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Found 18 results

  1. Ishigreensa

    Nancy Gets It now

    Thirteen year old dark brown hair brown eyed medium tone skin chubby cheek Nancy had been causing a lot of grief for Amy Piper for the last three weeks. She had been with a group of girls that followed the poor girl everywhere making her life trouble at school. They would spill her food tray at lunch, block the bathrooms on her until she was crying as she pleaded with them to let her go, though they normally did let her make it just in time, and they push her down a lot and threatened her that she better not tell on them. Besides her bullying streak of the last couple of weeks, her report cards since starting junior high school last year have been far below what her mother was used to seeing her get in elementary school. Last year, she had Cs in Math, PE, Science, and Homec while she had Ds in English and Music and an F in English. Because of that, she had to take two English classes this year to make up for the F and that meant she only got to pick one elective, Art. Even now, her grades were not doing well. She had English 7th C English 8th D Math C History D Science C Homec C and Art B at the moment. It wasn't that everything was really that hard for her. She just didn't see the point of trying. At home, she never helped out. Even in her own room, she only picked up and made her bed when she planned to invite someone over so that they wouldn't see a mess in her room, but other than that, she would leave dirty cups all over the house from drinking something like milk or juice without even bringing them back to the kitchen, and she never took her own plate to the sink. She was just plain lazy at home, only doing her homework for school when her mom got on her and stayed on her until she was finished. If her mom left her for even a few minutes, she would be reading something she wanted to or doing something else unless she thought she'd get caught by her mother. Today, the bullying group had gone too far on Amy. They pushed her down when she asked to use the bathroom, and they had already denied her for a little too long anyway, and she ended up wetting her pants. While she was too scared to go straight to the principal's office to tell on them, a teacher caught her wet and made her go to the nurse, and with prodding and prompting that lasted almost the entire day, she finally reluctantly told on Nancy, who was the one that pushed her and then called her a baby for peeing her pants. Nancy was called from her seventh period class to see the principal, but the principal didn't see her right away. She made her wait until she could get her mom to come in, and that meant, she waited all seventh period until about five minutes before it ended before the principal had gotten the mom in the office, told her about how a group of girls was bullying Amy, and that her own daughter was the one to force Amy to wet her pants and then start calling her names on top of actually physcially assaulting her by pushing her down. Now, the office door finally opened, and Nancy was walking into the office to see what they wanted.
  2. Well.... I had no plans to write this at all. Over a week ago I posted this idea in the Idea Adoption Thread, however over the last week I haven't been able to get the idea out of my head and have figured out a story for it. If anyone else wants to write their own version of the "universe" i would say for it, though it isn't a new idea to say the least. If you want to get a basic idea of the world you can read but was posted in the adoption thread, however everything about the world a person will learn as we go through. I want to finish the rewrite of DTA/Little Time Daycare but until I get this out of my head I'm not able to focus on that story at the moment. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter 1 Weekend sales always drew large crowds and today was no different. Becky would normally avoid the mall when it was like this, however the sale on winter leggings was something she wouldn't pass up even if it was late summer. Becky normally bought clothing out of season to get the best price on everything, let everyone else buy the most expensive and "in" looks. As she turned a corner an old friend came into view. "Mai, I didn't know you worked here!" The girl jumped at hearing her name. "Becky it's been a long time." Embracing like old friend. "I started working here a month ago, Employment Registration only had three choices for me after I stopped working at the factory. This was the best of the three, I really don't want to work in fast food." "Why'd they let you go?" "They didn't let me go, the factory was moved. It's to far away to drive to everyday and the pay was... well you know "our" level of pay." Mai went back to stocking the shelves. "What brings you here today?" "The sale on leg warmers." Mai started laughing, "you would! Everyone else is here for the sale on summer clothes and your getting ready for winter. The leg warmers are behind me." "How do you like working here?" "It's alright. Being the new girl I get the crappy weekend shifts but I'm hoping to get most to all weekday shifts in the next few months." Becky groaned, "I remember working weekends at Sammy's, and being a waitress sucks... Well it does for us at least, I could see many women liking it." "Oh that brings back memories, does Alex still work there?" "I don't think she will ever leave that job unless they force her out. She likes the people that come in there more then other restaurants." Becky said. "She likes being around other DGs which I can't blame her, it's been hard for her since her mother died." Mai nodded and turned back to stocking. For Becky sure enough the leggings were right behind Mai. Becky started looking through what was on the shelves; talking to Mai would be great but she had to shop at the same time, didn't want to get Mai in trouble if her boss walked through. With winter coming Becky figured she would stock up now, it wasn't uncommon for a few leg warmers to get stained over the winter and she would just end up tossing them out. As she took a step to see the other leg warmers it happened, a sudden warm mush started to fill the seat of her diaper. She was happy it hadn't made a sound other then the crinkle of her diaper, will all these women around she didn't want to draw attention to herself. As if nothing had happened she went back to shopping. A few moments later Becky could hear Mai sniffing. Becky turned to see her friend stop her work to reach around and pat the seat of her own diaper. "It's me, don't worry about it." Mai looked around for a moment, like she was seeing who was in ear shot. "You should go change before someone finds you." "I'll change when I'm done, no reason to hurry." Mai looked at her with a perplexed look on her face for a moment before she went back to stocking. "Oh Becky I wanted to asked how's your fath... I mean Sam?" Becky put down the leg warmers she was holding. "You hear what happened?" There was a long pause because Mai said, "ya." Becky sighed and picked up the leg warmers again and kept shopping. "She was sent to the playpen, I see her now and then but you need to schedule visits at least two weeks in advanced so I don't see her much." Becky looks down at the leg warmers darkly and adds, "not like she knows who I am anymore anyway." "Becky, I'm sorry-." Mai's sentence was cut short when a loud wet fart released from the seat of her diaper. Mai's eyes went wide for a moment and she started to blush as she looked at Becky. Becky just smiled at Mai, "I guess I'm going to be sorry now." Becky said as the smell of Mai's fart made it's way to her. Suddenly a voice rang out, "you should be sorry. I understand you...girls can't control yourselves but that doesn't mean shouldn't have manners!" A tall blond women in a while blouse and black skirt said as she started walking toward them, though her gaze was focused on Becky. Before Becky could react she felt a hand cup the bottom of her diaper, then she felt the back of her diaper being pulled back and checked. "Looks like that was just an after stinky, you should really think of other and get yourself changed when this happens. Look at this nice girl, she should have to work and have to smell your stinky butt." Mai turned, "Ma'am It's..." Mai was cut off again, but this time by the blond. "You don't need to say anything dear, I understand you can't say anything. I'll take care of this so you don't have to deal with it." With that the women look Becky's arm and started pulling her into the changing station. Becky didn't put up a fight she had just put her leg warmers down as soon as she had felt herself being checked. The women pressed the button on the wall once they were inside and a table came out, which she then hoisted Becky onto. Becky just laid back an assumed the position she was so use to. "Well little girl, it's good to see you didn't put up a fight. You've been a girl long enough you think you would have learned how to act in public. I guess some of that...other side doesn't completely go away." The women kept talking while she was picking out a replacement diaper. "Your wearing a level 2 but for that mess you need at least a 3." A moment later a fresh diaper popped out the bottom of a small dispenser, though it was clearly thicker then the one Becky was currently wearing. The women went to work opening her diaper and wiping her clean. It wasn't the first time a random women had changed her and this wouldn't be the last, Becky just kept smiling while the stranger was working. The women kept muttering to herself while she was working, things like "wasting a second change," or "why even bother." Becky suddenly felt her legs being lifted in the air as the old diaper was removed and a new one was placed under her. The moment her bottom hit the diaper she could feel how much thicker it was, she had some of these thick diaper at home for sleeping but never during the day it would make her waddle a little. Once she was powered and creamed the diaper was taped shut and the women helped her off the table tugging her shirt down a bit to make sure it wouldn't cover her diaper, which it didn't. As they walked out of the changing station Becky turned to the women smiling, "thank you." The women smiled back, "your welcome dear. Next time you fill your diaper you should get changed so women don't have to smell you." With that the women walked off down the isle to to cart heading to the check out line. Mai came over to her as she was still standing in front of the changing station. "I'm so sorry Becky. It should have been me." Tears filled her eyes, like she had just betrayed her close friend or lover. Becky on the other hand just laughed, "don't worry about it." Mai was taken aback by Becky's attitude toward the whole event. "I know women have the right to change us because we're Diaper Girls but how can you be so...calm about it?" Becky put her arm around Mai's shoulder to bring her closer to whisper in her ear. "That women looks down on us, and probably make 3 to 4 times what we make per year. However she's the one wiping my ass clean!" Mai stood there for a second before she started laughing. Becky could smell that Mai hadn't changed yet and while her friend was busy laughing she reached behind and gave her friend a hard pat of her diapered butt, pushing the mess against her bottom. "I'll see you later stinky, better get changed before she comes back." With that Becky went back to grab her leg warmers before heading home to change into a thinner diaper.
  3. Les Lea


    Fuzzy-Babies It was a cold hand this morning. Fingers drew circles on his naked tummy in wide, soft touches that got smaller and smaller only to then spiral out again. For Biccy it was a wonderful feeling. He kicked his legs and gurgled in the joy such a simple act gave. Fingers fluttered over his skin intermittently touching the exposed soft crinkly top of his night time protection. The normal movement during his sleep making the slinky plastic pants drawdown a small way, giving a tantalising band of fluffy diaper an opportunity to be appreciated. The man with the inquisitive finger lying behind him, letting out a small sigh of gratification. For them it was the ultimate indulgence; to be able to control such an amenable body, to give that sweet squirming ‘baby’ a purpose it simply didn’t understand. Biccy was barely awake though the pleasure those fingers produced was undeniable and he loved the way the warm body hugged him close as those swirling patterns continued. He wriggled in delight; his thick diaper and smooth slippery plastic pants making him feel warm, safe and secure… it was the only clothing he wore to sleep in. An occasional light squeeze and gentle pressure on his hairless flat stomach made him let loose his full bladder and fill his diaper with a copious amount of warm, golden fluid that left a glow of utter contentment in his befuddled brain. More gurgles, more giddy feelings rippling through his body. As his disposable expanded, those joyful, searching fingers would gently stroke the front of his bulging plastic pants. Deep underneath the layers of waterlogged fabric his tiny cock, hidden in its small metal cage, would awaken from its slumber. That tender touch, those probing digits, the soft whispered words of loving encouragement, whilst the back of his neck was smothered in tiny butterfly kisses, produced an instant response. He couldn’t get hard, that had been denied him for quite some time, although the total sensitivity of his body delivered release. He wriggled in ecstasy as chemical and hormonal pulses gripped and tore around his body charging each nerve with the need for action. He’d moan lightly, gurgle in excitement and catch his breath as his tiny member erupted deep into the folds of the sodden fabric. He had no idea why this happened but it was a regular occurrence and his body tingled with the energy these encounters produced. The soft touch of those loving, massaging hands would continue to effortlessly caress the silky front of his plastic pants until, exhausted from his explosion, he’d slip back into the realms of sleep. Some mornings the hand was warm but whichever it was, the flowing, light stimulus always produced the same result – a soaked and sticky diaper. # The Columbus Irvin Institute (CII) was way ahead of any other company in the field of bio/digital algorithms. Their research had been made so much easier by the fact that so many people, from a very young age, lived their lives online. The Institute launched study after study via social media, where their detailed algorithms could locate and feedback information on a specific subject in just a matter of moments. They could profile and discern all the information needed for a particular study simply from a check of information available online - everything from photographs, person details and ‘private’ data. Nothing was really all that private and with the inherent weaknesses in most computer systems, a robust procedure like the one CII used made sure that whatever they required was harvested quickly and efficiently, often without the server or ‘target’ being any the wiser. They could pinpoint their research to location, specific characteristics, ethnic group, eye colour if need be, or go on a phishing expedition, scan the Network and grab all the information they might need. Although this method was rarely used as the parameters of their clients were often very precise. When the appropriate statistics required had been reached a further, more advanced, sophisticated procedure was employed to read the collated information and reduce that number down to specifics. The digital scanners employed could read facial expressions, interpret styles of writing and even decipher coded entries, which would in turn punch out the allocated reference of those suitable subjects for whatever process CII had been commissioned to perform. It was unknown for CII not to come up with the goods requested. Their efficiency was legendary, methods impeccable, speed and options incomparable and with a 100% success and satisfaction rating. # The Build-A-Bear company had been the inspiration, although perhaps sadly, weren’t actually involved with the Fuzzy-Babies concept. Whereas, Build-A-Bear was involved in toys, Fuzzy-Babies dealt with a more human component. Assisted by the global immenseness of CII, The Fuzzy-Babies executives were a strange and devious group of people. They targeted the youthful, good-looking, often athletic school and college kids around the world and by various means - flattery, blackmail, fear, drugs or kidnap (to name a few) were able to cull a great many youngsters from educational establishments. The missing were never pursued with any great vigour because as they were kids or teenagers it was assumed they were rebelling against something and would turn up when good and ready. The company had become adept at laying well-planned false trails and bogus intent. All the kids disappeared into a black hole that no one knew was there. Once identified, captured and isolated they were swiftly added to the system and transformed into the company’s ‘property’. There was no consultation, no explanation and certainly no reversing the process. Really, the moment they’d been categorized as what the company wanted, they were quickly and effectively processed. # The new mind-altering drugs (Corprol X17) that each new influx of young, potential Fuzzy-Babies undertook was, as far as the company was concerned, the pinnacle of their achievement. They could take a robust teenager and in just a matter of hours, reduce him or her into a babbling baby. For them and their clients it was a joy to behold as a succession of clever, sporty, intelligent adolescents were so easily transformed into marketable implements of the Fuzzy-Babies Company (FBC). So, what started as a niche interest (although it has to be said, it was still a pretty large community), grew to the organisation it is today and where, for the correct price and love of all things fuzzy, you can play with, enjoy the company of or, if you have the funds needed, adopt and own a Fuzzy-Baby. # The many hands that reached in to change, clean, dress or cuddle were attached to people the babies only knew as ‘Mama’. They didn’t know if they were male or female, friend or stranger, it made no difference, they were there to make sure all Fuzzy-Babies were kept happy and occupied. Biccy, like all the others, never wanted for teddies to hug, toys to play with or bricks to build. His playpen contained all an infant needed for a fun time. Play was the only thing he was there to do; to joyfully giggle as he learned some new way of interacting with a freshly discovered knick-knack. To love and cuddle his soft stuffed animals just as he was lovingly squeezed and hugged himself. His sweet quizzical features and innocent expression making anyone who saw him fall for the unsullied pleasure of his guiltless world. Biccy, like all the other boys, was completely hairless; no hair anywhere on his body, it having long ago been permanently removed (one unanticipated side effect of the drug). The girls in another building also had the same procedure but rarely did the two sexes meet. Like the girls, the boys slept only in their protection of diapers and rubber pants. However, once they were up and changed out of their nightly soaked protection, and into their thicker, more rugged daytime security, the boys were zipped into pale brown fleecy little bear costumes, whilst the girls were zipped into their pink, fleecy bunny onesies. The onesies were all-in-one; hands, feet, head were all covered and the boys looked like teddy bears and the girls rabbits; their huge diaper areas giving them endearingly bulky bottoms with enough soaking power to last an entire day. The size also meant that most could only crawl or walk with extreme difficulty but that babyish waddle and total naiveté was what the clients paid for. The Playground was the secret instillation where FBC maintained their clandestine operation. The customers who wanted to take advantage of what this specialist company offered were strictly screened and secretly invited along. Back-checks and a host of other cross-checks would be initiated before anyone got anywhere near the facility. However, once you’d passed the screening operation you’d become a client and therefore, not unlike Build-A-Bear, would be able to have your desired ‘baby’ made and dressed to your individual preferences. Often Biccy and the rest of the ‘bears’ play area had additional people who enjoyed frolicking and dressing the same as they did, but these had paid a considerable amount for such a privilege. They interacted exactly as the Fuzzy-Babies, for a few hours at least letting their inhibitions go and behaving like little kids. After playtime was over the visitor would strip out of their fuzzy costumes, remove their soiled diapers, put on their adult clothes and go about their daily business of running companies, driving buses or whatever paid their wages. # Corprol X17 had been the game changer. The scientist at the research lab had been trying to make a suitable anti-depressant - Corprol, which together with a psychoanalytical approach to the subject was hoped might solve the problem so many people suffered – deep depression. Their success had been marginal to begin with until a new young scientist joined the team and came up with a brand new compound. It took seventeen clinical tests on a variety of subjects before they found the rather potent and brilliant Corprol X17 (the X stood for the strength and effect of this particular development). However, two other scientists working on the project saw its early dynamic properties and set about keeping the formula secret and for their own use. They stole the research notes and cleared the computer banks before involving the lab in a catastrophic accident that blew the building to pieces and all who were in it at the time. Corprol X17 was now in the hands of people who had a different use for this clever, mind-altering drug. The psychological aspect of it was really just to keep any glimmers of self-awareness in check; the drug itself was a wonderful agent for erasing the entire memory. Once the subjects were neutralised the psychiatrists helped them back to a stage in their lives when they knew nothing, had limited vocabulary and were totally reliant on others. They were taught odd words and sounds but their development was kept as low as possible for them to function in their new life. The success was remarkable and the fiendishly clever way of making them all continually dependent on their carers was down to their precious ‘binkies’. # The ‘binkies’ were adapted pacifiers coated in molecules of something the ‘Bears’ and ‘Bunnies’ enjoyed. For example; chocolate, candy, sherbet, orange or other fruit essences, whatever the veneer it made the ‘binkies’ moreish for the baby. In amongst the very addictive pleasure essence was a layer of Corprol X17, which kept the teens in infant mode. Biccy had his binkie covered in biscuit crumbs, thus his nickname, and, like all the other babies, it was never far from his lips. It hung on a ribbon pinned to his fleecy little outfit and was topped up regularly by ‘Mama’s’ controlling hands. Sucking on his binkie maintained a wonderful frame of mind (not that he had much of that) because he was never happier than when he had new toys, a fresh diaper and a new playmate or two. Each Fuzzy-Bear or Fuzzy-Bunny had a paci in their mouth releasing more and more pleasure neurons, which in turn made them suck more eagerly and ecstatically engage with whoever they were with. The sensual, innocent desire each Fuzzy creature offered was enthusiastically appreciated by every customer. Their Fuzzy costumes having secret openings that were way too complicated for baby minds to contemplate but were easy for a grown-up to access. No part of the Fuzzy Bear or Bunny was sacred, they were created for pleasure, to give it on demand and receive it if offered. It was strange how the fact that they wore diapers was an added attraction to most of the company’s customers. They even did a fantastic retail side-line in other outfits that some found desirable. The ‘Fuzzy’ name gave the impression it was all about fluffy animals but in fact it really meant that the ‘babies’ were fuzzy-headed and were incapable of any real decision making and only wanted to play. # Of course, for some, the idea of having kids and teens reduced to babies maybe completely abhorrent, whilst for others it is a preferred state. For this group of people there really is nothing more appealing than to have a teenager, giggling and being a silly little unfettered baby, dressed in their chosen childishly fleecy or fluffy little outfit. Each recruit to the world of FBC always looked cute, loveable, had no side, no ulterior motives, no attitude… nothing that wasn’t what you’d expect from a little kiddie just starting out in life. The fact that he or she wasn’t going to get any older (mentally at least) was quite compelling for a huge number of clients. A completely controlled youth to have as their own being a much sought after status symbol, if you could get over their constant need for love and attention… and of course the regular diaper changes. For many, and the numbers were growing daily (thus the figures for disappearing youths around the world was on the increase) the concept of having a grown baby, was the ultimate in power. Some liked to flex that domination by dressing their baby in certain ways. When a Fuzzy-Baby was sold, very rarely was it sold in the country from which it originated. If it had there was always a chance that somehow it might be recognised so all were shipped abroad. Luckily, CII and FBC had facilities in many countries around the world so, as the demand for such a ‘property’ increased, so the little ‘bears’n’bunnies’ were traded far and wide. These days the conglomerate has tentacles that span the entire world so most customer desires can be catered for. However, a new line, a very exclusive ordering system, means that specific individuals can now be accessed. So, if you have a particular young film, pop or video star you have your eye on, for the right price, he or she can be your next Fuzzy-Friend. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  4. Forced2wet

    Practice Makes Perfect

    We were still together, that was a start. After what I had done I would nt have blamed my wife Poppy if she had slapped my face,thrown me out of our marital home of three years and changed all the locks. I'd lost count how many times I'd asked myself how could I have been so stupid. Yes, it was nt a long sordid affair, it was just one drunken mistake but why did it have to be with Lola, Poppy's best friend of over 20 years and why it Gods name did it have to end with Lola pregnant with my child. That news alone could have broken Poppy as we'd had no luck after trying for a child over the last 12 months. It's not as if they are similar, Poppy I'd always describe as a "skinny blonde", quite quiet and shy but with a smile that would light up any room she walked into. Lola on the other hand was what many in the pub called "a mouthy piece", dark hair and far thicker set than Poppy, she bore more than a passing resemblance to English Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson. I did nt think she was my type but Mr Jim Beam had proved to me different. I still think back to how I found myself in Lola's company when Poppy had gone to stay at her mothers house up North for the weekend. Time has dulled even the smallest memories of the night, a quick fumble in a drunken haze that left neither of us exactly sexually fulfilled but created a new life. I can Just about recall the horror we both felt in the morning as we woke up in the same bed and perhaps we would and could have kept it a secret from my lovely Poppy and everyone else if it was nt for 'Junior' That day, sitting next to Poppy, holding her hand, as I confessed to my indiscretion was one memory I would happily wipe from my mind. The hurt on her pretty face was heart breaking, never had I felt such a let down as the horrible news sank in with the love of my life. The days of tears that followed almost drove me to the point of suicide. I could nt bear my Princess being in such emotional pain. 6 months down the line things had improved, whilst it was never far from our minds, Lola's growing tummy helped that, it did nt dominate our lives. Our relationship dynamics had changed over the time, always mindful that I had almost finished our marriage, I became more passive, Poppy on the other hand had began to assert herself becoming the dominant one whereas before she'd been happy to let me the lead the way. The friendship between Poppy and Lola had also changed too, bizarrely it had got stronger, they saw each other much more regularly then before she was pregnant, Lola was a constant visitor to our home. I was never sure whether it was because Poppy wanted to keep reminding me of my mistake or whether she was keen to have an input in the little life created by her two closest friends. I of course tried to avoid being left on my own with Lola. Whilst I was sure that I/we would never make the same mistake again there was no reason to tempt fate. If Lola and myself were in the same room I’d always use Poppy as a screen, Poppy was always between myself and Lola which meant that I’ve never had to address the ‘baby situation’ and how the birth will affect the rest of our lives. That was until that fateful day. I had sensed that something was up on the Friday after returning home from work. Poppy was very quiet and whilst that was nt unusual her eyes showed that she was deep in thought. “Dan” she eventually broke the silence. “Yes sweet” I replied “We need to talk about Lola and the baby” It was the first time she’d used the b word in my presence. “Of course dear, I know I made the biggest mistake of my life but with your help I can do the right thing going forward” “The right thing?” Poppy smirked “The right thing would have to keep your thing in your trousers and we would nt be in this situation” I nodded silently as Poppy continued. “As you know, your baby has only a few months before it arrives and prior to that there are going to be some changes” Poppy went on to explain that Lola’s small one bedroom flat was wholly unsuitable for a child to grow up in. And that the tomorrow (Saturday) Lola would be moving into our 4 bedroom townhouse. That way she could help with child and I’d be able to do my job and provide for my offspring. Twice I tried to interrupt Poppy but with a finger lifted to her lips she dismissed my protestations. “Also as a first time Mother and with no siblings or other children in the family Lola is very nervous about looking after a baby” “She’s going to need some help, and that’s where you come in” Keen to stay on Poppy’s good side I would have done almost anything. “Of course Princess, let me know what I can do” Poppy just smiled “Good boy”
  5. The Guardians When the Guardians first came onto the scene the joke was they were a cross between Robocop and Mary Poppins… the joke wasn’t far from the truth, being a biological/technical/mechanical mix designed for the public’s protection. However, the efficient way they were programmed and went about their business was chilling. These Cyborgs were the law; the judge and jury who carried out the sentence with detached efficiency – no appeal, their verdict was FINAL – a sort of Judge Dredd but with the ability to alter a person rather than just obliterate them. The jokes and comical way in which this new service was introduced is no longer a laughing matter. The design, originally from the workshop and laboratories of ExecProtex, and with the tag-line - “The Guardians Will Keep You Safe”, complete with an image of a Guardian looking more like an angel with wings that surrounded a group of children - had been lampooned by every comedian, left-wing politician and religious leader as morally inept and unworkable. How wrong they all were; each and every one of the cynics and critics now reduced to sucking their toes and shitting in their diapers. # The Guardians were, and continue to be, a huge success: Employed by police and anti-crime firms around the world, their unique, special ability to locate, deep in the recesses of the human psyche, the moment that turned someone from the path to do right in the opposite direction is impressive. Their success rate is phenomenal. Once they had tracked their felon, detection by AGC - atmospheric gene recognition - much like a dog uses the scent of a criminal to track them, the villain is quickly brought to justice. The Guardians can ‘read’ every thought, detect every influence, navigate every nuance that the human mind tries to hide and then come up with an appropriate sentence. The result is labour-saving, instant and effective. Crime rates have fallen across the globe as criminals are quickly brought to book and their sentence instantly applied so, no costly, on-going justice system. The Guardian’s job is ‘intelligent analysis’ but the term covers a broad range of themes which are quite menacing. Whilst scanning the offender’s mind they locate the instant in their life that changed their consciousness, that precise motivation that made them act against the law. Not just the law they’ve broken because the scan looks much deeper to identify the influences that led to such an action. Often it is something that has its roots when the criminal was young. It’s then that the Guardian delivering the sentence can erase the offender’s mind and return them mentally back to that instant. From that point they are given the opportunity to change their decision and relive their lives from that regressed state, making them ‘happy’ and law abiding citizen as they grow up all over again. For some this doesn’t work; there are people who are bad through and through but still the Guardians give them a second chance. They are reduced to the mental age of a new born and allowed to start their lives once more. This relies on someone being there to see to an adult/baby who is no longer capable of looking after them self, which of course means a whole new business has grown up around such a service. However, if that isn’t an option, the lawbreaker can be terminated. Termination is a last resort but accepted as a final solution to any completely lawless individual… the Guardian’s job is to protect and where needed to make that final judgement. # ExecProtex has quickly become a very rich and powerful company. Unfortunately for them, their success means there are fewer and fewer criminals to process, so they have had to come up with alternatives. Various subsidiaries and affiliated supply companies grow day by day to meet the demand for their skills. To feed that challenge Guardians, in a slightly ‘altered’ version, are made available to companies who need (or want) to keep their workforce in check. These ‘Harmony Guardians’ as they are known, also find their way into the hands of families who are also keen on keeping a tight rein on the people around them. Even the most trivial act of lawlessness, like littering or speeding, is under the scrutiny of the ‘HGs’. Children of the rich and powerful are under constant surveillance and any transgression has an immediate impact on their lives. Hacking into the HGs has become a past time for some who hate these featureless upholders of the law, a law that is at the whim of whoever controls the Guardian. Any transgression is punished; so children, friends, acquaintances or even business competitors have resulted in their mental age being returned to childhood. There seems to be an abundance of CEOs who want to keep their progeny under such a tight leash and maintaining a teenager in diapers is thought a good solution to them growing up and becoming independent of thought. Life under the Guardians has changed the world, less crime but much more authoritarian. The fact that most people are regressed and not ‘dispatched’ is seen as the positive, humanitarian action of a more compassionate society. However, those who control the Guardians make the laws and, with certain ‘legal’ technical patches, can also alter the Cyborgs initial intent. They certainly don’t want a new, younger breed coming through with liberal ideas or programmes intent on dismantling the current status quo. Those who seem to possess such thoughts are dealt with. The ExecProtexCreche® is designed for just such a purpose… and its juvenile residents increase daily. However, there are other companies offering a similar, if less expensive service, which enjoy an equally successful, if different, business plan. So, whilst the ExecProtexCreche® is doing well for one section of the community - InfantileInc®, PaddedBottomsRus® and the scarily named Drool Time® are seeing business explode as the Guardians are put to use servicing another industry altogether. #### Part 2 “The Guardians Will Keep You Safe” logo had become something of a joke, though not a joke anyone was laughing at. The all-encompassing power of the entire new breed of Guardians had meant that even in private, nothing was private and nothing was safe. Any sense or action that the Guardian’s authority was being challenged meant an immediate visit to the ExecProtexCreche® for that challenger… and that often included family and friends. However, this action was proving quite expensive and, as ‘termination’ wasn’t an option for those who rebelled against the Guardian’s authority, new ‘homes’ for the transgressors were eagerly sought. Drool Time® was a no nonsense facility that had its own agenda and was happy, for a fee, to take any ‘miscreants’ as long as their future was left entirely at the disposal of the company. The Drool Time® business made no secret that their main criteria was regressing their ‘inmates’ back to a point in their life when they posed the least threat. So, each and every one who came under their ‘guidance’ was subjected to being returned to a shitting, pissing, thumb-sucking baby whose mental development was never going to be over that of a one year-old. No matter what age they came in as, they were quickly (and it has to be said efficiently) turned into crawling, crying, diaper-wearing babies. # Like all the subsidiary businesses from the Guardian franchise their influence and size grew in every country of the world. There wasn’t a major city that didn’t possess at least one of these grand ‘help and education’ centres. Governments, despots, dictatorships, even democracies all had access to, and full use of, these awesome facilities. There were times, especially in this technological era, when even the most liberal of communities saw the need to keep certain members of that community, state or country, under strict supervision. Drool Time® was the inexpensive answer to that problem. Meanwhile, the major growth area had been in baby products and those companies, who were in at the beginning, Drool Time® being a prime example, had become mega industries wiping the floor(as well as millions of bottoms) with many of the technical companies that had seen a downturn in their profits (and some would say use). The efficient Guardians had reigned supreme, and to a certain extent, still did but they answered now to the subsidiaries who were making the mega-bucks. It was their profit levels that motivated all future development and Diaper Companies sat at the top of every worldwide financial market and investment portfolio. Drool Time® were a quick thinking, opportunity led business and it wasn’t long before they adapted the technology of The Guardians to something more basic, simple, cheap but highly sellable. They introduced the School Drool Box, (Scroolbox®) a portable and easily maintained piece of apparatus that every educational (and indeed firm) could afford. Naughty boys and girls were who were acting up in the classroom, or anywhere else for that matter, could be deprogrammed and a new, more juvenile, existence would be theirs. The manufacturers made sure that each student or employee would then become dependent on Drool Times® other products; diapers, plastic pants, baby powder, oils, creams, ointments, unguents and specialist clothing. The clever programming also meant that the regressed individual would cry, scream and have a tantrum if they didn’t actually get their specifically desired objects - Drool Time® merchandise. At any one time most public schools would have nearly a third of their students in remedial class wearing diapers and playing with toys. Those that didn’t had the threat hanging over them so became very industrious and knuckled down to their studies. With further modification to the Scroolbox®, this happy, though mindless, generation of people became a workforce to be harnessed and used as seen fit by those in power. A cheap and almost inexhaustible supply of labour that had, with a steady supply of Drool Time Din-Dins® and Drinky-Winkies®, no thought other than making sure their diapers were clean and dry. Megacorp Drool Time® had seen the future and decided to amend, bend and influence it in any way it could. Their workforce was available for hire with all fees accrued to the company who paid their employees with cheap and inferior items from the Drool Time® range. As they didn’t have the minds to know anything better, they were convinced by the Scroolbox® that they were content… as long as they had access to all the stuff a happy baby needed. The problem was that everyone who didn’t wear diapers was now paranoid that at any moment a faux-friend, competing colleague or ambitious rival might, at any time, regress them and they would never be aware of what happened. Super-hackers targeted these people. Like the Guardians before them, this new breed of righteous individuals brought justice to an abused, shameful and decaying system. Reversing the numbers of regressed people was impossible but these ‘saviours’ had found a way to terrorise those who had terrorised an entire population. Diaper time under the Guardians had, to begin with, been seen as progress in a battle against crime. Now, because of the abuse that power had engendered, it had been turned against the CEOs and management of these major companies who had appropriated it for their own ends. Technological developments ended. The entire management of ExecProtex®, ExecProtexCreche® ,InfantileInc®, PaddedBottoms’R’us®, Drool Time® and a host of other similar companies and conglomerates joined the diaper-wearers and a new breed of benevolent administration was installed. They were called ‘The Caretakers’® ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  6. Princess Ophelia

    From D- to Diapers (private qith Tain)

    Rosie cringes as she receives her grades back. All the circles in red ink and underlines all trace around her paper with a big "SEE ME" at the top of her page.
  7. Princess Ophelia

    Haunted (open! )

    Olivia was much too old, 25, to be trick or treating. But she just couldn't resist this year,
  8. Princess Ophelia

    Enchanted Forest (looking for a partner! )

    My idea for a rp is that there is a duo of thieves or bandits etc or even warriors that come across an enchanted forest. The two of them are granted magic powers
  9. Princess Ophelia

    Witch's Baby

    One day a curious teenager wanders into the woods and fonds a curious cabin. The cabin belongs to a witch! The witch (or wizard!!) a little older than the teen ager. The witch invites the teen in hopes of slowly getting the teenager diaper dependant and like an infant!
  10. Princess Ophelia


    Hi guys >\\< I'm new on this board! I hope that it's ok for me to post something like this!! I was wondering if anyone would like to rp with me :3 I like being the baby /^\ I like when the character doesn't actually physically regress but rather mentally. I love when it's forced, using hypnosis, punishment...etc!! If anyone is interested in doing a RP like this, please PM me!! I want a partner who will be the mommy or daddy! Thanks!
  11. Princess Ophelia


    Hi guys >\\< I'm new on this board! I hope that it's ok for me to post something like this!! I was wondering if anyone would like to rp with me :3 I like being the baby /^\ I like when the character doesn't actually physically regress but rather mentally. I love when it's forced, using hypnosis, punishment...etc!! If anyone is interested in doing a RP like this, please PM me!! I want a partner who will be the mommy or daddy! Thanks!
  12. Accident Princess

    little kids shouldn't be left alone

    (Looking for someone to play a dominate woman who mistakes Carly for younger.
  13. Jenny is a sixteen years old who lives with her (brother or sister) and they still treat her like a toddler. Before her parents died when she was 4 and 8 she was still treated like a normal little kid. But after their mom died after their dad did from a car accident things haven't been the same for Jenny. Since then her (brother or sister) has always been treating her like a toddler or younger and even family& friends have started to treat her that same way. Her brother or sister (you choose) feel it's a better way to cope but Jenny doesn't know that. So she suffers through the baby talk, childlike clothes, pull ups/diapers, playtime etc. She loves her (brother or sister) but can't take the babyish life style anymore. So does she suffer through it still or start to rebel against it.
  14. Natalie was sleeping peacefully until she woke up at two am on a Monday morning. She knew something was different. Her girlfriend was still laying in bed with her. But something smelled of urine... And under her was wet and warm.
  15. Cassandra James is 16 year old girl, who had ran from home from abusive and neglecting parents. She was not happy with her life and wanted to start off a new life because of abuse she redirected and she often got bullied at school. After getting jumped one day, she decided enough was enough and just walked away. She just packed her things in a duffle and left. She didn't know where she was going or what she was gonna do but for now she was living on the streets and finding her way. Who knew one day a stranger that has been watching her and knows much about her, decided to stop and talk to her even offering her a place to live until she gets back on her feet. Well not entirely. Instead when she moves in, the stranger (you choose if it's a man or woman and their name) slowly regresses her into an obedient and sweet baby girl. The life that she deserves to have.
  16. marxthebaby

    The Stork

    (This is a story I have been dreaming up for quite a while now; I hope everyone enjoys it! Please give me constructive criticism; I know that I'm not the best writer out there, and I want to improve.) Prologue "You miss your child." A woman, clad in a crisp, white suit, spoke bluntly to a man seated behind an oak desk. At the sound of her words, the dark haired man's normally pale face flushed a deep red, and his teeth clenched in an enraged snarl. However, the woman seemed to be quite unruffled by the man's change in expression; she merely adjusted her glasses and sat back in her leather armchair, awaiting a response. The man's shoulders grew tense, and he responded with a cold, twisted grin that sent chills down her spine, "You think I don't miss the little cretin?" She clasped her hands together nervously as he continued, grief and sadness seeping into his voice, Of course, I do; the boy was my own flesh and blood!" The woman was satisfied with this response; she brushed her light brown hair from her eyes, before leaning over to the man, speaking softly as if to calm him down, "There is a way to get you another child, Hans, but you know that there is a price." To her surprise, the man rose up from his seat and narrowed his eyes coldly, clenching his large, tanned hands into fists at his sides in a display of annoyance, "I know; he won't be well behaved. You've told me before; do you not trust me to take care of a goddamn child, Maria?!" Maria, as this manicured woman was named, offered him a sympathetic smile. She knew that he was going through rough times, after the loss of his beloved son. It made it all the easier to manipulate him into taking her latest problem off her hands. With a chuckle, she kept her voice soft and oozing with pity for the trembling man, edging closer to his taut body, "He is not just a child; you know that. You will need to ensure that he knows his place; people like him are difficult to tame, but we've broken more than enough of his kind, haven't we?" Hans ran a hand through her hair and then took it away, striding over to the window of the office. She knew that he had made his decision the minute he spoke, "Fine." His voice was colder than ice, hoarse with sadness, his posture taut, as if he were a rubber band preparing to snap. "Bring the little cretin into my home tomorrow with the necessary supplies; I will purchase the diapers myself. You recommended the tapeless sort, correct?" All too satisfied with his compliance, Maria wrapped her skinny arms around Hans' larger body, laughing to herself, "Yes; after all, I wouldn't want the baby to take off his diapers." The two dissolved into laughter at that remark, and after they collected themselves, Maria dipped her head to the now smiling, red-faced man. She felt sorry for the poor bastard; she could only hope that the baby she brought in would suit his needs perfectly, "Thank you for being so agreeable, Hans; I know that being a Stork is hard for you. Having to raise another baby will be challenging for someone of your caliber-" With a lopsided smile, the man cut her off, lifting his fist as if to threaten her, "We both know that he isn't really a normal baby; he's been convicted of petty theft and arson, hasn't he? What baby so you see carrying a match in his diaper?" When the woman turned to leave, embarrassed by his remark, Hans spoke again, this time with a venomously joyous tone, "Bring the darling baby boy to my house first thing tonight; I'll get the nursery ready. I haven't been a real father since..." He trailed off, before shaking his head as she set one foot outside of the dark office. The reek of alcohol reached her nose, making her gag, yet she neglected point out the stench that she now smelled, "He'll have to adjust to having such a lovely daddy, Hans; just make sure not to go easy on him." After a moment of silence, Hans ran a hand over her cheek, and whispered, "Goodnight; I'll set up the baby shower tonight." The prim and proper woman lifted her chin, and responded with a kiss on his cheek before crooning into his ear, "I'll bring the baby." She ventured into the darkness outside, armed with nothing but a bottle of milk in her purse and a shaker of baby powder in her hand. This would be delightful, she knew; simply delightful, to put the heinous criminal in his place. After a few minutes of walking along the dimly lit, filthy streets, she waved down a taxi and got a ride to the nearby prison. She was going to visit the baby, and he was going to get two choices from her; come with her willingly to meet Hans, or get dragged by his ear, kicking and screaming. Knowing him, it would most certainly be the latter that he chose...
  17. Pre-Teen Bard

    Comes Around

    Chapter One It started innocently but ended badly. I wasn't planning on doing it. It just something I did. It started on the last day of school. I was leaving school sore but feeling good. Final exams was tough both physical and mentally. I was fifteen and just got out of Middle School. I should have been in High School last year. Well the past is the past. I just got to move forward. I unlocked my bike and was about to ride away when I saw a perfect target. I'm not mean kid. I don't beat anyone up but I do love to tease and shamed them. In front of me was a seventh grade nerd. He had braces and looked more like a ten-year old. He was also the same size. He was talking to a girl. The girl was polite and listened while her face told me that she wanted out of there. I walked up behind him. The girl saw me. I put a finger to my lips. She knew I was up to something so she smiled. This encouraged the boy because he though she was smiling what he said. I bent down to mimic pulling down his pants. She nodded. In one swift motion I pulled down his pants. The boy tried to grab his pants but they were out of reach. His shirt was down so you couldn't see his underwear. I took care of that. When I stood up, I lifted his shirt up exposing his underwear, his panties. Yes, he was wearing panties, little girl style. Very Cute. the girl pointed and laughed. The boy struggles with me. He tried to bend down to pull his pants up. I lifted him up. He raised his legs to reach his pants. However, now the girl could get at them. "No," he pleaded. She grabbed the pants and took his pants completely off. He just lost it. Tears ran down his face as he cried. I let him down but removed his shirt as I did it. I handed the shirt to her. She took him by the hand and lead him away. I could hear him crying and other kids call him a sissy boy. "Having fun?" I turned around. It was Annie. My girlfriend. I smiled. "Yes, I am." She frowned. "Aren't you too old for this behavior?" I was taken back. "Fifteen isn't that old for fun." "And yet you're in the eighth grade." "Graduated from the eight grade." She smiled and put her arms around me. "Good for you. It's about time you have made into the High School. I looked into her eyes. "I was only held back once. The second grade. But I am glad to be in High School. No wrestling there. I kept getting pinned even by girls and younger students this year. She kissed me on the forehead. "Almost a second time in sixth grade and third time in seventh grade. You were just lucky. That tutor really worked her butt off to get you by. She felt sorry for you when you came by on open house for fifth graders. You were so polite to her." She shook her head. "I saw the pictures and videos that got posted. The girls always used a cradle hold." She played with my hair. "They held you like you were a little baby." She laughed. "Now on to business. Interested in a job?" I pulled away. "A job? Why would I want to a job for? It's summer break. I worked hard and I need it. Time to have fun with my friends." "It'll be a easy job. Babysitting at night only. The mother is single and has to work graveyard for a month. From 6pm to 6am. You'll be sleeping most of the time." I frowned. "I don't want to change diapers." "He's ten and out of diapers." I put my bike helmet on. "No, and that's final." I rode away.