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  1. @DL-Boy yup, I'm real and abdl is a big part of my life. I'm also a brand ambassador for onesies downunder, done some stuff gor little kink boutique, abld company, and dotty diaper.
  2. 10 days till my birthday, 12 till teddycon. 

  3. i'm a broken kitten 

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      I had 3 people in my life die in 8 days

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      Thank you, it was a bad couple of weeks. 

  4. I'm very open about being a little/AB. I often wear pigtail and hair bows, mary janes and ruffled sock to work. The way i dress tends to lean to little/doll like. I dont say " Hi, Im Kaylee. I'm a little" but the way i dress flags me as one. If someone knows about littles they will pin me as a little right away. :Last month I was leaving work and a coworker was leaving with me and says: " kaylee, can i ask you an odd question? are you a little?" I said yes without hesitation. She admitted to me she is also a little. Its easy for me to open because most people in my life are kinky or very kink friendly.
  5. Definitely go with Lik kink boutique for mits, they are owned and run by people in the community
  6. my day got busy and i forgot about it
  7. kayleekitten

    Onesies Downunder

    Use Code "KAYLEEKITTEN" to get 5% off your orders from Onesies Downunder
  8. kayleekitten

    Tiny Hearts Dress.jpg

    this looks adorable, great job
  9. Thickness before or after "fluffing" the diaper?
  10. Personally I would be honest, so far every person that ive have had to spill the beans to has been cool with it. One friend unexpectedly came over to bring me ice cream when i was not feeling well and I had my playpen set up, she asked and said i'm an ageplayer. " ok, cool" and that was the end of it, now she comes over for kids movies and stuffie snuggles when she is feeling down. I send a photo of a creepy doll to friend from work, the playpen was in the background and she asked what goes in the playpen, I said I do. Now she follows my little IG account. Last month on the way out of work, a coworker asked if i was a little. I figured if she is asking she knows about ageplay, I said yes. She came out to me as a little as well I have found honesty is the best policy but results may vary
  11. just added it to my wish list and may pick some up today to try out
  12. When i do wear diapers to bed its often with a onesie or just a tank top.
  13. I'm back almost forgot about this place