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  1. Toddler look

    Your terminology might be off here. A Onesie is a snap-crotch bodysuit. "Onesie" is a trademark of Gerber. I believe you are referring to a "blanket sleeper" with legs and sleeves that zips in the front. They do make one-piece garments like the Carhart suits mechanics wear, but I'm sure that would not be suitable for what you want. There are one-piece pantsuits for women, but you might be able to find something that looks and fits you well.
  2. Question About Cotton Flannel

    There is a specific flannel called "diaper flannel" just for use in making cloth diapers. I've been using it for years and it is not difficult to clean. If it gets any stains, they can usually be removed (or mostly removed) using OxiClean. Chlorine bleach can be used sparingly, but it tends to weaken the fibers if used all the time. I also use Wegmans brand non-chlorine colorfast bleach for daily soaking and Purex laundry soap for washing diapers.
  3. Why diapers are better than toilets.

    Diapers turn any room into a bathroom.
  4. Do you guys have your own diaper box?

    I have two boxes (nothing fancy). I keep cloth diapers and soaker panels in one, and waterproof pants in the other. They can't be too obvious because I keep them in the basement storage room that my brother also uses to store "seasonal" clothes. I also have over 100 little girl outfits (dresses, skirts, blouses, etc.) in boxes in that room and with any luck, he won't peek. I also have bins full of craft supplies, so he probably thinks every box is "arts and crafts."
  5. Why diapers are better than toilets.

    You don't have to wait in line to use a diaper.
  6. Wearing Diapers And Not Using Them

    I remember a Nascar driver named Dick Trickle. On to answer the original question: The diaper I put on before I go to bed does not get used (because I don't live alone). However, I wake up early, go to the bathroom--in the toilet--and put on a diaper that I do use because after breakfast I walk over to my house for the day after my brother leaves for work. (He lives at my house--long story with no happy ending so far). Oh, yes, I wear cloth diapers so the diaper I wear to bed does get used eventually in a "rotation."
  7. A good parent would NEVER leave their child in a diaper for eight hours. That's a recipe for diaper rash and isn't very sanitary. You need to "air things out" on a regular basis and keep things clean--including a fresh diaper.
  8. How much do you wear diapers in front of significant others?

    My morning routine involves waking up early, peeing in the toilet and then putting on a cloth diaper and waterproof pants at Mom's house. I go back to bed for an hour or so before getting up and dressing. To my knowledge, Mom is unaware that I'm wearing (and using) a diaper under my clothes. I spend the day around the corner at my house once my brother leaves for work. (He lives in my house and has for 20 years--long story). I can only change used diapers in the privacy of my house, wash and dry them and put them away. When I go to Mom's house for lunch at noon, I am also wearing a fresh diaper. since I use Zorb soaker panels, the diapers are not bulky and my jeans keep the plastic pants from "crinkling." I also wear when working in the yard or washing the car but never wear when going away from home. (I did once walk a couple blocks to the mailbox wearing a diaper and would probably do that again). At the end of the day I sneak fresh diapers, soakers and waterproof pants back to Mom's house under my clothes, undetectable.
  9. Diaper Exercise

    I work out on my magnetic bike trainer almost every day while wearing a diaper and a cute dress. Of course it is in the privacy of my own basement.
  10. First time wearing a diaper

    You know what I find to be funny? People not familiar with infantilism associate it with pedophilia. Yet, most everyone here (me included) discovered that we liked diapers well before puberty set in.
  11. Why diapers are better than toilets.

    You don't have to turn a light on to use a diaper during the night when it's dark.
  12. Bad Jokes

    Two hunters shot a deer. As they were dragging it back to the truck, another hunter noticed that the antlers were cutting into the ground and making it quite difficult for them to pull the carcass. He suggested, "Why don't you pull the deer by the antlers so they won't drag and slow you down?" The hunters obliged, but after a while, one of them said, "This is a great idea, but we're getting farther away from the truck.
  13. Condom in diaper

    If you wear a condom in your diaper, it will eventually get pissed off.
  14. Why diapers are better than toilets.

    Nobody keeps asking you if you "have to go potty." You just go when you need to and deal with the results later.
  15. Word Association

    A dress.