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  1. Why diapers are better than toilets.

    There are more cute styles of diapers than there are cute styles of toilets.
  2. Word Association

    Strawberry Fields
  3. How "old" are you?

    3-1/2 and haven't quite mastered using the toilet (probably because I don't want to).
  4. Why no ABDL pride??

    One important thing to remember here: Gay pride is about ADULTS in ADULT relationships enjoying ADULT activities. As soon as you enter in something associated with children (or babies) it's a whole different ballgame. Getting turned on by leather and fishnet stockings is greeted with acceptance because it doesn't lead to thinking about children. But once you admit to enjoying diapers as a recreational (and sexual) activity, there is a big taboo to that. To everyday society, it is unacceptable to get "turned on" by something associated with the lifestyle of a baby or a child. After all, to a two-year-old, diapers are very mundane (and uncomfortable when poopy or wet). I guess you might say that anything before puberty is off limits when it comes to turn-ons. Of course there is nothing wrong with an ABDL lifestyle and those of us who indulge in it know that it doesn't (and shouldn't) involve children, but the general public won't see it that way. In their minds, diapers are for babies and incontinent adults, and incontinence is considered a "disability." The issue of dressing like a child is another hot-button issue because it takes the innocence of childhood and attaches sexuality to it--at least in the minds of people who don't understand it. Let's face it, not even psychologists or sex therapists fully understand infantilism because they treat it as a "disorder." We all know better than that, but it will never be accepted as a valid lifestyle like gay and transgender rights simply because of the association with children.
  5. Diaper wetting

    Nobody I'm around has ever noticed--neither family or neighbors.
  6. I got a Couple Cloth Diaper Questions

    Yes, that is normal. It can be avoided by using a "bikini twist." You can look up a diagram online to see how to do a bikini twist fold. It might not work as well for double diapers, though. A bikini twist is generally used on babies with fat legs. I use a single flannel cloth diaper with a Zorb soaker panel to avoid the bulk of multiple diapers but still have good absorbency.
  7. Driving Around In A Messy Diaper

    I would never wear a diaper away from home and certainly not while driving. It's too risky if you have an accident (car accident) while wearing. I will walk around the neighborhood with a diaper under my clothes, but I don't think I'd ever be brave enough to wear one while driving or shopping. I did walk several blocks down to the mailbox wearing a diaper once. It was non eventful and I might do that again.
  8. Favorite Flat Diaper Fold

    I use a tri-fold method where I fold over the front of the diaper on a Zorb soaker panel. I keep the diaper narrow at the crotch and fan out the front and rear. I'm not sure what kind of fold you'd call it, though. Diaper size is 27 by 34" hemmed at the front and rear to create a "landing zone" for the diaper pins.
  9. Diapers and emotions

    There are a couple reasons why people turn to having an interest in wearing diapers, and the reasons are seemingly polar opposites. First, if you had a bad childhood you might try to "return" to that point in your life and "make it better" through reenactment of some events--including wearing diapers because now as an adult, the experience can give you pleasure. Secondly, you may have had a wonderful childhood that was over too soon and you wish to return to those carefree days. You return to wearing diapers in an effort to rekindle being taken care of and having no responsibilities (my scenario). Wearing diapers for pleasure comes under the term "paraphilia,' which is gaining pleasure (sexual or otherwise) from something not generally associated with "good feelings." As long as you can strike a good balance of reality and fantasy, it can provide a great way to relieve stress and be a healing process for those with psychological issues regarding their childhood. A good therapist will help you get over the guilty feelings you have about wearing diapers for pleasure. As long as you keep a healthy balance, it is much safer than drugs or alcohol. Just remember "healthy balance" and don't become obsessed with diapers until wearing them takes over your life. I enjoy wearing diapers almost every day, but there are some days I have other events in my life and I go out and take care of daily tasks, shop, go out with friends, etc. without really missing my diaper time. In other words, I don't close out the real world for diapers. There is room (and time) for both.
  10. Bad Jokes

    I once dated an organ grinder's daughter because I liked to have her monkey around.
  11. Steiff teddy bear that I got from an aunt when I was a year and a half old. Also a little Steiff dog. Steiff animals are quite valuable and collectors items.
  12. Acceptance from general public

    I guess the basic message here should be that if you get your jollies from it, then it needs to be kept private. the lifestyle can be enjoyed without being shared or accepted by everyone.
  13. Acceptance from general public

    The general public can't agree on politics or religion. How would you ever expect them to accept something like ABDL? The majority of people will not accept the fact that it has nothing to do with actual children, and you'll never get them to understand that. I enjoy it much more by keeping it private. It is something special that I have with no reason to share it.
  14. How do you deal with clothes?

    I don't wear diapers while out in public, but I do wear cloth diapers and waterproof pants around the house. Since I use a Zorb soaker panel, my diapers are not overly thick and are undetectable under my jeans. I'm alone in my house during the day but prior to walking over to my house, I am at Mom's house for a brief time in the morning and she has never detected a diaper under my outer clothes. I have even talked to neighbors while wearing.
  15. Longest time in a single diaper?

    Cloth diaper and soaker panel: About four hours (no pooping, though--that requires an immediate change). But half the fun (for me, at least) of wearing a diaper is CHANGING the diaper. I generally go 2-1/2 to 3 hours.