people in mainstream life understand infantilism.