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  1. If I poop, then I change immediately. I don't like staying in a messy diaper. If it's only pee pee, then I just go about a dialy routine: drink coffee, go online, clean house, mow the lawn or wash the car. Most afternoons I watch TV. Generally I don't go away from home in a diaper although I did walk a couple of blocks to the mailbox a while ago. I do, however, walk between Mom's house and my house in a diaper (under my clothes, of course).
  2. Gone through the roof? Wow. Well, if it lasts more than four hours, then you'd better seek medical attention.
  3. Funny. And on that note... A man walks into the cigar shop with a broken Zippo. There is a Black man behind the counter who asks, "May I help you, sir?" "Yes," the man says, showing him the broken Zippo. "Do you have any lighter parts?" The man behind the counter replies, "Nope. I'm the same color all over."
  4. Soaking diapers in a solution of Oxi-Clean really does wonders. Oxi-Clean is an oxygen-based bleach and is safe for diapers. I don't bleach mine all the time because they don't need it--only when they get slightly poop stained. Then wash in the washing machine with hot water and use a second rinse.
  5. I believe it was once said that "Cleanliness is next to Godliness," and it most certainly applies to diapers. There is no substitute for washing and rinsing diapers using a good quality laundry soap. When soaking diapers, I use a mild bleach in a bucket of water, and to wash diapers, I use Purex laundry soap. Then I rinse them thoroughly and put them in the washer on the drain/spin setting before tossing them in the dryer. You might think that showering in a diaper gets them clean, but bacteria needs more than a shower even with a body wash. Since I also use Zorb soakers, I want to make extra sure that they are disinfected as well. A diaper can never be too clean, you know.
  6. Are you sure it wasn't Lady Ga Ga? Oh, that's right--you said she had a blouse on.
  7. I use plain, unscented Johnson's baby powder.
  8. I would prefer solid (lumps), but I take fish oil to control cholesterol, so it makes my poop soft. Cleanup is easier with lumps as I have to do a lot of rinsing and soaking in bleach to remove the "skid mark" stains. Then if the poop gets on the waterproof pants, I have to change them as well instead of simply wiping them down with disinfectant and reusing them. (Sometimes it doesn't get past the diaper, though).
  9. When using "so" as a conjunction, it is meant to join (or continue) two or more thoughts. As an adverb, it modifies other words that follow it in a sentence. How can you start a sentence with "so," if nothing came before it? You can say, "I was out of milk, so I went to the store." It makes sense. but if you just say "So I went to the store," then what does it mean? Simply saying, "I went to the store" will suffice. You can say, "She was nice," or modify it by saying, "She was so nice." There is no hard-and-fast rule about NEVER starting a sentence with "so," but I don't recommend overusing the word to begin a sentence.
  10. Your BEST bet is to do everything in your power to prevent being "found out." I'm in a similar situation and am constantly on guard. In all my years of diaper-wearing, I have not yet been caught. If you wear disposable diapers, be very discreet about throwing them away. (I wear cloth, which means washing/drying them when no one is home). If you tell them you have an incontinence problem, they'll make you see a doctor. If you tell them you are an infantilist, it won't go much better. Bottom line: just don't plan on getting caught.
  11. I use standard Dritz diaper pins with safety locking plastic heads. Had mine for quite a few years now and they still work like new.
  12. "Proofreading" should be one word and not two.
  13. If you really want to make a big splash, open it in Saline, Michigan.
  14. "Mental issue" is a crude term. I prefer to call it a coping mechanism. To outsiders it would appear to be a mental issue but in truth, it is a very safe and healthy way to deal with stress. It only becomes an issue when it affects your ability to function in an "adult" world or when it becomes so addicting that you can't bear to be away from it.
  15. It will depend on the salt content of your urine. (Don't try tasting it!) The saltier the urine, the harder it is for the diaper to absorb it. The absorbent medium in disposable diapers is sodium polyacrylate--the sodium being "salt." Sodium can't absorb itself, so the diaper becomes prematurely saturated (overloaded) and since it isn't absorbing the salty liquid, it turns to a slimy gel. Dark urine no doubt contains a higher concentration of sodium--it can also signal dehydration, so be careful and drink lots of liquids.