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  1. I hope you feel better soon Mike, I had something like that a few years ago, it took me a few weeks to get rid of it. I got a flu shot when it was at its worst, I think it helped me turn the corner towards getting back on my feet again.
  2. I had a problem with an ebay seller once, I got a defective part, I called the company they gave me a run around. So I launched a claim against the company that sold me the part, that froze his sales, very very shortly later they wanted to settle.
  3. A nice relaxing shower before bedtime, then into a fresh sleeper, has been my bedtime nightly routine since forever. I love pulling on a freshly washed sleeper every night, I would be lost without my nightly routine.
  4. Advertising works for everything else, why not advertise.
  5. Has anyone ever tried the Protect a bed mattress protector from QVC I saw it advertised years ago. Perhaps something like this would help you.http://www.qvc.com/catalog/search.html?langId=-1&storeId=10251&catalogId=10151&keyword=protect+a+bed+sheets
  6. I buy cars, do the repairs needed then drive them for a few months, then after I'm satisfied that it would make a good reliable car I sell it. Most of the time I loose a little money on them, I try to break even but you can't always come out ahead in this game. For me its a game, I get to drive different kinds of cars then sell them when I'm tired of it and want to move on.
  7. parents finding out

    Tell he you were curious about trying them, but you didn't really care for them and just felt like it was a waste of money to toss them. Someone who you don't want to mention, gave them to you to hold for them, so being a good loyal friend you held on to them for him. Or you can tell her the truth, but honestly there is nothing wrong with fetishes, everyone has or had one at sometime in their lives.
  8. Years ago I bought 2 sheep print padded diaper covers on etsy, one of them has small white sheep with black legs in the field print are some blue sheep as well. I have another bought from etsy that has bigger sheep that I bought at the same time. Check on etsy.com
  9. Any excuse is a good excuse.
  10. Many years ago I used to buy insulated long johns, the inside had cotton thermal long johns the outside was a super soft nylon. I used to put mine on with the nylon side facing my skin, the feeling was wonderful. I would imagine satin is the same way, against your skin.
  11. Philip, why not look on line for a fellow diaper wearer near by, then maybe he can give you one to try. Worst thing that can happen is you make a new friend.
  12. With plastic pants you need to pay attention to the leg bands, if you think you feel wetness on the back of your leg, its time to check the diaper. I can feel when my leg bands start to get wet, see if you can detect when yours start to get wet.
  13. I understand completely what you are going through. I had a very bad accident at work it destroyed my left leg, as a result of that accident I live on hi powered pain killers. There are times when I can orgasm, but most of the time where I can't, those times I can I have to be in great pain. The pain is because I am between meds, so its live in pain or have orgasms, I choose to not live in pain.
  14. Of course she knows if she didn't she wouldn't keep bringing them up. If I were you I would enjoy it, and maybe play along, wear diapers, buy footed Pj's for yourself. Have a good time with it.