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  1. Immature
  2. Cloth flannel diaper with a Zorb/Birdseye soaker panel and waterproof PUL pants.
  3. A bear who moved away from you: FAR-ted.
  4. Wearing and using diapers is a major part of my life, especially since I retired and can do it almost every day. But when other commitments come along, I simply put my diaper activities on hold and tend to them. I don't go "bonkers" if I need to skip several days or change my routine. I simply get back to it when I can and it means that much more to me. I'm careful not to let diaper wearing and role-playing become such an obsession that I can't function in everyday life.
  5. I can only wear when my brother is at work, so my diaper time is limited. Generally I use two or three depending on when I need to poop. I wear cloth diapers and a waterproof cover. At night I wear a diaper but don't use it because I sleep at Mom's house. I get up and pee about 7:00 and put on a "usable" cloth diaper, soaker and waterproof pants that I will wear and use until I can walk over to my house after my brother goes to work. Then I'm good for a couple of changes until I need to wash/dry and put everything away before he gets home and I'm back at Mom's house for the night.
  6. As a baby, I wore cloth diapers and "rubber" pants, so that's my experience. I've never tried disposable diapers simply because I share a couple of houses with family members. Storing and disposing of diapers is impossible without getting discovered. Then there is the look of a cloth diaper under waterproof pants that is probably the most "babyish." If I had total privacy, I'd no doubt at least try disposables--and might even wind up liking them.
  7. I was almost four. Now I'm back in diapers. She doesn't know it and can't do anything about it. If wearing diapers wasn't natural, then we wouldn't do it from the day we were born, would we?
  8. I have my bike on a magnetic resistance roller in the basement and do a half-hour routine every day. Sometimes I will walk as well. I like to be healthy, but I'm not really into a major fitness routine.
  9. No favorite position. Sometimes I just let it go while making coffee in the morning and then later in the day I will kneel or bend over. I try to do it just like a child would--when the urge hits, just let it go. (And then change right away!)
  10. Definitely hide it. My family does NOT need to know about my diaper fetish--it's a very personal thing. That's why I can't wear disposable diapers--no way to store them or dispose of them without someone finding out. Besides, I like cloth much better anyway. There are things in our lives that are private and should be kept to ourselves because other people just wouldn't understand it, and this is one of those things.
  11. I've never had a shrinkage problem. However, I buy diaper flannel by the yard and make my own diapers, so that means I prewash the fabric before cutting and binding it. That way if it does shrink, it most likely won't shrink any more on the next washings. If you buy ready-made diapers, consider going up a size or two to accommodate shrinkage.
  12. lard
  13. Try using a ballpoint (jersey) needle when sewing PUL. It should go through it much easier. That's what I use when making PUL waterproof pants.