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  1. Outline/planning

    Forget counting pages. My method is to write short biographies about each of the main characters and then create a synopsis (what the story will be about) working around those characters. It doesn't matter how many pages it is, but you don't need to go into too much detail in the synopsis; the details show up in the manuscript.
  2. 4-letter Scrabble

  3. Why diapers are better than toilets.

    The word "diaper" comes before "toilet" in the dictionary.
  4. Diaper *Crinkle*

    I wear cloth diapers and PUL pants. The only time I hear a "crinkle" is if I don't have anything on over them. Underneath jeans, I don't hear a thing and no one around me could, either. The big question is: why do you desire to have anyone know or think that you might be wearing a diaper? It is a very personal issue not only for incontinent people who have to wear but also for people who wear for recreation, and I guarantee that will not be accepted by the general public.
  5. The finally did it club

    You are right, but I forgot to mention that almost every time I'm out with the car, my mother is with me.
  6. Baby diaper for use as soaker

    Check out a fabric called Zorb II (Zorb 2) at Wazoodle.com.
  7. The finally did it club

    I have never worried about anyone noticing that I'm wearing a diaper--and I wear cloth with waterproof pants. The issue about wearing a diaper away from home is what might happen while you are out: medical issue, car accident, or even a leak. That is why I wear only at home or walking between houses in the neighborhood. And yes, I have talked to the neighbors while wearing and no one is the wiser. I also wear a diaper at Mom's house in the morning before heading around the corner to my house after my brother leaves for work. To my knowledge, she hasn't detected it--and believe me, if she sensed something, she'd say something.
  8. outed by amazon. partially my own fault

    I'd laugh it off and simply say, "They really screwed up that order." I remember my mom telling me about an incident where she had ordered some very small slippers (her foot is a size 3-1/2) and the company sent her a pair of huge combat boots.
  9. Should I tell a friend?

    It is NEVER a good idea to spring something like this on a friend unless that friend SHARES your interest. You need to ask yourself why you feel the need to share it; what will be the anticipated outcome. Then think about something you would find very hard to accept and think about how you would react to hearing someone tell you about it. This is one of those personal issues better left private. All of your fears are most likely correct.
  10. What Is Your Favorite Diaper?

    Diaper flannel cloth with a Zorb soaker panel and PUL waterproof pants.
  11. How Do I Make Myself Mess My Diapers

    The Nike slogan says it best: "Just Do It."
  12. Word Association

  13. How Long Can/Should You Stay Messy?

    When wetting only, around three hours or so. A poopy diaper requires an immediate change.
  14. Quickie: Cloth Or Disposable

    Cloth for me. I have no way to discreetly store or throw away disposable diapers. It is easier to wash and store cloth diapers and waterproof pants. There is just not enough privacy in my life but I wouldn't mind trying disposables.
  15. Do You Drive?

    I have always been a car nut and owned some really nice classic cars, but now I don't drive any more than I have to now. Part of the reason I retired two years ago is that I hate winter driving. The other reason is the idiot college drivers that make driving a real chore. They act like driving is a video game and they totally ignore speed limits and double yellow lines. My commute during college sessions was downright dangerous. There are so many more inconsiderate drivers on the road now that it is no longer fun.