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  1. Melanie tossed and turned as she awoke to the feeling of her thick diaper between her legs, saturated like any other morning, as she opened her eyes. The clock on the wall told her it was 5 o'clock in the morning and she still had two hours to go before she was going to need to be ready for work. The fact that George was going to be home today, and that her crazy weekend was behind her, made her feel so much better. She felt her feet touch the soft carpet and when she tried to stand straight up the feeling of the soaked diaper between her legs caused her legs to bow outwards. The diaper felt d
  2. Chapter 4: Allison stared up towards the clock seeing it getting closer and closer to 9 pm knowing James would be home soon. She stared into the playpen watching Mary as she bounced up and down inside. She couldn't figure out what was going on not understanding why Mary had given in so easily or why she all of a sudden was acting like a complete infant. She had changed her diaper twice in the last hour and every time she had changed her it was like Mary suddenly turned into a confused adult and once she was changed into a fresh diaper she turned into a little baby.
  3. Chapter 3: Allison placed her charges head across her shoulder rubbing her spanked bottom trying to get her to calm down. "Shh, Shh, Its over baby, Mommy's got you." She tried to think of what she should do next with the new baby and stared down think she should probably get her diapers filled. She knew she had a bottle of suppository's in the diaper bag, but first needed to get the baby in a fresh diaper. Mary wiped her eyes with the sleeve of her dress wondering to herself how this joke could of got so out of hand and not hear she was getting her bottom rubbed by her fri
  4. Not dead buddy...Coming soon just been working on other stories and on vacation.
  5. "Wakey Wakey my little baby" Melanie started to slowly awaken, hearing a soft humming flowing through her ears as she felt someone rubbing on the front of her diaper. She opened her eyes and stared up to see her daughter Hannah smiling down at her and wondered what was going on. Hannah grinned at the baby woman inside the crib, feeling the saturated pamper between her legs, "Oh baby, I see we have made wetums for big sissy. Let's see if we can't get you changed." Melanie watched Hannah pull the rail of her crib down and was quickly picked up and carried over
  6. Chapter 22: Chauncey pushed the stroller out the park entrance suddenly feeling rain drops sprinkling on to her and Eva. She stared up to the sky feeling the rain beginning to rain even harder and quickly pulled the bonnet of the stroller up and over Eva inside. "We need to get home Chauncey!" Said, Eva. Chauncey heard the scared emotions coming from her girl friends voice and kicked it into high gear running towards her friends home. She saw the neighborhood approaching, but was quickly caught off guard by a large truck shooting right pass them slinging a heavy splash of wat
  7. Chapter 2: Mary sat staring off into space for a second asking herself if this was really happening. She looked towards her daughter seeing Amber playing with a large over grown teddy bear and realized James would be getting home any minute and she needed to start acting like she was no different from her own daughter. She stared down seeing the large baby bottle that Allison had left her and picked the bottle up placing it between her lips. She slowly suckled on the bottle feeling a rush of apple juice feel the inside her mouth and wasn't ready for so much as she pulled the nipple
  8. I know it's a little early for Halloween, but this story is for the Story contest that @kasarberang is putting on which is supposed to be submitted by the end of September which is kind of close to Halloween. I hope everyone enjoys this story and please leave feedback! Link: Chapter 1: Mary Walker stared at the computer screen watching time slowly tick away. She stared at her reflection seeing her beautiful long locks gone and the reflection that stared back showed what looked like a baby woman's natural hair cut. She couldn't believe James had done such a thing a
  9. Chapter 21: Eva slowly started to open her eyes as the sun beams from the outside shined inside the nursery windows. She turned her head seeing Chauncey curled up right beside her thinking to herself how great it was that mommy allowed her to be her babysitter. Chauncey stared at the baby girl laying beside and planted a kiss on her forehead saying, "good morning baby." Eva cuddled with her sitter and smiled saying, "Morning!" Chauncey placed her hand between her girlfriends crotch feeling the soaked diaper in her hands. "I think someone needs a diaper change."
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