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  1. What's your opinion of christmas music

    I can take it if Christmas is in a few days, but I don't want it a month in advance.
  2. Any Plans for the Holidays?

    No I won't be watching C Brown, I'm a fan of old TV and movies, there are thousands of them to choose from. I will never run out of movies to watch, I really don't mind watching an old movie favorite over at a later date, I never get tired of them. I'm fortunate to be able to watch without commercials, some of the old TV shows have vintage commercials that I enjoy seeing again, they take me back to when I was a young diaper boy.
  3. Any Plans for the Holidays?

    I might take off my footed Pj's get dressed and watch TV in the living room, until its time to take a shower and put another sleeper back on, then watch go back to watching TV in the bedroom. I will watch movies in the living room, until its time to watch more movies in the bedroom.
  4. Is it me or?

    Yep tumblr is a great place for AB's DL's and people into all kinds of kinks, if you like bondage or any combination of all the things I mentioned its all there. If you have a favorite fetish its there. Mostly I see gay guys and trans people, there are women there because I have seen a few. Perhaps if you added a kink of yours to your searches, you would find more women into those kinks.
  5. Laxative for $1.79 - works in 15 minutes...

    I would use it, but I try leaving a day in between, if that works OK then try 2 and so on. The constant stuffed feeling, and with a semi-bloated gut I suffered for years, then when I started using laxatives it felt worse. Meaning that laxatives didn't always do what they were suppose to do, I used to go with the van club I belonged to on weekend trips. These trips were just party sessions in surrounding states, you know 5K people show up drink beer and whatever, and smoke alot of everything. Well I used to try to clean myself out on friday so I could feel decent and not bloated, many times the laxative failed to work or half work, that left me feeling sick. I rarely ate at these things because I knew dam well I couldn't go to the toilet, when I did go in any toilet I had to stay there sometimes for an hour trying but usually nothing happened. In 2004 I started doing daily enema's this was like the start of a new life for me, my weight dropped my little gut vanished, I finally looked like my weight instead of looking like I had an expanded lower abdomen. With the meds I take it turns my poop to stone even if I drink liquids until they come out of my ears, my daily enema works for me I can't let it go more than one day. I experimented and found that out, that I had to clean myself out daily or I got backed up again, I set aside a half hour near 5 pm and stick to this routine or pay the price.
  6. Laxative for $1.79 - works in 15 minutes...

    I ate one of those once, I was about 4 miles from home on the interstate. I was OK after I got back in my car, then about a mile away, it wanted out NOW. I made it to my moms house in time, it was like everything in me came out, all at once. I have a history of being constipated, this was a big surprise to me. Since I do have this history of almost constant constipation, of course I went back to see if it would work again, at a later date. It didn't ever work again, what a bummer, back to constipation for the next 40 years.
  7. getting older

    Just wait until you get really old, the pills that you take to keep you alive and out of pain, do all kinds of strange things to your body. It just keeps getting worse, as time go's by faster, life comes at you at the speed of light.
  8. Thank You Veterans

    I want to add my thank you to all of the vets, of all of the wars and conflicts, ever fought, Thank You Veterans.
  9. I could use some advice.

    Here is what the net says about it, I remember the older guys telling me about the burn when I was a kid. Check the symptoms you have against these.https://www.medicinenet.com/burning_urination/symptoms.htm I was lucky enough not to have this experience, but I was never that sexually active to be infected. I would see a doc it really can't hurt I know what you are thinking but to the doctor its just another penis. You won't pop a boner during the exam if that is what you are worried about
  10. PLEASE READ: Where we are

    Take care of the folks first Mike, its more important that you help them when they need you the most.
  11. a costume

    It seems that she is no stranger to the diaper world, you just don't come up with a costume like that without knowing something about being an AB or a DL.
  12. Do you wake up needing to pee or not

    The urge to pee wakes me a few times a night, this has been happening ever since I can remember.
  13. Stressed w/o diapers?

    I would rather live with any one of my fetishes, than deal with an addiction to some strange drug with even worse side effects. There is no turning back on some of these drugs, once you are on them they have you for life. The addiction is built into the drug, having a life long customer is what the drug companies want. I have quite a few fetishes I keep myself happy by wearing footed sleepers by night, long johns by day. once and awhile I toss in a diaper for good measure. I have lots of fetishes I guess but I have no stress, I like it that way.....
  14. Stressed w/o diapers?

    Diapers are a whole lot cheaper than any drug therapy to calm you, plus they can be bought legally without a script. If diapers calm you, then you should wear them as often as necessary, consider this entire post as a prescription to make you a healthier individual.
  15. He is your best friend, best friends understand that if something makes you happy that they should be supportive of it.