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  1. you are allowed to use a fake name like the classic "John Smith"
  2. ya post em, why not.
  3. I totally agree with this, I had that happen here, Elfy totally deleted one of my posts and never said anything to me to tell me why. messaged daily about it and he never replied, after a month of waiting I just gave up on it.
  4. right, found one http://kissmanga.com/Manga/Omujo-Omutsu-Joshi
  5. is there a translated version
  6. since your thread is about a video on YouTube why don't you link it so every one else can see what your talking about
  7. go up a size
  8. wait, you posted this a year ago, your saying you still have them now? yeesh, wlda thgt someone wld take em from you by now, you can give em to a nearby thrift store theyll resell them cheap,
  9. i just always put a small strip of duct tape over each diaper tape to reinforce them, as part of my changing routine, been doing that over 10 years of 24/7. havnt had a tape slip since before i started doing it, its really nice to have that peace of mind to know with complete confidence that it wont come loose
  10. because i asked if you read it, does not mean i assumed that you didnt, or i would have instead stated "you didnt read it" that would be assuming. also describing someone assuming you didnt read something as condescending is quite a stretch, but i guess you gotta make a stretch to find offense here, if thats your apparent goal and all. i really only had one intended contribution, to question the validity of the Craigslist post, i put my reasons for that clearly and non-confrontationaly, your reaction to that concept was the first hostile post, so you are the one doing the pissing in this thread, you could have just accepted my post at face value and moved on but here you are still going on and on about taking offense where it wasnt meant. enjoy that i guess.
  11. the "tone" from text you allege is assumed on your part, there is no tone, the chances they said they went to longs drug store and bought depends yet got something other then depends is very slim, this sounds like just a cop out on your part. especially considering majority of the incontinence products in longs drug stores are just depends. also as a side note, as far as ive seen all of the other brands you'll find in common grocery stores also have instructions on them. if reading someones conclusions/interpretations in your mind comes across with tone perhaps its a subconscious defense reaction.
  12. um, did you read it? "Huggies and I (aka Pampers) decided it would be in our best interest to go to the local Longs Drugs and buy some god forsaken Depends Adult Garments..." I mentioned depends having instructions because they said they bought depends and it didn't have instructions....
  13. wow that was posted in 2006, amazing it's still circulating 11 years later. "6- The damn diapers are so hard to put on! I had to have Huggies strap mine on, because I was too stupid to figure that shit out myself. Just know that the diapers don't come with an instruction manual, and they might out smart you... " they actually do come with instructions though depends have always had instructions on the side of the bag complete with diagrams. what's more likely they didn't even notice the instructions on the bag or this whole story is made up bs? I'd bet the latter
  14. you like Justin Bieber?! eeewwwww
  15. well alright, hope you get well soon, lots of vit c, sulfur rich foods, hydrate and sleep and all that