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  1. Guild Wars 2 Players?

    Just wondering if there are any members who play Guild Wars 2, and may want to venture around in game?
  2. Hobbies- who has them?

    I like to cook, collect foreign currency, play sports, and game.
  3. Gaming

    I mostly play Guild Wars 2, but I dabble in other games that catch my eye. I really do enjoy playing RPG's and Action/Adventure/mystery games.
  4. My own personal stom cloud

    I hope your day gets better.
  5. Powder and lotion?

    I used baby lotion and oil for the first time this morning and I have to say it feels and smells really good, especially when paired up with baby powder. I have to agree with minachan16, for me it is a trigger. It sets my mood just right.
  6. Tea Drinkers ~ What's Your Bag?

    Those two bags of tea are loose leaf tea I got at a local tea shop here in Lexington, KY called Montea. Those flavors were also seasonal and may not be there anymore,
  7. Tea Drinkers ~ What's Your Bag?

    My favorite two I have had were Coconut Tea and Key Lime Pie Tea.
  8. Hi guys

    Welcome to the site Fang
  9. sleeping with a bottle

    I am about to drink from a bottle for the first time since I was little, while taking an afternoon nap on my first ever 24 hr, 3 day baby time weekend. I am going to baby it up.
  10. staying in diapers after awakening

    I will continue to wear my wet nighttime diaper as long as it is not leaking or I have to go somewhere.
  11. Happy 4th of July

    I hope everyone has a Happy 4th of July!!!!! Enjoy your barbecues and fireworks. Most importantly, thank you to all soldiers in the armed forces and local service men for everything you do, I salute you.
  12. How Often Do you Wear?

    I wear whenever I am in the mood, but I would like to try to wear one for 24 hours. Maybe in a month when I will hopefully find a 1 bedroom apartment.
  13. Starting Un-Potty Training Soon

    I would be interested in hearing the results of this training? What are the details to this training regiment?
  14. My toy for the summer

    That's pretty awesome, how much was it?
  15. hi im new

    Welcome to the community