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  1. Upcoming horror movie "Adult Babies"?

    Release Date: 26 August 2017 cant find anywhere to get the movie but theres some interviews.
  2. Idea Adoption Thread

    i get ideas, just to lazy to actually do the writing, anyone can use these if they so wish. twins who share a secret, one twin has health issues that have stunted their growth, perhaps they cant even talk or control themselves, the other twin perfectly healthy, what no one but them knows is they occasionally switch consciousness/souls/whatever. maybe every other day. maybe rarer and random/whatever. or dude dies and finds reincarnation is real, as his soul is recycled an error in the process leaves his memory intact and he lives out infancy in a new body fully aware of the life he left behind, though conscious of it all his brain still lacks the motor skill development to talk and etc. or house with a ghost who has figured out how to reach into someone and squeeze their bladder/bowel, perhaps they catch on or not/whatever. or a disease that regresses ones mind/motor skills, even their body size. or inventor of time machine goes back to see his 1st birthday only to emerge from the machine as his 1 year old self, time machine vanishes since its now before it ought to exist. realizes too late he has assumed the existence of his past self, there is no duplicate of him, and he'll have to relive his life over again. or someones found the fountain of youth, and are using its waters to terrorize nations by regressing selected leaders back to infancy. or neverending story type plot where the character finds themselves falling into a book they found only to be trapped living out its story line before they discover its plot twist will regress them physically/mentally/both/whatever or alien invaders with mass infantalize weapons, they kidnap all the regressed populace to raise in their massive motherships to re-educate them to the needs of their new masters, force everyone back to babyhood and raise them in your own controlled environment is a good way to create a slave race submissive to your will, maybe theres a rebel in the group able to keep the fire of resistance alive the 20 years needed to regrow and try to fight off the enslavement, maybe he fails and is regressed again only to repeat the process, maybe this happens multiple times to him. or a long lost civilization lives within enormous cavities inside the earth accessible via large openings at the north and south pole, a race of giants 20 feet tall has become accustomed to forcefully adopting and babying the normal size humans who occasionally inevitably wander into their territory in the spirit of exploration. this ancient race is advanced enough to extend their life so not only will they be forcibly babied but it also will last centuries. or the cia/or w/e agency has discovered a brainwashing method that can be used subliminally in movies/etc to have small regressive effects on percentages of the audience, in moderation it isnt noticeable. but those susceptible whom also over consume the laced medias end up very infantile acting. or and AB one night feeling desperate and lonely prays to god to be a baby again and is surprisingly granted the wish. . ill stop here cause thats enough ideas, i could go on for hours...
  3. abu simple/space/little paws, much better then anything bambino. more absorbent, wider coverage, better fit, stronger material, cuter, and the price is pretty much the same,. been diapered 24/7 like 14 years or so, at first i preferred bambino, their belissimo as it was their most absorbent with best coverage, but once abu started making these i switched and love it, much better brand.
  4. My experience with stents

    indeed i think they would be interested in your backups, they have been restoring story threads too from member backups, send a message to either dailydi or one of the admins. and thank you, for making backups and providing them.
  5. My experience with stents

    they tried, the database was corrupted, can only move forward now
  6. DD Minecraft Server

    ok, thank you. im sorry.
  7. What am I doing wrong?

    relationships can only survive if there is good communication, you need to communicate your feelings to him, you need to talk to him about all this. and he needs to talk to you too, if he cannot show an interest in fixing it, in communicating about it, then there isnt much you can do. though i suspect he wont want to loose you and will communicate with you if you have the courage to take that first step. start the discussion.
  8. Is she padded?


    ah so it goes all the way back then, thats really sad...
  10. Putting a nappy on with a broken arm

    been there, it sucks, basicly it is doable but your diapers will be a bit looser, so onesie's are a good idea during that time, to help hold the diaper up incase its too loose. my cast went past the elbow, kept the arm bent, so i couldnt even use the cast, was all one handed, just had to use long fingers to help apply pressure where i could to try and get the tapes taunt when i placed em. if after the effort the diaper is still to loose for you then slap some duck tape over any wrinkles, will help add more tension.
  11. Adult diaper with largest padding dimensions?

    then get the simple's
  12. Pain,Pain,Pain

  13. I can't say what I need to say

    it seems to me that is a feeling of loneliness, that is a common thread with depression, feeling like there is no one really interrested in understanding you. that feeling you want someone to have, of sincere interest in you, imagine what that feeling is, and go looking in the world for someone you feel that way towards, maybe they will begin to reciprocate it. it should be reciprocated after all.

    and thats just one subforum, all the other sub forums were also effected, (but presumably have no one combing through them.) curious, did you take note of the age of the corrupted posts? would be useful to know what range of dates were effected.
  15. Rejection and Hopefully quiting forever!

    Posted: March 21 Last visited: September 22 welcome back