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  1. You have the right to do anything as long as it is in private and doesn't violate anyone else's rights. As soon as you expose other people to something that they find objectionable, then the story changes. I wear diapers IN PRIVATE. I won't expose anyone to my fetish or expect them to understand and accept it. If no one knows about it, then where is the big deal?
  2. J & J Baby Powder is now made using corn starch instead of talc. I use it all the time and love it.
  3. Some of my cloth diapers are getting a bit threadbare. I'll be ordering more diaper flannel and terry cloth to make some new ones pretty soon.
  4. As near as I can remember, I was about six or seven when I started experimenting with undershirts and rags and never stopped. Now I make my own diapers and waterproof pants "for real."
  5. Sorry if it sounds "adult," but my creature comfort is AIR CONDITIONING. Can't live without it. Willis Haviland Carrier is my Messiah!!!
  6. Cloth only with Zorb soaker pads and terry cloth boosters and PUL vinyl waterproof pants. the problem with disposables is that they have to be thrown away, and since my mother lives in one house and my brother lives in my house. I don't have enough privacy to store or dispose of diapers. I can wash and dry cloth and hide them much easier than worrying about someone finding a used diaper in the garbage can. Besides, I was born in 1959 and only wore cloth diapers as an actual baby, so it just feels more natural to me.
  7. Change into a clean diaper right away. If you wouldn't leave an actual baby in a soiled diaper, then why would you want to stay in one? Quickest way to a painful rash.
  8. If you wouldn't do it to a real baby, then why would you do it to yourself? I prefer clean and dry.
  9. I NEVER wear a diaper away from home, especially while driving. The risk of something going wrong is too great. I'll wear while walking from one house to another in the neighborhood and I wore while walking a couple of blocks to the mailbox. And of course I would never wear baby clothes in public. It's a very private thing to me. (Especially since my baby clothes are all for girls). I'm satisfied keeping my private life inside the house and to myself because nobody would understand except the people in this forum.
  10. Cloth diaper with a soaker and boosters, PUL waterproof pants, my heart tights and a red heart floaty dress.
  11. I just turn on the air conditioning and stay inside. I don't do any ABDL stuff outside the house, although I will wear a diaper under my "grownup" clothes outside--just not away from home.
  12. All flannel cloth flats, Zorb soakers and terry cloth boosters with PUL vinyl waterproof pants. No pictures. Ya seen one cloth diaper, ya seen 'em all!
  13. I have never had a problem publishing through Lulu.com. I have five novels dealing with infantilism on their site and sales have been good. (See bottom of this post for the titles). I also have a couple of sewing e-books on the Lulu site. Nothing I post has ever been censored or banned.
  14. I'm on a pension. What's a vacation?