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  1. I've never fancied rompers. If you wear a diaper--especially cloth like I do--it requires you to completely disrobe in order to change. If you don't wear a diaper, there would need to be a "fly" in the front. I did sew one romper and skirt combo for the warm weather, but like I said, diaper changes can be tricky. I can usually wipe off the waterproof pants with a disinfectant cloth, which means I only need to pull the romper down to change a diaper, but still, skirts and dresses are easiest for me.
  2. Although I've often thought about going out in a diaper, I immediately dismiss that thought--not for simply the fear of being discovered, but because anything could happen. I've walked a few blocks to the mailbox wearing a diaper, but never gone out in the car. With all the bad drivers on the road, there's too much risk of an accident--or even tripping and falling and getting hurt while walking...or passing out from a medical emergency (although I'm healthy). I've told the story before of how my classic 1972 Volkswagen Beetle was rear-ended (and totaled) on my way home from work. In the glove compartment was a top, skirt and panties that I hadn't had time to put away. I was "transporting" them between houses. Quickly and discreetly before they towed the car away, I had to put the goodies in my lunchbox and then worry about getting into the house without my mother seeing the "treasure" hidden inside. That experience scared me away from wearing diapers anywhere but around the immediate neighborhood. My diapers (cloth) are basically undetectable under my clothes. I wear in front of my mother and have even conversed with the neighbors while wearing and no one is the wiser. But to drive or go out to stores...I'm not ready to take that kind of risk. You never know what can go wrong. When something does go wrong and if anyone finds out, it can't be undone or easily explained. Anyone who knows me knows that I've always worked closely with children (in an all-girl setting). It wouldn't go over too well if people found out that I got my jollies from wearing diapers. I'm happy keeping it to myself in the privacy of my own little neighborhood.
  3. But...they're not WATERPROOF.
  4. Never have I seen a religion that is as opinionated as Christianity. And never have I seen people that criticize and are as narrow-minded as some Christians. (Not all, Christians, but the ones I seem to find). Even the various Christian faiths are at each other's throats over which Christian religion is the "right" one. Here's one of my Christian horror stories: Years ago I was taking care of a little girl (she was about 7, I think) whose mother was sick. It happened to be Halloween. I had her at my house and took her trick-or-treating before dinner and then to a Halloween party the next town over after dinner. I ran into a lady that our family knew who was a Pentecostal Christian of the worst kind. She knew that I took care of children and was horrified of the fact that someone would trust a single man to take care of their daughter. That entire evening at the event, she followed me around watching me like a hawk and throwing disgusting glances at me. "Hey, lady, why doesn't Jesus Christ think that I should babysit this little girl?" She was also a loudmouth, proud Christian who proclaimed her beliefs (and idiotic opinions) to me on a regular basis. I couldn't tell her off because her daughters took piano lessons from my mother and I didn't want Mom to lose students. Now the other side of the story: I knew a Jewish family and was quite close to them. They would often ask me to stay at their house for a weekend and babysit their children (a boy and a girl) while they went on a weekend retreat. They never questioned my moral integrity or told me that I was unfit as a single man to take care of their children They also never professed the Jesus didn't think I should take care of their children alone or that I should be married to a woman before being allowed--at the discretion of a wife--to take care of a child. (I should probably mention that my father's father went to Rabbinical school, which didn't hurt any with the Jewish family). I am not Jewish by religion and I certainly don't consider myself a Christian in the sense of "taking Jesus Christ as my personal savior." My grandmother taught Sunday school in a Presbyterian church and also led religious services at her house. She never condemned ANY religion and was always eager to study what other people believed and kept an open mind. I wouldn't put too much power into Christians condemning gay people simply because of the closed-mindedness I have seen from them in the past. Everyone has a right to choose their lifestyle as long as it doesn't hurt others in the process.
  5. I've never known a poopy diaper that didn't smell. Not only that, but poopy diapers don't feel so great over time. For that reason, I keep all my poops in the privacy of my own home and then change into a clean, dry diaper right away.
  6. Looks like it might be custom-made or homemade out of PUL. If you can draft a good pattern, you could make them yourself. PUL fabric runs around $10 per yard for plain and slightly more for a pattern (such as flowers and such). PUL also comes in different weights. 1mil works fine, and I often use a slightly heavier 1.33 mil.
  7. bank account
  8. Four diapers a day? That's a change every six hours. I wear cloth and can go generally three hours without a change--occasionally I can stretch it to five if I don't pee a lot. I'd guess more like six to eight diapers a day, especially for the poopy ones.
  9. You think teachers are exempt from poor grammar? Nope. We recently had a news item where the press was interviewing the superintendent of one of the schools, and he said something that was so grammatically incorrect it made me cringe. I'm glad the television didn't have ears because I cursed out that stupid six-figure-salary bastard for the rest of the evening.
  10. A woman without her man is nothing. or... A woman: Without her, man is nothing. Punctuation is powerful. A koala bear eats shoots and leaves is cute. A koala bear eats, shoots, and leaves is frightening. (Can a koala even use a gun?)
  11. That is actually very good advice. But if the topic of wearing diapers causes you any confusion, then you probably do need to talk it over and sort everything out. But be assured that people don't need to know every aspect of your life. After all, we don't tell each other every breath we take or every time we do a private activity. Wearing diapers is no different, and basically to anyone who does not get pleasure from wearing diapers, they won't care because they can't relate to your feelings.
  12. Sorry if I sound like a nit-picker, but Pampers were actually introduced by Procter and Gamble in 1961.
  13. If your diapers can't be seen, then no one will know you are wearing one. I wear cloth with waterproof pants and have had many conversations with the lady next door while wearing. It isn't obvious. Even my mother hasn't detected that I'm wearing a diaper in the morning before heading out to walk over to my house around the corner. Unless a diaper leaks or is super bulky, then your secret should be safe. Personally, I won't wear if I'm driving somewhere but I have worn a diaper to walk several blocks away to the mailbox.
  14. I can't wear when my brother has a day off. (He lives in my house, and I stay around the corner in Mom's house but spend the day at my house when he's at work). Then there are days like yesterday when I had a lunch meeting to finalize plans for a mother-daughter luncheon this Sunday and had to be out most of the day. I make it a point not to miss wearing diapers so much that it would interfere with life and social activities.