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  1. Yeah, a little better. Outfits almost never look the same on an adult as they do an actual toddler. 8-(
  2. Diaper flannel, Birdseye and polyurethane laminate from fabric.com, and Zorb for soaker panels from wazoodle.com. You haven't "gone" until you've done it in a cloth diaper and waterproof pants.
  3. Perhaps it was the girl in the original picture with the Dolly Parton figure that made the outfit look too mature. Made it a bit difficult to picture it as a toddler outfit with "them" both staring at me.
  4. That outfit is a bit too mature for my tastes. I make panel skirts out of extra fabric left over from outfits I make. Check out the links below.
  5. I pee like an average toddler would: Whenever I have to in small bursts. A cloth diaper can last me almost four hours or more if I don't have to poop, which requires an immediate change. I never go away from home in a diaper, so being out in public isn't a problem.
  6. Home remodeling, sewing, playing the piano (although not a lot lately). I used to have collector cars, but I don't drive any more than I have to since I retired (too many assholes on the road like the one who totaled my 1972 Volkswagen). I'm also a freelance writer, but that's more of an avocation than a hobby because I actually make money from it.
  7. Um...I don't think these were intended to be worn over diapers.
  8. Yesterday I mowed two lawns (mine and Mom's around the corner) while wearing a diaper under my clothes. But I still won't drive anywhere or go away from home wearing a diaper.
  9. No tools are required to install a diaper...except maybe safety pins for cloth diapers.
  10. Weighing in on photo issue here: It's not the fact that the photos are of children (juveniles) that is the problem. The issue is that the pictures are being reposted on a site that deals with a diaper FETISH. If you were simply posting pictures on a site like Facebook, the issue would probably be nonexistent. But DailyDiapers is a site for adults who enjoy diapers for PLEASURE--sexual or otherwise. For that reason, there is a negative association with what we post and the pictures on the packaging. I believe that if you blur out any faces, it might be okay. That is what I do when I need to post pictures to my gallery of little girl outfits that I sew. If I want to show an original pattern or example and there are actual children in the picture, I simply cover the faces. I understand DailyDiapers policy completely and respect it. When people allow their children to pose commercially for diaper advertisements, they never in a million years figure that the pictures will end up on a diaper fetish site. (They probably wouldn't agree to having their children photographed if they thought that would happen). I hope this makes sense to everyone.
  11. Flannel cloth flat diapers with Zorb soaker panels and PUL waterproof pants.
  12. The stigma comes from the fact that people are expected to be "in control" of everything all the time, and any deviation is cause for concern. We have to be patient, control our temper, make responsible choices and yes, control our bowels and bladder. It is looked down upon if any of those "control mechanisms" fail. You are, however, forgiven if the situation is only temporary. It's a shame, but that's how life works.
  13. I think I'd be too embarrassed to let anyone change me. Besides, part of the reason for my infantilism is that I always wanted to adopt a baby girl. Part of me is the baby, and part of me enjoys being the caregiver. After all, people would never understand why a guy would enjoy changing a diaper because most people don't. (That's why there is potty training!)
  14. I think that what we consider experiencing what a baby does, comes from the outside looking in. We look at a baby--how they act and how they are treated by their caregivers--and we imagine ourselves in that same position. True, babies don't have a concept of "being a baby" because they have nothing to compare it to. We do, however, because we have been a baby and are now an adult. Our vague memories of being little can be compared to how we feel now. Most of the feelings we had as a baby were subliminal. We sort of recall it now even though we had no cognitive awareness of when it was actually happening. (Sorry--I was a psychology major in college and it just stuck). And yes, everyone's experiences are different in some ways and the same in other ways. We need to enjoy what we have and respect others as they enjoy what they have.
  15. I vaguely remember gaining an interest in diapers around age seven, and the interest has been with me since then. I made makeshift diapers and plastic pants out of towels and garbage bags. Boy, have I evolved since then. I use real diaper flannel with Zorb soaker panels now and make my own waterproof pants out of PUL. My current diapers actually work and function just like baby diapers.