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  1. Ever had one of those days?

    That is one hell of a bad day. I hope all is well now and you can get back to being normal, well that is, until the next incident, that would ruin your day. Hope all your troubles are small ones from here on out.
  2. Newbe

    Hi Mike, welcome.

    Hi Carl I remember you from years ago.
  4. screen name change

    Good move.
  5. Second part of me being ashamed

    Life is tougher when you are young, everything is a new experience, when you get older you will see this for what it is. Its just a bump in the road, its going to be a long road with lots of bumps, don't let the little things make you crazy. Stop wearing for a month, then when the coast is clear, start back up again, this time with better diapers larger pants.
  6. You made a mistake we all make them, stick with the company perhaps in time this thing will blow over. Maybe you should start by apologizing to the people you hurt, if they are any kind of human beings they will forgive you. Your feelings and their feelings might be hurt right now, but if you explained yourself, its possible they may forgive you. Tell them you got caught up in the moment, then repeated something stupid or something. I wish you luck, but don't give up especially if its a decent job they are hard to get.
  7. Second part of me being ashamed

    You have a fetish, just about everyone in the world has some kind of a fetish. Mine was footed sleepers, I was lucky enough to be able to switch sleepers for union suit long johns daily for part of the year. I was ashamed of them, very few teenagers wore long johns, I hid them but I did wear them to school For you thin diapers might be an option, if it just has to be any diaper, but you are going to have to do what I did all my life. I hid my footed sleepers from my family, I smuggled them into the house and washed them when they were out. I bought sleepers in dept stores then put them on in my car, then walked into the house like normal but went right to my room to enjoy them. I'm still wearing footed sleepers, now I have a closet full of them, but I only need one or two. A fetish is part of who you are, it might go away but I highly doubt it, all I can say is enjoy your fetishes, like millions of others just like you. Have you ever asked yourself why there are so many people on this forum, its because we all have fetishes, we hide them the best way we can.
  8. Another night in the ER

    Hope you feel better soon.
  9. Brrrrrrrrrrr

    We had an ice storm just the other night it left about 1" of ice and then it snowed on top of it. It feels colder now at 17, than it was when the temps were near zero, man I hate winter. I have doubled up my long johns, and thank goodness for electric socks.
  10. Benefits of plastic pants?

    Snap close: You don't have to remove your jeans/pants to take them off, just unsnap and pull them out. I had a few pair of them, I could wash then dry both sides using a towel, only thing, you could wear them if you really needed them right now. Pull on: You have to remove just about everything you had on below the waist, except your socks, to change if you wanted a fresh pair. Not a bad operation, in the summer when you tend to wear short pants. I like snap closed pants, the biggest drawback is sleeping in them, because they don't seal you in like pull on, unless you sleep flat on your back.
  11. Bunged up!

    I live with constipation, my lifetime battle with it got worse when I had to take powerful meds. In order to get things moving I do enemas, everyday. Been using them since 2006, I will be using them for the rest of my life. It takes me a total of 20 minutes, then I'm good to the next day. Laxatives I can't even stand the sight of them, I used them all through my younger years with poor results to boot.
  12. How do you sleep?

    I sleep wearing a footed sleeper, much like I have ever since the 1970's when footed sleepers were finally made in teen sizes. I would sleep with a diaper on, but they are so distracting I can not sleep with one on, I tried many times the result was being up all night. Being a small guy paid off, of course now I have a closet full of sleepers to choose from, my favorites are thick fleece sleepers. I no longer have to wear 2 sleepers on very colds zero nights, which was what I did for many years, my thick sleepers do it all. Just for the hell of it tonight I will try wearing 2 thick sleepers, I see an all nighter coming.......
  13. Black out.?

    Take care Mike, I hope you are feeling better soon.
  14. I'm so used to wearing a footed sleeper, that getting in bed feels wrong, I also have a difficult time falling asleep without one. I have been wearing them nightly since the 90's, before then when I could score a pair. Its not sleeping, if I can't wear a sleeper while doing it.
  15. Advice for stomach pain?

    I'm not certain but don't doctors push on a certain side of your abdomen to see if pain is present, when they check for appendicitis??