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  1. Dating

    your lucky, it is common for incontinence to cause divorce, be grateful he isn't as self centered as most
  2. Greetings from Seattle!

    well theres quite a few of us in seattle, check fetlife events, theres usually an abdl meetup once a month
  3. ENT Surgery

    if there is a 0.1% chance you might wet when they drug you up then you should wear. the hospital staff cant crack jokes behind patients backs about them wearing diapers because it isnt funny after the 100th patient they see that way, you have no idea how common it is in a hospital, they wont care.... and its better to swallow your pride and wear it then risk pissing in the operating room in the middle of surgery....
  4. That looks suspicious...

    it was directed at the post you had quoted and were commenting on, it was a supporting comment to the same line of discussion, lets not derail this thread any further with offtopic commentary about who said what or what it meant....
  5. Financial Investments for my future.

    wise investing would be to put every dime you can spare into ethereum right now and hold long term, i know i am....
  6. I swear this happened. Worst "caught" story ever.

    your freedoms gone your dignity sacrificed all upon the alter of government control and authoritarianism, you allowed them (under force) to molest your person and humiliate you, treating you as guilty, forcing you to PROVE your innocence, no longer are citizens treated as innocent until proven guilty, now they can point their finger at you and FORCE you to PROVE you are not guilty of concealing a crime in your underwear... its just sad that its come to this, that our age old "freedom to migrate unmolested" is gone, forgotten, disrespected, abandoned. even worse since this is after your flight, safety therefor has nothing to do with it, only the drug war applies here, nixons old effort to stop the hippies from voting has lead to you being force stripped nude in your wet diaper before strangers in 2017.... i dont know how you feel after such an experience but id be pretty pissed. ive been patted down at an airport, ive felt the agents hands grab my crotch and molest my diaper, it is angering, it is humiliating, it isnt right. im fortunate they didnt ask me to a private room to strip, instead they just followed the molesting with a testing strip on my palm for substances, that was more agreeable then being striped,
  7. That looks suspicious...

    he has the ability to have it removed from instagram , and from here if he so chooses. until then we are free to discuss it. thank you forum police for looking out for the internet....
  8. monkeys island. that is all....
  9. That looks suspicious...

    you can fullscreen it with this link https://instagram.fsnc1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/t50.2886-16/20486685_136063776981446_8166633039191867392_n.mp4 yeah seems like a padded bottom. padded crotch, kudos, being diapered in front of strangers would make me throw worse, he threw pretty good.
  10. Pain

    suicide never stops the pain, it just passes it on to the friends and family, then magnifies it 100 fold.
  11. i see two packages are already opened, sacrifice one to show us what it looks like, unfold it take pictures, tape it to something take pictures, even if its just strapped to a teddy bear it gives the consumer a better idea what they would be buying, would increase your offers.
  12. Whats The thickest diaper

    abu space/little paws hold more/thicker then bambinos...
  13. Just had to out myself

    thats called signing under duress, signing under duress actually invalidates the signature, you can argue in court that by giving them permission only under duress you did not actualy give them permission, and the court will agree. just saying if for some reason in the future you end up suing them or anything.
  14. Soothers/pacifiers

    thats a sign you got the wrong size, probably to small, puts undue pressure in the wrong angle on the teeth, will start pushing them outward if used to much, get a better size, i cant sleep without my pacifier, ive learned the best size for my teeth/gums is the S7 from pacifiersrus.com