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  1. I think it mainly stems from being diaper lovers or having those leanings during puberty. Like many of you my focus wasn't sexual at first, as I had been thinking of diapers since before I was ten. But once I hit puberty, it was like watering a seed I had been carrying all of my life. It grew into the big ass plant that I carry with me everyday and threatens to destroy my life if I can't prune and tend to it once in awhile. (I beat the plant metaphor to death, sorry) On the other hand if you're relatively new to wearing as an adult, being incontinent doesn't necessarily cancel out your feelings of arousal and it could just be association.
  2. I was diagnosed as having an ASD when I was 14. I am slowly weening myself from using the term "Asperger's" on the grounds that Hans Asperger sent some of his patients to the concentration camps. Whether it's related to my diaper fixation is a whole other matter.
  3. I would love to go with someone next time but people chicken out at the last possible second. It's like, hello, this shop is located in such an obscure part of the town. No one knows it's there except for the people who need to be there and Beth isn't telling everyone who we are. The whole business model of the place is discreet and respectful. She hasn't changed that model she is simply exploring another aspect of it that is tangentially related to the store's original industry. So why not make a shopping trip of it? Why not have a planned event that gives NeoMobility and Beth a good sales day and let's us get to know each other.
  4. I ended up getting the ABU's with the alien prints. They were out of the violet seduction rearz, sadly. You really have to get there often. I'm surprised by how much she sells out.
  5. Crazy question for you. Are you active on Quora by any chance?

  6. Whelp, they sold out of my size. So I went with the alien prints instead. Now I just wish hadn't gone alone. Beth is always wonderful to see.
  7. Change of plans. I'm going Monday instead.
  8. You just know I have to buy these. I'm going to the boutique in Albany on Monday and hopefully she won't be sold out of them. And, since a special occasion, I'll be wearing one of my black diapers for the first time. Don't worry. I'll behave.
  9. When she asks you if you're an AB, is her tone curious or is there a hint of a sneer? Do you think she would be disappointed or disgusted by you or do you think your parents might know a little more than they're letting on? Because I think my mother always suspected I was wearing them when I was your age but she knew enough not to get involved with anything going on below the equator. If you've begged for diapers that often, you're probably more transparent than you think. If there's anyone who knows you better than you, it's the one who spent all day and possibly all night bringing you into the world. However: Do not leave them on the floor. Do not start flagrantly displaying yourself to them or to anyone else. It is your business and no one else's. And although my understanding of the UK is admittedly limited to PBS and BBC America, I am under the impression that 18 is adult and your parents are not obligated to buy anything for you that you don't explicitly need to survive. If were you I would focus on getting a job and saving some money. Move out or start paying some bills and you can do whatever you like with your spare cash.
  10. Date & Time:in 13 days Thursday, November 08, 2018 · 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Location: Supply Solutions 115 Everett Road, Albany NY @ map Cost: Products range in price. Be prepared to buy something in store or to pick up something you ordered online. Dress code: Diapers under clothes are fine but vanilla otherwise. Description: Bethany is the driving force behind the medical supply store's AB/DL boutique. They have Rearz, Tykables, onsies, pacifiers and other AB/DL essentials. I will be going there on November 8, come what may and I know a large portion of the AB/DL community in New York and New England goes there too. What a great opportunity to meet one another in a friendly, non-judgemental atmosphere. Please keep in mind that Beth is a businesswoman and not a fetishist. She's very friendly and social but she doesn't need all the details. Be respectful of her, the other employees and any customers that may be there. If anyone is up for coffee or a little like lunch, we can "talk shop" after.
  11. I write because if I did anything else with the ideas in my head, I'd go to prison.
  12. I live in Bennington, an hour away from North Adams.
  13. I have a package of the Seduction Rearz. I'm just waiting for the right opportunity to wear them. How do they feel?
  14. My advice? Don't come off too strongly. Daily Diapers is a bit more free spirited than some of the other sites but you still want to take your time and build up a good reputation in the community before you think about meeting up with anyone. There's no rush. Welcome aboard and jump right in.