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  1. chimney fires are caused by the residue coating the inside of the chimney catching fire, not the actual material of the chimney itself... so it doesnt matter that yours is steel the residual build up inside it is just as capable of burning as it would be in the average brick chimney
  2. has no one here ever heard of a chimney fire? you should get that chimney cleaned before using it again, whatever the bird may have put in it could be the kindling needed to start off a bad chimney fire, then good bye to your house, hope its cheaper to replace then the costs of a chimney cleaning.....
  3. we cannot see that webpage unless logged into a tumblr account, many of us myself included do not have nor want a tumblr account.
  4. no, from what i can tell it seems only baby-pants carries that shield, propriety i guess. and likewise only pacifiersrus carries that size nipple, so the only way to get a pacifier like that is buy one from both and combine them, which is what i did. https://pacifiersrus.com/ http://www.baby-pants.com/pacifiers.php
  5. another trick ive found helped alot, when you wake in the night to pee, make sure you do it in the same position you woke in, when u wake to pee try and do it and go back to sleep without moving an inch, this helps teach the body any position even sleeping positions are ok for voiding. if you find it difficult to do this then that is one of your roadblocks to bedwetting.
  6. this thread about a movie probably fits better in the other subforum "Diaper/wetting references found in movies and on TV" https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/forum/24-diaper-references/ saw that one, spoiler: in the end its revealed the psychiatrist isnt trying to stop it but rather wants to adopt the adult baby herself to be a playmate for her husband whom is also an adult baby due to brain damage, weird movie.
  7. i kinda wonder if he just made it all up, removed his story for a whole different reason and just wants to shift the blame/attention, he waited this long to even tell us what the message he received says, and it doesn't even look copy paste format more like he typed it out in the post himself, and he decides to conveniently leave the site right after conveniently leaving out the most important detail of the message 'who sent it', its just all rather strange and reeks of some made up bullshit
  8. dude who sent you this cause this sounds like it was not even a staff member and was just some troll pretending to be a staff member, if staff had an issue with your post they would remove it themselves, they would not instruct you to do it for them that is not procedure. even if it was staff they did not go by procedure for that reason and also for not logging the action, so either its a troll member who will face repercussions once you name them. or it was a staff member who will face repercussions once you name them. so name them, who was it?
  9. get the size 7 from pacifiersrus for a sheild use the one baby-pants sells, those two combined make for the best sized adult pacifier
  10. they're in a better place now, i am sorry for your loss. dont be in a rush to meet them, live your life, have fun with it while you have it. you'll see them again eventually.
  11. you know what, wearing diapers when you dont have a medical need, makes you look bad.... to me when i choose to indulge in wearing diapers i choose to ignore the fact that society frowns upon it, stop giving a shit what society thinks of you.
  12. he and his family are not the main characters, more like side characters that make random appearances, their story is never explained in the show. but they are portrayed as poor hillbillies with no parents
  13. SWEET LORDY ALMIGHTY! Thank you so much! very excited!
  14. shamelessly bumping this topic in the hopes we can finally get an announcement of who won the contest.....
  15. its not about throwing it in faces as the only people attending a pride parade do so willingly and ought to know full well they will be seeing strange stuff, full on nudity is not uncommon at pride parades... pride parades are of course about pride, its a day you can be proud to be what you are rather then hide it like we do all other days, its one day set aside to come out of hiding and be proud. its no surprise to me there are so many here who would denounce the concept of being proud to be in diapers... shame runs strong in this community. sad to say.