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  1. Rearz Inspire+ Incontrol L10

    I normally use the Molis (thinner for the day, thicker ones at night), and they work perfectly, but I really didn't like how clinical they looked. When they switched the heavier ones from light purple to robin-egg blue, I really didn't like how they looked. So I decided to start looking for a new option, ideally in plain white with no wetness indicator. I decided to get one bag each of the Inspire original and Incontrol+ (partly to see the difference). OMG. OMG they are amazing. I don't know how I could ever go back to anything else for night time. No worries at all about night time (I'm a side-sleeper, no issues). They are super comfy and are plain white, nothing on them at all. During the day, if you need any discretion at all, these won't work because they are super thick and crinkly. If there was a complaint, that would be it, but even that is meh because they don't even pretend to be discreet. I can't recommend them enough. Well done, Rearz!
  2. Going 24x7, at least for a little while

    Thought I'd post an update... It's been a week now, the point where I usually abandoned these full time attempts. Sure enough, I nearly did again... It wasn't anything about being tired or whatever, but after a week, the idea of "what about when I visit family? go on business trips?" The breeds the self-doubt and what generally makes me stop. A couple days ago, that started to really weigh heavy on me. In the evening, I even said "why am I bothering? I never stick with it. I may as well stop". Something odd though, this time. I gave myself permission to stop and I didn't. I started thinking "you're a week in. How will you know if you don't stick it out, at least a little longer?". And, so, I didn't give up. A little background; I've work off and on for a long time, and I'm easily able to "let go" in just about any position, around people, laying down, driving, etc. I'm not sure how that will effect how things progress, but it does mean that for this last week, I've not felt any urgency. As soon as I feel *anything*, I let it go. I've been paying attention to not holding back, even for a minute. This morning, the case I ordered arrived. That was another little "uh oh" moment, oddly enough. Then I took a bath and found that, after even just a week, I could notice pressure building very quickly. Obviously, I had no problem not going, but it was the first, albeit minor, thing I've noticed. So this got me worried too, "do I really want to do this?". I aired out for a while, but now I'm back in diapers... I guess I'll see how long I stick it out. I'm aiming now for "two weeks", which will be a new record for me. I'm sure I still won't see any changes. c.
  3. Going 24x7, at least for a little while

    hehe. Ya, I get that totally. I really debated posting because I know I've stopped after a little while every time before. I just really want to finally answer this one way or the other, and it seems like now is the time to do it. I'm going to try and push myself this time, something I hadn't done before. I am hoping for a minimum of one month. I think the longest before was one week or so. I guess we'll see.
  4. Hi all, Not entirely sure why I am posting this, but anyway... Throughout my life, I've contemplated going 24x7 several times, but always balked after a fairly short time. So I am being honest with myself and admitting that it might not last this time, either. So, what's different this time? A couple of things. I have a real place to call home now, but there is a couple living here for a little while until they finish school and, after a fair amount of internal debate, decided to tell them that I like wearing diapers and plan to wear them. I didn't want to tell them, and said as much, but I knew the stress of worrying that they might notice would cause me too much grief. If I want to make this work, I needed to not be worried all the time. I've never told anyone before (a couple people found out, but I never voluntarily told anyone). I figure that if I could bring myself to do that, I'm more serious about it this time. So, now they know and I've been full time for about a week now. That's nothing, I fully realize. Today though, I went to get groceries and it just felt different this time. I wasn't worried and I didn't care if "anyone could tell". I'm diapered, ok, so what? Maybe I'm fooling myself, but I am tired of always wondering if this is really what I want or not. Maybe I'll stop again, but if I do, I intend to know for sure that I want to. In the meantime, I'm going to focus on wearing, and using, all the time. If nothing else, I want to at least get to the point where I can be relaxed all the time. If I get that much out of this, I'll be very happy. If I do stay with it long enough that I reach a point of wetting without realizing, then I will have to make a big decision then. Sorry for the rambling. I have no questions but I guess I just wanted to write something down, for myself if nothing else. c.
  5. Are there any females on here??

    On the Internet, no one knows you're a dog.
  6. Any computer programmers in the community?

    Was it from that video where they showed how you could flip a sphere inside out without causing any folds?
  7. Tranquility atn opinions

    I just got some ATNs, along with the night molicare and abena M4. No question that the m4 are the aces, and the purple molicare are great. The ATNs aren't in the same league, BUT, they are excellent for the money. In Canada, the ATNs are ~$1.25/each (case), the purple molis are ~$1.5 and the m4 are ~$2. Given that price spread, if you goal is "not leaking", the ATNs are hard to ignore.
  8. Bus drivers

    That's a pretty terrible situation for them. It is important that we don't project ourselves into their situation. For most people, being forced to diapers is a very negative experience.
  9. Any computer programmers in the community?

    I call myself a sysadmin who can program, but in truth, programming in 85% of my work these days. 10% of what is left goes towards business/management stuff now. "Programming" as a field is massively vague. You can do web development, networking, systems, driver/hardware dev, etc. So my first bit of advice would be to try and play with different aspects of programming and see what strikes your fancy.
  10. *waves* Depending on the day, I float between straight, "not interested" and heteroflexible (if that makes any sense).
  11. Newbie newbie

    Hello, and welcome! Not knowing where you are at the moment is probably a good thing. Take some time, explore and experiment. That way, when you find where you fit best, you'll know you've got it right.
  12. I need help!

    Echoing Elf; Slow down. You will find that, for almost everyone, this comes in "binges and purges". Expect before long to go through a purge where you try to leave all this behind and do so for a while, then come back to it. You'll find yourself a lot happier just going with things, literally and figuratively. Your mind has set conditions where it feels safe to pee. It takes time to "reprogram" that, so to speak. Don't hold back too much, don't push to much. The key word is patience and being level about it all.
  13. ABDL or LGBT: Which area has caused more difficulties

    Thanks for the kind words, erevu. I'm not too concerned about meeting anyone, it'll take a while before I think I am ready for that.
  14. ABDL or LGBT: Which area has caused more difficulties

    Very sorry to hear that. I know it's not the same to a death, but my husband left me a few months ago for a woman ~15y my junior. Suddenly finding yourself alone (specially in my late 30s) is a pretty empty feeling. At least my family and I get along good, so though they all live far away, I know I have emotional support. I really hope you had friends you could lean on back then. Anyway, *hugs* back. c
  15. ABDL or LGBT: Which area has caused more difficulties

    Holy... You're a stronger person that me to put up with that. "You choose your friends, not your family" I suppose. Well, it sounds like your husband is lovely and supportive, so that family is good!