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  1. BabyJune

    Plastic Pants Wicking while sleeping

    With PUL waterproof pants, I notice that when I'm sitting for long periods of time that some of mine will get compression wicking. Oddly enough, not all my pants do that. Sometimes I also get a little wicking in the elastic at the leg openings. Other times like yesterday when I was moving around and not doing a lot of sitting, I went over four hours without a leak or any wicking.
  2. Three-year-old girl, well-dressed and diapered. (Maybe four if I could keep the diapers).
  3. BabyJune

    Post a rediculous answer to the question

    Law school and Washington, DC. Why is there a Salvation Army but no Salvation Navy or Salvation Air force?
  4. BabyJune

    Favorite Places To Wear Diapers.

    Favorite place? Around my waist and between my legs. that's my favorite place to wear diapers. Anywhere else, and they won't do their job. 😁
  5. BabyJune

    Why diapers are better than toilets.

    You have to be TAUGHT how to use a toilet. It is a long, tedious job. You're born knowing how to use a diaper.
  6. BabyJune


    That looks so comfortable.
  7. BabyJune

    Why do you like poopy nappies?

    When I poop in a diaper, I change right away. It feels so good while you're doing it, but it is messy and could cause a rash. I like to get into a clean diaper as soon as possible. I would never sit around or play in a dirty diaper. (I wear cloth diapers). I believe in acting like a "responsible" baby. In other words, if you wouldn't make a real baby sit around in a soiled diaper, then I don't want to do that, either.
  8. BabyJune

    What movies get you into your baby mode

    I recently watched "Boss Baby" as well as the half-hour episodes on Netflix. I also enjoyed "Little Einsteins," although that isn't actually a movie. Movie to watch: "Coraline."
  9. BabyJune

    Car accident

    Sorry to disagree, but new cars come with knee airbags. They are designed so that the way they deploy, they'd never hit the "family jewels." They stop at the knees.
  10. BabyJune

    Car accident

    There are airbags in cars (newer ones) that protect your knees. I know my car has airbags in every conceivable corner (and I hope I never get to see any of them).
  11. BabyJune

    How old were you?

    As nearly ad I can remember, probably about seven years old.
  12. BabyJune

    Double diapered

    I use Zorb soaker inserts (homemade) inside one cloth diaper and change frequently enough that they don't leak (much). The Zorb holds quite a bit. I just don't like the thickness of too many diapers, and I'm sure that babies don't like it, either.
  13. BabyJune

    Does anyone else fill diapers with water?

    Well...pee IS water so I guess I do fill my diapers with water. Just not tap water (although it probably was at one time)
  14. BabyJune

    bowel incontinence with tunnel butt plugs

    Be very careful when messing (no pun intended) with Mother Nature. It can cause you to go into septic shock if you hold in your poop. It is what killed little Heather O'Rourke years ago. She had a bowel obstruction and died from septic shock.