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  1. What I do is 3 enemas, one after another, they are all about a quart to quart and a half in volume.

    I always use the hottest water, I fill my enema jug halfway, take my bar of Oil of Oley soap then roll it around in my hand in the water.

    (The Jug I use is an enema jug it looks like a beer pitcher with a 1/4 hose on the bottom)

    On the first enema I use a tiny bit of mineral oil, I add it after I agitate the soap then fill the jug the rest of the way.

    I stand then take a walk around in my front room, once or twice, then I head for the bathroom, you push out the water that is aching to leave your body.

    In about a minute of two, the rest will start making its way out, when that enema is out carrying most of the mess,.

    Then I go for number 2 enema this one is all very warm water carrying out what is left, the third enema is a rinse finishing you off.

    When all of this is over, I clean up my equipment with dish soap, you need this to get rid of the remnants of the mineral oil.


    Then I go make my evening meal, if there is any water left in you will feel it pushing, I usually don't have this happen.

    You need to use water as hot as your hand can stand it, cool or colder enemas cause severe cramps.

    You do get cramps when you use a soap, that is why I use very mild bar soap it reduced my cramping.


    I think the temperature of the water is most important, cooler water does nothing but give you  bad cramping.

    I started doing daily enemas in 2006, after having no luck with laxatives, my system is compromised by heavy duty pain medication.

    Good luck I wish you success. 


  2. This sounds like the idea they had about 10 years ago, they were designed to look like boxer shorts.
  3. beallucanb


    Good for you, through my life I bought plenty of boys and girls cloths for myself.
  4. Hello jonny88 nice to make meet you, I hope you enjoy the site as much as I have over the many years I have been visiting it on a daily basis.
  5. No, never seen women standing in line waiting to use the bathroom, I guess the bathroom is big enough to accommodate the load of people using it.
  6. I started wearing footed sleepers when I was 12, I wore it until it wore out, then I slept in a union suit long johns until I got my next sleeper in my late teens. The way I look at it, when you find something that works for you stick with it. I plan on wearing footed sleepers to bed until I kick the bucket, I'm thinking about being cremated wearing one when they roast me.
  7. Why not buy yourself thicker training pants, they aren't exactly diapers, but they might cure the itch of a fetish without fully getting into it.
  8. Cant help you with gas but you surely could call a grocery store, quite a few of them here deliver. Or you could buy off Amazon, if they have the coffee you need get it to your house the next day.
  9. I don't think most would have a clue, unless they are wearing the matching pants that go with it. Now if the shirt had a plastic cover, some may catch on. The answer to the question is yes, I would wear it anywhere.
  10. You are a lucky sissy, I do hope you have many happy hours enjoying the new outfits you bought.
  11. I hope all go's well for you.
  12. From what I heard about them they are like the additive they tried once called lestra (not sure about the spelling on that but years ago they tried it in potato chips.) I remember hearing how it worked, whatever you eat shoots through you like a freight train, your body has no chance to store them as fat. It works like a laxative, in the early days of my dieting I used laxatives to limit the time food stayed inside me, I did have success with it. The are only a few real ways you can loose weight, don't eat as many calories, or burn the calories you eat.(you would have to walk continuously to have a chance) Calories you eat, if your body can't burn them, they are stored as fat for later use. Good luck
  13. beallucanb


    You should look around sites like Etsy.com for a custom made Pj's or just buy them from Amazon in a color you can put up with. Your next choice would be to buy a plain white mens union suit, most union suits are all cotton, you would have to buy at least a size larger than you need they shrink at least one size. My recommendation is to buy Chenille adult sleeper from Amazon, I have been buying and wearing footed sleepers since my teens. The Chenelle footed Pj's I bought from Amazon a few years ago are without doubt the nicest most comfortable footed Pj's I have ever owned. I was lucky enough to get mine without a hood, but a hood is a choice you have to make I would rather wear footed Pj's to bed without one.
  14. Steamed clams got me once, to this day I won't go near them.