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Found 24 results

  1. Stockholm Syndrome Baby Chapter 1 My name is Kevin Lorey. I am 15 years old and I live in Beaumont, North Dakota. I am writing this journal because my therapist, Dr. Kline, has asked me to. She says that if I write down my feelings about what happened to me, perhaps I can come to terms with it. I hope she's right, I don't want to feel the way I do but, I can't help it anymore and I'm deathly afraid that someone outside my family will discover my secret. I don't know if I could survive if that happened. Ok, let's get this started. It was a cool day in October, about 5 years ago when it all began. I was walking home from school. I wasn't too far from my house, near my friend Gerald's place when, I spied a minivan that I didn't recognize. It was parked on the curb in front of Gerald's house and had out of state plates. I knew that Gerald had family out of state but, I didn't know where they lived. The windows were tinted so I couldn't see inside. Nothing would have happened if I hadn't stopped. No! I can't think like that. Dr. Kline says it's not my fault. I was just being a curious 10 year old. I didn't do anything to provoke a response but, a response is definitely what I got. I walked across the burm to get a better look at the minivan but, the windows were way too tinted for me to even get a glimpse of what was inside. If I had seen the crazy woman in there, I would have run like a demon was on my heels. When I couldn’t see inside, I turned to continue walking home. I heard the door to the minivan open suddenly and felt a hand covered my mouth and nose. I struggled with everything I could, trying to get away from whoever was holding my face. Another hand grabbed the back of my shirt and began dragging me into the minivan. In a panic, I swung my arm behind me and hit the door jam. I heard a sickening crack and intense pain shot up through my arm, all the way to my shoulder. That was the last thing I heard or felt. The world went dark just after that, she used chloroform on me, that’s what the police said. When I came to, I was sitting in an awkward position. My arm that I’d hit on the door jam still hurt like crazy but, when I tried to talk, I found that I was gagged. I tried to move around and found that I was bound as well. I was sitting in a raised seat, like the ones that toddler’s are put into for car trips. My injured arm lay useless at my side and my other arm was bound by the seat’s straps. Realizing that I had just been kidnapped, I looked around. I was in an enclosed area of a minivan, a wall of some kind separated the back seats from the driver area. The scenery outside was a constant blur of woods and fields, none of it looked familiar. I was scared. I’d heard of kids being taken and made to do “bad things” with adults. They had told us at school about the “dangerous stranger” and I was always very careful around adults that I didn’t know. The van drove for several hours without stopping. I was still groggy from the chloroform so I drifted in and out of consciousness. Finally, when the car stopped, I heard a door opening somewhere and began trying to shout for help but, the gag in my mouth made that impossible. A gentle hand ran over my head and a woman bent down to face me. She was in her mid to late 40’s, blonde and in fairly good shape for her age. She smiled at me and began to manipulate the seat I was in. The seat straightened out and stretched until I was lying on my back, my injured arm dangling at me side. The woman unbuckled the lower straps on the seat, freeing my legs. I started kicking and thrashing. She stood up and began smiling even wider. “I’ll just wait till you tire yourself out, then we can get you ready for the rest of the trip home.” she said I glared up at her and stopped kicking, waiting until she got close enough to kick. She seemed to know what I was thinking. She pulled a little black bag, the kind doctors used to use for house calls, from behind her and searched around in it for a moment. When her hand came out, it had a syringe and small drug bottle in it. That made me start thrashing again. I’ve always hated needles and I didn’t want to be anywhere near her right at that moment. Pain from my injured arm shot up into my shoulder and I held back the urge to cry. She uncovered the needle and stuck it into the top of the drug bottle then, set the syringe aside. As I thrashed, she grabbed one of my legs and held it tightly in one hand. I barely felt the pain from my arm as the fear of what she was going to do filled me. She pulled something down from the ceiling of the van and secured my leg in it. It looked like the handle for a giant pair of scissors. Once my leg was stuck in the hole, she grabbed my other leg and secured it as well. She retrieved the needle and I tried to thrash but with my legs in the scissor handles and my body in the seat but, I couldn’t do much. She walked around so she was behind my legs and I felt a pin prick in the small of my back. She walked back around to my side and sat down on a stool. Soon, my legs began to go numb, I couldn’t feel anything at all below the waist, couldn’t move and, the pressure in my bladder was building rapidly. She saw the distress in my eyes and knew that the drug had taken affect. She released my legs from the restraints, not that I could do much about it. She pulled a small length of narrow plastic tubing from her doctor bag. The tubing was in a sterile case and the second I saw it, I knew I wasn‘t going to like what she had planned for me, even if I wasn‘t sure of what it was. She began by removing my shoes and socks, then my pants and underwear. I must have blushed like ten thousand shades of red and I almost began crying from embarrassment. What I didn’t know was, the worst was yet to come. She took some sort of jelly from the bag and began lubing up the tube. She grabbed my penis and started shoving the tube up it. I was terrified and tried to thrash my legs around but they were still unresponsive. When she had the tube fully inside my penis, she walked back to the driver’s compartment, leaving me there, naked and scared. It was then that I noticed a small string dangling from the end of where she had put the tube. I didn’t understand what was going on but, I definitely did not like it. The woman came back a moment later, carrying a brightly colored bag. It had little teddy bears and pastel blocks on it. I could see a baby bottle sticking out of a pocket on it and realized what it was, A BABY’S DIAPER BAG! She opened it and pulled a fairly large diaper out. It looked exactly like a baby’s diaper, except it was about five times bigger. She opened it up then lifted my useless legs up and slid it under me. I couldn’t feel the padding or, I might have tried to thrash again. She grabbed more of that jelly stuff and wiped it all over my butt and crotch. By this time my embarrassment was so bad that I actually started crying. She stopped what she was doing and began rubbing my chest and stomach with her hand, cooing gently, just like you would to calm a cranky baby. That didn’t help my mood so, she went back to diapering me. The powder was next then, she pulled the string at the end of my penis to the side as the diaper came up over my crotch. She fastened the tapes and then pulled the string out from the end of the tube. I immediately felt a lessening in pressure and watched the diaper grow yellow. I was almost bawling my head off at this point. She reached up and began fiddling with the end of my gag. “Oh My God!” I thought when I realized that the thing in my mouth wasn’t a gag, IT WAS A PACIFIER! She was going to treat me like a baby and, the tube in my penis was going to make sure I couldn’t stop myself from wetting my diaper. When the realization of the what was happening dawned on me, I wiggled and thrashed around, trying to free myself, but it was no use. She had me strapped tight in the child seat. She finished messing with the end of my pacifier and reached into the diaper bag. She pulled a baby bottle from it and unscrewed the top. She held my head still with one hand and pushed the bottle onto the end of the pacifier, then screwed it together. I heard a swish of a vacuum being released and liquid began flowing into my mouth. As my mouth filled, I was forced to swallow, which pulled more liquid from the nipple. Soon my mouth was full of liquid again and I was forced to swallow, pulling more liquid into my mouth. The cycle went on for several minutes until the bottle was empty. She removed it and put another one in it’s place, then walked back to the driver’s compartment. The van stared up and we were moving again. My destiny at that point looked pretty grim and I cried as I was forced to finish the second baby bottle. There must have been something in them to knock me out because I fell asleep not long after the second bottle was done. Chapter 2 Slowly, the world began to seep into the dreamless sleep that I had been forced to endure. Sounds were first, birds and the whistle of a train. My nerves began to slowly come to life as I felt myself being lifted up, out of the car seat. I kept my eyes closed, for fear the sunlight would blind me but, that was unnecessary. As I was carried, there was no glare of sunlight through the protective surface of my eyelids. One at a time, I forced my eyes open. Only a sliver at first so, as not to alert my captor. The sun was setting behind me. The fading light illuminated the van from which I had been pulled and a long dusty drive, leading up to a deserted looking country road. I was laying with my head on my kidnapper’s shoulder so, I couldn’t see where we were going, only where we had just been. I took in every detail I could so I could remember it when questioned by the police. It was so hard to just lie there, limp in her arms but, my strength had not returned and, I knew I had no chance of escaping at that moment. I felt her walk up some steps and stop. There was the sound of a lock being undone and then two doors being opened. She carried me into a house and up to the second floor. I heard the noise as she dropped the keys onto a table. She shifted me to the front and I quickly closed my eyes. I felt myself being lowered into a padded table and straps were pulled over me, to hold me down. She walked off and I opened my eyes. I was in some kind of nursery. The room was huge, the theme was an earthy brown and the furniture looked somewhat expensive. I could hear her doing something in a nearby room so, I took stock of how much of my body was mine to control again. Sensation was slowly beginning to come back to my legs and waist. With that sensation, I could definitely feel the diaper that encased my hips. To my utter disgust, I felt as if I was sitting in a thick mud. “Oh My God! I shit myself” I thought The feeling was more than just disgusting, it was disturbing as well. Whatever drugs she had given me had worked their particular magic very well. My thoughts were confirmed as the cold wet feeling around my crotch suddenly warmed. I realized that I now had the bladder and bowel control of a small infant. Before I could do anything else, I heard her walking back towards me. I closed my eyes and relaxed on the table. I felt her breath on my face as she bent down in front of me. She gently ran her fingers through my hair and I heard her sniff then, giggle. “So far, so good.” she whispered I felt her un-strap my right arm. She pulled my arm our straight from my shoulder and lay it on what felt like Styrofoam. She then began pressing my hand into the foam, starting at my fingers, and ending with my elbows. I could hear the foam crunch as my arm was pressed into it. My curiosity was driving me mad so I opened my eyes, just a sliver. She had several boxes filled with blue Styrofoam. She flipped the other side of the box on my arm over, closing it around my arm, then began to strap it down. As she worked, I noticed that my arm didn’t hurt anymore, in fact, I couldn’t feel anything from it. She walked around the table and did the same to my other arm and both my legs, up to the knee. I couldn’t figure out what she was doing but, that would become apparent fairly soon. She left me like that, lying there in a dirty diaper, spread eagle with my limbs enclosed in the foam filled boxes, for the better part of an hour. When she came back in, she had the diaper bag I had seen in the van. I tried to remain still, hoping that I would have a chance to escape. Those hopes were dashed when she bent down to my ear and whispered to me. “I know you’re awake baby, the anesthetic I gave you should have worn off by now.” I opened my eyes and glared at her hatefully. “Aww, don’t be like that sweetie, mommy would never hurt her baby boy and that’s what you are, my baby boy. I watched you for a long time. You’re just the right size, weight, and temperament. I’ve seen the way the other kids treat you. You don’t fight back too fiercely when they tease you about your bed wetting.” My eyes went wide with surprise when she mentioned my sleep wetting problem. “ Oh yes.” she said “I know all about how my baby wets his bed every night. I also know how you still sleep with a little teddy bear. Oh it’s so cute!” She seemed so excited She walked around the table, removing my arms and legs from the foam filled boxes, then strapped them back to the table, one at a time. She set the boxes aside and moved to un-strap my legs and set them into a device just like the one she had used in the van. She then began to un-tape the diaper and pull it off my crotch. She cranked a lever on the scissor hands and they began to raise up, taking my legs with them. Soon, my butt was off the ground and she was cleaning me off with baby wipes. Once it was done, she removed the dirty diaper and wipes, dropping them into a diaper genie. She pulled another diaper and a bottle of baby oil from the bag and set them on the table. As I lay there, naked, she poured some baby oil into her hands and began rubbing it all over my body, slowly, massaging it into my skin. By the time she was done, I smelled like a baby’s nursery. After the diaper was put underneath me, my crotch and butt were powdered. She cleaned off her hands and pulled the diaper up, covering my crotch then, taped it shut. She patted my bottom as she bent down and cooed into my ear. “There we go, all clean and dry. Now my baby smells like he should too.” Tears of embarrassment rolled down my face as she continued to pat my diapered butt. She took my legs out of the device and strapped them back to the table. She then gathered up the foam boxes and left the room. A couple of minutes later, she came back in with a weird looking helmet and a baby bottle. I thrashed my head, side to side but, it wasn’t hard for her to put the helmet on me. The helmet encompassed my entire head, closing me off from any sight or sound outside it. I could feel the helmet being secured into place against the table, preventing me from moving my head, and the bottle being attached to the back of the pacifier. At first there was no sight or sound, only the rhythmic suckling of the nipple in my mouth. I couldn’t tell how much time passed when suddenly, a video screen in the helmet turned on and the speakers near my ears came to life. On the screen was a mother taking care of her baby. While the mother/baby scene played out on the video screen, the quiet sounds of a waves, crashing upon the shore played on the speakers. The scene played out a day of mother and baby activity, including watching the toddler as it wet and messed itself. On a regular basis, the bottle was removed from the pacifier and replaced with another one. I felt something soft and warm being laid over me, covering me from neck to feet. I don’t know how many repetitions of the mommy/baby scene I watched before I fell asleep. Chapter 3 While I slept, my mind was filled with the lost memories of my infancy. I remembered them in my dreams, just as if I was living them in the moment. Diaper changes, breast feedings, rides through the neighborhood in my stroller and, the endless pinched cheeks from my female relatives. It seemed like the dreams would never end, as if I was being forced to relive my life from birth till being toilet trained, over and over again. Suddenly I was jolted from my strange dreams by an icy feeling on my crotch. I tried to stir but, my arms remained strapped down and the helmet still resided upon my head. I felt a gentle wiping motion on my crotch and bottom then a light sensation, as if dust was falling there as well. The next thing I know, I feel my nether regions being encapsulated in another diaper and a gentle hand rubbing my stomach and diaper. The helmet blocked any words that might have accompanied the physical gesture but, the intent was clear. My captor was trying to calm me as you would to a small infant. After a few moments of this, my injured arm was released from the restraints and slipped into the sleeve of some garment. I waited for my hand to emerge from the end of the sleeve but, it didn’t. Instead, I felt it roll over a mass of spongy material and then something wrapped around my wrist. I squeezed my hand only to be rewarded with a sharp pain in my palm, as if I had grabbed onto a ball of needles. My arm was strapped down again and something was drug underneath my back. I pressed my back down, hoping to block the cloth. Again I was rewarded with the sensation of a sphere of razor sharp needles as it pressed into my back. I arched in pain and the cloth was pulled beneath me. Slowly but surely, my body was enclosed in this garment and my arms were restrained again. My legs were left unrestrained but, I couldn‘t understand why at the time. The answer came soon enough though. There was intense pain when I tried to stomp my feet and when I tried to close my hands so, I stopped struggling and waited. The helmet was removed from my head and my eyes tried to adjust to the light. I couldn’t focus my eyes and everything seemed blurred. I didn’t understand but, I knew she had done something to me that I couldn’t quite comprehend. I think she smiled at my non-comprehension but, it was hard to tell with my eyes so unfocused. She bent down over me and gently rubbed my stomach through the soft material that now encompassed my body. I looked at it for the first time and realized that I was dressed in a one piece, footed, sleeper. Anger flooded me and I tried to give my captor the “death stare” but, she only smiled and said, “Aww sweetie, don’t be like that. You’ll love being my baby, eventually. I’m going to take such good care of you that you’ll forget all about your former life and accept this one unconditionally.” I glared again and she giggled and rubbed my stomach again. “Now, you probably noticed that it hurts to use the bottoms of your feet or close your hand. I made this sleeper just for you, just so you would have to act like the baby you are. The hands have a foam ball in the palm. Inside that foam ball is a metal sphere with very sharp needles on it. If you try to close your hands, oh say, to make a fist, they’ll close over the sphere and push the needle sharp points into your hand. The feet have about the same thing on the bottom. The footpads of the sleeper have the same razor sharp needles pointing up from them. If you try to walk or kick anything, it will push the needles into your feet and cause you very intense pain. So, you can see, I expect you to behave just like an infant, let me take care of you and everything will be just fine. Fight me and you will experience pain like you’ve never felt before.” As I listened to my captor describe the bondage to which I was now subject, the idea sunk in. She expected me to act like an infant and let her take care of me. If I didn’t or fought against her domination of me, she would hurt me. It sounded to me like she was psychotic and a sadist. What hit me hardest was that she now had absolute control over all aspects of my existence. That was something that nobody had ever, to my recollection, had. It scared me and when she asked me if I understood, I just numbly nodded and went limp. She released the straps that held my arms and legs down and gently picked me up. I was draped over her shoulder and carried over to a rocking chair. She shifted my position in her arms so that I was lying in the crook of her arm. She sat down and began rocking back in forth. She pulled me close to her chest and began to hum a soft tune. I was so stunned by what had just happened that I didn’t even think to resist. Chapter 4 We sat like that for a while (I couldn’t tell how long because there wasn’t a clock in the “nursery”). I began to feel relaxed, no matter how much I didn’t want to. I was warm, the kind of cozy-warm you feel on cool Autumn night, sitting by a roaring fire. Even though I had just woken up, I felt the inclination to go back to sleep. My eyes began to droop and I began to lose consciousness. I felt something when my pacifier was being unscrewed and when the bottle was attached but, it wasn’t until the liquid began flowing into my mouth that I snapped out of my stupor. I glared up at my captor and was rewarded with a sharp smack on my cloth covered leg. “Now now baby.” she warned “Don’t look at mommy like that. Just relax and drink your bottle.” I clenched my fists reactively and pain shot up through my hand, to my arm, to my shoulder. The intensity was too much for me and I began crying, hiccupping. Seeing my distress, the woman laid a cloth diaper across her opposite shoulder and removed my pacifier. I gagged as I cried and choked on the liquid trying to force its way into my lungs. She rotated me and gently laid me over her shoulder. I felt a quick, rhythmic, series of hard pats on my back, causing the liquid to erupt from my nose and mouth. After my hacking and gagging stopped, she began rubbing my back and patting my diapered bottom. This caused me to realize I had another problem, I had to poop, and soon. The urge wasn’t as bad as it would have been in say an hour or so but, I did need to go. I tried to push myself off her shoulder and accidentally bumped my right hand against her chest, sending new pain up my already injured hand and causing me to void myself right there and then. As I cried in pain, I filled my diaper, her hand on it gave her clear signal as to what happened. She patted and rubbed my bottom, spreading the mess everywhere, smiling almost erotically. She shifted my position on again. Now she had me cradled on one arm with her other keeping steady pressure on my mess. “See, that’s what babies do. They make messies in their diddies for mommy and, this is what mommies do. She said as she carried me over to the changing table. “Mommy’s not going to change your diaper right away baby, you need to get used to the feel of a messy one so you don’t think about it when you make a poopie.” She strapped me to the table, replaced my pacifier and, left me to lay there in my own filth. I tried to make myself comfortable but, the feeling of the load under my butt was always at the forefront of my consciousness. It seemed like hours before she came back. By then, the mess had hardened a bit and was becoming very uncomfortable. I squirmed as she walked into the room. She just smiled and slowly walked over to the table. She took my nose in the knuckles of her first two fingers and gave it a gentle shake. “I think my baby has made a poopie. I better get you changed little boy.” she said, grinning widely She unsnapped the sleeper’s legs and began pulling it away from me. Once she had the two tapes undone, she unfastened one of my legs and fit it into the harness above the table then quickly did the other leg. I was again and still at her mercy. She raised the harness and pulled a large version of a baby wipe from a box sitting nearby. She had me clean of poop, oiled up and powdered in record time. The worst part of the experience was when she laid her head on my chest and began rubbing my stomach, telling me what a good baby I had been for making poopie for mommy. I very nearly died of embarrassment. She re-diapered and redressed me in the sleeper before taking me off the changing table. I was then placed in the feeding position again and a horrid thought went through my head. She had me in the same position that many young mothers used for breastfeeding! I definitely did not want that to happen and I was almost relieved when she pulled another baby bottle up and attached it to the back of my pacifier. I nursed for a while before drowsiness overcame me and I fell back to sleep in her arms.   Chapter 5 When I awoke, I found myself lying in a baby’s crib, un-strapped and unrestrained. Though the bars prevented me from rolling out of the crib, I didn’t think they would keep me from climbing out. It was only a few seconds later, as I tried to stand, that I was reminded of the needles under my feet, in the sleeper. Pain shot through my leg and I peed myself as I fell back into the crib. My mumbles of pain must have alerted my captor because she rushed into the room almost immediately. She began cooing at me and reached into the crib, to lift me out. I tried to backpedal but, I pushed my foot against the mattress and the pain shot through me again. When she realized why I was crying, She lifted me out of the crib and put me on the changing table. She strapped my legs into the scissor and began to gently tap the bottom of my feet, sending shockwaves of pain up my legs. “I guess you’re just to little to understand mommy when she told you to not try to stand. I guess I’ll have to help you remember.” She said as she began tapping my feet harder. The pain was excruciating and I almost blacked out several times but, each time I was close to oblivion, she would stop and give me just enough time to come back to my senses. Each time she would tap my feet, she would say, “Babies don’t walk. You are a baby. You can’t walk.” The torture went on for what seemed like forever. When she finally stopped, she bent close to my head “Babies can’t walk, can they?” She asked me. I shook my head quickly. “You are a baby, aren’t you?” She said, gently rubbing my stomach. I nodded, defeated. “You can’t walk, can you?” The smile on her face was terrifying. I shook my head again. “There there baby. Now that that’s settled, let’s change my BABY’S diaper.” As she said that, I realized that I had wet the diaper. I don’t remember if I woke up wet or if I wet it because of the pain but, I was wet. This change went just as the ones before had, lots of cooing and petting. I was in a clean diaper and she laid me back in the car seat she had used when she kidnapped me. I was strapped in and she went over to the changing table. From underneath, she pulled what looked like a giant syringe but, instead of a needle, it had a hose connected to a clear plastic hemisphere. I couldn’t understand for the life of me what it was or what new torture she would use it for. My horror was peaked when she sat down and unbuttoned her blouse, then her bra. I watched, dumbfounded as she used the devise to suction out her breast milk. I almost threw up right there, realizing that the bottles I had been drinking were her breast milk. I tried to throw myself to the side and crawl out of the room but, the car seat would not topple. She stopped what she was doing, the syringe about half full and looked over at me, struggling. “Aww, I know you’re hungry sweetie. Mommy will be just a minute.” she said I watched with growing horror as she finished draining her breast milk into the syringe and filled a bottle with it. She calmly walked over to me and set the bottle down next to me. I saw her reach behind the changing table and pull out the helmet that she had used to calm me earlier. She put it over my head and secured the bottle to my pacifier. The darkness of the helmet was broken when the “Mommy and Baby” scene lit up the screen in front of my eyes. I tried to reach up and get some kind of hold on the helmet but, the straps of the car seat prevented me from getting anywhere near it. Again, I don’t know how long the scene went on, her breast milk now filling my mouth with every movement of my head. I had to stop myself from throwing up (a very difficult thing to do given my situation). As the scene played on, the sounds filling my ears, I began to feel calmer and numbly suckled on the bottle till it was empty. The bottle was replaced with another and my stomach filled as I slowly began to drift off to sleep again, the sound of a mother nursing her infant, the only thing I could hear. Chapter 6 When I awoke again, the first thing I realized was that I was still wearing the helmet but, the “Mommy and Baby” scenes weren’t playing. I tried to roll around but found that I was still in the car seat that my captor had placed me in. I couldn’t tell what time it was or how long I had been asleep but something felt strange. I felt an urge to cry but, I didn’t know why (besides the realization of my indefinite captivity). I thought for a moment, trying to figure out what was wrong when the urge became overpowering and I began sobbing. The pacifier muffled the sound but, it must have been loud enough to attract “Her” attention. Only moments after I had begun bawling, I felt hands lifting me out of the seat and holding me against a warm body. My urge to cry vanished and I felt almost comfortable. My body relaxed against the person holding me as I felt a gentle hand rubbing my back and patting my padded bottom. I felt soothed, like I had never felt before. Suddenly, my stomach began growling. I felt the person holding me jiggle for a second then the back of my pacifier was removed and a baby bottle was attached. As I suckled the bottle, I was shocked. I didn’t feel revolted at the thought of nursing on the madwoman’s breast milk, in fact, it felt almost normal and, that terrified me. When the bottle was done, it was removed and she fiddled with the pacifier for longer than usual. I felt air rush into my mouth as I breathed through the pacifier. I didn’t know what she had done but I was going to give her a piece of my mind. I was about to say something when she repositioned me so, I was laying on her shoulder and, began patting my back. All my tension drained away when she laid me on her shoulder and my intended words died in my throat. My limbs went limp and I placed my head against her neck. I wanted to rail and scream against my captor but, my body had a mind of it’s own. My greatest shock was yet to come. As she patted my back, I felt a great distress in my bowels, then nothing, that was all I felt before I realized that I had just pooped my diaper with almost no hesitation. The realization of what had just happened shocked me into silence. A moment later, I felt myself belch with enthusiasm. I didn’t have to hear my captor’s voice to know that she was pleased with my body’s betrayal. I felt her hand gently rubbing and patting my full diaper. She sat me back in the car seat again and strapped me in. I felt her do something to the pacifier and I couldn’t breath through my mouth again. Finally, before leaving me to my torture, she turned on the helmet and the familiar “Mommy and Baby” scenes began playing again. “What fresh hell is this?” I thought to myself as consciousness began to leave me. Chapter 7 I came to when my stomach began to tell me it was empty. I thought about it for a second and then an overwhelming sadness hit me. I bawled my head off, not even realizing that the gag that had been my constant inhibitor was now loose. I couldn’t focus on anything but the rumblings of hunger. The screaming and crying alerted my captor and, she quickly ran to the nursery. She picked me up, out of the crib, laid me on her shoulder and, spoke to me in a soft, crooning voice. At first, I was comforted by her presence but then, my stomach growled again and my howling began, with renewed vigor. When I started crying again, she took me over to the changing table and laid me on, pulling the strap over my stomach. She unbuttoned my sleeper and checked my diaper, which was wet. Once I noticed that the diaper was wet and cold, my howling increased times two. I was uncomfortable and it seemed like torture. My butt and crotch were cold and wet and, my stomach was empty. These two things seemed like the worst possible feelings. In the back of my mind, I tried to reason, to remember that I wasn’t hurt and I was only in a wet diaper and a little hungry. Every time I tried to focus on that thought, the feeling of sadness flooded my mind and my other thought were overcome by it. It only took her a few moments to change me and re-insert me into my sleeper. To me however, it seemed like an eternity. My stomach was still growling and the sadness was still driving me to bawl my head off. Finally, she must have heard my stomach growl because she said something I couldn’t understand and carried me over to the rocking chair. She removed the loose pacifier and cradled me closer. A moment later, I felt a warm, soft bump in my mouth. I realized it was her breast and I tried to force myself to push my head away but, the urge to begin suckling was too strong. My mouth covered the nipple and I began to nurse with extreme vigor. As the breast milk began flowing down my throat, what was left of my true personality, gagged and wanted to scream, rage and, do whatever it took to stop my body. My body however, betrayed me and continued to nurse. After a bit, she switched me to the other breast and began rocking in the chair. The slow, steady, motion of the chair combined with the full feeling in my stomach calmed me. It was enough that my rational mind began to re-assert itself. I twisted and wrenched myself loose from the nipple, careful not to press my hands against anything. My captor lifted me up and put me on her shoulder. I knew what was coming but I my body betrayed me again and laid limp on her shoulder. I felt the pats on my back and the bubble forming in my stomach. Not long after, I let up a huge burp and a spit up some of the milk. She seemed happy but, I couldn’t understand what she was saying. The language sounded foreign but, I couldn’t tell what it might be. She carried me to a fenced in mat and laid me down on my back. She grabbed a nearby infant toy and positioned it over me. There were strings with glittery and colorful things hanging from them. She pushed and prodded the bangles, saying something. I watched her face and tried to understand what it was she was saying. As I watched her mouth, I saw what I thought were familiar words. I can’t read lips, but some words are easy to read; “Mommy”, “Baby”, “Toy”. A shock ran through me as I realized, she wasn’t using a foreign language. I found out later that the helmet that she’d been using, had been hypnotizing me. The effect was sinister and sly. The program soothed me into feeling like an infant, that’s why being on her shoulder had calmed me. It also scrambled my brain, making regular English sound like garbled, nonsense. The loss of understanding was so profound that I began weeping, not crying like a baby but, weeping like a beaten man. She watched me and seemed to understand. She got up and walked out of the room. Time seemed to stretch out as I lay there on the mat. She came back, carrying a piece of paper. On the paper was written a message: “I can see that my baby still has a bit of the little boy in there. That’s ok though, after a few more times in my special helmet, you won’t even be able to read this message. You shouldn’t try to fight. Just relax and let it happen. I want you to just be a happy baby. The effects of the helmet will be permanent but, I can teach you to speak and as you grow up, I’ll even potty train you. Won’t that be fun?” I tried to rail against my body’s betrayal and managed to swing my arm up but, she just caught it and used my hand to tap one of the swinging bangles. She threw the paper in the trash and began tickling me until I wet my diaper. She said something, I couldn’t tell what though. She got up and walked out of the room, leaving me to “entertain” myself with that damnable toy. I lay on the mat for what seemed like forever. Every now and again, my hand would reach up and bat at one of the bangles, no matter how much I tried to stop it. I pooped my diaper, another betrayal by my body. “Looks like that damn helmet made me incontinent too!” I thought to myself. I was uncomfortable again and I felt that sadness welling up again but I was also tired and, in the end, the tiredness won out and I fell to sleep with a wet and dirty diaper encasing my crotch. Chapter 8 I dreamt of laying in the crook of my mother’s (my real mother) arm as she nursed me and I felt at peace. It didn’t seem wrong because I was a baby but, I realized that it was just a dream when I looked up and my mother’s face stared back down at me. The reality of the dream was so real, so vivid that I didn’t want to leave it. I just wanted to be with my mom and have her take care of me. Reality wouldn’t let me have even that though as I woke up and my captor knelt over me. She spoke in gibberish and at first I was terrified that I was going crazy. I remembered that she had used the helmet on me and it had messed up my head somehow. I felt dirty as she removed the sleeper and carefully changed my diaper. Try as I might to fight the effect of the helmet, I couldn’t raise my hand to fight her off. She watched me the entire time and smiled when she was done. She took off the sleeper with the needles in it and put me into a regular sleeper. She lifted me off the ground and carried me into the kitchen. I saw a highchair and I thought, “Another step into my infantile life.” She inserted me into the chair and slid the tray into place. She walked behind me and I saw a bib fall in front of me and felt it being tied in the back. Horror had been replaced by simple disgust and hate at this point. Nothing this woman did to me scared me any longer. I had come to accept the inevitability of the situation and simply had to endure until I could find a way to escape. I allowed myself to be fed and focused my mind on getting the layout of the house down so I knew where I was going, even if I had to move in the dark. When she finished with the baby cereal, she cleaned me up and pulled me out of the highchair. She took me into the living room and laid me on her lap. I knew what was coming so I didn’t try to fight it. She turned on the television and positioned me to nurse, which my body did, in earnest. I closed my eyes and thought about anything that would let me forget I was suckling on a madwoman’s teat. Finally, the sensation stopped and I feigned sleep and she put me back into the crib upstairs. After she left the room, I tried to move in normal fashion, sitting up, forming words with my mouth but, without sound. I was only marginally successful but, it encouraged me. Time lost all meaning for me over the next few weeks, she applied the damned helmet again and my eyesight became severely unfocused. It got to the point that I could only discern color and shape, light and dark, all other details were gone. I could barely tell when it was day and night because she kept the light on in the nursery. I fought every effort of her to bond with me, kept my mind active by thinking about my school, my family, my friends and last but not least, REVENGE! One day, at least I think it was day, there was a loud noise downstairs. It woke me up and I began to cry. I saw lots of dark shapes in the nursery and couldn’t understand what was going on. I could hear the madwoman screaming something but, I didn‘t know what it was. Someone picked me up and carried me out of the house, to a waiting car. I was scared for the first time in a while and began to cry. I felt someone holding me and cradling me against them. It soothed my fear but not my anxiety. I was taken to another building and lots of bright lights were shined at me. People stood over me and I was pinched and prodded, even pricked, which hurt so bad that I began bawling. I remember changes and feedings but, there was something different about them, they were less smothering and more matter of fact. There was no cooing and more talking to me. I still couldn’t understand what was being said and I still couldn’t respond but, the speakers definitely wanted me to keep trying. After a while, I felt something slimy touching my face and saw a big square with moving dots on it in front of me. I was forced to watch the square for a long time, until I fell asleep. When I woke up, the world seemed a bit clearer, sharper, more in focus. I could tell some details about my surroundings. I seemed to be in a hospital, the smell of disinfectant and the white walls made me wonder what had happened. A nurse came over to me and began to check my diaper. She talked to me like a normal person. To my shock, I could understand some of her words. It was still a bit jumbled but I could definitely understand some of it. I tried to respond, telling her my name and she nearly jumped out of her skin. Quickly, she yelled and a few moments later, this guy in a white lab coat, a doctor I think, came over and began shining his pocked flashlight in my eyes and asking me questions. I tried to focus on what he was saying but it was too much all at once, I said my name again and said, one simple word, “Where”. The doctor and nurse seemed overjoyed and quickly motioned for someone to come. My mother (my real mother) leaned over the bed and looked down into my eyes. I was so happy to see her, I reached up and said, “Mommy!” She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close. The moment would have been better if I hadn’t started peeing right then. My mother got soaked before she could pull the diaper over my front. I was so embarrassed that I started crying. Mom held me close and spoke soothingly to me. It calmed me but I was still upset at my lack of control in front of her. “ It will be fine honey.” she whispered into my ear The doctors began using the square (which turned out to be a video monitor) and earphones to help undo the effects of the helmet. Luckily, they were able to get my kidnapper to cough up the secrets of the helmet, so a program was designed to reverse it’s effects. After that first session, they weren’t sure that the program they had made would be able to change me back but, after the second session, I was able to fully understand English and even speak a little back. It took a few months before I was back to my normal self, even managed to get re-potty trained. I haven’t managed to get my control at night back but, the doctors say that will come in time. The worst part of this experience is the lasting effects of that damn woman’s program and, that’s the reason Dr. Kline has me writing this journal. Ever since I got out of diapers, I have felt the need to go back to them and be a baby again. I tried to fight it and refuse to give the madwoman a victory but, Dr. Kline says that the events of my kidnapping unlocked some deep part of my psyche that wants to be taken care of. She says that I may never get over wanting to be babied sometimes. My mother knows and she helps me with it when stress at school or life gets too much. I have a special room that we added to the house. That is where I go when I’m feeling low or depressed, mom knows the signal and comes in to take care of her baby boy for a while though, she NEVER breastfeeds me (Ugh, that was gross!). My mom and I are much closer now and for that, I thank the crazy woman who kidnapped me but, I’ll never forgive her for unleashing this infantile desire on me. I am now stuck with feelings I don’t want but, can’t get rid of. I have nightmares that my classmates find out I still like to be babied every now and again and that terrifies me. I finally found out the kidnapper’s name, Emily VanHoustan. She lost her baby due to the physical abuse of her ex-husband and never got over the trauma. As traumatized as she is, she’s still crazy and we sued her for a million dollars. That money is the key to my future. I think I’ll go into law enforcement maybe even into Missing Persons. Maybe I can make a difference and give some other kid a break like the one I got.
  2. Gabriel has just broken a winery window and he had dropped a rope to into the house, the window was rather narrow but it was easy for him to go through it thanks his small size; being a little had some advantage after all. He didn’t know if someone was into home but in that case he had taken some countermeasures: He had a gun: It was a toy gun and pressing the trigger a flag with the word “bang” would have come out from the barrel. He had some firecrackers: he pretended some gun shots if it were necessary Some stadium smoke: that would be useful to cover an escape. They were cheap tricks but in the past they worked then he was very confident about them and his ability. He dropped with rope until the floor, and climbed the stairs of the winery getting to the door that opened easily accessing to the living room. He searched small objects that can be carried easily: he finded a silver frame with the photo a smiling old man on the small table. He removed and rested iton the table putting the frame in his backpack. Then he decided to take a ride around the house to see if there are something interesting: he opened a door seeing a giant nursery in the room. “I hope it’s not for a little” he said going to the next room, where he found a laptop on a big double bed. He had to climb hardly to reached it and put in the bag. Then he approached the bedside table and found and next generation smartphone, “today is my lucky day!” he said smiling and putting it in his bag, then opening every drawer where he found some cash. He went to the biggest drawers and with more difficulty opened the first drawer finding some jewelry “it’s fantastic!” he said putting everything in his bag. He decided to do another tour of the house to see if there was something else interesting but he heared the noise of the principal door that closed.
  3. Long time lurker here, I made 1 post 2 years ago and never really logged on since. I'm really into non-consensual stories, but I find it kinda difficult to find them. I used to use google, but I'm trying to stop using their service, even disregarding that though even the giant that is google can't seem to catch all the content that I feel it should be catching. I tried the in-site search feature too and found a similar issue. So I figured I should make a list of some of the stories I know of and we can grow it as time goes on, so people interested in this sort of thing know where to go to find some cool new stuff that tickles their fancy. If any of you have more stories along these lines please let me know and I'll add them to the list! Obviously I don't have every story since I am just one guy, so some help would be appreciated. Alright here it goes. I'll try my best to give the stories relevant tags so it'll be easier to sort based on specific niches. These tags aren't going to be the best but they should do for now, feel free to suggest tags for stories. These stories are not in any particular order. Flooded. (Femdom, Forced/Coerced Regression, Slow Regression, Breastfeeding, Humiliation) Nanny Kink, The Hard Sell, The Crush, The LandLady, The Adult Baby Unit: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Bed and Breakfast: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four , The Job Offer, Nurse Becky's Slave All include (Femdom, Forced Regression, Chloroform, Kidnapping/Capture, non-consensual sexual acts) and most include: (forced Breastfeeding, forced bottlefeeding) The reason these are all grouped together is they were written by the same author Chlorobaby they do an amazing job and you should check them out. Crybaby (Femdom, Forced Regression, Breastfeeding, Handjob, Chastity) The Day Care (Femdom, Forcefeeding, Edging, Cock "Milking", Enema) Nerissa’s Home for Diaper Girls (Repost) (Femdom, Diaper Dimension, Coerced Regression, Mental Regression, Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding, Enema, Bladder Torture) Stockholm Syndrome Baby (Femdom, Forced Regression, Mental Regression, Hypnosis, Kidnapping, Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding, Catheter) Tourist Troubles (Repost) (Diaper Dimension, Kidnapping "adoption", Bottlefeeding, Sissification, Short, Incomplete) Baby Care Class (Remixed) (Femdom, Forced Regression, Humiliation, Torture, Forcefeeding, Breastfeeding, Masturbation, Kidnap/Capture) Her Sister's Baby (Femdom, Coerced Regression, Feeding, Masturbation, Bottlefeeding) This one is hard for me to categorize so sorry if I get some of it wrong. Baby Candy by Baby Jennie (Femdom, Forced Regression, Bottlefeeding, Sissification) I'm much more familiar with the version of the story that got taken down due to the corruption glitch so this one might be categorized a bit incorrectly too. BabyJennie if you're reading this I'd absolutely love that version of the story to be reposted I enjoyed it very much. Obviously it's up to you, just thought I'd tell you that I'd be interested. Training her baby (Sissification, Breastfeeding, Chastity, Bottlefeeding, Forcefeeding) Day at the beach (Bottlefeeding, Humiliation, Regression) The Domme on the Bus (Femdom, Humilation) Unlucky Day Turned Lucky (Diaper Dimension, Force Regression, Bottlefeeding, Breastfeeding) Immigrant Tale (Diaper Dimension, Femdom/Mommy Dom, Forced Breastfeeding, Sissification,Forced Regression) Simple bedwetter to full time baby (Forced Regression, Regression, Mommy Dom, Breastfeeding, Forced Bottlefeeding) Anyway that's my list right now. I hope everyone can find something new on here. I'll be updating this post progressively as I find/re-find more stories, but I think this is enough to get this off the ground. Feel free to contribute with stories or tags by sending a comment or PM my way, I'll give you credit for your contributions ofcourse! I'll try to be more present in the community now. I may even write a story of my own, who knows. This post was inspired by a similar post on a different site called "Stories involving Shrinking Men and Breastmilk" on GiantessCity which is something I used to look at before I found DD
  4. A door slamming in the distance jolted Jacob from his sleep, and while he waited for the pounding in his chest to pass, he heard distant yelling that confirmed his suspicions. Must be my neighbors fighting again. Dammit. The young man stretched on his bed and pulled his cellphone out from under the pillow. Closing the tab of the paused video on his phone, Jacob remembered how he had spent the entire morning smoking weed and viewing pornography trying to masturbate away his emotional pain. He quickly cleared the unread notifications not even bothering to check through them and tossed the device onto the other side of the bed. He was just about to fall back asleep when an alarm went off on his phone. Snapping his eyes open, he briefly considered throwing the phone wrapped in his sheets into the wall, but instead decided to slide his hands around to find it. When he finally grabbed the device and went to silence the alarm, he realized it was actually a reminder he had set to alert him of when he needed to leave his apartment for his therapy appointment. He rolled out of his bed groaning the whole time. Even though he slept almost 12 hours each day for the past week, Jacob was physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted, and the young man knew there was no relief coming any time soon. Tomorrow, the day after that and every day next week, he'd wake up and continue the cycle of drowning in his depression. That was unless he decided to do something about it. Jacob couldn't escape the compulsion to fantasize about how much simpler it would be if he could peacefully die in his sleep. He was sure it would be a blessing, but for some inconceivable reason, he just kept waking up. Letting out a heavy sigh, the young man walked out to the living room of his small apartment and lit his last joint. Looking around, he could see that his place was a total mess. Clothes, bottles, cans and to-go boxes littered the floor, and his stained sheets appeared to desperately need a wash. That morning his eyes even watered in response to the terrible smell of the residual smoke mixing with his funk, but Jacob didn't have the desire to clean anything. He simply rubbed the tears from his eyes and pulled on a pair of jeans that he left lying on the couch in the living room before shuffling back into his bedroom to look for a shirt. Jacob spent some time staring at himself in the mirror that hung above his dresser. He looked at the pimples decorating his caramel brown skin and his jet-black Afro that had grown out to be about three inches higher than the two inches he normally kept it at. He saw how desperately his beard needed to be trimmed as the hairs were uneven and sticking out in random directions. Sighing and shaking his head, he fished out the last clean shirt from his dresser. He pulled it on and walked out of his apartment headed for the bus stop. **** Sitting in the lobby of his therapist's private practice office, he thought about how pointless his existence was. He was twenty-two years old, and he had absolutely nothing going for him. With no family, no job and no dreams, Jacob wondered what the point in continuing to live could be when he had absolutely nothing to look forward to. He was sure that it was wiser for him to prematurely end his misery. His therapist, Simon, was a short West Indian man from Trinidad in his late thirties who had expertly assisted him in navigating his grief after he tragically lost his family a few years ago. During the last session on Tuesday of last week, they were working through creating some new life goals, and by the end of the last session, Simon had been pleased with how well Jacob was progressing. When Simon went to the waiting area to usher Jacob in for his session that Friday, he could smell the strong scent of weed emanating from the young man, and he was already disappointed. From his uncoordinated walk to the therapy room as well as his bloodshot eyes, Simon knew Jacob was already so high that the session wasn't going to be very worthwhile. He decided he would at least try to get to the bottom of what happened before he sent him home. After Jacob finally made it to the sofa having been guided a bit by Simon so that he didn't accidentally damage anything, he rested his head on the back of the sofa and closed his eyes. Simon sat in his chair directly across the room from Jacob, and when the young man didn't try to start conversation, he called out to him. "Jacob?" His client opened his eyes, sat up a little and slurred, "Oh heyyy! Wassup bossman? I forgot you were there for a second." Seeing that he now had Jacob's attention, Simon leaned forward in his chair. "What happened Jacob? Why are you high?" "I'm stoned because I wanna be, Simon," he adamantly declared. Simon sighed. He knew that it wasn't going to be easy to get direct answers from Jacob when he was like this. "Jacob, you decided to stop using cannabis a year ago. Last session, you seemed to be very happy and hopeful. What changed between then and now?" Annoyed that he was reminded of how quickly his happiness was ripped right out from under him, Jacob looked through the window above his therapist's head. "I stopped being an idiot, Simon. Now, I see the world clearly. That's all." "Yes, Jacob I know. Now the world is terrible, and everything is bad. But what in particular about your life changed that caused you to begin to feel this way?" The young man rolled his eyes, sat back in the sofa and crossed his arms over his chest. Beginning to feel angry, he chose to stay silent. Simon ran his hand through his hair in frustration. He knew that Jacob normally had classes on Fridays a few hours before the session, but he presumed there was no way he attended them like this. "Did you go to your classes today?" The aggravated young man shook his head. "No, fuck that school. Fuck class." "Fuck class? If I remember correctly, Jacob, during the last session you talked about how you were planning to take your class attendance much more seriously. So, I'll ask you again, what happened?" Jacob took a moment to dejectedly look at the floor. "I got kicked out of school. I'm a fucking loser with nothing left," he whispered with a tinge of sadness evident in his voice. Simon kept a neutral expression on his face, but he was inwardly pleased to have finally gotten a helpful answer from the young man. However, he still wanted a few more details. "When did you find this out?" "I got a phone call and email the day after our last session informing me that I was kicked out." Simon sat up a little straighter in his chair and crossed his leg. He kept his focus trying to keep the conversation moving quickly, knowing from past experience that Jacob's cooperation was only going to last so long. "Since then, what have you been doing?" "Oh, I've just been chilling, smoking and making plans." Jacob enthusiastically responded while resting his head against the back of the sofa. The seasoned therapist was aware that Jacob had gone back to masking his emotions. He watched the young man sit back with a smile on his face. It was almost as if he was suddenly giddy. He knew that this was something Jacob only did when he was feeling especially emotionally volatile. Nonetheless, he figured he would bite the bait. "What kind of plans?" Jacob smiled and stretched. "Final plans." Simon knew where this was going. After the loss of his family, Jacob had attempted suicide a few times. Before his most recent attempt, Simon had him involuntarily committed to a local psychiatric hospital. To Simon's shock and dismay, Jacob was able to weasel his way out of the hospital within a few hours. The young man had attempted suicide again that night. "Jacob, have you made plans to end your life?" Simon asked directly, hoping to stage an intervention. Jacob rolled his eyes. "Listen Simon. We don't have to do the whole shebang again." He paused for a moment before he continued, "You're good. I'm good. Everything is good." "Have you given up on therapy? Jacob, this is just another rough patch in your life. You can move past it," Simon tried to encourage him. The young man sat forward in the sofa and crossed his leg. "I actually came here to tell you that I won't be coming back, but I did want to let you know that I appreciated having you as a therapist. You're really good, better than most." "Jacob, after your last suicide attempt, you agreed that you would see me for a closing session to discuss the work we accomplished together, rather than just leaving the same day you choose to quit." He shrugged. "I mean if you really want to waste your time like that. I'll come." "Good, today is Friday. I can see you on Monday at 6:30 pm. Does that work for you?" "Yeah, I'll be there," Jacob confirmed and stood up to leave. As he was about to walk through the door, he heard Simon call out to him, "Jacob, please at least try to be sober for the next session." "Sure, Simon. Sure," he responded, staggering through the main office door to the bus stop. On his bus ride back to his apartment, Jacob solidified his suicide plans. He figured the fact that he had no real family or friends left made the whole process so much easier. He didn't even have to write a suicide note. A few years ago, he had watched a TV show where the main character chose to die by heroin overdose on a beach, and he wanted to go with that same route for this attempt. The young man already had a dealer in mind, and he intended to sell his electronics to come up with the cash. Before he opened the door to his apartment, Jacob noticed an eviction notice on the door meant to inform him that he had until next week Wednesday to clear the premises. At least they'll get started on the cleanup early. After unlocking the door to his apartment, he stumbled through his living room and piled his electronics into a plastic bag to take to the pawn shop nearby. **** It was late evening when Simon had finished seeing his last client of the day. He sat down in his office and thought about his session with Jacob. He didn't actually plan to see any clients next week. In fact, the private practice that he shared with his wife was closed for an entire month. It was almost the 15th anniversary of their marriage, and they intended to leave for their second home near the waterfront in the mountains on Wednesday after spending a few days packing and cleaning. Simon couldn't help but feel guilty that he couldn't seem to figure out how to help Jacob. He saw so much of his young adult self in the younger man. He remembered being in a similar dark place when he was around Jacob's age after immigrating to the United States leaving friends, relatives and loved ones behind. That was why he didn't hesitate to try to see Jacob for one last session. Now, he just had to explain the decision to his wife when he got home. **** Angelique had always supported Simon after Jacob's suicide attempts. She knew from her own experience as a seasoned therapist how difficult it was to process the guilt that surfaces after a client's suicide attempt. When Simon came home and explained to her why he intended to see Jacob before they left for their vacation, she was understanding. Simon and Angelique spent some time talking about contingency plans should Jacob still choose to try to end his life. Simon was less than hopeful that his next session with Jacob would be an effective intervention. With their laptops, the couple looked into psychiatric hospitals in Washington that specialized in rehabilitating patients who experience persistent suicide ideation. From their research, they learned about Saint Ives psychiatric hospital and the hospital's intensive care unit for chronically suicidal patients. The project was led by Dr. Kelly, the chief psychiatrist of the hospital. The unit was pioneering a new and robust treatment method that involved drug-assisted physical age-regression. In her work, Dr. Kelly asserted that often the only true cure for chronic suicidal ideation in patients is a chance to re-experience childhood in a family free of any form of dysfunction. Initially, the couple was doubtful about the efficacy of the program, but the more that Simon and Angelique read into the intensive care unit at the psychiatric hospital, the more confident they were that Jacob would be a prime candidate for this program. That night, Simon sent an email asking for a consultation with Dr. Kelly on Monday morning. He made sure to include a few relevant details regarding Jacob's case. Read the rest on wattpad.com https://www.wattpad.com/story/162751907-jacob%27s-regression Follow me there as @CalebTheReaderWriter
  5. THE PERFECT WIFE INTRODUCTION I JESS Jess was a kindergarten teacher. She was the physical embodiment of Grace. Her poise was only ever bested by the mercy of her own divine beauty, and angelic stature. She was shapely, and refined. Standing a hair over six foot. Legs for days - as they say. Beside curves in all the right places. Busty, and blonde. She wore piercing blue eyes. And skin as delicate, and smooth as porcelain. It wasn’t all handed to her by the Gods, though. She stayed, very, active outside of the classroom. Protein shakes, and a balanced breakfast every morning. Superseded by a cascade of various workouts. CHRIS Chris was a Doctor. He was the physical embodiment of Ego. His blundering pride was only ever bested, by the lenity of his incontestable charm, and magnetism. He was, ironically, a man of small stature. Even so, retaining a strapping physique. Abs of steel - as they say. Cheek by jowl to a brilliant beard. One that would put, the great, Chuck Norris to shame. They were his gifts from the Gods. He had to do very little to maintain his debonair ambiance. He fancied a few fingers fine cognac, and a cigar after a long day. Over and above that - he enjoyed to cook. INTRODUCTION II They met during college. Jess was graduating from community college, and Chris was enrolling in grad school. She was a few years older than him. And. by societies standards, she was light years out of his league. Though - even then, Chris had a charisma score of over twenty. She succumbed to his boyish charm, and chivalrous nature - right away… beside the prospect of an affluent doctor, as a husband. She was his queen. Shortly after Chris Graduated, the two of them eloped, in Holy Matrimony. It was a fairy-tale wedding. Befit to royalty. He spared no expense. Money was never a presentiment Chris had to think about. He came from it. Him and his mother lived a lavish life. Behind the several remunerative investments Chris’s father made before he passed. His mother spoiled, and encouraged him his whole life. He was destined for greatness. No matter what path he chose to walk. Jess was not as fortunate… Her father ran off to New Orleans with some tramp, when she was young. He left her mother, and her with nothing. Nothing, but a pile of debt - that is. Jess’s mom turned to drugs, and started stripping to make ends meet. Jess was often left to fend for herself. For days. She worked tirelessly to care for her mother, and eventually put herself through school. CHAPTER ONE I It was a slow day at the office. With little to do to occupy his time, Chris indulged a Pharmaceutics Representative, that had been hounding him for a meeting. He hated meetings like this. But had a quota to fill, VIA Hospital protocols. This one was especially painful. The man could talk. and talk, and talk. And, he did. “I tell you what. I don’t even know how some of these pills make it human trials…” he admitted, at one point. “The last batch got it real bad.” he continued, shaking his head disdainfully. “Oh yeah. How so?” Chris questioned. Uninterested, and obviously just going through the the motions. For conversations sake. “It was a new birth control. Everything was going fine. Then one week. BAM! Totally incontinent.” He slapped his hands together as he said it. “The whole lot of them. Something like fifty or sixty college girls. Pissing, and shitting in diapers. STILL! - to this day. And that was months ago.” He continued, “It’s a damn shame, too. A lot of them were real pretty. Cheerleaders, and Volleyball players from the University.” Chris was intrigued now. But, didn’t want to seem so. “Any other symptoms?” he nonchalantly questioned. “Oh yeah! That’s just the tip of the ice burg… It was all from nerve damage. Let me just say this… Those girls aren’t gonna be playing sports anytime soon.” the rep was shaking his head. “Some of them will be lucky if they walk right, ever again. It really jumbled up their motor skills. Poor girls just didn’t want to have babies. Now they ,pretty much, are babies. Ain’t that a bitch.” “Sure is.” Chris said agreeably. “I’ve never heard about this, though. What was the pill again?” Probing the validity of the man’s story. While maintaining aloofness. “Oh, the company payed out the ass to keep this one under raps.” he rebutted. “I probably shouldn't have even said what I did.” “Bullshit, man. Come on.” Chris pressed. “I don’t want my wife ever taking something like that.” he pleaded - in opposition of the truth. Chris would in fact, want his wife to take a pill like that. Very much. Not that he wanted her to suffer. He loved her dearly. It was just… He found it erotically stimulating when women had accidents. He had a diaper fetish. That he, desperately, hid from the world. If Jess were to become incontinent, then he could live out his wildest dreams. All day, every day. He had fantasized - time, and time again - about Jess wearing diapers, and acting like a baby. But, never had the gumption to act. ”I can’t. I could loose my job.” the man replied, apologetically. “Tell you what. I will order a few dozen cases of that allergy bull shit your pawning off… If you tell me what trial it was. How’s that for a deal?” “Hot damn!” he shouted. “You got yourself a deal, Doc!… But, I never told you. Right?” “My lips are sealed.” It took Chris most of that afternoon, and several big favors to track down an existing case of the pills. Most of them were destroyed after the trials. A few labs were granted access to them, though. strictly for research, and development. By chance, one of those labs was local. Only thirty minutes from his Hospital. And, not far out of the way, from his commute home. By the end of the day, he was heading to pick a case up. It was, honestly, easier than he thought it would be. At the lab It was quick exchange of etiquette, and academisms. Rather informal. On the drive home, Chris questioned if he could really go through with it. To his beautiful, loving wife. “Pfft…Loving…” he scoffed. In all honesty the marriage wasn’t doing well. It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t love. Not anymore. As the years went by, Jess became more and more comfortable with her plush life. Forgetting where she came from. Chris recommend her to the most esteemed private school in the Tri-State Area. Which only fueled her la-di-da lifestyle. Chris, worked so much. They drifted apart. By the time he noticed there was a rift, he didn’t know how to fix it. At this point, there wasn’t much Chris had to offer, that she couldn’t get on her own. She was already dazzlingly beautiful, and educated. She would still get half his money, if she left him. And, now thanks to the boujee teaching job, she had the social standing, and networks to make it on her own. It was only a matter of time. “If she is going to leave me. She’s going to do it in a diaper.” Chris said allowed, to himself, as he pulled up the drive. He stashed the pills in the garage. Among a sea of similar boxes. Making sure to grab a few, for dinner…
  6. diddldum contacted me recently after stumbling on the story I'd written back around 2010. The version found had omitted a couple chapters This intrigued me and I've spent a lot of time today re-reading and doing a bit of editing (can't read any of my writing without making some changes...) It worked with a suggestion from diddldum to use rtf! A Better Way.docx 'A Better Way' by diaperpt About the story: How many times have you begun to read a story on one your favorite sites only to be disappointed when the story stops and the author seemingly disappears? This has been the case so often for me that I have at various times taken matters into my own hands. In a few cases, I’ve simply begun my own story based on the start of what someone else has done. In the case of what I consider to be the classic “Diaper Research” I merely took over and finished it trying to stay true to the original author as much as possible. (The original work and my conclusion are posted separately on DailyDiapers) In this story, “A Better Way” I’m actually trying to combine the work and thoughts of two authors. Both posted their stories on rupadded and both, very sadly, have seemingly abandoned their work. The first influence was sajin1 who wrote eighteen chapters of “My Story” and hasn’t posted a chapter since 4.29.2010. It seems that he was within one or maybe two chapters of drawing the story to an end. He’d earlier abandoned his story and had been coaxed back to write more. Sadly, he never quite finished. Later, Martym began posting chapters of “Shepherd” inspired by sajin1’s “My Story.” Martym began in part saying “When I posted the most recent part of one of my other stories I mentioned having a few other ideas, this one having come from reading Sajin1's "My Story" titles. They're quite neat and you should go read them if you haven't already. When the protagonist in his story first wakes up (and is later modified) he's at some kind of facility for such things, that gave me the idea to explore more of that kind of place as I'm less of one for the daddy-abducts-an-AB storylines myself.” Well, I’ve abducted the story line of each, mixed them together with a dash of my own thoughts and will begin posting the results here. I strongly recommend that IF you begin this story and like what I’ve begun, go back to rupadded and look in the story section for these other stories. Unfortunately, rupadded does not allow access to non-members, so this might not be possible for you and you may not want to sign up. Neither am I willing to copy (well, I already have for my strict personal reading) and post the story elsewhere, since they are not mine to share. My feelings now are that I will post a chapter at a time on rupadded and dailydiapers. I hereby give permission for anyone out there to take what I’ve written and modify it to suit their own individual tastes, giving credit to me for this story line (as I have to sajin1 and Martym) and explaining how you’ve altered it. Likewise, if I don’t finish the story, please feel free to take over from me. PLEASE, however, all of you consider writing, rewriting, editing, checking and rechecking grammar and construction and posting your own writings for the enjoyment of others. This is one particular type of story line I enjoy but I do enjoy the work of others. I’ve made an effort to make the story somewhat consistent in plot and presentation as well as working hard to maintain correct spelling and adequate grammar. Now, begin the story if you wish, enjoy as you are able, and do let me know what you think of it. Thank you. diaperpt Chapter 1 It was almost a perfect spring day. The sun was shining brightly, playing on the trees that lined the side street. Every few minutes a light breeze seemed to whisk down the street to tease into motion the bright new leaves just now coming out into the fullness of their young lives. Freshly planted flowers optimistically showed their colors in planters here and there along the street. People scurried along alone or in pairs, some smiling happily at the beautiful day, others more serious and caught up in the day to day routine; all heading back to work after their lunch break. Joshua Hayes smiled to himself as he clicked his cell phone closed. He’d just talked with his girlfriend Emily Chase and was looking forward to having dinner with her at their favorite Italian restaurant across town later in the evening. Of course, he had a lot to do between now and then, but he was used to doing a lot. He’d just spent most of his late lunch break running to the printer to pick up flyers for the Young Advocates, a political action group he’d joined when he first moved to Middletown. He figured he had just enough time to put them in his car and get back to his office before his afternoon meeting with the upper level executives. At twenty-four, Josh was already making heads turn in the small, but growing marketing firm he’d been hired into right out of college. As he rushed along, he’d begun to think of the latest music his rock band had begun working on. He’d talked the guys into letting him tweak the arrangement and he’d promised to get it done by the weekend. Josh smiled to himself, thinking of the confidence his friends had placed in him. He knew the section of the song he wanted to work on and had some great ideas for changing the chord structure to make it just a little more their style. He wasn’t sure where the time would come from, but as always he enjoyed the challenges he set for himself. He was whistling the melody of the song to himself as he ducked into the parking garage and headed for his car. After stashing the box of brochures into the back seat of his Honda, he headed toward the exit when he noticed two well dressed men looking sadly into the open engine compartment of a Chevy Suburban. As he walked closer, Joshua couldn’t help but overhear their conversation. “I think it’s just a loose battery connection, Bill,” said one. “Fine, but I don’t have a wrench. I guess I’d better call triple-A. I hate to because it always takes so long for them to get here. And for such a small thing,” said the other. Just then he noticed Joshua walking toward them. “Hey, sorry to bother you Sir, but you wouldn’t happen to have a set of wrenches – an adjustable, or maybe even a good pair of pliers in your car, would you?” There seemed to be no one else in the garage to help these men and although he feared it might make him late to his meeting, Joshua crossed over to their car, saying, “Let me take a look. I might have something in my car. I’ve only got a minute, but I’m happy to help if I can.” As he took a quick look at the battery, he didn’t notice the rag come out of the one man’s pocket until he was firmly locked in the strong grasp of both of them and the cloth held tight over his nose and mouth. It only took a moment, but no matter how he shook or wiggled, the hand holding the cloth stayed with him. The sickish-sweet odor on the rag clung to him all the way into the dark hole it quickly created in his consciousness. He didn’t see the third and fourth man pop out of the back seat of the car, one shutting the hood and the other helping the first two lift his limp form into the back of the Suburban. He didn’t see or feel them putting the restraints on his wrists and ankles binding his wrists and ankles together with short sections of chain. In fact, he didn’t sense or feel anything for quite some time. Chapter 2 When he began to regain consciousness his first thought was that he was in one of those dreams he had once in a while – the ones where he’d try to move but just couldn’t. His eyes weren’t open yet, but he sensed bright light beyond them. He held them closed for a moment more as he tried again for some movement. This time his senses allowed him to feel a tightness around each wrist and each ankle. There was some sort of pressure across his midsection as well. He began to realize that he wasn’t in a dream. But where was he? Nearby he heard voices. Rising from the buzz of voices, he heard, “Look. I think the new one is waking up.” He slowly opened his eyes, shut them against a bright light, then slowly opened them again. Now he was looking up into the face of two men in green scrubs. “OK, I guess it’s time to start prepping him,” said a tall, clean cut Hispanic. “Where am I?” Joshua said, trying to remember and understand what had happened. “With us now. We’re just two of the attendants here. My name is Bill and this is Ed,” said the other, a blond guy with a wisp of a mustache, about Joshua’s age and about his height but much more solid and muscular. “That’s all you need to know for now,” he finished. Joshua began, “But what happened? I remember I was in the parking garage and then…” “And then our field agents took possession of our latest acquisition,” added Ed in a serious, matter-of-fact tone. A wave of surprise and fear began to wash over Joshua. None of this made any sense. He was supposed to be back at work now. He’d tried to help those men in the garage and something happened. “What? What do you mean? What happened? Did I faint? What hospital is this? I don’t get it…” He was trying to make some sense out of a situation that could not possibly have made any sense to anyone in this position. He did what any of us do constantly in our lives; try to fit our sense of what is happening around us into our own understanding of reality. In this situation, neither you nor I could have imagined the true reality of the situation. Joshua didn’t finish his sentence because he was cut off by the taller man, Ed. He was thin, but also well put together and muscular. “Look, just be quiet and let us do our job. You wouldn’t believe us if we told you and besides, it doesn’t matter.” Turning to his partner, he spoke in an irritated voice, “Just put the damned gag in and let’s get on with it.” “Yeah, yeah.” Bill turned to a counter for a second and turned back toward Joshua with what looked like a golf ball amid a pile of straps. “Wait! What are you doing? Where am I? You’ve got to tell me. You can’t just…” He tried to lift himself off the table in spite of the strap across his chest. He didn’t get to finish his sentence as the blond forced the ball gag into his mouth, lifted his head and fastened the straps tightly. “Mmmmph. Mmmmmmmph,” was all that Joshua could manage. Now his heart rate had jumped dramatically. What kind of hospital could this be where he was being restrained? Other than a little fuzziness, he was beginning to feel fine, so what possibly could have happened in the parking lot? Joshua’s eyes went wide as the dark haired man began pulling Joshua’s shirt out of his pants while the blond pulled medical shears from a drawer under the table and began cutting up his pant legs. The dark haired one was now cutting his shirt off him as well. The tall one said, “I don’t know why they have us wait until the new ones wake up before we prep them. They are always so confused and surprised. Of course they don’t get it! Why can’t we just do the prep while they are still out?” Bill replied, “I think part of it is that they don’t want us surprised by someone who fakes still being out. I heard that when the business first started there were a few problems like that. Besides, we have to remember, we’re just cogs in the wheel here. We don’t get to make the rules.” “Yeah,” said Ed, “but they should just drug ‘em to make our lives easier.” “Maybe, but it might be something in the next stage that drugs would interfere with. Besides, the shower would be tough with them unconscious.” Joshua was still wide eyed and panicked, not understanding what was going on. At the same time, the routine talk between these two men might otherwise have calmed him somewhat, but by this time, they’d removed his shoes and socks and also cut off his underwear so that he was lying on the table completely naked. Soon their latex-gloved hands were rubbing a white cream up his legs, across his torso, then arms and finally around his genitals. This invasion both frightened and angered poor Joshua. His muffled cries and futile thrashing about had no noticeable impact on the pair working on him. He continued to try to make sense of this, but understandably with no luck. Chapter 3 While they continued a light patter between them, they stepped away from the table for what seemed to Joshua to be forever, rather than the seven or eight minutes it actually was. As they waited, Joshua sensed a growing warmth almost to the point of burn wherever they’d rubbed in the cream. When they returned, it was with cool wet cloths and as they wiped off the cream, Joshua realized they were wiping off his body hair as well! He could think of no rational explanation for this and began again shouting into the gag, trying to get the attention of the two men. Instead, they simply continued their work. Soon they had wiped off all the cream and therefore all the body hair they could reach with him in that position. Between the two of them, in a skillful and well-practiced manner, they released the restraints while maintaining complete control over Joshua and flipped him over, restraining him once again. He struggled against them to no avail against superior strength and well practiced skill. Joshua was resisting as much as possible at this point, since he could not imagine what possible legitimate reason these men had for doing this. They’d explained no more to him as they worked and they simply ignored him as if he was some inanimate object. He shouted into the gag futilely trying to communicate with them, furious that they wouldn’t listen to him. If he only could have known the real reason, he’d undoubtedly have resisted even more, though it would have been every bit as futile. The same cream was applied now to his back sides and anywhere else where the cream had yet to do its work. They stepped back and continued to carry on a casual conversation as he lay there screaming silently into the gag. Soon the cream was wiped off and other than perhaps a stray hair here or there, Joshua was as hairless as the day he was born. This time when they began releasing the restraints one by one, they were replaced by leg irons and metal wrist restraints lined with soft rubber. The wrist restraints were linked by a short section of chain about 8 inches long. The men guided him into a sitting position on the table and then into a standing position on the floor. When Joshua began to resist, he felt a sharp pain across his ass even as he was held tightly. He continued to struggle, only to feel another bite of a wide rubber strap across the cheeks of his butt. Joshua was a smart man but as feisty as he wanted to be, he realized that he was no match for these men. “Don’t resist us. We really don’t want to hurt you. We are simply going to take you for a shower to make sure we have all the hair removal cream off. You are worth a lot of money to our employers and we don’t want to damage our new property.” He had a sad and pathetic look on his face, backed by quite a bit of anger. He tried to shout at them once more but no words could escape from behind the ball gag tight in his mouth. Understanding the futility of resistance, his heart sank and blood pressure rose as the slap of his bare feet on the tile floor echoed in his mind. Soon he was steered into a room where he came face to face with a white tile wall graced by a shower head just above the level of his head. His bound hands were united to a chain hanging from the ceiling in line with the shower head, so his wrists were now just about at eye level. As he was being fastened to that chain, he noticed another fixture in the wall a few feet away with a hose and spray attachment. The men holding him now stepped back and soon a strong spray of warm water was washing over him from the shower head. He was directed to turn in the spray and get himself as wet as possible. When he resisted, he felt the harsh slap of the rubber strap yet again. This time the physical pain of the strap and the immediate fear of more won out over the emotional pain of embarrassment and long term concern of what might be in store for him. He decided that the only reasonable response was to comply. He was right. Once he was completely wet, the flow stopped and the blond stepped forward with a soapy soft sponge. The man carefully and gently rubbed the sponge all over Joshua’s body, directing him to turn as necessary. He was then directed to spread his legs, whereupon the sponge did its embarrassing job of cleaning around his penis and scrotum. Once Joshua was washed thoroughly, the spray of the shower resumed, rinsing most of the soap away. At that point, the blond then took up the hose and carefully rinsed Joshua’s body again insuring all the soap was gone. Joshua’s humiliation continued, but if nothing else, Joshua appreciated that this had been a gentle process. Maybe these men did not mean him any physical harm after all. Maybe they had told him the truth about that at least. Still, why was he bound and gagged? Yes, he’d resisted, but because he had no idea why he was here, or even where he was. What was it they were hiding and what were those comments about being an ‘acquisition’ and ‘new property.’ None of it made any sense. Fluffy white towels rubbing him gently dry took away his attention for a moment and he focused now on the strange sensation of the towels on his hairless body. And that sensation only renewed his confusion; why hairless? Why had they removed all his body hair? If none of this made sense to him, imagine his thoughts when he was led back into the room where he’d been strapped down to the table. There, waiting for him on the table was a large white paper-like pad. It made no sense to him as he was made to sit and swivel back into a prone position with the paper pad underneath his bottom. The tall attendant quickly fastened Joshua’s bound hands above his head. Next, he heard the snap of latex gloves and he looked up to see the blond putting some sort of clear liquid into the palm of one gloved hand. The liquid felt cool on him as the gloved hand spread it around Joshua’s groin. More liquid went into the man’s hand and then onto Joshua. This liquid was smoothed and rubbed in thoroughly around his penis, scrotal sack, in the crevices of his legs and now he was told to lift his bottom and the liquid was rubbed on his bottom and well into the crack of his backsides. A sweet pleasing scent wafted through the room. He couldn’t quite place the smell, but it was somehow calming and reassuring in a small sense. That sense was not to last. “There,” Bill said casually. “We don’t want you developing any rash. It will take a little while for your body to get used to wearing diapers.” Chapter 4 DIAPERS???!!! WHAT???? Joshua couldn’t believe what he just heard. Diapers were for babies. Well, babies and maybe doddering old people who couldn’t hold it in any more. He knew sometimes old women developed weak bladders, and he’d heard and maybe even made a few cracks here and there about old men needing diapers. But what was this about? He blushed bright red now – what he’d endured so far with no explanation was enough – but now he felt his legs held down and the white paper pad being drawn up between his legs. He felt tightness first on one side then on the other; then again on the first side and again on the other as the tapes were fastened. The thickness of the pad felt strange, especially against his hairless groin. It wasn’t scratchy as he’d have expected, and yet it wasn’t as soft as his normal underwear would feel. He couldn’t quite get his legs together now because of the bulk of the diaper. And even as he absorbed the feel of the diaper, he asked himself ‘why?’ While he was rummaging through his mind looking for some sort of answer to any of the million questions he was developing, the blond turned away from him for a second and returned with a short silver chain with a wide and shiny silver plate. He quickly slipped it around Joshua’s neck and fastened it. Jason felt the cool metal at his neck. It didn’t choke him at all, but was very close fitting and he could feel its cool metallic embrace around his neck. “There,” said the blond. “This is your temporary Behavior Aversion Device. It’s a GPS and security set. You won’t get lost now, even if you try. You’ll find it is very effective should you try to slip away from us. It gives us your precise location down to a matter of inches and should you wander out of your designated area, you’ll be painfully reminded of that fact. Each of your care-givers also has a remote control so that if you exhibit any negative behavior, you’ll be gently reminded to behave properly. Let me demonstrate for you. I’m going to take out your gag and ask you some questions. Please cooperate and give me the information I ask.” The man named Bill released the ball gag from Joshua’s mouth and after flexing his jaw for only a second, Joshua began speaking, “What the hell is going on? Where am I? What are you doing to me? Who are you? Wh…” The blond smiled as Joshua ranted on and on. “Whoa! Don’t get ahead of yourself. I said I was going to ask you questions!” “But what is going on here? You owe me some answers!” cried Joshua. “I owe you nothing. But I will answer some of your questions, if you’d like. First however, you will answer mine,” said the blond. “I will like hell! Let me…AAAAAAAHHHHHHH” Suddenly Joshua stiffened and screamed out in pain. A huge jolt flashed through his body as if he’d stuck his fingers in an electrical outlet except the shock came from the plate attached to the chain around his neck. He lay there gasping for breath as the blond spoke again. “There. That’s a mild demonstration. As I said, I’ll be asking the questions for now and you’ll be answering them. When I’ve got my information, I’ll answer some of your questions if you wish. Are you willing to cooperate with me now?” Joshua’s face reddened and he raged, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHO THE F*@# ARE… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” and his body convulsed again. “Please, …..don’t …..do …..that …..again.” Joshua mumbled through a series of gasps and sighs. His anger and frustration hadn’t subsided at all but the pain of the shocks had taught him its intended lesson. “Very well,” said the blond. “I assume I can begin my questions now. First of all, what is your name?” Joshua hesitated, but thinking about the shocks, began, “Joshua Hayes. But you’ve got my wallet. You’ve got all my information. Why…” he was interrupted. “I will ask the questions. Not you,” said the man firmly. “I’ll let that go without a shock, but don’t push it. Just answer my questions. Now, do you have a girlfriend?” “Yes,” was the reply. “What is her name?” “Please, don’t drag her int….AAAAA” he said, responding to a mild shock. “I assure you, we have our hands full with you for now. Her name, please,” said the blond in a bored tone. He hesitated before fear brought a response. “Emily Chase.” “That was easy now, wasn’t it? Now what is the name of your company?” “New Adventures in Marketing.” “Very good. You are cooperating very well now. Are your parents still alive?” was the next question. “Yes, but they are divorced. Mom is remarried and lives in Middletown and Dad lives in Westport.” The questions continued; mundane questions about Joshua’s friends, relatives, job, and some of his life history. He didn’t want to give away this information even though he realized they could access most of it easily on their own. He was afraid of being shocked again and so conceded even the most personal of information. As he spoke, the blond recorded information on a paper attached to a clipboard. When he finished, he smiled at Joshua and put the clipboard down on a counter. “Now in total fairness to you, even though I have no reason to be fair, I’ll let you ask the questions. I’ll answer as best I can.” Chapter 5 “I…I’m not even sure where to start,” said Joshua. “Where are we?” “Come on, now, does that even matter?” came the calm reply. “Let’s say we’re still in Middletown, where we acquired you. Does that have any meaning to you? Would it matter if we were half way across the country – which we might well be? Besides, you will not be staying here all that long anyway. So, would you like me to say we’re still in Middletown?” “But I want to know. And what kind of place is this? It isn’t a hospital, for sure!” said Joshua. “Ah, well, it is not entirely unlike a hospital or a clinic, but it is a very specialized one. We do care for our subjects and we are equipped to do a fair number of medical procedures. You’ll find out about that later on. While we do not normally treat injuries or illnesses, we are equipped to deal with more, let’s say, cosmetic and adaptive surgeries.” Joshua’s mind wanted answers, but when he heard them he couldn’t truly accept or understand what was meant by them. It was all too fantastic to absorb entirely and yet he continued to ask. “Why did you snatch me off the street? Why did you take me and what do you think you’re going to do with me?” Now Joshua was getting down to some basic questions, having come to a fuller realization that this had in fact been a blatant kidnapping. “Well, you happened to be the first one that day to pass our collection unit with our basic requirements. You are young, appear to be intelligent, healthy, and in good shape. We were looking for such a male and you happened by. Exactly what we’ll be doing with you will be up to your new owner. For now, you’ve been acquired and processed in. You will soon begin your initial indoctrination and at an appropriate time will be put up for sale at auction.” Joshua’s eyes had gradually gotten larger and larger; his face redder and redder. At the words “put up for sale at auction” he screamed out first in disbelief, then he screamed out in dread fear, and finally in pain as the blond touched the remote. As Joshua lay there sobbing, the blond said, “I think that’s enough for now. Even that is far more than you’ll ever need to know. You’ll simply experience the rest. But don’t worry. It really isn’t going to be as bad as you’re thinking right now.” The other two men stepped back up to the table, released the chain holding Joshua’s hands, eased him into a standing position and guided him out of the room. With this new information reverberating through his mind like an echoing explosion, he could only imagine his infantile appearance as he walked barefoot, clad only in a very babyish looking diaper. He hung his head dejectedly, his chin resting on the chain which had demonstrated well its power to control him and promised to prevent any escape attempt he might be able to mount. He was led through a few empty hallways until he saw a door reading “Transition Room 1” where the door was unlocked and he was led into a small room. On the left side of the room was a hospital bed equipped with a mind numbing array of leather straps across the bed. On those straps, Josh noticed smaller, fleece lined straps attached. On the other side of the narrow room was a set of cabinets and shelves. He didn’t get a chance to examine what was on those shelves as he was led immediately to the bed and made to lie down. The men carefully arranged the set of straps and began to apply them to Joshua, making small adjustments as they went. One man worked on fastening his wrists into straps at his side, while the other adjusted a strap across the bottom part of the bed so as to accept Joshua’s ankles into straps keeping his legs spread full across the bed. One by one he felt the straps tighten around his limbs. Joshua desperately wanted to resist. He wanted to scream out. He wanted to get up and run. But he could feel the cool metal necklace reminding him that for now his biggest reward would come from not resisting. Once his wrists and ankles were secure, a strap was tightened across his stomach from wrist to wrist, further restraining his movement and putting a mild pressure across his front. Finally, Joshua saw a large bulb coming toward him. One of the men held his nose shut until he was forced to open his mouth to breath, when the bulb was pushed into his mouth. A strap was then fastened around his head and secured. Unlike the ball gag, Joshua found that he could breathe through it. It was also pliable, unlike the ball gag, and while it pretty much filled his mouth, he found he could still flex his mouth while it was in. None of this was comfortable, but even if out of fear of the shock he might receive, he accepted that they were going to hold him bound in this bed. His fear escalated, however, when he saw one of the men approach with and rip open a bag holding a needle and canula. Chapter 6 Seeing the concern in Joshua’s face, the man named Bill smiled and said, “Really, don’t worry. I’m just going to insert an IV. We’ll be feeding you some through your gag, but you’ll need supplements. You’ll get a mild sedative to keep you calm, a little something to keep you from being uncomfortable here and some basic saline to be sure you’re hydrated. You’re going to be here for a while, so we’ll be changing your diaper from time to time as needed. I know that seems embarrassing, but we can’t let you up to go to the bathroom and besides, these rooms are just not equipped.” The man made it sound all so very reasonable and yet deep down Joshua knew better. Even though the mind tries to make sense of its surroundings; even though we try to fit our circumstances into the greater sphere of reality, none of this made sense to Joshua. The previous explanation given by the blond was too scary for words; Joshua’s treatment so far was too bizarre to make sense of; and so Joshua had no reason but to fear the worst – and have no concept for what that might even mean. Bound as he was, Joshua could not resist as he felt the rub of disinfectant and then the pinch as the needle invaded his arm. He felt the connection of a long tube which was then attached to a waiting bag of fluid hanging on a pole he just noticed attached the head of the bed. He was too distracted to realize the man had also injected three different fluids into the IV. Each one would soon have meaning to Joshua even though he had no idea what they were. Once that man had finished, the other came forward to hang a huge bag of white fluid on another arm of the pole above Joshua’s head. The hose leading down from the bag was then attached to the front of the gag in his mouth and he realized he could no longer breathe through the mask. He panicked for just a moment before resuming breathing through his nose. He heard a snap and moments later felt a trickle of liquid in his mouth. The man had released a clasp and now a sweet tasting liquid began flowing into Joshua’s mouth. “Don’t try to stop the flow. If you just suck on your feed-gag a little, you can adjust the flow to how much you want to swallow all at once. Don’t take in too much or you’ll gag, but don’t bother resisting it either. Your IV contains something to allow you to sleep after a while and you’ll want to have finished your formula before you fall asleep. There is plenty of leeway as long as you don’t resist. Remember, that is the key to your entire stay with us – don’t resist. No one here wants to hurt you. We don’t want to use the behavior aversion device in your necklace, but as you have seen, we will do what we must in order to get you to comply. Rest easy now and we’ll be looking in on you from time to time.” “And when you need to release your urine, try not to fight it. It will be hard for you – maybe even more difficult than you’d expect. Just relax and let it happen. That’s what your diaper is for. There is no shame in it – not when you have no other choice.” The men left the room. The sound of the door shutting made more noise in Joshua’s psyche than it did physically. He was already occupied in carefully deciding how much fluid to suck into his mouth before swallowing. The IV needle didn’t hurt, but he could sense it in his arm and he was a little worried that the drug would put him to sleep before he finished the liquid leading into his mouth and so he sucked as much as he dared. He focused on the feel of the IV and a well justified suspicion of unknown drugs pouring into his body and he made careful measure of sucking in and drinking the fluid – whatever it was – from the bag above his head. At the same time, he felt the thick padding of the diaper over his hairless body. The sensation of this in itself was bad enough, but he knew these men intended that he would be using it soon. He had no idea how this would feel – no recollection of wetting from his childhood – and dreaded the embarrassment of it. Even amid all these feelings swirling around him, he began to be curious about his surroundings. In part he was futilely looking for an escape. In part he wondered what further lay in store for him at the hands of his captors. This bed was solid. Even twisting and turning in his restraints, testing their strength, he could sense that the bed was firm and solid beneath him. Everything around him was white; the walls and the ceilings; the shelves and cabinets no more than three or four feet across the narrow room from him. Although he could no longer see the floor, he remembered the bright white ceramic squares of floor tiles. There was no window in the room; the bright white light furnished by a single large fluorescent fixture at the ceiling. The sheets beneath him were a rather rough cotton fabric and beneath that he could hear a plastic mattress covering rustle with any movement. As he reminded himself of his only clothing, he was disgusted by the thought of why the plastic mattress cover might be needed. Now his gaze shifted to the array on and below the cabinets to his right. The shelves were more than amply stocked with stacks of what he now recognized as disposable diapers. Next to them, several stacks of folded white cloth sat three stacks wide. He wasn’t sure what those were or what they were for. On the lower shelf, there was a maze of what he could only think of as perhaps some sort of strange plastic bags of many different colors. Again, he wasn’t sure what they were. On top of the shelves, only partially visible from this angle, he could see an array of various shaped containers. A few of the shapes he recognized from random past experience. He recognized a pink capped clear bottle of clear liquid as baby oil – that must have been what was applied to his skin before the diaper was fastened. Next to that was a solid white container with a baby blue top that he knew was baby powder. He’d quickly noticed several other packages of things when he was brought into the room, but didn’t have enough time to see what they might be. As his gave way to the embarrassing thoughts of what these items might be needed for and what might be happening to him, a signal from his bladder reminded him that he was going to need to pee at some time. He’d had a couple cups of coffee during the morning at work and in his rush to do his lunchtime errands had grabbed a quick Dunkin Donuts Coolatta to drink along the way. He had no concept of how long ago that had been – his sense of time taken from him along with his consciousness and awareness of where he now was. He tried to squeeze his legs together but his legs were bound far enough apart so it was this stretch and not even the thickness of the diaper between his legs that prevented him from doing that. He continued to make good progress on emptying the bag of fluid – the man called Bill had called it ‘formula’ – and he felt he could easily finish it before any sleeping medication took effect. Still, sucking down this liquid only aggravated the feeling of needing to pee. He wiggled his body a little trying to ease the growing need. Still the need grew from a vague sense to a painful urgency. Even so, he thought he ought to hold off as long as possible. It would be so embarrassing to pee in this diaper; he couldn’t remember his toilet training or wetting himself ever after that. He had no memory whatsoever of himself in diapers and so this experience would be ever so humiliating. He’d hold his urine as the only act of defiance he could muster at this point. He wouldn’t give in; at least not yet. Chapter 7 The minutes went by and finally even though he worked the gag in his mouth out of nervousness, the bag above him completely drained. His stomach was uncomfortably full, but his bladder even fuller and the pain only increased. Joshua wanted to hold out, but he didn’t realize the amount or kind of drugs introduced into his system through the IV and also through the feed gag. His muscle control began slowly to weaken, his eyes began to glaze. Suddenly he flinched his eyes open, realizing he was beginning to doze. As he flinched, he sensed a small involuntary release. A hot moist spot appeared and disappeared at the head of his penis. NO! He couldn’t pee himself! He tensed his body as much as he could, but couldn’t hold that tension. The drugs were beginning to take over. As the tension faded, more urine escaped until suddenly it was a flood. Joshua felt the rush of hot urine flood the tight confines of the diaper. He felt awash in hot pee as it ran around his front, gushed down the crevices of his legs and pooled at his bottom. Although it was quickly absorbed by the thick diaper, the warmth and dampness remained as a reminder of his submission. He had failed. He’d given in, however involuntary it might have been. This was a first; Joshua had wet his diaper. Joshua didn’t have long to mourn this step toward giving in to his captors. His body had already begun to give in to the relaxation of his muscles. Of course it was giving in to the inevitable, caused by the drugs given without his consent, but failure is failure; loss is loss regardless of the reason. The drugged aloofness - the mental fog creeping over him – finally enveloped him fully and he slipped off into a long sleep. Bill, the blond man, and Ed, the taller attendant came and went several times. Joshua barely felt the earphones being put into his ears and only on a deep subconscious level heard the words calmly and quietly spoken to his subconscious mind. The earphones were placed and removed several times as previous experience had determined that the various messages given were more effective with careful timing both of message and quiet time. The IV bag full of nutrient and now a consistent flow of carefully measured and blended drugs became a constant; when one bag emptied, another was immediately put in place. In his deep sleep, Joshua responded cooperatively to the prods and prompts given him as his diaper was changed that first time, and then later after he’d wet again in his sleep. Bill and Ed knew their jobs well and were appropriately gentle as they carefully wiped Joshua’s diaper area, re-applied baby oil and powder and sealed their newest acquisition in the required dress of the properties of this organization. In his drugged condition, they could release and re-do any of his restraints safely, but once Joshua was re-diapered, the restraints were always refastened even as a redundancy. When it was time, the drugs causing Joshua to sleep were dropped and replaced by one to bring him to a calm wakefulness. Joshua would awaken as if it was simply the morning after a nice restful sleep in his own bed at home. In fact, as he rose out of the depths of his deep sleep, he felt that this was true. That is, until he once again felt the tight restriction of his bonds and felt the thick padding at his waist holding him tightly in a warm, wet embrace. Still, it took a little while to realize that he was indeed restrained in a bed wearing only a wet diaper. His mind raced to recover memory. Yes, the parking garage; trying to help those men. His clothes being cut off; his hair removed; the shower and then… the diaper! He looked down and saw the IV lead into his arm and looked up at the bag of what he thought was only saline solution. He remembered the feeding gag and before that the ball gag and was relieved to feel nothing in his mouth. His mind returned to the feeling of his body – where the restraints held him, he was reminded that he had no body hair any more. Much more humiliating was the knowledge not only of wearing a diaper, but that he had used it. This was his own urine in that diaper. He’d given in to these people, whoever they were. What was it they wanted? What was it they were going to do with him? The words came back – “acquisition” – “property” – oh no! Yes, now he remembered something about “put up for sale at auction!” That couldn’t be true. That sort of thing just didn’t happen. He had to be kidding. But what did he mean? He didn’t have long to wait, as soon the man named Bill entered the room. He walked to the side of the bed and smiled at Joshua. “Well, it’s good to see you awake. How are you feeling?” Joshua’s blood began heating. In spite of the anger he began to feel, he remembered the power of the chain around his neck. He also knew he was completely under their control. A simple outburst would get him nowhere. Still, he blurted out, “What do you mean how do I feel? What’s going on here? You need to let me out of here. You can’t keep me here like this.” The man’s smile didn’t fade. He simply replied, “Of course we can keep you here like this. Who’s going to stop us?” “But, I’ll be missed. I was supposed to be back at work hours ago. People at work will miss me. My girlfriend will miss me. The police will get involved. They’ll track you down. There is no way you can get away with this.” Joshua really believed all this and was sure this reasoning would have an effect on his captors. Instead, Bill just chuckled. “Don’t be naïve. You aren’t the first we’ve taken. I’m sure the police have been notified – probably within a day after you disappeared.” HOW MUCH TIME HAD PASSED?? Shock rocked through Joshua’s body! Had days passed? How long had they had him out? How could this be possible? “What?” Joshua blurted. “How long have I been out?” “Relax, we’ve taken good care of you. As you’ve been told, you are our property now and as such are very valuable. You’ve got a ways to go before we can put you up for sale, but I can tell you, you’ll get a good price for us,’ he said casually. “You can’t get away with this!” Joshua insisted. Bill just smiled. Chapter 8 Joshua had no idea how right, yet how wrong he was. When he didn’t show up for work after lunch, his supervisor was surprised and upset; Joshua had been a model employee and being late to work, let alone missing a meeting at which he was to give a presentation was not only uncharacteristic, but totally out of the question. The supervisor had called Joshua’s cell only to have it go immediately to voice mail. A call to his home phone went to his voice mail as well. For now, that was all he could do. Later, when Joshua didn’t show up for his date with Emily, she also tried both his cell and home phones before calling his work number. When she heard he hadn’t shown up after lunch she began to panic. She drove to his apartment and looked for him there, entering with the duplicate key she had for the last several months. What she saw there was the evidence that he’d left for work, but there was no evidence he had returned. Looking up his parents’ phone numbers in Joshua’s address book, she contacted his mother and his father. Neither had heard from him in several days. She called some of his friends only to find that none of them had heard from him. She went to the parking garage he used every day, driving through every level futilely looking for his car. She even drove up and down side streets to see if he’d parked there for some reason. From there, she went back to her apartment and began calling all the local hospitals, but drew blanks there as well. Calling the police she found she’d have to wait to file a missing person’s report. The next day when she went to the police, they were much less enthusiastic about trying to find Joshua than she’d hoped because there just happened to be a lost 5 year old girl whose disappearance had captured vast amounts of media attention. The police did take copious notes and said they would take action. Even if they had looked for his car, they wouldn’t have found any evidence of it in existence. The crew who took Joshua was experienced and careful. Their plans were meticulous and practically fool-proof. They had parked in a section of the garage where they had damaged the surveillance camera a week previous. This was long enough before taking Joshua not to be linked to the disappearance but soon enough so that if garage security had noticed, they’d not have replaced the camera yet. A crew member who had the closest resemblance to Joshua drove the car out of the garage waving his corporate parking pass, casually holding his head in a way that even the closest scrutiny would be at least inconclusive. Even if police thought it was someone else driving the car, they’d have no idea who it was or what it might have meant. The car was then driven over one hundred miles away, every VIN marking carefully marred and/or destroyed and the car stripped with its parts distributed so widely no one could ever trace it. The people who took Joshua were professional. They knew how to make people disappear without a trace. They were simply one more agency engaged in human trafficking. Their clients were so high-end and exclusive that they had no fear of their being discovered or of their clients revealing any connection to them. This was why Bill merely smiled at the acquisition. “Yes,” he said. “We can get away with it. We have and we will continue to get away with it. Now, it’s obvious that you are feeling pretty well after your little sleep. It’s time for me to get you up and get you showered.” Bill released all the restraints and disconnected the tubing from the IV port left in Joshua’s arm. As he went to help Joshua into a standing position, Joshua screamed and leapt at him. His rebellion was momentary, however, as his screams immediately turned to pain and his outstretched hands only caught white floor tile rather than Bill. The necklace had done its job yet again. Even so, as the pain subsided, Josh began to jerk himself off the floor once more. Once more the device attached to Joshua’s neck calmly and efficiently did its job. Joshua’s screams echoed through the room as his body flopped around helplessly on the floor. The saying “Third time is a charm” held true, not for Josh, but for Bill, as one more attempt by Josh was met with a still stronger jolt which left the new acquisition flailing involuntarily on the floor in his now very much wetter diaper. After being allowed a short recovery time, Joshua was led dejectedly out of the room, head hung low, sobbing. No restraints were needed at that point. Joshua had, at least for now, given in. Further, although he didn’t yet fully realize it, one of the many drugs administered had begun to weaken him to a point where he wouldn’t have had the strength to resist anyway. Just a few doors down, Joshua was led into a small shower room, where Bill carefully wrapped the IV port in a plastic waterproof dressing, then unfastened the tabs of Joshua’s diaper, allowing it to plop to the floor. Under Bill’s supervision, Joshua was allowed to shower himself, although under the close supervision of Bill, who repeated told him to be especially careful to wash his diaper area. With the water shut off, Bill took a two gallon sprayer from a corner of the shower room and being careful not to allow any of the spray into Joshua’s face, sprayed every square inch of his body below his neck. As Joshua stood there for several minutes, he began to think that this must be another depilatory aimed at keeping him hairless. This was more or less confirmed when Bill handed him a washcloth and directed him to carefully wipe himself. Whenever Joshua seemed less than enthusiastic or thorough in wiping the cloth, Bill would reprimand him and insist he do a better job. Once Bill was satisfied, Joshua washed and rinsed one more time. Once Joshua had dried himself to Bill’s admonishment, making sure his diaper area was nice and dry, he was led back to the room he’d been in before. Joshua was told to lay down, whereupon his wrist restraints were re-fastened. Bill reached over and grabbed what seemed to be a huge pile of the white cloth from the opposite shelves. With Joshua’s forced cooperation, this pile was spread out underneath Joshua’s bottom. It was only now that Josh realized these were actually cloth diapers. Bill applied liberal amounts of baby oil, before pulling up and pinning the front of the triple thick cloth diapers. Although the cloth had a nicer feel than the disposable diaper, the feel was even more humiliating and somehow more baby-like for Joshua and he blushed a deep red. He dared not speak or complain, and his humiliation only grew as he was told to raise his bottom to accept the huge plastic pants slipped up his legs and over the puffy bulk of cloth. Chapter 9 “OK, now that you’re all clean and re-diapered, I’m going to ask you some questions. First, what’s your name?” “Damn it! You know who I AAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH…” Joshua’s response quickly turned to a scream. “Oh look. You made me use your behavior aversion device again. That was just a slight reminder. Now tell me your name.” “My name is Joshua Hayes,” he said dejectedly. “Good. Now where do you work?” Bill asked. Joshua seethed at the thought of the shower and now this huge cloth diaper with the plastic pants. Still, he feared more shocks and so he answered, “I work for New … New Advertising… no, I mean New Adventures in …. In Marketing.” “Good answer. Now did you tell me you were married?” asked Bill. “No. I’m not married. I’m engaged… well I was about to get engaged. I’d picked out the ring…” Joshua stopped, thinking he was giving away information he didn’t really want to share with his captors. “Ah…and what is your fiancée’s name?” “I don’t want to talk about her,” Joshua replied. “Do you miss her?” asked Bill. “Of course I miss her!” “OK. Tell me her name, please.” Joshua was silent. Bill spoke quietly and patiently, “Look, if you don’t tell me, I’m just going to push the little button and put you into enough agony so you’ll wish you’d told me. Besides, you’ve already told us her name.” He added a smile and said, “Would you want us to bring her to you? Of course, you know that if we did, she’d become our property, too. Why don’t you just tell me her name for now?” Joshua hesitated and said, “Her name is…uh…is Emily.” He paused a moment more with a slightly puzzled look on his face and finished, “Emily Chase. Please, leave her out of all this. She’s done nothing wrong. She doesn’t deserve this. I’ll do whatever you want me to, but just leave her alone.” “My friend, I want you to know, we will do whatever we want to or need to do to you. And we probably won’t do anything to your sweet little girlfriend.” He paused and added, “You should know too, that you are doing a good job of cooperating with us. Everyone who comes through here resists a little, but I want you to know that you really are one of the most cooperative we’ve had.” He added that little twist just to add to Joshua’s mental anguish. The ones taken in like Joshua always hated the thought that they had cooperated at all with their captors. Some might react with more rebellion, but Bill correctly guessed that for Joshua it would simply add to his desperation and acceptance of his fate. At the same time, he’d made a careful mental note that while Joshua was still clear on a great deal of information, he’d stumbled on the name of his employer and was a little slow in remembering his girl friend’s name; this was good progress. “OK, you’re done with questions for now. It’s time for some nourishment. Enjoy your meal,” he said as he forced the feeding gag into Joshua’s mouth. Once the formula had begun running through the feeding gag, Bill reconnected the IV and replaced the bag of saline loaded with all the appropriate drugs. By the time Joshua had begun drifting off into another drugged sleep, he’d already wet the diaper. It was easier now and he didn’t resist it as much. Joshua still found it horribly embarrassing, but he recognized the futility of trying to hold back and in the long run, it was easier just to release. As upsetting as this interchange with Bill had been – being reminded yet again that he was an object to be sold – there was somehow a peaceful calm resting over him and he almost embraced the fog of sleep that reached out to him. One of the other attendants would return in a short time to put in the earpieces and begin the tapes again. Joshua was scheduled to be asleep for some time and so he’d be changed again as well. The first sleep had been almost three days, while this was to be only about 24 hours. Chapter 10 When Joshua woke again, it actually took him longer to realize where he was and what had happened to him. That might seem strange if one didn’t account for the drugs being given him both intravenously and through his feeding gag. He wasn’t surprised that he felt his diaper wet, though it took him some time to realize he was wearing a diaper. He had no way of knowing how recently he had been changed and due to the drugs, he had no memory of the wetting just prior to his falling unconscious. Still, there was something in his mind that told him that being in a wet diaper was OK. He knew this feeling was somehow wrong – that this diaper was not right at all – and yet, he struggled. He tested his bonds, but not seriously. He had a vague memory of being strapped down, but it didn’t seem to bother him. He had a sense that someone would be coming soon to take care of him. Sure enough, within only a few minutes, Ed entered the room, released the restraints and this time brought him to a room labeled “Evacuation Room.” Joshua had no idea what that might mean, but he had no hope that it meant he’d be leaving this place. The inside of the room proved him very correct. It was a small, square room and looked very much like the shower room, but with an open drain in the floor, about four inches across. There was also a shower head and hose sprayer, with two cuff restraints dangling from the ceiling just over the open drain. Joshua’s wrists were quickly and easily secured into the cuffs. His arms were in a relatively comfortable position for now and for whatever reason, he didn’t feel any need for resistance. He looked only curiously when Ed wheeled over a pole holding a huge red bag from which a hose about four feet long hung in a loop. Next, Ed reached to a counter and picked up something that Joshua couldn’t see. “Lean forward as much as you can, please,” said Ed, actually sounding polite. Partly because he was not yet completely awake, but to a greater extent due to the drugs flowing through his body, Joshua compliantly bent forward hunching down as low as his restrained arms would allow, whereupon he felt a smoosh of cold lube against his bottom, then the invasion of a gloved finger, then two. He grunted mildly and straightened only to feel Ed’s arm push him back down. He was not used to any such bodily intrusion but for some reason he remained compliant and docile. The fingers retreated only to be replaced by some other object which invaded even more. “Ow,” he said in a rather noncommittal way. That was followed by a little more serious, “Aaaahhhhh!” as the twin bulbs inflated, sealing in the enema nozzle. “That’s a good boy,” said Ed. “We’ve got to give you a little enema since you haven’t pooped since you’ve gotten here. We won’t do this anymore than we have to, since we know it’s not really pleasant for you. I’m sure you understand. As Joshua stood there with the foreign invader holding him firmly, he reasoned that although he’d never had any sort of enema before in his life, he surely must need one or he wouldn’t be getting one. Even with the enema solution flowing into and filling his bowels uncomfortably, he somehow knew this was not only OK but necessary. He made random noises as he felt the occasional cramp and reacted to the continuing feeling of being bloated, but he never spoke or complained because he knew he shouldn’t. Even as he thought this was somehow OK, he knew that it wasn’t. It was an invasion of his body – in a sense a form of rape. He was angry that it was happening and embarrassed to be subjected to this treatment. But still there was the part of him that overrode those feelings and reassured him that he should relax and accept it. Ed waited as the bag emptied then left the room telling Joshua, “I’ll be back in twenty minutes to let you release the enema. Relax as much as you can. It isn’t that bad is it?” Joshua felt compelled to respond, “It hurts. I don’t like the cramps. I want to let it out.” There were still those feelings of anger and fear which welled within but which he could not bring himself to express. Ed just grunted and left the room. When he returned, Joshua pled, “Please, is it time to let it out? I’m sorry but this hurts. I keep having cramps. I just want to let it out. Please?” His voice was sad and plaintiff rather than angry and demanding; Ed noted that his subject had responded to the compliance drug every bit as well as could be hoped. He reached over, deflated the bulbs on the enema nozzle and as delicately as possible withdrew it from Joshua’s bottom. “OK. Try to stand over the drain hole as much as possible and let it come out.” Ed needn’t have given Joshua any encouragement, as almost immediately a short loud fart preceded the first explosion of hot, smelly feces shot out of Joshua’s bottom. Joshua reacted with a grimace only as the sound of the poop splattering on the floor, the wall echoed through the tiny room. Joshua stood still, silently hoping not to step in his own excrement even though it was already running down the back of his legs and splashing on them as well. The smell made him gag, but he didn’t complain. From deep within his mind, something told him it was all OK and very normal. He even surprised himself a little when his thoughts turned to how a diaper might be nice right now to keep the poop contained. Why didn’t his mind run to wanting to sit on a toilet? He thought about it, but had no answer. Anger, fear, resentment, and embarrassment – it was all there and more, but it was sinking deeper and deeper within him and he was less able to feel it and not at all able to express it. When it was apparent that Joshua was completely empty, Ed used the shower and hose to help Joshua clean himself. He turned off the water long enough to spray the white depilatory cream over his body. Then he released Joshua’s restraints and let him wash himself off. He paid particular attention to his bottom and crotch carefully washing them with a soapy washcloth. Once dried with a nice fluffy towel, Joshua was led back and again diapered in triple thick cloth diapers with a pair of plastic pants to cover them. Again his wrists were restrained in the bed, but not his ankles. In fact, someone had apparently come and removed the set of ankle restraints, but Joshua took no notice. He didn’t seem to remember. “OK, it’s time for me to ask some questions,” said Ed. “Oh. OK. What do you want to know?” replied Joshua, somewhat vacantly. “First, tell me your name.” “My name is…. Umm… my name is J… umm… Jo… uh, I can’t seem to remember it right now. That’s strange. I can’t remember my own name,” “That’s OK. Can you tell me where you used to work?” “Uh… Uh…. I remember I used to have a job. I can kind of picture what the office looked like…I think. Uh…it was… uh, no. I can’t think of where I used to work.” Ed smiled internally as he recorded Joshua’s admission of “used to work.” The drugs and subliminal hypnosis had been very effective. Joshua would be ready to move on very soon. “And did you have a girl friend?” queried Ed. “Yes,” Joshua said immediately. “I really love her. Her name is… uh, I must be over-tired or something. I can’t remember her name at all. That isn’t right, is it? I should remember my girlfriend’s name, shouldn’t I?” “Oh, I wouldn’t worry about it too much,” said Ed. “I’m sure she’d understand.” “Yeah,” Joshua agreed. “She’d probably understand.” “OK, let me give you your feeding. You’re almost ready to leave this room for the next stage of your transition. You’ve been very helpful and cooperative. I’m proud of you and you should be proud of yourself, too.” Joshua began, “Thank you. I’m hungry. Being fed will be good. Thank you for not punishing me. I just wish I could remember who I am…” He had more to say, though it was only the ramblings of a drugged and hypnotized man. It didn’t matter. He greedily accepted the feeding gag and immediately began sucking on it. He didn’t miss the IV, which had been withdrawn from his arm before he’d awoken this last time. There was much now that he just didn’t remember. He didn’t know why, but he didn’t seem to care that much either. The other emotions kept slipping further and further away from him. Chapter 11 With his formula bag empty and his stomach full, he slumped into one final completely drugged sleep. Once he was fully asleep a set of attendants came in, detached the feeding gag and wheeled the bed out of the room down the hall to a procedure room. It was several hours later that consciousness began to dawn again on our friend. As he began to rise to awareness, he was surprised by the brightness in the room even before he opened his eyes. He sensed the surroundings to be strange and foreign, but he didn’t even know what that might mean. He wondered why the bedroom in his apartment was so uncharacteristically bright. Rolling to one side, the crackle of sound below his sheet hit his ear strangely; what was that sound, he wondered. Where were his bed covers and why didn’t he seem to have even a tee-shirt on? Had he come home drunk and just fallen into bed? Is that why his head felt so fuzzy? So many questions rolled through his mind and what a shock as he opened his eyes and saw white walls lit by overhead florescent lighting. There were no windows and the only other furniture seemed to be another bed. On that bed, sat a young man he’d never seen before looking back at him. He had no shirt on and with his legs crossed in front of him, it wasn’t clear that he had anything but maybe some sort of underwear on. “You’re finally awake. Welcome,” he said. Joshua blinked his eyes in disbelief. “What the…” The other one smiled and said, “Yeah, quite the shock, huh?” “Whe…Where am I? What’s going on? Who are you?...” Joshua looked and felt so confused. “I guess we all come out of it like this; all confused. I guess they like it like this. That’s just the way it is. We all sort of just get used to it, though.” “What’s going on? Please! Tell me where we are!” Joshua begged. “Well, I would, but I don’t really know where we are. What’s going on? Well, I’m not sure I know much more than you. I’ve seen a lot come and go. I don’t know where they come from and I only have a sense of where they go. They don’t tell us a lot here,” said the man, still sitting quietly, cross-legged on the adjoining bed. “What’s your name? Who are you?” asked Joshua. “I hate to answer a question with a question, so just let me say if you tell me who you are, maybe I’ll try to answer your question.” Joshua stopped still. He went as deeply into his mind as he could. “Ah… ummm…. I don’t remember my name! I don’t know who I am!” “Yup,” said the other one with a sardonic smile. “Neither do I. Right now I don’t have a name. They don’t need names for us. We eat, we hang out, we sleep, we get showered and changed and once in a while one or two leave and another couple appear. That’s about all I can tell you.” The reference to ‘changed’ was lost on him as Joshua began musing, “I can remember some things about my past but I can’t really put names to them. I remember I used to have a job, but I’m not sure even what I did. There was someone I really cared a lot about, but was I married? I don’t….” He stopped mid-sentence as he felt a strange sensation of creeping wetness around his middle. He looked down to see a strange balloon of plastic at his waist as he felt the warmth of the wetness expand across his front. He’d had no sensation that he was about to pee. “What the…???” “Oh yeah, you didn’t realize you were going to pee, did you?” said the one on the other bed. “They seem to do that to all of us. It just happens. That’s why we all wear diapers.” “DIAPERS?” blurted Joshua. “Wha… oh yeah. I remember having to wear diapers before, but I do remember that I always knew when I had to pee. That took me totally by surprise. Maybe because I just woke up?” “None of us can hold our pee. You’ll be doing something and then with no warning that it’s going to happen, you’ll let loose and flood your diaper. It’ll take a little while, but you’ll get used to it. A few here have even said they kind of like the feeling, but most of us hate it. Even so, you will get used to it.” Joshua was completely embarrassed and reached to tug off the plastic pants when something inside him told him not to, that it was OK and he should just accept this. He stopped, looked down at his plastic pants and then over at the other one. The other one said, “Oh, don’t even think about taking off your plastic pants or your diaper! Feel the pretty little necklace you are wearing. They call that your behavior aversion device. If you get caught with your hand in your diaper or trying to take it off, you’ll be one very unhappy person! Believe me!” “OK, it’s starting to come back to me. I remember getting some bad shocks. I don’t remember much, like why or anything,” said Joshua. “I can’t believe this! How long have you been here?” The other replied, “Sorry, I can’t help you with the answer to that either. It’s been a while I guess, but I have no idea. There are no windows in any of the rooms and the lights are on pretty much all the time, so there really isn’t any way for us to keep track even if we felt like it. I’m not in any rush to leave. I’ll tell you more later after we eat. I think it’s about time.” Joshua fell silent, staring first at the billowing plastic pants and feeling the thick, now wet, cloth padding beneath. He marveled at his completely hairless arms and legs; he wanted ask the other one about that, but felt he’d asked enough for now. The other man was completely hairless as well and wondered if this had been done to both of them. As it was, he was overwhelmed with information. He looked around the tiny room. There were only the two beds in a stark white and empty room. A single door occupied one wall, but strangely there was no handle to open it; just a plain, flush door. A second stream of urine passed through Joshua, quite surprising him, before the door opened and a voice spoke gently, “Mealtime, boys.” The other one got up from his bed and padded his bare feet through the door, saying to Joshua, “Follow me and behave yourself. It’ll be OK.” Somehow Joshua knew it would be OK, though he had no reason to know it. He got up and padded along behind his new room-mate. They had fallen in line behind six others and the embarrassment over his clothing diminished as he saw that he was dressed almost identically to four of the others. The only variation was the color of the plastic pants. All six had the same silver chain at their neck. There were two, however, who appeared to have some sort of one piece tee-shirt kind of clothing that wrapped down around their diaper. At that point, he could only see them from the back, but from the curves of their bodies and the length of their hair, he assumed they were women. All six padded along, escorted by three men dressed in medical scrubs. Soon they turned into a room, which apparently was where they’d be fed. Joshua’s eyes about popped out when he entered to see two facing rows of oversized highchairs. Each diapered person obediently filed into the room and sat in one of the chairs. The attendants took turns sliding on a locking tray. Joshua puzzled over everything he saw. He knew he was an adult and knew that diapers were for babies. He knew highchairs were also for babies and yet something deep down relaxed him and told him to accept this. As strange and seemingly inappropriate all this seemed, he knew he was supposed to behave and accept it all. Part of his mind told him to run; to try to get away from this place and yet he boosted himself into an empty highchair obediently. Soon the tray clanked into place in front of him. A plate of food was soon placed on each tray. Each plate had a series of little squares of bread and what seemed to be peanut butter and jelly. Seeing the food made Joshua realize how hungry he was and he joined the others as they dug in and ate. Almost immediately Joshua was confronted with the next shocking development as he looked to see a tray of oversized baby-bottles being carried into the room. As soon as one was set down on a tray, the occupant of the chair would grab it and thrust it into his or her waiting mouth and begin sucking earnestly. He stared at the others and at the bottle on the tray in front of him. Did they expect him to drink from a baby bottle? How humiliating! But then again, the others were doing it and something deep within him repeated over and over, it’s OK. He felt foolish picking it up and placing the nipple in his mouth. It took a while to get the hang of sucking the nipple to draw in the sweet white contents of the bottle, but it tasted good to him and he continued working at it. He’d put it down occasionally to continue eating his tiny bits of sandwich, then suckle more from the bottle until he was completely done. By then the others were done and the attendants were passing out warm moist washcloths for the diapered ones to wipe their fingers and faces. As he sat there eating and drinking from his bottle obediently, he couldn’t help but look at the others. Each was a very good looking person in their own right, although he thought they all looked pretty silly and out of place wearing diapers and plastic pants. All six of them appeared to be in their early to mid-twenties, of medium to light build, but well proportioned. None of the men had any facial hair and from what Joshua could see, all had apparently undergone the same treatment for removal of body hair. The flimsy tee-shirt thing the women wore did little to provide modesty for them. While one woman had significantly larger breasts than the other, the shape of their bodies was well defined by the light cloth and tight fit of these tee-shirts. He could see that these shirts appeared to be fastened with snaps underneath and only partially covered the thick diapers and plastic pants that they wore. Chapter 12 When done, they were released from the chairs and led out of the room, down the hall and into a large spacious room. There were plastic covered mats covering the floor and little else. A large TV high on one wall had cartoons playing with the volume very low. There were plastic blocks here and there and a scattering of what seemed to be children’s books. His new companions spread out in the room, some just wandering aimlessly, others sitting against one wall looking at the TV and a few others just randomly sitting cross-legged on the mats. One man sat and began making a stack with the blocks. One of the woman had found a little rag doll, which she picked up and cuddled. Joshua sought out the one who was his apparent new room-mate and sat down next to him. The sogginess of his diaper seemed strange, but he didn’t have any idea what to make of it. Instead, he asked the other one, “What are we supposed to do here?” “Just fill your time. If you want, you can watch the TV. It’s always cartoons or some innocuous kid’s shows. There are the kids’ books – I’ve read ‘em all dozens of times out of sheer boredom. You can play with the blocks if you want, but don’t fight over them or you’ll be sorry! Mostly we just sit here. Sometimes we’ll talk with a new one, like you, but there isn’t much to talk about.” “None of us remember our names or much of anything from our past. I kind of remember what the woman in my life looked like, but I don’t know her name or if she was a girlfriend, wife or boss even. There’s nothing here for us to talk about either. What are we going to say? ‘Are you wet? Do you need your diaper changed?’ Ha! We just sit around and wait for the next display.” “Display?” Joshua repeated. “What do you mean display?” “Well, every once in a while,” the other began, “we all get changed all at once. Then we get taken one-by-one into the viewing room. It’s all set up so we can be seen but we can’t see who is looking at us. I won’t tell you any more. It seems like we’re due for another viewing soon – you’ll experience it for yourself.” “Well, what happens at these viewings?” “I told you, I’m not going to say more. You’ll experience it yourself. All I can say is that after the viewings, there are fewer of us left. It’s like that for a while, then one or two new ones appear – like you did today.” “Do you know what happens to the ones who leave?” asked Joshua nervously. “No idea whatsoever. Some of us get curious and hope we’re picked for whatever it is. Others are happier here not knowing. It’s kind of a boring life, but it is what it is. The attendants are usually pretty good to us and as long as you behave and don’t ever try to wander away, that necklace you’re wearing is just pretty jewelry.” Joshua fell silent, then looked away as he wet yet again. Finally he looked over at the other and blushing beet red said, “I feel stupid saying this, but my diaper is getting pretty wet. How and when do we get changed?” The other laughed, saying, “Don’t worry. The attendants will start around soon with their after meal diaper checks. They keep us changed and cleaned pretty thoroughly. They saying they’ve got to protect their investments, whatever they mean by that. I’m hoping they don’t get to me for a while, ‘cause I feel a poop coming on. There’s nothing worse than getting a fresh clean diaper only to poop and have to sit in it for hours.” Joshua sat there stunned. The perfectly obvious had not occurred to him; they were all being kept in diapers and they were expected to use them as intended. There would be no bathroom breaks for any reason. His diaper was not only to pee, but would be used to contain anything else he had to expel! Sitting with this thought and a very wet diaper, he mulled over his situation as attendants entered the room and began reaching fingers carefully under the elastic leg-bands of each diaper-clad person. A few were left where they were, while others were led out of the room one by one. Joshua began to notice that as they were returned to the room, the padding at their waist rode a little higher, they waddled just a tiny bit less, and they each wore a little brighter expression. When an attendant approached him, the man simply said, “OK, you’re the new one. Come with me.” While Joshua’s immediate thoughts went to relief from the heavy damp cloth hanging at his waist, he began to realize the vulnerability of having a diaper changed by someone. He seemed to sense a familiarity with that feeling of wetness but at the same time it was almost as if this was the first diaper he’d worn since his childhood. He could remember so little about any of his previous life; how could he hope to remember anything from his childhood? He’d obviously been put into the diaper and so he’d been seen naked before, but that was without his even knowing it. Somehow all his hair had been removed – he made the easy leap that if the rest of his body hair was gone, his pubic hair would have been removed. This thought alone disgusted him and yet though this whole process was unfamiliar, scary and repugnant, he padded docilely after the attendant. He had another quick surprise when he was led into a large room with several low padded tables. He’d thought that at least he’d have some slight privacy in being changed. There were two others there on tables having their diapers changed. One of them was one of the women. Her tee-shirt thing was unsnapped and pulled up almost above her breasts. Her plastic pants had been pulled down and her diaper unpinned. One of the attendants was busy wiping her with a large white wipe. He couldn’t help but stare at her shaved mound. He was embarrassed to see it, but neither could he look away. At the same instant, somehow he was disgusted, embarrassed about what he might look like down there. His stare was broken as he was directed onto a waiting table and his attendant began pulling down his plastic pants. Once off, the pants were tossed into a bin in between the tables. His diapers were unpinned and the front pulled down. The attendant then reached under the table and came back up with a wipe like he’d seen used on the woman. Joshua looked down at his own body as if he’d never seen it before. A mental picture flashed into his mind and for a moment he pictured himself as a two-year old, on the changing table in his own nursery with his Mom changing his diaper. He didn’t know if it was a real memory or made up and he couldn’t really picture the person changing him; he only assumed it was his Mom. Or was it a man changing him and was it that long ago or just recently? It seemed very real to him but he couldn’t place it in time. His penis seemed at least a little smaller than he remembered it from before, but otherwise he didn’t recognize himself as the man he was – of whatever age – he couldn’t remember. His thoughts were disturbed as the attendant began to raise his legs and told him to lift up a little. His bottom was wiped clean and the wet diapers pulled out in what seemed like one quick practiced move. In no time, a clean stack of diapers appeared beneath him and he lowered his legs. The attendant reached for something else and in a moment was raising Joshua’s legs again. Suddenly Joshua felt a pressure at his backside, felt an intrusion and felt another. Joshua wondered why the attendant had pushed his finger into his bottom like that, but as the cloth diapers were pulled tightly up across his stomach and pinned shut, the man spoke. “There you go, fella. All clean and dry. You haven’t moved your bowels in a while, so I had to give you a couple suppositories to help you along. It happens to all of you when you first get to this unit. We’ll change you again when we need to, so just go ahead and use your diapers when you when it hits you.” Joshua burned with shame as he thought of the impending movement. He was so upset to know he was peeing in diapers without being able to hold it. While his roommate had said the words, he was now going to face the need of pooping in his diapers far sooner than he’d expected. This all seemed so weird and make-believe, but as the attendant slid a fresh pair of plastic pants up his hairless legs and over the bulk of his thick diapers he knew how very real it all was. Chapter 13 Back in the room, he slunk over to a wall and sat by himself thinking and waiting for the inevitable. He cautiously looked around at the others and wondered how they had managed this process; how embarrassing it must be for them to use their diapers this way. A twinge in his bowel caught him and he realized the suppositories were beginning to act. He had no idea how long it would be but he squeezed tight trying to put it off as long as possible. As the twinge subsided and minutes passed, he thought more about each of them there. He had no recollection of his own life; he had little snapshots of memory – faces and places – but no names to go with them. Those snapshots came one after another in his mind’s eye and soon exploded into another one. He saw a bedroom, a workplace, a restaurant all with various people and yet each place was unidentified; each person nameless. He wondered what his job had been in his other life. From there he wondered about the others here. He began imagining that maybe one was a teacher or maybe a law student or some other occupation but was again drawn back to his own dilemma by another twist in his bowel. He shifted and tightened his muscles again as much as he could. When his roommate shuffled over and sat down near him, he started shifting away until his roommate said, “It’s OK. I know what’s happening to you. I’ve come to figure that the drugs they’ve obviously given us before we get here bind us up. That’s why they gave you those suppositories. Each one of us gets them when we first arrive. It’s not so bad. You’ll get used to pooping in your diaper. It isn’t pleasant, but they never leave you real long; especially not the first time. We can’t tell how much time passes, but a lot of us have guessed it’s never more than an hour.” Joshua’s face was beet red as he thought about it all. “But it’s so disgusting. I can’t stand the thought that I’m going to poop into this diaper. And in front of these other people, too. How can you stand it?” The other explained, “Well, our necklaces keep us all in line, so we really don’t have much choice. We stand it because we have to stand it. It was hard for me at first too, but believe me, you will get used to it after a couple days. Now listen. When you start to feel it coming, don’t resist it. If you want to get up on all fours to let it out, you can do that. Others prefer to squat – even against the wall if you want. Remember, it’s OK. Don’t resist it.” Those words echoed deep in the back of Joshua’s mind; “It’s OK. Don’t resist it.” Somehow those words came out of the depths of his thoughts; he’d heard those words before, over and over, and they comforted him. Moments later he was squatting with his back against the wall. A small grunt and he felt movement and then an almost instant ballooning of his bottom. The warmth of his own poop rested at his backside feeling like a mountain. He was relieved but very self-conscious. This was disgusting. Even though no one in the room seemed to notice him, he was red with embarrassment. He felt another slide and more poop billowed into his diaper. The pile within the diaper seemed huge; had he ever pooped that much before? Was this just how it felt to use his diaper like this? When he realized it was over, he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to sit, so he decided to stand up. Even in the process of standing, he felt the bulk in the back of his diaper shift and smear against him. The feeling of warmth and stickiness made him almost physically sick. He actually had to stifle his gag reflex as his own odor began to assault his nose. Again his roommate approached and said, “It’s over, huh? It really is OK. Ewww. It does smell, though doesn’t it!” And when Joshua shrunk back, he quickly added, “It’s OK. I’m just joking. Of course it stinks, but we all do it. It just isn’t any big deal. Come on. In your first life you must have moved your bowels about once a day, right? It’ll be the same here. We aren’t allowed to even see bathrooms here, so we use our diapers. It’s OK.” He allowed the other to give him a little hug and pat on the shoulder. It did little to reduce the embarrassment, but he did feel he wasn’t as alone in this ordeal. And while it seemed forever to him, it was only about twenty minutes before an attendant tapped him on the shoulder and led him out of the room. Once cleaned and re-diapered, he was returned to the room and took a place on the floor. He absent mindedly picked up a couple blocks and held them as his mind wandered to random thoughts. It was quite some time before they were all brought back to the feeding room and given plates of cut up chicken with little bowls of mashed vegetables with small spoons to eat it. Again there were the baby bottles. As little food as it seemed there was to Joshua, he was amazed at how full he felt by the time they were done. At the end of the meal, they were lined up and led back to their rooms. Once Joshua and his roommate were in their room, the door swung shut gently but firmly. As the door shut, Joshua was struck with curiosity and reached out to push on the door. As soon as his hand touched the door, a jolt hit him and he screamed out in pain. His roommate reached over and pulled him away from the door. “Oh no! I’m so sorry! I should have warned you! The GPS in our necklaces sense when we get close enough to touch the door. Believe me, it is locked but we aren’t allowed to go near it like that. I’m sorry you had to learn the hard way! When we’re in the play room too, don’t ever wander too close to either of the doorways. Even though there are no actual doors there, the same thing will happen to you if you get within about three feet of them without an attendant.” Joshua got beyond the pain of the shock soon, but he realized he’d wet himself in the process. He hung his head dejected and flopped down on his bed, shutting his eyes tightly. “I know it’s hard at first – that feeling of peeing without even knowing its coming. I don’t get why they do it to us, because I do remember from before that practically no Mom in the world likes changing diapers. Parents can’t wait ‘til their kids are out of diapers. But then, I don’t understand much of anything around here.” He paused, then added, “I’m sorry, I was trying to cheer you up! Really. It’s OK. You do get used to the routine here. Hey, you want to look at one of my comic books for a while before we go to sleep? Maybe tomorrow they’ll give you a book or a couple comic books to look at. They don’t give any of us anything heavy – just kid stuff – but it helps pass the time.” Joshua sobbed to himself quietly and muttered, “I just can’t believe this is happening.” He rolled up into a fetal position and continued to sob until he fell asleep. Chapter 14 Days went by with the same basic routine. They’d wake in the morning and after a while be taken to be changed. From there they’d be taken to breakfast and brought back to their rooms. Joshua had been given a couple kid’s books and so he took to reading and re-reading what the two roommates had between them. Every couple days, one of them would be taken for a shower part way through the morning. After lunch, all of the diapered ones would be taken to the play room and left there until dinner time and after dinner it was back to their rooms. It was largely boring and uneventful. While they’d pass a little idle talk between them, the roommates had very little to say. They were together almost constantly and experienced the same dull routine. They didn’t fight or argue, because there was nothing to fight over. Joshua had spoken to a few of the others in the play room, but they had no more information to share or experiences to talk about than either him or his roommate. The roommate was right in that Joshua gradually got used to the surprise of wetting himself. It was still embarrassing even though he realized it was beyond his control, but after a while, he actually began to like the feeling of warmth a fresh release gave. Pooping, however, was another matter. This was disgusting no matter how you figured it. He eventually gave in and allowed himself to sit down with a load in his diaper, but he had regretted it. As humiliating as it was to have an attendant tap his shoulder and lead him for a diaper change – removing a filthy diaper and cleaning his bottom, often in the company of others – he began to look forward to the change. The feeling of clean, fluffy, dry diapers was so good after a time in soggy and/or dirty ones! It really was a treat to look forward to. Joshua lost complete track of days and how long he’d been in this place. There was nothing by which to mark time other than the daily routine and so days drifted into weeks as far as he was concerned. In fact, it was about two and a half weeks into his stay in this transition room when the routine was broken. From lunch, instead of being led back to the playroom, they were taken as a group to the changing room and changed. As they stood waiting for their turn, no one made a sound and no one even looked at another. It seemed to Joshua strange that they were all put in disposable diapers. The women were not allowed their tops and one of them self-consciously tried to cover up with her arms only to have an attendant swat them away. Joshua didn’t make any connection between what was going on and what he’d been told several times earlier. Once they were all changed, they were led down a hallway he had not seen before and into a fairly large room. Joshua had no way of knowing until it was his turn, but this was to be a ‘showing’ day. One by one, they were taken from that room into a smaller, dark room by an attendant. Once in the room, extremely bright lights came on and panels on the walls slid down. The diapered subject was made to turn slowly and then stand still. The subject could hear nothing of what was being done, but the attendant had an earphone and from time to time would tell the subject to turn again, perhaps bend down. For any particular subject, the attendant might un-tape the subject’s diaper and remove it temporarily. When the viewing for a particular subject was over, the subject exited the viewing room by a second door so that the others didn’t know whether one of them had been sold or would be returned to the playroom. Now it was Joshua’s turn and the attendant led him into the small room. He stood there nervously, not knowing what was to happen. When the bright lights were switched on, he winced and put his hands up to shield his eyes. With a small shock to his necklace and a reprimand from the attendant, his hands went to his side. He dutifully turned slowly twice in a circle then stood still for a moment. The attendant told him to bend over and try to touch his toes. He did this several times, each time facing a different window. Next the attendant told him he would be removing his diaper for a short time. Again, he was directed to turn slowly two revolutions, stopping as directed. Then he was told to touch his toes again, without the diaper on. Soon the diaper was replaced and Joshua told simply to stand. As the moments went on, Joshua noted an increasing smile on the attendant’s face. After what seemed to be forever, the attendant said, “OK, you’re set. Let’s go.” The panels slid up over the windows and the bright lights shut off leaving minimal light in the room. The attendant opened the second door and led him into an outer hallway. “Wow! That’s one of the highest prices we’ve ever gotten for one of you! You were a real hit! OK, let’s move on to transition area 3.” Joshua was at a total loss. He didn’t even know what he felt or what he should be feeling. He looked blankly at the attendant and asked, “What does that mean? Where are you taking me now? What’s going to happen?” The attendant smiled and said, “Well, I have no idea who just bought you, but I’m going to take you to the transition area where you’ll be until your new owner is ready to take possession of you. You should be very pleased that you’ve fetched a super high price – I sensed you’d be worth a lot when I first saw you. As for what happens now, I don’t know that either. Your owner has the option of having any of several modifications done to you. Which, if any, modifications are done now will determine how soon you’re transferred to you new owner. Of course they have the option of bringing you back any number of times for other modifications. Don’t worry. We’ll take good care of you.” “Modifications?” asked Joshua. “What do you mean?” “Oh, nothing for you to worry about now. Just follow me,” he said, setting out down the hallway. Chapter 15 Soon they were at a doorway labeled “Transition Area 3” and he was led into a large room. He looked around and saw one of the other diapered subjects standing there. The attendant brought Joshua over to a man in scrubs sitting behind a desk. The attendant handed the man some paperwork and said, “One of the highest prices I can ever remember – and on the first showing!” The man smiled at the attendant, accepted the paperwork and changing back to a stern expression, spoke to Joshua, “OK just stand over by that other one. No talking. Someone will be with you soon to process you in.” Joshua stepped over closer to the other one as he felt a release into his diaper. He barely noticed it because of his nervousness. What did this mean? He’d been sold. He’d be transferred to them but only after some sort of modifications? What did that mean? He’d gotten used to the idea of being here, and although he wasn’t at all happy with the situation, it was stable. He had no idea what might happen now and he didn’t like the idea. He looked around the room and at the other diapered subject as if trying to think of a way out of the situation. He realized of course that thoughts of escape were futile. He’d long ago realized that he’d been weakened by the drugs which also affected his mood and so many other aspects of his existence now. He didn’t know about – but still felt the effects – of the hypnosis sessions which had taken place in transition room 1. No, he reasoned, there was no hope of escape; no way around whatever was going to happen next. He knew that he’d just have to cope with whatever was going to happen next. He hoped it wouldn’t be too bad, but he had no way of knowing even what the possibilities were. Finally, an attendant came and took the first subject away. While he was waiting, the smaller chested woman was led into the room. She sobbed quietly as she stood there in only an obviously wet disposable diaper. Joshua wondered if she knew something he didn’t or whether she was just expressing the fear of the unknown he was feeling. Another attendant entered the room and motioned to Joshua. “Come with me, little man.” He was led down a hallway off this main room to a door marked ‘Resident Room 4.’ The attendant opened the door and led Joshua into a small room, not unlike the first room he’d been put in here at this facility. Of course, we know that Joshua had no memory of that room, so he looked around to see a bed on one side of the narrow room and a small set of built-in shelves and above them, cabinets on the other side. The shelves were stacked with disposable diapers but also cloth diapers and many sets of plastic pants. He recognized baby powder, baby oil and wipes on the counter. He didn’t know for sure, but had good guesses as to what might be in the locked cabinets above. “OK. Make yourself at home. Someone will be in soon to change you; you look pretty wet. I don’t know the details of your sale, so I can’t tell you what you have ahead of you. You may not be told anyway. I’ll tell you that I have a sense you are a lucky one. I think you might even like your new owner. Some of you have it pretty rough and I have no way of knowing for sure, but I think you will be treated pretty well.” With that, the attendant left, shutting the door behind him. Joshua looked around the room and found a couple comic books on one of the shelves. He picked one up and settled in on the bed, thumbing through the pages absent-mindedly as he pondered what the attendant had just told him. Would he actually like what was to come? Would it be better than his life here up to now? What kinds of things might be done to him? The attendant had set his mind a little easier, but was it all a smokescreen for bad things? He was still holding the comic book but his mind was still spinning, trying to imagine what was to come, when another attendant entered the room. “Let’s get you changed, little guy. Lie down and let’s get started.” He didn’t like the way he was being referred to as ‘little guy’; he didn’t know what that might mean, but he knew it had some meaning and it frightened him. The attendant grabbed a handful of cloth and soon Joshua was cleaned up and re-diapered. Joshua noted the difference in the plastic pants he was dressed in this time; previously the plastic pants were all solid colors, usually bright blues, yellows, and sometimes plain white or even clear. These pants and the others in the stack were all pastels and had playful little prints. The ones put on him now were a baby-blue with little diapered babies playing on them. He had no way of knowing that following his sale, but prior to his arrival in this room, these supplies had been put here from inventory specifically for his size but also to help transition to his life to come. Once the diapering was done, the attendant reached into an unlocked cabinet and pulled out a chunk of cloth and shook it out. Joshua recognized the same sort of shirt he’d seen on the women in his group. The attendant gathered it in his hands and told Joshua to sit up and raise his arms. Once this shirt was slid down his arms, over his head and down his body, he was told to stand up for the attendant to grab the long end of the back, draw it through Jason’s crotch and snap it fastened. It had a strange feel for Joshua, holding his diaper and pants tightly. He looked down at the front of the shirt to see a graphic of two little smiling babies each dressed in the same sort of shirt he had on now. “There you go, little man. Do you like your onesie? You’ll be wearing more little clothes like these during your stay here. I just found out that your purchase was conditional. That means you’ll be here a while longer than others while we come up with a suitable partner for you. Your new owners want a baby boy and a baby girl.” “They absolutely adored you, but our options for girls were not quite what they were looking for. Our acquisition department came up with a great idea, though and we should be taking possession of someone we’re confident will be more than satisfactory by tomorrow morning. Of course you don’t need to worry about any of that. You should be very happy too, in that your new owners want to keep modification to a minimum for now.” “What do you mean by ‘modification’?” Joshua asked. “Oh, don’t worry about that. Like I said, there isn’t likely to be too many to worry about. At least for now. Just relax and settle in here. What with the viewing, your new schedule is already a little off. I’ll be right back in with your afternoon bottle.” Joshua didn’t have time to make much of all this before the attendant was back with a bottle for him. “Why don’t you lie down and rest, now. Drink up your bottle and if you get sleepy, just take a little nap.” Joshua was thirsty and so he happily lay down on his new bed and began nursing from his bottle. The contents tasted a little different from what he’d grown used to, but it wasn’t an objectionable taste at all. Before he knew it, though, he was drifting off to sleep. Soon he was out like a light with the bottle resting in his mouth. He didn’t know the attendant had returned to the room and placed earpieces in his ears. When he woke they were gone again, but he had memories of dreaming about little babies in diapers playing with blocks, dolls and other baby toys. He was at ease and while he was surprised to feel the bottle still in his mouth, he instinctively nursed the rest of the formula from the bottle. When he was done, he continued to keep the nipple in his mouth. The same attendant as before re-entered the room and took the bottle, saying, “It looks like you really enjoyed that bottle. I have something for you to use in between your bottles. Look.” Joshua not only looked, but opened his mouth to accept the large pacifier bulb. As if he’d used a pacifier all his life, he began sucking on it as a wide grin spread over his mouth. “Thank you,” he managed to mumble past his new pacifier. Joshua lay back on his bed and contemplated the ceiling as the attendant left him on his own. It seemed strange in a way to have this pacifier in his mouth; he felt a slight embarrassment that he seemed to enjoy it so much. It seemed a little wrong. But it also just seemed so right. Chapter 16 Adjustment to this room came quickly. He was changed on a regular basis. His thick cloth diapers accepted everything without judgment and now even voiding his bowels was not an unpleasant event for him. He still didn’t like the feeling of the results, especially if he forgot and sat in his messy diaper or rolled over onto his backside in one. Even so, it was almost sensuous to be cleaned and dressed in clean dry diapers. He loved the look and feel of his plastic pants now. Even more than just being used to them, he loved looking at the cute little prints – animals on some, baby toys on another, cars and trucks on others, and diapered babies on some. His meals now consisted almost exclusively of bottles five times a day, one in the morning, around lunch time, another in mid-afternoon, one at dinner time and one when his attendant told him it was time for night-night. The bottles filled him up and satisfied him so that he didn’t really miss solid food all that much. The only variation was that every now and then he was given some o-shaped cereal to munch on; that was a special treat. At ‘night-night’ time the lights in his room were turned out. This was a new and scary thing for him – the lights being turned out – but there was a cute little ducky nightlight plugged into an outlet above the counter. Its soft white light gave a comforting glow to the room and so Joshua felt secure. It seemed somewhat babyish to have a nightlight, but it made him feel safe. The room was warm enough so he didn’t need covers on the bed, but he was given a small blanket which felt just right when he scrunched it into his fingers and held it tight to his chest. Again, he didn’t notice the placement of the earpieces while he slept. He only knew he was beginning to like staying here. Even faster than in the second transition space, Joshua lost track of days. The combination of being bottle fed constantly and taking at least one or two naps at random times during the day, contributed to his lack of a sense of time. Another reason was that he just didn’t seem to care about time anymore. One day, an attendant came and told him he was to go with him. He had no idea what was going to happen, but it all seemed pretty reasonable to him. They entered a room labeled “Procedure Room.” Joshua couldn’t quite remember what that big word ‘procedure’ meant, but wasn’t really worried. He was asked to lie down on a soft padded table and allowed to suck on his pacifier. Two men in scrubs came into the room and approached the table. One said, “OK, little fella, this won’t hurt a bit. First you are just going to feel a little cold in a spot on your shoulder. When we’re done, we’ll put a little band-aid on you and you can go back to your room.” They were right, too. One of them rubbed something on his shoulder and it got all cold. The other one picked up something sharp looking – a scalpel, but Joshua couldn’t think of the name for it – and brought it up toward Joshua’s shoulder. He felt a little tiny pressure, but it didn’t hurt at all. The first one handed the second a little tiny thing wrapped and sealed in plastic. Before he knew it, they were done. The last thing they did before letting him up was to take some sort of device and bring it up to the necklace he’d worn since before he could remember; the one he’d gotten when he first arrived at this place. Soon that necklace was in the hand of one of the men, who said, “You won’t need this anymore. We just installed a permanent GPS and Behavior Aversion Device in your shoulder so you won’t need the chain. Don’t forget to be a good little boy, though, because the grown-ups around you can still give those nasty shocks. The little cut we made to put the device in your shoulder will heal up soon and you won’t even remember that it’s there. And the band-aid we used was an Elmo band-aid. When the Elmo band-aid comes off, you’ll be all better.” Part of Joshua thought, “Why are they talking down to me like this? I’m an adult.” Another, growing part of Joshua was put at ease by their nice, kind words and the idea of having an Elmo band-aid on his boo-boo. Either way, it firmly registered with him that whatever they’d put in his shoulder would be every bit as effective at controlling him as the necklace. Though he would miss the necklace he’d seen on himself and the others, he was happy when they let him up from the table and held a mirror so he could see the Elmo band-aid. Back in his room, his diapers were changed. He’d pooped on the way back, barely even thinking about it, but soon he was in fresh dry diapers and a cute pair of plastic pants. The attendant made a point of looking through the stack of onesies and picking out one with a picture of Elmo on the front to match the band-aid on the diapered man baby. This and his mid-afternoon bottle made Joshua happy. He reclined on his mattress and nursed his bottle until he fell fast asleep. Chapter 17 One day – Joshua had no idea when it was as he’d lost track of time – an attendant brought him from his room all dressed up not only in his onesie, but in a cute blue snap-crotch romper. For the first time ever, the attendant put thin little white socks on his feet and strap sandal shoes. Joshua was very impressed with his new outfit, but had no idea why he’d been dressed like this. He and the attendant walked for quite a way through the halls of this building stopping occasionally as locked doors were opened for them until they came to a large open room that even had windows in it! This was the first time since Joshua had come to this place that he’d seen the outside. This was quite exciting, but he was also excited to see what he remembered in the deep recesses of his mind as normal furniture. As he took all this in, a young couple – probably only in their late twenties – smiled and stood up from a sofa. “Oh!” declared the woman, “He’s just as cute as when we first saw him! I’m so looking forward to bringing him home finally!” The man looked sweetly at Joshua and turned to the woman saying, “Honey, I just know you’re going to have a wonderful time with the twins. I can’t wait to see her, too!” An older man – maybe around forty – stood back and said, “Your baby girl should be here in just moments. I’m equally confident you’ll find her every bit as adorable as this sweet little guy!” Joshua was confused. They seemed to be talking like he was a little baby. He was a grown man! He was …. Umm… he was… oh well, he couldn’t really remember how old he was, but he knew he was a grownup – a full adult and that he’d been abducted and brought here. He knew that he’d been sold and now he began to realize it must be this couple who bought him. All the people there seemed really nice. But still, why were they talking to him like he was a baby? As he stood there thinking about it, another attendant walked into the room with a woman who was clearly the ‘baby girl’ these people had talked about. She was adult size just as he was, but still she was dressed in a cute short little pink dress edged in white cotton lace. The dress barely came down to cover the very top of matching little cotton panties which ballooned out over what Joshua and the others knew full well to be thick diapers. On the back of the panties were rows of white ruffles, puffing out under the little dress. Joshua looked into her eyes and immediately knew. She was someone he’d seen before. Yes, she was an adult. He had known her as an adult. But she looked like such a cute little baby girl now. He was confused. Where had he seen her? Who was this? Her name… oh, who was he fooling? He couldn’t even remember his own name! But he knew her and he liked her. He knew that much. He liked her very much and so he walked over to her and gave her a big childlike hug. With that hug, something was waking within him – something stirring. He felt within his diaper a swelling. His diaper began to tent out a little as his penis began to grow stiff. He had feelings for this woman; he remembered her face and knew deep down that he had more than merely liked her; he loved her once. He looked in her eyes and saw recognition on her part as well. “What is your name?” she asked. “I know you, but I can’t think of your name. You were very special to me once, I think. I think I love you.” They began moving toward each other. Joshua began to speak, but the older man stepped over between them and spoke to the attendants, “They’ve had enough time for now. They need to go back to their rooms. They’ve made wonderful progress, but they clearly aren’t quite ready to go home yet.” Turning to the couple, he added, “Wouldn’t you agree? I think the modifications we discussed are an important minimum.” The couple looked at each other before the man spoke, “Well, the primary modification needs to be done on him. I really think we want to wait a little before we worry about further steps. My wife and I are well aware that we will probably want to have more work done, but part of our pleasure will be in seeing a step by step process.” The man responded with a practiced smile, “Well, you’ve paid an excellent price for these two and you certainly are entitled to do as you wish with them. Of course, we are more than happy to take care of any of the modifications we’ve discussed at whatever time in the future you desire with no time limits. If, as you go along, you decide on further modifications that we’ve not already discussed, we will be happy to entertain such efforts at a more than reasonable price. “If there is no other work you’d like done at this time, you can pick him up a week from today. You may take her with you today or you can wait to bring them both home at once, whatever your preference would be.” The wife thought for a moment and said, “I really think it best if we take them home together and introduce them to their new life at the same time. We are considering them twins, after all.” Neither Joshua nor the woman, who you have of course figured out is really Emily, Joshua’s girlfriend, absorbed much of these comments. They were too struck by each other. They could not place the exact relationship, but they knew that they had been deeply in love with each other. They couldn’t remember their own names or the name of each other, but no amount of chemicals or hypnosis could wipe away the deep love they recognized for each other. They wanted to talk; they wanted to embrace; they wanted to make love, whatever that meant; instead they were led away by their respective attendants to their rooms. Emily got to her room and lay down on her mattress with her mid-afternoon bottle and nursed from it thinking of that man – or was he now a cute little baby boy? – she was confused, but she knew she loved him very much and looked forward to being with him again. She was still thinking about him when she fell asleep sucking on the nipple of her bottle. She dreamed of the feeling that could not be taken away from her; the feeling of the one she loved inside her making love to her. Joshua also nursed from his mid-afternoon bottle thinking of the stirring within his diaper. He hadn’t forgotten entirely about sex – the wonderful feeling of climax deep inside the woman he loved so much. Even thinking about it caused a stirring inside his diaper. He knew he loved that darling little baby girl, but wait – he was a grown adult. She looked about the same size as the woman he remembered loving; her face looked similar; the look in her eyes seemed the same. But he didn’t remember her in diapers or a baby dress like that. Something didn’t make sense. What did make sense was that he loved her very much and wanted to see her again and be with her again. Just thinking about her made his diaper tent up. His instinct was to reach his hand into his diaper and masturbate, but some inner voice reminded him that he wasn’t to put his hand in his diaper. Instead, he turned himself over onto his mattress and tried to find relief of his sexual tension. It wasn’t long before he was able to bring himself to climax. It wasn’t like he remembered from the dark recesses of otherwise forgotten memories. But it made him think of her; that woman; the one he loved so much. He went back to sucking on his bottle and like her, he fell sound asleep before finishing the bottle, still thinking of her. Chapter 18 He had no idea how long he’d slept; he never did any more. It wasn’t long after he woke that an attendant came into his room. As the attendant cleaned him up he spent much more time than usual cleaning him. It was strange too, because he put Joshua in a disposable and he almost always wore cloth now. And Joshua didn’t get a onesie. Only the diaper. That seemed strange. Then the attendant got Joshua up and walked him down the hallways until they reached the room labeled “Procedure Room.” This time, the table he asked Joshua to lie on was a little different. It was shorter and there were funny shiny metal things sticking out at one end. Joshua thought it was kind of funny when the attendant put his legs into those metal things. They stuck out at weird angles and left his diapered bottom exposed. The attendant stayed with Joshua as two men in scrubs entered the room. One put a strange looking plastic mask over Joshua’s face and asked him to breath in big breaths. And when he did, he got very sleepy again. That was strange, because he’d just had his nap. He woke up in a bed and he felt kind of weak and groggy. What happened with that table he was on before? How did he get here? There was a pretty lady there though that smiled at him and told him he’d been a very, very good little boy and that everything was going to be fine. He wondered when he’d go back to his room, but no attendant came for him. The lady said he was going to stay there for a little while until he felt better. That was strange, because he was beginning to feel fine. There was a weird thing on the tip of one of his fingers and another thing around his arm. A machine up over his head beeped a lot and Joshua had no idea what it was. Every once in a while there was a noise and the thing around his arm got big and fat and hurt his arm a little. But he was brave and didn’t say anything. He was happy when the lady brought him a bottle and let him drink his formula. Later on she took off the thing on his finger and on his arm and some men came and wheeled this bed back to his room. They let him get up from this bed and lie in his own bed. He was happy with that because he was a little dizzy and down by his pee-pee hurt a little bit. In a minute or two, they gave him another bottle and he slipped off to sleep. He woke up a little when an attendant was changing his diaper, but he went right back to sleep. For some reason, the next several bottles they gave him made him really sleepy. Once he woke up, knew he had to poop, rolled onto his tummy and raised his bottom just enough to push out his poop. Once he was done, he just plopped down and fell asleep again. Joshua had no idea how long this went on before he finally started feeling awake again. When he did, two men in the green scrubs came in. One watched while the other started changing him. The one changing him wiped him very, very carefully with the wipes and spent a lot of time wiping his penis. In fact, he started rubbing it and stroking it. Joshua could remember how that used to feel. He even remembered from way, way long ago before he even came to this place. He remembered that his penis would get hard and feel really, really good. He could even kind of remember something called sex. But now, his little penis just stayed soft and didn’t feel any different at all. The other man in scrubs smiled and said, “Yes, I’d say the procedure definitely worked. This little boy will never again need to worry about an erection or about any sort of sexual release. No amount of stimulation will cause an erection and he will never again experience a sexual climax in any sense. The vasectomy is irreversible and we’ve also eliminated even the release of sterile seminal fluid. His penis is no longer even capable of what for a baby boy of one or two years of age would be an involuntary stiffy.” “Finish diapering him and I’ll inform the office that he is ready for release to his owners.” Joshua heard the words and was pretty certain he understood. He remembered how he’d relieved himself sexually after seeing that woman. He remembered how good it felt. Deep within he knew that feeling of love which also led to the firmness in his penis. Still, he had trouble recognizing her dressed in that cute little baby dress and diapers. He couldn’t think of her name or even how he knew her, but he knew he loved her. He wanted to be with her again. Somehow he wanted to be alone with her; he wanted to be inside her again. Yes, he’d heard the words, but he couldn’t really believe them. He had to have hope and yet, would he ever have that opportunity again? Would he even ever see her again? He didn’t know. Chapter 19 It was two days later, though Joshua had no sense of that, when he was again carefully dressed in a full outfit of baby blue shirt with a picture of Grover from Sesame Street, baby blue shorts, frilly little white socks and shiny white shoes. He was led back to the room where he’d met that baby girl the first time and this time, she was there first. She had on a cute pastel yellow dress with short puffy sleeves. The dress only half covered matching rhumba panties over her thick diapers. Each of them was embarrassed to be seen dressed up this way, but they also remembered each other from the previous time. It was all so very wrong, but all so very right that they’d be dressed in diapers and cute baby clothes. They still had no idea who the other was, but knew somehow that there was a connection. Joshua looked at her with a longing look and waited for the same tenting in his diaper he’d felt before. Now, instead, there was only a spontaneous release of urine. The familiar warmth felt good, but it was not what he’d expected or wanted. Still, he was happy to see her. They were allowed to hug and then hold hands, but still Joshua felt no stirring within his diaper. This bothered him in some unknown way, but he was happy just to be with this girl. She was obviously happy to be with him as well. Neither of them had really noticed that same couple from last time until they heard the excited voice of the woman. “Oh, they are just perfect! Honey, let’s get going now. I want to show them their new room at home!” The man embraced the woman and said, “Absolutely! This is going to be so great! We’re a real family now.” The dour older man from before added, “Yes, you can take them now. You’ve taken care of all the paperwork and you know we’ve advised further modifications. Those can be done in the future, however. Our attendants will take them to your car and then you can be on your way.” Turning to Joshua and Emily, he said, “For now, if you are allowed to speak to these nice people, you will address them as ‘Mommy’ and ‘Daddy.’ They are your new owners, but they want you to think of them only as Mommy and Daddy. You will obey them regardless of what they ask of you. Don’t forget that your Behavior Aversion Device and GPS is permanently installed and your new Mommy and Daddy each have been trained in its use.” With Mommy and Daddy in the lead and Joshua and Emily walking behind in between their attendants, the procession walked into a hallway and through a set of double doors. Emily and Joshua held each other’s hand tightly, each of them for some reason almost frightened to be outside. There was also an aspect of embarrassment knowing on some deep level that they were truly adults and not the babies they were dressed to be. The waiting car in fact was a limo. Soon the attendants had installed the babies into oversized car seats facing the rear of the car. They were strapped securely in place with locking mechanisms preventing any thought of escape, should such even occur. Mommy and Daddy slid into facing seats and soon the limo began moving. The Mommy spoke first. She smiled and spoke gently. “As the nice man said, we want you to call us Mommy and Daddy. You may hear us call each other by our big person name, but you are babies and are to use only Mommy and Daddy. We know that you didn’t have names while you were at the orphanage, but Daddy and I have decided your names will be Jana and Jonny. Jonny, do you like your new name?” He gave her a strange look and even though he was very frightened by whatever was happening, said, “My name is Jonny? Was my name Jonny before? I don’t remember. I do remember that once I was a grown-up. I know I need my diapers, but I’m not sure I really feel like a baby. Well, maybe I do a little, but you aren’t really my mommy. I’m not sure I want to call you Mommy.” The man looked at Jonny with a frown. “Jonny, you need to learn to talk nicer to Mommy. Would you please say you’re sorry?” The man dressed as a little baby began to remember things. Thoughts and mental images began to flood back into his mind. This all seemed very strange; not too long ago he had almost believed he was only a little child. With the images filtering back to him, everything seemed strange. He was more self conscious about needing diapers; he had a better recollection of being an adult, though it was very hazy. ‘Jonny’ looked at the woman and said, “I’m sorry lady, but…AAAAAHHHH” He screamed in pain as Daddy’s hand slipped away from his pants pocket. The woman said, “Please, Jonny. I just want to be a good Mommy to you. The least you can do is show some appreciation for us. Now tell Mommy. Do you like your name?” “I don’t think my real name is Jonny. You can call me whatever you want. That won’t make it my na… AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” His body went limp in the car seat from the pain. “Jana, your baby brother Jonny is misbehaving just a little bit, but I think you can behave well, don’t you? Will you tell me what you think of your name?” said the Mommy. “I like my name. My name is Jana. I’m glad I’ve got a name. I forgot what my other name used to be. Thank you, Mommy.” The words were the right words, but fear showed through in her voice. It seemed clear that she too harbored memories of her previous life, however faint and illusory they might be. She, however, had learned from the punishment the man/baby now called Jonny had received. She would try to avoid a shock from the little device implanted somewhere in her shoulder. A few moments of silence went by and then Daddy spoke again. “Well Jonny, are you ready to be a good boy now?” “Yes, Daddy. I’ll be a good boy. Jonny will be a good little boy now. And Mommy,” he volunteered with the pain of the punishment shock fading but still firmly affecting him, “I like my name. Jonny is a good name for me, Mommy.” His voice sounded more frightened than sincere, but still Mommy and Daddy smiled. Mommy reached over to a minifridge next to her seat and pulled out two bottles and handed one to each baby. “Here, babies. Drink these up. We’re almost to the airport.” The two were used to taking nourishment from bottles and so this was a welcome answer to the hunger each of them felt. They happily took the bottles and began sucking the nipples, drawing the sweet liquid into their mouths. Mommy and Daddy talked quietly with each other as the babies worked on their bottles. Soon the limo pulled through wide chain link gates onto a tarmac and up to a shiny Lear jet. The driver and another well dressed man got Jonny and Jana out of their seats and led them up the few short steps into the jet. Neither had ever been on such a luxurious aircraft, or if they had, had long forgotten the experience along with so much of their former lives. In no time, they were strapped into oversized baby seats and buckled in with full harnesses. Mommy and Daddy entered and took their seats, again facing the babies, the cabin door was closed and soon the whine of the jet engines filled the cabin. Before the jet took to the air, however, the two babies had drifted into a deep sleep, most likely from the powerful drugs they had ingested from their bottles only minutes before. Chapter 20 The babies were roused out of their sleep gently as they were released from the seats and led, only half awake, out the open door of the jet and into another limo, where they were placed in their specially made car seats. The car ride allowed them to slip back into slumber until finally the car stopped. When the two babies woke up, they rubbed their eyes and yawned, looking, gaping at a large white three story house. Large pillars ran from the ground to the roof of the house and framed a large double door entry. The car had been parked in a curved drive through a large well-manicured lawn. Looking around, the babies saw the enormous lawn stretch out, sloping gracefully away from the house down to a row of hedges, which they had no way of knowing, sat in front of a 10 foot high, razor wired stone wall entirely enclosing 20 acre of the even larger estate. There were three entries to the property. The main gate was locked at all times and manned 24/7. There was a gate topped with razor wire which was used for deliveries. This was opened by an armed guard after the credentials of any delivery person was checked. It was usually manned during the day but was seemingly very secure. The third gate was an emergence entrance and was quite secure from vehicle or foot traffic when locked; and it was always locked. This mansion, quite beautiful from every vantage point, was in fact, an impenetrable fortress. Security guards worked silently and unseen at all hours of every day. It wasn’t so much that the owners felt especially threatened or that they needed the security. Rather, they had instituted the security simply because they could afford it. Now that they had two new babies in the family, they were happy for the security. They’d invested a lot of money in their new twins and didn’t want to risk even the tiniest possibility of either or both of them running away. If you could have seen and heard the conversation in the car, you’d never have guessed this concern. The Daddy looked at Mommy and said, “Shall we have Mary bring the twins up to the nursery while we go in and settle in?” “Oh Sweetheart, I want to bring them in ourselves! I can’t wait to show them the nursery and their play rooms. I’m so happy to be home and have them with us! You know I’ve been looking forward to this day for so long! Please, let’s bring them in ourselves. OK?” “Of course, Darling,” said the Daddy. “Mary has already brought the strollers around, but if you’d like, I’ll let her go back to the kitchen and get back to work. She wasn’t real happy with the idea of having anything to do with the babies anyway.” The Mommy smiled and said, “Yes, please do. I want to be with the babies until their bedtime. We have so much to show them and explain. And we can put them down for their first nap in their very own nursery, then we’ll have our very first dinner together. I’m so happy. I’m so glad we’ve adopted them!” Turning her glance to the diapered pair, she smiled brightly and said, “Jana and Jonny, we’re home! We’re going to take you inside and show you your new home. I just know you’re going to be happy here!” The two adults dressed as babies, sitting in the specially made car seats, were apprehensive about what was to come, even after hearing this cheerful, happy speech. Each of them registered in their minds the reference to their sale to these people as an adoption. This grated on each of them. They knew they had a life previous to finding themselves being held captive in diapers. They had vague memories of each other yet couldn’t remember names, ages of themselves or of others close to them. They could remember that they hadn’t always need diapers, but didn’t remember how it had happened. They assumed it had happened at the place where they’d been held, but only remembered bits and pieces even of their time in that institution. Still, together now and vaguely remembering the love they once shared, a resistance to all their indoctrination welled within them that even their captors nor adoptive parents could not have anticipated. For now, Jonny (no longer Joshua) did at least look forward to going inside for one reason; he knew he was very wet from the long trip and felt he had probably leaked through to his outfit. Jana was not only wet, but a little messy as well. She was also still very sleepy. “What are you going to do to us here?” she asked. Mommy smiled back and said, “Oh baby, don’t be frightened. We love you. We aren’t going to do anything that a good loving Mommy and Daddy would do for their babies.” Because the girl baby – Jana - was so sleepy, her guard was down and her usually careful words were replaced with edgier talk. “But we know we were kidnapped and then sold to you. You paid lots of money for us. You’ve got us dressed like little babies and we’ve already been made to be totally incontinent. We all know he and I aren’t really babies and we weren’t adopted. Look, the least you can do is tell us what you’re up to.” Zaaaaap!! Jana shook and her arms flopped in the air. She had no idea where this adult talk had come from; she herself had slipped into the pattern of childish talk and thought she had been taught so carefully. Mommy’s smile faded a little and Daddy spoke up, “Jana, I won’t have you talking to your Mommy like that. Any more talk like what you just said will result in discipline.” Both Jana and Jonny both stiffened. If that shock wasn’t discipline, what was it going to look like in the hands of this couple? “Adoptions always cost a great deal of money but are done out of love. You are our new twin babies and you are NOT to say otherwise. You will treat us with respect and hopefully you’ll learn to love us for who we are and what we’ve done for you. Who knows what might have happened to you if we hadn’t found you and adopted you, but you are here with us now and we want you to be happy. Now cooperate while we get you into your strollers.” Daddy unbuckled Jonny’s car seat first and helped him out of the car and into an oversized stroller sitting next to the limo. It hadn’t been that long ago that he’d felt the sting of his Behavior Aversion Device and he was going to be compliant unless he could see a real opportunity to escape. He would no longer waste his efforts and risk pain simply to make random statements like Jana just had. Once Jonny was securely strapped into his stroller, Daddy reminded Jana of her Behavior Aversion Device and got her out of the limo and buckled into her stroller. She was very upset, but the threat of severe punishment caused her to hold in her thoughts. Mommy and Daddy wheeled the strollers up a ramp on the side of the steps to the main entrance of the house, in through a large foyer and into an elevator in a hallway. Daddy pushed the button for the second floor and soon the two strollers were wheeled a short distance down the hall and through a door. The pair in the strollers dropped their jaws when they saw the room. It was probably 15’ x 20’ at least. The walls were a baby blue with wall paper on one wall, covered with a pattern of diapered babies playing. A luxurious thick carpet of dark blue covered the floor. Against one wall, there were two huge oak wooden baby cribs; the mattress of each was the size of a twin bed. The rails were very heavy looking and stood at least 4 feet above the mattress. The front of each was hinged so two sections each swung out to allow access to the mattress. Each crib sat open as if waiting for its occupant. Against an adjoining wall was a large, fairly low changing table; at a height where either of the two babies could easily get on by themselves. Under the table was shelves loaded with stacks and stacks of both disposable and cloth diapers. On another shelf there were two separate stacks of plastic pants, while a shelf above the table held bottles of baby oil and containers of baby powder. At one end of the shelf was an apple shaped pin cushion into which was stuck the sharp end of about a dozen diaper pins of various colors; pink, blue, yellow, and white. There were two large open closets each revealing hanger after hanger of clothes; adult size but very babyish in color and style. Between the two closet doors, stood two large dressers with cute little carousel lamps atop each one. Elsewhere in the room were two large oak rocking chairs, each with an end table next to it with another babyish lamp. Mommy took great delight in pointing out each feature. “This is your crib, Jonny. And this one is yours Jana. See, your name is on the end of each crib in cute little writing.” She pointed out the closets, grabbing several outfits from the one designated as Jana’s and showing her a few cute little baby girl dresses. She did the same for Jonny, showing him several outfits of shorts and tops. Several of the tops had snaps across one shoulder to make it easier to put on the baby. He was not impressed; he also was strangely feeling more adult than baby now in spite of the seeming effectiveness of his previous training. She and Daddy wheeled the pair across the room to another doorway so that Mommy could show them their bathroom. It sank in immediately to each of them that there was no toilet in this bathroom. There was one large sink and an extra large tub, but why have a toilet in a bathroom for two babies who had been toilet trained long ago, but had had their continence removed? This only served as a harsh reminder of their condition. From there, Daddy helped Mommy get Jana out from her stroller and onto the changing table. Her outfit was removed, including her onesie. Her plastic panties were damp on the inside and her diapers were soaked and messy. It took Mommy several wipes to clean up her messy bottom, but soon Jana was clean, with baby oil and powder applied and she was into a double thick cloth diaper. Mommy slid a pair of pink star plastic panties up her legs and over the diapers, pulled a fresh clean onesie from a drawer in the dresser and put it on Jana. As soon as Mommy had finished snapping the crotch of her onesie, Daddy was helping Jonny out of his stroller. Mommy led Jana to her crib and helped her in, while Daddy began stripping, cleaning and re-diapering Jonny. Jonny looked over at Jana to see her in her crib with the front still open. Mommy sat on the edge of the crib stroking her hair. Soon Jonny was in a onesie identical to Jana’s and helped into his crib as well. Mommy and Daddy each swung the front sections on each of the cribs and the babies heard the metallic clank of bolts securely connected the two sections to each other and to the base of the crib. Each looked out through the bars with some trepidation. Then Mommy and Daddy reached behind each crib and the occupants saw another set of bars come up from the back of the crib and slide into place over the top. Again, a mechanism caught securely locking the top bars into place. Each baby looked up in shock and fear as this happened. Daddy spoke in a very calm voice, “Maybe we should have explained this before actually closing your cribs. You see, at first we’re going to have to lock you into your cribs so you don’t get out and wander around getting into mischief or maybe getting hurt. Once you get used to living here and learn exactly what you may and may not do, we may be able to relax some of our rules. For now, we’re going to have to be strict. We won’t be mean, but we may have to punish you now and again if you do misbehave. We hope that won’t happen, but if you do misbehave, we owe it to you to help you do whatever it takes to be a good little baby. We know that babies need limits; they need to know that their Mommy and Daddy loves them, but that they must trust and obey their Mommy and Daddy.” Mommy had slipped out of the room for a moment while Daddy spoke and now returned with two large baby bottles. Giving one to each of the babies, she said, “It’s time for your nap now. You need to get into a schedule. I know you just slept for a while, so we’ll make this a short nap. When you get up, we’ll show you both playrooms and some of the rest of the house. Drink your bottles and fall asleep. Mommy and Daddy will be back to get you soon. Sweat dreams, babies.” With the two withdrew, shutting the door behind them. Once the door was shut, Jonny took the nipple from his mouth and spoke in a whisper to Jana, “Look, I don’t know what my real name is, but it isn’t Jonny. I remember you and I know I used to love you. Before this wacko couple picked us up, I was pretty much convinced I’d really become a baby, but you’ve changed something inside me.” Jana whispered back, “Shhh. Watch what you say. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there isn’t a baby monitor hooked up here or some sort of microphone to pick up anything we say. But I know what you’re talking about. I don’t remember my name either, and I was really thinking of myself as a real baby. I’ve been thinking about it since they first let us meet. No matter what they’ve done to us, we’re adults; not babies.” “Maybe there’s something we can do to get out of here. I’ll try to think of something. In the meantime, though, we’d better be careful. This mansion is on a huge piece of property; if we can get outside, we can probably slip away,” said Jonny. “I don’t know. I just know I’m not really a baby and I really do love you. We’d better stop talking though and at least pretend to finish our bottles and sleep.” With that Jana slipped the nipple comfortably into her mouth and closed her eyes as she suckled. She might be an adult, but the behaviors of a baby still came easily. The tension she felt over her new circumstances was somehow lessened as she sucked the contents of her baby bottle. Before either of them realized, the drugs in their bottles allowed them to slip off to a restful sleep. Chapter 21 Jonny woke to the sound of the woman’s voice; inside he refused to think of her as Mommy. Still, he’d play along for now. She was standing at Jana’s crib and had released the top and front. “My little baby is only a little wet. We’ll change you later, Sweetie. Let’s see how your twin brother is doing.” Jana was yawning and rubbing her eyes as Mommy opened Jonny’s crib and checked his diaper. “Oh my! I don’t think you did any peepee in your dipe at all! OK, let’s get you up and I’ll show you your new playroom.” The two diapered babies, fresh from their naps and still fresh from their conversation, decided to behave for now; play along until they could decide how best to proceed from this point. Would they be able to resist? Escape? They knew it wouldn’t be easy, but they had a growing sense of wanting to be adults again; wanting to be with each other back in what they remembered was the real world. And so, the treatment by their mommy and the way she spoke to them burned within them. Still, they forced a grin and slipped from their cribs out onto the thick carpet. “Come on, babies. We’ll go downstairs to your playroom now. This way,” she said as she led them out the door of their new bedroom and down the expansive hall. When they reached a large open stairway with thick wooden balusters, both Jonny and Jana felt a wave of vertigo. In this case, the physical treatments they’d received overcame their newfound view of themselves. They each gripped the rail and wobbled just slightly. Mommy noticed and suggested, “Maybe my babies should crawl down the stairs. Or if you’d rather, sit on your bottom and bounce down step by step.” Pride wouldn’t allow Jonny to do this and he cautiously approached the top step standing up. “Jonny! NO!” Mommy shouted. “Bad boy! Do as Mommy said. Get down NOW and crawl down the stairs or you’ll go right back to your crib!” He didn’t want to lose this opportunity to explore more of the house. He was becoming more and more resistant to the idea of being dressed and treated as a baby and yet he knew that obvious resistance would not further his cause. For now, he dejectedly sank to the carpet and began crawling toward the stairs. Mommy turned to Jana and noticed she was hesitating. “Jana, I’m not kidding. Get down and crawl. I don’t want you falling.” Jana hesitated still. Mommy reached into the pocket of her slacks. “Aiiiiiiggggghhhhhh!” came the scream from Jana’s mouth as the painful shock wracked her body. Half from the pain, half from compliance, Jana slipped to the floor. “That’s a good baby, Jana. Now crawl down the stairs with your brother,” Mommy said sweetly. Mommy was beginning to realize what a challenge these two babies were going to be. She smiled inwardly at the fun she knew she’d have with these two. They seemed to be resisting more than she thought they would, but this would make her job all the more rewarding. At the bottom of the stairs, Jonny and Jana stood up and followed Mommy down a hallway leading to the right. They walked past an entry to the living room off the main entryway, past a set of double doors opening into a room full of bookshelves and a baby grand piano. When they came to the next door, Mommy turned and with a flourish and a smile, said, “This is your playroom, Babies.” As Jonny and Jana walked in they were both stunned to see a large carpeted room full of infant and toddler toys. The walls were off-white with large sections painted with various babyish characters. There were cute little zoo animals – a giraffe, a zebra, and even a rhinoceros all diaper clad. Mixed among them were little boy and girl babies, diapered as well. Some of them were suckling on baby bottles and all the rest were smiling. Some of the babies were looking at little children’s books and others just looked at the animals or each other. Stuffed animals abounded around the room, as did blocks, baby-sized legos, and other childish toys. A child’s kitchen set sat against one wall and a cute little workbench with little plastic tools against another wall. In one corner, there was a little wooden train set on a wooden track. Jonny noticed a jack-in-the-box, a hammer and peg toy, and several small plastic cars and trucks. Janna saw a row of baby-dolls lined up near a set of toy baby furniture sized just right for the dolls. There was so much to take in, Jana and Jonny could only marvel at the sheer volume of toys. Something within them wanted to sit and start playing immediately; their training had been thorough and part of them was very much the adult-sized child they appeared to be in their diapers and baby clothes. On another level, they were feeling their new found rebellion and detested the urge they felt to play with the toys. They stood and marveled at the sights as Mommy said, “Isn’t this going to be a wonderful playroom? I’ll bring you back here in just a moment, but I want you to see your other playroom as well. Come on, now Babies, we’ll be right back and I’ll let you play with your new toys.” Another playroom? Why would there be two playrooms? This one was so large and loaded with toys, another one like this didn’t make much sense. Curiosity mixed with obedience and a desire to see more of this house – or rather mansion. They padded after their new Mommy out of the room and a little further down the hallway until they arrived at another doorway. While the door was a rich wood tone like the other wood furnishing in the house, it was set in and there were no hinges or door handle. Mommy took a key from her pocket, placed it into a box on the wall, pushed some buttons and the door slid to the side. “Let’s go Babies. Your other playroom is in the basement. I’m sure you’ll find it as interesting as the playroom we just saw,” she said as she placed her hands on the backs of the twins and urged them into the large elevator. Jonny wondered why the elevator needed to be as large as it was, while Jana began to be nervous about this basement playroom. Mommy inserted the key again into a control panel and hit a button labeled B2. As the elevator whirred and began a slow descent, Mommy spoke. “Yes, Babies, this playroom is in the second basement. This elevator is the only access and we’ll only play down here on very special occasions. I’m not sure you’ll enjoy playing here as much as upstairs, but I know that Daddy and I will enjoy bringing you down here when we know it’s time. And when we’re done playing down here, you will certainly be better babies for it!” The elevator stopped and the door slid open to reveal only another heavy steel door. Mommy once again inserted a key and pushed open the door. Jana and Jonny could only gasp when Mommy reached in and switched on the lights. Harsh fluorescent lighting revealed a virtual baby dungeon! Two heavy metal locking cribs stood against a far wall. Between them and the cribs stood matching sets of various styles of stocks – one set meant for standing, with wrist and neck holes, another lower set with holes for ankles as well. Various benches were placed around the room, each one with multiple rings and straps. Chains ending in heavy leather straps dangled from the ceiling and against one wall was a veritable catalog display of cuffs, mitts, chains, stretcher bars, hoods, flogs, whips and more, including two heavy canvass straight jackets. Cabinets near a pair of medical exam tables could only pique the curiosity of the pair of babies. Their hearts pounded in fear with the mere thought of the terrible possibilities this room offered. Two minds went numb in dread and they only partially heard Mommy’s words, “Oh, yes, if either or both of you misbehave badly enough, we’ll be down here in this playroom. Daddy and I know that even the best little babies sometimes misbehave. Children need to be able to explore their limits and we know that you will certainly try us to see what we’ll allow and what we won’t. Good Mommies and Daddies let their babies know what their limits are and help them learn what is good behavior and what is bad behavior. A certain amount of punishment is needed to help reinforce good behavior. I wanted to show you this playroom so you won’t be surprised. This isn’t a threat, Babies,” she sadly with a saccharin syrupy voice. “This is just another part of your reality.” Mommy ushered the pair back into the elevator and switched off the lights in the ‘playroom’ as Jonny reached out and held Jana’s hand. She squeezed his hand gently to acknowledge both his fear and his resolve. Upstairs they were led back to the playroom where Mommy announced, “Go ahead and play now until dinner time. I’ll be in and out to check on you. But stay in the playroom. You aren’t allowed out in the hallway.” The pair looked at Mommy, looked at each other and walked into the room, still in shock over the revelation shown them in the basement. Chapter 22 “What are we going to do?” whispered Jana. “I…I’m not sure. We’ve got to try to play along until we know more. I do know I don’t want to visit that other playroom any time soon! We’ve got to figure things out; for right now let’s at least to pretend to play but at the same time try to get an idea of what we’re up against. I’d love to get out into the hall and check out more of the building, but I think we need to take things slow and careful.” Jonny looked around the room and decided to go to the toy workbench because it was near one of the large windows. Jana walked over and sat amid the dolls, picking one up and pretending to cuddle it. Something inside made her feel relaxed and comfortable holding the doll, but at the same time she allowed her eyes to search the room. It didn’t take long to notice the speakers – and perhaps microphones - built into the walls or the lenses of the cameras mounted at ceiling level pointed down at the floor from two corners of the room. Was there constant surveillance? Had their conversation already been heard? She had no way of knowing, but she shuddered when she noticed the red blink of an eye at each of the camera lenses. Did that wink signify acknowledgement of her conversation with Jonny? Did Mommy or Daddy already know what they’d been talking about? As Jana considered her concerns over the monitoring equipment, Jonny’s heart sank as he quickly picked up on the thick, strong double panes of glass in the windows. As he looked out through the windows and the vast expanse of manicured lawn, he noticed also that these windows were certainly sealed in a fixed position and were not meant to be opened. These windows would not offer a route of escape even if other considerations were favorable. He doubted seriously that anything in this room would offer any hope of cracking, let alone breaking the glass in the windows. Instead, he was confident it was of bullet-proof grade and short of high explosive, would not surrender to any escape plan they could mount. He picked up various tools at the workbench and pretended to play, although that same feeling of comfort Jana experienced crept over him as well. Yes, he did enjoy playing with these toys in spite of himself. Here he was; an adult yet feeling the warmth in his crotch of his most recent wetting. The diaper was getting heavy and he found himself hoping for a change soon. His clothing was that of a two-year old and not all that long ago, he’d woken from a nap in his crib. He was tormented by the knowledge of his lost adult life and yet had no concept of any of its details. He knew he loved Jana but also knew that wasn’t her real name. He wanted to escape from this place and yet didn’t know what he could hope to escape to. Jana was torn in her feelings as well. Her diaper had been well-used and she too looked forward to a change. Playing had relaxed her in spite of the dread of the vision of the basement dungeon. She wanted to disappear into a carefree baby’s life and yet she wanted to feel her lover within her. She wanted the comfort of her pacifier, her bottle and her crib and yet she wanted to escape to whatever her adult life might have been. She held her new baby doll close, felt herself wetting yet again, knew her tummy was empty and looked forward to dinner. Crystal clear, a voice surrounded them, “Dinner time is almost here. I’ll be in to get you two in just a few minutes. Are my babies hungry?” The two of them just looked at each other in fear. Of course their conversations could be heard! Jonny gulped and obediently answered in a soft whispery voice, “Yes, Mommy. I’m hungry.” In addition to being obedient, he spoke softly to test the power of the microphones hiding in places he might never know about. His heart sank as the speakers responded, “Good for you Jonny! What about my little baby Jana?” Her voice was softer yet, speaking now in the realization that even their slightest conversation might be picked up and noted, “Yes, Mommy.” They could only look at each other in fear that their earlier conversation had already been monitored, as Mommy bustled into the room and called to them. “Come now, Babies. Daddy is waiting in the dining room. Dinner is ready.” They followed her down the hall, across the entrance foyer and into a huge dining room. A huge table dominated the room with large wooden chairs along each side. Jonny counted ten chairs per side plus chairs at each end. An enormous server dominated a wall with doors at either side. On another wall, a tall glass-front hutch was filled with fine china and crystal. In another corner, sat a smaller table with two chairs and two adult sized high chairs. Daddy sat in one of the two chairs at the table, set for two and with steaming serving dishes placed on it. He smiled at them as Mommy helped each of them into a high chair. As the trays were slid home, effectively locking them in, Daddy spoke, “Mommy says she showed you both of your playrooms and then let you stay in the nice baby playroom. Did you like it?” Knowing what was expected of them, each baby nodded agreement. They barely noticed as Mommy snapped big plastic bibs around their necks. “Well,” continued Daddy. “Did you enjoy seeing your basement playroom?” Jonny looked at Jana, gulped and said in a well controlled but honest voice, “No, Daddy. That room scares me.” Jana merely frowned and nodded agreement. Daddy laughed and said, “Yes, well, I can see where it might scare you. Maybe you won’t have to be there often.” He paused and added, “Maybe if you don’t try to act on your silly thoughts.” Jana’s and Jonny’s eyes got big. Daddy didn’t have to say anything more. They had been heard. Mommy and Daddy knew they had been talking about possible escape. They would be ready. In spite of the emotions they were feeling, hunger took over and the babies dug into the bits of meat and vegetables carefully cut up and placed on their cute little baby print china plates. They alternately suckled their baby bottles full of cool sweet tasting milk, quite possibly medicated, and stuffed their mouths, at times using the tiny spoons given them and at times using their fingers. Mommy and Daddy carried on a conversation about things Jana and Jonny knew and cared nothing about. They ate their meal and drank wine as the two babies sat in their highchairs, long finished with their meals; their faces and bibs smeared with food. Jana and Jonny had adapted to how babies ate and while they were wistful at the way Mommy and Daddy could eat, they were satisfied with full tummies. Jana continued to suck on her bottle until Mommy announced dinner over and time for bath. Mommy and Daddy each helped in getting the babies out from their high chairs and brought them to the stairs where Jana and Jonny obediently went to all fours and crawled up the stairs to the second floor. Mommy led the way with Daddy following behind as the procession found its way into the babies’ bathroom. Mommy began filling the huge tub, testing the temperature of the water as the enormous faucet quickly spewed gallons and gallons of warm water into the oversized tub. Daddy began undressing each of the babies, unsnapping their onesies and pulling them off. He tossed them into large hampers matching except that one was blue and one pink, but each covered with baby prints. They were marked respectively “Jana” and “Jonny”. Once the water was ready, he guided each baby onto the floor and removed their diapers. Since each of them was only wet, they were then directed into the tub. As much as the warm water buoyed and comforted them and the washcloths gently washed over their perfectly hairless bodies, they were bathing in a mix of emotions as well. It felt so good to be out of diapers even for a short period of time. The water felt deliciously warm and soothing and the gentle stroking of the washcloth relaxed and cleansed them of stress. This had been a very long day – it seemed ages since they’d woken up at that other place, united with Mommy and Daddy and brought on the long trip to this new place. They felt strange, completely naked in front of each other; they still held the fuzzy image of each other from that previous time in their lives when they didn’t need diapers and acted as full adults. And yet as babies, they were just getting to know one another. The mix of baby-like innocence mixed with the embarrassment of jaded adults. Their bodies were in one sense familiar and yet hairless as tiny babies, were strange and unfamiliar, even to themselves. As Mommy washed them, she kept up a sweet patter appropriate for babies and demeaning for adults. And as she washed Jana’s most personal areas said, “Isn’t it nice that neither of you will every have to be shaved again? The adoption agency assured us that you’ll have none of that icky grownup body hair on your body.” Overriding both the soothing warmth of the water and the constant reminders from Mommy that they were now considered just little babies was a deep tiredness from the events of the day. They longed to talk and compare impressions and yet feared being overheard. Even more, however, they were more than ready to slip into their cribs and slip off to sleep. Yawns and droopy eyelids gave them away as each one was directed out of the tub and dried in wonderfully soft and fluffy bath towels. As Mommy finished drying Jana, Jonny was led back to the bedroom changing table, diapered in thick night-time cloth diapers and helped into a fluffy footed sleeper. With the zipper pulled up all the way, he was led to his crib. Jana was now being diapered by Mommy and soon both were in their cribs ready for their night. They were each handed a night-time bottle and they barely noticed the clanking sounds as the bars of their cribs were closed and locked in position, securing the pair until Mommy or Daddy chose to allow them up. The lights went out almost immediately and eyes shut in sleep very shortly after that. Chapter 23 Only a few minutes later, one floor below the sleeping babies, the Mommy and Daddy had a conversation in the first floor informal TV room. There was a screening room further down the hall, which although comfortably furnished was used mostly for parties. Here in this room, they relaxed together on an overstuffed sofa largely ignoring a random TV show playing on the large screen display which took up much of the opposite wall. Ellen glowed with radiance, “I’m just so happy we have them here. They are so incredibly cute, don’t you think? They are worth every penny we paid.” Paul smiled at his beautiful young wife and agreed, “Yes, they are worth every penny. I can’t believe how happy you are. Did their eyes really bug out as much as you said when they saw the basement room?” “Absolutely!” purred Ellen. “They were completely terrified. Neither one would take a step into the room any more than they were when I turned on the lights. Their heads were on swivels, jumping from one piece of equipment to the next. Just looking at the expression on their faces was worth the cost of that room! Wait til they get an actual taste of it! Maybe I should call up the video of them entering the room so you can see their expressions!” “No, Ellen. That’s OK. Judging from the conversations our little innocent babies have been having, I’m sure we’ll be bringing them down there soon enough. I’ll want to be with you for that, for sure. And unless you were to bring them down there one at a time, I think I need to be just in case the two of them decide to try something. It isn’t that you can’t subdue them no matter what they try, but I don’t want you hurt at all in the process.” Paul reached over and took Ellen’s hand in his as he said this. “What a great thought it was to decrease their dosages so they could come back toward adult thoughts. It will be so much fun to watch them try to plan and plot. And it will only give us reason to bring them to their downstairs playroom. When do you think we ought to give them their first modification?” Ellen asked Paul. He responded thoughtfully, “Well, Ellen, certainly not until at least one trip to the basement and maybe not until two or three. We want them to think we’re being driven to modify them as further security. If they ever realized our plans for them are inevitable, it might break their spirit too much.” “As long as they remember their old lives and keep any thought of it alive, they’ll be a little fun to play with. Of course, eventually, they’ll just give up and be our babies. I think I’ll still enjoy that and I know you will as well. They’ll give up any thought of escape and turn themselves over to just being babies, but they’ll still be tormented by faint recollections of adulthood. They’ll still know on some level that they’ve been forced into this life. Unless we change our mind, that will be the course of action.” Ellen leaned into Paul and kissed him deeply. They kissed again and then Ellen lay her head on Daddy’s shoulder. “Oh Paul, you are such a wonderful husband. I love you so much. The babies are just a perfect addition to our lives. But being a Mommy is tough.” With this, she smiled more, and kissed him again passionately as she began unbuttoning his shirt. She spoke as she continued to undress him and he began to undress her, “We’ve got to remember we can’t just be having sex in front of the children, can we? Thank goodness, they’re already in their cribs. But then, we can do anything we want with them!” By this time, Paul’s shirt had been pulled off and her blouse was unbuttoned, revealing the fullness of her breasts struggling to be released from her lacy bra. She interrupted her thought enough for another passionate kiss. “It isn’t like we need to worry about how they’ll grow up. They’ll stay babies forever. They’ll always need Mommy and Daddy. I love it so much!” Another passionate kiss and then her voice deepened further into sexual passion, “Oh Darling, I need you so much. I love you so much. Please, Paul, take me now!” It was as if their lovemaking was more intense, deeper and with greater feeling because of the excitement of adopting the two babies upstairs. Just the adoption was exciting, but now they were thrilled with their plans to watch the pair spiral down into a pit of hopelessness. Exhausted from their lovemaking and already tired from the rigors of their own day; the travel, the anticipation and the wonderful feeling of finally taking possession of their new property (or adopting their twin babies – however you’d prefer to think of it) Ellen and Paul fell into their bed upstairs and into a blissful sleep. Chapter 24 Jana woke first. She woke with a start, at first not knowing where she was. She’d expected the harsh fluorescent of the place where she’d been before and was surprised by the natural light filtering into the room. As the shock of waking in a new place faded slightly, she rubbed the sleep from her eyes and yawned, noting that this room must face generally east as the rays of early morning sun cast shadows of the edge of her crib on the carpeted floor. She realized that not only had she filled her diapers with urine, but as she turned she felt a large mound of poop in her diapers as well. Her nose wrinkled its confirmation, only wondering if the odor was also coming from the adjoining crib as well. Waking to the realization of a bowel movement during the night was a common occurrence for her and while it still felt somewhat disgusting, she was neither surprised nor could she be horribly upset about it. This was just how things were now. Even sitting in her dirty diaper would not bother her all that much and she decided to stand up in her crib and survey the room until Jonny woke up or maybe Mommy or Daddy came to get them. In starting to survey the room, she neglected to consider the bars on the top of the crib and was painfully reminded. The clatter of her crib bars plus the cry of pain she let out as her head struck them was enough to disturb the sleep of her new roommate or as he was to be known, her twin brother. She heard him sigh over the rustle of the plastic under-sheet on his crib as he rolled over and began to wake. Jana was hesitant to say anything, thinking maybe he’d just go back to sleep. Following a little more rustling of plastic, she heard, “Jana, are you OK?” “Yeah. I’m sorry to wake you up. I tried to stand and I banged my head against the top of the crib.” “Thanks for the warning,” he said. “I’ll try to remember not to try that.” “What do you think will happen to us today, Jonny?” Jana asked. “Probably not much. We know they’re watching us and listening to us. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be a good little baby for them at least for a while. The first floor playroom is one thing, but I don’t want to be visiting the other playroom anytime soon!” “Me either! I guess I’ll try to curb my anger and frustration. There isn’t much we can do about our situation, is there?” Jana said. Whispering in the lowest voice he could manage, Jonny said, “Well, we’re just going to have to bide our time. We’ve got to keep our eyes and ears open and our mouths shut as much as possible. They’ll let their guard down at some point. I think our best shot is with the woman. If there were only some way to get the remote control to this stupid thing in our shoulder away from her, we might have a shot.” Whispering in return, Jana answered, “Yeah. Once yesterday I saw her set it on a table. And she’s still just getting used to us being here, so I think she’s extra careful. Our time will come. We’re together on this, right?” He didn’t get a chance to answer as they both heard steps in the hallway and the door opening. “How are Mommy and Daddy’s little babies this morning?” came the cheerful voice of Mommy. Daddy chimed in as well, “Did you two sleep well? Are your little cribs comfy? I hope so. We spent lots of money putting in this room for you too. You are so worth it though!” Mommy wrinkled her nose and said, “Oh my! I’ve got to get used to this, don’t I? Who was it? You, Jonny, or was it you, Jana?” Both began simultaneously and both stopped and in an embarrassed way giggled as they said, “Yes, Mommy, it was me!” “Two stinky babies! My, my! Paul, will you clean up Jonny and get him ready while I do Jana?” Daddy answered affirmatively and soon the babies were strapped securely to their changing tables and were being meticulously wiped clean with large sweet smelling baby wipes. Next came liberal quantities of baby oil, a white cloud of baby powder, and soon their double thick day-time cloth diapers had been pinned tightly and their plastic panties put in place. Daddy had grabbed a pair of blue snap-ons with little ducky prints for Jonny, while Mommy slid some cute yellow panties onto Jana. The front was plain yellow, but the back sported several rows of white lace. Mommy went to the closet and picked out two outfits. For Jana, a cute yellow dress, which even when pulled as low as possible revealed the rows of lace on her diapered bottom and for Jonny, a short and shirt set which buttoned together in several places. The shorts were so short that the bottom of his plastic panties were right at the bottom of his shorts. Dressed and ready for the day, they were brought to the kitchen and fed oatmeal and given their morning bottles. After being cleaned up from breakfast, they were brought to the first floor playroom and left alone. Mommy came in and sat in a rocking chair for a while and just watched them with obvious delight as they played separately with their toys. She got such pleasure knowing that these two former adults were now totally under the control of her and her husband. And they were so cute and did truly rely on her and her husband for absolutely every facet of their lives. Later she left and returned with bottles for them. She checked their diapers and finding them both wet, fetched diaper supplies from a closet in the playroom, rolled out a changing pad and changed them both on the floor. She left them alone in the room again, taking with her the soaked cloth diapers and damp plastic pants. She returned later, brought them to the kitchen for lunch, fed them and brought them back to their cribs for a nap. Following their nap, they were changed again and brought to the playroom. Their evening routine was the same as the previous night; dinner, bath, dressed in thick night-time diapers and sleepers and put in their cribs. Before locking them in, however, Mommy turned to a drawer and returned with what looked to be two handfuls of straps, handing on to Daddy. “Mommy forgot your paci’s last night! I want you to get used to them. I know how they give you a sense of relaxation and calm. Here you go, Jana.” Mommy forced the huge bulb of a pacifier into Jana’s mouth and Daddy did the same to Jonny. Soon a set of straps were fitted around her head, and then fastened tight with the click of a locking mechanism. “We don’t want your paci falling out in the night. You might get upset and cry and wake each other up!” Jonny voiced an “oomph” in protest as the crib bars clanked shut and locked. The lights went out and the solid sound of the heavy wooden door closing gave finality to their bedtime. “Relaxation and calm; bull!” he thought. “They don’t want us talking to each other! I wonder if they picked up even our whispers? If they did, we don’t stand much of a shot of communicating. Oh well, we both want the same thing. We can already almost read each other’s minds. It’ll still work,” he thought as he began to fall into a natural rhythm of sucking on the bulb of his pacifier. He didn’t even realize he was doing it. It was as if it was an inborn instinct. Or perhaps a result of well-planned and perfectly executed behavior adjustment on the part of those who’d caught and sold both he and his now ‘twin sister.’ He twisted in his crib listening to the crinkle of plastic beneath him as he tried to get comfortable. When he finally lay there still, he fell asleep listening to the slow steady breath of the baby girl in the other crib; the woman whom he loved, but whose real name he didn’t remember. Chapter 25 Days went by and the twins began to get used to their pattern of life. This by no means meant they didn’t watch and listen carefully for any clues as to how they might escape. Mommy and Daddy had left them alone soaking in the bathtub together for a few minutes on a couple of nights. The babies had decided there were no microphones in the bathroom and so felt free to whisper to each other. They would splash in the water some and one would giggle while the other talked. There was not much to say, however, as their routine left little room for any escape. The playroom seemed invincible and locked in their cribs at night and at naptime left them no chance for escape there. Jonny had gotten as far as being able to determine that the windows in their bedroom were as solid and immovable as the ones in the playroom. Jana noted that she’d seen Mommy put down the remote a couple of times again, but it was while they were fastened in their high chairs and the remote was far out of reach. Their situation seemed bleak for the time being, but still they whispered quietly to each other in the sudsy bathtub about hope for their future; about maybe escaping from this place and setting out together for a new life. They truly were in love and they held each other close and even kissed, listening carefully for the approach of either Mommy or Daddy. Jana felt herself aroused as they sat in the tub together, naked. Jonny remembered his modification when he felt absolutely no arousal even as he brushed against Jana’s beautiful, perky breasts and she reached down to touch his penis. When their lips parted, he hung his head in shame and whispered to her angrily, “They did that to me there. They made it so I can’t get hard down there anymore. That was the modification they did on me. I’ll never be a real man again.” Jana whispered back to him, “Jonny, having an erection or even a penis doesn’t make you a man. It’s what’s in your heart. it doesn’t matter to me. I love you just the way you are. We both have to wear diapers, remember? And there are other ways to be in love. What we have to do is get out of here. If we can’t escape, it won’t mean anything anyways.” She paused for only a moment and quickly said, “Hssshhhh! I think I hear them.” It was probably just as well that Jonny was not capable of an erection, for when Mommy and Daddy got them out of the tub, there was no physical evidence of their short interlude. Instead, they were prepared for bed and locked in their cribs as they were every other night. The locking pacifiers allowed them no more communication than mumbled sighs as they settled into their cribs for their night. And so time went on. They continued into their established routine until one night after being left in the tub alone, Mommy walked in to find Jonny and Jana in a deep embrace. The two were kissing, each with one arm around the other and the other arm submerged in the water, each exploring the sex of the other. “WHAT DO YOU TWO THINK YOU ARE DOING? STOP THAT RIGHT THIS INSTANT! WHAT BAD, BAD DIRTY BABIES YOU ARE!” screamed Mommy. She turned to the door and yelled, “Paul! Get in here right now! We’ve got two very bad babies!” Daddy stormed into the room, his face red with anger. “What were they doing? Can’t we leave them alone for even five minutes?” “Paul, they were trying to act like grown-ups. They were kissing with one arm around the other and their other hands were under the water doing you-know-what! I think we need to get them dried off and down into the basement playroom. They need to know that there can be immediate consequences for bad behavior. Oh, I’m so ashamed of them. How could they?” The pair were roughly dragged out of the tub and scrubbed dry. They weren’t used to the rough treatment and so were afraid to do anything but whimper in response to the harsh toweling and smacks on their backsides. They were all but dragged to their changing tables and where double-thick diapers were pinned on and side-snap plastic pants put on them. From there, they were made to get on all fours and were poked and prodded into the hallway and made to crawl to the elevator. Mommy and Daddy kept up a string of abuse against them for their behavior, continuing even as the two were prodded off the elevator into the basement playroom. “OK,” said Daddy. “The first trip is to the spanking bench. Ellen, get the restraints, please?” Soon each baby was stretched out over a raised and lightly padded piece of furniture similar to an ottoman, but high enough so that their feet didn’t quite touch the floor. Restraints were applied at their ankles and fastened securely to eyebolts on the legs of the bench. Wrist restraints were pulled tight and also secured to eyebolts on the opposite legs of this bench. Their bottoms jutted out in the air and their bodies were taut in their restraints. Daddy reached over and unsnapped Jonny’s plastic pants, while Mommy took care of Jana. The angry breathing of two and the fearful breath of the other two echoed in the room amid the sound of the plastic pants being unsnapped. The diapers were unpinned and left to hang loosely, with the front wedged firmly between the baby and the stool. Hands flew through the air and the slap of skin against skin reverberated through the room. First grunts, then sobs, then screams of pain followed in perfectly rhythmic answer to the sound of Mommy’s and Daddy’s hands against their babies’ bottoms. After a while, the babies’ responses settled into constant crying accented with each further smack. When Mommy and Daddy finally were satisfied with their work, each baby sported two blazing red orbs and each sobbed pathetically. Mommy spoke now in an even tone. “You’re going to be left down here for the night and into the day tomorrow. We don’t want babies messing in their diapers tonight, so we’re going to help you with that.” Jonny felt a cool glop in the crease between his burning rear cheeks and gasped at the invasion of a gloved finger. Soon Jana felt the same sort of intrusion; first one finger, then two, then something huge trying to work its way into her rear passage. She felt she’d be torn apart, but then the invader retreated for a moment, only to surge in again and go deeper. It again retreated and she screamed out as the invader forced its way in to its limit and seated itself firmly. Jonny had no easier a time of it as the plug was forced slowly into his bottom. He screamed and then sobbed as the plug came to rest. Daddy elicited yet another scream as he wiggled the intruder to test how well it was seated. The two babies now had their diapers pulled back into place and pinned extra tightly so that the plug would not be tempted to escape. Next the plastic pants were re-snapped into place, holding the diapers safely within. With that task done, Daddy looked over at Mommy and said, “Ellen, I don’t like the way these two are screaming and crying out about their punishment. It just isn’t right. They deserve everything that’s happening and I’m a little sick of their complaints. What do you think?” Mommy sounded harsh as she answered, “I agree, Paul. I think it’s time for their gags. I’m not sure they’re going to like these as much as their pacifiers, but I think they need them to remind them they shouldn’t complain about their punishments.” Mommy had fetched equipment from a drawer and soon Jonny felt his mouth forced open and a large object being pushed in. It was long, round and large. When it finally was fully in his mouth, it only gave a tiny bit and was so long it almost made him gag. The straps tightened around his head and he knew the gag wouldn’t be taken out any time soon. He managed to turn his head as Daddy was starting to force the gag into Jana’s mouth. He cringed when he saw that the shape was exactly like a large penis. She resisted and choked as it went in. Nevertheless the straps were fitted around her head and buckled in place. Jonny was relieved as the straps holding him to the bench were released, but this was short-lived as he was pushed only a few feet over and forced down onto a low wooden bench. His legs were stretched out flat in front of him, his ankles resting in two curved notches in a board resting on the floor held in place by a large framework. Before he could realize what was happening, he heard another board slap down. Then his arms were yanked forward and his head forced down until contact was made with more semicircular cut-outs. Another piece of wood slammed down loudly and he realized he was locked into stocks. His very sore bottom was resting on an unforgiving slab of wood and he realized immediately that even the padding of his diapers weren’t enough to grant him relief. The sound of more wood on wood told him that Jana was finding like accommodations just a few feet in front of him. If he stretched his neck, he could look up just enough to see Jana’s head secured firmly in place in between her two wrists also locked into the stocks. The click of locks on each set of stocks echoed in his psyche. Already his bottom’s angry wounds screamed out to him in pain. He was doubled over and terribly uncomfortable and wasn’t to be granted comfort anytime soon. Mommy’s soothing voice was not very soothing at all as she described the final part of the plan. “We don’t want you getting dehydrated, so we’re going to give you something to drink. If you suck on the cute little penis in your mouth, you’ll be rewarded with a nice tasting mixture that is meant to have the taste and consistency of cum. You wanted sex. This is as close as you can get for now. Enjoy your night together. Remember; sex is for Mommies and Daddies, NOT for little babies. Do you understand?” As Mommy had been talking, Daddy had wheeled a pole holding an enormous bag of thick white fluid between the two. He reached down and attached a hose from the bag to each of the baby’s gags, finishing just as Mommy finished what she had to say. The two babies heard well what Mommy said, but didn’t respond. Mommy quickly reached behind Jana and struck the exposed part of her butt with a riding crop she held in her hand. Jana shrieked in pain through her gag. Mommy shouted, “DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” Jana and Jonny both screeched out a muffled “Mmmmmmpppphhhh” from behind their gags and yet Mommy reached behind Jonny and smacked his bottom as well. His reaction was just as expected. Daddy had released the flow of fluid through the tubes and as the lights went out and the door closed, the babies felt the slimy liquid begin to flow into their mouths. Neither one of them regretted their embrace in the tub, but they certainly regretted being caught. They worked at swallowing the vile fluid seeping through their penis gags and couldn’t help but imagine that it was in fact real semen. Of course it wasn’t, but they were so miserable it just didn’t matter. Time dragged on. Their bottoms stung. The semen-like fluid kept creeping into their mouths. Sleep would not come; not even a small respite. They moaned out to each other as much in pain as in attempted sympathetic communication. Each one was sorry that they had caused the other this punishment, yet each one couldn’t help but wallow in self-pity as well. Hours went by. Finally as their stomachs bloated from the vast amount of fluid consumed, the flow from the huge bag above them slowed to a trickle and then stopped. Still time crept slowly. There was not a bit of light in the room and not a sound other than a plaintiff moan or the occasional wood-on-wood sound as one or the other wiggled slightly in their stocks, struggling against hope to gain a shred of comfort, even from slight movement. Jana thought she might have passed out from pain for a short time. In reality, her mind was simply playing tricks on her. Her back ached from its folded position. Her wrists and ankles were sore from the friction against the holes keeping them captive and her neck was tender from contact with the wood and terribly stiff from her efforts to hold her neck up from the wood. There was just no relief. Jonny suffered in just the same way. Hours more and finally they heard soft humming sounds they rightly judged to be the sound of the elevator. When they heard the scrape of a key against the outside of the door, they were buoyed from their misery; they thought hopeful thoughts. They’d be released soon for sure. What time was it? How long had they been down here? They didn’t care. They just wanted relief. A light snapped on and each of them in turn snapped their eyes shut against even the indirect light of the fluorescents above them. Their hope grew as they sensed the empty bag hung above them was being removed from the stand. The hoses flopped to the floor and the bag was carried away. Their hopes were dashed as the ends of the hoses were picked up and they sensed more fluid seeping into their mouths. With not a word, the feet they recognized as Daddy’s left the room, plunging them back into the blackness and hopelessness of their tortured imprisonment. The slam of the door was merely punctuation on the sentence they understood all too well. More hours went by. Jonny sensed his diapers had not a square centimeter of dry cloth and sensed a growing puddle in the bottom of his plastic pants. Still more pee and the puddle grew to a lake until he felt a dribble tickle him as it wound its way under the elastic of the plastic pants and down the bottom of his left leg. The bag emptied again and Jana could sense the huge expanse of poop within her eager to explode from her except for the faithful intruder holding her bottom so tightly closed. She longed for a release; a release for her poop, release from her bonds, and if not, at least release from the tortured feeling of alternating soreness and numbness depending on which part of her body was winning the contest for attention at the moment. Meanwhile, upstairs the Mommy and Daddy were giddy with excitement. “I can’t believe they lasted as long as they did,” said Mommy. “I know,” Daddy responded. “You catching them in the tub like that was genius! Thanks to the hidden camera, you caught them! It really was no big deal, but we had to find some reason to get them to the cellar! And I’m so glad we’d worked out the scenario for their first visit. It made it so much easier… and fun!” Later, downstairs, there were the sounds at the door again. Again the lights and the automatic reaction to the light. This time, Daddy spoke. “It’s time for you babies to get up. You’ve been in that punishment position for long enough. You need a diaper change and maybe we’ll let you stretch out and maybe get some rest. Sound good, babies?” “Ummm,” came the loud but muffled reply from each of the pretzel shaped babies. Mommy was there as well. “You’ve gotten that part of your punishment out of the way. Let’s get you cleaned up and re-diapered,” she said in a cheerful voice, as she released Jana and helped her out of the stocks. Jonny was released as well and they were allowed a moment in the sitting position just to start getting the kinks out of their backs. Mommy and Daddy at their meanest needed to allow them some motion before trying to get the two onto their changing tables. Crawling made the most sense and neither baby objected. Nonetheless they were both stiff and sore. The harsh burn of their spanked bottoms had faded but persisted as a dull pain and was no match for the muscle pain of being kept in the stocks for such a long period of time. Each time they moved, they were reminded of the butt plug in their bottoms. Again, the sharp pain of the initial intrusion had been replaced by the constant fullness. Now with motion, they were reminded of its size, but even more of the reservoir of waste dammed up behind it. They crawled slowly and gingerly to the changing tables moaning soft sobs into the penis gags still keeping their mouths full and silent. They both wanted those gags removed, but they were now far from their first priority; not that they would be given any choice in what priorities might be for them. Chapter 26 Each of them needed assistance in getting up on the changing table. It took both Mommy and Daddy to help Jana onto the flat surface where she was carefully strapped down at the upper chest and waist; her arms at her sides, restrained by the two belts. Even with Mommy and Daddy’s help, Jonny slipped getting up and fell harshly and painfully to his knees before he reached the changing table and was strapped in as Jana had been. He was still sobbing pathetically into his gag as Mommy unsnapped his plastic pants, unpinned his diapers and began wiping him clean. Meanwhile, Daddy worked on Jana. Both the babies had completely soaked their diapers and had leaked from their plastic pants. Mommy and Daddy wiped their fronts and then took away the soaked pants and diapers, replacing them for now with a clean diaper to use only as a pad. In contrast to the seeming meanness in doling out the previous night’s punishment, Mommy and Daddy now seemed kind and gentle. Each cooed lovingly to their charge and carefully wiped every inch of their baby’s diaper area and even down the legs where excess urine had run. Once the pair were completely clean and oiled, triple thick diapers were prepared and placed beneath each baby. Daddy then commented, “You two must still be exhausted, so we’re going to let you sleep some down here before we bring you back upstairs. We’re going to take those nasty plugs out of your bottoms as well, so we’ve put in some diaper liners to hold anything that you might need to be getting rid of. We have some special cribs down here where you can lie nice and flat and stretched out – not all hunched over like in the stocks. Won’t that be nice babies?” Both Jonny and Jana couldn’t help but respond with soft sighs through the heavy penis gags. Even if they weren’t to be brought upstairs, they’d be allowed to lie flat. The plug would be removed and even though they’d end up pooping their diapers, this was something that shouldn’t be horribly painful. Mommy chimed in, saying, “Oh, and we’ll take out those punishment pacifiers and allow you to have something to eat and drink while you’re down here.” Even before pulling the thick diapers between Jonny’s legs, Mommy went to a drawer and returned with two handfuls of straps, handing one to Daddy. Jonny began to suspect that things might not be quite as cheery and upbeat as Mommy and Daddy had been portraying. Still, when Mommy unlocked and removed the huge penis gag, he couldn’t help but be thankful. He had barely enough time to work his stiff jaw in a circular motion and begin to say “Thank you, Mommy” when the next pacifier gag cut him off. This one at least was softer and a little smaller than the penis gag. There was no way he was going to be talking at all and while smaller than the penis gag, it was larger than his other pacifiers upstairs. Jana was given the same kind of replacement pacifier and soon both babies had the straps locked firmly around their heads. Their feet were lifted high in the air to allow Mommy and Daddy to gently work the plugs out of their bottoms. Each of the babies gasped and grunted into their gags at the initial pain of removal. In no time though, their diapers were pinned and plastic pants pulled up their legs and worked over the bulky thickness of their diapers. Once the changing table straps were removed, each of them was eased to a sitting and then standing position. They were still stiff, but so very relieved to be standing and working out their muscles even slightly. From there, they were guided to a yet unexplored side of the room. They both stopped short simultaneously as their ‘cribs’ came into view. In front of them lay two heavily barred shallow cages, each barely wide enough for their bodies. What was more ominous than anything else was the extremely heavy top which were hinged open for now, but when closed would be within mere inches of their faces. Jonny wasn’t even sure that his slim stomach would not be crushed under these bars. Mommy and Daddy smiled and in fact, Mommy had to stifle a giggle at their reactions. “Get in babies. You do want to lie down and rest, don’t you?” asked Mommy. “Ooooommmph,” was all Jonny could say, but the look on his face said far more. “IN!’ yelled Daddy, poking at his back. After last night, as reluctant as Jonny was to accept even more punishment, he knew he had no choice. He eased himself down into the long, narrow crib. It barely accepted the full length of his body and so when Mommy suggested he slip his feet out through the bars at the bottom of this cage, he complied. Jana had climbed into her cage and Daddy was now pulling her feet out through the lower bars as well. “Now, both of you,” said Mommy, “put your hands up above your heads and reach them out through the bars at the top of the crib.” When they hesitated, Daddy quietly, calmly and almost lovingly said, “Don’t be stupid. Your Mommy asked you to do something. Just do it for Mommy.” They got the hint and soon their arms were stretched out above their heads through the crib bars. CRACK! The sound of wood on wood again as a split and hinged piece of wood slammed around Jonny’s wrists. This small, split board had small circles to hold his arms tightly apart like a full set of stocks would. CLICK! A padlock sealed the restraint closed. Jonny wiggled his arms only to realize this wood would not allow movement of his arms at all. CRACK! This time from the foot of his crib, Jonny felt another board locked around his ankles. The placement of the boards and the length of the cage was just enough so that all but the least of movements was denied. More similar sounds confirmed what Jonny knew already; Jana was to be similarly restrained. Finally, with Mommy looking down at him smiling, he saw her hand move to the heavy metal crib top. A flick of the wrist and these bars were hurtling down at him. He instinctively shut his eyes and gasped anticipating the worst. SLAM!! The sound actually hurt his ears and took away his breath for a moment, but he was relieved to know that the bars didn’t come in contact with his body. The cage did reverberate for a moment and it was quite a while before he could breath normally, but he was not physically harmed. Mommy stood above him, laughing for all she was worth. “Oh, you babies are priceless! I just love this so much! Well, let’s get you locked in and set up for your breakfast.” Jana was spared the drama of the slamming crib top, but it terrified her to see the heavy bars so close to her face. Even closing gently, the top still made an ominous sound as it jarred the rest of the cage. The sound reverberated through her head. Claustrophobia swept over her as a heavy stand was placed between the two cribs. A huge bag was hung on the stand and tubes attached to it were in turn attached to their gags. “We’ll be back to give you some juice to go with your formula. Relax and enjoy now that you aren’t all cramped over in the stocks. Aren’t you just so lucky to be out of the stocks?” With that Mommy began laughing again. Her laughter echoed through the room and faded as the door was closed and the babies left alone again. Barely had the formula begun creeping into Jana’s mouth when the pains in her gut overtook her. Where the plug had been still felt strangely empty, but she could feel the pressure behind that space. The cramps forced her to try to bend and her arms and legs banged into the bars of the cage. Groaning and grunting into the gag did little to help. When she tried to stop accepting the flow of formula into her mouth and grunt to relieve the pressure in her bottom, she almost gagged on the formula that had seeped in against her efforts. Finally, she could feel what seemed like a brick work its way toward release from her bottom. When it finally found an exit, it seemed to explode. From there, a slow, steady river of poop worked to find its way out of its long captivity. Thankfully, Jana could move just enough to arch her back slightly, lifting her bottom slightly off the bottom of the cage and allowing a slightly better flow and slightly more room for the growing pile of excrement. She was used to the feeling of poop in her diaper and as uncomfortable as it was, the pain of the initial release was gone and she could settle into a routine of her mouth filling with formula, swallowing and letting her mouth refill again. She actually was hungry and as much as she’d rather have solid food, she was grateful to be filling her stomach. Much of the time she tried to keep her eyes shut because the proximity of the bars above her creeped her out too much. Her arms were already beginning to be stiff from being kept up above her head, but it was better than being in the stocks. Jonny concentrated on his formula and not for quite a while did he feel the inexorable pressure in his bottom. He was far luckier than Jana, in that he simply felt a mass within him slowly slip down and then explode into his diapers with little or no pain. He also arched to help provide room for this load of excrement and felt it smear up his back and in between his legs as he let himself back down. When more came, he ultimately felt the mass flow upwards coming in contact with his scrotal sac. It was not comfortable, but again he had experienced diaper blow-outs before. This was not the biggest problem he faced. He too was hungry and so suckled heavily on the gag, trying to draw as much of the formula in as possible. This was not a greedy thing for him; not a competition between him and Jana for a precious small commodity. He knew well that Mommy and Daddy certainly had no intention of stopping this feeding before the two were overstuffed. There was no fear on that account. The contents of the bag continued to flow even after the two babies felt totally bloated. Finally Daddy came into their playroom, took away the rest of the formula, replacing it with a huge bag of juice which flowed even faster into their mouths. They had already felt the heavy load of poop in their diapers mixing with the inevitable urine output that neither of them could regulate even outside of this captivity. They knew their diapers would soon be at or above capacity and sensed no relief soon. It was in fact around 1:00 pm when Mommy and Daddy finally came down to the playroom and released them. They were finally brought upstairs, showered, diapered and allowed into their cribs. They were entirely free to move around within their locked cribs and were given their normal pacifiers. Even though the pacifiers could not be taken out and the cribs were locked as always, the two babies felt so much better. They fell asleep almost instantly and slept through until the next morning. Chapter 27 For several weeks, their routine fell back to normal. Jana and Jonny were reluctant to step out of line in the slightest for fear of punishment. Though they had little or no time to converse between each other in private, they seemed to have a silent agreement between them to continue quiet resistance as they looked for a possible weakness in their captivity. More time passed and when the babies were left alone in the bathtub, they got brave again. They embraced and touched each other. Once Jonny had Jana close to a climax when a sound from the other room broke their play and Mommy returned. She seemed not to notice anything and over the course of the next several days, they continue their kissing and fondling in the tub. Jana gave up trying to arouse Jonny as the modification he’d undergone had removed any physical ability he had to be aroused. Still, he felt love for Jana and this caused him to at least wish they could unite. That falling short, he tried to bring her some sexual resolve. They had no way of tracking time, but it was truly almost four months here in this house. One morning, Jonny awoke in his crib and looked around to find Jana not there. He thought that was curious because they seemed never to be separated. This had not happened ever since they’d been brought here. He was apprehensive and when Mommy arrived to get him up, he looked at her pensively. “What’s the matter Baby? Do you miss your sister? Don’t worry. She’s fine. Daddy took her on a little trip. They should be back sometime tomorrow. Let’s get you up and ready for the day, Jonny.” Mommy began to let him out of the crib and he suddenly surged toward her unexpectedly. He was frightened. He was angry. And he’d seen what he thought was an opportunity. If he’d had a moment more to think, he might have thought better of this action. She was certainly fast on her feet and deftly dodged out of the way even as she was reaching for her pocket. Jonny had hardly begun to try to recover when he felt the zap. Shaking and screaming into his pacifier, he fell quickly back to the floor. Only his diaper knew how much he had wet in reaction to this shock. He lay there gasping for a moment before Mommy spoke calmly with a smug smile, “Jonny, that wasn’t very nice. You know better than that! Now you’ll have to wait for your sister in your basement playroom! Get moving now. Crawl into the hallway to the elevator. You know the way.” He rolled over onto his knees looking warily at Mommy, trying to plan another leap at her. Zzzaaapppp! And again, he was rolling in pain on the floor. “Don’t be so silly, Baby. Do as I say!” replied Mommy. Mommy continue to give him small hits from the Behavior Aversion Device implanted in his shoulder every couple feet along his path, just to remind him who was in charge. Jonny wasn’t halfway to the elevator before he regretted his decision to make a move toward Mommy. Still he feared for Jana’s safety. Where had Daddy taken her? What was going on? Would she be OK? Would he even see her again? These questions rolled over and over in his mind as he was strapped onto the changing table in the cellar, re-diapered in thicker diapers than he’d ever been put in and forced into the shallow crib cage he and Jana had experienced before. When the door slammed home and was locked, he was not worried about his own captivity, but about Jana’s welfare. He loved her and he looked forward to the day when they could escape this place and be together. His arms and legs were free in this cage and he had his normal pacifier in, but the cage was still uncomfortable. His arms were at his side and his legs were free as well, but he found even then there was not enough room to roll over. And so he lay there, not feeling sorry for himself, but wondering about Jana. Meanwhile the family Lear jet approached its landing and Daddy spoke to Jana, who was firmly locked into her safety seat and sucking nervously on her pacifier. “Don’t worry, Sweety. This won’t take long at all. It’s just a little adjustment Mommy and I have decided that you need. You’ll barely notice. We’ll stay overnight and be on our way home early in the morning. We may even be back before Mommy gets your brother Jonny up from his crib tomorrow.” Jana was rightfully scared. She knew there was no pleasant outcome to expect in going back to the place where Mommy and Daddy had gotten her. Soon though, the plane had landed, one of Daddy’s men had helped Daddy get her out of the plane, into a car, and then at that place, out of the car and into the building. She was quickly taken by two men in scrubs through the hallways to a procedure room. There, her clothes were removed and folded neatly, her diapers removed and her body wiped meticulously. The men said nothing to her and with her pacifier in place, there was nothing she could say. She wanted to resist, but her arms had been restrained tightly at her side and now an IV had been inserted into her arm. The room faded and she drifted off. When she woke, she was in a different room. There was only a dim light from one corner of the room and there were drapes hanging on two sides of her. She realized her arms and ankles were firmly strapped to the cot she was on, but she was not uncomfortable. She raised her head enough to see a simple band-aid where the IV had been. Her diaper was wet, but that was not an unfamiliar feeling at all. In lifting her head, she began feeling that she was absolutely fine. Soon a man in scrubs came by, looked at a machine behind her, wrote some things on a clipboard and reached to undo her pacifier. “Don’t talk. I’m going to give you another pacifier for now allowing you some nutrition. You’ve been on an IV for a while, but I want you to have some formula before your Daddy brings you home. You’ve been asleep for quite a few hours and you’re almost ready for transport. When you finish the formula, we’ll get you into clean diapers, dressed and ready to go.” As he went to replace the pacifier, she began to speak and he quickly inserted the bulb of the new pacifier before she had a chance. He continued to talk to her as he fastened the pacifier, hung a bag of formula and attached it to her pacifier. “You’ll notice no discomfort at all coming out of this. You won’t even know whether anything was really done. I’m not allowed to say one way or another. But you will feel nothing. Now just finish this up and we’ll get you on your way.” Jana didn’t think she could trust this man at all, but she did feel fine and was suckling on the formula hungrily. She’d never really gotten the idea of liking her formula, but it was far better than hunger. It still was humiliating to be fed in this way, but she was comfortable for now and would soon be out of this place. Yes, she’d be back with Daddy, but she’d be on her way back to Jonny as well. Jonny. She loved him so much. She longed for a time when they could be together in total innocence without constantly worrying about escape or what Mommy and Daddy were planning for them. It was a while after she’d finished her formula before the man came back. But true to his word, she was changed and dressed in the clothes she’d worn to this place. Another man came and helped her out of the building to where Daddy waited in a limousine. The sky was mostly dark except for peeps of light in the East. It must be very early morning, she thought. It didn’t matter what time it was. She was out of that place and on her way home to her… well, he wasn’t really her brother, but on her way back to Jonny. She loved him so much. It was no time at all to the airport and after a nap, Jana woke up to the plane landing. Before she knew it, she was back home. Jonny had spent hours in the small crib down in the cellar before being taken out for a spanking. He had then been given a special laxative suppository which gave him incredible cramps before finally releasing in a fiery and very painful bowel movement. He’d been left in the filthy diaper for a couple hours before Mommy released him, showered him, re-diapered him and brought him back up to his crib. His bottom stung but Mommy applied a strong pain-relieving diaper-rash ointment. He was just waking from a light sleep when Jana was led back into their bedroom and her diapers and clothes changed. Mommy got Jonny up from his crib, changed him and both Mommy and Daddy brought them down to the kitchen for a late breakfast. The twins ate heartily the scrambled eggs and little squares of toast put in their breakfast bowels. They sucked down their bottles and Jana had politely asked Mommy for more. That day and the next several weeks went without event until one night in the tub, they were left alone again. Jonny got brave and embraced Jana. His finger approached Jana’s special place as they embraced and kissed. He fondled her for some time before Jana stopped and sat upright, almost pushing Jonny away. “What?” Jonny whispered. “Is someone coming? I don’t hear anything. I think they’re in their own bedroom.” Jana looked down as her lip quivered and her eyes welled with tears, “No, that’s not it. It’s what they did to me at that place.” She looked up at Jonny with tears streaming down her cheeks. “They did something to me and now I’m not getting any reaction from your finger at all. I don’t feel anything down there. Yeah, I know your finger is there, but you might as well put your finger in my mouth! They took away your ability to have sex or even feel an orgasm. Now they’ve taken it away from me too. I don’t feel a thing. I’ll never have another orgasm or even get any sexual pleasure down there.” Jonny tried to reassure her and continued to hug her until they heard Mommy and Daddy approaching. Jana was still crying as Mommy and Daddy entered the room, though they had broken their embrace. “Oh, look Ellen, I think Jana has figured it out,” Daddy said. Mommy held Jana’s chin up and smiled gently at her, as tears continue down her cheeks. “It’s OK baby. Those feelings you used to have are for grown-ups. You’re our baby. That’s all you are and that’s all you’ll ever be. The two of you are our twin babies. We love you both dearly. Your brother gave up those grown-up feelings long ago and so it’s only fair that you’ve given up those feelings. They were for adult women; not for a little baby girl like you.” Jana completely broke down and sobbed uncontrollably. Jonny felt a fury rising within him but carefully restrained himself for fear he’d bring punishment on both of them. He was right. Daddy in fact had had it all planned out and was in fact disappointed when he behaved. Oh well, Daddy thought. The time will come…the time will come. Jana had no way of knowing, but it had been Mommy and Daddy’s choice that Jana not know anything before, during or immediately after the procedure at that place. When other female property was brought to the clinic for this same procedure, some of the properties were strapped onto a procedure table with their legs splayed in stirrups before the procedure was explained to them. In fact, it was a painless laser surgery with absolutely no need of anesthesia at all. Some owners loved the idea of being present as the procedure was carefully and fully explained to their property before the procedure was done. They basked in the terror of their property as she would buck unsuccessfully at her tight bonds and scream in horror into her gag as the procedure was done. In this case, within moments after, the girl would be fingered until she realized full well the success of the procedure. In other cases, such as Jana, the owner would opt for secrecy and anesthesia to hide from the girl what procedure had been done. Then it would be a matter of time before she realized at her own hand (literally) or the hand or penis of someone else what had been done to her. At any rate, Jana cried herself to sleep that night as Jonny lay in his crib bemoaning not only her fate but the growing hopelessness of their lives. Chapter 28 More time went by. The babies behaved so well that finally Mommy and Daddy decided they didn’t need their pacifiers locked in their mouths throughout the day. It felt so good to have them out, but at the same time each of them had become so accustomed to them and had relied on them so much to soothe themselves. Given pacifier without straps, it was their choice as to when to use them and so they sucked on their pacifiers most of the day anyway. Still it was such freedom not to have it strapped in! It also gave the babies more chance to talk with each other. Now that the s-e-x issue was seemingly resolved, Mommy and Daddy allowed the two to hug one another more often. They watched carefully for inappropriate touching but Jana had gradually found that even breast manipulation gave her little to no sexual stimulus. The two still felt the strong love between them and just rationalized that even though actual sex was not possible, they could still show their deep love for one another. Things were settling in again and days turned to weeks. As the twins played in their playroom, they began to notice that leaves had changed colors and were beginning to fall from the trees. What remained of their adult minds remembered that this was a change of season. They remembered the four seasons and struggled to think back to what season they remembered last from their adult lives. They knew the leaves had been full out since being in this house, but they had no idea how long they’d been in that other place. They spoke of how winter would be coming and it would be getting cold outside. At some point it would snow, but none of this mattered to them because they were never brought outside. In their quiet desperation, they continued to dream. In whispered voices, they quietly began to talk again about escape. About a week later, on a day when Daddy had gone away on a trip and Mommy was with them by herself, Jana noticed Mommy put down the remote control for the devices imbedded in their shoulder. The two had long ago decided that if either got a chance to grab it in such a situation, they would work together to overpower her. From there they reasoned that they could somehow subdue her – maybe lock her into one of their own cribs while they escaped. They might be able to get keys to a car and simply drive away – though they’d have to figure a way past the gate guards. The guards at the service entrance might not even be in place; once, the pair had heard Daddy talk about how sometimes those men were sloppy at their jobs. He’d talked about firing them, but hadn’t as far as they knew. Jana slowly walked one of her dollies over toward the table holding the remote control while Jonny was in another part of the room playing with trucks. Jonny called out to Mommy about something inconsequential while Jana picked up the remote and slid it under her little dress and into the top of her diaper panties. After walking her dolly back over toward Mommy, Jana nodded to Jonny and they both sprang at once. Mommy shrieked as she was knocked off her feet. Jonny grabbed her hands while Jana struggled to control Mommy’s feet. It took them a while to gain control, but soon Jonny had one arm tightly around Mommy’s neck threatening to take away her breath and the other arm holding her arm behind her, twisting it so much Mommy gasped in pain. Mommy tried to talk sense into the two – at least from her point of view – as she was coerced up the stairs and into the twins’ bedroom where she was unceremoniously tossed and locked into Jana’s crib after they searched her pockets for keys. Finding none, they went downstairs and within a short time, found a full set of keys in the kitchen. A security display near the garage door in the kitchen scanned across the outside gates. The main entrance was closed and they could see the guards there. Even as they watched, they noticed two extra guards walking from the direction of the service gate. Next, Jonny and Jana noticed that the service gate was closed, but that there was a small passage leading to the outside that looked open. More importantly, there was no movement. Even as one camera scanned the gate-house and another, the outside perimeter of the gate-house, there was no one there. They were in luck! The two guards must have been bored and walked to the main entrance to visit with those guards. If they hurried, they could get out. They started for the garage, but Jonny stopped short. If they took a car, they might be able to smash the gate, but who knows what damage it would do to the car. Certainly the noise would attract the other guards. If they could just sneak out, they might be able to gain some time. Out the back door and across the yard the two went. Flushed with the thought of finally gaining their freedom, they’d given no thought at all to the fact that they were adult sized, but clothed as little children. The fullness of their diapers were obvious and showed beneath Jana’s little dress and from the bottom of Jonny’s very short shorts. No one in the world could see them and not be at least very suspicious. And no one would forget what they’d seen or where. Still the pair finished their dash across the open lawn of the backyard. They could see the service gate up ahead and they could almost taste the freedom beyond it just moments away. They got close and stopped for breath for just a moment. “This is it, Jana! This is it! We’re going to be free! Let’s go quickly. I’ll go first and make sure no one is outside watching,” Jonny said. The two held hands as they got closer to the gate. Suddenly something went wrong; horribly wrong. The two were hit by a shock so fierce that they were instantly knocked off their feet. They were rendered instantly unconscious and would remember none of what happened after their final approach to the gate. Thankfully, the gps alarm trigger that was part of their Behavior Aversion Device was set for such a massive jolt that they felt no pain; rather they were simply rendered instantly unconscious. They would be for quite some time. They remained unconscious while the service entry guards finished their conversation at the front gate, returned, found the still and lifeless bodies of the pair of would-be escapists, and brought them back to the main house. When Mommy heard the door from the outside open again, she screamed for all she was worth until the guards heard. They released Mommy and helped her bring the hapless pair down to the basement playroom. There, the guards assisted as the babies were stripped and re-diapered. They were then put against a far wall of the room and restrained at the waist, wrists and ankles to large circular disks set into the wall. Mommy then turned each circle until each baby was upside down. The rotating disks were then fixed in position so that the babies were strapped helplessly upside down. Much later, Jonny finally began regaining consciousness and instantly realized things were not as planned! He felt very strange and felt the pressure in his head from being upside down. Nothing seemed right as he opened his eyes. He glanced around the room and began to understand his fate, as well as seeing his beloved right next to him upside down as well. It was some time before Jana regained consciousness and a while after that before Jonny braved speaking. “Jana, I’m so sorry. I have no idea what went wrong. I don’t remember anything. The guards must have been hiding. Do you know what happened?” he asked. “I’ve got no idea. I thought we were home free. Out! On our way! I don’t know what hit us. Nothing should have stopped us. It’s not fair,” she sobbed. “It’s OK, Jana. I know we’re really going to catch it for this, but we’ll make it. I just know. We’ll be OK. You and I were meant to be together and happy. Our time will come. I promise. Hang in. We can take anything they decide to dish out to us. We’ve made it this far together. We’re not about to give up,” he said firmly. He wasn’t so sure of what he had said, twelve hours later as he worked to swallow the liquid seeping into his mouth from the gag Mommy had locked into his mouth. He heard Jana’s struggles to swallow while hanging upside down as well. The discomfort was immense, but the worst was that their diapers were now so drenched that urine was seeping out of the waist-band of their diaper pants. He felt a few drops occasionally run down his chest to run off and splash onto the floor. Once in a while, drops would run down his neck and onto his face. He’d gotten used to peeing in his diapers, but the humiliation of pee running onto his face was a new low. He looked over pitifully at Jana suffering largely the same fate. It seemed surreal to look at her strapped upside down with urine dripping running around and sometimes between her breasts and down onto her face as well. Neither of them regretted their decision to try to escape and vowed silently to continue their attempts and yet, they had no idea what fate they faced. They knew their punishment would be harsh. This was only the beginning. Chapter 29 They were surprised when Mommy and Daddy came into the room and released them, changed them and led them into the elevator. They had expected far more time in this room and far worse punishment. Instead of going straight up to the second floor however, the elevator stopped at the first floor and the pair was immediately herded toward the garage. Jonny sensed what was coming and started to object. It took two very heavy shocks from Daddy subdue him. After blubbering in pain on the floor for a while, he was helped up, and still resisting, put into the car and strapped into his car seat. Jana had to be shocked several times as well. Weakened and in tears, she had to be helped into her seat too. From there, they were on the Lear jet, they arrived at the airport and all too soon were back in that place. Jana and Jonny were dragged off to separate procedure rooms and placed in reclining seats. They were strapped in across the chest, with their ankles bound and their arms strapped to the padded arm of the chair just below the elbow and with another strap across the palm of their hand. Jonny felt the mask at his face and tried not to breathe in, but soon he faded into a dark haze. Jana, understanding far too well the futility, did not resist. Later, they woke in cots next to each other, both strapped in securely. Jana spoke first, “Jonny, what do you think they did? I’m not feeling much of anything yet. What was it?” Jonny sadly replied, “Try to move your fingers. Mine won’t move. I have feeling, but I can’t move my fingers at all. I don’t know if that’s all they did, but isn’t that enough? I guess it’s supposed to be our punishment for picking up the remote control.” Starting to sob, Jana replied, “You’re right, Jonny. I’ve been trying, but I can’t move my fingers either. It doesn’t feel like it’s something that’s going to wear off, either. What are we going to do? When will they stop and just leave us alone?” “I don’t know. I don’t know. But don’t give up yet, Jana. I’m not ready to give up, are you? I love you too much. We can make it. We can still do it. We’ll be together and put all this behind us. Hang in. We’ll have to behave or at least pretend to for quite a while, but we’ll find another chance. We will. I promise.” A short time after this, Mommy and Daddy were escorted into the room by a man in scrubs. They looked at their babies – or property – whichever your prefer – with somber expressions. “You’ve got to realize, you brought this on yourselves.” Daddy spoke evenly but in a very severe voice. “We’d never normally consider doing this to you. But you forced our hand. Never again will you pick up a remote control or much of anything else. We love you and want you to know that we love you. It’s only because we love you so much that we had to do this. We hope you’ve learned your lesson and will behave now.” The man in scrubs released all but their ankle restraints and brought a full baby bottle to each of them. “Careful, now. You’ll have to get used to holding a bottle a little differently. There you go. That’s the way.” But the bottle soon rolled out of Jonny’s grasp and had to be re-placed for him. He finally settled for letting the bottle rest in the V of his hands held together. Jana’s slipped as well and she eventually copied Jonny’s strategy. She would follow him to the ends of the earth. She really believed that somehow they would somehow find freedom together without any worry about being captives. She just knew it. Chapter 30 For the next several weeks, the babies gradually adapted to not being able to grasp anything with their fingers. Mommy or Daddy had to feed them everything. Their fingers were entirely limp and even when a finger from one hand was pressed against a finger from the other hand even tiny pieces of toast would just fall out of their grasp. When they played in the play room, they were unable to pick up toys. The Legos in the corner that Jonny had begun to enjoy putting together were useless to him now. He could push cars around with his hand, but if he wanted to pick one up, he had to clench it between his palms. Jana could pick up her dolls in the same way, but it was awkward and uncomfortable for each of them. Every time they thought they could, they’d embrace and hold each other; sometimes naked in the bathtub, sometimes there in the playroom. Their love for each other had not diminished and they would not give up hope. When they felt safe, they’d whisper in low voices about ideas of escape. They behaved outwardly, but inwardly continued plotting to get out of this place. Time passed but sadly a day for escape never came. One day they’d spent time speaking to each other in the play room about plans to capture Mommy and lock her in a crib again – and this time really getting through the gate (they never were told what it was that caused their previous failed attempt). The following morning, Mommy greeted them cheerily and got them up, changed and dressed. Daddy was waiting at the breakfast table too. Everything was going as normal until after having almost emptied their bottles, the twins began to feel weak and groggy. Mommy and Daddy helped them stagger out of their high chairs and into the car in the garage. They were far too weak and disoriented to object. They had no idea was coming. They woke again to the sound of the Lear jet landing. They were still a little groggy and could only imagine what was coming. While they resisted a little, it took only a minor assist from their behavior aversion devices to get them into the limousine and from there into that place one more time. They were brought into an office and strapped into chairs. A man they barely remembered sat behind a massive wooden desk. Mommy and Daddy sat together on a love seat directly in front of the desk. “So, you’ve finally come to your senses, I see,” said the man behind the desk. Daddy smiled and spoke. “Oh we’ve been in our right senses all the way along. We are and have been entirely satisfied with these two. We’ve come to love them dearly as if they were truly our own children. Like any children, they’ve gotten in trouble now and then and we’ve had to discipline them. The intermediate modifications we’ve had done were relatively minor and have helped them on their journey.” “You both realize the severity of the modification you’ve asked for now?” The man looked over his glasses severely at Mommy and Daddy. Jonny and Jana were frightened and none too happy to hear this, but there was little they could do. Mommy smiled at the man. “Oh we don’t look at this as severe at all. And don’t bother sugar coating this in front of the babies. I think they deserve to know what our plans are. After all, it’s because we love them. We’ve watched them struggle to accept who they are now. We know that you offer many other modifications. We know we could sign a paper that would end up with them basically crippled – physically unable to walk. We know we could have their vocal cords cut so they could no longer speak. Still, they’d suffer. Oh, they might eventually give up hope of escape. But probably not. They’d still harbor those thoughts; they’d still try to think of some way out. No, we’re doing the right thing.” “If you’re absolutely sure of it, we’ll get started right away. It will take several weeks at a minimum, you understand. We won’t have you come for them until we are sure they’re completely ready,” said the man. “Yes, we understand fully,” said Daddy. Then he turned to the babies locked into their seats, saying, “And we want the two of you to understand fully. As Mommy said, we’ve seen the two of you struggle to accept yourselves for who you are. You’ve tried to act like adults, giving Mommy and me all kinds of grief. You’ve been punished and still you think you’re grown-ups. Even after we made your little peepee so that it couldn’t get a stiffy, Jonny, you worked at pleasing your own sister with your finger up her special place. That took a modification.” “Still you hugged each other and we could tell you thought of yourselves as lovers, not baby brother and baby sister. You plotted to escape. We overheard most of your conversations and let them go. After all, we knew you couldn’t possibly be successful. You even hurt Mommy and locked her into one of your cribs, thinking you’d get away. Little did you know that a massive shock would be triggered any time you got within 3 feet of the wall or any gate of the estate.” “You probably didn’t realize that each time we’ve brought you in or out, we have to dis-arm the master control. Heaven help you if we forgot to do that! So there you have it. Escape is impossible. We’ve enjoyed these months of watching and listening as you plotted and planned. We’ve enjoyed the punishments we’ve given you and we’ve watched as you tried to behave afterwards. Still we’ve realized this has been only a game. You’ve played your side of it and we’ve played ours.” Jonny got red in the face and struggled against the restraints as he heard this. Jana reddened, but only looked down. Daddy continued, “Mommy and I could continue the game, but now we’d rather just settle in being Mommy and Daddy. The modification you are about to undergo is massive, but not in any physical sense. You will endure absolutely no physical procedure beyond some simple restraint. You’ve endured far, far worse than the plan of action that has been explained to us. Rather, you are about to undergo final mental and psychological conditioning. When you are done, we’ve been promised it will be like you were just born. You’ll remember nothing – NOTHING of your past. You won’t even recognize Mommy and I. Your time with us so far will have disappeared just as your previous life had been erased from your memory before we acquired you.” “This time, however, there will be no residual. You will truly think of yourselves as helpless babies. You will think nothing of the fact that you are truly adult size. As far as you will be concerned it will be the most normal thing in the world. Your adult language and vocabulary will be erased entirely. Your thoughts will be the thoughts of babies. It will take you three or four months before you can successfully roll over in your crib. It will be another while before you can sit up or crawl. And you will never get beyond that stage.” “The programming you’ll receive here will prevent you from ever even thinking about attempting to stand. While it would be physically possible, if you did attempt to stand, the programming would cause you to lose confidence and fall down helplessly. In effect, the training you are about to begin here will simply allow you to become the babies you are. You will end up being active participants in this and will be led to the mindset we feel you truly want to accept for yourselves. Yes, at each step, your willingness to continue in the process will allow it to continue.” “At this point, you may think this is something you don’t want, but you already have accepted your incontinence and you’ve developed so many other baby habits that truly soothe and please you. You may even surprise yourselves as you proceed through this process; you will soon love what you are to become.” “I’m sure you’re looking at the down side of all this right now, but let me assure you how good it will be for you. You will be loved and taken care of unconditionally. You’ll never have another worry or care in your life. We will provide everything you need and you will accept it lovingly and unconditionally. You will develop a deep love for both Mommy and I as well as for each other. But there will be no romantic love. Only the love appropriate to those your emotional age; the love a child has for Mommy and Daddy and the love of two very close siblings; two twin babies.” Jana looked positively white. She stared straight ahead, trying to absorb what Daddy had said. Jonny was screaming into his pacifier and struggling desperately against the bonds holding him down. Two men in scrubs entered the room, released Jana and supported her with their strong hands as they escorted her out of the room. She barely noticed them and seemed almost to float out of the room apart from her body; trapped in her mind as she tried to absorb the words she’d heard. Moments later, another two men slipped into the room, injected Jonny with a sedative and waited for a moment for it to take effect. Within thirty seconds, his thrashing had diminished to the helpless flapping of one hand. His head had drooped to rest on his chest. They then released the restraints and struggled to get him to his feet. They supported most of his weight as they half-dragged him out of the room too. His mind had been reduced to random thoughts lost in swirling fog. The man behind the desk smiled and looked at the man and woman sitting in front of him. “That was some talk you gave them. You had me half convinced that it will only be mind games we play with them. I think they really do believe they’ll be brought to participate actively in their own regression. This little twist seems a little strange though. You seem to be basking in the idea of them being tormented this last time before finally becoming irretrievably infantile. Once these modifications are complete, they won’t have any memory of it at all.” Mommy returned the man’s smile and said, “Oh we know exactly what we’re doing. In fact, we’ve pretty much had it planned right from the very start. We knew the ultimate outcome and simply allowed them to set the timing and sequence of the outcome.” Daddy added, “We are going to ask you to let us see some video of the progress they make and their reactions. That will be a lot of fun for us. At the same time, we really are looking forward to them being total and complete babies. That they won’t remember any of this won’t change the sheer joy we’re going to be getting when they return home. Thank you for all you’ve done and for what you will be doing over the next several weeks. Just let us know when they are ready for us.” Mommy looked at Daddy and giggled, “Paul, this is all so exciting! I think this is going to work out wonderfully.” He looked at her and said, “Of course. I have no doubt.” Mommy and Daddy bid farewell to the man behind the desk and left for home, excited about their future. Chapter 31 Meanwhile a couple floors away and down isolated hallways, Jonny had had his diapers changed and was now padded in triple thick cloth diapers. The two workers were now fitting him with a very special hood. As it went over his head, the men were careful to see that his ears were positioned just right as well as his eyes. Once in place, one of the men pulled down the zipper on the back of the hood fastening it tightly. Two straps on the back of the hood further confirmed the tightness and security. On the front, a special opening was unsnapped to allow the pacifier/feeding gag to be placed in Jonny’s mouth. This gag was then snapped into place where the cover had previously been. Once the hood was fully in place, the men helped Jonny up and into the crib in the room. After restraining his wrists and ankles, they slid the front bars into place and closed the crib top, locking the crib securely. Before they left, they turned on the electronic equipment that began sending the visual and aural signals to the mask. Even though Jonny was still heavily sedated, the sound in his ears roused him enough to open his hazy eyes to see the continuous display of adults dressed as babies, some only in diapers, some in onesies, and others in various other baby attire; men and women crawling around, sitting, and playing with baby games. All of them had been merchandise; products of this institution turned into adult babies in the same way that Jonny and Jana were now going to come to their final regression. What Jonny saw and heard, however, seemed so natural and right and yet still in his mind, so wrong. Through the cloud of drugs, the message was that these images he saw were babies. The concept that these babies might be older than other babies simply made no sense. He was a baby as well. The long, slow, soothing voice continued to echo through the earphones telling Jonny how being a baby was what he was meant to be; that he loved his diapers and that he wanted to become a complete baby. Even in his groggy condition, Jonny reacted by shaking his head and struggling against his bonds. This went on for hours and hours and was being replicated for Jana as well. She had been totally passive as the men brought her into her room; she’d calmly allowed them to change her diapers. She didn’t flinch with the administration of the extra thick diapers and she remained calm as the hood slipped over her head. Was it resignation or was it the shock of having heard what was expected of her and Jonny, who she loved so deeply and so strongly? Soon each one, in their own crib, had their first meal fed through their feeding gag. During this and subsequent feedings, they saw those other adult babies being fed, hearing how this is what they really wanted – they wanted the full experience of being total babies. They wanted to forget their lives as adults; to set it aside and never to return even to thinking about it at all. Through all of this Jana seemed to just absorb it all passively; to let it flow over her. Jonny continued to thrash about and shake his head violently even though he was totally unable to stop the message being seen and heard. Time meant nothing to this pair, but several days passed. The hoods remained a constant and the only sound and light they could detect came from them. The only feelings were of movement within their cribs and of the hands that removed wet and sometimes dirty diapers, gently cleaned them, and put thick dry diapers back on them. They couldn’t possibly have noticed the drugs placed into their food, consumed through the feeding gag. They didn’t even feel themselves slip into a deep sleep, nor the transfer to the procedure room. They didn’t feel the incisions on their legs nor the placement of the devices at just the right locations near just the right muscles. When they awoke, it didn’t seem that there had even been an interruption in the sights and sounds they were being subjected to. The voices told them they didn’t want to be adults any more. They didn’t want to talk like adults anymore and they didn’t even want to walk. They wanted to be complete and total babies. If they even tried to stand up, the voices said, they’d relax their muscles and let themselves slip to the floor helplessly. They were told that this would be their own decision; that it was because of how much they themselves really wanted to be babies. Some of their diaper changes came in the middle of seeing the adult babies and hearing how they wanted to make themselves into helpless babies. At other times, even with the hood in place, they could sense the release of the crib bars as the attendants got the babies ready for their diaper change. Now, the first indication was the feeling of phantom hands on their bodies. Their plastic pants would be pulled and tugged, diapers unpinned. They would be rolled, moved, their bottoms lifted almost automatically with no thought given at all. At other times a change would come during the long lonely periods of sightlessness and silence. As much as the two hated the barrage of mental stimulation, they hated more the sensory deprivation caused by their bonds and the mask. They would be surprised by a flow of liquid into their mouths and they would feel the effects of their own waste being released into their diapers. While they had long since gotten used to using their diapers and having them changed by others, there was something about being sensory deprived that led them to give in even more to a sense of helplessness. They were more relaxed and calm. It was less and less a bad thing that they had been placed in their cribs. Days later during a time of sensory deprivation, Jana sensed the bars of her crib being released. Instead of the feeling of hands removing plastic pants, preparing for a diaper change, the hands were loosening the restraints holding her in. She began to feel nervous. This might be a good thing, but then again, she was convinced there were no good things planned for her future. Strong hands brought her to a sitting position on the edge of her crib and in her ears, she heard the instructions, “Stand up,” as she heard the hands retreat from their hold on her. Without thinking, she obediently urged her muscles to bring her to a standing position. Just as her muscles pulled her up and away from the crib mattress, they immediately betrayed her and sent her crashing to the floor. She screamed into her gag and put her hands out randomly. With no vision whatsoever, it was a horrible feeling to be falling with no sense of what was around her. “Get on your hands and knees,” said the voice in her ears. Defiantly, yet obediently, she felt the floor with her hands and found her way to kneeling. Even before being directed to, she began to rise. Her leg muscles pulled her up, but just so far before giving way yet again. She fell hard, not being able to see where to put her arms to cushion her fall. “Get up,” said the voice. Once more she tried and once more her muscles betrayed her. This went on for some time before she simply lay sobbing on the floor, curled up in a ball. Now the voice spoke gently to her, “See, you don’t want to stand up, do you? You are a baby and babies can’t stand up. You think you want to, but deep down you want to be a baby that can’t stand up. You’ve been a very good baby and you’ve convinced yourself not to stand. It really was your own idea, wasn’t it?” Finally strong arms guided her back into her crib, secured her limbs and closed and locked the crib once more. The voice continued through the speakers in the mask, soothingly explaining to her how this was what she really wanted. She didn’t want to walk or even stand ever again. She wanted to be a baby. Jana continued to sob, convinced that somehow they’d done this to her; they’d actually convinced her to abandon control of her leg muscles. She clearly had no way of knowing that the devices implanted in her legs were sending electrical signals to the muscles used to stand up every time she went to use them. It wasn’t in her mind, but rather the electrical impulses of the implants telling her muscles to relax. Jonny was going through this exact regimen. At first he’d been very stubborn and he’d tried continuously for twenty minutes more than Jana had withstood the torment. Finally, however, he too ended up a blubbering mass on the floor and was helped back into his crib. While the two no longer had any sense of time, they were led through this torment three times a day for days and days. In fact it was Jonny who finally succumbed first. The voice prompted him to stand and yet he simply remained on the floor. Hands prodded him and he would get on hands and knees but not stand. The hands would bring him into a standing position and release him immediately to fall to the floor. Several times he tried to at least keep his muscles stiff to avoid falling, but they betrayed him every time. Mercifully the hands and the voice released him from his agony and left him alone in his crib. Again and again the voice would return to console him about his decision to be a real baby. Jana went for a full day and a half more of this torment. She tried to convince herself that if she tried hard enough, she’d succeed. She could beat this because she loved Jonny so much. She knew he would be strong and she would not let him down. When she finally did give up, she lay sobbing for hours and hours in her crib. The sights and sounds continued and each of the babies thought they would be driven crazy. Now several times a day, they’d be gotten out of the cribs to crawl. The ones monitoring them, however, had programmed the implants to relax the muscles even from this control and Jana and Jonny would fall in a heap even from a kneeling position. They had learned well from their failure to stand and gave in quickly to not being able to kneel or crawl. The voice from the earphones in their hoods began to feel more and more like it was simply within their heads and part of their own thoughts. More and more, they began to accept that what the voice was saying might really be true. Chapter 32 They began sinking deeper and deeper into hopelessness. Days more passed before their food was again drugged. Any slight difference in taste would not be noticed by the babies hungrily ingesting everything that came into their mouths. More and more they were fixated on the oral stimulation of their pacifiers, feeding gags and bottles. If they had noticed the medications, what difference could it have possibly made? This time it was a chemical devised as an outgrowth of a drug used to promote speech in stroke victims. This drug was modified, however, to act in just the opposite way. The pair had no sense this was being done to them until one day when men came into their rooms, opened their cribs and removed the hoods. The attendants worked slowly and the babies were constantly reassured, first through the voice in the hood and then by the attendants themselves. Even though the lights in the room were dimmed to a minimum, Jonny squinted as light streamed into his eyes. When one of the men released his pacifier gag, he spoke, “Taaaa taaaa.” He thought he was saying ‘Thank you,’ and immediately knew something was wrong. He worked his jaw back and forth for a while thinking it was just stiff from having the gag in it. At the same time, he knew better because he’d been gagged so many times before and this had never happened. His jaw would be sore, but after just a moment he could speak clearly. “What was that, Baby?” The man who’d released his gag, spoke gently and softly. “Taaaa taaaa,” was all that escaped Jonny’s mouth. “What a good baby you are. You’re cooperating so well. All on your own, you’ve decided to use only baby talk,” said the man with a condescending and demeaning tone in his voice and yet still gentle. “Aaaa naaa waaaa…” Jonny began. His voice developed an edge as he continued to work to form words that would just not come out, “Meeeeeeeeeee naaaaa beeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa.” “Good! That’s the way, Baby,” taunted the man. Every time the man spoke to him, Jonny would react in anger and spew more nonsense talk. And every time Jonny tried to talk, the man would compliment him on his willingness to abandon meaningful speech. Within hours this same pattern was repeated in Jana’s room. She ended up in sobs, wracking her body against her restraints, thrashing against the crib mattress until finally her attendants decided it wise to use a hypodermic and sedate her. The hoods were replaced and the training continued. Soon a new drug was introduced into their feeding routine. This was one developed in conjunction with Alzheimer’s research. Scientists had managed to isolate the chemical in the brain that caused the memory loss and they were working on a drug to promote preservation of memory. A few very private, very well paid researchers took what was being learned and twisted it to find the drug now being ingested by Jana and Jonny. Slowly but very surely, this chemical would have its effect on the memory centers of the brain eroding all memory function, but particularly long term memory. The drug would continue and the patients monitored, questioned, and observed until it was certain that not only were they unable to speak, but they would no longer understand words and no longer have any memories of the past. As long as the drug was continued in the appropriate doses, memories would not only be suppressed but completely eliminated. Once the drugs were stopped, memories would begin to build but none prior to the stopping of the drugs would ever be retrievable. Day by day Jana and Jonny would lose more recollection of past events. Soon they were forgetting many of the details of their stay together in Mommy and Daddy’s house. Gradually all the memories of punishments faded and so too the pleasurable thoughts of baths together and the feelings they’d experience before of sexual pleasures. It all slipped away. Jana began to slip into periods of not remembering Jonny’s name – even as Jonny - and then more and more periods of not remembering him at all. Jonny had even sooner than Jana forgotten all about her and had no recollection of his own name. He fell into a state of recognizing only his body and its functions. He ate, he peed, and he pooped. Someone came and changed his diapers. Gradually the speech of the attendants turned into meaningless gibberish. He had no words left in his mind. He experienced but could not describe to himself any of it. He simply existed. And he was happy with that. Eventually the two no longer needed restraints in their cribs. Muscle memory had been wiped away as surely as cognitive memory. They lay how they were placed. They would make no effort to roll over and although they would move their arms and legs randomly, there was no such thing as purposeful movement. When they were changed, they’d look up into the eyes of their attendant and respond with smiles but as the drugs continued, even that recognition began to fade. Their eyes became less focused and they could sense only the slightest differences in visual texture. Jana and Jonny had reached their final level of modification; they behaved and thought at the same level of newborn babies. There would be and could be no return to adulthood for them. Chapter 33 A week later, Mommy and Daddy came to pick up their newborns. The doses of medication had been adjusted to a maintenance level and a three month supply given to the couple. The staff here would keep the supply coming as time went on and in carefully leveled doses to restrict development of the babies’ minds beyond the point desired. Jana and Jonny were eased into special strollers based on those for handicapped adults, yet fitted out in an infantile way. The seats reclined in a way that allowed baby’s neck to be supported and they were strapped in to protect the babies rather than restrain them, for no restrained was needed. There was a loose strap placed over their legs to prevent wild uncoordinated movement simply because their legs were so much longer than a real baby’s. They lay in these strollers, content and amused by their own gurgling and cooing. They watched vague shapes and shadows, but saw nothing. They heard the sound of soft voices but had no sense of where the sound came from. They felt the motion of the strollers as they exited the building and sensed the slight temperature change from inside to outside to back inside. The vehicle in which they rode had fittings to anchor the stroller safely so there was no need to move the babies. There was a new sense of motion and they each slipped off to sleep. Jonny woke and felt an empty stomach. He did the only thing he knew how to do. He began crying. Jana had been sleeping, but reacted to a sound similar to something she’d heard before. The tone was different, but the sound was familiar. Her reaction was to cry as well. Before long each of them felt the familiar sensation at their lips and this they understood well. They instinctively drew the nipple into their mouth and began to nurse. Jana had no sense that it was Mommy holding her bottle or that the whooshing noise in the background was the soothing sound of the Lear jet engines whisking them all to what she would eventually know as her home. She heard that voice again too. Jonny also nursed his bottle and heard not only the one voice but another as well. Over time he would hear these voices often and would gradually associate them with feelings of safety, contentment and happiness. For now, he was happy because the sensation in his tummy was changing. Everything was as it should be. As each bottle was emptied, the baby consuming it slipped off into a gentle sleep. They slept solidly through the rest of the flight, the transfer to a limo and the ride to the estate. Mommy and Daddy had called ahead on their way from the airport. The staff had been alerted and was ready and waiting for the arrival of the limo and the two new family members arriving for the first time… for the second time. As the limo pulled to a stop and Mommy and Daddy climbed out, a man stepped forward dressed in blue scrubs, stopping a few steps away from the couple. He was about six feet tall, with very short brown hair. There was no facial hair noticeable and not a trace of hair sticking out from the vee of his shirt. He looked to be around 24 or 25 years old. Next to him, stood a blond woman. Her hair was very short, but reasonably stylish. She was wearing pink scrubs and looked to be about the same age as the man. The two of them stood almost as if at attention and did not speak. Daddy looked them up and down before speaking. “Manny, please get little Jonny from the limo and bring him up to his crib. He’s still sleepy from the trip. The driver will help you with his carriage and also with Jana’s. Nanny, Jana is on the other side of the car. Manny can help you get her into her carriage and then to her crib.” Each stood for a moment to be sure he was done with his instructions and then in turn each one looked him in the eyes and said, “Yes, Sir.” Mommy, who’d been standing next to Daddy looked at the man and woman dressed in scrubs and cast a knowing glance at their thick midsection. No one could escape seeing the large bulge at their waists. A few might think they were just overweight in spite of their otherwise muscular appearance. Few would suspect that obviously responsible adults like this would be dressed in double thick cloth diapers and billowing plastic pants. But then few would even know about the fact that sometimes people disappear from their lives to trained for specialized stations in life and in the process be trained to the necessity of using diapers. Mommy sniffed the air, wrinkled her nose and sarcastically said, “Which of you is that?” Manny cast his glance at the ground and in a soft, embarrassed voice said, “Me, Ma’am. I’m very sorry, Ma’am. I changed at the usual time this morning, but for some reason I hadn’t voided. I’m so sorry, Ma’am. It won’t happen again.” “It had better not!” said an indignant Mommy. “Do as you’ve been told but then change yourself. I don’t want to be smelling your sad and sorry butt! What a pathetic human being you are! You should be ashamed of yourself. Can’t you control yourself any better than that?” His gaze remained fixed on a spot near his feet. “I am really sorry, Ma’am. I’ll make it up in some way. I…I…couldn’t help it. It won’t happen again. Please…” and before he had a chance to finish, Mommy chimed in. “Nanny, see to it your fellow worker has a good solid butt plug in his bottom before he re-diapers. For his transgression, both of you will have a nice big enema tomorrow morning. I won’t have either of you disrespecting either of us like this. Your sole purpose in life is to serve us and take care of Jana and Jonny. Don’t ever forget how we took you in out of the kindness of our hearts. Who knows who else would have purchased you and what horrible situation you could have found yourselves in!” “Yes, Ma’am. We are glad that you purchased us and have been so kind to us,” they repeated in almost perfect unison. “Thank you, Ma’am.” Turning to Paul, they said “Thank you, Sir,” and quickly set themselves to the assigned tasks. Epilogue: One year later, as the morning sun streamed brightly through the windows, Jana and Jonny played in their playroom. They crawled slowly and awkwardly on the floor, occasionally stumbling and crashing to the floor. Though they could not grasp toys, they used two hands awkwardly to lift objects off the floor. They learned just as any babies learn, adapting to their own abilities and surroundings. They’d seem a little frustrated at times, but they would giggle as the toy dropped to the floor. They were aware of each other but were only learning at a slow rate that the other little thing that made noise was actually something like them; a baby. They interacted only on a very basic level and played near each other, but clearly on their own. Manny moved among them from time to time, watching them, handing them new toys when they seemed bored and laughing with them when the toys inevitably fell from their almost useless hands. After a while, he’d grasp one of the other of the babies and roll them on their backs for a moment, slipping a finger up through their plastic panties checking the status of their diapers. At the appropriate time, he would take out the large plastic changing pad and place one of the babies on it and begin to take off their plastic panties and continue the changing procedure. Able to roll and crawl now, the babies had become a potential chore to change. Sometimes they’d just lie back and coo. Other times they’d cry in a complaining way as if they were angry that they’d been taken from their play. Other times, they’d roll and giggle, almost knowing they were being mischievous. Part way through the morning, Nanny entered the room with two bottles. When handed the bottle, each of the babies would roll over onto their back and suckle their bottle greedily until it was emptied. This particular morning, as Nanny gave the babies their bottles, Manny asked, “Could you please watch them for a couple minutes? I’m really wet and I’d better change before I leak. I’ve been with them all morning.” Nanny looked irritated and said, “What do you think I’ve been doing? So far I’ve done two loads of diapers and one load of their baby clothes. I’ve still got our diapers to do and then I’ve got to get lunch for the babies and for Sir and Ma’am.” Sighing she added, “Oh go ahead. Just be quick. I’ve got to change as well. My bowels are rumbling too. Hurry up. By the time you’re back maybe I can get back to work, poop and clean up without getting too far out of schedule. I’ve spent one too many nights down in the basement room lately. I don’t want to be down there again tonight. Certainly not because of you!” Ellen’s face drew into a broad smile as she watched on the screen in her private drawing room. It was so much fun not only having two little babies, but these two new diapered servants to carry the load of care of the babies and the attendant housework. Yes, she and her husband Paul had come to love Jana and Jonny as much as real parents would love real babies. They’d enjoyed every moment of torment they’d caused the pair after first purchasing them, but they’d truly become proud and happy parents. Even better was the fact that they’d also been able to purchase Manny and Nanny and have them modified to become perfect and normally well-behaved servants. Their needs for dominance, control and manipulation were massive, but with these four purchases, they were now satisfied and would be for years and years to come. The End.
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    Thirteen year old dark brown hair brown eyed medium tone skin chubby cheek Nancy had been causing a lot of grief for Amy Piper for the last three weeks. She had been with a group of girls that followed the poor girl everywhere making her life trouble at school. They would spill her food tray at lunch, block the bathrooms on her until she was crying as she pleaded with them to let her go, though they normally did let her make it just in time, and they push her down a lot and threatened her that she better not tell on them. Besides her bullying streak of the last couple of weeks, her report cards since starting junior high school last year have been far below what her mother was used to seeing her get in elementary school. Last year, she had Cs in Math, PE, Science, and Homec while she had Ds in English and Music and an F in English. Because of that, she had to take two English classes this year to make up for the F and that meant she only got to pick one elective, Art. Even now, her grades were not doing well. She had English 7th C English 8th D Math C History D Science C Homec C and Art B at the moment. It wasn't that everything was really that hard for her. She just didn't see the point of trying. At home, she never helped out. Even in her own room, she only picked up and made her bed when she planned to invite someone over so that they wouldn't see a mess in her room, but other than that, she would leave dirty cups all over the house from drinking something like milk or juice without even bringing them back to the kitchen, and she never took her own plate to the sink. She was just plain lazy at home, only doing her homework for school when her mom got on her and stayed on her until she was finished. If her mom left her for even a few minutes, she would be reading something she wanted to or doing something else unless she thought she'd get caught by her mother. Today, the bullying group had gone too far on Amy. They pushed her down when she asked to use the bathroom, and they had already denied her for a little too long anyway, and she ended up wetting her pants. While she was too scared to go straight to the principal's office to tell on them, a teacher caught her wet and made her go to the nurse, and with prodding and prompting that lasted almost the entire day, she finally reluctantly told on Nancy, who was the one that pushed her and then called her a baby for peeing her pants. Nancy was called from her seventh period class to see the principal, but the principal didn't see her right away. She made her wait until she could get her mom to come in, and that meant, she waited all seventh period until about five minutes before it ended before the principal had gotten the mom in the office, told her about how a group of girls was bullying Amy, and that her own daughter was the one to force Amy to wet her pants and then start calling her names on top of actually physcially assaulting her by pushing her down. Now, the office door finally opened, and Nancy was walking into the office to see what they wanted.
  8. Well.... I had no plans to write this at all. Over a week ago I posted this idea in the Idea Adoption Thread, however over the last week I haven't been able to get the idea out of my head and have figured out a story for it. If anyone else wants to write their own version of the "universe" i would say for it, though it isn't a new idea to say the least. If you want to get a basic idea of the world you can read but was posted in the adoption thread, however everything about the world a person will learn as we go through. I want to finish the rewrite of DTA/Little Time Daycare but until I get this out of my head I'm not able to focus on that story at the moment. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter 1 Weekend sales always drew large crowds and today was no different. Becky would normally avoid the mall when it was like this, however the sale on winter leggings was something she wouldn't pass up even if it was late summer. Becky normally bought clothing out of season to get the best price on everything, let everyone else buy the most expensive and "in" looks. As she turned a corner an old friend came into view. "Mai, I didn't know you worked here!" The girl jumped at hearing her name. "Becky it's been a long time." Embracing like old friend. "I started working here a month ago, Employment Registration only had three choices for me after I stopped working at the factory. This was the best of the three, I really don't want to work in fast food." "Why'd they let you go?" "They didn't let me go, the factory was moved. It's to far away to drive to everyday and the pay was... well you know "our" level of pay." Mai went back to stocking the shelves. "What brings you here today?" "The sale on leg warmers." Mai started laughing, "you would! Everyone else is here for the sale on summer clothes and your getting ready for winter. The leg warmers are behind me." "How do you like working here?" "It's alright. Being the new girl I get the crappy weekend shifts but I'm hoping to get most to all weekday shifts in the next few months." Becky groaned, "I remember working weekends at Sammy's, and being a waitress sucks... Well it does for us at least, I could see many women liking it." "Oh that brings back memories, does Alex still work there?" "I don't think she will ever leave that job unless they force her out. She likes the people that come in there more then other restaurants." Becky said. "She likes being around other DGs which I can't blame her, it's been hard for her since her mother died." Mai nodded and turned back to stocking. For Becky sure enough the leggings were right behind Mai. Becky started looking through what was on the shelves; talking to Mai would be great but she had to shop at the same time, didn't want to get Mai in trouble if her boss walked through. With winter coming Becky figured she would stock up now, it wasn't uncommon for a few leg warmers to get stained over the winter and she would just end up tossing them out. As she took a step to see the other leg warmers it happened, a sudden warm mush started to fill the seat of her diaper. She was happy it hadn't made a sound other then the crinkle of her diaper, will all these women around she didn't want to draw attention to herself. As if nothing had happened she went back to shopping. A few moments later Becky could hear Mai sniffing. Becky turned to see her friend stop her work to reach around and pat the seat of her own diaper. "It's me, don't worry about it." Mai looked around for a moment, like she was seeing who was in ear shot. "You should go change before someone finds you." "I'll change when I'm done, no reason to hurry." Mai looked at her with a perplexed look on her face for a moment before she went back to stocking. "Oh Becky I wanted to asked how's your fath... I mean Sam?" Becky put down the leg warmers she was holding. "You hear what happened?" There was a long pause because Mai said, "ya." Becky sighed and picked up the leg warmers again and kept shopping. "She was sent to the playpen, I see her now and then but you need to schedule visits at least two weeks in advanced so I don't see her much." Becky looks down at the leg warmers darkly and adds, "not like she knows who I am anymore anyway." "Becky, I'm sorry-." Mai's sentence was cut short when a loud wet fart released from the seat of her diaper. Mai's eyes went wide for a moment and she started to blush as she looked at Becky. Becky just smiled at Mai, "I guess I'm going to be sorry now." Becky said as the smell of Mai's fart made it's way to her. Suddenly a voice rang out, "you should be sorry. I understand you...girls can't control yourselves but that doesn't mean shouldn't have manners!" A tall blond women in a while blouse and black skirt said as she started walking toward them, though her gaze was focused on Becky. Before Becky could react she felt a hand cup the bottom of her diaper, then she felt the back of her diaper being pulled back and checked. "Looks like that was just an after stinky, you should really think of other and get yourself changed when this happens. Look at this nice girl, she should have to work and have to smell your stinky butt." Mai turned, "Ma'am It's..." Mai was cut off again, but this time by the blond. "You don't need to say anything dear, I understand you can't say anything. I'll take care of this so you don't have to deal with it." With that the women look Becky's arm and started pulling her into the changing station. Becky didn't put up a fight she had just put her leg warmers down as soon as she had felt herself being checked. The women pressed the button on the wall once they were inside and a table came out, which she then hoisted Becky onto. Becky just laid back an assumed the position she was so use to. "Well little girl, it's good to see you didn't put up a fight. You've been a girl long enough you think you would have learned how to act in public. I guess some of that...other side doesn't completely go away." The women kept talking while she was picking out a replacement diaper. "Your wearing a level 2 but for that mess you need at least a 3." A moment later a fresh diaper popped out the bottom of a small dispenser, though it was clearly thicker then the one Becky was currently wearing. The women went to work opening her diaper and wiping her clean. It wasn't the first time a random women had changed her and this wouldn't be the last, Becky just kept smiling while the stranger was working. The women kept muttering to herself while she was working, things like "wasting a second change," or "why even bother." Becky suddenly felt her legs being lifted in the air as the old diaper was removed and a new one was placed under her. The moment her bottom hit the diaper she could feel how much thicker it was, she had some of these thick diaper at home for sleeping but never during the day it would make her waddle a little. Once she was powered and creamed the diaper was taped shut and the women helped her off the table tugging her shirt down a bit to make sure it wouldn't cover her diaper, which it didn't. As they walked out of the changing station Becky turned to the women smiling, "thank you." The women smiled back, "your welcome dear. Next time you fill your diaper you should get changed so women don't have to smell you." With that the women walked off down the isle to to cart heading to the check out line. Mai came over to her as she was still standing in front of the changing station. "I'm so sorry Becky. It should have been me." Tears filled her eyes, like she had just betrayed her close friend or lover. Becky on the other hand just laughed, "don't worry about it." Mai was taken aback by Becky's attitude toward the whole event. "I know women have the right to change us because we're Diaper Girls but how can you be so...calm about it?" Becky put her arm around Mai's shoulder to bring her closer to whisper in her ear. "That women looks down on us, and probably make 3 to 4 times what we make per year. However she's the one wiping my ass clean!" Mai stood there for a second before she started laughing. Becky could smell that Mai hadn't changed yet and while her friend was busy laughing she reached behind and gave her friend a hard pat of her diapered butt, pushing the mess against her bottom. "I'll see you later stinky, better get changed before she comes back." With that Becky went back to grab her leg warmers before heading home to change into a thinner diaper.
  9. Les Lea


    Fuzzy-Babies It was a cold hand this morning. Fingers drew circles on his naked tummy in wide, soft touches that got smaller and smaller only to then spiral out again. For Biccy it was a wonderful feeling. He kicked his legs and gurgled in the joy such a simple act gave. Fingers fluttered over his skin intermittently touching the exposed soft crinkly top of his night time protection. The normal movement during his sleep making the slinky plastic pants drawdown a small way, giving a tantalising band of fluffy diaper an opportunity to be appreciated. The man with the inquisitive finger lying behind him, letting out a small sigh of gratification. For them it was the ultimate indulgence; to be able to control such an amenable body, to give that sweet squirming ‘baby’ a purpose it simply didn’t understand. Biccy was barely awake though the pleasure those fingers produced was undeniable and he loved the way the warm body hugged him close as those swirling patterns continued. He wriggled in delight; his thick diaper and smooth slippery plastic pants making him feel warm, safe and secure… it was the only clothing he wore to sleep in. An occasional light squeeze and gentle pressure on his hairless flat stomach made him let loose his full bladder and fill his diaper with a copious amount of warm, golden fluid that left a glow of utter contentment in his befuddled brain. More gurgles, more giddy feelings rippling through his body. As his disposable expanded, those joyful, searching fingers would gently stroke the front of his bulging plastic pants. Deep underneath the layers of waterlogged fabric his tiny cock, hidden in its small metal cage, would awaken from its slumber. That tender touch, those probing digits, the soft whispered words of loving encouragement, whilst the back of his neck was smothered in tiny butterfly kisses, produced an instant response. He couldn’t get hard, that had been denied him for quite some time, although the total sensitivity of his body delivered release. He wriggled in ecstasy as chemical and hormonal pulses gripped and tore around his body charging each nerve with the need for action. He’d moan lightly, gurgle in excitement and catch his breath as his tiny member erupted deep into the folds of the sodden fabric. He had no idea why this happened but it was a regular occurrence and his body tingled with the energy these encounters produced. The soft touch of those loving, massaging hands would continue to effortlessly caress the silky front of his plastic pants until, exhausted from his explosion, he’d slip back into the realms of sleep. Some mornings the hand was warm but whichever it was, the flowing, light stimulus always produced the same result – a soaked and sticky diaper. # The Columbus Irvin Institute (CII) was way ahead of any other company in the field of bio/digital algorithms. Their research had been made so much easier by the fact that so many people, from a very young age, lived their lives online. The Institute launched study after study via social media, where their detailed algorithms could locate and feedback information on a specific subject in just a matter of moments. They could profile and discern all the information needed for a particular study simply from a check of information available online - everything from photographs, person details and ‘private’ data. Nothing was really all that private and with the inherent weaknesses in most computer systems, a robust procedure like the one CII used made sure that whatever they required was harvested quickly and efficiently, often without the server or ‘target’ being any the wiser. They could pinpoint their research to location, specific characteristics, ethnic group, eye colour if need be, or go on a phishing expedition, scan the Network and grab all the information they might need. Although this method was rarely used as the parameters of their clients were often very precise. When the appropriate statistics required had been reached a further, more advanced, sophisticated procedure was employed to read the collated information and reduce that number down to specifics. The digital scanners employed could read facial expressions, interpret styles of writing and even decipher coded entries, which would in turn punch out the allocated reference of those suitable subjects for whatever process CII had been commissioned to perform. It was unknown for CII not to come up with the goods requested. Their efficiency was legendary, methods impeccable, speed and options incomparable and with a 100% success and satisfaction rating. # The Build-A-Bear company had been the inspiration, although perhaps sadly, weren’t actually involved with the Fuzzy-Babies concept. Whereas, Build-A-Bear was involved in toys, Fuzzy-Babies dealt with a more human component. Assisted by the global immenseness of CII, The Fuzzy-Babies executives were a strange and devious group of people. They targeted the youthful, good-looking, often athletic school and college kids around the world and by various means - flattery, blackmail, fear, drugs or kidnap (to name a few) were able to cull a great many youngsters from educational establishments. The missing were never pursued with any great vigour because as they were kids or teenagers it was assumed they were rebelling against something and would turn up when good and ready. The company had become adept at laying well-planned false trails and bogus intent. All the kids disappeared into a black hole that no one knew was there. Once identified, captured and isolated they were swiftly added to the system and transformed into the company’s ‘property’. There was no consultation, no explanation and certainly no reversing the process. Really, the moment they’d been categorized as what the company wanted, they were quickly and effectively processed. # The new mind-altering drugs (Corprol X17) that each new influx of young, potential Fuzzy-Babies undertook was, as far as the company was concerned, the pinnacle of their achievement. They could take a robust teenager and in just a matter of hours, reduce him or her into a babbling baby. For them and their clients it was a joy to behold as a succession of clever, sporty, intelligent adolescents were so easily transformed into marketable implements of the Fuzzy-Babies Company (FBC). So, what started as a niche interest (although it has to be said, it was still a pretty large community), grew to the organisation it is today and where, for the correct price and love of all things fuzzy, you can play with, enjoy the company of or, if you have the funds needed, adopt and own a Fuzzy-Baby. # The many hands that reached in to change, clean, dress or cuddle were attached to people the babies only knew as ‘Mama’. They didn’t know if they were male or female, friend or stranger, it made no difference, they were there to make sure all Fuzzy-Babies were kept happy and occupied. Biccy, like all the others, never wanted for teddies to hug, toys to play with or bricks to build. His playpen contained all an infant needed for a fun time. Play was the only thing he was there to do; to joyfully giggle as he learned some new way of interacting with a freshly discovered knick-knack. To love and cuddle his soft stuffed animals just as he was lovingly squeezed and hugged himself. His sweet quizzical features and innocent expression making anyone who saw him fall for the unsullied pleasure of his guiltless world. Biccy, like all the other boys, was completely hairless; no hair anywhere on his body, it having long ago been permanently removed (one unanticipated side effect of the drug). The girls in another building also had the same procedure but rarely did the two sexes meet. Like the girls, the boys slept only in their protection of diapers and rubber pants. However, once they were up and changed out of their nightly soaked protection, and into their thicker, more rugged daytime security, the boys were zipped into pale brown fleecy little bear costumes, whilst the girls were zipped into their pink, fleecy bunny onesies. The onesies were all-in-one; hands, feet, head were all covered and the boys looked like teddy bears and the girls rabbits; their huge diaper areas giving them endearingly bulky bottoms with enough soaking power to last an entire day. The size also meant that most could only crawl or walk with extreme difficulty but that babyish waddle and total naiveté was what the clients paid for. The Playground was the secret instillation where FBC maintained their clandestine operation. The customers who wanted to take advantage of what this specialist company offered were strictly screened and secretly invited along. Back-checks and a host of other cross-checks would be initiated before anyone got anywhere near the facility. However, once you’d passed the screening operation you’d become a client and therefore, not unlike Build-A-Bear, would be able to have your desired ‘baby’ made and dressed to your individual preferences. Often Biccy and the rest of the ‘bears’ play area had additional people who enjoyed frolicking and dressing the same as they did, but these had paid a considerable amount for such a privilege. They interacted exactly as the Fuzzy-Babies, for a few hours at least letting their inhibitions go and behaving like little kids. After playtime was over the visitor would strip out of their fuzzy costumes, remove their soiled diapers, put on their adult clothes and go about their daily business of running companies, driving buses or whatever paid their wages. # Corprol X17 had been the game changer. The scientist at the research lab had been trying to make a suitable anti-depressant - Corprol, which together with a psychoanalytical approach to the subject was hoped might solve the problem so many people suffered – deep depression. Their success had been marginal to begin with until a new young scientist joined the team and came up with a brand new compound. It took seventeen clinical tests on a variety of subjects before they found the rather potent and brilliant Corprol X17 (the X stood for the strength and effect of this particular development). However, two other scientists working on the project saw its early dynamic properties and set about keeping the formula secret and for their own use. They stole the research notes and cleared the computer banks before involving the lab in a catastrophic accident that blew the building to pieces and all who were in it at the time. Corprol X17 was now in the hands of people who had a different use for this clever, mind-altering drug. The psychological aspect of it was really just to keep any glimmers of self-awareness in check; the drug itself was a wonderful agent for erasing the entire memory. Once the subjects were neutralised the psychiatrists helped them back to a stage in their lives when they knew nothing, had limited vocabulary and were totally reliant on others. They were taught odd words and sounds but their development was kept as low as possible for them to function in their new life. The success was remarkable and the fiendishly clever way of making them all continually dependent on their carers was down to their precious ‘binkies’. # The ‘binkies’ were adapted pacifiers coated in molecules of something the ‘Bears’ and ‘Bunnies’ enjoyed. For example; chocolate, candy, sherbet, orange or other fruit essences, whatever the veneer it made the ‘binkies’ moreish for the baby. In amongst the very addictive pleasure essence was a layer of Corprol X17, which kept the teens in infant mode. Biccy had his binkie covered in biscuit crumbs, thus his nickname, and, like all the other babies, it was never far from his lips. It hung on a ribbon pinned to his fleecy little outfit and was topped up regularly by ‘Mama’s’ controlling hands. Sucking on his binkie maintained a wonderful frame of mind (not that he had much of that) because he was never happier than when he had new toys, a fresh diaper and a new playmate or two. Each Fuzzy-Bear or Fuzzy-Bunny had a paci in their mouth releasing more and more pleasure neurons, which in turn made them suck more eagerly and ecstatically engage with whoever they were with. The sensual, innocent desire each Fuzzy creature offered was enthusiastically appreciated by every customer. Their Fuzzy costumes having secret openings that were way too complicated for baby minds to contemplate but were easy for a grown-up to access. No part of the Fuzzy Bear or Bunny was sacred, they were created for pleasure, to give it on demand and receive it if offered. It was strange how the fact that they wore diapers was an added attraction to most of the company’s customers. They even did a fantastic retail side-line in other outfits that some found desirable. The ‘Fuzzy’ name gave the impression it was all about fluffy animals but in fact it really meant that the ‘babies’ were fuzzy-headed and were incapable of any real decision making and only wanted to play. # Of course, for some, the idea of having kids and teens reduced to babies maybe completely abhorrent, whilst for others it is a preferred state. For this group of people there really is nothing more appealing than to have a teenager, giggling and being a silly little unfettered baby, dressed in their chosen childishly fleecy or fluffy little outfit. Each recruit to the world of FBC always looked cute, loveable, had no side, no ulterior motives, no attitude… nothing that wasn’t what you’d expect from a little kiddie just starting out in life. The fact that he or she wasn’t going to get any older (mentally at least) was quite compelling for a huge number of clients. A completely controlled youth to have as their own being a much sought after status symbol, if you could get over their constant need for love and attention… and of course the regular diaper changes. For many, and the numbers were growing daily (thus the figures for disappearing youths around the world was on the increase) the concept of having a grown baby, was the ultimate in power. Some liked to flex that domination by dressing their baby in certain ways. When a Fuzzy-Baby was sold, very rarely was it sold in the country from which it originated. If it had there was always a chance that somehow it might be recognised so all were shipped abroad. Luckily, CII and FBC had facilities in many countries around the world so, as the demand for such a ‘property’ increased, so the little ‘bears’n’bunnies’ were traded far and wide. These days the conglomerate has tentacles that span the entire world so most customer desires can be catered for. However, a new line, a very exclusive ordering system, means that specific individuals can now be accessed. So, if you have a particular young film, pop or video star you have your eye on, for the right price, he or she can be your next Fuzzy-Friend. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  10. Forced2wet

    Practice Makes Perfect

    We were still together, that was a start. After what I had done I would nt have blamed my wife Poppy if she had slapped my face,thrown me out of our marital home of three years and changed all the locks. I'd lost count how many times I'd asked myself how could I have been so stupid. Yes, it was nt a long sordid affair, it was just one drunken mistake but why did it have to be with Lola, Poppy's best friend of over 20 years and why it Gods name did it have to end with Lola pregnant with my child. That news alone could have broken Poppy as we'd had no luck after trying for a child over the last 12 months. It's not as if they are similar, Poppy I'd always describe as a "skinny blonde", quite quiet and shy but with a smile that would light up any room she walked into. Lola on the other hand was what many in the pub called "a mouthy piece", dark hair and far thicker set than Poppy, she bore more than a passing resemblance to English Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson. I did nt think she was my type but Mr Jim Beam had proved to me different. I still think back to how I found myself in Lola's company when Poppy had gone to stay at her mothers house up North for the weekend. Time has dulled even the smallest memories of the night, a quick fumble in a drunken haze that left neither of us exactly sexually fulfilled but created a new life. I can Just about recall the horror we both felt in the morning as we woke up in the same bed and perhaps we would and could have kept it a secret from my lovely Poppy and everyone else if it was nt for 'Junior' That day, sitting next to Poppy, holding her hand, as I confessed to my indiscretion was one memory I would happily wipe from my mind. The hurt on her pretty face was heart breaking, never had I felt such a let down as the horrible news sank in with the love of my life. The days of tears that followed almost drove me to the point of suicide. I could nt bear my Princess being in such emotional pain. 6 months down the line things had improved, whilst it was never far from our minds, Lola's growing tummy helped that, it did nt dominate our lives. Our relationship dynamics had changed over the time, always mindful that I had almost finished our marriage, I became more passive, Poppy on the other hand had began to assert herself becoming the dominant one whereas before she'd been happy to let me the lead the way. The friendship between Poppy and Lola had also changed too, bizarrely it had got stronger, they saw each other much more regularly then before she was pregnant, Lola was a constant visitor to our home. I was never sure whether it was because Poppy wanted to keep reminding me of my mistake or whether she was keen to have an input in the little life created by her two closest friends. I of course tried to avoid being left on my own with Lola. Whilst I was sure that I/we would never make the same mistake again there was no reason to tempt fate. If Lola and myself were in the same room I’d always use Poppy as a screen, Poppy was always between myself and Lola which meant that I’ve never had to address the ‘baby situation’ and how the birth will affect the rest of our lives. That was until that fateful day. I had sensed that something was up on the Friday after returning home from work. Poppy was very quiet and whilst that was nt unusual her eyes showed that she was deep in thought. “Dan” she eventually broke the silence. “Yes sweet” I replied “We need to talk about Lola and the baby” It was the first time she’d used the b word in my presence. “Of course dear, I know I made the biggest mistake of my life but with your help I can do the right thing going forward” “The right thing?” Poppy smirked “The right thing would have to keep your thing in your trousers and we would nt be in this situation” I nodded silently as Poppy continued. “As you know, your baby has only a few months before it arrives and prior to that there are going to be some changes” Poppy went on to explain that Lola’s small one bedroom flat was wholly unsuitable for a child to grow up in. And that the tomorrow (Saturday) Lola would be moving into our 4 bedroom townhouse. That way she could help with child and I’d be able to do my job and provide for my offspring. Twice I tried to interrupt Poppy but with a finger lifted to her lips she dismissed my protestations. “Also as a first time Mother and with no siblings or other children in the family Lola is very nervous about looking after a baby” “She’s going to need some help, and that’s where you come in” Keen to stay on Poppy’s good side I would have done almost anything. “Of course Princess, let me know what I can do” Poppy just smiled “Good boy”
  11. The Guardians When the Guardians first came onto the scene the joke was they were a cross between Robocop and Mary Poppins… the joke wasn’t far from the truth, being a biological/technical/mechanical mix designed for the public’s protection. However, the efficient way they were programmed and went about their business was chilling. These Cyborgs were the law; the judge and jury who carried out the sentence with detached efficiency – no appeal, their verdict was FINAL – a sort of Judge Dredd but with the ability to alter a person rather than just obliterate them. The jokes and comical way in which this new service was introduced is no longer a laughing matter. The design, originally from the workshop and laboratories of ExecProtex, and with the tag-line - “The Guardians Will Keep You Safe”, complete with an image of a Guardian looking more like an angel with wings that surrounded a group of children - had been lampooned by every comedian, left-wing politician and religious leader as morally inept and unworkable. How wrong they all were; each and every one of the cynics and critics now reduced to sucking their toes and shitting in their diapers. # The Guardians were, and continue to be, a huge success: Employed by police and anti-crime firms around the world, their unique, special ability to locate, deep in the recesses of the human psyche, the moment that turned someone from the path to do right in the opposite direction is impressive. Their success rate is phenomenal. Once they had tracked their felon, detection by AGC - atmospheric gene recognition - much like a dog uses the scent of a criminal to track them, the villain is quickly brought to justice. The Guardians can ‘read’ every thought, detect every influence, navigate every nuance that the human mind tries to hide and then come up with an appropriate sentence. The result is labour-saving, instant and effective. Crime rates have fallen across the globe as criminals are quickly brought to book and their sentence instantly applied so, no costly, on-going justice system. The Guardian’s job is ‘intelligent analysis’ but the term covers a broad range of themes which are quite menacing. Whilst scanning the offender’s mind they locate the instant in their life that changed their consciousness, that precise motivation that made them act against the law. Not just the law they’ve broken because the scan looks much deeper to identify the influences that led to such an action. Often it is something that has its roots when the criminal was young. It’s then that the Guardian delivering the sentence can erase the offender’s mind and return them mentally back to that instant. From that point they are given the opportunity to change their decision and relive their lives from that regressed state, making them ‘happy’ and law abiding citizen as they grow up all over again. For some this doesn’t work; there are people who are bad through and through but still the Guardians give them a second chance. They are reduced to the mental age of a new born and allowed to start their lives once more. This relies on someone being there to see to an adult/baby who is no longer capable of looking after them self, which of course means a whole new business has grown up around such a service. However, if that isn’t an option, the lawbreaker can be terminated. Termination is a last resort but accepted as a final solution to any completely lawless individual… the Guardian’s job is to protect and where needed to make that final judgement. # ExecProtex has quickly become a very rich and powerful company. Unfortunately for them, their success means there are fewer and fewer criminals to process, so they have had to come up with alternatives. Various subsidiaries and affiliated supply companies grow day by day to meet the demand for their skills. To feed that challenge Guardians, in a slightly ‘altered’ version, are made available to companies who need (or want) to keep their workforce in check. These ‘Harmony Guardians’ as they are known, also find their way into the hands of families who are also keen on keeping a tight rein on the people around them. Even the most trivial act of lawlessness, like littering or speeding, is under the scrutiny of the ‘HGs’. Children of the rich and powerful are under constant surveillance and any transgression has an immediate impact on their lives. Hacking into the HGs has become a past time for some who hate these featureless upholders of the law, a law that is at the whim of whoever controls the Guardian. Any transgression is punished; so children, friends, acquaintances or even business competitors have resulted in their mental age being returned to childhood. There seems to be an abundance of CEOs who want to keep their progeny under such a tight leash and maintaining a teenager in diapers is thought a good solution to them growing up and becoming independent of thought. Life under the Guardians has changed the world, less crime but much more authoritarian. The fact that most people are regressed and not ‘dispatched’ is seen as the positive, humanitarian action of a more compassionate society. However, those who control the Guardians make the laws and, with certain ‘legal’ technical patches, can also alter the Cyborgs initial intent. They certainly don’t want a new, younger breed coming through with liberal ideas or programmes intent on dismantling the current status quo. Those who seem to possess such thoughts are dealt with. The ExecProtexCreche® is designed for just such a purpose… and its juvenile residents increase daily. However, there are other companies offering a similar, if less expensive service, which enjoy an equally successful, if different, business plan. So, whilst the ExecProtexCreche® is doing well for one section of the community - InfantileInc®, PaddedBottomsRus® and the scarily named Drool Time® are seeing business explode as the Guardians are put to use servicing another industry altogether. #### Part 2 “The Guardians Will Keep You Safe” logo had become something of a joke, though not a joke anyone was laughing at. The all-encompassing power of the entire new breed of Guardians had meant that even in private, nothing was private and nothing was safe. Any sense or action that the Guardian’s authority was being challenged meant an immediate visit to the ExecProtexCreche® for that challenger… and that often included family and friends. However, this action was proving quite expensive and, as ‘termination’ wasn’t an option for those who rebelled against the Guardian’s authority, new ‘homes’ for the transgressors were eagerly sought. Drool Time® was a no nonsense facility that had its own agenda and was happy, for a fee, to take any ‘miscreants’ as long as their future was left entirely at the disposal of the company. The Drool Time® business made no secret that their main criteria was regressing their ‘inmates’ back to a point in their life when they posed the least threat. So, each and every one who came under their ‘guidance’ was subjected to being returned to a shitting, pissing, thumb-sucking baby whose mental development was never going to be over that of a one year-old. No matter what age they came in as, they were quickly (and it has to be said efficiently) turned into crawling, crying, diaper-wearing babies. # Like all the subsidiary businesses from the Guardian franchise their influence and size grew in every country of the world. There wasn’t a major city that didn’t possess at least one of these grand ‘help and education’ centres. Governments, despots, dictatorships, even democracies all had access to, and full use of, these awesome facilities. There were times, especially in this technological era, when even the most liberal of communities saw the need to keep certain members of that community, state or country, under strict supervision. Drool Time® was the inexpensive answer to that problem. Meanwhile, the major growth area had been in baby products and those companies, who were in at the beginning, Drool Time® being a prime example, had become mega industries wiping the floor(as well as millions of bottoms) with many of the technical companies that had seen a downturn in their profits (and some would say use). The efficient Guardians had reigned supreme, and to a certain extent, still did but they answered now to the subsidiaries who were making the mega-bucks. It was their profit levels that motivated all future development and Diaper Companies sat at the top of every worldwide financial market and investment portfolio. Drool Time® were a quick thinking, opportunity led business and it wasn’t long before they adapted the technology of The Guardians to something more basic, simple, cheap but highly sellable. They introduced the School Drool Box, (Scroolbox®) a portable and easily maintained piece of apparatus that every educational (and indeed firm) could afford. Naughty boys and girls were who were acting up in the classroom, or anywhere else for that matter, could be deprogrammed and a new, more juvenile, existence would be theirs. The manufacturers made sure that each student or employee would then become dependent on Drool Times® other products; diapers, plastic pants, baby powder, oils, creams, ointments, unguents and specialist clothing. The clever programming also meant that the regressed individual would cry, scream and have a tantrum if they didn’t actually get their specifically desired objects - Drool Time® merchandise. At any one time most public schools would have nearly a third of their students in remedial class wearing diapers and playing with toys. Those that didn’t had the threat hanging over them so became very industrious and knuckled down to their studies. With further modification to the Scroolbox®, this happy, though mindless, generation of people became a workforce to be harnessed and used as seen fit by those in power. A cheap and almost inexhaustible supply of labour that had, with a steady supply of Drool Time Din-Dins® and Drinky-Winkies®, no thought other than making sure their diapers were clean and dry. Megacorp Drool Time® had seen the future and decided to amend, bend and influence it in any way it could. Their workforce was available for hire with all fees accrued to the company who paid their employees with cheap and inferior items from the Drool Time® range. As they didn’t have the minds to know anything better, they were convinced by the Scroolbox® that they were content… as long as they had access to all the stuff a happy baby needed. The problem was that everyone who didn’t wear diapers was now paranoid that at any moment a faux-friend, competing colleague or ambitious rival might, at any time, regress them and they would never be aware of what happened. Super-hackers targeted these people. Like the Guardians before them, this new breed of righteous individuals brought justice to an abused, shameful and decaying system. Reversing the numbers of regressed people was impossible but these ‘saviours’ had found a way to terrorise those who had terrorised an entire population. Diaper time under the Guardians had, to begin with, been seen as progress in a battle against crime. Now, because of the abuse that power had engendered, it had been turned against the CEOs and management of these major companies who had appropriated it for their own ends. Technological developments ended. The entire management of ExecProtex®, ExecProtexCreche® ,InfantileInc®, PaddedBottoms’R’us®, Drool Time® and a host of other similar companies and conglomerates joined the diaper-wearers and a new breed of benevolent administration was installed. They were called ‘The Caretakers’® ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  12. Princess Ophelia

    From D- to Diapers (private qith Tain)

    Rosie cringes as she receives her grades back. All the circles in red ink and underlines all trace around her paper with a big "SEE ME" at the top of her page.
  13. Princess Ophelia

    Haunted (open! )

    Olivia was much too old, 25, to be trick or treating. But she just couldn't resist this year,
  14. Princess Ophelia

    Enchanted Forest (looking for a partner! )

    My idea for a rp is that there is a duo of thieves or bandits etc or even warriors that come across an enchanted forest. The two of them are granted magic powers
  15. Princess Ophelia

    Witch's Baby

    One day a curious teenager wanders into the woods and fonds a curious cabin. The cabin belongs to a witch! The witch (or wizard!!) a little older than the teen ager. The witch invites the teen in hopes of slowly getting the teenager diaper dependant and like an infant!
  16. Princess Ophelia


    Hi guys >\\< I'm new on this board! I hope that it's ok for me to post something like this!! I was wondering if anyone would like to rp with me :3 I like being the baby /^\ I like when the character doesn't actually physically regress but rather mentally. I love when it's forced, using hypnosis, punishment...etc!! If anyone is interested in doing a RP like this, please PM me!! I want a partner who will be the mommy or daddy! Thanks!
  17. Princess Ophelia


    Hi guys >\\< I'm new on this board! I hope that it's ok for me to post something like this!! I was wondering if anyone would like to rp with me :3 I like being the baby /^\ I like when the character doesn't actually physically regress but rather mentally. I love when it's forced, using hypnosis, punishment...etc!! If anyone is interested in doing a RP like this, please PM me!! I want a partner who will be the mommy or daddy! Thanks!
  18. Accident Princess

    little kids shouldn't be left alone

    (Looking for someone to play a dominate woman who mistakes Carly for younger.
  19. Jenny is a sixteen years old who lives with her (brother or sister) and they still treat her like a toddler. Before her parents died when she was 4 and 8 she was still treated like a normal little kid. But after their mom died after their dad did from a car accident things haven't been the same for Jenny. Since then her (brother or sister) has always been treating her like a toddler or younger and even family& friends have started to treat her that same way. Her brother or sister (you choose) feel it's a better way to cope but Jenny doesn't know that. So she suffers through the baby talk, childlike clothes, pull ups/diapers, playtime etc. She loves her (brother or sister) but can't take the babyish life style anymore. So does she suffer through it still or start to rebel against it.
  20. Natalie was sleeping peacefully until she woke up at two am on a Monday morning. She knew something was different. Her girlfriend was still laying in bed with her. But something smelled of urine... And under her was wet and warm.
  21. Cassandra James is 16 year old girl, who had ran from home from abusive and neglecting parents. She was not happy with her life and wanted to start off a new life because of abuse she redirected and she often got bullied at school. After getting jumped one day, she decided enough was enough and just walked away. She just packed her things in a duffle and left. She didn't know where she was going or what she was gonna do but for now she was living on the streets and finding her way. Who knew one day a stranger that has been watching her and knows much about her, decided to stop and talk to her even offering her a place to live until she gets back on her feet. Well not entirely. Instead when she moves in, the stranger (you choose if it's a man or woman and their name) slowly regresses her into an obedient and sweet baby girl. The life that she deserves to have.
  22. marxthebaby

    The Stork

    (This is a story I have been dreaming up for quite a while now; I hope everyone enjoys it! Please give me constructive criticism; I know that I'm not the best writer out there, and I want to improve.) Prologue "You miss your child." A woman, clad in a crisp, white suit, spoke bluntly to a man seated behind an oak desk. At the sound of her words, the dark haired man's normally pale face flushed a deep red, and his teeth clenched in an enraged snarl. However, the woman seemed to be quite unruffled by the man's change in expression; she merely adjusted her glasses and sat back in her leather armchair, awaiting a response. The man's shoulders grew tense, and he responded with a cold, twisted grin that sent chills down her spine, "You think I don't miss the little cretin?" She clasped her hands together nervously as he continued, grief and sadness seeping into his voice, Of course, I do; the boy was my own flesh and blood!" The woman was satisfied with this response; she brushed her light brown hair from her eyes, before leaning over to the man, speaking softly as if to calm him down, "There is a way to get you another child, Hans, but you know that there is a price." To her surprise, the man rose up from his seat and narrowed his eyes coldly, clenching his large, tanned hands into fists at his sides in a display of annoyance, "I know; he won't be well behaved. You've told me before; do you not trust me to take care of a goddamn child, Maria?!" Maria, as this manicured woman was named, offered him a sympathetic smile. She knew that he was going through rough times, after the loss of his beloved son. It made it all the easier to manipulate him into taking her latest problem off her hands. With a chuckle, she kept her voice soft and oozing with pity for the trembling man, edging closer to his taut body, "He is not just a child; you know that. You will need to ensure that he knows his place; people like him are difficult to tame, but we've broken more than enough of his kind, haven't we?" Hans ran a hand through her hair and then took it away, striding over to the window of the office. She knew that he had made his decision the minute he spoke, "Fine." His voice was colder than ice, hoarse with sadness, his posture taut, as if he were a rubber band preparing to snap. "Bring the little cretin into my home tomorrow with the necessary supplies; I will purchase the diapers myself. You recommended the tapeless sort, correct?" All too satisfied with his compliance, Maria wrapped her skinny arms around Hans' larger body, laughing to herself, "Yes; after all, I wouldn't want the baby to take off his diapers." The two dissolved into laughter at that remark, and after they collected themselves, Maria dipped her head to the now smiling, red-faced man. She felt sorry for the poor bastard; she could only hope that the baby she brought in would suit his needs perfectly, "Thank you for being so agreeable, Hans; I know that being a Stork is hard for you. Having to raise another baby will be challenging for someone of your caliber-" With a lopsided smile, the man cut her off, lifting his fist as if to threaten her, "We both know that he isn't really a normal baby; he's been convicted of petty theft and arson, hasn't he? What baby so you see carrying a match in his diaper?" When the woman turned to leave, embarrassed by his remark, Hans spoke again, this time with a venomously joyous tone, "Bring the darling baby boy to my house first thing tonight; I'll get the nursery ready. I haven't been a real father since..." He trailed off, before shaking his head as she set one foot outside of the dark office. The reek of alcohol reached her nose, making her gag, yet she neglected point out the stench that she now smelled, "He'll have to adjust to having such a lovely daddy, Hans; just make sure not to go easy on him." After a moment of silence, Hans ran a hand over her cheek, and whispered, "Goodnight; I'll set up the baby shower tonight." The prim and proper woman lifted her chin, and responded with a kiss on his cheek before crooning into his ear, "I'll bring the baby." She ventured into the darkness outside, armed with nothing but a bottle of milk in her purse and a shaker of baby powder in her hand. This would be delightful, she knew; simply delightful, to put the heinous criminal in his place. After a few minutes of walking along the dimly lit, filthy streets, she waved down a taxi and got a ride to the nearby prison. She was going to visit the baby, and he was going to get two choices from her; come with her willingly to meet Hans, or get dragged by his ear, kicking and screaming. Knowing him, it would most certainly be the latter that he chose...
  23. Pre-Teen Bard

    Comes Around

    Chapter One It started innocently but ended badly. I wasn't planning on doing it. It just something I did. It started on the last day of school. I was leaving school sore but feeling good. Final exams was tough both physical and mentally. I was fifteen and just got out of Middle School. I should have been in High School last year. Well the past is the past. I just got to move forward. I unlocked my bike and was about to ride away when I saw a perfect target. I'm not mean kid. I don't beat anyone up but I do love to tease and shamed them. In front of me was a seventh grade nerd. He had braces and looked more like a ten-year old. He was also the same size. He was talking to a girl. The girl was polite and listened while her face told me that she wanted out of there. I walked up behind him. The girl saw me. I put a finger to my lips. She knew I was up to something so she smiled. This encouraged the boy because he though she was smiling what he said. I bent down to mimic pulling down his pants. She nodded. In one swift motion I pulled down his pants. The boy tried to grab his pants but they were out of reach. His shirt was down so you couldn't see his underwear. I took care of that. When I stood up, I lifted his shirt up exposing his underwear, his panties. Yes, he was wearing panties, little girl style. Very Cute. the girl pointed and laughed. The boy struggles with me. He tried to bend down to pull his pants up. I lifted him up. He raised his legs to reach his pants. However, now the girl could get at them. "No," he pleaded. She grabbed the pants and took his pants completely off. He just lost it. Tears ran down his face as he cried. I let him down but removed his shirt as I did it. I handed the shirt to her. She took him by the hand and lead him away. I could hear him crying and other kids call him a sissy boy. "Having fun?" I turned around. It was Annie. My girlfriend. I smiled. "Yes, I am." She frowned. "Aren't you too old for this behavior?" I was taken back. "Fifteen isn't that old for fun." "And yet you're in the eighth grade." "Graduated from the eight grade." She smiled and put her arms around me. "Good for you. It's about time you have made into the High School. I looked into her eyes. "I was only held back once. The second grade. But I am glad to be in High School. No wrestling there. I kept getting pinned even by girls and younger students this year. She kissed me on the forehead. "Almost a second time in sixth grade and third time in seventh grade. You were just lucky. That tutor really worked her butt off to get you by. She felt sorry for you when you came by on open house for fifth graders. You were so polite to her." She shook her head. "I saw the pictures and videos that got posted. The girls always used a cradle hold." She played with my hair. "They held you like you were a little baby." She laughed. "Now on to business. Interested in a job?" I pulled away. "A job? Why would I want to a job for? It's summer break. I worked hard and I need it. Time to have fun with my friends." "It'll be a easy job. Babysitting at night only. The mother is single and has to work graveyard for a month. From 6pm to 6am. You'll be sleeping most of the time." I frowned. "I don't want to change diapers." "He's ten and out of diapers." I put my bike helmet on. "No, and that's final." I rode away.