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  1. Chapter 7: Anna turned around to see her aunt standing behind her smiling directly at her and spoke saying “I hope your enjoying your second day”. Anna smiled at her aunt saying “of course I feel like I am starting to get the hang of this” Melissa smiled saying “I am glad to hear that, I wanted to come by and give you your new schedule so you will know what days we shoot and what we are shooting on those days” But before Anna had a chance to look down a voice behind her spoke saying “Anna! That was absolutely amazing!” Anna turned around to see both Carmen and Kacey staring at her with smiles saying “I thought it was a cute idea” Kacey stared at Melissa saying “Melissa your niece here seems to be catching on quicker than I expected If she is up to it, I thought I would let her lead the photography shoot this afternoon” Melissa looked towards Anna asking, “do you think you’re ready for that?” Anna stared nervously not wanting to screw up, but she also knew this might be a step towards getting back at Bethany and smiled saying “Definitely” Kacey smiled saying “it’s settled then Anna you will be in charge of the sets, wardrobe, and what happens this afternoon, if you would get with Carmen after lunch and she can get the baby changed into whatever you come up with” Anna smiled towards Carmen saying “I definitely will, I am sure I can come up with something fun for the afternoon. “Can someone please let me out!?” The group turned their attention towards the crib bars to see Bethany staring towards them looking rather upset that nobody had let her out. Anna followed Carmen and Kacey over towards the large crib watching as Carmen pulled the crib rails down and turned to Kacey asking, “are we done shooting?” Kacey nodded his head saying “we are done” Carmen reached inside the large crib scooping Bethany into her arms saying “I am going to get the baby changed and we will see you both after lunch. Kacey spoke saying “that sounds perfect” Kacey turned his attention towards Anna and Melissa and spoke saying “Melissa why don’t you explain to Anna her new schedule and show her the surprise we have for her” Melissa smirked towards Kacey saying, “why do you have to ruin it?” and motioned for Anna to follow her. Anna followed behind her aunt wondering what he meant by surprise and then looked down at the sheet staring at the calendar reading over each day seeing Mondays and Tuesday were labeled “AB”, Wednesdays were labeled as “Meetings”, Thursday’s labeled as “DL” remembering seeing it the night before and then noticed the Fridays labeled “AB – Half” and spoke saying “what does AB-half mean?” Melissa giggled saying “I figured you would ask that, but the studio only works half days on Friday” Anna thought to herself only working half the day on Friday sounds nice and having a nice long weekend hoping she could find more time to catch up what she missed with her mom in the last 2 years. She continued to follow her aunt until they had left the set and walked down the hall and stopped at a door that she noticed had her name on labeled as “Anna-Photographer”. Melissa smiled saying “I was going to surprise you with this” Anna watched her aunt open the door to reveal a large office/suite. It was a lot bigger than her room at home there was a queen size bed, a dresser, and in the corner a large computer setup that looked very expensive. Melissa noticed the amazement on her nieces face and spoke saying “I know it may be a little much, but this is the room our last photographer used” Anna continued staring around the room walking over towards the large bed and sat down feeling the soft comforter under her hands. Melissa smiled over towards her saying “I see you like the bed?” Anna nodded giggling saying “I do, I may have to take the offer and move in myself” Melissa smiled saying “your free to at any time, it might be good for you and Bethany to bond some” Anna’s eyes widened asking “what do you mean?” Melissa walked over towards the bed and sat down next to Anna saying “Nobody else knows this, but Bethany came in Monday morning and told me she needed to move in for a while, so she will be staying here for now” Anna nervously spoke saying “Bonding with Bethany may be a little tough” Melissa nodded saying “I know the situation; I came in after the feeding session and spoke to Kacey and he told me everything” Anna stared up towards her aunt asking, “he did?” Melissa nodded saying “he did, and I want you to understand that whatever happens Bethany can’t do anything to you she has no power over you, You should know after the last 2 days you have more power over what she does and wears” Anna giggled softly trying to reset her emotions and spoke saying “your right” Melissa saw the down look on her niece’s face and placed her arm around her pulling her into a hug saying “I love having you here Anna, just be the adult and ignore Bethany’s comments” Anna nodded her head and giggled saying “I will, she’s just a baby, I just need to treat her that way, right?” Melissa smiled nodding her head saying “absolutely, how about we go have lunch and you can figure out what you’re going to do to her this afternoon” Anna giggled nodding her head and followed her aunt towards the kitchen. Anna walked into the kitchen to see Kacey already inside sitting down at the table watching him staring up as he spoke saying “Anna, great job today” Anna pulled the chair out from the table sitting down saying “thanks, I was trying not to take control too fast” Kacey shook his head saying “you did a perfect job today and I am starting to get excited to see what you come up with next” “Kacey please don’t scare my niece it’s only her second day” Kacey turned to see Melissa walking over towards the table and spoke saying “sorry Melissa, your niece just has such a nack for this and I am starting to think all those years working at the daycare is about to pay off for her” Anna giggled asking “do you think so?” Kacey nodded his head saying “absolutely” Anna started to open her lunch her mother had packed her pulling out a sandwich and chips. She started eating remembering back seeing all the other nursery furniture inside the storage room wanting to ask why none of it was on the set and looked up staring at Kacey asking, “I was curious about the storage room?” Kacey smiled at Anna asking, “what about it?” Anna chewed the food in her mouth asking, “I was curious why the baby furniture inside there wasn’t on the set?” Kacey giggled saying “well one reason is when your shooting you never want to over crowd the set and we wanted to keep it simple.” Anna nodded her saying “I understand, just a basic nursery setup” Kacey nodded his head saying “exactly, but if there is something in there you want to use for a video shoot or photos, we can definitely make it happen” Anna smiled saying “I am sure I can think of something we can use it for in the future” and continued to eat her lunch. After Anna had finished her lunch, she stared up towards the clock seeing the clock getting closer to photo time and began to think of idea’s for shoot. She thought back to her day’s at college thinking about all of the practice she had gotten with new parents getting pictures of their newborn and infant babies remembering the idea’s she had back then realizing she could use those ideas on Bethany knowing she was just a bigger baby. Anna got up from the table smiling at both Kacey and Melissa saying “I am going to head to the wardrobe room to have Carmen get the baby ready” Kacey smiled saying “alrighty then, good luck today” Anna stared confused asking “are you not coming to watch?” Kacey shook his head saying “I think you can handle this one, you will have Carmen there if you need any assistance” Anna smiled saying “alrighty then! I’ll come see you after the set” “good luck Anna, please come see me after the shoot as well” Anna turned towards her aunt saying, “thank you Aunt Melissa, I will” and headed out the door. Anna started walking towards the wardrobe room starting to feel a little nervous but continued to tell herself that she could do this, and that Carmen would be there to help in any way she could. She found herself right outside the wardrobe room pulling on the door handle and walked inside to see Bethany sitting in front of the mirror sucking on a pacifier between her lips and still wearing the same diaper she had been put in earlier and Carmen standing right next to her brushing her hair. Carmen looked up at the mirror seeing Anna walking into the room and spoke saying “Hey Anna, have you figured out what we’re going to be doing with the baby this afternoon?” Anna walked over towards both Carmen and Bethany and smiled saying “I think I have a couple of idea’s; I am curious does the studio have any cloth diapers?” Carmen smiled saying “of course! Any clothing we need to use for the shoot?” Anna shook her head saying, “no clothing, just the little baby in her diaper would do” Carmen giggled nodded her head saying “alrighty” Bethany stared up realizing Carmen was about to pick her up and pulled out her pacifier saying, “I can get up myself Carmen!” Anna was about tired of the way Bethany was treating people but wondered to herself if her being there was the reason, she was acting this way like she was too good to see her being treated like a baby. She watched Carmen follow her over towards the changing table and spoke saying “I guess we have a fussy baby”. Carmen turned around nodding her head towards Anna saying “it looks like it” Anna watched Carmen scoop Bethany into her arms, but once again Bethany tried to argue, but this time Carmen was ready and quickly shoved a pacifier between her lips telling her “Bethany were not doing this, now calm down or I will punish you” Anna couldn’t help but giggle seeing the seriousness in Carmen’s eye’s the way she was treating Bethany watching her place her on the changing table and quickly removing the clean disposable diaper and tossing it on the floor. She watched carmen open a bottom cabinet under the large changing table pulling out what looked like 2 or 3 large pin on cloth diapers and a clear diaper cover and walked over to watch. She looked over the diapers on the table giggling saying, “these are the largest diapers I have ever seen, why did you pull out so many?” Carmen turned giggling saying “Kacey usually likes the diapers being thick enough to make baby Angela look like a real baby” Anna chuckled saying “almost forcing her to crawl?” Carmen smiled saying “exactly” Anna watched Carmen powder the baby’s crotch and then grabbed the large cloth diapers and placing them underneath Bethany’s bottom and pulling them tightly over her crotch. She watched Carmen pin the diapers in place and grabbed the clear pants realizing they were plastic pants and pulled them over the thick diaper locking the baby’s already bowed out legs in place. Carmen picked the baby off the changing table saying “alrighty sweety lets go make some magic” Anna smiled towards Carmen saying, “I am right behind you” and followed carmen out the door towards the set. Anna couldn’t help but gush looking at the way Bethany looked on Carmen’s hip she truly looked so small and infantile, and knew she wasn’t liking any of the treatment she was putting her through. She watched Carmen up the door to the set and walked in behind them making their way towards the nursery. Carmen turned towards Anna asking, “what’s the play?” Anna smiled saying “I thought maybe a baby Angela in baby pictures would be a fun idea” Carmen face lit up with a huge smile saying “that sounds wonderful” “doesn’t that sound wonderful baby?” Carmen said towards Bethany Anna watched Bethany once again roll her eyes and spoke saying “maybe one day she will get the hang of it” Carmen giggled saying “one day, do you need me to do anything?” Anna smiled saying “yes, I need you to be the best mommy you can to her” Carmen smiled saying “of course, I can do that!” Anna stared down at the set-in front of her looking over the way Bethany looked starting to think something was missing and spoke asking, “do we have any accessories on the set or toys? I feel something is missing” Carmen nodded her head pointing towards the door behind the crib saying “of course right behind the crib” Anna smiled saying “perfect, I just feel something isn’t quite right” Carmen giggled saying “if you can’t find what you’re looking for in there you probably have a problem” Anna opened the door to the closet and was quickly blown away at what she saw inside. The entire room was filled with rows upon rows of baby clothing and accessories. She looked through each row until her mind felt like it had found what she had missing. It was a large white baby bonnet and a matching bib that looked adorable and smiled knowing it would work for the set. Anna walked out of the closet and spoke saying “alright I think I found what I was looking for” Carmen turned around seeing the bonnet and bib in Anna’s hands saying “Oh my! Look baby aunty Anna has you some accessories to go along with your photo shoot” Anna saw the look on Bethany’s face who had no care and continued to suckle on the pacifier and handed the accessories over to Carmen. Anna watched Carmen place the bonnet on top of Bethany’s head tying it underneath her chin and then taking the bib and tied it behind the baby’s neck and spoke asking, “all ready?” Carmen smiled nodded her head asking, “what should I do?” Anna looked over the set once again forgetting about the toys and looked over at the crib seeing a baby rattle and a set of toy keys and walked over grabbing both and walking back over towards Carmen and the baby. Anna smiled handing Carmen the toy keys and battle rattle saying “just play with the baby get her to giggle and maybe act a little like she is a real baby” Carmen nodded her head saying “We will see what we can get from her” Anna pulled up her camera watching Carmen begin to shake the rattle and toy keys, but once again like earlier nothing from Bethany it was like she refused to do anything with her in the room. She lowered her camera staring towards the set. Carmen asking, “is there something wrong?” Anna nodded her head saying “I think I’d rather do a different shoot to start” Carmen looked confused asking “what do you need me to do?” Anna minded started to come up with an idea to punish little Bethany and spoke saying “Carmen you can drop the baby toy’s and place the baby across your lap if you would” Anna watched Carmen place the toys on the ground and scooped the baby once again into her arms setting Bethany across her lap knowing Bethany was about to get something she has needed all day and spoke saying “Carmen can you pull the back of the baby’s diaper down the back” “What!?! No!” Anna watched Bethany begin to struggle realizing she figured out what she was doing, but Carmen caught on to what was happening before the baby did and held her down pulling her plastic pants and cloth diapers down exposing her freshly powdered bottom. “Stop Carmen! I am not getting a span…” “Mpfh” “Suckle” Carmen spoke saying “what did I tell you would happen if you didn’t act right? This is going to hurt mommy more then it’s going to hurt you” Anna smiled saying “are you ready?” Carmen smiled back giving Anna a Thumbs up. Anna spoke saying “3,2,1…go!” “Smack!, Smack! ,Smack!” Anna couldn’t help but smile watching the girl who had given her so much hell growing up being spanked in front of her eye’s. She snapped each photo watching Carmen’s hand hitting the baby’s bottom and it didn’t take very long before Bethany started to cry like the little baby she was dressed as and was begging for Carmen to stop behind her pacifier. Carmen spoke asking, “are you going to give mommy any more problems?” Bethany spit the pacifier from her mouth yelling “Ill be good! Please stop!” Anna yelled out a loud “CUT!” watching Carmen stop the beating she was given Bethany’s bottom that was already turning a shade of pink knowing she had been given what she deserved. Anna walked over towards the set grabbing the rattle off the ground watching as Carmen fixed the baby cloth diaper back over her bottom along with the plastic pants and spoke to the baby asking “can you shake this for me?” Anna stared into Bethany seeing the frustration in her eyes and felt the rattle in her hand be quickly snatched from her hand. Carmen spoke with a motherly tone “Do you need another spanking?” Anna watched Bethany shake her head and spoke saying “I think she has learned her lesson; she is just a baby and just doesn’t know any better” Carmen grabbed the pacifier off the ground from where Bethany had spit it out and stuck it back into her baby’s mouth and asked, “are we going to do the baby photos now?” Anna nodded her head saying “yes mam, just shake the rattle and we will see if we can get her to giggle and make baby noises” Anna lifted her camera watching for the first time being in the studio with Bethany she had finally shown some form of being a baby. She snapped shots watching Carmen shake the baby keys in front of the baby’s face watching her giggle and reach for them and at the same time shaking the large baby rattle in her hands and after a couple of more shots she yelled “CUT!” Carmen looked up at asking “is something wrong?” Anna shook her head saying “no, I think that’s enough for today” Bethany spit the pacifier out once again already having enough of the day she had just been put through asking “can I get unchanged now!?” Anna nodded her head watching her babified bully quickly strip out of the bonnet, bib, cloth diaper, and plastic pants watching them fall to the floor as Bethany walked past her out the room. Carmen walked over giggling saying “You have no idea how long I have waited to do that to her” Anna turned to Carmen with a little confidence saying “it needed to be done, she acts like she is so much better than everyone” Carmen nodded her head saying “if Kacey hadn’t given me a raise to babysit that little brat, I would have left months ago” Anna giggled saying “thank you for today” Carmen reached over hugging Anna saying “It’s no problem, I am sure this is going to become a wonderful friendship” Anna smiled nodding her head saying, “I hope so, I need to get to Kacey and my aunt’s office before they leave, will I see you tomorrow?” Carmen shook her head saying “tomorrow is my off day, but I will see you Friday” Anna smiled saying “I will see you then” and walked towards the front of the building. She pushed the door open walking back into the main part of the studio knowing she wanted to go and see Kacey and quickly made her way around trying to figure her way around again until she had finally made it outside her door. She knocked on the door waiting until a voice from inside yelled “Come in” Anna opened the door to see Kacey behind his desk typing on his computer. Kacey turned seeing Anna saying, “How was your first shoot?” Anna walked in with a smile saying “interesting, but fun” Kacey stuck his hand out asking, “may I see the photos?” Anna handed the camera over to her boss watching him start shuffling through the set of photos on her camera hoping to herself she did a good enough job to impress him and it didn’t take long before he gave her a reaction she wasn’t expecting. “HA!, HA!, HA!” Anna smiled asking, “something funny?” Kacey looked up from the camera smiling saying “Was it your idea to spank Bethany or Carmen’s?” Anna smiled with confidence saying “she just wouldn’t act, and I got tired of it” Kayce smiled saying “These photos look wonderful! Anna I am so excited to see what you can come up with it in this studio.” Anna felt butterfly’s in her stomach from all the wonderful remarks Kacey was throwing at her she had never felt this way in her entire life and smiled saying “thank you Kacey it means a lot” Kacey nodded saying “you deserve it, I know you need to go and see your Aunt so I won’t keep you, I can’t wait to see what the members think of these” Anna started to think about what he had just said asking, “speaking of members, how do I upload these?” Kacey responded saying “Melissa is going to get your master user when you see her and she will explain everything” Anna thanked Kacey and waved goodbye as she left the room and headed for her aunt’s. She walked around the building once again trying to find her way to her aunt’s office, but when she came around the corner, she ran right into Bethany. “OW!” Both fell to the ground as Anna stared up to see she had run into Bethany who looked nothing like the little baby she was dressed like 30 minutes ago. Bethany stared with anger saying, “watch where you’re going loser!” Anna stared feeling less confident then she had a couple of minutes ago and felt like she had just been transported back to high school and spoke saying “I’m sorry”. Bethany got off the floor staring down at Anna saying, “your sorry! Thanks to you my ass feels like it has blisters! You may think this shit’s funny but remember what I told you earlier your nothing but a loser and will always be one” Anna started to remember what Melissa had told her to just be the adult. She hopped off the floor brushing herself and her camera off and continued to walk towards her aunt office trying to forget about what Bethany had just said to her. She reached her aunt’s office knocking on the door waiting to see if she was still here. She waits a couple of seconds before a voice inside yelled “Come in” Anna opened the door to her aunt’s office smiling saying “all done” Melissa looked up from her computer with a smile asking “how was it? Everything you imagine?” Anna nodded saying the same thing she had told Kacey “it was interesting” Melissa placed her hand out asking for the camera as Anna handed it over. Anna watched her aunt flip through the photos wondering if she would get the same reaction, but was quickly given her answer “Anna these are perfect! What did Kacey think?” Anna smiled beginning to feel her confidence coming back saying “he loved them, and he told me you would give me a master key for the site to upload them?” Melissa looked down at her desk grabbing an envelope saying “inside there is a piece of paper with your info, you are welcome to stay and do it here if you like” Anna smiled saying “I think I will, it will give me time to get more adjusted to the building if I decide to move in” Melissa nodded her head saying “well I won’t keep you; I will see you the same time tomorrow morning” Anna smiled saying “alrighty” and headed out the door towards her room to get the photos uploaded.
  2. Chapter 6: Anna stared up at Kayce who looked thrilled about the video, and turned his attention to Anna and spoke saying “Anna go follow them and continue taking shots” as she knew he was waiting on the same thing she was and quickly walked out the door. She hurried around the corner seeing Carmen still carrying Bethany towards the front set and pulled up her camera and started taking shots. Bethany had her head on Carmen’s shoulder Anna smiled at her saying “smile for the camera baby!” Anna watched Bethany roll her eyes at her knowing she had no idea what was coming as Anna continued to take shots. Anna continued to mock Bethany saying “I thought the baby did a great job with her breakfast!” Carmen turned around seeing Anna taking photos and spoke saying “my little beth…I mean Angela did such a good job for mommy!” Bethany was about to reach for her pacifier, but out of nowhere felt an urgency on her stomach. Anna noticed Bethany’s facial expression beginning to change and knew what she was waiting for had begun and stepped in front of Carmen motioning for her to continue. Anna aimed her camera directly on Bethany and watched as she began to squirm. Bethany felt like she was going to explode and began to talk behind her pacifier saying “Carmen put me down” Carmen spoke saying “shh baby were almost to your nursery” Bethany felt the urge getting stronger and stronger as her bowels began to get heavy pressure on them she let go one of her arms and placed her hand on her stomach and grabbed her pacifier from her mouth and spoke saying “please put me down!” Anna smiled knowing what was about to come as Carmen grabbed the pacifier from Bethany’s hand and stuck it back between her lips saying “if you remove it again you will regret it, now act right!” Anna watched Carmen smack her diapered bottom. Anna laughed as Carmen shook her head saying “who knew babies this big could be such a handful” Anna laughed continuing to stare at the baby in her arms knowing Bethany was feeling the effect from the bottles. Anna continued taking shots as she felt her back hit a door and turned to see they had made it to the set. She opened the door and allowed Carmen to carry the baby inside a head of her as she continued to watch Bethany squirming knowing the thing, she was waiting for was about to happen. Anna watched Carmen walking straight towards the nursery setup trying to keep pace with her and continuing to take shots as she listened to Bethany continuing to plea behind her pacifier saying “please put me down! I need to go!” Carmen stopped right in front of the crib turning to Anna saying “I think my baby is trying to talk to us” Anna giggled saying “I thought I heard something, but all I heard was babble” Bethany had enough of them both and grabbed her pacifier saying “the video is over! Stop treating me like a bab…” Anna watched Bethany’s facial expression change from anger to complete shock knowing she had lost her battle. Carmen grabbed the pacifier out of the baby’s hand saying “Bethany!” Bethany felt her bowels beginning to betray her and spoke saying “noo….this has never…” Carmen placed the pacifier back between her mouth and asked “what is so important that you need to have mommy put you down!” Anna continued taking shots watching the back side of the diaper beginning to sag saying “I think the baby had an accident” Carmen looked down at the back of Bethany’s diaper saying “Oh honey! This is what babies do! Why didn’t you tell me you needed to make a present for mommy?” Bethany felt rage built up inside saying “Carmen put me down! I am not a baby!” Anna spoke saying “I would beg to differ” Bethany turned her attention to her saying “please just shut up! I am already tired of seeing you” as the sound of the door opening and closing as Anna turned to see Kayce walking inside. He walked over towards the stage asking “is everything alright? I heard fighting” Carmen spoke up saying “all you heard was the sound of a fussy baby who messed her diaper” Carmen turned Bethany’s back side towards Kacey he saw the sagging messy diaper on Bethany’s back side and spoke saying “I see! She looks like she needs a change” Carmen spoke saying “does she need to be put in anything or are we finished?” Kacey turned his attention to Anna and spoke asking “any idea’s Anna?” Anna smiled walking over to her former bully and stared at her like she did the day before transforming her in her mind into just any normal baby as Bethany stared at her trying to scare her and spoke saying “What about a bath? It’s probably not healthy for her to sit in that messy diaper” Kacey smiled saying “a bath it is” Carmen spoke asking “should I take the baby to one of the bedroom suites?” Anna spoke asking “Do you have any baby tubs?” Kacey laughed actually I think we have one in the furniture storage room that sounds a lot better then using a real bath tub” Anna asked “where do I need to go?” Kacey spoke saying “go outside and turn right and it’s the second door as you pass the kitchen on your right” Anna smiled saying “I will get everything setup for the baby then” Kacey spoke saying “I will get the cameras setup and you get the tub” Anna quickly left the room. Anna felt in a way like a weight was beginning to drop off her shoulders feeling a bit of a moral victory watching her former bully act so much like a baby. She couldn’t get her facial expression out of her head watching her blush as she filled the back of her diaper. She continued walking down the hall seeing the kitchen on her left and then the very next door labeled “furniture” as she reached into her pocket and pulled out her key she was given earlier. She stuck the key inside the hole and turned it wondering to herself what kind of furniture could be stored inside and opened the door. She investigated the dark room trying to find a light switch and felt around until she found the switch and turned it on and couldn’t believe what she was looking at. The whole entire room was filled with various baby equipment she noticed all of it was something she had used from her days at the daycare but was enlarged so an adult could use it. She knew she needed to hurry as her eyes spotted a large plastic baby tub and grabbed it off the ground when she looked next to it to see a stroller. She couldn’t help but smile wondering what it would be like to see Bethany being pushed in the large buggy and thought maybe it would be a fun photo shoot for another day. She couldn’t believe there was so much in the room and wondered why the studio didn’t have a room with all of it so they could have more to shoot with and knew she could always mention it to Kacey after they finished. She walked out of the room and hit the switch closing the door behind her and began to get excited to see Bethany being bathed in the tub. She walked back into the set room to see Chris and Rob setting up the lighting and cameras and then noticed Carmen had Bethany laid back on a large changing pad with her messy diaper sticking out between her legs. She walked over towards the stage saying “I found it!” Carmen smiled saying “look baby, aunty Anna got your tub for you” Bethany rolled her eyes just wanting the videos to be over with. Anna spoke saying “is that any way to thank someone for wanting to get you nice and clean?” Carmen shook her head saying “I thought she was ready to be a big girl, but I guess she likes being a little baby too much” Anna giggled placing the tub next to the baby. Anna couldn’t help but smile seeing Bethany laid out on the changing pad and for the first time really looked at how small and adorable Bethany looked. It was like after graduation Bethany had shrunk, and she had grown. She really did look perfect in diapers and wondered why she was fighting them and didn’t just do her job as Anna turned to see Kacey walking in with two large buckets in both hands and walked them over to the set. She watched as he poured the first bucket into the tub and noticed as it filled the tub about halfway and then poured the second bucket “Alrighty! I think were ready” Carmen spoke asking Anna “What would you like me to do?” Anna smiled saying “start with undressing her and wiping her clean, then move her into the tub and clean her like a mother would clean her baby, and then afterwards will end with a diaper change and then we will put the baby down for a nap” Kacey spoke saying “that sounds perfect” Anna smiled saying “thank you” and followed him back behind the cameras. Anna felt like she was doing such a great job. Kacey stared down at her saying “your really impressing me Anna, It won’t be no time before your ready to take the reins” Anna smiled saying “I really am trying my best” Kacey smiled saying “don’t over think it, remember what I told you pretend like you’re at daycare and your just taking photos of another child” Anna nodded her head knowing he was right. She pulled up her camera and started to stare at Bethany she was still just sitting there showing no form of emotion and she knew that Kacey needed more from her but wondered what she could do to help. She watched Kayce staring at the set wondering what was going through his head when Carmen stared over towards them giving a thumbs up. Kacey spoke with conviction yelling “Cameras!” Chris and Robert both giving thumbs up noting they were ready. Kacey turned to Anna and spoke saying “ready?” Anna nodded saying “ready” “3,2,1 Action!” Carmen stared down at Bethany smiling and cooing at the baby saying “oh baby! I see mommy’s little baby made her a big accident! Let’s get this diaper off you and get you all fresh and clean” Anna stared at the baby watching her still not even caring like she was zoned out of the whole situation, but Anna knew she needed to continue to snap shots. She watched Carmen pull the messy diaper from out of the baby’s bottom seeing the mush that Kacey and her had caused her to make inside the infantile adult diaper. Carmen grabbed a handful of wipes and started wiping up her baby’s crotch as the baby started to giggle feeling the cold wipes hitting her skin just right. Carmen smiled down at her baby charge saying “does my little girl like when mommy cleans her little tush” Anna snapped shots watching her babified bully kicking her legs and giggling behind the pacifier as Carmen continued to wipe all the mess from her bottom in crotch. Carmen spoke saying “all done sweety! Let’s get you into your bathy bath so we can get you smelling nice and clean” Anna watched Bethany’s facial expression go from giggling little baby to non-emotional in the blink of the eye and snapped a shot beginning to realize she was staring directly at her. She began to wonder if it had hit her that she was the one who had made her mess her diaper. She shook her head snapping another shot as a cup of water splashed down the front of the baby’s face instantly changing her expression from nothing to complete shock feeling the cold water washing her make up off and down her petite chest. Carmen stared down at her baby saying “I sorry sweety, Mommy didn’t mean to scare you” Bethany stared at her already completely pissed off from the whole treatment that she is receiving today. She already hated being a baby, but after being treated like she was below her own hairdresser she knew she was going to have a word with Melissa or Kacey after the shoot. Carmen smiled at the upset baby saying “calm down baby, were almost finished I know you’re getting cranky and are ready for your nap” Anna snapped shots watching Carmen continuing to clean the baby until she noticed her grabbing a towel realizing the shoot was about finished when she felt a tapping on her shoulder and turned to see her aunt behind her with her finger to her lip and motioning for her to continue shooting. Carmen spoke saying “alrighty baby! We are all done with bath time! How about we get you ready for nap time?” Bethany continued to show no emotion as Anna snapped shots watching Carmen drying her off and carrying her over towards the changing table. Carmen placed the adult sized baby onto the changing table and reached underneath pulling out a large white diaper that carried baby motifs on the front of diaper and spoke saying “look baby, mommy has a soft thick diaper for you!” Anna noticed Bethany laid back not even caring knowing after the shoots she needed to speak to her aunt about how to fix this problem. It wasn’t fair to Kayce or her that Bethany refused to act the way she was supposed to and remembered quickly what Kayce had told her about treating her like she was just another charge at her daycare and really deserved punishment. She snapped shots watching Carmen pull the front of the diaper up between the baby’s legs taping the diaper in place and giving it a good pat. Carmen smiled down at her little baby saying, “there we go, nice and dry in your diaper baby, let’s get you down for your nap shall we.” Carmen reached under the changing table grabbing a large pink pacifier and before Bethany could even react the nipple was forced between her lips which broke her out of her daydream. Carmen noticed the confusion on her baby’s face saying “did mommy wake you from your little dream” Bethany suckled on the pacifier not even giving Carmen any satisfaction of being her pretend mommy and just was ready for this to be over with. Anna snapped the finishing shots watching Carmen pulling the covers back in the large adult crib before setting her adult baby girl inside. Carmen pulled the covers over Bethany saying “alrighty baby, mommy is going to let you take a nap and then we will get you some lunch” Anna watched the crib railing being pulled up as a loud “Cut!” echoed through the room.
  3. Chapter 12: Eva played inside the large playpen suckling on the pacifier between her lips thinking about what the day had in store for her and her students or what Mary would say “her classmates”. She stared up at the clock wondering to herself where her students could be and a half second later the door to the room opened and 3 adult sized strollers entered the room. The mothers walked in looking around the room wondering where the teacher could be not wanting to leave their children unattended. Ms. Jensen giggling with excitement seeing a baby girl standing inside the large playpen saying, “I think I found our teacher ladies, or should I say baby teacher” All three women walked over placing their children into the large playpen. Mary scooped Eva up into her arms saying, “you look so precious sweety!” “she looks just like a newborn student” Mary giggled saying, “my little Kenzie wore the same outfit when she was in the newborn program”. Eva swallowed hard looking down at the onesie she was wearing now understanding why Mary had her wear the embarrassing outfit. “Ring!” Ms. Jensen gave Eva’s diaper a pat saying, “if my little Danni needs anything please tell Chauncey she can reach me” Eva watched the two mothers pushing the stroller out of the room starting to realize the mothers no longer saw her as the main teacher of the classroom, but just another baby girl like there own children. She stared back up at Mary still suckling on the pacifier between her lips. Mary grinned saying, “I bet you think this is easy don’t you baby? I am shocked you have made it this far, but I see you understand the agreement. You keep being the best little baby you can be and I will make sure that video never gets out, do you understand?” Eva nervously nodded her head as Mary placed her down outside the playpen wall saying, “you can keep the onesie, I think it honestly fit’s you better than it did on Kenzie and I am sure it may come in handy when your ready to call this charade and accept your place as a little baby. Eva watched Mary walk out of her classroom looking up at the clock knowing it was time for class to begin and waddled over towards her cubby and reached into her purse to find her lanyard with her badge on it. She grabbed the badge in her hand feeling a hand being placed under her padded bottom. “oh baby, that’s for grownups” Eva continued suckling on the pacifier feeling hands lifting her up and turned to see Chauncey picking her up who had a very unhappy look. Chauncey looked over Eva’s outfit saying, “Eva! What is going on why are you dressed like a newborn student? I demand the truth!” Eva stared up at her friend scared trying to figure out what to say and pulled the nipple out from between her lips saying, “I am doing an experiment” Chauncey stared still confused asking, “what do you mean an experiment? Your sitting here in your classroom dressed like an oversized infant” Eva saw the anger on her friends face trying to continue to sell the lie saying, “ever since last week I have noticed the children enjoy having me play with them and makes them excited to have me like a playmate, So I have decided to dressed and be a baby like them” Chauncey started to giggle asking, “so your saying, your going to learn what it’s like to be a little baby again?” Eva nodded her head seeing Chauncey was buying what she was selling saying, “yes, I told the principle about it this morning and she was down for this” Chauncey smiled thinking back to the first day in the classroom how she was able to get the student to eat saying, “I think it’s a great idea, it can truly help us understand what the children enjoy, and what better way than to become one yourself” Chauncey carried Eva over towards one of the cribs noticing Eva’s name engraved in the last one asking, “do you care to explain this?” Eva nodded her head saying, “I won’t be just experimenting here” Chauncey giggled asking, “wait? Are you saying your going to be a baby at home as well?” Eva nodded her head saying, “absolutely” Chauncey laughed asking, “your taking this really seriously?” Eva felt her bottom being lowered into the crib saying, “I am, but Ms. Ken explained to me that if I was unable to perform my job while being a baby you or Ms. Harper would take over my classroom during my studies.” Chauncey smiled saying, “I am sure it’ll be alright; you seem to be able to take care of the rugrats while being one yourself so far” Eva stuck out her tongue and giggled asking, “how was your date last night?” Chauncey sighed saying, “not good” Eva looked at her friend with a concerned look asking, “what happened?” Chauncey spoke saying, “he stood me up” Eva felt so bad for Chauncey not knowing what to do, but climbed on to her knees the best she could crawling over towards her and wrapping her arms around her into a hug saying, “I sowwy Chanc” Chauncey smiled placing her hand back under her friends diapered bottom saying, “it’s alright sweety, I am glad to have a friend like you even if you are dressed like a baby” Eva giggled saying, “I guess we should check with the students” Chauncey turned towards the playpen seeing all three girls playing with the toy’s in the playpen asking Eva, “what would you like to do with them?” Eva turned her head towards the clock seeing they had another hour before lunch saying, “you can stick me inside I’ll play with them until lunch.” Chauncey giggled saying, “how about we both play with them and then we will make lunch” Eva nodded her head and felt her bottom being lowered onto the ground of the large playpen watching her friend stepped over the large gate and sitting down with her while they both started to play baby games with the students. Eva couldn’t help but notice how fast the next hour went by it seemed like Chauncey was having as much fun as she was playing with the students. “Ring” Eva turned her head towards the clock still nursing the pacifier between her lips and then turning her attention towards Chauncey pointing towards the highchairs. “you continue playing with them and I’ll get everything ready” Eva stared watching Chauncey get the highchairs ready starting to think this idea was a bad idea. It was like Chauncey already new she enjoyed being a baby and was now starting to treat like she was nothing more then a student. It didn’t take very long for Chauncey to finish getting lunch ready and before Eva knew it her friend had the children into their highchairs and strapped inside. She continued to nurse the pacifier between her lips watching Chauncey feed each child one by one wondering to herself why she was letting her help. She watched her finish one child and then place them inside their cribs along with a bottle of milk for nap time then head back to the next student. Eva watched her do this until she reached the last children and finished feeding baby parker. Eva’s eyes caught Chauncey watching her take the child over towards the crib next to hers and then walk back towards her and scooping her into her arms. Eva felt her bottom being lowered down into the highchair seeing the table being locked into place trapping her inside. Chauncey smiled at the baby teacher saying, “your probably wondering why I didn’t let you help me” Eva nodded still suckling the pacifier between her lips. Chauncey pulled the pacifier from Eva’s mouth giggling saying, “I want you to get the full baby experience and babies don’t help do anything.” Eva smiled still playing her part the best she can saying, “It ok aunty chauney” Chauncey giggled opening the bottle of baby food scooping a large glob onto the spoon asking, “can baby Eva help me?” Eva smiled nodding her head listening as her friend made choo choo train noises placing the glob of baby mush into her mouth. She always enjoyed the taste of baby food which made it a lot easier for her to enjoy being a baby. She finished the jar quickly watching as Chauncey reached under her arms and bottom carrying her over towards the crib with her name on it. She felt her bottom touch the mattress and grabbed the blanket pulling it over her. She watched Chauncey walk towards the fridge pulling out a large bottle of baby formula carrying It towards her. Chauncey grabbed the pacifier from Eva’s lips replacing it with the bottle watching as Eva started to suckle the milk from the bottle. Eva felt so small closing her eye’s drinking the cold formula feeling the last drop hit her tongue. She felt her mind beginning to get sleepy and fell fast asleep. Chauncey pulled the crib rail up staring down at her friend inside the crib grabbing the empty bottle and placing the pacifier back between her lips. Eva felt like time had gone so quickly starting to toss and turn inside the crib. She opened her eye’s looking around to see the other cribs completely empty and Chauncey sliding on her shoes and walking over towards her. She watched her pull the railing down and placed her fingers between her onesie’s leg holes. “all dry” Eva couldn’t help but blush seeing her friend giggling down at her as if she was an actual student in need of care. She felt her bootie feet touch the ground and stared up at Chauncey saying, “I will see you tomorrow I guess” Chauncey smiled still giggling saying “absolutely sweety, I will pick you up around 7 tomorrow” Eva stared confused asking, “what do mean pick me up?” Chauncey giggled saying, “when you were asleep Ms. Ken stopped by to check up things. She saw you laying in the crib and asked how everything was going and I told her everything was great. So, she asked me If I would pick you up in the morning and that you needed plenty of time to explore what it likes to really be a baby again. She also said something about a babysitter, but I may have missed understood her.” Eva stared down starting to feel even smaller than she did before, but she started to remember everyone still thought what she was doing was an act and smiled saying, “alrighty I will see you bright and early tomorrow.” Eva watched her friend leave the classroom and waddled over towards her cubby grabbing her diaper bag and purse walking towards the door when she started to remember about the boxes. She made her way over towards Ms. Harpers room seeing the woman still sitting behind her desk and spoke saying “good afternoon Ms. Harper” Ms. Harper looked towards her door seeing Eva standing there saying, “well hello there Eva! How was your first day back in diapers?” Eva half smiled knowing what she asked wasn’t true what’s so ever and spoke saying, “Ms. Harper that’s not 100% technically true” Ms. Harper looked concerned asking, “what do you mean?” Eva tried not to blush any harder than she already was and spoke asking, “do you remember the child you caught in the hallway on the first day of class in the stained clothes?” Ms. Harper couldn’t help but smile asking, “Eva are you telling me that was you?” Eva couldn’t to blush and started to nod her head saying, “yes mam that was me as well” Ms. Harper giggled saying, “I am so sorry sweetheart I know you were probably embarrassed to say anything, but I am curious did me putting you back in diapers that day start all of this?” Eva knew she needed to stop lying but felt what was one more and nodded her head saying, “in a way yes mam.” Ms. Harper chuckled saying, “well sweety this might of all worked out for the best then, if I wouldn’t of put you back in diapers you would of never came up with this” Eva nodded her head saying, “In a way I guess I owe you a thank you” Ms. Harper giggled asking, “do you need me to help you with these boxes?” Eva shook her head saying, “I think I am going to ask Maintenance to deliver them to my home” Ms. Harper nodded her head saying, “that is probably the best idea” Eva walked back into her classroom picking up the phone asking for someone to help and hoped one of them was still working and luckily someone picked up and she explained what she needed and one of the men told her it wasn’t a problem. Eva walked back over smiling at her neighbor saying, “one of the men are going to do it” Ms. Harper grabbed her purse off her desk and walked out of the classroom locking her door saying, “well I am happy, it’s probably a lot easier for you not to have to worry about anything” Eva nodded her head following her neighbor out to the parking lot saying, “I will see you in the morning” Ms. Harper waved and walked towards her vehicle. Eva waddled her way towards her car opening the door breathing a sigh of relief knowing everything couldn’t of gone better and started her vehicle and drove home.
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  5. Chapter 5: Anna slowly woke up as the sound of her phones alarm began to sound. She wasn’t used to waking up so early and grabbed her phone to shut off the alarm. She hopped out of bed feeling somewhat excited for her second day of working with her aunt. She felt like she couldn’t get the pictures she had seen from the night before out of her head as ideas began to flow through her. She quickly got unchanged out of her pajamas placing them in her laundry hamper and walked to her closet to pick out an outfit for the day. She chose a pair of overalls and another one of her daycare shirts and headed towards the kitchen. She walked into the kitchen and looked to see the room completely dark and remembered to herself how early it was and knew her mother was probably still asleep. She opened the fridge wanting something to drink when she noticed a sack inside and note on the front reading “Anna, your lunch is in the bag, hope you have a great second day, love mom” Anna smiled wishing she could tell her mom what had happened at the studio, but knew she couldn’t break any rules. She grabbed the bag out of the fridge and placed it on the counter noticing her phone clock read 5 o clock and knew she had a whole hour before she was supposed to be there. She then thought it might be a good idea to start learning her way around the building and decided to go ahead and go. She grabbed her sack lunch and went back to her bedroom to grab her camera when her mother’s door opened and out walked her mother in front of her. She smiled at her and reached in for a big hug saying “thanks” “hope you have a great day" Anna quickly walked into her room and unplugged her camera and walked out of her room saying “I will, and I will see you sometime later on today” Anna walked out the front door to her car. She felt like today was going to be different, but knew she also still had a lot to learn from Kacey as she started her car and headed for the studio. She pulled into the studio parking lot and noticed 2 cars already there and parked next to a blue mustang. She looked at the car wondering to herself who’s it could be as she grabbed her lunch and camera and headed for the front door. She walked into the front door and saw Kathleen already at the front desk and spoke saying “good morning Kathleen." Kathleen looked up and said “good morning Anna, I am glad you chose to take the job after all." Anna smiled, saying “I am still a little nervous, but Kacey seems to give me confidence." Kathleen smiled, saying “he is good at that” as they both laughed. Anna looked around as Kathleen spoke saying “If you’re wondering if Melissa is here, she hasn’t arrived yet and neither has Kacey” Anna looked at her puzzled asking “who’s mustang is parked out there?” Kathleen responded saying “it’s Bethany’s, she likes to get here early so she can be ready before Kacey needs her” Anna looked confused asking “I thought Carmen got her ready?” Kathleen shrugged her shoulders saying “she is supposed to, but Bethany doesn’t like the way she treats her and feels like she is being treated like she is a real child.” Anna laughed saying “someone needs to." Kathleen giggled and smiled asking “so what are you doing here so early?." Anna spoke saying “Kacey asked me to be here at 6 so I could take photos during the videos, but I decided to get here a little earlier to learn my way around” Kathleen nodded, saying “that’s smart, If you get lost just yell and I’ll come find you” Anna giggled beginning to make her way, but before she could take another step. Kathleen spoke saying “almost forgot” Anna turned around to see Kathleen handing her what looked like a lanyard with a badge and a key. She flipped the badge over seeing her photo from the day before. Kathleen explained “this is your new permanent badge and that key will get you into any room except for Kacey and Melissa’s office” Anna thanked her and placed the lanyard over her head and turned around to make her way down the halls. She made her way down the halls trying her best not to get lost not wanting to feel embarrassed as she made her way around the first turn to hear the sound of someone talking coming from the first door as she realized she was outside “the changing room”. She knew Bethany was probably inside the room and really didn’t want to have anything to do with her, but also knew If she was going to be working with her, she might as well speak to her while she has some free time. She reached for the handle on the door and continued to ask herself if this was such a good idea, the girl who had made her life a living hell growing up was on the other side, but she also remembered what her mother use to tell her growing up. She had never expected that one day Bethany would grow up to become the image of Bethany Anna yesterday. That bizarre vision of her tormentor sitting in a messy diaper played through her mind, making her laugh. 'More like regressed' Anna thought as she took a deep breath and reached for the handle, puling it open. She walked into the room and looked straight ahead at the mirror in front of her seeing Bethany sitting in the chair doing her make-up. She closed the door behind her watching Bethany’s eye look up as the woman she hated the most spoke, asking “what do you want?” Anna took a couple deep breaths before saying “I thought I would come by and say good morning to you.” Anna watched the girl set down her makeup brush and hop out of the chair. She quickly noticed that Bethany was already wearing a diaper and not much else. Bethany broke the silence, saying “I bet you think that, just because were working together, we're going to become friends?” as Anna nervously stared at Bethany who quickly spoke saying “well don’t because I am just here until I get a call back from a studio in New York or Los Angeles! So don’t get used to seeing my diapered ass because it won’t be around here much longer!” Anna replied, saying “Bethany I know we had our differences growing up, but if we’re going to work together-" Bethany cut her off with a rude laugh. “Differences? That’s a good joke. You were a loser and I was the head cheerleader, and now I am a the main model of this studio and you are nothing but the little photographer who gets to take shots of my diapered ass all day. In my opinion nothing has changed since High School. You're still the loser and I am still the popular one." Anna felt like it was high school all over again and felt torn up. Her sunny mood quickly turning into a depressed mood. She couldn’t believe she thought Bethany had possibly changed and quickly left the room. She started to beat herself up inside feeling so stupid as she made her way back towards the front of the building wondering if she should just give the badge and key back to Kathleen. She walked with her head down feeling defeated and hurt when she looked up to see someone walking into the front door and saw that it was Kacey. She tried to speak but couldn’t find the energy to even say good morning as Kacey looked up to see Anna who didn’t look alright. He smiled and stopped Anna saying, “good morning, can you come with me to my office?” Anna looked up at him and nodded her head. She followed him to his office watching as he opened his door and led her inside. Kacey sat down behind his desk smiling saying, “I'm glad to see you here, nice and early." Anna tried to smile and spoke with half confidence. “Glad to be here” Kacey noticed something was up asking “Anna what’s wrong?” Anna shook her head. However, Kacey was having none of it. He repeated himself "Anna what’s wrong?” Anna continued to look down not wanting to feel like a tattle tale Kacey spoke asking “did Bethany do something?” Anna finally nodded her head Kacey got up from behind his desk saying with anger “I have about had it with that girl, she begs me for this job and promises to do her best and she causes me to lose one model and I feel like I am about to lose a great photographer” Anna eye’s shot up. “You think I am a great photographer?!” Kacey nodded saying “sweetie, I have been working in this business for a long time and I have never had someone take the reins like you did yesterday. You literally jumped right in. No hesitation. I really think you could be one of the best one day." Anna felt a little bit of her confidence building back up. “I looked at the website last night." Kacey smiled and asked, “what do you think?” Anna spoke saying “it was great! I am guessing Amy is the model you are talking about?” Kacey nodded, saying “she was great, the subscribers loved her, but it seems like were starting to lose johns because of the way Bethany acts” Anna quickly replied, "Was it the fact that Amy was an adult baby and Bethany looks like a literal adult sized baby and acts like it’s a joke?” Kacey chuckled, saying “exactly.” Anna saw how upset Bethany had also made Kacey and spoke saying “I looked through the photos and videos yesterday and I can honestly say “I am pretty honored to be working with someone with your talent, I also know I have a ways to go before I can really take the reins, but I am also a little curious. What do you have planned for the video side of things this morning?” Kacey smiled saying “that’s one of the nicest things anybody has ever told me and I am also glad to have a student like yourself to train, but I’ll be honest, most morning videos are pretty basic. I am thinking that someone with your past experiences; working with children will find that most of the videos we shoot are pretty comparable to how a real baby would act." Anna remembered the video of Amy playing in the crib from the night before noticing the tendencies of how a real baby would act. Anna felt the awkward silence in the room and spoke up, asking “so did you have any ideas for the shoot this morning?” Kacey flashed his pearly whites, saying “I was going to see if you had any ideas. Maybe we could try something you did at your job at the daycare?” Anna remembered from the night before seeing in the suggestion box about feedings and spoke saying “How about something simple like feeding the baby breakfast?” Kacey laughed saying “a feeding video sounds nice, what would be the play? Messy baby feeds herself?” Anna shook her head saying “what about mommy feeds her baby girl her breakfast?” Kacey smiled saying “that actually sounds perfect, but only one problem we don’t have anyone to play mommy” Anna spoke saying “what about Carmen? She already dresses Bethany, she is pretty much like her babysitter already” Kacey laughed thinking about the idea saying “how about we walk down there together and we can ask if she would ok with that” as Anna felt a bit of confidence and followed with Kacey down the hall. She continued to follow Kacey until they finally made it to the changing room as Kacey turned around and asked, “are you ok?" Anna smiled saying “I feel better." Kacey smiled and opened the door. She followed him in as they walked inside to see Carmen working on Bethany’s hair. Carmen looked up to see who was coming into the room and spoke saying “good morning guys! I am just finishing the baby’s hair and we will be ready to go” Anna looked into the mirror seeing a pacifier already stuck between Bethany’s slightly scowling lips. It seemed obvious that Bethany hated be talked about like she was a child. Anna looked away from the mirror to Carmen saying “good morning Carmen, the baby looks almost good to go” Carmen smiled and jokingly spoke saying “babies are very tricky, but I have about figured out this one” causing Anna to laugh as she watched Carmen pat Bethany’s diapered bottom. Kacey walked over to the two women asking Carmen “how long do you think it will be until she is ready?” Carmen replied with a smile “I am just doing pigtails so about 10 minutes. Why does she need to start now?” Kacey shook his head saying “Anna had an idea about the shoot this morning and I told her I had to talk with you about it first” Carmen turned her head away from Bethany's hair and looked at Anna saying “what’s the idea?” Anna walked over saying “I thought we could do a mommy feeds her baby girl breakfast video and then see where everything goes” Carmen grinned saying “that sounds like a wonderful idea" The hairdresser stared down at Bethany who looked rather upset. She was not liking the way Carmen was already treating her. "Who well pway-" Bethany stopped in midsentence, realizing that she was listing due to the pacifier in her mouth. She immediately plucked it out. "Who will play the baby girl's mommy?” Bethany asked, holding her pacifier by the ring. Kacey smiled and looked up from Bethany, his eyes meeting Carmen's “Anna wondered if you would be interested?" Anna spoke up, saying “I know you already dress and change the baby behind the scenes, so I thought why not see if you would be interested in playing her mommy in front of the camera this morning” Bethany looked positively pissed off to be ignored and spoke up. “Don’t I get a say in this?!” Carmen snatched up the pacifier from Bethany’s hand and shoved it back into her mouth saying “babies don’t interrupt adults while their talking” as Anna couldn’t help but giggle watching Carmen treating Bethany like she was a real infant. Kacey spoke up saying “then it's settled! Carmen, you will be playing baby Angela’s mommy this morning. When you’re finished with her hair bring her into the kitchen” Carmen spoke saying “I will have my little girl ready to go! Does she need to wear anything in particular?” Kacey turned to Anna. "What should she wear? After all, you're the brains behind this shoot. Anna thought for a seconf. “Just her diaper should be fine, you know how babies are...They make such big messes and we don't want baby Beth- Angela to ruin her pretty dresses” Carmen giggled saying “we will see you both soon” Kacey grinned, happy to see that his whole crew was getting into the spirit. He turned to Anna and said "How about we go and get the kitchen ready while they finish getting ready?” Anna nodded and followed behind Kacey. Anna followed behind Kacey once again and followed him right across the hall and into the kitchen. She watched as Kacey started to go through the cabinets saying “if you ever need to get a bottle down or any of the baby supplies, they are right here” as Anna noted the bottles were in the cabinet right next to the fridge as Kacey spoke saying “since this is your idea, what is the baby being fed?” Anna giggled, saying “how about oatmeal? And 2 bottles of milk” as Kacey couldn't help but laugh saying “if I didn’t know any better I would think you were making the baby mess her diaper” Anna giggled saying “I didn’t see any messy baby food pictures last night. I think we should try it. Speaking of...you guys got any chocolate laxatives?" Kacey pointed towards the last cabinet saying “there in the top cabinet at the end” as Anna stared at him wondering if he was serious. Kacey saw the seriousness on Anna’s face saying “I didn’t say anything” as Anna watched him wink knowing what he was doing. She watched as Kacey poured the packet of oatmeal in a bowl and knew they didn’t have much time until the baby would be inside and quickly made her way over to the cabinet Kasey pointed at and grabbed the box of laxatives from the top shelf. He quickly carried them over to the fridge and opened the fridge grabbing a gallon of milk. Anna sat the milk down next to the laxatives and opened the top cabinet to get the bottles. When she opened the cabinets, she grabbed two of the bottles out noticing the nipple on the bottles were much different than the one’s she used at the daycare knowing they were made for a baby Bethany’s size. She broke the two pieces of chocolate in half and stuck them inside the bottles and quickly filled them to the brim. She then tightened the lid and shook both of them and turned to see Kacey pulling the oatmeal out of the microwave saying “they should be about done” They both turned upon hearing the door open, but instead of Carmen and Bethany the camera crew walked inside. Anna looked at both men setting up the camera’s and lighting as Kacey spoke up asking “Anna have you met the camera crew?” Anna stared at both guys and spoke saying “I haven’t." She stuck out her hand to both of them introducing herself as the photographer. Both guys smiled introducing themselves as “Chris and Robert” Kacey spoke saying “Chris and Rob have been working with me and your aunt for a very long time. They're like family." Anna smiled at both of them saying “it’s nice to meet you both” as the two returned the same gesture. Anna grabbed the bottles and placed them both on the counter as Kacey walked over and placed the bowl of mush next to them and pointed to the box of laxatives as Anna almost forgot to put them away and quickly tossed them back into the cabinet. Anna watched as Kacey picked up the large chair and placed it in a direction where it was pointed towards the door and turned to face Anna. “Anna, direction is everything when it comes to shooting a video, you want the subscribers to feel like the baby is coming from their nursery and into the kitchen to be fed so we will get the camera crew to point towards the door and they will follow Carmen all the way through” Anna smiled saying “got it”. Anna began to boot up her camera as the sound of someone knocking on the door was heard throughout the room as she watched Kacey going to work. She watched as he directed the men’s cameras towards the door and knew this was about to happen and pointed her own camera up ready for to capture Carmen and Bethany's entrance. Kacey let out a large commanding shout of “action!” Anna watched as the door opened to reveal a version of Carmen she hadn’t seen yet, her outfit looked very motherly and her boobs really showed in the front, looking quite perky as she walked in carrying Bethany on her hip. The tiny bully turned babysitter clad in only her diaper. She listened as Carmen began to speak saying “I know a little baby who is ready for her breakfast!” as Carmen pulled the tray open on the highchair and placed Bethany inside. Anna continued to take snaps watching as Carmen snapped the tray back into place and then walked over grabbing the bowl of oatmeal off the counter. Carmen placed the bowl of mush onto the tray and spoke saying “look what mommy has for you sweety! Your favorite oatmeal! Yum Yum!” as Anna watched Bethany sit in the highchair not showing any form of emotion just sucking on the pacifier between her lips. She looked over at Kacey who looked neutral, he was obviously in the zone. Anna knew it wasn’t her place to step in and continued to take shots as she watched Carmen remove the pacifier from the baby’s lips and began to spoon feed her the oatmeal. Anna watched as Carmen picked up a large scoop of the oatmeal and stuck too much inside of Bethany’s mough as she felt overwhelmed by the amount and spit some out landing on her chest. Anna couldn’t help but giggle hearing Carmen say “look at my little baby! Making such a big mess, getting her num nums all over her chest.” Anna continued snapping shots while smiling, knowing how humiliated Bethany was feeling at that moment. It was thing to act like a baby, but being treated like one had to be a lot worse. Carmen continued to make baby noises and fed Bethany more baby mush. Carmen scooped the last bit of the baby food out of the bowl saying “ok baby, last bite! Can you finish it for mommy?” as Anna watched Bethany open her mouth like she was ready to get the video over with and watched as Carmen placed the spoon in her mouth saying “you’re such a good baby! Mommy is so proud of you!” as Anna watched Bethany blush harder than ever. Anna watched as Carmen took the empty bowl towards the sink and watched as Bethany started staring directly at her knowing she was doing this purposely as Carmen dropped the empty bowl into the sink and grabbed both bottles and returned to her baby saying “look what mommy has baby! Chocolate milk! I know how much you love your choco milk” as Carmen stuck the nipple in between her baby’s lips, forcing Bethany to take it. Anna took snap after snap watching as Bethany guzzled the first bottle down, knowing that the oatmeal and what’s inside the bottle would cause her to do something that would be pay back for what she said to her this morning. She then watched as Carmen grabbed the second bottle and repeated the process and stuck it between baby Bethany’s mouth as Anna watched the baby girl quickly empty the second one. Carmen smiled down at her baby saying “mommy is so proud of you baby! You did such a good job!” Anna watched Carmen remove the table from the highchair and scoop up the petite Bethany. Carmen began to pat Bethany’s back until the baby let out a large belch for the cameras while Carmen spoke saying “oh! That was a good one baby! Let me just check your diaper to make sure we don’t need a change." Anna walked around snapping photos of Carmen inserting her fingers into Bethany’s diaper knowing that this treatment was causing Bethany to feel so embarrassed. Carmen pulled out her fingers and stared at her baby saying “all dry! I am starting to think it might be time for potty training!” as Carmen picked up the pacifier off the highchair and stuck it back between Bethany’s lips and walked her out of the room as Kayce let out a large “Cut!”
  6. Chapter 4: After Anna left the studio she drove home beginning to think about everything she had just witnessed, she couldn’t get her mind off the fact that the girl who had bullied her most of her life was now the star of the studio she was going to work for as Anna laughed saying “more like baby star” as the thoughts of Bethany from the video and photo shoot filled her head. She was trying to wrap her mind around the idea of how to get back at her dressed like a little baby knowing earlier she watched her mess her diaper with no complaint wondering to herself if maybe that was the key. Anna’s mind woke up to see she was pulling into her driveway knowing her mother was going to have plenty of questions for her, but she also remembered what Kathleen told her earlier about talking about the studio outside and that is was prohibited. She opened the door to her car and grabbed her camera and headed to go inside, after getting inside Anna smiled as her nose picked up a smell of hot food being cooked and walked into the kitchen to see her mother cooking. Ms. Giles turned around to see her daughter standing behind her and smiled at her asking “so how was your first day?” Anna smiled saying “great!” Ms. Giles walked over giving her a hug asking, “so was I right or wrong?” Anna remembered what she had thought about in the car and spoke saying “you were actually wrong mom, Aunt Melissa doesn’t shoot porn” “then what do you shoot?” Anna stared down not wanting to even say this to her, but spoke saying “mom, If I was to tell you and aunt Melissa was to find out I may lose my job” “I understand sweety, I am just glad you had a great day” Anna smiled nodding her head asking “how long until dinner?” Ms. Giles laughed saying “give me 10 minutes, how about you go get changed and then supper should be ready” Anna nodded and walked towards her bedroom. Anna walked into her room setting her camera down and reached into her pocket grabbing the list of sites Melissa had given her earlier and placed the note underneath her laptop. She grabbed a cord and plugged it into her camera and then into her laptop knowing she was going to want to look at her photos, but knew she needed to eat dinner and then later on that night she would have plenty of time to brainstorm for tomorrow. “supper is ready!” Anna quickly stripped out of her clothes and into her Pajamas and headed for the kitchen. She sat down at the table looking at the plate of hot food in front of her. “it’s probably been awhile since you ate a home cooked meal” Anna nodded saying “one of the things I missed the most at school,” she said with a giggle. She began to eat the food in front of her wanting to finish quickly to start looking at the sites for tomorrow. “don’t worry about your bag, I took care of it this morning” Anna smiled at her mom saying “thank you, I was going to get to it” Ms. Giles spoke saying “sweety you probably are about to get really busy with your job and if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know” Anna thanked her mom and finished her dinner. After taking the last bite she looked up at her mom saying “I have some homework Melissa sent home with me to do, so if you need me I will be in my room” Ms. Giles nodded her head saying “I may call it and early night sweety and I will probably see you in the morning.” Anna smiled and walked over giving her mother a hug saying “thank you for everything” “your welcome sweety” Anna walked into her room quickly walking over to her computer wanting to get started as quickly as possible knowing she only had a couple of hours to get some ideas for tomorrow. She booted up her computer and grabbed the sheet her aunt had given her earlier in the day and looked over it looking at the two sites she had written down. She was thankful that her aunt had given her something to go by knowing she was so new to all of this and needed as much help as possible. She clicked on her internet browser waiting for it to load up and looked at the first site on the list was “babyworld.com”, her mind felt like it was racing with ideas about what the site was going to be like as she clicked entered and waited for the site to open. She couldn’t help but smile watching as the page loaded up to show what looked like a young couple dressed up like adult babies playing inside of a nursery. She read the top of the page to see the words “#1 adult baby site” and “welcome to baby land” like she was reading a child’s board game. She began to wonder how she was supposed to go into the site when she saw at the bottom of the page an enter button that read “18+ only” and clicked on it and watched the site beginning to open. Anna waited patiently for the site to load as the page loaded to show once again the wording “Welcome to Baby land” as she looked over the page when her eye’s ran across a tab labeled “photos” and clicked on it wanting to get an idea for what she could suggest for the studio. She was amazed when the page loaded up and was presented with 3 new tabs labeled as Adult babies, Diaper lovers, and Mommies and babies. She looked over the second one the most not remembering her aunt talking about what a diaper lover was and decided it was probably best to start with adult babies and work her way through. She clicked on the tab labeled adult babies waiting for it to load up as she was surprised to see her page beginning to fill up with photos of people dressed like adult babies. She clicked on the first image to show a girl around her age sitting inside of a crib playing with a large ring stacker. Anna felt something inside finding the girl incredibly adorable as her mind went back to her day’s at daycare remembering the babies, she cared for kind of reminded her of the adult babies in the photos. She continued clicking through the photos as each photo changed some were baby girls and some were baby boys playing as if they were actual babies. She closed the adult baby page out as she stared at the next tab beginning to wonder what she was going to find out next as the page loaded up. She watched as once again her computer loaded up with photos of men and women wearing diapers, but her mind began to wonder what was going on when she didn’t see any of them wearing baby clothing or inside nurseries. She clicked on the first image and noticed it was two girls kissing and grinding their diapers together as Anna realized that being a diaper lover was revolved around sexual desires in diapers. She thought back to what her aunt told her earlier in the day about Kacey having a thing for girls in diapers and wondered if this was what she meant. She continued clicking through the photos noticing different things such as the girls using various sex toys on the outside and inner parts of their diapers and wondered if this was something the site did in there sets. She closed out the page and loaded back the photos page to see she had one tab remaining the Mommy and baby page. She clicked on the link wondering what she was going to find with this one and watched as once again the page began to fill with photos. She clicked on the first image that appeared and couldn’t really believe what she was looking at. It was a photo of a girl who couldn’t be any older than her or Bethany dressed in a snap crotch onesie and was sitting in an older woman’s lap and had her lips around the woman’s breast. Anna stared closer at the baby in the woman’s lap trying to visualize Bethany in her place and suckling on the woman’s massive breast. She couldn’t help but giggle thinking about such a thing and continued to click through the photos. She noticed most of the babies in the section were wearing much thicker diapers then the ones she had seen in the other photos almost like they were made specifically to force the person wearing them to look more infantile. She closed the page out knowing she now had so many new ideas for the studio and looked down at her computer's clock seeing it was already getting to be 8 o clock. She knew she needed to get to bed, but she really wanted to get a look at the studios site and opened a new browser and looked down at the sheet wanting to spell it correctly. The site’s name was “ABPlay.com” which made her giggle realizing “AB” stood for adult baby and typed the name into the address bar and waited for it to open. She couldn’t stop herself from giggling as the front page appeared and showed Bethany wearing a snap crotch onesie and a bonnet sitting next to another girl who was wearing an identical outfit. They both had their legs open revealing a large bulging diaper between their legs and at the bottom of the page it read “come inside! Don’t you want to play with us?” Anna giggled at the cute caption and clicked the enter button. She watched the page beginning to open as the top page revealed in a baby block motif the sites name ABPlay.com. She locked over the site noticing a lot of writing talking about the site and what the members could expect from the studio. Anna looked for where she could find the photos and videos. She stared at the top of page noticing the different tabs and clicked on the one labeled “member” and watched as it prompt her to enter a username and password. She looked down at the sheet noticing her aunt had used her first and last name as her username and password and typed them into their locations. She waited a couple of minutes as the site loaded up and revealed the members location and was amazed to see how it was setup. She noticed at the top of the page she was given three tabs to choose from labeled photos, videos, and members suggestions. She clicked on the videos area first watching the page load up to show the first video at the top labeled as “Angela messes her diaper” Anna began to realize that was the video she watched being filmed earlier in the day and was amazed to see it was already posted for members to see. She continued to scroll through the video selection noticing it only had 2 pages of videos and about 15 videos on each page. She made her way to the back and once again saw a video playing of the girl from the front page and saw the video labeled as “Amy plays in the crib” and clicked on it wanting to see who the mystery girl was. She watched the video begin to play noticing the baby was inside the crib from the set, she was playing with various baby toys and showing off her diaper to the camera and was giggling and acting like a baby. She continued thinking about the girl and scrolled through the other one’s noticing a video labeled “Angela and Amy have a play date” Anna watched the video beginning to play as once again she noticed Amy acting infantile and showing off for the camera, but when she looked at Bethany it was like it was all a big joke to her, She was acting more like an adult pretending to be a baby instead of acting like Amy who acted exactly like a real baby as she started to realize that Amy was a real adult baby. She closed out the video section and clicked over to the photos page. She continued to find the same thing when she looked through the photos it was like being a baby was a game for Bethany and Amy really liked to be one. She continued to click through the photos looking at the adorable outfits her former bully was wearing and couldn’t help but laugh knowing someone who had so much power over her was reduced to wearing baby clothes and acting like a little baby. She knew she really wanted to get back at her and then closed out the page clicking on the tab labeled “suggestions” wondering if maybe she could find something in there to help get back at her. She watched as the page loaded up and was filled with 100's of suggestions. She noticed that the highest rated suggestions were placed at the top and clicked on the top one labeled “mommy?” She watched the page open up and read the comment from a user named “babyboy19” that said “why isn’t there any sets with a mommy taking care of the babies?” Anna began to think that the guy had something going there. She thought back to the photo from earlier and remembered thinking about Bethany being breastfed and being treated like a little baby. She continued scrolling through the same suggestion reading other people’s comments suggestions like “mommy feeding the babies, diaper changes, and giving baths. Anna began to think maybe she could use the sites suggestion page to help her grow in the studio and even humiliate Bethany like she did to her growing up. She looked down at the computer's clock seeing it had already been almost an hour and she needed to get to sleep knowing she had to get up early in the morning to get to the studio. She closed her computer and grabbed her phone setting the alarm on it for 4:30 and climbed into her bed glad her aunt had given her the sites to help her get better at her job and fell asleep knowing tomorrow was going to begin a new chapter in her life.
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  8. Chapter 3: Anna continued to stare feeling frozen like she had seen a ghost asking herself if this could really be the girl who had ruined most of her childhood sitting in front of her dressed like a little baby in a messy diaper. Anna’s train of thought broke when one of the men in front of her yelled the word “cut!” she watched Bethany begin to stand asking “can I take this diaper off now?” one of the men turned to Melissa asking “are we doing a diaper change set or a feeding?” Melissa shook her head “telling her to go change and to be ready after lunch for photos.” Melissa smiled over to Anna asking, “So what did you think?” Anna couldn’t really make out words just saying “wow, that was different” Melissa giggled saying “how about we eat in my office and we can chat” Anna smiled following her aunt towards her office. Melissa sat down in her chair behind her desk motioning for Anna to sit down and spoke saying “I am sure you have some questions?” Anna nervously nodded asking “so what exactly did I just witness?” Melissa smiled saying “infantilism”. Anna looked at her asking “what is infantilism?” Melissa smiled saying “infantilism is a fetish that revolves around a man or women being or being treated like a baby, and as just saw the model in there messing her diaper.” Anna nodded asking “so your studio revolves around girls being big babies?” Melissa giggled saying “precisely, so are you are interested in the job?” Anna looked at her aunt asking “so what will I need to do?” Melissa smiled saying “all I need you to do is take photos during the movies and in the afternoons everything will be up to you, when your ready to take the reins” Anna asked “what do you mean up to me?” “Well Anna one thing I have learned from working in this field is when making movies the director likes to say what goes and my last photographer also really enjoyed that power when he was taking photos, so whenever you are ready to take the reins the afternoons will be your time.” Anna began to think about what her aunt was telling her and smiled saying “I will do it” “I am happy to hear that” Anna smiled at her aunt saying, “I need to ask you a couple more questions if that’s alright?” Melissa smiled saying “shoot” Anna asked, “how many girls work here?” Melissa responded quickly saying “well we started this project a little over 3 months ago and we have a total of 2 baby models, but recently our other girl has been somewhat of a no show and we have been having to shoot a lot of videos and photos with the woman you saw earlier which scares me that were going to scare her off if we over use her” Anna responded asking “why not put them on contracts?” Melissa spoke saying “honestly Anna this whole thing was an experiment that has turned into a large success, we have more clients subscribing to the site than ever before just to see baby Angela” Anna spoke asking “the girls name I just saw is Angela?” Melissa shook her head saying “no sweety that’s her stage name, her real name is Bethany.” Anna felt very cringy even hearing her name confirming to herself that it was her and began to wonder a way to get back at her as she stared at her aunt asking “is there anything that you know of that may help me get ideas for my afternoon shoots? I really don’t want to think of something stupid” Melissa smiled at her niece saying “of course I have a couple of websites you can look up at home tonight and maybe you can find some ideas” Anna smiled grabbing the paper from her aunt's hand and looked over the paper reading each site one by one asking “is our website on here?” Melissa hit herself saying “my fault, I wasn’t even thinking” and took the paper back and wrote the site along with an account she could use to get in the members area saying “once we get you processed will give you a master account so you can upload photos to the page as well” Anna smiled thanking her aunt and then noticed her pulling out a lunch bag and looked around and thought back to earlier and remembered she left her lunch in the storage room telling her aunt “I think I left my lunch in the storage room” Melissa smiled saying “already lets go get it” Anna followed her aunt through the building once again trying to begin to figure her way around as they finally made it to the storage room. Anna watched her aunt pulling out a key and opening the door telling her “I will get one of the maintenance men to make you a key so you can come in and out of this room” Anna thanked her aunt and followed her inside. Anna saw her bag lunch on the ground and quickly grabbed it and then decided to figure out what this room was used for asked “what is in all of these boxes?” Melissa smiled saying “just baby supplies you know diapers, clothing, baby food, formula everything you would need to care for a large infant” Anna giggled at her aunt's joke and followed behind her as they left the storage room. Anna continued to follow her aunt until they finally made their way into what looked like a large kitchen as she looked around the room until her eye quickly caught something it was large highchair. She walked over to the large chair looking over it asked “what’s this doing in here?” Melissa smiled saying “we sometimes do shoots in here with the babies and feed them inside” Anna looked over the large chair and sat down next to it. Melissa placed her food in the microwave watching her niece pulling her lunch out of the bag saying “I know you are new to this and probably have a million questions, but just trust me when I say it does get easier” Anna smiled saying “I know, I just don’t want to mess up is all” Melissa pulled her food out of the microwave sitting down next to her saying “you’ll do great.” Anna began to eat her lunch and decided to ask “what is going to happen after lunch?” Melissa spoke saying “well since today is your first day the man you saw earlier talking to me is the movie director his name is Kacey Ryan, when we finish lunch I will walk you over to his office and introduce you to him, he will be in charge of what is being snapped this afternoon, and he is also the reason were in the business that we are in you can say he has a thing for adult baby girls and I try not to get in his way, but I am sure after you work with him your ideas will begin to transition with his own and you will make this business boom even bigger” Anna nervously smiled feeling like even more pressure was being put on her shoulders and continued to finish her lunch. After Anna finished her lunch she stared at her aunt who was looking down at her watch saying “we have about 15 minutes before the next sets are to begin, so let's go ahead and go see Kacey and get you introduced” as Anna smiled and followed behind her aunt. Anna nervously followed behind her aunt wondering what to expect from the director and before she could even breath, she was standing outside of an office labeled “director”. Anna watched her aunt knock on the door listening as a voice yelled “come in” and followed behind her as she opened the door to the office. She listened as her aunt spoke saying “hey Kacey” Kacey spoke saying “how can I help you? And who is this beautiful young woman behind you? Another model?” Melissa shook her head saying, “this is my niece Anna, she is going to be our new photographer.” Anna smiled over at the older man behind the desk placing her hand out saying “it’s great to meet you Mr. Ryan, I look forward to working and learning from you” Kacey smiled saying “call me Kacey, I am sure we will make you into an incredible director before the end of this” Anna smiled nodding her head. Kacey smiled at them both saying “it’s getting to be about that time Anna and I should probably head to the set” Melissa turned to Anna giving her a hug saying “just have fun and don’t overthink it” as she smiled and nodded watching her aunt leave the room. Anna turned her attention to Kacey as he spoke saying “how about I show you the wardrobe room and see how our baby is coming along” Anna spoke saying “you’re in charge” and followed him out of the room. Anna continued looking around the building learning her way around as her eyes began to pass things she had remembered when she walked around with Kathleen and her aunt. She noticed Kacey coming to a stop when she saw the label on the door “changing room” and watched as Kacey opened the door and walked inside. Anna followed in behind and look inside the room to see what looked like a large changing room. She looked all over the room noticing mirrors and make up for the babies to get prepared for the shoots along with a changing table in the corner where she saw a woman grabbing a diaper from underneath telling Kacey “I am getting the baby into her diaper and she will be ready to go” Kacey spoke saying “when you are finished I have someone I would like you both to meet” Anna saw Kacey motioning her over to him and stood next to him nervously knowing she was about to see the girl who gave her life so much trouble growing up. Anna watched as the woman lifted the freshly changed adult baby off the changing table and onto the ground as she noticed the diaper between Bethany’s legs noticing how similar it looked to the one’s she used when she was working at the daycare. Anna listened as Kacey spoke saying “Carmen this is Anna, she is going to be the new photographer for us” Carmen turned catching Anna off guard when the woman reached over for a hug. Anna hugged the woman back telling her “it’s nice to meet you as well” Carmen smiled saying “I am in charge of getting our little bundle of joy ready for their shoots” as the three of them turned their attention to the small adult baby on the ground who was sitting wearing a cute pink t-shirt with the words “mommy’s messy baby” on the front and a large bulging diaper around her waist sucking on a larger pacifier between her lips. Carmen picked the baby off the floor saying “this is baby Angela” Anna couldn’t believe she was actually staring at the same person who had torn her life inside out growing up as Bethany’s eye stared at Anna’s and her brain began to click who she was staring at spoke behind the pacifier with fear “An..n.a?!?” Anna stared seeing Bethany’s eyes going wide watched as she quickly pulled out her pacifier saying “Anna Giles! What are you doing here?”, but before Bethany could get another word out Carmen picked up the pacifier and shoved it back between her lips saying “you’re supposed to stay in character little one” Anna couldn’t help but giggle seeing the girl who had made her life a living hell be reduced to that of a baby. Anna followed behind as Carmen carried Bethany out of the room and towards the set as Kacey handed her a sheet. She looked over the sheet reading the word “Itinerary” at the top and looked at the various shots that were to be taken today. She tried to understand what each one meant but knew she could figure out as they went and continued to follow behind them as they entered the set. She watched Carmen placing Bethany down on the ground and couldn’t help but continue to stare at the sight of her archrival beginning to lay on her back with her legs open exposing the large diaper between her crotch as her train of thought was broken to sound of someone calling her name as she turned to see Kacey speaking to her and asked, “What was that?” Kacey smiled asking “you see something you like?” Anna smiled back asking “what do you need me to do?” he laughed telling her “your aunt told me you worked with children and took photos of them” Anna nodded saying “of course” Kacey quickly responded telling her “pretend baby Angela is just one of your infant charges at the daycare and you are taking her picture” Anna nodded saying “I'll give that a try.” Anna stepped towards the set and stared down at her high school bully trying to visualize her like Kacey had said she continued to stare as her mind mentally began to slowly change Bethany until all she saw was slobbering adult infant in need of a care and possibly a new diaper. She began to smile and pulled up her camera and began to snap shots. She felt like she was in her own little world until the world snapped back into place, she heard Kacey’s voice yelling “Cut!” Anna put her camera down and stared at him asking “something wrong?” Kacey stared at her saying “no sweetheart, just ready for the next set” Anna giggled saying “I’m sorry I guess I got into my zone” Kacey laughed saying “getting the hang of it?” Anna nodded, wondering what the next set was. She watched Kacey walk over towards Bethany removing her shirt leaving her just in the large diaper and the pacifier between her lips trying to figure out what to do as she stared up at him waiting for him to tell her what to do he spoke saying “carman, can you go and get me one of her dresses and ruffled diaper covers” Carmen smiled saying “sure” Anna watched as Carmen didn’t walk off the set, but over towards a door between the changing table and crib. She watched the woman walk inside the large closet and in seconds walked out with one of the most adorable dresses she had ever seen and a frilly diaper cover. She watched Carmen quickly pick the baby up and had her dressed in a blink of an eye. Anna looked at the newly dressed baby as Kacey spoke explaining to Bethany what she needed to do as she started to get into her own little world again as the baby in front of her began to stand up. She stared at the dress that Bethany was wearing noticing it only came down just over her diaper as she continued to stare as Kacey spoke saying “begin!” Anna watched as Bethany began staring at her and smiled behind her pacifier like she was mocking her, but whether she liked it or not she needed to take these pictures and pulled up her camera lenses and started snapping shots. She continued snapping shots and felt her mind beginning to take over and yelled “Crawl for me baby!” Bethany stared confused and looked over to Kacey who spoke saying “get on your knees and crawl!” Anna watched the baby quickly get down on her knees watching the back side of her dress begin to rise as she showed off her thickly ruffled bottom to the camera. Anna couldn’t help but smile seeing how adorable Bethany looked dressed like a little baby. Anna started to build a bit of confidence and walked onto the stage getting closer to the baby as Bethany stared up at her continuing to show off her curves in the right way until Anna stopped at the sound of Kacey yelling “cut!” once again. Anna stared up at Kacey who was smiling at her saying “that’s enough for today” Anna watched as Bethany quickly got to her feet asking “can I please get undressed?” Kacey nodded his head “saying we're done for the day unless Anna has something she wants to do” Anna’s and Bethany’s eyes locked with one another’s and she knew she was going to be seeing her like this plenty enough spoke saying “we can go ahead and call it a day, I know the baby probably needs her nap or she will get cranky” Anna watched her bully dressed baby roll her eyes and began waddling towards the door. Anna felt like the girl was still mocking her and just ignored it knowing after she got her mind adjusted around this, she would have full control of what Bethany would be doing in the sets. Kacey walked up to Anna and spoke saying “you looked like a real natural today, and don’t mind Bethany she is just a real hot head” Anna spoke saying “your telling me, I’ve known her since kindergarten” Kacey giggled saying “so that’s how she knew who you were earlier” Anna nodded saying “she kind of gave me a hard time growing up” Kacey spoke asking “do you mean she bullied you?” Anna nodded, but told him “I would love to get back at her, but I know after a couple of sets I will have full control of what she wears and does during photo shoots” Kacey smirked saying “I am shocked to hear someone as tall as you getting bullied” Anna nodded her head saying “back in grade school I was the same size as Bethany believe it or not, but for some reason she looks a lot smaller than she did back then.” Kacey smiled saying “your right, when we first hired Bethany she was about 50 pounds heavier and that was one of the things we told her that we needed petite girls who fit the petite baby girl role and surprisingly enough she lost the weight, but I am glad to see your mature enough to not let what happened to you then effect you now” Anna nodded her head and smiled saying “I am going to go and try to catch up with Melissa before she leaves” Kacey spoke saying “I will see you tomorrow and just a word of advice if you have any ideas for videos or photos let me know and I will try to make it happen” Anna watched him wink knowing he was going to help her get back at Bethany. Anna quickly left the room looking around trying to get her mind to navigate her back towards her aunt’s office. She finally noticed signs on the doors as she passed the first one labeled kitchen and at the end of the hall a door labeled “Manager” and knocked on the door. She listened beginning to wonder If she had already left and was about to leave herself when a voice yelled “come in” as she opened the door and walked inside. She looked at her aunt behind the desk who finally looked up and said “how did you enjoy your first shoot?” Anna smiled saying “it was a lot of fun and I think after a couple of times of doing it with Kacey I will get the hang of being in control” “I am so happy to hear that, did Kacey tell you about if you had ideas you could always talk to him about them?” Anna nodded tell her aunt “tonight when I get home I am going to visit some of these sites and try to get my head wrapped around what’s going on” Melissa spoke telling her “you should check out some of the stories on the sites and read them, Kacey tells me they are what really helps making the movies and who knows maybe you can find an idea for the studio.” Anna smiled beginning to wonder if she could find something that could really take off here or maybe help her in getting back at Bethany as she smiled at her aunt and walked around the desk and gave her a hug asking “same time tomorrow?” “no, be here at 6 if you could I need you to be here early to take shots during the videos” Anna spoke saying “I will see you at 6 then, what do I need to do with these photos?” Melissa smiled saying “keep them their your first photos and maybe they will help mold your mind around here” Anna smiled and told her aunt “goodbye” and walked out the door.