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  1. diapersalways

    Mini Bitcoin Farm

    what france and the US are doing is one thing. but most countries are using nuclear or renewable primarily. regardless this is an argument about how we produce our energy not what we use it on. if oil usage is a problem switch to other means, an argument about how we produce our energy does not serve as an argument against energy usage as its being used here. transactions that occur on the bitcoin network replace the fiat transactions that would still have occurred, same energy usage, if i send you 10$ in the mail, or by money order, we are still talking energy usage to accomplish that, no different then sending you 10$ of bitcoin. wrong please educate yourself fiat currencies are much different from bitcoin currency, one is inflationary the other deflationary literally complete opposites....
  2. diapersalways

    Progressive commercial

    some bonus videos i came upon finding the above ones.
  3. diapersalways

    Mini Bitcoin Farm

    so you believe the world powers itself on oil? sure most transport is done with oil, but most countries are ran on nuclear power. wind power. or solar power. i dont think they are revving up the engines when i turn on my computer....
  4. diapersalways

    Yesterday At Church

    that sounds like sleep apnea, you should get that checked out, your brain cells will thank you (sleep apnea deprives the brain of oxygen killing brain cells literally making you dumber)
  5. diapersalways

    Mini Bitcoin Farm

    bitcoin wasting energy is a myth, https://hackernoon.com/bitcoin-doesnt-waste-electricity-649694ea3605 electricity is not a limiting factor to cancer research because cancer research is not using up 100% of their energy supply, if they were then we could argue over who gets what energy.... you move the goal posts now to calculations being the limiting factor, ok fine so go buy them some more computers?..... what exactly are you advocating for? all bit coin miners should donate their hardware to cancer research?....
  6. diapersalways

    And end to ABDL?

    sounds like the man went through 40 years of purging, got 10 years of bingeing, and is now well into his next purge, id bet it'll last 5 years tops before he is back in diapers. eventually he will recognize the cycle for what it is.
  7. diapersalways

    Student group dons diapers in protest

    so you say it is bullying that some college kids wore diapers and stood around in a playpen as a form of protest. they are bullies for doing that.. thats your statement? that was them "attacking"? and it wasnt the leader thrown under the bus, it was an entirely different organization, her leaders threw her under the buss for the sake of keeping good relations with the other organization who actualy did the protest. turning point had nothing to do with the adults in diapers, so no they are not crying over their own protest, do you even read your own link? its all right there.... " you were fully aware that Young Americans for Liberty members were the ones who dressed up as children, and that instead of putting the blame where it belonged, you not only distanced yourself from the event, but you let my chapter face the consequences of online harassment. " kent turning point chapter is disbanding because they were blamed for this bullshit even though they had nothing to do with it, the leader is disgusted that headquarters allowed them to be the fall guy, rather then admitting the true culprit was "Young Americans for Liberty" so kent chapter turning point is disbanding to spite the lies. reading comprehension anybody? blaming turning point is fake news, and the way you spread that idea even in the face of your own source talking it down, is how fake news spreads. read more of your source material before jumping to conclusions over its contents, that is just one step to thwarting the epidemic of fake news occurring nowadays.
  8. you ought to introduce the two cats to each other slowly, and in stages, if you just put them both in a room together and leave them be then fighting is likely, the way i have done it in past to acclimate one cat to another, takes time and effort, first you should have brought items belonging to the new cat home before the cat, a good week ahead, things the new cat has put its smell or fur onto. this gives the old cat a chance to adjust to the smell of the new cats presence before it arrives. seeing as how you didnt do that its no wonder your getting some fights. separate the two cats keep them in different rooms, alternate the rooms you choose so neither cat feels restricted from regions of the home, you want them to feel they can go in any room you typically will let them in, just not the one with the other cat whichever room that is at that time. this is how they will realize you are separate them from each other and not from rooms. every day 2 -4 times a day bring them into a room together and let them be in that room together, dont interact or interfere with them at all unless they fight, if they ignore each other and stay away from each other fine, just let them. the only time you should get involved is if they start fighting. even just a hiss, grab the one that seems to be the aggressor and put them in another room, and wait till the next day to try again, eventually you will notice them getting hostile with each other less and less, and thus the sessions they have with each other longer and longer, eventually even playing with each other, at this point fighting may still occur and its important you stick to the act of separating them when they fight despite their new trend of getting along. eventually they will stop fighting entirely and be best buds. it just takes time and persistence. and as far as website and forums go, ive noticed pretty much all forums are echo chambers of certain beliefs/judgements/moralities/opinions etc. sure you can find disagreements there but in general the membership majority of each site agrees with each other on many things in many ways. if you are seeing a reoccurring trend in their behavior that you dislike then leaving that site is the only thing you can do to get away from it. you cant change them. luckily there are literally millions of other websites and forums on the web for you to choose from.
  9. diapersalways

    Why People Fail in Their Goal to Start Bedwetting

    sounds like each of those can be boiled down to lack of commitment..
  10. diapersalways

    I Feel Like There'S Nobody In Florida

    relevant thread for you Floridians
  11. i joined that discord couple weeks ago... im not in florida :3 west coast actually.
  12. diapersalways

    Making it easier

    tell her shes in control and you'll only do what she tells you too.... might excite her.
  13. diapersalways

    Ccw while diapered

    get a shoulder holster maybe put it under the over coat though, unlike this guy, lol.
  14. diapersalways

    I feel like I'm regressing in life

    if you were just like this, i'd say dont worry about it. but you are saying this is a change to your usual body behavior, which is a red flag to get checked out at a doctor, it could be prostate cancer, it could be a brain tumor, theres many things it could be, including nothing at all, but why take the chance assuming, just go get checked out to make sure it isnt something bad. all youd have to tell the doctor is you have lost all of your sex drive and you dont know why, he will know what tests to run from there.
  15. diapersalways

    ABU ending free shipping

    that wont happen, bambino stopped caring about the community when they became owned by nonabdl's only. abu is only owned by abdl's, so they will of course continue to care about the community.