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  1. beallucanb

    Tapes unstick from nappy

    It doesn't take much duct tape to keep a tape stuck in place, now days you can even buy it in white to blend in to the diaper.
  2. beallucanb

    Question for gay guys - And Bi-Woman

    Why does this in the year 2018 have to be like we are living in the dark ages, gay people should be able to do and act exactly like straight people. Dam I am sick of this BS.
  3. beallucanb

    Screw that

    Been there done that when I was young, today people would never want to be subjected to such an inconvenience, but they may have to some day.
  4. beallucanb

    Am I there yet

    Cut back half on the water, see what happens but do it for a few nights in a row.
  5. beallucanb

    Deluth Trading Post Underware Ad

    No not really, they are long underwear meant to wear next to the skin, to help your skin dry after you sweat. You can get the same effect wearing underwear with a blended fabric, if its performance underwear I own it.
  6. beallucanb

    Deluth Trading Post Underware Ad

    That kind of underwear doesn't do much, they move a little moisture to an outer layer..
  7. beallucanb

    Diaper self punishments?

    No Jeans that hide, only sweat pants or pants or shorts that leave it obvious you are diapered.
  8. beallucanb

    Washing car +dream

    I live in the country with neighbors our lots are about 1 acre I constantly work outside in my thick long johns, this includes working on my cars and cutting grass and trimming. I love thickness I wear 3 or 4 pair so I have the thickness I like, I also love to sweat I believe it cleans the pours of dirt and whatever ails us. I also go out on my patio in my footed sleeper, I have a small clothesline there for the summer months. Once the neighbors get used to seeing the way your dressed it become normal to them, all it takes is that one time.
  9. beallucanb

    Still struggling

    Dannyboy I would suggest hitting up the thrift stores like Sally or Goodwill, see what they have to offer, and looking on line on Craig's List under medical supplies. Thrift stores often get diapers when someone passes away, Craigslist people often offer free diapers to anyone who would come and get them. The problem with these diapers is they might be bigger sizes so You might have fitment problems. I tried some XL diapers I normally wear a small I found I could use them but they fit me like a sack, to make them wearable I put a pair of briefs over them. I hope your situation gets better soon.
  10. beallucanb

    It's raining and I am bored

    Great day to practice self bondage, but of course any day is a great day for self bondage.
  11. beallucanb

    Hi baby from England

    Hello and welcome, I hope you will enjoy your visits here.
  12. beallucanb

    I'm Losing Interest...

    Too much of a good thing will make anything feel ordinary after awhile, perhaps if you picked a certain day time or day to enjoy your being an AB more often. Then you might regain interest.
  13. beallucanb

    I pooped mah pants!

    Happened to me once, a burger went thru me at the speed of light, problem was I was in my car driving home at the time when it made its move south.
  14. beallucanb

    Would you sacrifice your kink for love? 

    I would be willing to compromise, if someone really truly oves you they will want you to be happy in every way.
  15. beallucanb

    Noisy diapers

    Even the noisiest diaper or plastic pant will go almost quiet when the material warms up.