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  1. I listen with fear as Jade says that I can’t be trusted, as if I were a real baby. She leaves for a short while and returns with stroller of a slightly larger size. I trembled. I know that even if I say No, Jade will spank me anyway and put me in a stroller. So I take my purse and crawl like a baby to Jade. "Please .. No need to drive me in this stroller. I am an adult woman. I can drive a car. Look." I crawled on all fours and showed Jade my ID and car keys. "What people will think about me. You will break my authority completely. No need for strollers." I cry and rub my eyes with my hands.
  2. I sat in my chair and waited for Jenniffer to enter my office. and turned to her on the armchair. "Jenniffer. I didn’t invite you for a reason. I looked at your journal this month. You missed several important classes, including two math tests. And you are the worst student in the class. You are ruining our college’s reputation and I won’t be allowed to can." I got up from the chair and walked to Jenniffer in the tight. “In general, I am introducing a new reform to the school for bad students and I decided to try it on you. I realized that you are not fit to be a student at our college. Instead, now I will treat you like a little one-year-old infant and I’m not joking. " I went to the beautiful pink door that was in my office and opened it inside was a fully equipped nursery for babygirl.
  3. I feel something slippery and sweet fall into my tongue. I swallow it. Then it repeats itself again and again. Jade said it was time to go home and she wants to accompany me. "I do not need to be escorted. I am an adult and I will drive myself by car. Thanks for the dessert. But I do not need to be escorted."
  4. I sit and I can’t believe that I am an adult woman who just drank a whole bottle of baby formula and I was fed by an 18-year-old student, like a baby. While I was thinking, Jade tied a plastic bib to me and opened baby food. something sweet. I didn’t want to eat, but I realized that it’s better not to argue, and my lower lip trembled and I opened my mouth for baby food and closed my eyes ..
  5. I am a 35 year old Anastasiya de Cruz. I am a principal of college. I am a tall and blushing brunette with a strict character. I carefully monitor the discipline and all the innovations. I decided to try a new reform. Childhood treatment. I have in mind one student from class "2a" who has long been in my mind. She does not study well and skips classes regularly. And this is 18-year-old Jenniffer This time I caught her in the act. She flew to college with a bag and her hair scattered on the run and she literally crashed into me. "You are late Jenniffer again." I looked at my watch - "The second lesson is already ending. I'm afraid that you are punished. I am waiting for you in 15 minutes in my office." I turn around in heels and angrily leave for my office.
  6. I'm trying to fight back, but Jade is stronger. She again thrusts nipple from the bottle into my mouth and I have no choice but to drink baby's formula. It enters my mouth in small portions and it takes me about 15 minutes to finish the bottle.
  7. Hi. I'm new here. I have create rp with your..
  8. "No need to cry baby. Here's your pacifier." I say, I put the baby in the mouth of paci. "Are you so small that you don’t know how to kick your legs? Come mommy will help you make the first push, and then you will run yourself." I say cheerfully and holding onto the runbike's seat, I push him hard and the baby ride, on her baby's bike .. Students stopped playing sports and gathered to watch how baby-Kayla's runs on her runbike's and when she ran past them, students smiled, waved and cheered them up. "GO BABY. YOU SO CUTE ON THIS BABY'S RUNBIKE" I follow the little girl who rolls and smiles. I see, how baby’s doll dress takes off from the wind, showing the whole world that she is wearing a diaper ..
  9. "Play baby. I'm sure you like playing with the sand.. You not play in basketball. You baby. You only crawl and playing in sandbox" i say with big smile About 30 minutes baby-Kayla's was playing . And then two students from wealthy families come up and give my little girl a baby's runbike. I heartily thank them. “Well. Now litlle exercise for baby.” I say, pulling out the baby from the sandbox. I shake her ass off the sand and find it wet. "Good girl. You again pee-pee in di-di. You used them very fast, like a real baby, you just have to get used to doing poopy, you have to add more laxatives to your food, mommy will change you, after dinner. "I cooing and put the baby in a brand new runbike "Come baby, push your legs and then you go. Take two laps around college, baby."
  10. I sit on Jade’s lap and she shakes me. She closed her eyes a little from calm. Suddenly the pitching stopped, she took out my pacifier and I felt something plastic come into my mouth. I opened my eyes and saw how Jade is holding a baby bottle and I am holding a nipple from the bottle in my mouth. I sucked a little and coughed. Spitting out what she felt in her tongue. it was not milk, this a BABY'S FORMULA. I know because I sat with my little nephew and fed him this food. But I never could think that I myself would be fed an adult woman baby's formula. "What is it? It's for babies. I don't want to drink it. I drink coffee. I'm not baby." I resist and turn away from the bottle
  11. While the baby is in class. I go about my collegebusiness. I also ordered that my baby’s board be placed at the entrance and I post there pictures, that my baby painted earlier. An hour passes in business. and the signal for the end of the lesson rings. I come to class to pick up the baby from playpen's. "You are so smart." I say, looking at the scribbles, that my baby drew. "Mommy is so proud of you." The next lesson is physical education. Lessons are held outdoors. I take the baby to the school yard. While the rest of the students were engaged in physical exercises. I take the baby to a real sandbox, which is equipped with a college janitor. Small Baby's sandworms were stuck in the sand and there were busckets and molds for sand figures. I sit down on a deck chair next to the sandbox. "Time for fun baby make some with sand." I say and give baby's pacifier.
  12. "Alright baby. Let's go soon to class, the lesson will begin soon .." I take the baby from the swaddling baby and lead her to the classroom. All students are already in place and are preparing to write a lecture. They see us and joyfully greet the baby. I escort her to playpen's and help get out. I give her crayons and coloring book. And also a few dolls. "While the students will write lectures. You color at least 2 pictures for mommy's, if it becomes boring then play with your doll. And don’t try to get out. The teacher will tell you everything you did." I say, and I am leaving the class to go about my business
  13. I sit and cry. Jade sits down next to me and hugs me. She shakes me and soothes me. For the first time since childhood, I was rocked as a baby. This is the first time I felt like a baby. I hug Jade by the neck and calm down.
  14. I stumbled back from Jade in shock. She first called herself mommy ... "You? Mommy? But you are not my mother. You are too young to be a mother, much less mine. I am not a baby." My talk was interrupted by a pacifier which Jade shut up my mouth. From shock, I lose control and flood my diaper. I sit on the floor in a wet diaper and speak through the paci. My words are very distorted because of her. "Look what you've done. Because of you, I'm wet now. I don't need anyone. I want nobody to see me and leave me alone. I'm an adult." I cry like a real baby
  15. "Please, I do not want to use a diaper. I'm grown up. I'm not baby. I’m going to sit normally on the toilet. " - I say, dancing and pressing my hands to my crotch. "You're leaving. Go at least because of the lessons you will leave me alone. I don't want to sleep. I'm still principal college's." I'm trying to go through Jade, to get to the toilet.