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  1. BabyJune

    How often do you wear?

    I wear every day that my brother works. I spend nights at Mom's house because he lives at my house around the corner. Early in the morning I put on a diaper, have breakfast at Mom's and then walk over to my house for the day where I can wear and use diapers up until dinnertime. On bro's days off, I don't usually wear. I wear cloth, which requires time to wash and dry them. It is too hard to hide disposable diapers and/or throw them away without them being seen (or smelled).
  2. BabyJune

    Vinyl, Plastic or Rubber Pants?

    I would imagine that traditional "rubber pants" are uncomfortable, especially in the warmer weather or when a diaper is really wet. PUL is a much better material because it allows air inside but keeps wetness from leaking--except for occasional "compression leaks" from an overly wet cloth diaper. I'd like the kind of rubber pants I grew up wearing in the 60's, but after using PUL, I'll stick with that and be happy.
  3. BabyJune

    Diaper lover or adult baby

    Adult toddler--I walk and talk and do interesting stuff while still needing to wear a diaper most of the time.
  4. BabyJune

    Story suggestions

    The key to my novels is variety. Each one is uniquely different and it's not all just about wearing diapers. I detail other aspects of my characters' lives when I write. (Books and e-books are available through Lulu.com and can be downloaded inexpensively. Check out the banner at the bottom of my posts).
  5. BabyJune

    Extreme messy idea - slimy mud creek

    The bears work for Charmin.
  6. BabyJune

    Would you want to be a "Normie"?

    If wearing diapers is not normal, then why is it that's the first thing they put on a baby when they are born?
  7. BabyJune

    OK so how is everybody coping in the heat

    Central air conditioning in both houses. Plus I don't go away from home wearing a diaper, only around the house or walking between my house and Mom's house. It's always cool where I am.
  8. What is "Using the Toilet?"
  9. BabyJune

    Word Association

  10. BabyJune

    How you know if it was a good wedding

    Um...check the phrasing on that statement.
  11. BabyJune

    Would you sacrifice your kink for love? 

    NEVER! My kink won't sue me for sexual abuse or alimony.
  12. BabyJune

    Sexuality Expert Opinion

    Hmmm...I'd say that since it is unhealthy and unsanitary to sit around in a soiled diaper, that consent is automatically given.
  13. BabyJune

    Zorb II

    I think you will be happy with it.
  14. BabyJune

    How you know if it was a good wedding

    A good wedding is where the bride fails to show up. Prevents a ton of alimony later on.
  15. BabyJune

    Word Association

    Last election results