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  1. It took Sarah at least 20 minutes to complete the first painting for babies. I looked at the first painted picture of Sarah. It was Donald Duck walking on the grass. Due to the fact that crayons were difficult to hold in hands with mittens, her drawing was similar to the drawing of a baby. Many times her scribbles went beyond the boundaries of the picture and, in general, was inaccurately painted. But I praised her. "What a clever girl my baby. She drew the first picture for mommy. I am so proud of you that I should boast of it with all the students
  2. "Now you have an art lesson according to plan. Only all students will paint portraits. You will paint this baby.." I'm say I put coloring and crayons for babies in the playpen - “Before the end of the lesson you should color 3 paintings” I didn’t specially remove the gloves from Sarah and this will make coloring more difficult because the crayons will constantly slip out of her hands. I take a chair and sit down near the playpen. "Okay, girls, you are free. Come after the lesson and you can take the baby home." Tif, Ami, and Kayla leave the classroom, waving goodbye to the baby.
  3. I am tying the half-naked Sarah to the stroller. "Okay, it's time to take you to your class. Bring her Kayla." We arrive at the classroom where Sarah used to study, and there is a slight change. Now there is a cute large playpen's where we put Sarah. Soon the classroom starts to fill with students and everyone considered it their duty to go to the playpen's and tickle Sarah or her chin, or belly, or pat her cheek affectionately, or just cooed with her, like a newborn babygirl. And Sarah could only look at it all and suck a pacifier.
  4. "If you don't say anything, then we will treat you not like a six-month-old, but like a newborn, you will be in the same diaper, mittens, booties and baby bonnet and pacifier's. But I will give you an enema after end of classes. " I said and put the pacifier in Sarah's mouth and attached it with tapes to the back of the babygirl's head. I take off Sarah's dolly dress, leaving her in one diaper, mittens and booties. I put a baby bonnet on her head. "Now you're a newborn babygirl and I'll show you around college."
  5. "Your behavior only makes it worse. The next punishment will be a big enema and I will not change your diaper until evening." I'm say continued washing mouth Sarah's.
  6. "Well, let's continue ..." I said with a deep sigh and again shoved the soap into Sarah's mouth.
  7. "Girls, get me a bar of soap from the toilet." I said, continuing to slap Sarah's ass. The babygirly's ass was already very red and hot, but I don't stop for a minute. Soon Tif brings a bar of soap. I put the baby on her sore bottom. "Hold her hands" I say to the babysitters. Then I open my mouth to Sarah and start soaping her tongue. "That's it. This ugly words shouldn't come from this cute mouth." I kept saying while washing Sara's mouth for about 10 minutes. "Well, are you ready to apologize?"
  8. "So it wasn't enough, right? Well, let's continue. I'll spank you until you say" I'm babygirl. "I said and continued to spank her. Tif, Ami and Kayla watched the punishment with laughter and filmed it all on their phones.
  9. Anastasia: "Kayla brought the baby here." I say pointing to an empty classroom. And Kayla brings Sarah where I show. I take Sarah out of the stroller and put her ass in air on my lap. I lift Sarah's doll dress up and lower her diaper. "We'll have to teach you a lesson in courtesy. You have to understand that you are just a babygirl and you will talk like a babygirly, move like a babygirly and do whatever I or your babysitters tell you. You will have to punish you," I said sternly and began to spank the baby's ass , palm. I slapped each of Sara's buttocks 10 times and they
  10. "Looks like it's time for baby to sleep." I say, looking like the baby sleepily rubs her eyes. The regressed student, to my delight, is used to the new baby's routine. "Mommy will lull you to sleep for a day nap-time. Wait a minute for me." I said, putting the baby on the sofa. I bring baby bottle with warm milk. I take out the pacifier from her mouth and put the baby on my lap, in a supine position and gently press it to my body and slightly rocking in my arms, I start teasing the baby's lips with a plastic nipple from bottle. "Start suck is nice milk, babygirly. You won't no
  11. Kayla: "Babygirly don't be embarrassed. Wave with hand to these uncles and aunts or you're too young for that. I'll help you. Kayla bent down, ripped off one of Sarah's face-covering hands and made a welcome wave. Everyone sighed: "Awwwe. That was so cute. She's going to be our favorite college babygirl." One of the girls went to the stroller and held out for Sarah's, a little Chupa-Chups. Anastasia: "What a kind aunt. Say thank you to her, baby. Be a polite girl."
  12. "I'm tired of this conversation. You talk in some kind of riddles. Some classwork, some tests. Let it be known to you that they give me such tests. Because they are afraid and respected. What is the classworks? Me this don't interesting and I have deal. My friends wait me." I'm say and stand up on feet and going to exit.
  13. "This paci should always be in your mouth, until I allow it to be removed, if I find out that you pulled it out without demand, then I will glue it to your lips with glue. I think it’s unlikely you will want this." I'm say. I took from the top shelves real Pampers diapers but custom-made, oversized, wet baby wipes and baby powder. "Baby ready for her first diaper?" I purred. I pull the diaper out, of the bag with diapers and raise April's legs up and straighten the diaper under her bottom. With wet baby's wipes, I wipe her bottom and privat area, then generously sprinkle baby p
  14. I'm follow the procession. And then the bell rings about the end of the lesson and all the students poured out of their classrooms and immediately saw our parade. As an adult Sarah, a baby dressed as a one-year-old infant is lucky in a stroller. Who laughs covering his face with his hands, someone takes us on the phone.But the girls whom we meet along the way all sigh with admiration and say, "What a sweet little one!" and some of them tickle Sarah's chin and give sweet kisses on the cheeks, as if she was a real baby.
  15. I watched as Aprili blush, while taking off her clothes. She hesitated a little while, taking off her panties. She looked at me questioningly. "Oh, my babygirly is too small to get on the changing table? Mommy will help your." cooed me. I grab the baby by the armpits and lay her on her back on the changing table. "Lie down for now. Mommy needs to clean up nursery." I took a small trash bag from the shelf and collected all of April's clothes from the floor, including her high socks and shoes. Then I'm tied a knot on top bag's and threw a bag of clothes, into the trash bin. "S
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